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Ralph Crane

The Strange Invisible Pisces perfume is appropriately mutable and elusive, flitting through all its different notes (Night Blooming Jasmine, Lime, Frankincense, Cedarwood and Black Pepper…sometimes disappearing altogether and then reappearing in a big blur of fragrant “never write ME off.”   So totally Piscean in that sense.

As I am a Solar Piscean, i  often dread other peeps take on Pisces. As a child, i discovered that my Sun was in Pisces and promptly also got to read crap like that Pisces was the garbage bin of the Zodiac.  Or that they had no personality of their own but were rather composed of all the worst traits of the other signs.  Rude, right?

Often even fashion magazines doing spunky Zodiac spreads give Pisces the most inane wardrobe item of the shoot and some insulting style flourish. For example, Pisces below from a Vogue UK spread a few years ago.  It’s captioned “Pisces – Dustbin of the Zodiac.”

So naturally i had some reservations about Strange Invisible’s Pisces juice. What would a Virgo Nose think was the essence of Pisces? They’re all wild-crafted botanic ingredients – would it be pond scum?  Dew off the gravel behind a dustbin?

But okay, it’s super-subtle but delicious to have you looking like you’re snogging your own wrist in public. The Frankincense does what it is supposed to do in witchcraft – exert a powerful protective and reassuring vibe  People always cite how it is used in churches but Pagans were onto it centuries before all that. It’s a brilliant essence for Pisces because the sign DOES tend to be highly impressionable and psychic. Something sacred is needed in a Neptunian blend.

The dominant note is the lime – SO stunningly crisp and clear when it’s organic, natural not synthetic – and then the jasmine comes and goes. It’s reminiscent of how Pisceans often seem to have an industrial strength “flirt/charm” switch that they dramatically throw up or down, in response to mysterious promptings from Source/Dark Matter/An Angel/Who Knows.

So super lovely, apt and with a tiny evocation of the original Diorella or Cristalle.

SO – TWO IMPORTANT THINGS.  You can get a stunning 50% off any of the Zodiac perfumes by inputting the code MYSTICMEDUSA  this month and you can win yourself a bottle of the Pisces fragrance by sharing below about the most PISCEAN PERSON you know – even if it is you.

Also, what do you think about the whole “dustbin” nonsense?

Tim Gutt




Image: Ralph Crane

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180 thoughts on “My Review Of Strange Invisible Piscean + Your Chance To Win

  1. Hey i love heaps of these! Purpleta and Sphinx in particular but so many witty and evocative writers on here!

    However, the Pisces fragrance goes to GFT Pisces – please email me your address!

    thanks guys! xxxx

  2. The whole dustbin nonsense:

    I have heard this too and I think it refers in part to the seeming ability of Pisceans to be many things to many people. If any sign was going to be the chameleon of the zodiac, I think it would be Pisces. Therefore they can be referred to as a collage of all the other signs. Rather, this is the innate ability of mutable water to adjust to any vessel, and in response to almost any human or living being.

    Another dustbin analogy which I’ve come across concerns Pisceans’ ability or inability, depending on your persuasion, to discern between things of differing value. The reference says something like Pisces sees value in the offbeat, the nuanced, the strange or the everyday thing that others would perhaps pass by. Value, to a Piscean, is not a thing of worldly value, but something that has value and meaning that comes from the deep, unworldly place that Pisceans inhabit. They ‘value’ humanity and all life (I think there are more Piscean vegetarians than ay other sign) and only they can see the importance, and indeed, the value in the cast offs of human activity. They do have trouble discriminating between the diamond ring and found object!

    They are hard to sum up. They are, perhaps along with Virgo, the most naturally compassionate sign. It is truly difficult and even painful for them to see suffering in any form. They are suckers for a sob story. They are all heart. They love easily and fall in love easily. They are romantic and funny and beautiful. They are soft and slinky and fluid. Piscean women drive men to absolute distraction. They are feminine beyond belief. The men can have some difficulty with sign’s femininity and sensitivity. But they too can have women (and men) swooning about them.

    They rival Sagittarius for being the best story tellers. But Piscean stories are about the everyday stuff. For some reason magic happens around them OR they see the magic around them all the time. Some people go down to the street. Pisceans come back with most hilarious story about what they’ve seen and who they’ve met. It will be a human story filled with subtlety, nuance and humour. Whether they have the shopping or not is another matter.

    Heaps of stories about this subtle, beautiful and sexy sign…I can’t get enough of them…

    …and they are crazy, crazy, crazy…

  3. I thought about this and my Piscesmercury on the dc. It’s square both Neptune and Saturn.

    When I speak the exact opposite of what I say is heard. Action statements are like a Virgo mothers singularly incisive criticism. I could buy someone a mansion and they would say “what? You don’t think my house is good enough?”

    “you’re beautiful” sounds like “you’re everything you feared your school photo looked like when you were 15.”

    I did not know I didn’t know how to interpret non verbal communication until I was 39. I subsequently studied reality tv so that I could get the exaggerated form of it to apply to reading behavioral communication but realized that not very many people say what they mean and my sense of incongruencey was not some “I listened to too much Morris see as a teenager” mopeyness but true confusion.

    Initial astrology studies supplied me with the idea that the mercury Pisces placement meant I was manipulative and I had no opinions of my own. Languages are impossible to learn, grammar and spelling are arduous and seem nebulous. But my mimicking abilities are uncanny. I pick up accents and vernacular without needing or wanting to based on my surrounding community. If I am around people who speak angrily my tone rushes to meet theirs. I mirror people because thats what mirror neurons do.

    In an acting class I was told to pick a statement. Fill in the blanks

    “I am the______who____to_____”

    Mine came quickly without process

    “I am the screen who filters the familiar to relieve the burden of the question”

    In private times people say “you are the only person who gets me” and then they disappear.

    My poetry makes people cry so i

    • Hide poems

      (the acting teacher told me my I statement was too complicated and that I was trying to sound smart”)

    • Your ‘I’ statement is perfect, it doesn’t sound too smart (whatever that means) it is succinct, intuited from being your statement!

    • thank you for sharing how things are for you. xxx
      I think your teacher was an ass for criticising your “I” statement too! they could have at least asked you to develop that somehow instead of being judgey.

    • Certainly. she was both an asshat and a bad actor.

      It was dead on at 24 years old. That she projected shit immediately was pretty indicative of its verity.

  4. I always fall deeply in love with Piscean guys – they have all had dark hair and blue eyes, they are always poetic and love poems and literature and they all either dive or a fantastic swimmers.

    They are never quite available and have teased me for months on end sometimes all that happened was a kiss, a trip to the antique shop. They are all invariably unfaithful but somehow don’t mean to be and its something you can forgive.

    All get way too high on drugs or blue devil hochie juice or medication and get depressed easily and are quite emotional. I could never possess any of these Piscean men but I really enjoyed being in passionate unrequited love with them.

  5. The “dustbin of the zodiac” is meant to be a witty metaphor though it falls flat …..but it attempts to create a profile of a person who can see things from any point of view. Pisces understands exactly where the con is taking place. What’s really cool is that the high end Pisces not only sees it, but knows how to take a vividly articulated stance-an opportunity to flip the scene to something more delicious— even though the manipulator will probably refuse the invitation.

    • This is memorable, thank you. I wish I could keep these words for the appropriate occasion! Brilliant insight! Btw I have fomahault conjunct my mercury retrograde pisces…Infinite make believe indecision is my forte.

  6. I used to wear Cristalle! I had quite a Chanel fetish as a younger human, devouring the products and even wrote a song about Coco during my music school years… Sigh – my Leo rising obvy connecting with her Sun. I am a Libra Sun, Leo Rising, Cancer Moon – and I think I may have more close friends that are Piscean than any other sign… It’s interesting about them, they get so close that you go to sleep feeling as though your hair is intertwined and then we go for months (and in some cases years) not in contact, yet the telepathic connecting is ever present. I once met a beautiful Italian Pisces named Stefano in a cottage on the shores of Lake Como. He didn’t speak a word of English, and I spoke only the tiniest bit of Italian. It was love at first sight. We were best, friends, siblings, lovers and soul mates from the moment we lay eyes on each other – somehow communicating through song and laughter, and completely understanding each other despite having no common spoken language. I don’t know why I didn’t run off with him that night and get married and have a houseful of babies, but I left for the States the next day. I’d been living in India and was on my way home when I took a detour to Italy for a few days. He wrote me letters with the sweetest poetry and pictures for a while after… I am forever enchanted with his memory and his powerful ability to connect with me… Sigh.

