Sia Is Uranian

Sa Gregory Harris

This dialogue between Kristen Wiig and singer-songwriter Sia Furler makes me think that Sia is – sure – a Sagittarius (Sun plus Neptune) with Moon in Gemini but that she’s probably got her Venus Uranus in Scorpio Rising. And that the whole anonymity/sobriety thing coincided with Saturn over these points from late 2012.  She also has Saturn in Leo, which shines through here.


SIA: I’m 39, and I would like to be able to make great pop music for another 20 years. And it feels like creating a sort of inanimate blond bob and allowing other people to play the role of the pop singer, it affords me a little bit more freedom in terms of my expiration date.

WIIG: I think people can definitely relate to that. I know I can. I’m wearing a mask right now and I’m just walking around downtown New York. Nobody can see me! [both laugh] Everyone knows who you are. Everyone knows your music. But it’s so great that you can weave in and out of life and still have all of the good stuff and none of the bad stuff.

SIA: I’ll just have to keep trying to do it. Because my ego could definitely get in the way. You know, I made a mistake. I went to parties on Oscar night and I didn’t hide my face. And then I realized that it’s work. What was I thinking? I could have dinner with these people at their houses, but anywhere you go now where there’s a camera, it’s actually work. I was excited because I got invited to these big, fancy parties. And then you realize, “If I’m going to go, I’m going to need to get a tan. I’m going to need to have my roots done. I’m going to have extensions, probably. I’m going to get a stylist for sure. I’m going to have to work out five times that week with Jennifer Aniston’s trainer.” This is commerce and I’m $5,000 in the hole just to go to a party. So it was a great learning experience. That is not what I’m going to be doing in the future. But it’s funny to hear people in the biz say, “Oh, it’s nice you showed your pretty face.” You, of all people, should know. You can’t even leave the house. I need to go to a meeting, a 12-step meeting, and then, like, hang out with a bunch of really fucking major weirdoes. That’s what I need.

WIIG: Do you believe in aliens or mermaids or something?

SIA: I do. I think that it would be unwise of us not to believe that there is life outside of us, intelligent life. And so I do believe in aliens. I have seen the [former] Canadian minister of defense discuss the fact that he knows that the American government is working with five different species of aliens presently. Which is a real fucking mind-blower. I want to believe in a way that makes me feel a little bit scared. So then I like to think about dogs because it makes me feel safe. And mermaids. I believe in Daryl Hannah.


She makes some extremely epic points here.

Image: Gregory Harris – Interview magazine

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I like the fact she came out of little old Adelaide, or Radelaide, as we locals tend to call it because it actually is. She sang at my friend’s wedding long before the hype began, now that was rad. She was in a great little band here called Crisp and that voice we all knew was very special. Good on her. Maybe she can write a song for the aliens and release it via satellite?


Seems legit


I love her diligence to nourishing the strange.

Also, def hear Saturn in “I suddenly realized being seen at fancy parties was, in fact, CAREER WORK and my reception based on purely superficial things has IMPLICATIONS.” (paraphrase, crazycaps mine 😉 )


I dig her vibe!


I was bawling at the performance that Kristen Wiig and the dancer girl (maddie?) did at the grammys.. Holy wow. To see a comedian of the range and caliber of Kristen Wiig really lay it down was really powerful and brave!


They Live!


I am another Sag Sun conj. Scorp Uranus with a Gem moon and my life has also been wanting to stop spending money on parties so I could get to a 12 step meeting and hang out with weirdos. Story checks out.


I’m a pod person and had no idea who Sia was. By that I mean I was not aware of her work. interesting woman. very. And YES Uranian.
Great post MM, inspiring, thank you


I think Sia is amazing. Have always loved her voice and lyrics from the first moment I heard her.

Here’s a special treat for you Invicta. I was at this concert in 2009 in Sydney at The Metro.



I don’t know her music, but I’m down with all she’s said above. Personally, Uranus-Mercury & Sun-Venus in Scorpio/8th house; Uranus & Sun trine my AC-Jupiter.


12th house Aqua, forgot to add, where lives my Lilith & Psyche.


Gem IC


ahahahaha 😛


16 is my lucky number, yo!


And Sun-Mercury megaphone blasting away in my 1st 😉

“No I didn’t retire/snatch ya off with a needle-nosed pliers” Beastie Boys. Check it out. Pliers in hand!

Harbors Horns

Sia is the best. She’s a fellow Adelaidean Alien so that kinda makes me proud she’s out there unfazed by the paps and the glitz and she’s a serious artist not just a poseur. Big props to her!

Hathors Horns

Damn auto correct fudged me alias: Hathors Horns. Bahaha


I too believe in Darryl Hannah.


Her work with zero 7 was special.

