Jimi Hendrix Had No Earth – But There Is An Asteroid Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix was a quadruple Sagittarian – Sun, Rising, Venus and Mercury. He always said he did not come from Earth and in fact, he had literally no Earth element in his birth chart.

Timothy Leary, the psychedelic shrink, said “he was a magical person. He was almost like some Greek God. He was so powerful in a very quiet way”. Hendrix’s transcendental vibe – conversely made to madly cipher electricity – was true to form during the meal.”He was so unworldly” wrote Leary “he had to be counseled about ordering his meal and how much to tip”.

That’s from this crazy-rad article on the transcendental self-help album made by Tim Leary and Jimi Hendrix in the 70s. Called “the sonic equivalent of a trip”, it was also said to be the prototype for House music. Key Mantra: “You can be anyone this time around.”

F.y.i. Leary was a Libra, Saggo Rising and with a funky little Moon-Uranus conjunction in late Aquarius/early Pisces.

And if you want some massive distraction from the Zap Zone demands – Uranus square Pluto is like 24-7 at the moment – look up your Asteroid Jimi Hendrix.  Asteroid number 4738 via the Extended Options on Astrodienst.

Presumably this is where you’re crazy-talented, charismatic, super-out-there, visionary, psychedelic and volatile.

Superb synchronicity, asteroid Jimi Hendrix is literally right now 23 Sagittarius – Hendrix’s Ascendant is 24 Sagittarius and for no special reason i started obsessing over the whole Hendrix-Leary-Doors vibe and i was barely born when it was a scene.


If anyone can legitimately prove that they have asteroid Jimi Hendrix conjunct Moon, Uranus, Neptune or similar AND that they have psychedelic/occult/guitar burning cred, i will give them a five year subscription  to the site and a bag of Supernatural Mushroom powder for lucid dream tripping.


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Isabella Cowley

Idk where else to post this observation of my chart, but my chart is so similar to his. My sun (and moon) is in the 4th degree of pisces, My ascendant is the same 24 Sagittarius, same libra MC sign, the same 1st and 7th house degree and sign, and then our house signs line up because the ascendant. He also named his guitar Izabella, and my name is Isabella. Someone save my pisces a$$.


yay! i have it conjunct neptune in 8th hse, woo!
im learning guitar and am v occult.
prize please!


conj my sun works? ajjajaaj im also super outer worldly 3d human world often seems like some anthropologist trip to some lost civilization


Jimi Hendrix asteroid 4738 is in 4 leo conjunct my asc 6 leo and trine my moon in 5 Sagittarius


He may not have had any earth but I do, and I saw him twice in San Francisco at the old Fillmore. Nothing could hyperbole his awesomeness.


The Hendrix/Asteroid connection is well known to Hendrix researchers. There’s a book, movie, band and website about it at: http://www.rockprophecy.com Also interesting is the date of this article, 3.3.15 – all multiples of three. As the Rock Prophecy book explains in a chapter titled “Multiples of Three” those numbers are extreme and improbable along the major events of the Hendrix timeline. As Rock Prophecy says, “coincidence is the signature imprint of Jimi.” Rare intersections, like the Near Earth Objects that are aimed to collide with Earth. That’s why much of his music sounds like colliding planets. He was the first… Read more »


😀 This monumentally cool.


I finally just looked this up 🙂 Travelling jimi is on my neptune ( 24 sagg ) and opposite venus. But not conjunct or aspecting anything in the natal, unless you count conjunct vertex.

there is a jimi page asteroid too, lol .

catfish moon


My Jimi is on top of my Uranus….LOL>>> Kinky

Seriously…Uranus at 28’22” Libra and Jimi at 28’47” Libra.

Psychedelic oh yes. My drugs of choice as a young crab making her moves toward freedom and adulthood.

Occult, well of course.
Guitar, no, musical , yes, but not obsessed.

catfish moon

I was the first person to see a house fire, twice!!!! Once while intoxicated. Crazy. Had to tell the people!

catfish moon

Worst partner ever had no earth. He had 4 sagitarrian planets in stellium…..mercury, venus,jupiter, neptune .

