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Mariah Carey

It is an astrological fact that you ideally look like your ascendant. A.k.a. your rising sign. If you know your time of birth, this is very easy to establish via Astrodienst.

So if you are – say – a stealth Scorpio with Leo Rising, it’s auspicious to LOOK Leo. Even if your Scorpionic psyche shrivels at the mere thought of big hair, bling and a 20 metre radius ostentatious entitlement scent from a designer/model/celebrity you personally feel a psychological affinity with.

Taurus Rising is often blessed with a BIG presence, excellent boobage or pectorals and the (possibly) linked ability to wear ballgowns like others wear gray marle trackpants and Ugg boots. That is, the Taurus Rising person vibes relaxed in the get-up.

Mariah Carey, a Solar Aries, is a classic Taurus Rising. Note the juicy soft look to the skin. That’s not just product and photo-shop – Taurus Rising is Venus Ruled, a gift for the complexion. Elle MacPherson – also Solar Aries/Taurus Rising busts out a ball gown when she wants to say “hey bitches, I is still the Alpha” for whatever reason.

The Taurus Rising can work shoulders as an erogenous zone with big-goo-goo, long lashed cow-eyes to devastating effect. Voila Rita Hayworth – Libra with Taurus Rising.

Rita Hayworth

Sculpted, plush lips are also a Taurus Rising/Venusian specialty item. Mae West (Leo, Taurus Rising) had hers immortalized in a couch designed by the Taurus Surrealist Salvador Dali.


And here she is reclining on her actual couch in full odalisque glory, the couch being – of course – the gravitational sector of the Taurus Universe. These folk transmit deep relaxation rays. Their presence is generally reassuring, rarely skittish or nerves inducing.

Mae West on couch

It’s true that sometimes the Taurus Rising chilled-out inscrutable vibe can be due to other substances – this Ascendant does totally value their relaxation and it’s a really bad idea to fuq with it. Snoop Dogg is Solar Libra, Taurus Rising. He has foundationed a whole empire based around his chill presence, music, weed and women.


Other male Taurus Risings have turned their enviable pecs + goo-goo eyes into an asset in the lucrative, albeit volatile, teen girls It Boy market. You  know you’re dealing with a Taurus Rising guy, when they have a cute young bobby calf air. Taylor Lautner – Aqua with Taurus Rising fits that vibe.


As does The Beckham – he’s Triple Taurus – Sun/Mercury/Rising – and with the (he says) anal retentive fridge ordering to prove it.

Los Angeles Galaxy midfielder David Beck

Some mistake the Taurus Rising chill serenity for a “trample over my boundaries” invitation – a grave error. Nobody polices their borders like a Taurus Rising. Yes the grass is always greener in THEIR pasture but that doesn’t mean that YOU are going to be grazing in there alongside them. N.F.W.  Exhibit: Serena Williams – Libra with Taurus Rising.


Taurus Rising peeps also have the knack of being able to look good whilst partying – seriously, they’re creatures of decadence as well as staunchness and they can actually do elegantly wasted in a way that most cannot.  Drunk tennis, for example, as modeled by Capricorn/Taurus Rising Marianne Faithfull.

Marianne Faithfull

Taurus Rising types sometimes worry that their desire for tranquility and adoration of simple pleasures – Sex, Eating and Shopping – makes them dull compared to more adrenaline driven types, but no.  Possibly it keeps some of them looking ludicrously youthful.  This is Piscean Gloria Vanderbilt, aged 91, Taurus Rising, heiress, designer, writer of erotic novels and mother of CNN’s Anderson Cooper.


In an interview promoting her sexy book Obsession (written on her Uranus Return, aged 84) she told the New York Times:

“I’m always in love, that’s one of my secrets,” she said recently, sitting in the living room of her apartment on Beekman Place. “I’m determined to be the best I can be for as long as I can, and when I’m not, I have my plans. I walk a lot and watch my diet. That’s the key of it. I’ve always had a lot of energy.”

And…To judge from the book, at least, you can enhance your quest by scrubbing your torso with sea salt, bringing the skin to a glow before applying scented gardenia oil and a smidgen of honey aphrodisiac, so that you “can let loose shaking onto the breasts a goodly amount of chocolate sprinkles, which will adhere prettily.”

