Insomnia Explained…Magically.

Remdios Varo

So, as we have been noting, the current astro-fuqery seems to be manifesting as (amongst other things) insomnia. I can totally attest to that. It’s a peculiar form of hell to flop into bed, exhausted and then be lying awake, too wired to sleep. Yet it’s everywhere at the moment. Ever since Mars began stimulating the Zap Zone that is Uranus square Pluto.

So, in an act of genius synchronicity, my friend Kim Falconer has just sent me some Melatonin, the so-called Hormone of Darkness and pineal gland enhancer.  Maybe we have to open the third eye to shut the other two? i plan to guzzle this with glee. It’s got a myriad of other benefits & basically we stop making it – like so many other spunky neurotransmitters and hormones – after Saturn Return.  But we can supplement them or take synergistic precursors to inspire our body to return to their manufacture. So there Saturn.

But it’s weirder. The Zap Zone is such a giant blast of outer space awareness pheromones that sleeplessness seems natural. We’re all on high alert and processing so much psychic stuff, even our normal dream-scape has altered. BUT the word “insomnia” comes from the Ancient Roman God of Sleep – Somnus.  His Greek counterpart is Hypnos. See image of pensive statue below.

And interestingly, Hypnos is an asteroid – number 14827 if you want to go on an astro-fiend bender via Astrodienst Extended Chart Options. Not only that, Hypnos is currently conjunct guess which planet? Uranus in Aries. So the asteroid named after the God Of Sleep is an integral part of the Zap Zone. Insomnia indeed. The world, the universe, whatever it is, is way weirder and more complex than we think.



Top Image: Remedios Varo – Insomnia – to illustrate sleeping pills advertisement – 1947
Bottom Image: Hypnos/Somnus – God Of Sleep

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Prince Stolas

Finally decent sleep! Something has shifted. So yay!


Older people still produce melatonin, just less. I think it just gradually declines with age, rather than just stopping at a certain age. People are just more wound up these days and are having trouble switching off. Life is just crazy at times. Getting faster and faster. People getting more and more tired. More and more out of balance. I had my first decent break for years in January. My sleep improved in quality and length. Unfortunately, my holiday has worn off and poorer sleep patterns have returned. I am convinced that people are starved of doing nothing. I know… Read more »


“starved of doing nothing” is right. If you’re not filling in every nano second of your existence being a super multi-tasking being, achieving, achieving, achieving, from hot-house babies to extreme-sport grannies, you’re nothing.
We’re burning up!
Being debt slaves will do it too.


Oops, that link was for this:


Oh to be nothing…

…in my yoga class room there is a blackboard and occasionally I go in there and there will be something profound written on the board, or at least an attempt at profundity.

So I thought I’d have a crack and wrote, “Something deep meaningful and profound”. My students were kind of baffled by this, so I rubbed it off and wrote, “NOTHING”, which seemed to get a better reception. 🙂


3AM again. I AM tired, I swear…ughhhhghghhghg this is such a bad cycle.


Snap! Finally remembered that id bought a lavender spray a few weeks ago and i sprayed it around my room. Shouldve done it earlier. But maybe because i disnt believe the insomnia had attacked me too. I usually have a warm shower and chamomile tea. Need to cut out the screen time in bed though for sure!


Hmm be careful with the Melatonin… not to sound like a scaremonger but I took it all of last year when I had to do a lot of travel it really helped me – i love the stuff and was regularly taking 10mg. But then the Germans did a study about it which basically said – they have absolutely no idea how it works, that 10mg was the maximum maximum dose anyone should take. That strangely enough in group studies it only seemed to work if you took it around 11pm at night, if you took it any later it… Read more »


Oh the tarot with its promises of the King of pentacles and all the cups. So many cups.

I’m going back to bed


If I don’t take Melatonin super early, it makes me mean. The first time I tried it, I dreamt that I escaped ritual sacrifice. I like Kava, it’s more mellow.

Hypnos conjunct my lilith in gem, opposite my moon/neptune. Huh.


Oh, and super weird: I just noticed that I have dents on all my fingernails. It looks like I wrapped rubber bands around every single one and left them there. Friend said it was probably from December. I was not physically ill, but super stressed then. Never fully processed my brother’s Dec. death and my uncle died plus other stuff. I also had a crystal healing, I think it was in Nov. When I was in the trancey state, I felt like I had strings tied to each of my fingers. I wish I could post a pic of these… Read more »


Lately 1am has been an early bedtime – most nights it’s 3:30 or so and up at 6. Sleep dep is its own hypnotic state. It’s not that I’m trying to sleep though – insomnia has never been a problem. Only when I’m visiting family and have to be dream weed sober do I have trouble falling asleep instantly (and only then do I really dream either, unfortunately). Hypnos on Algol, 12th house. Ha.
Leo daughter and lover boy both have Hypnos conjunct their suns, and both prize their dreamtime and do it very deeply.