He is a talented musician, but didn’t end up like Jimi. He just flounders around living off women.


Damn, I was too late! Well, still cool to know that asteroid Jimi Hendrix is exact conjunct my moon in late Aqua, and therefore conjunct my early Pisces Sun. I can’t shred anywhere near like Jimi Hendrix, but I’m a multi-instrumentalist/songwriter/singer. I just did a this February Album Writing Month challenge where you challenge yourself to write and share 14 songs in 28 days. I ended up writing 18, holing myself in my apartment most days, drinking whiskey and writingwritingwriting. February is also my birthday month, and I just turned 30, and I have to say that devoting the month… Read more »


How do we find it? It’s not in Astro.com’s extended asteroid list. 🙁

L Cat

On Astrodienst.com, go to extended chart option, type in 4738 for Jimi


my little brother has 7 signs in sagg. he’s so otherworldly and intuitive as fuq. Comedian as well as musically inclined…. Wonder where his asteroid is. I must find his birth time & check this out! Could I win the sub in his place 😛

Amanda aka AbsintheDragonfly

I have asteroid Hendrix at 28 degrees Libra and Uranus at 1 degree Scorpio in the third. That explains a whole lot more about my communication style LOL


Two things that made my daughter jump about in the womb were the bagpipes ( we’re Scottish) and Jimmi Hendrix.
So I’m not surprised to see Jimmi’s asteroid bang in the middle of her sun & moon in Gemini, conjunct my Lilith there.
Love the synchronicity 🙂


Mine is exact conjunct Uranus (0deg 29s) in Sagg. No awesome cred, I just smoked a shit ton of weed, played bass and read tarot cards when I was younger. Then I grew up. Damn Saturn return! Guess I should be happy to have made it through alive though.

L Cat

Jimi is in a tight conjunction with my 6th house Venus in Leo. (2 degrees apart). Fiery!
Now transiting Jimi is on my Moon/mars conjunction in Sagg near my MC – daily wilderness, hungry feisty feline with a jungle vibe means I’m liking playing hard at the gym, sweating out my demons & fire. And dancing around the house nearly naked like a mofo. Loving it, and working up my mojo on how to Phoenix. Maybe more conjuring?


My Jimmi is 20 degrees in Gemini 8th house conjunct my moon at 21 degrees (my sun is 16 degrees also in gem) all of this opposite uranus in sag It’s not as cool as Jimmi Hendrix but the way I can interpret this is, since it’s in Gemini, in my ability with language. My mother said I could speak since I was 1 year old and I could read since I was about 3. All I remember is I have always been able to read, and my parents can’t explain how I learned because they didn’t teach me 🙂… Read more »


Does having asteroid Jimi Hendrix right where my Midheaven is in Gemini, a live music video channel and knowing a couple of songs on guitar count? Oh, and supposedly it trines both my Mars and Venus.


9th house


well right between 9th and 10th


Uranus, Neptune and Lilith in Saggo.

women with multiple hoofs

Jimi is 7 degrees off my north node – in Virgo 11th house.

From now on, whenever I have any doubts about what path to take (frequent restlessness and indecisiveness courtesy of sagg rising and libran moon) I shall listen to Jimi Hendrix music 🙂

Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot

Wha!? I have natal Jimi Hendrix square my Jupiter. Pfft. Probably explains my short stumpy fingers and burning desire to play psychedelic guitar.

Really, there could not have been a teen more obsessed with him. All that Saggo explains it. I am devastatingly attracted to Saggos.

Anyway, I was SO obsessed with him. I read every biography, drew endless portraits, did pyschedelic watercolours, taught myself to play his songs…and yes, dressed up as him, complete with fake moustache (yes, I am female).

Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot

Oh and whenever I did acid, was convinced I was talking to his ghost.

How can I only have him square jupiter and qunicunx (?) uranus? HE SHOULD BE SITTING ON MY MOON.

