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Golden Scissors

Mars On the South Node of the Moon makes it a brilliant time to cut ties where needed…The Full Moon in Virgo adds the most exquisite clarity and the opposition to Maverick Healer Chiron = emotional profundity and rad realizations, whether you are seeking them or not. It’s the perfect slate-clearing astrology for the Zap Zone/Eclipse bender of the next four weeks.Β  See your Scopes for more details, obviously.


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81 thoughts on “Mars On The South Node…

  1. Feel like my job at the family business is at an end now — plenty of signs at work plus Tower card in 10th house (though I never considered it a 10th house job). I think my brother has just been leaving big hints so that I’ll leave myself and he won’t have to fire me (he’s the septuple Libra with 12th house Mars conj Neptune).

    I am really glad to go — it has bored and emptied me to death. Except I don’t have anywhere to go to. I guess I will apply for disability or maybe unemployment. If I’m not dependent on my father I can try to do what I want instead of what he approves. Then apply to a masters program in English next year as that’s the only subject I might be able to get funded. I don’t want an academic career the way universities are now, but it would put off oblivion for a couple of years.

    • Better to get yourself out than get gotten out, know what I mean?

      I’ve been in that situation way too many times, knowing it’s time to go but holding on because I don’t know what else to do, then BAM some shizz happens and I HAVE to go. And it always works out.

      Be the agent of change!

    • Chin up, Gemini cat. Financial independence is real independence. family $ dependence is one good way to remain beholden to other people’s wishes. How are your confidence levels? your family sounds a bit power-trippy.
      So, Even if you make a few mistakes on the way, you will get there. Pi xx

      • Thanks Pi xx — I feel better this morning. I guess I need to find out what’s going on and make my own plans regardless of what he’s up to.

  2. Heh…totally had a moment of cutting with a long term friend whose negativity I can’t tolerate anymore. He was spewing off about how stupid it is that people like dogs and how completely useless they were and I just tore into him (I have been obsessed with dogs and animals my whole life).

    He seems to think anything that is only around to add happiness to your life is pointless and stupid. He seems to actively hate happiness and is a miserable person himself.

    He ended up storming off without saying goodbye and I just don’t have the patience to chase after a 33 year old man and coddle him.

    Furthermore, he’s been dicking around my best friend romantically for years.

    It was her birthday that night and after he left we both shared our moment of clarity on this person.

    We are people who are striving to be happy and positive- ain’t nobody got time for that!

    • I’m so with you on that one. I adore just about every creature as a pet. I was gonna say maybe he hasn’t had enough good experiences with dogs or the right kind of dog for his personality? maybe allergic to dogs?

      but no he just seems like a jerk. what a blessing ‘Mr. Sunshine’ is leaving if you ask me!

      • Ditto, aka & P S. Long, LONG overdue bitch-blocking of 2 of my oldest girl “friends” — 1 fiscal parasite, 1 mega Qi leeching, ‘Debbie Downer’ like no other. Cannot believe I have maintained these horribly skewed relationships as long as I have. The lucidity is staggering.

        But I smell land again. And it’s zap-fugging-tastic!

  3. I have a massive crush on a guy at work… Ugh, so embarrassing. I’ve spent a good part of the morning thinking about just telling him and explaining that I can’t hang out with him anymore. We spend the first 10-15 min of our breaks together every day. It’s totally not my style, but sometimes it’s good to do something a different way. It’s either that or keep on hiding it or thinking it’s going away forever, which it obviously isn’t. It’s been almost a year. Nothing amiss has happened and I really believe it won’t. I’m scared to touch him, jumped away once when he was giving me a hug for a gift. And he’s virgo in cap, which is totally against cheating. Don’t want things to get awkward though.

    • I had a massive crush on a guy at work once upon a time, I looked forward to the breaks we would spend together, and when a small group would go out after work sometimes.
      He was strictly out of bounds because his girlfriend (of very short time) was pregnant though she had told him she couldn’t possibly conceive, he was staying with her out of a resigned sense of duty. There was a strong mutual attraction, but nothing ever happened. Maybe it made work more interesting.