I am absolutely on high-alert – last night as I was going to bed I had that sensation you get when you reach the top of the ‘peak’ on a rollercoaster – just before you plummet. I’m intuitively picking up on a LOT at the moment and the sense of inevitable change is making me very nervous. Moth symbols are everywhere. Pluto is in my natal 6th // Uranus is in my natal 8th. During the Zap Zone, Pluto lingered around my natal Neptune. Over the past 2-3 years I developed a mysterious chronic illness and jumped through a thousand… Read more »


Wow and wow. The assault is not cool. Hope you are ok. At work, a woman’s water lost her schizz (for real this time) and attacked her aunt and grandma. When my friend told me about her sister, I got a real bad feeling. She said she’s always been insecure and jealous. Are the Muggles wired or what. Hermes, that assault may be a one time thing, I hope so. But do contact a women’s shelter/crisis center to make a safety plan. They deal with everyone- trust me. They deal with politicians and modest folk, minister wives and dancers. Nothing… Read more »


Ok that was a woman’s sister lost her schizz- sorry- my phone is haunted tonight. Maybe St. Patrick sprites.


Thanks Kell 🙂 Funny you mention kick boxing because I’ve wanted to take up BJJ for ages. The ‘inner street fighter’ is definitely resonating. Also, I do need to heal. My sister was in an abusive relationship for years and we’ve talked about it – she understood how when it happens, you bury it down “to survive” and the pain emerges later when it’s “safe” for you to express it. I feel like I need to do something for that. I just got turned down for the third and final job I applied for recently. There are no others going…… Read more »


I have to break my melatonin pill into quarters, and take 1/4…I’m so sensitive to the stuff. If I take this tiny amount for more than three days, I start getting horrible nightmares, which is very unusual for me. I can’t imagine taking melatonin regularly, as some people suggest. Maybe my body does actually still make it, even though I’m well past my SR. I do live in a place with no man made lights at night, it’s just stars and such. As for insomnia, I don’t really call it that anymore. Insomnia assumes there is something abnormal or wrong… Read more »

virgo kathleen

Oh my gosh when you first started posting about insomnia I brushed it off. But WOW I have been so sleep deprived, so wired, so unable to focus, unable to do work. Things feel so intense, and I feel so incredibly burnt out. I’m at the point of sleep deprivation where you feel a little drunk and your reflexes aren’t so good. I don’t even know what to do any more, my work load continues to pile up, and I need a good long break. Spring break isn’t for two weeks…I’m going crazy. I keep reading either horror/paranormal blogs or… Read more »

virgo kathleen

I’ve got Hypno in 12th house Cancer, opposite my Cap moon + Neptune. Maybe it explains my weird sleep. I usually have trouble falling asleep right away due to anxiety. And when I do sleep I have intense and sometimes exhausting Neptunian dreams seemingly all night…

Avid ya

I have been sleeping badly for weeks (months…years). Stress. Last couple nights, slept well. Felt awake yesterday for first time in ages. Maybe Uranus Pluto square has been so intense for me that I’ve come full circle with the stress and my body realizes no point resisting?

Also did a salt cleanse / protection of house the night before last. I reckon that helped.


GAH I spoke too soon. Woke at 5am and wired. Don’t have to get up until 7am.

Well at least I have plenty of time to start the new 21 day meditation challenge. Lol


Also I’ve got Chiron at 18 Pisces, 11th house and Chiron return currently!


Check out Kell’s link above, Gemyogi! It was historically a fave, most productive time of day for writers & artists 😉


Oh– and the prolactin bit! lol


Yes I had read something like this before – interesting. I always wake a couple of times, but can usually fall back to sleep.


I’m doing the 21 day challenge too-can’t pick a goal! LOL!


I don’t really have a goal as yet. Apart from starting a meditation habit. I love deepak but just fast forward Oprah.


Im living in BLISS and do not know what all the current negative fuss, is about? I Choose not to own anything, other than manifesting love and gratitude. Sending you/us/me love and gratitude!


i have been wanting to do nothing these past few weeks but sleep! and i have so much work to do! i will have a full night’s sleep and wake up in the morning and still want to plop down for a snooze! may have something to do with LOVING dreamworld lately, because i’m not exactly TIRED. my mind just goes off to tell me a story as soon as i drift away. i actually just got up from a nap on the kitchen floor with my cats. the only place in the house where we get morning sun. natal… Read more »


I sleep. But when I’m still asleep after sunlight has appeared I have the weirdest dreams. My struggle is falling asleep earlier. During the hours I’m supposed to unwind, what I’m doing is watching videos of Mike Patton singing and being very taken by it, sometimes not knowing why. The other day it was Song to a Seagull by Joni Mitchell. I’m in bed but I’m listening to music, exhausted, yes but not sleeping. I have melatonin and those amber glasses. I should give them a try this week.