Appropriate, as transit-wise, he will be soon. This is hilarious. Never did I imagine I’d be calaculating the ‘astro position’ of one of my (dead) teenage idols.


For some reason, I expected it to be important in my chart and yep, there it is: Sun 16.45 Aries, Venus 16.34 Aries, Mars 15.52 Aries and dear old Jimi is at 16.15 Aries, so I think that qualifies for the first point. My birth date is 06 April 1981. As for the second, I am a Taurus moon opposite Lilith in Scorpio, need I say more? 😀 Ok, I once sprinkled basil on my soon to be ex-husband’s pasta, silently humming” “you will regret me forever and ever”… and he did 🙂 For more stories, I’d probably have to… Read more »


Hey Foxy Lady… my Sun is Aries 14, 43.
Post more stories please 🙂


Well, hello, fellow Arian!! So you want me to take you to the dark side of the Moon? I’m afraid that’s not possible, but let me redirect you to the softer, somewhat prettier realm of Neptune: I was presenting a morning tv show here in my country and I had a dream that the power was out on set and that a girl who worked there had transformed into a witch. She came and whispered something in my ear, frightened me and I was saved by my co-anchor. As I got to the studio (keep in mind that this was… Read more »


Oh just saw this… hehe… funny!


My Jimi is 6th House 18 Gemini 27… Wide Conjunct Black Moon Lilith, Trine Aquarius Ceres in 2nd, Sextile Aries Sun in 4th & Leo Uranus in 9th, Square Pisces Mercury-Venus-South Node in 4th, Quincunx Capricorn Saturn in 1st.

The Sabian Symbol…19 Gemini… In A Museum A Large Archaic Volume Reveals A Traditional Wisdom. Hmm… Akashic Records, Astrology, Oracles.
Does Jimi have something to tell me? 🙂


Yes, Mystic + reader,
I have this placement.
Asteroid 4738 conjuncts Uranus and sun. Fact.
Am quadruple Sagittarian like Mr. Hendrix. Spent years working therapy using ‘occult energy’ on psychiatric patients, and currently direct people behind the scenes when they come to a cross roads in their lives.
Have references if you require them. Happy to give you a consult if you desire it. Can send in chart for verification.
Currently, wearing suede suit that includes a fringe jacket – Gucci.

Calli Grafiti

The Hendrix asteroid is trining my Libra sun. It’s also in my 11th house of philosophy; maybe that’s what keeps my point of view a little more flexible than some other aspects of my chart would suggest.


Jimi is in my gemini 8th house conjunct Jupiter! Ooh, fun! Jupiter is conjunct my venus, but he’s not close enough. I love fires – I have a giant fire pit in my primal backyard. Psychedelics around the fire… Of course! I dabble in music but not that great at it, my gemini Mars keeps me moving to the next thing. I like to dress a little loud and weird, just like Jimi. Ok, definitely less 70’s, but still. That man had some funky style. My first intense crush in middle school was a total Jimi fanatic. So of course… Read more »

Molly Blue Dawn

I had a weird, intense dream a little while ago where I was visiting another world, and I was welcomed as if I were an ambassador from this reality. I was driven around in the back of the car, and there next to me was Jimi Hendrix, acting as my guide. Since we were in the world of “not-of-this-world”, he was actually completely down to… not Earth. This was the place where he was totally present and in his element. He seemed very calm and sensible as he pointed things out to me and explained them in ways that made… Read more »


Wow. That is so cool and painted vivid in your words


I have the same Bday as Jimi 😀 And my Sun, Venus, Mercury, Uranus, AND Neptune are all conjunct. hehe…moon is in ARIES….but my rising is cancer. So I keep a classy/sexy outward impressive but I am always told how “out there” I am. And I play guitar ….