Okay so all the being ruled by Venus, Sex, Serenity and Chocolate Sprinkles on the Boobage in the world probably won’t produce her particular look – that’s money. Which happens to be the favorite color of Taurus Rising.


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71 thoughts on “Style Your Ascendant – Taurus

  1. Interesting, VERY interesting.

    For a minute I thought was a Gemini Rising, but that just felt wrong to my core. I had my birth CITY in my chart but when I put my actual suburb (and the 4 surrounding suburbs) they all showed up Taurus Rising which feels far more…authentic. So, I am now officially a Sextuple Taurus (Sun/Mars/Venus/Mercury/Chiron/Rising).

    FACT – “vibes relaxed in the get-up”. I am only relaxed in public when I am arranged from head to foot which takes what, 5 minutes after my ritual morning shower (if make-up applies that day it takes no more than 20 minutes for a full face). Luxe lingerie must be worn, Italian leather boots must be polished to perfection, and all must ‘work’. In contrast, at home I can ONLY wear lounge/glam pajamas. You see, the resilient Taurus in me realized that if I constantly wash-and-wear my clothes they wear out quicker, so, my made-to-last tendencies have two wardrobe sections (Spring/Summer – Fall/Winter) as well as are sectionalized for outside/inside. Orderly to a ‘t’.

    FACT – we are lingerie freaks. Mariah Carey has a wardrobe devoted JUST to lingerie. Janet Jackson was so addicted she briefly created a line. Jean-Paul Gaultier took them to the runways and stages. Boobs – we love ’em. In the past 5 years I have caught myself grabbing onto my DD’s even more – we like feeling connected to our feminine attributes.

    FACT – beautification. Funny that someone mentioned sea salt and gardenia because for as long as I can remember during my weekly spa night I use a Himalayan Sea Salt & Gardenia scrub from head to toe and infuse my bath with Tahitian Gardenia Oils. I’m not alone in my ritual 🙂

    We love the luxe. Look over at Valentino for proof. BUT…but…folks, Taureans are kinda freaky. And brazen. And have a flamboyant streak we like to wield (but always tempered to our individual tastes – too much ruins the sensual power, we like to bubble and suggest sensuality). The whole ‘sex/sensual’ vibe we own is very real and permeates so many of our style and creative choices. Janet Jackson’s love of fetishistic latex, dog collars and cuffs has been on display since ‘The Velvet Rope’ days. Rappers Busta Rhymes and Ghostface Killah were known for their flamboyance. And don’t get me started on Jean Paul Gaultier. And Tom of Finland. And Grace Jones. And Donatella Versace with her dramatic plunges that go past the naval.

    They say the Taurus is dull. Materialistic. Conservative. Actually, no. Far from dull. We love quality and beauty which in some instances cost money. Conservative? We’re too Maverick for that. We do it OUR way. Willie Nelson. Dennis Hopper. Jack Nicholson. They say Jesus was more likely born on April 25th (like the Prophet Mohommad). We do it and we do it well – our way.

    Oh, the whole “the grass is always greener in THEIR pasture but that doesn’t mean that YOU are going to be grazing in there alongside them” is too true. We’re generous to a fault, but we’ve learned from the “give an inch, take a mile” folks to be SELECTIVE on whom we invite, and allow, into our fertile fields. But once invited, graze til you’re content.

    Taurus – decadent. Luxurious. Creative. Sensual. On any budget, desiring the good life 🙂


  2. I LOVE this post. Could you please do these rising sign profiles for every sign? It was so amazing it would be a shame to not do them all. Thank you thank you thank you ahead of time.

  3. Hehe, thank you MM!! What a fantastically informative & wise post. Absolutely loving these.

    Am Leo rising but have Venus in Taurus conjunct my MC & rather suspecting that I could do with a whole heap of Taurean calm in my life. Thru connection with the body & the “simple, sensual pleasures” us toro venus types enjoy. Physically I recently read the Sextrology description of Taurus woman and it was me to a T, fit me far better than the sun Gemini one. I have them big Taurean lips & definitely appear more chilled than I actually am!

    Really looking forward to the Leo one, you said Leos “actually are anarchic creative original punks” one time and it made me feel deliriously happy!!

