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Ryan Heshka Mysterious All Electric Eyes

Daily Horoscopes for Tuesday are posted now – as you will see, it’s starting to be a whole new terrain out there. Thank you, Eclipse Season/Zap Zone for the clarity. I think.  Actually, if there is anything not fully yet grokked, Mercury is about to make a conjunction to Uranus and square to Pluto. If you did not see all/understand all with the lucid Full Zap Moon Truth Potion over Easter, a dialogue or communique by Wednesday could clarify. Calmer times ahead!


Image: Ryan Heshka

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3 thoughts on “Future You

  1. Oh bring on the calmer times ahead!

    This Easter has been full on and I am soooo looking forward to a break from work. No partying for this little Bilby. 😉

    Next week will be a much more relaxed pass.

  2. Was just wondering about that.. why haven’t I figure things out. I feel like I am still in the Zap Zone. Maybe a delayed reaction. Lots of things moving and grooving… but nothing solid.

    The mystery continues….

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