I just had my Jimi Hendrix return, lol. And I have been playing guitar a lot. Natally nothin much goin’ on. But I wasn’t really expecting it. So I thought, “Who’s the most Jimmy Hendrix mofo I know?” My friend Matt Menold, such an amazing guitarist. I’ve frequently mused on him channeling Jimi- the reckless abandon when he plays is transcendental. And yes, he’s a Saggo. Of course. BOOM. He has Jimi exactly conjunct his MC in Gem, exactly opposite his Sun/Merc conjunction in Saggo on his IC. Whoah. Jimi is currently EXACTLY on his Neptune in the 4th. His… Read more »


I have JH asteroid in 11 degrees Libra in my 12th House (The House of the Shaman) conjunct Uranus in Libra opposition Chiron in Aries and semisextile Moon in Pisces.
I could use a dose of some astral plane traveling today.


Oh, he quite possibly literally was beamed in from Outer Space during the 60’s as Pluto & Uranus made their way through Virgo, hitting all the planets along his Gem-Sagg opposition and turning it into a massive T-square. That kind of energy will take you places and THEN some, literally AND figuratively…!

Jimi was a rock star from birth, the poet-shaman that he was. Not surprisingly, he had his Leo North Node smack-on Chiron – both on REGULUS!


O. M. G! LV, you just cracked the astro rosetta stone of my Jimmi Hendrix obsession. No wonder the man has *obsessed* me since i was a wee chile. I just thought him being ON my 8th H Lilith was doing it. (& i was a total astro newby during this post.) When you mentioned Regulus i just realised his NN-Chiron are exactly on my Venus-Vesta (& obviously Regulus). @[email protected] So now checked composite: Saturn-SN are conjunct the IC….like a never ending story Venus on Neptune… hahaha Merc on Eris … i get it Jupiter on Jupiter…. ha! (am having… Read more »


I thought I had no Hendrix for a second.
I have 4738 conjunct my natal moon 0 degrees Virgo and I play bizarre guitar. This is my only natal Earth, apart from Chiron.

How would you most like occult/guitar ability proven?

I’d probably want to translate a mantra you’re currently resonating with into music, or pull a card for you and turn it into music.


Interesting Hendrix fact.

A friend recently made artwork using the walls of his London flat here (1968-9) at 23 Brook St. She often takes casts of walls, but took rubbings of the woodchip. When rubbed onto musical notation paper, wrote a score as if by magic. She had Jimi’s walls performed by her friend, a harp player who had a residency at Handel House, which connects to Jimi’s flat. Check out the score online – Maya Ramsay, Work, Jimi Hendrix Project.


that is SO COOL.


Only that could happen in magical London!


Awesome… when I first looked at that piece of work I thought it actually was a musical score…. and I thought… yeah, ok, so … went back to look again and I see it’s not that at all… it’s rubbings from the wall that make it appear that way. Clever!


Wait, I sound too boring to win anything….

I’ve got Mars-Venus-Vesta conjunct in 1-4degrees of Aries.

I believe sex and creation, creativity are sacred.

I’ve been wearing alchemical Earth round my neck for a year, to help me tune in with things earthly.

I’ve got Eros (which I say is key in inspiration) in the final degree of Aquarius


I have a wide conjunction to natal uranus in Saggo! Psychedelics? Mushrooms have always been my drug of choice, I was raised on a farm surrounded by cow pastures???? not a guitarist but I am a singer, pianist, violinist. Jimi has always inspired me with his brilliance.


Asteroid Jimi conjunct natal Moon in Kataka in 5th house. Part of grand water trine – Chiron in Pisces (1st) and Neptune in Scorpio (9th). He sextiles my natal Virgo vision (Uranus/Mercury/Pluto) conjunction in the 7th too. Sweet 🙂 Transiting Jimi is right now exactly on my Ceres/Lilith conjunction in Sag in my 10th house.



Saggy moon

Asteroid Jimi is at 0deg Gemini in my 8th house opposite my Uranus~Moon conjunction (Scorpio~Sag in my 2nd).

Saggy moon

I have Neptune at 22 Sagittarius natally. No burning guitar cred tho, despite teenage dreams of such things. I still love to listen to Jimi. My old (but beautiful) gee-tar is embarrassingly dusty and neglected.


My asteroid JH is in the 9th house where he belongs, am happy to say.


