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Dante Gabriel Rossetti

So i saw Exodus: Gods & Kings over Easter and, as heaps of peeps have commented, it’s a bit off. Top marks to the person doing the eyeliner on the Egyptian aristocrats and the C.G.I. locusts.  But it’s also insanely sexist, even by the standards of a movie about a male hero (Moses) ousting the old Gods and Goddesses in favor of a one-male-god religion.

God (the Christian one) appears in the guise of a surly 11 year old boy and there are too many beards and baggy hemp robes to keep a track of.  The female roles are sub-subordinate: A priestess who is correct but everyone disparages her anyway. A brief mention of the Lion Goddess Sekhmet, who doesn’t even get to swipe her paw at anyone in retaliation for God sending locusts, crocodiles and deadly biblical killing rays that target only pagan first born sons, so powerless is she in this narrative.

Sigourney Weaver as the mother of the Pharoah gets a couple of lines and to do a lot of thin lipped, set jaw glaring. Mrs Pharoah drifts around managing to summon up a slight moue of sadness when her baby gets taken out by the 11 year old God, leaving all the histrionics to Joel Edgerton’s super-camp Pharoah.

Mrs Moses meets Christian Bale and is betrothed in two minutes. Then he fuqs off to free the slaves and returns years later, saying he hopes she still has her faith, because he has bought back several hundred thousand Hebrews to feed. Moses has a mother and sister whom the evil, camp Pharoah orders killed but Moses never bothers to ask about them again. It is WEIRD.

And anyway, I will still thinking about that when i read THIS in the Womans Encylopedia Of Myths and Secrets today. It’s about Pandora, one of a long-line of female deities either demonized or reduced to spiteful troublemakers by patriarchal legend-makers.


Literally “all-giver”, title of the Earth Goddess Rhea, personified as the first woman in an anti-feminist fable by Hesiod, who tried to blame war, death, disease and all other ills on women.

Pandora’s vessel was not a box but a honey-vase, pithos, from which she poured out blessings as a womb-like symbol like the Cornucopia, anciently used as a vessel of death and rebirth. Pandora’s Vase becamse Pandora’s Box only in the late medieval period, when Erasmus mistakenly translated pithos as pyxis.

Hesiod claimed Zeus send Pandora to earth to punish men, who had offended him. She bore a vase filled not with blessings but with curses; strife, pain, death, sickness and all other afflictions. Pandora in her curiosity opened the vase, as Zeus knew she would, and released them among men. In a refinement of cruelty, Zeus also supplied delusive Hope, to prevent men from killing themselves in despair and escaping the full meed of suffering the Heavenly Father intended for them.

The basic theme is also familiar in the myth of Eve.

There is a fundamental flaw in all this and it’s not the baseline feminine nature, the old goddesses or original sin.

Pandora is, of course, an asteroid – number 55 – see this old post for more.  She is currently near Venus in Taurus (speaking of Earth Goddess) and will spend the second half of April in Gemini and in opposition to Saturn.

At the same time Pluto trines Lilith the whole month.  Biblical upstarts empowered and in rebel mode. This made me think of it too. Justice for victims of abuse and respect for the survivors at the expense of who-cares-what rigid authoritarian/hypocritical structure is totally a theme of Lilith.


Image: Dante Gabriel Rossetti – Pandora

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28 thoughts on “Exodus – Goddesses and Queens

  1. Questions of nature and nurture come to mind for me.

    The idea that the gods create our nature then punish us for it is pretty vile.
    But the idea that we must create our own path and resist our native impulses when they defy logic (eg. love zombie-ing etc) is empowering perhaps?

    Pandora, pandora – so lovely so curious, so punished for that, humiliated and shamed. Disobedient to the paternal, the girl who the whole class hates for making her impulsive mistake for which they all get punished.

    Pandora at 1 deg Leo/2nd. Conjunct my Sun & Hekate conjunction at 4 deg.

    And I am soooo curious!
    I will risk looking foolish asking questions and sort piles of rubbish information looking for pearls.

    I grudgingly relate to the Pandora myth.

