Dark Star – HR Gigers Was Plutonic As Fuq


Where others flee, he makes his home. What others dread, he makes his habitat.
What others fight to suppress, he drags back to the surface.

How Pluto does that sound?  Change the personal pronoun and it’s Pluto’s Tinder blurb.

H.R. Gigers – Surrealist, Sculptor and Set Designer – was Plutonic as fuq. Neptunian also. You may not know  his name but would have seen his work.  Alien, Dune, Prometheus. Loads of cult sci-fi stuff.

He was Aquarius (Sun-Mercury) with Pluto Rising in Leo and trine to Jupiter, Moon in Capricorn and Neptune opposite Venus in Pisces.

This movie about this life and style is out v.soon – thoughts?


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I appreciate a Giger visit but I wouldn’t want to live in his world. My Moon in Scorpio is more Eagle than Lizard (if that’s a thing). I love his commitment though.


Ps eg. I think of this Poncho mouse as being the sweet version of that deformed shaman in Vikings! I need it light and lovely to balance the darkness I see in people’s hearts at times.


love Giger, loved Production design for Alien. Seeing Plutonian themes everywhere at the moment…Pluto currently steamrolling retrograde over my cap stellium in the 12th (including Sun), crushing everything down to granular level, shadow work scary, horrifying, liberating & exciting all at once. How fuqqed up is that? My money’s on the Phoenix the other side…


My favorite artist. I am Scorpio as fuq, surprise surprise.


Has anyone ever read German bedtime stories? That explains probably more than his astro does! All I had to do was take the book of the shelf if my kids were reluctant to obey the bedtime order and voila, mission accomplished!


Just bought “The Turnip Princess”, and yes, it’s like Book of the Damned for my two little Pisces Moons. Now, Daddy said to take your socks off already!

Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot

Pluto rising in Leo–of course he’s going to do dark art for the screen! wow.


I am also Pluto + Neptune as fuck…sometimes the abyss not only stares back but saunters in for a drink. 😉

Prince stolas

How timely! I was just watching that Jodorosky documentary about Dune which also featured some Giger in it. I was really amazed at all the fixed energy he had handpicked to work on the film…

Jodorowsky, giger = aquarius
Dali, moebius = taurus
Mick jagger = leo
Amanda lear = scorpio

I am sure othe signs where picked too, but these stood out the most..i.e. My crap brain remembered… in the documentary.

Buckle (Aries, Pisces Asc, Gem Moon)

I, too, recently discovered Jodorowsky and god — what an Aquarian! It’s so compelling to see someone stick to their vision so persistently, but I had to break away for a while because it was a bit much. What is liberating to the subject can seem stifling to their audience!


That is interesting re the fixed people! I am guessing they have a strong and defined point of view which carries clearly to the audience.


Hilarious – as soon as I read “Plutonic as fuq”, I said to myself “Yeah, with a healthy dose of Uranian energy, I bet!” and BAM – there’s the Aquarius Sun/Mercury conjunction & Moon trine Uranus! 😛 I’m good at this game, LOL…

The Cappy Moon is fitting as well for a sculptor – figures!


Love his work. Always have. I always thought he would have a tonne of Scorpio, too! But he has not- Aquarius and Leo?! Never would have picked that, in a million years.


Following comments with interest… I feel like I might be the only person on earth who isn’t that taken with his uh concepts (Alien, tho). It’s me and Pluto. Ships passing in the night. Sometimes he lobs a torpedo and sometimes we share radar info. Otherwise not super engaged..not like that. Lightness and movement for this fish.


Not my bag either really. There’s enough darkness in the world which isn’t imagined.

But I do like his use of almost deco like patterns. Like a fritz Lang film on crack.

The Venus Fly 2.0

Mmmm, Fritz Lang…

I’m not uber “taken” with him but I do have this generalized love for all artists being an artist myself. I don’t have to actually enjoy someone’s work (and his I don’t mind at all) to appreciate their talent/vision.

I myself LOVE playing with my dark side and my demons. Scorpio rules my 6th house, Uranus hanging out in Scorpio in that house. My Draconic chart DRIPS with Scorpio to the point of insanity…


hey is it easy (?) to do one’s draconic chart? curious to see mine. can’t help but think sadge plays a part


ah never mind, just worked it out 🙂 Apparently I am a 29 deg scorpio asc, and north node at 0*00″ Aries! hmm. now i have to figure out what draconic actually is 😉


oh, right, 0* aries node is a baseline thing. haha

The Venus Fly 2.0

I don’t know much about Draconic, it was mentioned here a few months ago as well as Kim Falconer who is adept at it. For me personally, it’s like the parts of myself that are instinctual, the core fabric of your. It feels deeper than my natal chart. Proud Taurean vibes but I have soooo much Sagg and Scorpio. Draconic Eros and Psyche placements told me I’m a sucker for the Clark Kent type – crazy, I tell you. Cuts to the core, the impulses you act from you didn’t know you had is what Draconic feels like to moi… Read more »

The Venus Fly 2.0

I just realized your Avator is a heart-shaped monster with a penis nose. Amaze-balls if I do say to myself…


who needs giger when you’re a heart-shaped monster with a penis nose 😉

The Venus Fly 2.0

Loooooooooooooooool ;P


Definitely not something I’d hang in the house! But always fascinated with his dark machine details… Details, details… 🙂


The future is the past.
I swear someone similar invented steampunk.


Pluto’s tinder blurb ahahaha!

Can’t Wait to see this. I grew up pouring over picture books of Giger’s work. Geiger counter beep beep beep beep


Bedtime books for the Little Scorpio 🙂 awww

The Venus Fly 2.0

Aquarians are my kryptonite. Love them to bits. If they’re conventional they look unusual and if they look conventional they are unusual. My Eros/Psyche/Dark Lilith in Aqua in the 9th House just can’t get enough, especially the tall ones in glasses with hard, lean, cut, long bodies ;D <3


Yep, I’ve been there and second that.. but they are like shifting sands.

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