Well I’m awed. Husband’s Jimi asteroid is on his Sun/Pluto conjunction in Late Leo- his Jimi is at 25 Leo- on my MC. He’s super creative and fearless- but veers into chaos and oppositional behavior outside of work realm. No boundaries- respect/consideration often. My middle son has Jimi asteroid on his Scorpio Mars…. Thank God he suppresses some of that wild, crazy energy. He writes and records rap and hip hop with his posse and wants to keep it up in college. His vibe is s And my late mum- known for being outrageous, had JH asteroid in Gem conjunct… Read more »


Sorry, my son’s vibe alternates between serious/courtly and over the top crazy, funny, outrageous. He hates being on the radar- Scorp Mars and Venus- and Virgo Sun. That has saved him so far. He also connects friends -sometimes to crucial legal/ emotional help. He networks like crazy. So far- no signs of Jimi downside- drugs, dissolution- grateful for this awesome soul. I plod along with my Cap Jimi- in 3rd – writing, having random convos. My fav spiritual work involves random encounters. I find angels and gurus in the every day. Also have big spiritual insights in daily rounds. Now… Read more »


Newish to chart interpretation, so not sure what I’ve got here precisely. One earth and water element each, all the rest are fire and air. Mostly air. My Hendrix is almost right at my AC – I’m Libra, Sagittarius rising (like Leary). I have dreamed of Hendrix, as he would have been had he lived – a dream I’ll never forget. I was watching him perform, he had bull horns and was shirtless, and projected a loving power as we have historically seen him do. When I woke up, my first thought was, he’s alive! Somewhere, he is. Not our… Read more »


I lo-lo-love it, Libralala! Whatta dream…wow.


THis multi Sagg..sun, juptier & mercury WAS there at the time. My lover then was a musician, bass and timbales, and velvet brown skinned who naturally loved black musos and Jimi H was IT. His music was surreal it DID reach or come from the stars (or was that the mescaline imbibed?), needles to say straight or not he ruled. At the time (before the musical Hair when the Moon was in the 7th house & Jupiter aligned with Mars we reached the age of Aquarius) there was Jimi with the wind crying mary asking if we were experienced. 2… Read more »


Ahh… you were there !! 🙂

And I will definitely take a look at that Leary book. My oldest reference is an old hard cover, once a sunny yellow .. The pictorial key to the tarot by Arthur Edward Waite circa 1973.


Asteroid Jimmy is currently making a delicious transiting sandwich between my moon and my ascendent.
My moon is 18 deg Saggo and my ascendant is 26 degrees Saggo.
Not sure how to work out the angles and super busy today but feelin fiery!


My natal Jupiter is 29 degrees Saggo.
Uranus on my Chiron in Aries in the 5th.
Someone throw a bucket of cold water over me, this grand fire trine is burning me up! I don’t even think a bucket of water would make an impact. I a four alarm fire!


I’m a 4 alarm fire.
Never understood that phrase but it rhymes with “desire” so it fits…. Tango dancing and my guitar are my new meditation methods. Something about Argentinian Tango just works for me, it’s the best stress release and self empowerment technique I’ve ever found. I’d go every night if I could but I have night school. Still, this beats sitting on my tod at home every night. Come on moon, progress into the 8th house, I dare you!


Argentinean Tango? HOT 🙂 Nice fire action, Invicta x


Thanks Ankh, I thought you’d approve! The song I posted above is where I first heard the term “4 alarm fire” and I absolutely adore the song. I get that LDR’s image is “sadcore” but I so badly wish the record company or her management or who ever it is that makes these decisions would release her more fiery, dangerous, sexy tracks. They really show her Sag moon, Venus in Leo, Gemini Sun combo. Her unreleased stuff is so diverse but on the whole I prefer it to a lot of what has been officially released. Don’t get me wrong,… Read more »




i revere ldr and i love the way you’ve spoken of her!


Hendrix in Cancer – retrograde! Hmpf, doesn’t sound very rock-star and does NOT sit well with my Leo rising!