  7. You could never remember her but you always remember her clothes: soft, oceanic, multi-colored chiffon. Men would always turn into “saviors” in her presence, since she was petite with huge eyes that seemed connected to other worlds full of marine spirits and stardust. One of them even told her: you look like someone who would just dance naked if she pleased. She did, holding her huge cat she danced into oblivion and woke up to a bottle of whiskey next to her bed. She secretly enjoyed the thrill of searching for morning-after-pills in shady pharmacies outside of town (here it isn´t so easy to get them) and would tell me of all the sex shops she had encountered on her journey. She had a dragonfly tattoo on her rib and stopped writing poems because she felt she wasn´t good enough. She tried to be “decent” according to her Catholic mother but was always swept by her pagan rituals. She seems unaware of her own allure. She would drop things she´s carrying, and men would immediately stop everything else to give them back to her… one day, it was not her, but a friend who did the dropping, and the disappointment in that man´s face was something I’ll always remember. She got addicted to pills but didn´t go too far and is now doing well… she enjoys walking to a park she discovered, a little zen-style park that I´ve never noticed before she told me… whenever we hang around, things “happen” or get noticed, like emo-style theatre happenings on the park, dragonflies, beautiful butterflies. One day we encountered a man with a velvet purplet suit and she just chatted with him like “he´s from my planet”. I love being with her because I feel more femenine afterwards, and I can open myself and be more dark femenine without judgement whatsoever…

  8. Apparently the ‘dustbin of the zodiac’ thing comes from Freud, who called ‘the subconscious the dustbin of the psyche’.

    The subconscious is no such thing, I am amazed at Freud saying such a thing, but then he was a crusty fixed Taurus.

    The subconscious to my way of thinking is the background of the story. The tapestry that faded in the sun contains all the fibres, yet none of the narrative.
    Or contains all the elements of the story without ascribing meaning to them.
    The meaning of the story is incidental to the existence of the background.

    So the dustbin is the portal to the subconscious, to the All As One, to Unity Consciousness – as in not the Godhead, but rather the Matrix or Web that we all exist within energetically.

    The story is something else and that belongs to ego id, I guess, to fixed signs, to those that would control the information and where it flows to and from. The Freuds of the this world.

    • I like your description of the tapestry in describing the subconscious! I too have a tapestry take on it, lol. I’ve always thought of the subconscious as the back side (reverse) of a tapestry – where you can literally see the real moves that were taken with the thread, ie., it jumping to another row of another pattern becoz it’s the same colour, then doubling back to another, you see the knots of beginnings and endings, etc. It is a lot messier, but you get more of a sense of how the work was done and how much more complicated it is than from the neat front image which is what is shown….. But dustbin of the psyche?! ….Tells you more about the state of his mind than anything. 😉 xx

      • The Other Side of the Tapestry.
        That sounds like an amazing novel title, love it!!
        I loved read Sextuple Scorpio’s comments on shamanic weaving magic. Knots were sacred in ritual, dress and magic to the Egyptians.

        I really feel the need for a magic Poncho right now.

    • lol, soz, that didn’t make as much sense as I hoped, but it’s meant to be an ode to Piscean consciousness, nodding off typing.

  9. Did someone say Pisces?

    *slips back into the Mystic digital lair*

    There’s something about those conflicted fishies that this Sextuple Bull just j’adores. Maybe it’s the Pisces Moon/Midheaven and all those planets in the 12th House speaking, but I have always enjoyed their intelligence, insightfulness, sensitivity and creativity. I’ve known many a fantastic finned friend over the decade and am grateful for all their love, humor and generosity.

    At the moment two out of my three mentors are Piscean (March 8th ad February 21st respectively). Deeply attuned to the rhythms of the room, unknowingly psychic about what is occurring in people’s lives. The Haute ones, though they can present serene, prefer depth of character, understanding and intuition over small-talk. They love people who willingly wade in the depths, whether they choose to swim alone or with others, and have very little soul patience for the superficial. Piercing eyes beneath those dreamy soft smiles.

    Yes, Pisces. This Taurus will happily morph into water buffalo mode to wade with the fish folk.

  10. Wow, loving all the haute Piscean-ness being described here!
    I have Sun-Saturn conjunct plus Merc, Chiron and Psyche in Pisces. My Merc is trine my Neptune and yes, I am a story teller by trade. I can get anyone to tell me anything and am often a mother-confessor figure to others.
    At 18 I foresaw the death of my grandmother. Just last week I saw the death of a friend’s mum after a plague of cosmic interference. Ten years ago, I saw the death of my beloved aunt.
    Bizarre coincidences happen to me all the time…a friend moved into a new house. In the basement we found a huge sign with my birthday painted on it. Walking through town reminiscing about a record shop I used to go to… a stranger then asked me directions to that shop. When my husband was in Germany on “business”, the only weekend I didn’t know where he was, a German girl came to my door. Just this afternoon on my way home from work I was thinking through my plans for registering my business name/ideas, I looked down at the pavement to see the letters ‘IP’ in black ink on the kerb. Watching cricket on TV with the Weatherbeaten Virgo, his son was among the 20,000 crowd. I said just watch we’ll see him and sure enough the camera settled right on him, his smile filling up the screen. I could go on 🙂
    I get ‘incoming’ when friends are ill and always know when someone is pregnant.
    I wrote my first song at 11, got kicked out of my first band at 12 (too driven), was first published at 11 and have just finished my first book.
    In parks, dogs run to me as if I am their long lost soul sister. I see pain in animals’ eyes.
    I’m a mentally ill drinker who can boast a violent criminal, a psychopathic spy with god knows how many secret lives, and two alcoholics among my exes. My first love (also a Piscean) went to jail for indecent dealing crimes committed 30 years after he had “been in love” with me.
    I have problems with my feet. The beach is my church.

  11. As solar Piscean with Virgo ascendant (and Sagg moon), I have found that there is a kind of mutable magic in opposites and seeming stellar contradictions — so much so that, somehow, these eventually meet up full circle.

    One of the most accurate descriptions befitting Pisces’s rich inner life and natural intuition is captured in a poem I love (poetry — how Piscean! 🙂 ) by Patrick O’Leary:

    Nobody Knows It But Me

    ‘There’s a place that I travel
    When I want to roam
    And nobody knows it but me
    The roads don’t go there
    And the signs stay home
    And nobody knows it but me
    It’s far far away
    And way way afar
    It’s over the moon and the sea
    And wherever you’re going
    That’s wherever you are
    And nobody knows it but me.’
    —Patrick O’Leary

  12. I am the most piscean person I know.

    Yes there is a garbage bin but it is not mind though. I use one of my super powers to filter through others garbage so that they can finally see the truth. This gift has resulted in me ( a bit like Rumpelstiltskin (but for the force of good) becoming the collector of experiences, ideas, thoughts and dreams. At times my stuff, your stuff and there stuff is a heavy weight to carry so I need to retreat. My trusted friends know this and have been very generous about my comings and goings.

    On the surface I am light and humorous. It is only with time that I will grace you with my essence and will reveal more of myself to you.

    I need to be free, chains of any kind make me resentful and unkind.

    My intuition knows and I have learnt to trust it.

    It takes a lot for me to bear my fangs but when I do only dust is left behind.

    I am a romantic and a lover of nature, right now the wind is blowing fiercely and drawing the scent of rosemary towards me.

    Finally when trust is gone. So am I.

