Asteroid Antinous aka the Gay God

Antinous The Gay God

This is a bust of Antinous – the “Gay God.” He was real, the lover of the Emperor Hadrian and renowned for – amongst other things – his beauty. Then he died under mysterious circumstances that had eerie synchronicity with the heavy-hitter Ancient Egyptian God Osiris and voila, he was deified as the “Gay God.”  You can read more of him here.

Obviously loads of the old pagan Gods and Goddesses were gay, bisexual or just sort of omni – that is one of the key distinctions that the more recent, monotheistic religions made. One god, male, apparently hetero and so on. Even the Wisdom Goddess Sophia, aka Mrs God, got turned into the Holy Ghost.  A veiled figure of no particular power or urges.

BUT i digress. Antinous is also an ASTEROID – number 1863 if you care to fling him into your chart via the epic extended chart options at my mothership Astrodienst.  And the Gay God is currently in late Gemini.

In old fashioned astrology and the kind of musty textbooks I read as a teenager, they always said homosexuality was linked with Uranus-Venus, Moon and Mars aspects but then again, they were classifying it as an aberrant urge lol.  But if you are interested, look also to asteroid Sappho, number 80. Warning: Do not read Sappho if you are a lesbian Love Zombie.

She is intense. Long blazingly brilliant poetry suffused with yearning and pleas to Aphrodite, still so tangible all these centuries later.


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Pansexual since the day I was born, currently engaged to a lesbian woman. always wondered how queerness plays out in astrology. My Saphho is in Libra conjunct my Pluto, Saturn, and Mars in my 2nd house w/my other strong Libra aspects and Antin in Aries in the 9th? Only Aries I have in my chart…I do have a TON of Venus energy in my chart. Taurus midheaven, venus in taurus, Chiron in Taurus, and the Libra. Maybe it just all points to being a lover of feminine energy…however that is communicated. PS. A nun at my Catholic school gave me… Read more »


Antinous conjunct my Mars/Midheaven in Leo! I also have venus-uranus conjunct and am for sure a queer woman-loving woman. Sappho is in my tenth house (well, cusp of 10th and 11th), sextile to the venus-uranus conj in Scorpio. So, my chart is pretty gay. And so am I. CONFIRMED.


wow I just looked up this asteroid in my natal ITS CONJUNCT MY CHIRON/algol ASCENDANT at 26 Taurus. When it comes to a partner I do have my preference which is Hetero, but my sexuality and tastes are more varied and all encompassing and open. In addition, I’ve observed the reactions of others and also have been told a couple things where I can conclude that my presence carries a sexual weight to it. This probably has to do with my rising being so wildly activated by this asteroid Antinous and Chiron and fixed star Algol Thanks for sharing! So… Read more »


Antinous at 16 Kataka, just inside my 1st house, fairly conjunct my Asc. at 10 Kataka……boom. Also have Venus square Uranus, by degree not sign, and angular 7th and 4th house, respectively. My first romantic/sexual relationship was with a woman, at age 18. I suppose I am bisexual, though since my mid-20’s I have only been with men, but a bit of a mix before that… My community/circle of closest and most trusted friends are gay men and I feel at my most comfortable when I’m with them, of course because they are my friends, but there is a culture… Read more »


There’s a Full Moon party happening this Sunday night. The permanent residents at my Gem/Taurus 8th H – Sappho-Antinous-Lilith-Jimi Hendrix – are at this moment holding a gathering (at the Red House, as Jimi dubbed it) and enjoying celebrating Sappho’s and Antinous’ Returns. Fellow luminaries, Venus, Arachne and Mars are already at the Red House – and Eros is expected any time now. Meanwhile, opposite, at 1st House – Scorp Compound – where Luna will be put up – natal Ceres, Neptune and Jupe are feeling jittery waiting for her arrival. She can be so bloody moody sometimes. Ceres is… Read more »


Haha! Oh shitballs: it’s about to go down 😛


Hahaha! yeah, imagine! – i do not need a 10 yr war in my life.

But naaah – s’cool. She knows i would never forget her.