Checked out the charts of two guitar-head mates – one has Hendrix loosely conj Pluto in the 4th, the other a Leo w lots of Sagg (he is a semi-famous muso) has Hendrix in Cap. And yes he does have a humourless Cap work ethic with his music.


How about a low, rolling boil in your 12th– how does Leo rising feel about that? Like the guttural growl that precedes the full on roar? For consideration.


Ooh LOVE the idea of a slow, rolling boil, thankyou! Kataka is my 11th as my Leo rising is very late, but yes there is a bit of a slow rolling boil going on in the area of associations/groups. Huge levels of rumbling dissatisfaction with certain friendship groups/individuals. Neptune bang on my 7th house Pisces sun-Saturn-Merc has given me some kind of x-ray level of intuition into people’s motivations and deceptions. It’s very unsettling but such valuable info. Full moon will be exact on my 1st house Pluto/Uranus, opposing all my Pisces, so there is a big shiny spotlight on… Read more »


Love it!


little wing has to be one of my favourite songs ever, its one of the only things I can listen to and never ever get sick of asteroid jimi hendrix natal exact conjunct uranus hitting my scorpio stellum with merc/sun 5th house. Maybe I should take up guitar? I’ve dated enough guitarists.. infact everyone but 2? 2 people on 27th and 2 28th. All guitarists and one drummer (also cancer moon trine my scorpio stellium) Was nice to see his asc my dsc and his venus exact my sun conjunct merc/ maybe I should take mushrooms and write something or… Read more »


*exact moon venus sorry.




You could have a bhang lassi instead (when in Rome..) – then go to the cobra temple. @[email protected]

(but you shouldn’t listen to me)


You might be interested in a fab blog on cobra temples, by one very interesting dude – Captain Ajit Vadakayil.


King cobras – whoa!


Hey! thanks for the link!
I just booked a ticket to Kerala as well for after this intensive. Perfect :*


You’re welcome. Hope you are having an interesting time there, Ms. I spend over a year (17yrs ago) travelling thru that amazing subcontinent, working and studying too. It was the most awesome year of my life. Still a bench mark, after all these years of travelling.

Lucky you – Kerala is gorgeous….sigh….my 9th House Sun’s wanderlust-inducing is driving me insane. x


Its an amazing place. I am not ready to leave at all and have lots of decisions to make about housing and work but I am very happy with living here right in the now. Sounds l like you are due to return then! thanks again for the link.


Woooooot Mystic! Conjunct my Mercury in the 9th house! 🙂 And sextile my natal jupiter exact 🙂 And transit-wise, it’s currently sextiling my Venus exact at 23 Libra. Have I ever alighted a guitar and voodoo-burned it? Hell no. Have I been privy to witnessing the most massive fire ever up close for the last few days? Hell yes. Did I recently write an academic (you heard me) essay on the possibility of extraterrestrial life? Hell yes. Am I Magicianing the fuq out of the zap zone? Hell yes, you should have seen my sorry ass at the first square… Read more »


Omg “Psychedelic Elixir Smoothie”




Nice, Sunrise! Enjoy your smoothies 😀


Natally on my Aquarian South Node. Transiting my Neptune.

Sure, I have done some drugs.


Haha, you should have seen the mad scramble to open up astro.com..

My ONE earth planet, Mars in Virgo, is at 0 deg with Jimmy Hendrix Conjunct at 5 deg!! Irony..


Wow! Which house?


Oh I see above: 3rd house. That is some serious warrior firestarter juju in your Communications sector! Have you written a book yet– or a symphony??


Haha not yet! I have been channelling/visioning/writing remote healing sessions for a few years now.
It is me and it isn’t me, you know, so it’s hard to call it a talent creatively with writing exactly, but it’s not not either…
When I read the Seth books I relate to that writing style, it’s like books written in Spanish, the channelling style of writing is to write in paragraphs and you end up in places you couldn’t imagine from the beginning of the sentence to the end.
I will write about it one day, I have so much material!


Good, because I’m preordering one right here, right now!