      He came and looked me up in the town I moved to years later, and there really wasn’t a spark there…do you think maybe it’s because you spend so much time together, Fauness that the attraction has built?

      • I’m sure that’s part of it, the time spent. I literally woke up one morning last April thinking about him and haven’t been able to shake it off. Some days are worse than others. Last summer he was my painting muse, which was nice. I’m not a complete LZ, but I do have neptune conjunct my moon. Oh and Icarus too, isn’t that awful? (lol). I thought I’d air it here… I want to clear out that headspace he’s taking up but I don’t want to open a can of worms and awkwardness. We do enjoy each other’s company, but maybe I just need to back off. I already go in every morning, shut my door & leave off the lights when I get ready for the day so I’m not talking to him then.

        Your story reminds me of a similar one I have. Years ago I had a total crush on this guy who worked at the local co-op. It was intense. I invited him to a party I had and he tried to kiss me but I wasn’t into it. He spent the night, nothing happened. Then we hung out the whole next day, and I ended up pulling a piece of glass out of his foot (that has a side story involving a concert we were both at but this is long enough). Then we ended up driving cross country together because we were seperatley planning to go to the same state and when we found out, we decided to go together. So the attraction in the long run was more about all the other stuff, not about shacking up.

        • I advise against it Fauness. It’s an internal thing and I think you could clear out that headspace yourself in a private way. Voicing it potentially does different things altogether. This is about something unresolved in you. So, meditate? Ritual?

        • fauness, I do commiserate. I fell like crazy for an astro twin at an office who was married. He had married out of guilt very young, a girlfriend who was several years his senior. Her parents threatened to get her an old man as a husband after she hadn’t found a husband herself. My mistake was thinking any of that made a difference! Should have filed it in not my business.
          We wrote letters to each other at work all day long, intense cigarette breaks, etc. we never crossed the line into a physical interaction. Just loved each other. I left the country after several months. We kept in touch. Then over time after I married and had kids of my own I couldn’t sustain the sense that I was being put on some pedestal that was really built out of lies he told himself.
          The point is that this was not the time. There was no way I could have made it right. Even years later we can’t express our feelings clearly as our circumstances muddied the connection. I think have the feelings, honour the connection just not WITH him. This is the tree that bears no fruit, carpeted with blooms though it might be.

          • Thanks Veronica, Supercal, and Andro! I know workplace crushes can be so zzzzzzz… I appreciate the feedback. I initially thought that I needed to take a different approach to this instead of riding the ebb and flow of the attraction. But I have been snowed in and had lots of time to mull it over. Definitely needs to be conquered on a personal level. I need to pull away and be an island while still being a good co-worker/team player. I can’t be distracted with this. I thought was making a bold choice to say something. My natal south node is aries and uranus is conj my acendant, so maybe my astro is getting twitchy too.

            • Oh and Supercal, I have a Sagg moon conj neptune. This guy is uber Sagg and has the most amazing centaur legs ever. Hahaha, I’ll try not to think about it.

              • Fauness, you could see it as a little seed of disquiet in you that you can fullfil yourself, and once that has been integrated can still enjoy a close relationship with this person if it still works.

                and don’t worry – it’s all good zzzzzzzzap fodder πŸ™‚

                best of luck with clearing whatever scratches that itch. or itches that scratch x

  4. Golden Scissors. Cutting ties.
    Once again MM is eerily right on the money :/
    In the time between my last comment on this post, and now, my darling old Piscean staffy had her final seizure and died in my lap on the way to the emergency vet.
    Vale, my darling sweetest magical girl, she always had impeccable timing, she was at my side through some of my most important transformations and she decided to go fast. Xxxx

    • Omg, that’s incredible. And πŸ™ I am so very, very sorry darling!!!! Sending you big hugs V, may the lovely Vale cross that rainbow bridge to great happiness and peace. Blessings on you and your little family at his time.
      Wondering about the animal friends on this full moon in Virgo, I feel very Artemis/Persephone/Triple Goddess Maiden vibes at this time. Yes, your dear girl’s timing is perfection.