    And I am careful what I trance channel, triple checking my results and making sure the bountiful garden of my energy field and my natural innocence is not taken advantage of as has happened before.

    Now I always ask, ‘Who are you? What do you want? Why do you want that? What will you do with that information? When your information becomes reality will you use for the greater good?’
    Perhaps curiosity can be turned into wisdom!

    • i really really relate to this and need to remind myself to always ask those questions. like, have them tattooed on my fingers or something.
      no tarot without the fool, and the cat has nine lives 🙂

  2. yeah the movie sounds vile. we think we’ve come so far… and maybe we have, if heaps of peeps have commented on how off it is? one can hope. good patriarchy-approved feeling there.

    i so love pandora. have her at 10 pisces, conj persephone at 9 and hekate at 6. opposite psyche. an excellent 10th house if i may say so. 🙂
    though neptune on pandora soonish seems like it could be ominous…

  3. I love pandora. I also love that encyclopedia. I found it at a tag sale when I was 14 and used it to reference every other thing I ever read. It’s beat-up, underlined and dog eared.

    The gods were a sadistic lot
    “here, here’s pure beauty, and innocence. We’ll give her to you because we think you’re idiots. Then she will do what anyone would do and you can blame her for everything. TADAHHHHHH”

  4. Blech – sounds like a real qi vamp of a movie! You have to wonder if the intention was to deliberately piss off female moviegoers. Controversy is always such good promotor, after all…just ask Madonna!

    As to Pandora, I understand the patriarchal implications of the myth, however setting the subject of gender bias aside I have always favored looking at the “How curiosity killed (or nearly killed?) the cat” angle of the myth. Further, it was the gods themselves who had crafted her very deliberately and gave her that damnable trait of insatiable curiosity, so I always saw their cowardice in using her as a scapegoat/vessel so they were not directly culpable for the subsequent ills unleashed upon mankind. I mean, come on – who forges a girl with an inexhaustibly inquisitive nature and then gives her a box and tells her never to open it without ever telling her what was inside of it?! They knew was going to happen and they custom-designed a fallgirl for the occasion to dish out their punishment to humanity, probably because they knew if that they did something more overt that mankind would turn their backs upon the Olympians entirely!

    I think it’s important to note that Pandora was also a hope-KEEPER – even though she unintentionally opened up that can of worms, she closed the lid on the box so that hope would not fly away. We all make mistakes but it’s never too late to take control of the situation and prevent a bad situation from becoming worse. We can always hold onto hope and perhaps it is this which allows us to do what we can to mitigate the fallout arising from unconscious, unintentional action.

  5. Its amazing how biased people are after centuries of patriarchy. My friend was over on Saturday and kept insisting how its a holy day because he’s Jewish and it is and we need to have a fire and dance around it to welcome the angels – like maybe even Moses and Jesus and Mohammad will come in spirit too. And I’m like – its eclipse season. I don’t need a bunch of dead dudes involved. My religion is older than them and involves reality. I don’t think he got it. But I told him I was more concerned about getting my daughter to dance than Jesus.

  6. My natal Pandora rests in the 9th house in Leo bi-quintile Jupiter and trine Neptune. Interesting as I’ve become completely enthralled with Native American shamanism (both North and South) and also Eastern traditions.

  7. pando in aries in the 9th. not sure what that means, but my name is nadia and it means “hope,” so I always joke that i’m my only hope. 😉

  8. I reject man’s easter
    I reject the misery inducing image of a man nailed to a cross.
    I reject the suffering, the guilt, the fear.
    I reject the shame of woman
    I reject man-made churches
    they are all this.

    As for natal Pandora, she’s in my Aries 6th, opposing my Lib AC and trine my mars-venus-uranus in leo. Trans Pandora on my lilith in 8th in hard aspect to many of my planets.

    But regardless …. yes – burn, burn, burn!

    And peace to those who find beauty in this joyous season of rebirth/transformation (for those Downunder).