    • I agree with the Leo description. Once you get up close and personal, you can see them go all velvety and secret-cat-smiley “ahh finally some life around here” when faced with anarcha-punk whatevers. It’s the Expression maybe? someone is being awesome, Leo sees a friendly atmosphere and needs to breathe the air

  4. I’m a Aries with Taurus moon and rising! Cats eyes licks of liquid liner with lots of mascara, (being an Aries) defined thick brows and va-va-voom cleavage are my secret weapons of seduction. I like soft or textured fabrics in jewel or earthy tones that feel like luxury. I wear warrior-esq metal jewelry with crystals and I often were head scarves, flowers and hats and have a penchant for cool sunny’s. I love Aries red but just hints like red lips and nails with a pair of red shoes or something… I don’t do my hair it just kinda flops into what-evs style it chooses. Contrary to what I’ve just written, I do consider my style pretty low maintenance relaxed and comfortable.

  5. also lol! he was such a backwoods dude when i met him. He was so clueles re. taurean style. When i introduced him to thrifting, he became SUCH a fabric elitist. he’s cheap but wants high quality, so he used to be kind of miserable about mall clothes until he discovered he could find designer and quality brands at the thrift if looked every week. He has a way bigger wardrobe than i do, and it’s alllll earth tones & plaids but silks and cashmere and high thread count cotton. He gets his hair cut monthly at a posh salon too.

  6. my progressed asc is taurus but i vibe no where near serene. more lost/spacey (pisces), but i do love earth tones, natural fibres, and lounge life.

    i’m so intrigued by my ex toro rising boyfriend (with venus in cancer in the 2nd), like he’s so textbook taurus it’s insane.

    it’s true they can hold their alcohol in such a way, but my ex would just sleep forever immediately after drinking a bottle of wine. booze was like a high potency sleep elixir for him rather than to incite any fun or debaucherous behaviour. They’re just so stocky and tranquil (truly cow-like in that majestic, beauteous way), they can absorb a lot without being thrown off-centre.

    He never cared for going out, it was all “let’s make a deluxe meal (aka carb fest) at home, drink wine and watch TV until 11pm.” Bit dull for this Aquarian.

    • Staring at the tv together, my least-favourite pastime with boyfriends! but the most common! Sure sometimes you want couch sloth. But its dead time. But they love it. Don’t get it.

  7. Hey, someone messed up and didn’t give me the Taurus boobs! No fair. My body is all Aqua androgyny. I do have the Taurus sanpaku eyes , full lips and cheeks though.

    I don’t use a desk at home anymore, literally a LOUNGE chair/chaise to work. So it’s like a couch-desk. And then I move to the real couch when I read. :p

    My style was more eccentric when I was younger…then I got more polished and now I am going through a style crisis. All my casual stuff is not office attire and all my office attire is super basic because I didn’t know what to get and didn’t want to spend money on things I didn’t like. HALP. So far 28 is an awkward age for clothes.

    • I think (if it helps) that simple, basic, comfortable , quietly flattering is good for office clothes. any age. Knitted shift dress with belt, print top or stylish T tucked into fitted skirt, loose knit top over slim cut trousers, a cool blazer or something. just keep it comfortable and ‘you’. And no shoes that cause one or more of: teetering, hobbling, limping, mincing, or the funny walk that women do when their shoes are too tall. (I was /am an inveterate wearer of high heels so I do know the appeal, but I dont think it is a good look in a typical office environment)

    • I love Aqua bodies. My whole ‘Clark Kent’ fetish goes INSANE for the lean, lithe ‘sexy nerd’ vibe because when they take it OFF they are always, ALWAYS cut like a diamond. Muscles in places you didn’t know muscles could be.

      Yeah, I like a gorgeous, bulky sculpted man. But my Aqua Eros/Psyche rules over my Taurus Mars/Venus – I like the Aqua body types. And they know how to touch well, too 🙂

    • P.S. I came into my style once I hit 30-32. By than you “get” what you’re about for the next 20 years. That’s when you usually start working harder but with the intention of setting ‘roots’. In 4 years you’ll back at you and laugh with great affection ;P

  8. One of my best friend is an Aries Toro rising with Aqua moon. She is a total nutter in one sense ( a radical punk feminist poet) but she is very serious about partaking in a luxurious life.

    Yes boobage and beautiful lips and hair, but being an Aries she has a huge scar on her lip from a dog bite.