Conjunct Eros at 1gemini.

Like Invicta transiting on top of my aries 16 chiron in the 8th house. Dreams have been guided by the ghosts of bad decisions past.


Erotic dreams?


Nah, sadly my 8th house has been more of a death and taxes variety in this go round.


Amazing. I slept last night (finally) but had insomnia last week, and I take melatonin too. It does help with remembering psychic dreams.

Sending positive vibes to everyone!


I also think so much of the insomnia has been related to zapped adrenals, plus anxiety about the future mixed in as well. This is Cardinal energy we’re dealing with, and when so much in life seems out of our control, it’s bound to be experienced as unsettling. I think a huge part of the ZZ has centered on the theme of letting go of false notions about what we have control over. It may be helpful to realize that no matter what is going on in our individual lives, none of this is personal. Uranus & Pluto aren’t “picking… Read more »


Speaking of zapped adrenals, if you have adrenal fatigue (which I do, verified by crazy low cortisol levels in blood tests, not to mention having ALL the symptoms), be careful with melatonin. Actually you shouldn’t take it at all if you have adrenal issues because it causes hormonal imbalance. I took it before I knew this and can attest to the crazy, vivid dreams! Should be fine though if you don’t have adrenal issues. Since I do, I have good luck with taking L-tryptophan in pill form as well as that CALM magnesium supplement. Don’t overdose tho, otherwise it’s guaranteed… Read more »


Oh, also…that falling into bed exhausted but being unable to sleep thing?

That’s what people with adrenal fatigue people deal with EVERY NIGHT until you start healing yourself with diet, stress reduction, and supplements. Fun stuff.


Yes, yes re: melatonin & adrenal fatigue!! Especially for those with a mutable Mars (that’s Mars in Gem, Virg, Sagg, or Pisces) experiencing a hard Neptune transit!

Did you see my comment a few posts back about magnesium, LOL? Looks like we’re definitely on the same wavelength…! 🙂


I think I did see that – glad to have some back-up! Adrenal fatigue is a tricky thing to heal, and I am bad about consistency, even tho I know better. But the more you know….


It IS an upgrade. I’m running v8.0 currently 😉 Viva la ZZ!


Ha! And here I was thinking it was just a reference to that massive 8th H stellium….! 😉 You’re certainly no stranger to resurrections, are you?


yes! (I’m too tired to elaborate 😉 )


I am having TERRIBLE insomnia right now, a real fear of the pillow deal, like as soon as my head hits it the brain goes to places I don’t want it to go to. I’m literally staying awake until my eyes feel like they’re bleeding so I can pass out, it’s all very unpleasant. Re Melatonin, I love it but in moderation, I personally adore the crazy, intense, lucid dreaming side effects but if I use it too much it makes me depressed and makes my ability to sleep without it difficult. It is a hormone so I feel like… Read more »


I’m also having issues with sleeping alone which isn’t something that has ever bothered me in the past. Doesn’t sit well with my Scorp/Aries nature, feels like weakness which is just gross.


I fell into this pattern upon hitting mid 40’s: Article states that we have a long sleep cycle followed by being awake for an hour. Then a shorter sleep cycle, There is melatonin tincture- I find that better than pills. Available at health food places. Sometimes changing venue- couch, easy chair vs bed can help. Obviously dark room, no screens one hour prior ( I know, right!) I re read books that I enjoy- because there is no suspense or temptation to push on. This morning- a moment of silence for my steadfast companion- the coffee grinder. It gave… Read more »


My condolences on the passing of coffee grinder. He was a staunch ally & a good man. Chin up: he would have wanted it that way. x


Also, thanks for that link! It seems I’m falling into this pattern now, at 40, & even tho it’s against the “norm” it hasn’t felt abnormal. So I’m even more natural than I knew! 🙂 *Pro*


Valerian tea works chez nous. Awful scent.

Taurus Vixen

That explains the dreadful dreams I have been having. Took hours on Sunday morning to shake the gloom.


Weird. I had serious insomnia for months last year, but since jan and deciding not to stress about money/work/career, I’ve been sleeping 8-9 hours…


Insomnia! I could sleep for 12 hours, if I wasn’t letting the internet keep me up… I think the prob is that I am not giving myself enough (I.e. any) Pisces zone-in time…so all the messages and ideas and feelings that I have been keeping at bay since oh I don’t know late 2012 (death of father fried my brain) can only get through in a rush in the 7 minutes between lying down and falling asleep. I guess that was because any thoughts other than “ooh look internet is fun” and “fuq I have a class now” was laced… Read more »


So in my sleep deprived state I need to nail a presentation at work. I nailed it last week but now they want to see Death by PowerPoint, to see how well I do with boring my clients. I will have to do something cheeky sublime, to keep myself from zzzzzzz’s.