  13. I skim along the waves I dip I dive the water is my support
    and lifeblood coursing through my veins
    I flow past mountains ever moving I am weak as water strong as steel soft hard
    I can soar to the heavens or spiral to hell I can be the light or the dark the angel or the serpent think me weak I could tear your soul apart
    you will never know

  14. There is not one most piscean person, but a myriad of piscean peoples, each presenting another endless view, possibility, potential dilemma…

    Mother in law many piscean planets feigns vagueness, drifts around, superbly dripping in rhinestone embedded accessories, scarves with soft irridescent sparkles, has one eye, (neptune affliction from childhood), yet both are penciled and painted, seductive laughs and illusion like glamour for her suitors, guessing games and master strategist of the sublime who worked her way to director of a hospital, prolific consumer of medicines; pills, pain relievers, pethidine…Classical music echoes throughout her house…

    The best adversary I ever had…Her late moon is on my mars conjunct chiron in my 7th…Her early sun is currently visited by transiting neptune so she is extremely oceanic…Tidal!

  15. The Pisces in my life would be my sister. She is beautiful in that fluidly graceful way that water signs have of being beautiful…like it is the most natural thing in the world and so they don’t even have to try…mermaids come to mind. She tries to be the great peacemaker in our family (she hasn’t had much luck), she loves unconditionally even in the face of deceit, she gives the appearance of being fragile when actually she is not. In my life she represents everything that is good and kind, loving and giving, fair and bright…all slippery, shiny, elusively lovely fish!

  16. Oh Mystic, I have to declare that pond scum is absolutely the scent that most reminds me of my Pisces partner. He has been a spirulina freak for years… every morning and often in the evenings he whips up magnificent dark green concoctions full of reishi/ fo ti/ ginseng/ cacao/ coconut things / whatever powders and potions he is most fixated on at the time… and his beloved spirulina. He gets it in his beard and moustache, up the walls, on the cupboard doors, on our clothes, in bottles that won’t scrub clean -ever. Yes I might be Virgo Moon… but the pond scum scent is real.

    (Other magnificently fishy traits include an ability to leave everything soaking wet, talent for out of the box dreamstate artwork and a completely alien vibe that I have given up trying to figure out after ten years by his side. )

    • This cracked me up! My hubs loves spirulina too, and I love his impersonations of coworkers trying to figure out what the hell he is eating.

  17. My Piscean fashion designer friend has been an inspiration to me over the past twelve years. A beautiful Thai woman who came to Melbourne, studied fashion and opened her beautiful jewel box of a boutique, filling it with her own witty, well cut, ladylike designs, vintage bric a brac, accessories and flowers. You were always welcomed with eclectic music from Madeleine Peyroux to old Billie Holiday, and Chitra’s sparkling chat and flattery. She has the kindest heart, adores children and animals, and barely tolerates sloppy dressing or rudeness (she hates jeans). A bit Audrey Hepburn, she loves pearls, Prada and Miu Miu. She creates her own magical world and reality. Sadly Chitra had returned to Bangkok for new fashion, design and consulting adventures, and Melbourne isn’t the same without her. A Piscean par excellence!

    • The most stylish woman I’ve ever met, I would actually dress up to visit her shop, otherwise I felt like my scruffy outfit would hurt her eyes!

      • Totally!
        I don’t get the whole Piscean put down thing at all.
        I have always found Piscean people of any gender or occupation to be the most perfect company. I don’t know if it’s because their sun is directly opposite mine but I never knew I Piscean person I didn’t like enormously and just feel really comfortable with/ drawn to. I feel like they cool me right down. Like cool sea on hot sand, we are so different but that is why it works! I’d literally burn myself to death in my own element. Just fire, air and earth gets pretty sticky. Water people are so welcome in my life, just nourishing and soothing and lovely. I fry without my watery friends. Tried hanging out with people astrologically similar to me, does not compute.
        I need lots of cool, clear water around me.
        My whole family is earth except my gorgeous niece.

  18. fave piscean is totally my little brother – sun/moon/lilith/merc all conjunct in the 12th (tr neptune a degree off his moon-lilith), neptune exact on his MC, and 0 aries rising.
    i don’t think i can accurately describe him tho. enigma. aspie. both super private and the chattiest person i know. revolutionary. genius – does that 5,7639×42843=answer thing in his head in four seconds. was top of his nuclear engineering phd program while sleeping through classes, but dropped out because the political reality didn’t fit his ideals. started programming at age 4. when i was in 8th grade and our classroom computer would break, they would call him in from kindergarten to fix it. was kicked out of that school the next year for throwing a desk at the music teacher, who was, in all honesty, kind of slimy. had to be homeschooled from jr high on because he absolutely would not conform. lo-gem uncle was convinced he belonged in an institution.
    kindest person ever. took in a (terribly unpleasant) stray dog and spent the next 10 years loving loving loving him til his dementia-biting, incontinent end. didn’t change his sheets for months cause they smelled like the dog. has an even more dependent ex (his first, at age 31) who is still married and “forgot” about it, has faked one pregnancy, is now (according to the scorps in the family) faking another, and who makes him leave skype on all night so she can hear him breathe while she sleeps, every night. he knows she’s lying, but can’t bring himself to believe that someone would do such a thing. his world is ideals and dreams and he throws himself into his ideals and lives them 100% and refuses to live any other way. consciously, now.
    greatest dream is having a huge family. so much love to give.
    talks about sex! in my family, THIS IS NOT DONE. ever.
    takes 45 minute showers and sings opera at the top of his lungs the entire time.
    TERRIFYING distracted driver. didn’t wear his glasses for the first two years he had his license (which he didn’t get until mid-twenties). NEEDS glasses. drove by intuition, i guess? has been hit on his bike numerous times for 1. not paying attention and 2. believing in the awareness or good intentions of drivers.
    LOOKS piscean. long wavy strawberry blonde hair, huge smile, total authenticity. beautiful soul. if you need help, he is THERE, no questions asked, for whatever, as long as you need him.
    makes me very proud to be his big sister. 🙂

  19. My Piscean is a videogame creator who I’ve known for 30 years. He’s 5 years younger than me. When we started dating 30 years ago, we were inseparable for 2 years. He would pick me up on Friday after work and drop me off on Mondays. We were inseparable on those weekends (mountain biking, movies, cooking, staying up late talking, I would accompany him late in the morning hours to work on graphic games). He wanted me by his side. I met this Piscean at a photo shoot for a band I was asked to join as the keyboard player with 3 other males. As soon as I saw him, my heart raced, I became nervous and started sweating. He did not take his eyes off me either. I remember the car ride to the diner with the band after in which I proclaimed that I was too busy to have a relationship, in which he responded — I am too, but I’ll make time for you. That started our relationship. In the second year, he would come in and out of my life and I would confront him if he had slept with other women. He was always honest and told me when he did. I wouldn’t answer his calls or the door, but at times I’d let him in because he brought me pizza. And we would start up again. I hadn’t spoken or had contact with him for about 19 years. About 8 years ago, I was determined to see him. We had lunch, then dinner, then Burning Man. And we started our relationship again. I feel we are twin souls. We spend a lot of time talking about life, the universe, philosophies, the world and people. He listens to me like no one else does. He listens to me, hears what I just said and responds to it (rather than injecting something about him as a response, which I find extremely annoying and rude). I do the same for him. I listen intently to him as he can talk for hours about a lot of things. He lives 5 hours away from me and tries to see me when he gets a chance to get away from work. On a daily basis, we can text all day long. I have several stories about my Piscean. I was at a party and our friends had hooked me up to a pulse monitor. As soon as he walked in the room, my pulse shot up, and everyone started laughing. We were sitting in a theater and I started feeling very warm all over and I told him and I had these impure thoughts about him suddenly. I told him and he said, “How do you you’re not picking up my signals.” That’s what I share with others. That we are antennaes and we are picking up signals from others. He’s the one that’s taught me much on vibrational energy, the infinite universe, parallel universes, the notion of a supreme being, forces in the universe, dreams, political and social topics, etc. He continues to share his work and thoughts with me. He taught me about VISION. He’s a visionary, which I feel as I am. We both continue to work on legacy in some form. He’s at another level of his work regarding his legacy. I told him yesterday that it takes courage for him to express his ideas. He has an Aries Rising, Mars in Virgo, Venus in Aquarius, Moon in Sagittarius. I’m an Aries. I treasure my relationship with him.