    • o no πŸ™
      a little friend leaves us πŸ™ πŸ™
      a small consolation that you could be with her at that moment..
      hugs V

    • Thanks for the kindness, dear folk.
      Came as a nasty shock last night, but in the big picture I knew she wouldn’t last the year so had ample time to say our goodbyes. and though am rather heartbroken, I know she will be able to run and swim and jump with her new body where she is now…I hope I get to see her again somehow xxx

  5. Have been getting super antsy about our next kitty kat.
    Meditated and was told to go for a Cap cat, spotty cat, maybe a femme cat.
    Got an offer of 4 litters, with two big cap kittens that needed to go.
    One male choccy, one girl spotty.
    Want the spotty! But must wait another person’s choice.

    They have nearly identical astro, so no real prob.
    Year of the Horse, Venus/Merc / Ubasti conjunct the MC (professionally charming felines).
    Sun: Cap
    Moon: Virgo
    Asc: Taurus.

    Super Earth babe.
    Will have our new boy/girl by end of month.. I feel pregnant.

    • It feels so good! Been throwing stuff out and it got a little out of control… I swear I can get addicted to anything for a short time.

    • Same here, decluttering bender of note, all old clothes, old papers, receipts, any crap that feels unnecessary goes OUT!

  6. Cuts to be realized:

    One good friend. I feel we will be out of touch soon, or at least moving to very back-burner positions after April. It hurts, but a distance is needed because I can no longer provide the assurance/guidance/comfort this very needy person needs. And this has been since about 2012, too. Hopefully for the best.

    Qi Vamps disguised as Caring Co-Workers; No more wasting time with BS chit-chat and draining conversations. Nothing gained from this.

    I can’t wait for April to get here. It’s so draining. My massage and tanning appointments are scheduled. I need to rejuvenate.

  7. OMG yes I was thinking this exactly. Felt burning desire at 7.45 to cut all BS ties. Scared myself. That’s probably a good thing.

  8. These next four weeks for me will be all about coming full circle, recovering from having the metal pieces taken out of my ankle (from that nasty both-sides-broken fall I had early in the Zap Zone). Now the scaffolding can be taken away, now the ties to Then can be cut. Like Persephone in Spring (she’s on my Virgo dc). It happens that surgery will coincide with the Full Moon, even– synchro +.

    It’s a gentler thing now than it was then: this op will be outpatient (not 3 days in), and I’ll only have one leg to stand on for 2-3 weeks (not 16).

    But I know recovery will be challenging just because of the wild drumming of the Zap Zone outside: it’s really hard to maintain the still, zen state that healing requires when there’s so much astro commotion in the air… For me, anyway. But you know, if the worst thing I’m sweating is trying to thoroughly chill, then hey, life is good πŸ˜‰

    Full circle, the past is in the past. Phoenix & shiz. Go ZZ! πŸ˜›

    • Ankh, I remember quite well when you were first writing about all those catastrophes. And remember thinking that it was so much to fall on someone’s shoulders, with a child to look after and a uni degree to finish (and with tornados thrown in later!). You seem in so much a better space now!
      Congrats on being the consummate Scorpy tiger magician-ness πŸ™‚

    • I definitely think Scorpy types need to take the Persephone and Proserpine asteroids to heart a little more than the average. In one of my more interesting (to me!) past lives I was a macedonian woman who was a like a Shamaness/priestess under Persephone’s guideance. Persephone is conjunct my Sun.
      How do you feel she guides your 7th House/DC in Virgo? I am thinking that she would be a very cooling, gentle kind of infiltration of energies, not afraid of anything.
      Happy Phoenixing! xx.