Omg I love decorating/illustrating power points lol! I’ll spend an hour putting salient points on slides, and then go hunting for days for just the right art to use as slide backgrounds & pics– then back to adjust slide layouts & fonts that work with the images I’m using (and *always* credit the work in my pp). I aim to create something visually stimulating to up the energy factor for my audience/self/work. Love it! Too much 😛

Have fun with it, Rocket!

Circe Baby

i always fall asleep immediately … But not last night.

Otherwise I swear by 5-HTP …


yes, I agree 5-HTP does indeed works! Just do NOT take it by accident in the morning-zzzz!


At the same time that Insomnia has hit me, I have become hyperaware of my thoughts and feelings, and what I need to do to right myself for receiving. The more sleep deprived I become, the harder it is to overcome the whining. My brain is tired. Yet the whining is the fuel that helps me reach higher. Meditation never felt better. Maybe that’s the message. Unite above this madness.

Aries gal

Natal Hypnos in 6th house… Admin and details put me to sleep ;)? It is conjunct transiting jupiter.. Hmmm


I love melatonin but I can’t take it past 9PM or I wake up groggy the next day and struggle to start up again. The sublingual kind is definitely the best!

I’m up late even though I need to be up before the sun to get some work done before meetings. Even reading this book on the history of Principia Mathematica and Godel’s proof isn’t making me sleepy. wtf.


Not even slightly surprised to see that my natal asteroid Hypnos is in the 6th nastily close to my Saturn in Gemini which naturally is T squared by my moon. Just shrugged, as usual with these random asteroid things I only check them out for novelty reasons yet they almost always make sense. So ok the insomnia asteroid being conjunct my Saturn in Gemini and being part of team “fuq me up” – er I mean, challenge you make you stronger (donns kaftan) hurumph. 14827- AKA asteroid insomnia is RIGHT NOW at the IDENTICAL DEGREE IN THE IDENTICAL HOUSE as… Read more »


” The dream sucked but god I had great hair in it.”

😀 this made me laugh like a crazy person at 2AM when roommates are asleep

Sorry to hear about the weirdness surrounding your trip…I’m so obsessive and neurotic id be selfishly grilling people over the phone just to get my own peace of mind (a TERRIBLE strategy!) good job staying calm and not jumping to conclusions/freak out mode until you can see what’s up for yourself.

Lady L

“I think there is something he doesn’t want me to see or know.”

Or maybe there is something his girlfriend doesn’t want you to know?

Hope your Dad is okay.
Safe travels!


Hypnos is the god of sleep, not insomnia – I think it’s just that currently being conjunct Uranus is rattling his nerves.

I would think having natal Hypnos – sleep – conjunct Saturn – structure – in the 6th – daily routine – would make for awesome sleep routine! Perhaps if you can do it sort of routinely.

and voila, you are cured 😉


Either sleeping for 12+ hour stretches with intensely vivid journeying dreams, or sleeping 3-4 hours, electrified and wide awake. Extremely physically active job doesn’t seem to be putting me to sleep anymore.

Picked up the sleep hygiene practices again, big time – no lights on at all after 9pm, no noise at all after 10pm. No caffeine or sugar after lunchtime. It’s helping my quality of sleep, at least.

So of course that’s transiting hypnos exact trining my 6th house saturn…. what else could it have been!

Ballad of a Thin Man

I gotta admit bad sleep past few days. But now got homeopathic sleep stuff. No side effects; just sleep.

Hypnos at 1d Kat but 12H…. ?


I love melatonin and take it nightly. It’s not legal without a prescription in this country, for some reason! Larger doses (say 20mg or more) can cause interesting dreams, maybe nightmares. 6-12mg, I sleep well.


I take 3mg, works OK for me. Legal without a prescription in the US, thankfully. I work nights so it’s very helpful after a busy night.


I *just* learned of Hypnos, the other week, because “The Dude” (Jeff Bridges?) has it conjunct his Moon – AND: he made an album to help you sleep! So sweet…

Naturally, I looked for mine, and lo and behold: Hypnos is also conjunct MY Moon!

SOUR CHERRY is the highest source of dietry melatonin.

RED WINE – of course. 😉

With Neptune transiting my Fourth House forever, and conjunct my South Node, it’s keeping me awake that’s the real challenge…


Insomnia City!
And when I do get some sleep it’s been a literal nightmare. Reoccurring visions of, well, erhm, fecal matter like, everywhere. Very disturbing as I’ve been dreaming I’m a prisoner in an ancient, haunted jail and I’m trying to survive in floor to ceiling human waste. I wake up gagging.
A Sh*t Storm indeed.

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