  20. The only thing I know about Pisceans, and I’ve learned this over the years, is that when they make an appointment, they’ll stick to it, even if they haven’t been answering their phone since yesterday. Make that, Pisceans don’t really answer their phones, do they? As a Gemini, it drives me crazy because I reply ASAP which means as soon as you send, I’m replying.

    So now, once I’ve made an appointment to meet a Piscean, even though I’m messaging up to the minute “is it still on? Are we still meeting?” and I get no reply, I will just turn up. She’ll probably say “oh, I just got your message”.

    Some time warp there…

  21. First time I ever have commented but as 29deg sun sign Pisces, I’m with Mystic on this and just had to reply. When I was 10, a friend of my Mum who upon finding out I was a Pisces, rolled her eyes and commented ‘lucky you’re mothers a psych nurse, you’ll need her to help you deal with being the most pathetic of the zodiac’. I vowed from then on that I’d never tell anyone I was a Pisces again. So when I saw a horoscope saying 20th March was Aries, I decided to try pass off as being an Aries instead.
    As an adult, a workmate wouldn’t believe I was a Pisces and at lunchtime went and did a quick horoscope chart and was estastic to discover whilst I was a Pisces, I could be saved as I was a Leo Rising (which explained my beautiful blonde mane and matching blood red lipstick, finger and toenails) with a moon in Aries (competitiveness spelt with a capital C). Luckily she said, only my beautiful eyes may allude to being a Pisces sun.
    But there was no escaping that I felt like I was made of some kind of ethereal and sensitive fabric absorbing everyone’s vibrations, experienced the most insane dreaming which sometimes made me unsure as to whether I was functioning consciously or unconciously, that I seemed to form relationships with everyone and everything and that people’s ‘dark’ stuff didn’t seem to bother me too much, My most favourite pastimes was swimming deep below the surface of the water, where I felt a peace so intrinsic and that metaphysics was my most favourite subject, I knew it was time to embrace and be PROUD of my Pisces sun. I actually feel blessed to be a Pisces, And while I have not been immune to ‘low’ Pisces behaviour in the past, I totally rock out as a Haute Pisces more so these days. Thank you and love the ‘Shamanic Priestess’ Pisces who now sends her ‘showgirl’ (Leo asc) out to hustle and bustle’ (Mystic coined description for me) xx

  22. I have no Pisces anything, but I do have neptune on my moon.

    Every single Pisces I have met was wildly different and runs the gamut of love them to hate them. One thing I will say, all of them are super interesting.

    One of my dear Pisces friends has alopecia and wears beautiful scarves after ditching wigs years ago. She spent a few years teaching English in Southern Chile and pretty much replaced part of her brain with their laid back, happy culture. She lives in Philadelphia. My beautiful pixie princess with clear green eyes, nary a strand of hair, a giant heart, and an art teacher to city youths. She’s otherworldly for sure.

  23. I love Jasmine! …..Perhaps this perfume would balance out and soothe the fact that Neptune has been transiting bang on my Pisces Moon for ages, Chiron has been transiting bang on my Pisces Mars/MC for ages, and I have natal Chiron in Pisces just staring down awaiting its Chiron return, but party when it gets there..? I’ve got Bacchus conjunct Chiron natally in Pisces.. 😉
    ………My Progressed Sun is in Pisces, too! Aaaaaaaah!

    Water, water, everywhere…….and not a drop to drink……?

    It’s been too damn easy to feel sorry for myself through these Piscean transits…..I am not usually this bad with the self-pity. I’m still taking a lot of action, though, in my life……….albeit through feeling like I’m floating dreamily along, sliding into LZ mode uncontrollably at times regarding my Venus in Pisces (exact conjunct my Mars) M.I.A. lover, and hitting the Blue Devil hard sometimes, but not frequently, more binge-y about it.
    The only thing that stops me from drinking more is not wanting it to dehydrate and age me, as well as I need to have a clear mind to do my life….and the fact that it aggravates my depression…..

    All the Virgo stuff at the bottom of my chart is helping my float on the water a bit, not drown, and not get too badly pummeled by the waves…….I have Pluto in Virgo in opposition my Mars…..I think this is what’s kept me alive my whole life…….sheer willpower..

    Also, I’ve been visiting the actual ocean –and getting in it! — more often since these transits started. I feel all is right with the world when I’m there…….the water is so cold, but so healing.
    Pacific Ocean, Ocean Beach, San Francisco, California…….thank you!!!

    p.s. off-topic…. fiddling around with fixed star placements in my chart, noticed Arcturus is conjunct my South Node….. I knew I was Arcturian in a past life! I have a deep affinity for the crop circles and apparently that’s who makes them….. perhaps this should be posted in that recent blog here about aliens….

    • “The star is also an energy gateway through which humans pass during death and re-birth. It functions as a gateway station for non-physical consciousness to become accustomed to physicality.
      Arcturus is a stargate through which souls pass, to choose whether to return to the Earth-sun system, or evolve to others.”

      that’s so freaking cool!! i feel like it’s saying that you chose to be here. neptune fog, chironic wounding, all for a reason. it’s possible that you’re wrapping up your lifetimes and clearing out the last vestiges through your suffering, or at least that’s the vibe i got just now. that’s close to my NN, and becoming ok with physicality is one of my hugest challenges. but you. you are DOING THIS.

      i have noticed, since stopping drinking in dec, that even a few drinks throw me into a depression for two or three days, every time. so easy to have that as a baseline.

      sending love and healing and grounding! and ocean beach love. 🙂 that’s my plan for the eclipse actually – mushrooms and a gorgeous capricorn and ocean beach! yay! xxxxxxxxx

      • Wow! Thanks for sharing this extra info about Arcturus! Makes a lot of sense!

        Your ‘read’ on me resonates as well, thanks, that was very validating. I do feel done with my Earth tour, and I don’t want to come back, but I will miss the trees, and the ocean and animals….the natural world..

        Psychedelics….sounds good to me! Always found them therapeutic, maybe that would be in order for me as well…..could help with my depression…..LSD helped me a lot in my early 20s when I was depressed……hmmm…..

        Enjoy your trip on the full moon! Sounds divine! 🙂

  24. I feel like Audrey Hepburn but the reality is I’m more likely to be mistaken for Queen Latifa yet i relate to neither.
    I spent before my Saturn Return imaging i heard voices, turned out i was reading peoples minds.
    I can imitate another as if i was osmotically downloading their DNA.
    My fear of being disliked turned out to be reading peoples negative aura without a safety switch.
    I believe people can be healed with beauty, a tincture of natural symmetry and intuitive aesthetics.
    Style has a cranio sacral diplomacy, it can be visualised into existence and adjusted with subtle shifts of biochemistry.
    Scent gives texture to thoughts
    Children either love me or consider me last years Pokemon.
    Animals see me as the Scratch Whisperer, always hitting the sweet spot!
    I slip between impartial arbitrator, diplomatic panther and dogmatic philistine.
    I am a splinter group of one amongst delicious shades of grey.
    I am the fish and the chip xx

  25. Dustbin? Never! More like a treasure chest in which all the jewels from each of the signs are cached away (you never know when a ruby or an emerald will come in handy!) …
    My bona fides? Well, only Sun, Moon and Mercury in Pisces … unless you wanna count asteroids, which I def do (Kim Falconer is always begging me to pick just one or two!) …
    I’ve been searching for a scent for so long … I’ll get a glimmer of the perfect one, like something I wore in the past (whose past?), but can never recall its name … Maybe Promises of Things to Come? …