    She is so mind-on-the-money that she manages to be totally “whatever” about where as my Scorp AC is always desperate.

    Give her chocolate, wine, beautiful clothes and jewelry, a finely rolled spliff and a room full of plants and she is in heaven.

  9. taurode

    i am married to the tauriest toro rising that i ever did see/touch/smell/hear/taste (with a way less in yo face sun leo), i read this post and nodded YES. and hell YES. and holy crap YES. all the yesses.

    despite the thick, grounding roots, it’s easiest to begin at the top. with the other thick roots. people used to compliment me on my hair (kinky-curly), but since i’ve been with him, my head has literally been eclipsed by his! it’s worth it. his movie star mop is shiny, near-black, has the perfect wave, and most notably, is other-planetarily thick. as in, i can only cut small tufts at a time with powerful kitchen shears working at full capacity, and when i do, i must wear shoes, or else i get HAIR SPLINTERS in my foot. also, just in case the volume is not sufficiently over-the-top, he gets a head start (!) with his low hairline, plus, well, a huge head.

    warm-brown-eyed, handsome, thick-necked, broad and muscle-y chested. there is a physical density to him, the weight of which brings him even tighter to earth. all muscle, no fat, and effortlessly so. a metabolic miracle, with his heavy intake of food (i still cannot grasp where in his body, the colossal quantities he mouth-vacuums, can fit). and heavy intake of booze (also, huge volumes.. i worry, although i’ve only ever seen him “appear” drunk three times, and those times were possibly elegant? no drunk tennis, but an out-of-character ballet-esque dance). and oh the weed (also a ton, also i worry. presumably it’s self-med’ing the so-deeply-buried-no-one-knows-they-exist nerves).

    SO MUCH COUCH. he uses the word relax, like it’s a high-concept idea that he invented. he only wants to be at home. people loooove being around him and his chill, pleasant, goofy, calming vibe, but it’s so hard to get him out. he is totally amenable to hosting, though (if someone else makes it happen). i (with my sun,merc,mars, neptune in sag, and aqua rising), constantly and strategically choreograph my best moves, from all the angles, to coax him to travel with me. when i succeed, once he’s there, he’s always happy, interested, pretty easy-going, and gets infatuated with whatever the latest location. he gets mistaken for local almost everywhere, but dramatically so when in spain, italy, portugal and anywhere else where dark eyes, and dark hair are typical. Even when we’re not travelling, he is routinely told he looks like this or that brazilian/peruvian/argentian movie/music/tv star. (yea!).

    he rocks casual. he rocks fancy. he’s not one of those guys who will wear whatever: he cares, and he chooses. he’s a clothes hoarder. (an everything hoarder, actually. he could get sentimental about a booger.) he moves slow. he talks slow. he’s in the earthiest profession: a ceramicist (where, incidentally, he keeps generating more things to hoard. argh!).

    we actually just had a disagreement, about house-buying, actually. he is, of course, stubborn-as-fuq, even ABOUT his stubborness, which faces-off with my desperation to try a NEW restaurant, take a DIFFERENT route, GO to a party, etc (he is further irritated by my arrogant but accurate ability to foresee that once/if he does, he is happy). anyway, this self-directed exercise in identifying his sweet, loyal, affectionate bull-man qualities, some with their inevitable flipsides, has actually been a calming (the irony!), vapour-releasing, love affirming exercise for me and my pisces-moon. sorry to blab. thanks for the outlet 🙂

    • Wow, that actually is the one of the most Taurusey Taurians I’ve ever heard of!

      Also, yes, the Taurus’ amazing hair does merit some attention!

      • i know! his leo sun is barely visible through the taurean opacity! (neither is the aries moon, but it’s in the 12th house, so that makes sense).

        • I have moon in the 12th and I think it adds to my slothiness. I think it’s also a placement that is probe to substance abuse…I’ve struggled with addiction to stimulants and then when I am off them I find myself being sober for months and then binge drinking for a few weeks, rinse repeat.

          Now that I’ve identified the triggers and the general patterns it’s getting so much better. One of the good parts about getting older, definitely!

    • oh golly, i loved reading this! so loving xx i feel very happy for you guys! also he sounds like a total hunk.