Yes, it is you & it isn’t you, because in large part you’re channeling energy that by itself isn’t of you, it’s coming down to Earth via you. But inevitably some of you mixes in as you channel it & that’s the alchemy, so that what results on paper/the screen is some new life entirely as a result of that mixing– like having kids! Haha Firestarter 🙂


“When it comes to names I am a control freak.., the energy of the spirit has to match the sound for me. Which is to say, I don’t really choose the names, I ‘hear’ them.”

– sphinx: Feb 18th, 2015

Sound & Vision juju.

BTW, i’m preordering copies right here, right now too!


😯 omg, skarab, quoted in print to myself, intense! Lol, you are guys are very kind.
And very nicely condensed Ankh, you have the gift.


Well I can attest to the healing frequency 🙂
Would love to read yr book Sphinx xx


I have no Earth either (unless we’re counting asteroids, in which case I do bear the mark of Persephone on my Virgo dc– smore, anyone?) Tis Scorpio, to burn… Hendrix is at 13* Libra/7th house -square- my Saturn at 15* Kataka/5th house. And after some contemplation, frankly my mind is blown by the downloaded intel! I have always been at my most creative & producing the greatest amount of work when commingling relationally with another’s energy. Not necessarily only romantic relationships, but also with others similarly synched/in tune, like with (platonic) bff’s. 7th house Hendix square 5th house Saturn =… Read more »


Like! I don’t count the asteroids for something like that, but it’s very kind of you to think of them.

That is interesting re the 7th House creativity.
Mine is in my 3rd, I have Mercury as my chart ruler, so I am guessing my creativity is Mercurial.
And it’s true! I turned down a music scholarship as I felt, musical as I may or may not have been, that I was not a musician by vocation. Gimme some more Mercury *crunch, crunch* Cookie!

(Kneels down to pray for the firestarters).


Cookies YAY. (Don’t these herbs smell good?) My Jupiter rising is so content right now… Just, blissed out! Omm


I want the herbs YOU’RE having, lol.


Lol Use cannabis responsibly & with the reverence for the sacred incense it is, kids. Seriously. Sphinx, ZZ has me electrified down to my central nervous system! My hair is standing on end, & I’ve been jumping out of bed at 4am (no alarm clock) to Start The Day. I sleep like Death with the most technicolor dreams, like getting plugged into the wall to recharge, and downloading downloading… and then I wake up– bam I’m on! 😛 So frenetic electric kinetic! This post has been a lovely reprieve from all that ZZ buzzing electron biz. So the opposite. The… Read more »


— so thanks be to Mystic in the sky with diamonds for this astro toke! *kisses the sky* 🙂


Always loved that line. You’re on fire Ankhy! O_O


— sacred incense slash sacred *medicine*

Not just Neptune, but Chiron too. The Healer.


lol “kind of you to think of them.” Equal love for all & all that, 7th house Virgo-Libra+Pluto-Moon 🙂 Aww

Plus, there was that whole injustice Pluto was served, when they tried to reduce his significance, right? Ugh. (Now he gets to remind everyone that he won’t be trifled with– the Zap Zone.) But it’s made me sensitive to the potential of all celestial bodies regardless of scientific nomenclature, was my point lol!

xx Sphinx


(Phew! Just had to have a cold bath after reading this post.)

Who’s got the light, you ask, Ankh? Hell – with 6 Fire Planets (Leo 10th) – and now that trans Jimmi and Uranus are trine my Mars there – I am a human torch! ….DO NOT TOUCH! – unless you can handle the HEAT! 😉


WOO let me shield my face: don’t want my Aries eyebrows to get singed!!


LOL! I’m sure that YOU and your Aries eyebrows can handle it.;-)


My only earth is chiron, so I can relate. I am all fire & air, under the disguise of my scorpio rising conjunct uranus.

I feel the same way about same wavelength relationships. Once I am connected to a friendship, it gets intense. Pluto libra in the 11th! Gem planets in the 8th! I actually have an entire conspiracy theory about my natal chart and relationship energy but I’m not going to bang on about it right here & right now.