    My complete chorus line of Stars, Planets, Asteroids and Points in Pisces (probably stupid of me to reveal so much, but ain’t that just like a Pisces?):

    first name & last name asteroids midpoint … 1 pis 35
    SUN … 2 pis 59
    Fomalhaut … 3 pis 6
    10136 Gauguin … 3 pis 8
    6937 Valadon … 3 pis 10
    4581 Asclepius … 3 pis 14
    15468 Mondriaan … 5 pis 0
    5731 Zeus … 5 pis 32
    8237 Constable 6 pis 35
    3199 Nefertiti … 6 pis 40
    PofArt … 8 pis 15
    PofCourage 8 pis 16
    763 Cupido … 10 pis 49
    SUN/MOON midpoint 11 pis 10
    1 Ceres … 11 pis 42
    894 Erda … 13 pis 30
    3497 Innanen … 15 pis 01
    M00N … 19 pis 20
    MERCURY … 20 pis 56
    3rd HOUSE CUSP … 20 pis 58
    1629 Pecker … 21 pis 28
    4950 House … 23 pis 41
    875 Nymphe … 25 pis 40
    17 Thetis … 25 pis 55
    2569 Madeline … 26 pis 27
    VENUS/NN midpoint … 27 pis 36
    334 Chicago … 28 pis 37
    18 Melpomene … 29 pis 36

  26. Le sigh. I have a Pisces ascendant.

    My first teenage romance was with a Pisces. It was hilarious in hindsight, but at the time it was a maelstrom of emotion and passion. Alas I had not discovered astro, perhaps it would not have been so painful?

    Anyway, it was awash with poetry, drugs, magic, love, Art (of course) and pain. I stole his jade necklace and put a spell on it. Returned it to him, and a week later we were dating. His love letters were either excerpts from metaphysical poems or his own stoned wankery. Then he started to treat me badly. When we broke up I cried for about a year, and yeared for about seven. SEVEN YEARS. I was a Pisces rising Love Zombie, pining for a Pisces Prick.

    Thank god for astro.

  27. I’m so Pisces that if I could only take one book with me to a deserted island, it would be a book of poetry. Pisces AC conjunct Jupiter & Juno, and now with transiting Neptune.

  28. I have sun & moon in Pisces, and I have a deep love for aromatics, too, so there’s that. 🙂 I’m ultra Pisces. Stuck in a dream world half the time… can never dip my toes in reality for long before I have the insatiably urge to run far away… in fact I’ve moved over 20 times in my 25 years and next up I’m heading to Hawaii. Love to be by myself; drained by people. Feeling all the feelings, sensing all the vibes. And never sure where I stand because I see the merits of both sides SO clearly. And… my lover is Aries, so that makes things very interesting!

    • I’m a Sun moon pisces as well, was reading somewhere that,Aries is actually the best partner for us, they can handle who we are with emotion and don’t get phased by inconsistencies,they totally y ground us (and if first decan pretty matching in the sack as well lol!) funny I was just thinking today that, have an Aries little brother, think he’s the only person in the world that just unconditionally totally GETS me! Well done !!

  29. 50% off? *hyperventilates*

    i am everything but pisces. …well, nah. i always think that til i remember that i have neptune in the 1st house, which is kind of a big deal. retrograde, too. i’ve read that retro nep can function like a super-uranus? (interesting as i also have uranus retro in the 1st). it’s a good mix with my gemini moon as it can help me be an emotional/ aesthetic chameleon. have a great sense of style; can fit together the most outrageous pieces and look a boss. i was musing on this recently and i don’t think i’ve worn the same outfit in two months.

    my partner has an uber pisces moon and he is just the most empathetic, i-can-see-the-world-from-your-shoes, and imaginative person. this is a good placement for a teacher (moon in 9th, too), especially paired with his gem stellium. he’s extremely good with picking up on, understanding, and handling mental illness or disability in others, especially children.

    • I know, right? I’m all like “why isn’t everyone spazzing about the 50%off”? I have the leo and now I’m gonna order the Sagg, which was my second favorite and my moon sign.

      • hahaha! xx
        i am oscillating between leo and sagg. leo to boost my ego, sagg to announce my asc via scent. i’d trust you that they’re both amazing!

        • You can order samples for about 5 bucks a pop. I wore scorp religiously but ended up getting the leo because of the upbeat citrus notes. Leo, Sagg, and Scorp were all fab. Sagg has a nice earthy scent. Scorp made me feel dangerous in a good way.

          • omgosh i am going to do that! i always feel like i want to have a “signature scent” but then i’m like pppffft as if. part of the fun of scent for me is changing it up to match how i feel/ how i want to present myself that day. just like with my clothes or makeup. different all the time! i’m just gonna have to get used to that.

            would also love the scorp, i think. i like feeling dangerous; am very plutonic.

          • did you try them all or just those 3?? i think i NEED the toro and the scorp and maybe the cancer and even though it doesn’t sound appealing (dat violet) i should prolly get the gem…

            • lol, no I just tried about 5. The 3 zodiac scents that appealed to me the most were my sun, moon, and Asc anyway. Then I tried two from the non-zodiac scents. It was fun to mix it up and wear what I felt like on any given day. I have a bunch of gem energy, can you tell 😉

  30. I have often mused that Pisceans don’t get a fair shake. I have my Ascendant, Mercury, Sun and Moon in Pisces…and some of the major asteroids to boot. Yes, I am the most Piscean person I know.

  31. I’m the most Piscean person I know though I am not a Pisces at all, just a Neptune ruled Sagittarius.
    I have sun/mer/nep conjunct in my 12the house.

    Everything about me is extremely slippery and evasive except when absolutely required.
    I can be psychic but rarely on demand.
    I can be willful but I usually come across as spineless.
    I can be intelligent but not in anyway that is marketable.

    It’s like the powers of my personality are kept under lock and key by a warden and only allowed out as this warden deems necessary.

    • I bet you’re like the companion animal to the creatures who pine and are unhappy , fretful if you’re absent. Or the piece of machinery that no one knows that it does but the equipment malfunctions every time it is taken out.

  32. What planet rules scent?
    If one should dress for their ascendant…what about perfume selection?

    Venus? Sun? Rising?

      • I think Neptune too but also Venus as I believe Neptune to be the higher octave of Venus.
        I think Libra moon loves scent the most, maybe Pisces sun with a Libra moon and Virgo rising would make the best “nose”, or should that be, aqua rising with Mars in Virgo and possibly mercury in Pisces?
        I don’t know, I’m sleep deprived ….
        I wish I was cool.
        I wish I was special.
        What the hell am I doing here?
        I don’t belong here…
        I’m a CREEP
        I’m a WEIRDO…
        lol sorry that song just popped into my head.
        I need to get back to work.
        Why is it so HARD?

  33. Ah, as someone commented above that pisces have the theater of the self…. and I must interject. Pisces do not suffer from the same sort of Virgoan snowflake mentality so much as I think we sometimes scare even ourselves with how complex and whimsical we are.

    Its that I don’t know where the world ends and I begin and that’s okay because we are all caught in this oneness soup of singularity and projection.
    Anais Nin, my least favorite of Pisces, to her credit, could dwell in her self-indulgent self -obsessed world and still manage to do something positive whether it was liberating women and their pleasures, femininity, sexuality, creativity or recording her adventures as a sort of science experiment to herself.
    And how brave that beast that can willingly assume an identity a role for the sake of just having known it.
    They are poetry. Not the hard angular kind, the kind that runs through your fingers like sand …. or water.
    Thank goddess we have these creatures that can dwell as deep and dark as imagination can conceive, carry the weight of the world’s suffering and somehow cosmically feel great compassion for the criminal that slighted them or others and still wake up the next day and bring something beautiful to the dimension in which we live.
    Pisces. The ability to commit crimes, condemn and forgive all at the same time to the extent that they, in their intelligence, operate at such a high vibration living life and representing consciousness on the planet that they reinvent the process everyday.
    I think they are saints.

  34. I really might be the most Piscean person I know….

    I vacillate pretty stunningly between the haute and the lo of my sign in many ways.

    So my Pisces points (I am an exact conjunct of Sun-Merc in Pisces) in no particular order:

    *I’m a singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist who has a knack for lyrically cutting to the core of the emotional state of certain moments, but only in my songs — in trying to TALK about emotions/feelings/my thoughts about things, I get rather loosey-goosey, tangential, roundabout.