      • I know!!! Does he have a twin brother? lol

        I find Taurus guys hot but our mutual slothing is… not the best synergy. So I always end up with Aries. lol

        • i hear ya! i have a particularly stubborn toro mars; a super-taurus def wouldn’t be the most productive thing for me, though i would secretly covet it. my moon just progressed into taurus… we could just cook together all the time?!

          • ha! thank you- that is so nice to hear. especially since i was still annoyed with him when i started writing. by the end, i thought “wow, i’m making him sound –minus the heavy substance use, hoarding and rigidity!– pretty lovable… because… i guess i think he’s pretty lovable.” cue your validation!

            i should add, i can get real slothy with him, too. i have south node in taurus, so not only is it not productive, it’s karmically expensive. puttin it on my tab 🙂

            tw: leo- i think you can find a taurean cooking partner, you just have to invite yourself over 🙂

        • You beat me to it, lol. I was going to ask he if had a more FLUID twin.

          Sextuple Taurus, but with the Eros/Psyche and Dark Lilith in my 9th House – we like adventure and new things. I used to go to places at a drop of a hat but now I want to OWN places around the world. Comfortably fitted out, with close access to natural beauty and creative activities, which I OWN, lol.

          Oh, being alive is fun. All the cycles we move through 🙂 <3

    • wow, sounds like you’re describing my ex toro rising boyf. He has magnificent, thick curly hair, big brown eyes, solid build, broad shoulders, thick neck, average height. He’s like the prototype for taurus asc male. and yes, so -heavy- but not large/fat, just, substantial and tree-like. So comforting to be around!

      • yup! exactly! SO heavy! SO tree-like! offering anchor-services, should any of the floaters be interested in that kind of thing..!

  10. I Love Mariah…but the description? Did’nt she have breast surgery? & what do you think about having Taurus in Sun, Mars, Mercury ? (Sag Asc)

  11. I learn so very very much from your blog. Astro news you can use. Always cool graphics and pics. So glad to stumble on your MM.

  12. My friend the Virgo is I SWEAR Taurus rising. I questioned her mother’s sanity when birth time said Aries rising. Friend is built to last – chest first, luscious lips, collagen-plumped BODY (naturel, naturellement) not just skin, huge brown eyes. Cheese and carb addict. all woman.
    Aries rising? it just doesn’t make sense.

    • I thought the same thing about my Aries Ac bestie. Total carb addict, lover of fine objects , very career driven. Turns out the progressed AC in Tauro was more to blame. I see her Aries AC quite clearly, though. She takes shit from no one. She’s bold and enthusiastic. She will yell if necessary. She cares not what anyone thinks, and I’ve accused her of being a “butt-head” on more than one occasion…

      Still, she can eat me under the table and is rail-thin, she knits cashmere for a living and goes on and on about the pretty colors…

      • Ha. Yes my Virgo pal can he headstrong as anything.
        I wonder if it is her 4th house Sun which is the Carbs/Cheese significator…

    • Sorry to say, I don’t think so! I think she has a great plastic surgeon and photoshop artiest working for her. Having said that she looks fab. My Nana will be 100 in June. She still has dark hair and is a facelift away from this look – I don’t know her rising though.

  13. An old friend of mine from university who is still a close friend is the poster child for Taurus rising. He has the sensual lips, eyes, skin, dresses beautifully, is a personal trainer and in incredible shape, gorgeous pecs, and he has the reassuring, relaxation vibe…..He looks like a sexy Buddha, no kidding, and I wish I could post his photo here, you all would love him! He is beautiful inside and out!

    I am Kataka rising, but seem to share some of the Taurus rising traits, myself, but for the Kataka vibe I have big blue eyes, bit of a nurturing vibe, though I’m not a mom, but I am a health care giver, and I love to wear moonstones and pearls… I think Taurus and Kataka are a nice combination together…

    • Kataka makes the deep-dish oven baked macaroni and cheese (extra cheese), and watches on lovingly as Taurus devours it lovingly
      “Do we have any ice cream, baby?”

      • Exactly! My Taurus rising friend’s boyfriend is Kataka Sun, and he cooks for him! Actually, they both cook, but his boyfriend is more into the cooking and makes great food!