Thinking you have very similar astro to my SO, Fauness, he is Leo Fire snake, multiple gem (jupes, Venus, Mars) and sun, Saturn, merc in Leo.
Sagg moon, in first house. Almost all air and fire, no water except Scorp rising. Only bit of earthiness is Leo Saturn and Merc in 10th house


Holy cow, Veronica. He is my astro twin. Every single thing you said matched up to my chart, except my Sagg moon is in my second house.


Just went back up to see what you said about him… Chaos personified?


Well he is ADD, extremely high energy, good hearted and uncannily psychic, like a djinn.
I also know a girl fire snake born just a couple of days before him, who is a yoga teacher, mother, runs a gallery, gorgeous person. It’s about grounding all that energy, I think ?


Yes, you’re right about that. I seek the earth! I also have psyche in virgo, so I NEED it! I’m July 26 btw.


Ha, so is he! Born around 12:15 am on the 26th if I remember correctly.
His scorp rising right on my Neptune, and his sagg moon on my south node. We definitely knew each other before 🙂


I was born about 13 hours later. East coast. How interesting!


We are in Oz, and he had an intensely religious upbringing too btw!
Are you tall?


Had to slide this convo back over. So we’re not 13 hours apart if you’re in the Oz. I’m not super tall, 5’7 (170 cm). It’s so uncanny that his upbringing was religious as well. How do you think his 8th house plays out? I feel like that’s one area that is hard to define but I feel like I have some untapped strengths I have not cultivated yet. It’s hard to be so conditioned and years later you’re still trying to fully free yourself. I have squares from my ascendant to my sun, and from my sun to chiron… Read more »


His Venus and Jupiter in 8th, mars in 7th. I think the mars in 7th is why we can have some very heated interactions, plus I’m an Aries, so Martian partner. His Venus in 8th, am an artist, there is much art and creativity surrounding him in our home. When I’ve done intuitive work about him over the years… well the first reading was from someone who said she could see a cage over his head, connected to his mother. Both parents passed 7 yrs ago. I feel that it liberated him, but extremely painful growth also. He is not… Read more »


All that Gemini and Sagg that you guys have 🙂 you can’t help the quick quips!
but having squares is forced growth, they say, I have a few myself.

What you may find interesting is how the Saturn placement, close to sun, in 10th H, plays out with him.
I am 12 yrs older, and I’ve been reading here and from others comments that having prominent Saturn in a chart can indicate being attracted to relationship with a wider age difference. (I don’t look older btw, everyone assumes we’re the same age)


This convo has been so interesting. It has been fun the times I have ‘met’ someone here with same placements or aspects, but this takes the cake. My Mars is in the 8th. My parents are still alive but my brother is not. Long story, but I have forgiveness issues surrounding that. I also decided to live near them after my brother died, even though I could possibly be happier somewhere else. Saturn near the MH is rough, IMO. I have heard about the age difference attraction, and I think it’s lovely! I’ve known a few couples like that and… Read more »

Lady L

Cool info: ‘Neptune and Jimi Hendrix”: http://www.astro.com/astrology/aa_article141201_e.htm

Eerily interesting re: the lifespans of the ‘Club of 27’ – Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Brian Jones.


Natal Jimmi Hendrix is conjunct exact my Lilith in 8th H.

I’m a voodoo child baby
I don’t take no for an answer
Question no

Didn’t burn guitars, but i did burn my dolls in 68 coz they pissed me off.


Boss 😉


😯 .. yeah dolls are creepy. Burn dolly burn!


My 8yo daughter is a guitar playing sun, jupiter & venus rising saggy, again with no earth- but then along comes Asteroid Jimi at 10 Cap, in gorgeous sextile to her scorp merc & pisces uranus trine! With Neptune conjunct Moon in Aqua, I’m sure she’ll be channelling him soon enough- would you figure so?


I hope so! please don’t let her stop learning and playing! (or at least, always encourage her through playing her the work of talented musicians, telling her stories, live shows, telling her she can do that too.. everything….regardless of what jimi is doing…
[frustrated musician here projecting own needs, lol x]

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