    *I am prone to depression, which has never been truly debilitating as far as effecting my ability to appear and even BE a functional member of society, because I also have the fishy ability to hide what’s going on inside me from other people/accept that this state is my Cross To Bear.

    *I have taken, from the outset of discovering my depression, to referring to it as my “melancholia.”

    *I would be lying if I said that I don’t sometimes appreciate or cherish, a little, my “melancholia” as I feel it fuels my art

    *Speaking of lying, I am an amazing liar, with the ability to lie convincingly to someone’s face without any scruples, especially if I feel the lie is the thing that will protect the other person from harm, or cover up my own mistakes. I do not particularly like this trait about myself (I rather hate it, in fact.)

    *I drink like a fish, and often use alcohol to self-medicate the aforementioned melancholia but, again, it doesn’t keep me from functioning (I have a rather hardy constitution.)

    *I love sex and am fantastic in bed

    *I am definitely a little bit psychic, but only a little bit. Like a song will get stuck in my head for no reason, only to come on the radio a few minutes-an hour later. Or when certain things happen, I can say with certainty that I actually knew ahead of time that they would

    *I have both the ability to stay in love with someone forever, as well as to feel absolutely nothing for someone suddenly and then to cut them off completely and thoroughly ghost on them

    *I often have a feeling of not quite belonging in the world, like I know both too much and too little. It might be a result of lurking in the depths of poignancy so often, and finding it hard to exist on the surface.

    *I care deeply about the people I love, and often ache with a desire to do more for them and show them how much I care about them, sometimes to a crippling point that keeps me from actually doing anything

    *People have always naturally opened up to me and told me things I don’t think they would tell many other people. I often hear the words “I haven’t told this yet to anyone” or “please don’t tell anyone else, but”

    *My level of empathy/sympathy/compassion is such that all you have is start personifying a rock, and I’ll start to feel sad for the rock. Few things crush me as much as reading descriptions of animals on rescue organization sites written in the first person from the animals point of view.

    *Creating, consuming and sharing art is probably the most important thing to me, besides love

    *I am often overwhelmed by the poignancy of daily life, the smallest things, just everywhere, all the time, in the world

    • wow we sound very familiar… not all things but many! Animals = YES you should see my social media! Lying = YES but sometimes its necessary but by god I get SO ANGRY (to the point of never forget or forgive) when Im lied to. Slightly physic = YES only slighty, I think of people sometimes and wonder how I would react if I saw them, what would I say? Next day, I see them. but you never quite know when it will happen. Daily life = YES I no longer subject myself to the news. (and sound really ignorant when people talk about them, but its TOO MUCH!) I dont drink, but high functioning/ self-medicating= YES and lets just leave it at that…
      Not trying to steal yr thunder! But SO GOOD to find find someone who gets it – Hard sometimes isn’t it? And may I ask, do you ever have the most unlikely, weirdest, YOU MADE THAT UP! shit happen to you??? If it was in a movie, well it wouldn’t be because it’s be too unreal…

      Finally, I can see why you would see the pic as offensive, but I actually find it kind of funny; notice you can only see her legs? They’re sexy legs.

    • So eloquent, GFT…the last four points reeaallly resonate with me…perhaps because of the cluster of planets in my 12th opposed by Saturn in Pisces. As a teen I would be overwhelmed by these things. Seem to have a much harder shell now, but they’re still there

      • I know what you mean! Sometimes I wonder if I actually have a harder shell, or am just better and burying things/carrying them around by myself.

  35. As a teenager, I thought that I was Aries rising. The more I tried to be one, the more I failed at it. It was ridiculous, I was ridiculous. It took three decades to learn my rising is Pisces actually. I have a lot to thank to Mystic for educating me on Piscean ways. Now I swim in life, exceptionally comfortable in my own skin. Perfume? I got into Jasmine – Bergamot, sweet and elusive with a hint of wickedness – Circe sits on my Pisces ASC.

    • That is so sweet.

      Oh no,
      I’m still on this site.
      It’s addictive!

      I <3 it here.
      I'd rather be up there in that dustbin than in the "real world" right now. It all just feels too hardcore for me.
      I demand a padded cell, a straight jacket and some Vallium.


      K I'm going now but it's so nice to be here and read everyone's comments and dawdle around with the Oracle.
      This is my Cyber Vallium and padded cell. I'll pass on the straight jacket but thanks, Sag moon, Sag rising, I'd only break it, really.

    • oh yeah! even better than sandalwood IMO. Love anything woody, and love smelling fresh cut wood, eg. firewood when chopping, or in hardware timber departments. I have a chinese cedarwood chest 😉

        • haha my house is heated with a wood stove, and the first time i opened a bottle of cedarwood oil i was all “OH, firewood, WHY did i buy you?!?”
          it IS great for energetic cleansing.

          • Ooo I love a wood fire. Love woodsmoke, I had an open fireplace in my dream house I built with ex and had to sell 8 years ago 🙁 I will have one again! 🙂

            • i had a wood fireplace growing up! it was the best thing to come home to after playing in the snow all day. can’t wait to have one again. a bottle of cedarwood oil would do me good for now though…!

              • there seem to be a couple of different types, I have virginian cedarwood which is rich and earthy with hints of pencil shavings, in comparison to sandalwood, it doesn’t have that heady sweetness which is so mesmerising, it has more of a “forest floor” or “workshop” feel. the wood you build things with. hearts n minds 🙂

  36. Latest addiction since I’m eating clean- no gluten, faux food, sugar.

    Coconut oil!!!! And coconut shampoo-

  37. Pisces confounds me.

    Not totally unrelated,
    If there was a non toxic version I’d dior’s addict I would fill a pool and swim in it

    white floral



    Oriental fragrance with floral notes. Rich, sensual, encourages you to bold and straightforward actions, it makes you feel free and energetic. Dance! The top notes are mandarin leaves and mulberry flowers; Night Queen Flower, Bulgarian rose and orange flower are in the heart; the base is created with Bourbon vanilla, sandal wood and Tonka

    • oh! because the old post is, well, old…

      asteroid nephthys – 287
      asteroid hel – 949

      closest to erishkigal, imo. that she doesn’t have one of her own is a travesty. tiamat too. 🙁

      • Holy crap with the placements. It’s a small wonder I don’t have priestesses hovering around my house in hushed tones and covered in dirt and blood.

        • maybe you do! look again… 😉

          mine are in the 1st, conjunct circe and melusine and apophis and loosely (5) my sun. i went through a huge erishkigal thing about a month ago, when i realized that she was the lost gemini twin. very healing. 🙂

          (k i’m gonna stop spamming the blog now)

  38. I read Linda Goodman as my intro to astrology, and she just hates Pisces. I think I’m expressing my Aquarius more and more as I get older, though. Particularly in perfume and dress. I’ve been intrigued by some of these astro perfumes, but I’ve got to admit that aside from the frankincense this sounds like something I would not like. (I very much hate jasmine, for starters.)

    Most Piscean person I know: Anais Nin, as self-portrayed in her diaries. Very deliberately – but I think that kind of theatre of the self is also a very Piscean trait.

  39. I reckon Water signs in general get bad press. I had a casual interest in the Astro as a kid. I’d read stuff then (60/70s) that put my mother (a late deg Pisces), my fav cousin (Scorp) & myself in less than favourable light. They made us out to be like THAT relative you never talked about.

    Perfume, schmerfume!
    I’m beautiful without it.

  40. My sweet, smart Mergirl is quintessential Pisces. An old soul, of course. She stays in the yes messy, but inspiring tidal pool of her room, listening to music for hours, drawing gorgeous pix of band logos. Doing her homework while listening to her fav indy bands. Music taste beyond her peers, she begs me or older brother to take her to concerts. Laments being a fish out of water in so many ways.

    Super psychic, kind, lives having me brush her long red hair. Smart and feisty. So attuned to inequities.