        I like to cook, but am also happy if someone else does it for me! 😉 I appreciate good food either way! I wanted the chance to cook for my lost Toro Sun man, but didn’t get the opportunity…. 🙁 We did spend a lot of time on the couch though…..haha, that couch thing! Rang true!

  14. Brilliant. That’s me, minus big chest and a love of money… Thank god I’m more evolved. Making scruffy look sexy is an art form … So is ball gowns as beachwear ????.

  15. These are so much fun! I can’t wait for more.

    This actually really helps with an Aqua Taurus Asc. person in my life who for all their Saggi-ness has a big issue with that “trample over my boundaries” situation.
    “Nobody polices their borders like a Taurus Rising”, lol, we call her the policewoman as she cannot abide when people don’t stick to the stereotypical roles that life has dealt them.

  16. been trying to guess the ascendant of a particular friend for a bit. think this sells me on toro! really broad shoulders, strong neck; nice skin and gaaawgeous lips. he favours a comfy lumberjack-esque style with flannel shirts and plain jeans, but also rocks a formal suit. this puts his venus and merc in the 3rd house which totally fits his personality… cool. thanks, mm! love posts like these!

  17. I have the Moon in Taurus rising, so there is definitely boobage, but I can’t relate to these women or their look, with the exception of Marianne Faithfull and Rita Hayworth. Isn’t Taurus classy? Or am I getting that from somewhere else……my Venus, amongst other stuff, in Libra?

    • The Taurus Rising people I know all have charm, decent looks and potential. ‘
      BUT they ALL dress like they woke up in an op shop in the dark and put on the the nearest old man/young girl/baby boy/office worker’s crud & danced out thinking they look awesome.

      It’s a kind of gift. I think Mariah has the gift.

      • something inside of me is horrified, maybe it’s Saturn in Taurus. Also, I never look like that! Think more Joan Holloway.

        • I bet you are stunning Cal!
          These 3 Taurus Risers I know all have Mercurial Moons, 2 Virgo, 1 Gem. Where is ur Moon again? I do think Venus also has a part in style. Moon is what like to indulge in and Venus what you value?

          • well thank you darling Sphinx, you are so kind. I would hardly ever say this but maybe I am ageing well? I did look kinda hawt tonight, went out dressed 1930s style and it suited me.

            My Moon is rising in Toro. The favoured look is mostly Toro with some Libra represented by a love of floral. But no tacky (and no sweatpants 😉 )

    • I have a friend who is what I consider a total Toro – massage and acupuncture practitioner check, married to PROVIDER, house simply but beautifully decorated with a lot of wood and dresses with taste and a healthy bank balance, drives from Brisbane to Peregian for a hair cut

      Would love the time she has to devote to herself….

  18. Yes! As Libra with Taurus rising — this is my fav post ever. This is all me. & I used to be grungey and op-shoppy as a teen and though still punk and a lover of thrift, I feel so much happier these days now I have eyelash extensions, makeup, pretty clothes (always that show off my shoulder bones, otherwise they just look too broad,) a nice house with art, textile and candle flair and of course my couch and books. And I hope I am elegant when wasted because I don’t mind a party either. Drunk tennis Marianne Faithful is my spirit animal

    • Remember the Mars bar, Mick Jagger and Marianne Faithful naked under a rabbits fur rug story? …. How the authorities had tried to besmirch her reputation by claiming that during a police drug raid at Keith Richards house, the cops found Jagger eating a Mars bar out of her yoni. False story, but still, there you have it – sex, chocolate, Taurus rising. Apparently sales of Mars bar went through the roof after that.

  19. The mother is Aries sun with Taurus rising. She spends the most time at home on the couch. Watching youtube recipe videos. And yes, my mom is the most comfy person to hug or lean on. She just has nice shoulders. 🙂

    Yar, my mom prefers cash. She delights in it. Talk about money and if it’s all credit, meh…not interested, but show her the money! Whoo…her eyes light up.

    • You seem to be describing me, but I don’t have any kids!

      I am also Aries solar, Taurus rising, and I spend too much time in this spot on the couch. Although I don’t really go in for youtube, I spend a lot of time looking at recipes and household tips when I’m not working on astrology.

      Also have broad shoulders and ample boobage relative to body, clear skin, big lips.

      Also comfortable dressing “homeless hot” as someone else here put it. But have carried a ball gown well.