Harbors Horns

Love this song!


I love Sia even more now!
This conversation is so funny.

She comes across as super airy, can’t say I would be surprised by her being uber Uranian.


Can’t say I care for her, which is odd because she’s kinda like Bjork whom I love. I do really like “Elastic Heart” though. It’s one of the deepest songs our douchey top 40 station plays, imo. Offtopic: I need some dating advice since I haven’t been speaking to any friends lately: How do I break it off with a sweet but too boring Aqua? We’ve dated for 8 months now and he’s still smitten. I’m just not feeling it anymore. I never enjoy myself, I get tired of just sitting around at his place watching movies and shows we’ve… Read more »


(sorry didn’t mean to post twice. internet is acting up bad here lately. worse than a merc rx)

Harbors Horns

You’re a Taurean with an Aquarian? Wow I thought that was impossible.


My best and longest-lasting relationships have been with people who have one thing or another in Aqua. To be fair, he has a bunch of Earth planets as well 😉

Hathors Horns

and you want to cut ties with him for being dull? I don’t know if you need to cut ties with an Aquarian. Just take your own space back! Make him work harder for your sweet bovine attention I say

The Venus Fly 2.0

I don’t know about you but I get along exceptionally well with Aqua folks. I’m lucky the ones I’ve met are curious, adventurous, worldly, intellectual and sensual. Keep in mind, I am a sextuple Taurus with my Eros/Psyche in Aqua so I may be more compatible with fixed signs overall, but there’s some great water bearers out there. Never met the more staid ones. Good luck with your break-up and congrats on having some sense of integrity. Disappearing isn’t cute, it’s rude. Radical honesty is always the way to go. Better to be disliked for dishonesty than lack of integrity… Read more »


Squared suns often produce a lot of attraction!

I had a thing for Virgos… and a bunch of Pisceans liked me a lot… love triangles all around!

The Venus Fly 2.0

Ditto! People trying to break into my accounts, having to provide ID to PayPal. Someone keeps reporting me as spam on FB, I have had 4 accounts closed in the span of 4 months. If I cannot resurrect my latest one, I am done with it. I wonder if it’s the same person who was stealing my mail and packages? I had to create a Parcel Collect service so I could receive things again!!!


Can’t say I care for her, which is odd because she’s kinda like Bjork whom I love. I do really like “Chandelier” though. It’s one of the deepest songs our douchey top 40 station plays imo. Funny how though I’ve never been an alcoholic, I understand that illness, the depression that it’s pushing back. Offtopic: I need some dating advice since I haven’t been speaking to any friends lately: How do I break it off with a sweet but too boring Aqua? We’ve dated for 8 months now and he’s still smitten. I’m just not feeling it anymore. I never… Read more »


You don’t even have to say anything.

Just stop going over there.

You don’t even want to be there, so stop!



I’ve thought about doing this, but I’ve always needed closure. Perhaps just a phone call/message saying no more.


I’d say an 8 month dating relationship deserves some kind of communication to end things, not just a disappearing act, totally not respectful and definitely agree no closure for you, or him. If it were you how would you want the other person to handle it? You could say no to the next couple of invites and see what his response is, if anything. And then eventually just open out with it, that you don’t want to do this anymore. Just my thoughts 🙂 x


That sounds more reasonable. I remember him telling me his last girl stopped all communication and I couldn’t do that to someone, be a repeat offender. I guess I’ll take it slow. This is my first time wanting to end a relationship with ni hard feelings, so I truly appreciate the advice everyone. xo


just sit him down and tell him right away, as kindly and honestly and thoroughly as you can. don’t play games and string him along to gratify some false sense of “nice.” it takes courage, but you’ll both be better off in the long run. good luck xxxx


Yes, this.

Basically, you’re not compatible and you want different things.

C’est la vie etc.


I’m Aqua rising and have a good Aquarius friend — and was engaged to one. Convention is anathema; you’ll get a good reception from radical honesty. But first be radically honest with yourself – you’re hanging on here in some way so — is it hesitance over hurting the guy, or is it that he’d be perfect or, at least, great if you could spice up your lives in the way you need? Have you told him that? — and from left field, is it possible you could do that spicing up all on your own? I’m a complex lady,… Read more »

light fishing

A self imposed admitted Luddite to popular culture in many ways here, but I have a dirty little fandom alter to Sia. She is making deep art and slipping through the cracks and flying under the radar of popular culture at the moment in a most authentic and not rehearsed plastic sort of way. Too deep for the surface dwellers and yet a lil too commercial for the alt folks. glad the MM community is vibing her as well. She beckons the verging end of celebrity culture I hope. I don’t appreciate that Swift imp shoved down my gullet and… Read more »

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