      • wow, so right on Sphinx! I’ve been told Persephone is really important to me and I should meditate on why. Guess being on my SN and conjunct Pluto confirms it! I haven’t figured it out properly yet. I have both her and Prosperin in Virgo 4H. Prosperin will be under the Full Moon tomorrow and Persphone is traveling with the Sun, so she will oppose! How timely for you to raise this x

      • Omg Sphinx– I’ve been trying to wrap my head around what it means to me to have Persephone at my 7th’s doorstep, and BAM here you come! Nailed it. πŸ™‚ Thank you xx

  9. Clean slate astro appeals greatly right now, particularly with the full moon hitting on my 1st house Pluto/Uranus conjunction.
    The Mars/SN hook-up is at the very end of my 8th. There are ties I need to cut, I’ve felt this acutely for a while, and some friendships that need to be transformed overnight with new very strict boundaries.
    I’ve recently blocked a bunch of people on social media, including my ex-hub… people unfriended ages ago but now I’ll be completely invisible to them. There are also some self-destructive habits that need to go.

  10. Yep. Just do your thing mars.
    (I would have gone with a machete but the ceremonial effect of the gold-handled scissors appeals, even if they are the kind that can only be used by right-handers πŸ˜‰ )

  11. I’ve reached the conclusion that the only way forward for me is to separate from my husband. I feel better having resolved to do that, now all I have to do is achieve said task. No small feat…. but bring it the fuq on.

    • I feel you… I did this myself a couple of years back and in my experience, the decision was the hardest bit… the rest was a series of tasks (albeit scary at times). Sounds like you have the guts and the resolve to make it happen. May the ZZ be with you as you bring about this transformation xx

      • Did the same, but a few years back – right when the zap zone hit. Hard but whoa, major personal growth. will never look back. big hugs, and sending tons of strength and love your way.

    • Thank you so very much! That means a lot to me. I can do with all the psychic moral support I can get right now. XXX

        • Difficult but important if it feels like something you have to do for your self. To thine own self.
          Hugs xxx

          I did it a few years ago and it was tough but the right decision for us both.

          I can’t imagine my life now being as interesting as it is had I stayed.

          • I, too, am a fellow ‘DAD’ … Divorced Astro Diva. Really sucked at the time, but has def worked out for the both of us; plus, we are better friends now than we ever were as legally pair-bonded. Sending you strength and white doves! xoxo

  12. Sounds about right. For the past 9 months I’ve put a lot of energy toward trying to move back to a town near where I grew up. I found out today that the job opening there that I interviewed for will be going to someone else. But I’m slowing coming to the realization that going back is not where my path should be pointing, and that dreaming about it is just keeping my from focusing on where I am now and what I should be doing here.

    Let’s hope the last weeks of the Zap Zone manifest into a solid (and, ideally, salaried) new direction.

    • I feel like all of this. πŸ™ Wanting to move back, but it’s not because it’s necessarily the right direction right now.

  13. Here we go.
    Last few days have been dedicated to breaking out of a rut. Slowly, but more than just paying lip service to a need for change.
    Mars is going to help.
    Realisations pending.

  14. I am really feeling the astro and am reading Naomi Wolfe’s book “Vagina” and I guess these feelings are rising to the surface to be acknowledged and understood for me to really move on and heal. It’s time to start really feeling my feminine power and make some new neural pathways and rejoice in my “jade gateway”

  15. I want those scissors.

    I keep thinking I should cut all social media ties with the Taurus. I was about to, I reached the deep stillness within and asked for guidance, and then he social-media contacted me twice. So, I let it be. I’m realizing from my Neptune opp 12th Venus transit that my spiritual ideals and experiences exist quite separately from romance. This seems to be the lesson. And I’m sure it sounds strange to less 12th-and-Neptune-Venus afflicted, but its actually a very hard space to be in. I can’t deny my spiritual reality. I can’t look for its face reflected in another as evidence or validation. Very aware of the duality as opposed to blissed out behind the veil. Trying to model good behavior till the fog lifts or the winds change.

    I hope you all are well. Soon we will all be ZZ grads.

    • These are lovely fat scissors. I also want them. I often use the image of a pair of golden scissors to cut ties with.

      I think I will get a pair and hang them in my meditation room.

      And there is this:

    • “my spiritual ideals and experiences exist quite separately from romance”


      ….and everything else you said. Really resonates. Thank you for putting it into words.

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