    • My Taurean mother always felt like an Aries to me. Financially generous to a fault, but has that ‘me me me’ vibe. Did her chart last night – stellium in the first house ruled by Aries – go figure. My crazy Scorpio father turns out only has a gang of Scorpio but a gang of Taurus. They won’t use the credit cards – they decline the platinum cards. They too, it’s all about ‘show me the money’ – hard cash rules their stash and they love it. BUT, it also may be a generational thing. Working hard and owning versus owing culture, ya think?

  20. Yes indeed. Scorpio with 28’38 Taurus rising (yep, that means Saturn will be sitting on my descendant for a looooong time this summer) with excellent boobage. When I win the lottery I will be buying the full bottles of the most expensive Amouage perfume (Lyric Woman), and all the other most fabulous rose and white floral scents and rose-oriental scents. And flowers. There will be the most incredible flowers all the time. And lingerie. And verrrry luxurious sheets and comforters.This is why I’m so bad at frugality — these are my desires.

    • I’m also a Scorpio with my Ascendant at 28 Taurus! And I relate to everything in your post, except my perfume of choice would be L’Heure Bleue parfum by Guerlain.

      I also love the scent of essential oil of rose–most of the stuff out there is nastily synthetic, but when you smell the real thing, it is truly, literally divine.

      Lol about the couch having a gravitational pull for Tauruses. It is where I spend most of my time at home.

      • Wow, three of us? Can we start a support group? My tribe!

        I LOVE L’Heure Bleue. I sometimes buy tiny sample vials of the parfum. It’s intoxicating. But it does make me a little sad, as I believe it’s meant to do, that complex mix of beauty and melancholy in the twilight hour. Do you read Bois de Jasmin? My favorite perfume blog.

        These days I also buy samples of Beyond Love by Kilian, Carnal Flower, L’Artisan’s La Chasse aux Papillons for spring… I used to love Poeme by Lancome but it’s harder to find now.

        I keep trying to start a blog called La Femme Amoureuse to write about all things Venusian… art, perfume, poetry, flowers, music, textiles. It hasn’t really gotten off the ground yet though. I’ll keep you posted. Maybe you can both write for me!

          • Maybe with Saturn on my descendant it’ll make my lazy Taurus ascendant get to work and get that blog going.

            My ascendant is based on birth certificate time, but if I went by the time my mother thought I was born? I’d have 10 Taurus rising. Guess where my South Node is? 10 Taurus! I have to wonder. Maybe the nuns were just slow to get to the birth certificate back in the stone age.

        • I am wearing La Chasse auz Papillons. Ha ha! In fact it’s my default fragrance. I would definitely read your blog and contribute to it.

          I would love to write about Ariella Chezar, the most amazing floral designer. You should check out her website. Just beautiful, lush arrangements that ping every atom of my Taurus Rising self. 🙂

          • Isn’t it the most beautiful fragrance? Do you find that it doesn’t last long, though?

            I will look up Ariella. Being a spectacularly artistic florist is like my fantasy job. That and being a great costume designer.

            I really love this thread – who knew there were so many Scorpios with Taurus rising, especially late Taurus.

            There’s a band called Over the Rhine with a great song called The World Can Wait. My favorite lines:

            “I want to feel and then some
            I have five senses
            I need thousands more
            At least”

            My Scorpio/Taurus mantra! Where are all of your moons?

            • ooooh also for the fragrance lovers – Secret Garden by Mandy Aftel at Aftelier Perfumes is SUBLIME. She also many other incredible scents – one that takes me back to working in bars after closing time with tequila and ashtrays and the band packing up. Amazing.

        • Scorpio with Toro rising 25, Jupiter at Toro 28. Have been on here for ages but never commented…This thread is Too Much so I am in..
          As a animal totem practioner my scents are the incomparable creations of “Gatheress” who you can find on Etsy. They are Beyond.
          Favorites: Coyote, Mountain Lion, Bear.

            • Not afraid to confess that I will line these up in front of a date (esp ones with Toro) and let them take hits off scents…then my Scorpio sense digests their responses.

  21. Hmm…how interesting. As a Virgo with Taurus rising, I’m often told I have a serene, even detached presence although I’m a hotbed of neurosis with a racing mind underneath. I have broad shoulders (but not the boobage, alas) and like to dress for the occasion.

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