    • go to astro.com-free horoscopes-extended chart selection-and enter 55 (make sure you’re signed in or have entered your birth info) where indicated

    • Modern cinema is timed and edited perfectly, along the lines of a highly-tested and mapped cognitive schedule, to first manufacture, then market, and then covertly inject some mass lie at some point of high tension in a given narrative, leaving in its wake broadcast mind-seeds sown in the PTSD churn, which will invoke in normally fertile human minds the fruit of mass deception, which is mass enslavement. This is the cruel irony of such a movie about enslavement. Moreover, the popcorn is way overpriced so I must smuggle in contraband nuts, chocolate chips, and craisins.

      • One form of enslavement, is to juxtapose natural relationships between men and women, in all their naturally abundant diversities, as terribly truncated dialogue which only can segue into revenge porn.

        • It’s true.

          I found myself in a lovely breathless encounter last week gasping, “Our society’s take on sex and love between men and women is so WEIRD and wrong.”

          Crab/Gem with Aquarius rising and everything personal trine Pluto or in the 8th house (literally), so clear intellectual agreement on this, plus a hug, from my date was actually a very serious inducement to sexytimes.

        • …And ever on continues the Battle of The Sexes. Is it any wonder the dating & mating “game” is such a fuqed up thing in this day and age?

          On the subject of dating and mating, has anyone here watched the interesting and contrived theatre that is the programme “Married At First Sight”? I discovered it just in time for the Libra Eclipse, LOL.


          I’m intrigued by the premise of the show, and yet very conscious of the fact that I’m sure the “matches” were carefully manipulated – I mean, selected – to elicit the highest possible “drama factor” out of each couple, as this makes for the best television. Still, the basic nuts and bolts of this kind of social experiment I do find fascinating, provided it’s done with absolute integrity. I’m sure in this case it’s not, though it does manage to be nothing if not engrossing….! I am a Venusian gal, though, so acknowledge my natural bias in this respect, LOL – the complexity of human relationships always intrigues me!

          • Hate that word ” dating”… It ruins everything about the excitement of getting to know someone.

            There seems to be a lot of man hating people here. So the question is:

            What do you want from a loving relationship? You can’t answer with “respect, cuddling or friendship from a partner”. What do YOU want to learn from a loving relationship that will bring you to a level of peace, appreciation and hope for others?


      • First time to comment because THIS!! Precisely put. Thank you!

        I never felt this more completely than when they released World War Z on the summer solstice.

      • You sayin that modern cinema acts as a tool for social engineering? Just like religion does/used to (in the West) – it being the only show in town back in the days.

        I especially loathe their take on Easter.

        • Most Western religions take on Osterus is not found in da bible. My stomach churned other day on the Bolt BS, l mean, Report when l saw this sickening slimy man(?) defending the Cattletics despite them being the biggest child abusing org on planet.

          The Paed-0-phile

  9. Pandora is in my 8th House (Transformation & Sexuality)… IT’s funny, I like to test my men. I push the envelope to see how much they can handle. So, the toro/gem has been floating around my universe through friends conversations, emails that suddenly show up when I am searching something not relating to him so I contacted him. He was nice at first but he knew what was coming. So I was all nice to him and bringing up how I felt about us He always wanted to keep things quiet, not public that I am glad he felt that way because now that it’s over I don’t have people bugging me. So, his response to me was “blocking” me on Facebook. HA…. he is so irritated by my comments hence some Pandora… I guess. But Pandora wasn’t in scope when I did it.

    Any..whoo…. The Pisces dude is another random act of weirdness. I haven’t heard from him since February then he asks to connect with me through LinkedIn. Huh? He’s a tree dude… Who knows.

    Pandora causing irritation, yes I can see that. Maybe this week is gonna be irritating for me.

  10. Did you ever have to read The Bible or go to a Christian church? My dad is an Anglican minister and I grew up with this stuff. I couldn’t believe it then and certainly cannot believe it now. Women were oppressed in “Biblical times” and they still are.

  11. I have Pandora in the 1st house natally which feels apt.
    I had assumed she’d be in my 4th house but that’s where Persephone lives.
    Also apt.
    She is currently transiting my work/wellness house which again feels…apt.
    I love that painting.
    Your take on the film is hilarious and so ….apt?
    Spot on.
    Happy Stolen Pagan festival!
    The feeling of being reborn never felt so…yes, apt.

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