    Currently Neptune is on her Sun. We avoid negative news- she’s got allergies to dairy, reacts badly to excess sugar. Dislikes bugs and high heat (read summer). Loves bike rides, Moon Rise, dawn and dusk. Sleeps like a champ. Charming, she loves elders and babies. Avoids peer drama- dives under when the waters get muddied.

    Animals adore her, as do kids.

    Loves acting but prefers crew- esp running the spotlight! Requires long naps and careful feeding. Wilts in the Sun. But stays up all night to bust out college level work. Has kindest heart- sharp tongue when needed. Champions harassed kids. Did Day for Silence at age 9 and bewildered her teachers.

    Perfectionism and envy are her challenges. Her Moon is Aqua.

    Sops up learning, incredible writer- reads at all hours – worships John Green. Fav places- couch or bed.

      • Thank you, Pi! Her Aqua Moon is dead on my 4th and nicely trines the 12th Libran crowd. Maybe she was my mum once upon a time!

        Weirdest thing ever said to me- by ex BF- and it regarded 12th H crowd “you are a person who will help others attain their fame, but will never have any yourself. ” Gem Sun Aqua Moon BF. Total cynic had to be right all the time.

        That seems like a typical Mis-assessment of Pisces-Neptune! Beware the languid ladies! LOL!!

        • how presumptuous! such a statement would rile me. to pronounce a sentence on someone like that, very un-mutable of him! regardless of whether fame or recognition is/was important to you. never say never. that’s my motto x

    • Ohh she sounds lovely, what a beautiful imaginative child and so lucky to have a mum who gets her.
      I have Neptune on my sun right now too and what you say here about heightened responses to negativity is all true for me. Can’t watch the news any more (and for years I worked in a news organisation, thought it was in my blood). I feel like I can see into animals’ hearts. Any hint of cruelty or hardness towards another living creature and I tear up.

  41. I stopped putting myself in the bin after Saturn transited through my 5th house (v recent). (Also progressed Leo asc might be helping) Now I am acutely sensitive to the ways I used to apologise in various ways for, you know, existing. Also sensitive to shade. It just kind of happened, eventually. Even not using a capital”P” for Pi feels weird sometimes. Like now lol. I notice/feel the gap.

  42. I do think Pisces can totally subliminate the stuff a Scorpio would stew about forever. More like a mystical filtration system than a garbage can, I’d say.

    For most of my life I thought I had a Capricorn rising — turned out to be Pisces. Explains why people sometimes speak to me like I’m an idiot! That always confused me. I am very much not, and figured it should be obvious enough. But it probably has to do with my rich inner life appearing as some sort of nod or waking dream state. Now that I’m aware of the Pisces, I have become adept at letting people show me who they are rather than internalizing and trying to “fix” every single limited perception.

    I finally got my hands on a sample of SIP Dimanche and I’m considering selling my body for some. It is beautiful rooty, earthy iris with a tiny subtle sweet honey/cocoa hours down the line. A little bit boozy, like an eau de vie. I could probably make do with Hermes Hiris but I don’t wanna.

  43. I am surrounded by Pisces/Pisces rising, my BF and only daughter share the same fish birthday! My two sons are Pisces rising… It’s a feely trip and endlessly entertaining! Mostly I would love to give this perfume to my best mate as she has impeccable taste and style and as any friend of a fish knows presents are best given with lots of feeling and unconventionaly. This would be great for a late birthday present because it means more! I get it…I could talk forever about these magical fish and their beautiful inconsistencies… But as I am strapped for space my best tip is never wake a dreaming fish abruptly lure them out but only if you must xx

  44. the styling of that dustbin shot is the least Pisces thing I’ve ever seen! What sign did that?

    so, I have a Pisces NN, should I buy the Pisces scent for that? or Scorp for my Sun? Taurus for my Moon? Libra for me everything else? so hard!

      • they’re supposed to be fish, aren’t they.

        It’s not the shoes I don’t like – it’s the pink. I don’t think spots are Pisces, are they? I see Pisces more in stripes 😉

  45. Putting fish in the astro-dustbin is just so sad and so judgy! I don’t think whoever came up with that idea gets that Fish see the world in multidimensional cross woven threads and sometime the fish swims one way up stream, and sometimes the other way and that what they think doesn’t actually matter!

    I hope that the perfume winner is someone who is really unsure about Pisces so they can spend some time with the sense (scents!) of that archetype and realise it is just another beautiful expression of the universe with as much to offer and detract as any other.

  46. “Dustbin of the zodiac”, haha.
    Man, if they only knew.

    People think of others how they perceive things. Pisces being ultra mutable and elusive creatures they are, are not easy to pin down in any way. I think Pisces gets projected on the most by others unfortunately.

    My father is a Piscean, and it is through watching him as I’ve grown older, more thoughtful, sensitive and observant, I feel I am barely hitting the tip of the immensely lush 5D inner landscape they swim freely in, and being able to truly see who he is sans 2D judgement per mom. I used to judge him too bc I didn’t know any better, and was only seeing with my eyes and not with my soul. Pisces were made for another dimension, and/or live it already… The rest of humanity just needs to catch up. Unfortunately I think we are all just busy pulling them down to our level. Judging a fish by its ability to walk, I say.

    • haha love the fish to walk anaology! One thing I always thought interesting is the fairy tale of the little mermaid; she looses her tail and can live on land to be with her prince but it feels like she is walking on knives. She belongs in the ocean. For a Piscean, their most vunerable body is their feet. My theory? Once were mermaids.

  47. The most Piscean person I know is a lover I’ve stumbled upon, who is 19 to my 23 (not the most normal when I’m the older gal) — he is a glittery ball of intuition called Dixie (obv not his real name – or is it?) dressed like Tommy Lee in his prime of beauty before the Hep C, with all the Steven Tyler trappings and Keith Richards swagger. The shit that comes out of his mouth is cosmic and unbelievable, considering he passed high school only by the seat of his pants — he comes from a con-artist mother who scammed her way from Texas to Tennessee, only to end up married to a wealthy businessman, but not before Dixie took to the streets and joined a hair metal band. He’s in turn extremely needy and easily distant when I require it of him. He always knows what I’m thinking by the smallest tics in my face and tells me that he can feel Marilyn Monroe in the room with us winking at him when we have sex. He once guessed my middle name, down to the unconventional spelling, cries and laughs in the same sentence, and hadn’t eaten a blackberry ever in his life until I gave him one. Weird, fluid, magic little talisman of mine — Piscean to the CORE.

  48. I love scents like cristalle, used to wear that quite a lot. Tastes kind of veer between intense almost masculine orientals, and austere grassy fragrances. sometimes saggi coconutty creamy. Never too sugary or floral. And violets, bleeeh
    Point being this sounds interesting. But a little….too invisible? 50% off is tempting. I do like to be able to leave a subtle slipstream of intriguing perfume. Or send a lover a bit crazy with the on-skin situation (Armani Elle and a Scorpio, one time) . Would this do either of those things?

    • A Virgo sprayed some kind of expensive perfume on me and I was forced to spend the next 2 hours smelling like someone’s grandmother. The culprit? Fuqing violets. I wondered if it was sabotage.
      Love the flowers but that’s it!

      • Violets?
        Definitely a sabotage tactic.
        Was this a potential frenemie ?
        Hideous thing to do.
        Lavender is my olfactory kryptonite.
        Anything sugary or too cute and floral makes me run in the opposite direction.
        I loved your description once of an ideal perfume based on sea salt, tequila, wood and something astringent (I’m paraphrasing here) but I was like – yes!
        I love Tom Ford’s Sahara Noir and Oil of Pluto.
        They are all I wear lately, every single day, in combination. Oil of Pluto from Alchemy Works is the most genuinely sexy scent I’ve ever encountered.
        It’s what they put in the air con/ vents in the VIP area of the 8th House….. on Pluto!