In fact i’m gonna be spending most of the party at HER place at no6. Pan will be there too …. stuff to shift, plans to ACT on ….. fun,danger,excitement …. all happening!


Relevant to my interests, lol Antinous natally @ 23 Taurus, currently conjuct transiting Mars @ 22 Taurus in my empty 4th house AND conjunct transiting Sappho at 25Taurus, if I read it all correctly. This must be significant? I think … I hope, lol I identify as Lesbian and would enjoy a bit of ‘action’ particularly on this Scorpio Full Moon weekend (natal 6 deg Scorpio Moon), but alas, it doesn’t seem likely. As I ever live in hope, I shall console myself with the thought that it is only Saturday early afternoon. Realistically though, it’s unlikely. Unfortunately! I have… Read more »


antinous rising, half a degree into my first house! interesting. i prolly do look gay. i definitely look androgynous and am also a bit of an amazon.
sappho also in my first cancer with casanova, nessus, and arachne opposing eros. booya, ladies. or something… 😉


Anton rising even goes with your avatar!


I like how close to Lilith the name and character of Lisbeth sounds and is.
Especially the waldemort (angry one which natally is on the same degree as my natal Mercury. I’m so feeling this vibe right now.


i have antinous conjunct my descendant in gemini, sextiling sun. sappho isn’t doing a ton; she’s in taurus, opposing pluto/juno. not sure what these placements could mean. it’s funny that this post comes up, though. one of the recent posts where we were encouraged to think on what happened in the late nineties got me to thinking that that WAS actually a big change-time in my childhood life. in 1998 i discovered what sex really was and “practised” by making out with my best girlfriend. like, all the time. shortly after we started doing that i discovered some other fun… Read more »

Prince Stolas

In my 5th house. No gay lovers. Maybe I’ll be blessed with gay kids if I have children? =)


Separated at birth -told you!
Astro twin.
Mine in the 5th house too.
How funny.


Antinous conjunct lillith, moon and uranus in 6th house Libra… maybe he’s my secret flamboyant inner interior decorator or something. What ever, he’s well and truly suppressed by that cranky Lilith bitch.


Wow, that sounds like a powerful placement.
He can come over and do MY decor anytime!


Yet another one for my loaded 12th house. In 2 degrees orb of my North Node. Not sure what it means. I seem to click with people who identify as female gay, transgender and bi – not really close to many gay men? Also have Sappho in 12th house. Unrelated but feeling a bit down as my flirt just told me to “shut it”when we were texting. Can’t decide between hurt, pissed off, or really turned off by his ineptitude. I mean – what’s wrong with “lol – gotta go – talk soon?” I have that phrase in memory I… Read more »


what’s their astro? were they trying for playful?


Thanks for that thought Supakali – it is poss. He’s Aqua Sun, Aries Rising, Scorp Moon. I will give a bit of space. I’m seeing him Weds and can see how he behaves in person then. He’s been a lovely in-person flirt and we only just started texting. I was surprised at how much it hurt – I guess it touched my Gem Sun/Mars in the 12th?


Tr. Mercury in Gemini is currently opposing Saturn – this explains a lot.


Excellent point LV. Maybe Mystic will do one of her “Saturn is not a complete bastard” rev ups soon. I’m beginning to see that having my chart ruler in the 12th and opposed by Saturn could get a little trying.

You have both reminded me to look at the broader context – his, mine, the zeitgeist for all. That the micro reflects the macro. Is one of the true joys of astrology that it can increase empathy and understanding in this way!


lol he’s conjunct my Venus in Aries. Sappho conjunct Neptune in Capricorn, and the two square. Something I’ve said a LOT in my life, is that I wish I were a lesbian. Sigh.