        • I’m in total lust with Pluto atm any all things Plutonic, and plAtonic oddly. Like if it isn’t going to rock my world, why bother?
          I used to be the poster girl for so what hookups and NSA sex and now I’m completely over it. I can hang with super cute French boy and acknowledge he is super cute but see clearly it would not work long term and whilst it would certainly be a wild and fun ride. Yes, he has a motorcycle and yes he likes to drive fast. He’s a good driver and kung fu champion/ totally devoted to his training, does it every night. Is handsome to the point of being OMG I need to inhale sharply and can cook, loves to clean the house, refuses to get a cleaner but his flat is cleaner than clean. He’s been doing my laundry, asking me what I want to do, eat etc, he is saggo sun…And here I am back at my dad’s in nowheresville ..a million miles from anything “cool”…depending on your definition of cool I guess. My niece is out here, my dad (who is fine btw) – not at death’s door as the conspiracy of protective silence led me to believe. It’s stage one, operable and tiny.
          I spoke with his doctor, saw the test results and as long as he quits smoking hydroponic weed every night and drinking himself into a coma, he’ll be fine.
          This place is slightly odd tho, I gotta say.
          I got my two veneers glued back on for under a hundred quid by walking in to a local dentist and speaking with a South African accent. Online and over the phone, when I called from London I was quoted five hundred quid minimum per tooth. People here are just so economically challenged that anyone with an “overseas” accent is a walking wallet …
          Some aspects of life here are beyond idyllic. Most people I know grow their own veggies, all eco friendly to the max but there are huge problems with the most basic shitz like wifi and electricity …stuff I take for granted normally.

          Anyway, I tried with French boy, I did but ML has set the damn bar so high. I’m back on my man diet. I didn’t even cheat on it as my body just wasn’t on board with the idea. Oh well.

          • In defence of my Virgoan “I don’t think so..” attitude re Frenchie I will say that he clearly is still VERY hung up on the mother of his 10 year old boy.
            They are not married and never have been, he vehemently denies being into her and claims to be into me and his son and Kung Fu, period.
            The trouble with having Saturn bang on my Neptune right now is that I am not even vaguely drawn in by some kind of delusional fantasy scenario. I just see things clearly for what they are not as I wish they were.
            Their relationship is way too volatile for it to be totally platonic. It’s compulsively Plutonic imo. I find it odd that the mother preferred to go it alone than marry him as women don’t generally make these choices on a whim. I said to him that he must have done SOMETHING and probably more than once to make her feel she wanted to move back here and bring the child up on her own, making him fight for paternity rights etc.
            As noble as he makes it look, the whole “I’m a sexy, sensitive, single dad, living for my child” something feels fishy to me.
            Ain’t going to Goa…
            Pragmatic all the way over here.
            I’m so over complicated love triangles. They aren’t complicated, just triangles.
            If it looks taken, it probably is taken.
            Tune out the words and smell of woody cologne and watch the dude REACT.
            Looks taken is enough info for me.
            Taken is taken.
            I want my own or nothing.
            I’m fine with nothing for now. I have my work and my health and family.

            • wow, alchemy works could use a new website (hello 2000?), but their stuff looks AMAZING!! the prices are nice too.

              what is frenchie’s astro? i agree, if something smells fishy it most likely is.

              • i was just browsing alchemy works! you’re right about the website design. i still want all of it though, wow. that guy’s put a lot of work into the product, that’s for sure!

        • ah, interesting, lavender is a friend of mine,
          yes i remember that – i think coconut oil, sea salt, tequila, yes what was the other thing…driftwood? papaya flowers? sand !! that was it lol it was the saggi perfume maybe
          i see essential oils as different from spray-on fragrances. happy to play with neroli, sweet orange, lotus, may chang, peppermint , all totally lolly but somehow not cloying (still reminds me of writing thesis using that and lemon oil to keep me awake during grinding allnighters, there was not enough caffeine in the world)

          the oil of Pluto sounds amazing. i will look that up xxx

        • I don’t know what has made me turn against a violet-y perfume… I used to love it.. as a latch key kid I would wander down to the shops to smell perfumes and such in various pharmacies etc, violet-y stuff featured back then
          they grow in my garden, these days in springtime i regularly kneel at the altar that is our garden bed when i see little dots of violet to inhale their so unique ethereal fragrance.

          • pi, I’m with you. I now detect a dusty/gritty note that jars. Violet now =those old papers that need to go. Old clothes- dumped scenes from Downton Abby..

          • My fave everyday perfume for the past couple of years has been Violette Verte by L’artisan perfumers. It’s a bit shy, subtle, green, woody, and with a hint of fresh violet flowers. Not sweet or cloying. I love it, and I love the fresh flowers — the colour and the fresh scent does it for me!

            Also love aldehydes which is the ‘old powder’ smell, like your Mum’s dressing table or old perfume bottles when you were a child. Aldehydes are in many famous perfumes like Givenchy L’interdit. Faded glamour and rose petals. I love it. Well I do have moon inTaurus and Venus in Kataka — I can be incredibly nostalgic.

            • I think it really depends on what works with your skin and perhaps your transits too. Since we ourselves are constantly changing and evolving, why shouldn’t our tastes?
              re the Violets @Pi – I was wondering if since you love the real thing so much whether the synthetic version doesn’t just rile your nostrils as a “fake” smell.
              It is quite rare to find a chemical version of something that smells even close to as great as the real thing. My taste in perfumes has always been more towards the darker fragrance but mainly because the other scents, fruity, light, floral or god forbid saccharine just smell revolting on me. I hate when someone gets into an elevator with you and you’re hit by a wave of some brain fogger like “Angel” or “Alien” or just a clang of chemicals as the wearer things more = better. Yuck.
              It’s actually rather rude IMO to wear so much perfume that people three metres away are annoyed by the cloud of chemicals….
              Doing my best to vibe serene here but struggling a bit, ok a lot the past few weeks. It’s getting soon intense. This astro is FEIRCE. Staying with family of origin during full moon eclipse on my Chiron um yeah, interesting….lol

              • Yes, i too hate people who wear so much perfume it creates a stink boundary 3ft away. Sadly, losing your sense of smell goes with menopause a lot of times. I have noticed that older women can’t smell subtle fragrances so they spray a ton on and a lot of the fragrancs designed for the more sophisticated woman are also very heavy. My mom can’t smell very well at all and she insists on fucking 3 pumps of Red Door before leaving th house!

          • Violets represent needing of much space in your life and a sort of introvert life. Mqybe you are just done with that part of your life and don’t resonate with it anymore?

            ..i hate patchouli but i have this amazing candle that blends violet with patchouli, the fragrance that symbolizes a need for friendships in your life. They are blended together for an Aquarius candle… But yeah the mix of needing friendships but want to maintain a sense of separateness.

            • What a lovely conversation! I just wish I knew what the hell a violet smelled like. That’s the thing about scents, you can’t always just go and grab one when you have the impulse.

              • Violets the flower smell divine. I used to pick them in my nana’s garden when I was a child. The scent only lasts about a day, so if you buy them from a florist they often don’t have much smell. And the royal dark purple colour is amazing!

                • yes! their colour is magnifique. how do you describe their scent, I have no idea… kind of freshly turned earth,, crushed leaves, maple syrup, a hit of incense, spring rain, a smile from a kind stranger on a rough day…

                  best to just go smell some 🙂 good luck sphinxy xx

  49. Wow that second photo is RUDE!
    I thought it was only Virgos who got dissed by fashion magazine/sleb astro columns in that “you have no personality, only neurosis” way…
    Spent my childhood shaking fists at sky muttering about being a Leo in my next life. I would choose Scorpio now, if I could choose my sun sign as my progressed sun is in Scorpio and I’m LOVING IT.

    Great that you liked the perfume. I love the Scorpio blend they make but have to spray it on my clothes rather than my body or I get big red blotches on my skin. Not exactly what Coco Chanel had in mind when she said “spray perfume where you want to be kissed.”

    I do think the concept of the company is great and love Frankincense – enjoy!
    What to say?
    I’m loving my Vocational Voodoo consult and still absorbing it.
    There honestly is just so much to take in.
    Thank you!

        • I like being a Leo Sun. But I must say that the anxiety produced by having a Scorpio Moon squaring it is annoying. It produces that mouse-in-a-poncho effect you above!

          Bruno Mars has Libra Sun/ Leo Moon, now that seems fun.

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