Maybe you should try it sometime? LOL My mom always advised me to be a lesbian which I found weird as she wasn’t gay herself but our family home was full of gay people of both genders. I’m not sure if we even knew any heterosexual people who either my dad wasn’t sleeping with (women) or who we weren’t directly related to and just tolerated. The one time I brought home my “lesbian” girlfriend she ran off and married my brother! But neither of us we’re fully committed to being gay, we were both bisexual and it was an open… Read more »


Sappho natally is at 22 degrees Saggo, Sort of daaaaangerously close to my ascendant, almost rising but just shy of that. Weirdly I have 22 degrees all over the place, Sun, Lilith, Mean node. Hmmmm I guess 22 is a good no for me. The house I grew up in was no 22. My parents were both 22nd April, the forth month. Kind of random but fun.
Antin is really close to my Vertex in the 5th house but in Taurus.
Yeah, that would explain my bisexuality I guess.
I mean, kind of 😛


Progressed Sappho is in my first house. Progressed Antin in Aries in the 5th, not a million miles away from The whole, Chiron, Uranus, shakedown thang going on for me right now. I’ve seen a couple of flats close to my college. One is a great double room, on a quiet street, in a new building. I’d be sharing with a Belgian couple who work in “the creative industry” they approached me online, they like my profile. My bedroom would be a modern double with it’s own en suite bathroom and a huge, brand new shared kitchen and living room.… Read more »


Antinous almost smack-on my 9th H Pallas and I’m all for gay rights – figures, as the 9th House & Pallas do carry political overtones! Pallas herself is thought of as rather androgynous or even asexual, so perhaps it explains why I tend to be LBGTQ-friendly and an advocate for things that involve gay rights and equality for ALL regardless of gender/orientation.


Antinous in the 2nd EXACT my Mercury in Cancer.
Conjunct Venus/Saturn so part of my little stellium.
I am not sure how he relates to me in this life but it is a strong placement as it is in Grand Water Trine to Jupiter & my Moon.

But then Sappho is conjunct my Mars in Virgo/3rd.
I find that an interesting placement.
Very assertive, verbal and Yang.

If I were to be omni I guess it would be more in a writerly way, lol.


Antinous and Sappho both hanging out in Gemini 12th house, Antinous conjuncting Asc, Vesta and Achilles and hanging on the periphery of my chiron&venus/uranus opposition. My 12th is empty if we’re not counting a myriad of asteroids so I’ve got a bit to learn about this placement. It doesn’t surprise me though? Seems very right to be sitting in my little ascendant cluster. One of my best mates was a gay rights activist and sex educator in the 80s. Has her Antinous conjunct a strongly placed Jupiter. Another dear friend has it conjunct his MC which I am now thinking… Read more »


I love your Avatar. Coolness personified. <3


He is such a boss, huh!


I was crushed when I realised his character was a Democrat. He seemed a Republican at heart. But then I know better to discuss politics on an astrology blog 🙂
Also I know sod all about US politics.
I do think KS is THE MAN though.
Great avatar! Love his expression.


I watched the US politics of the early 2000’s so much more closely than the politics at home and wore myself out big time! Now have diverted attention well away from US politics/ political commentary and back to my ponytail pulling prime minister and other ‘important homeland issues’. KS face in this avatar is coincidentally pretty much how I feel about the whole fuqin’ thing to be honest!

The Venus Fly 2.0

Thanks, Mystic!

Though I am devoutly hetero, I have a lot of love for the queer brothers and sisters of the world and have a special interest in early Hollywood queer history. People like Alla Nazimova etc are just incredible and entrance me to the hilt.

Antinous in Aries in my empty Aries ruled 11th house. Nada but a semi-sextile to my Pisces moon. I have a tonne of trines with my Cap ruled Sappho, though – she trines my Mars, Venus and Saturn. What that means I have no clue.

Regardless, great post! Have a good weekend!


i just checked the charts of 2 friends who are not exclusively hetero and they both have Antinous and Sappho conjunct natally.

I actually have Antinous Rising, 17 minutes off my AC in the 12th! Going off to learn more about him now….


is there a problem with the link, or is it me?


great, thank you!

yes, love this post 🙂


Mystic, are you back from your move?

Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot

He seems very synchronicity-attracting. JUST as I opened this to read it, two colleages started trading gay innuendos.


Came across this & thought of you Lux, Mistress of the Mashup 😉

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