Ask Mystic: Easter Eclipse Strategy?

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Numero China Sofia Sanchez Mauro Mongiello

 Dear Mystic,

You’ve hinted that the coming Easter eclipse will be MORE amped up that the last … a real MFSB.

I shudder at the prospect. What the fuq should I expect?

At BEST there was a lot of tiredness and grumpiness about the week before the last eclipse, which was also more than just tinged with general zap zone INSANITY. I thought I would at least get stabbed by a coworker. Every guru and muggle on the planet felt it and we collectively quivered. It was actually thrilling to feel everyone at the end of one big rope, peering into the abyss.

I got my own insanity done a few days before, and how, thanks to the Zap Zone exact. It sent me bona fide NUTS, having a tendency as I do to be an early adopter of incoming astro.

I was at the lowest of ebbs and then suddenly, it came, it went, and I was Calmness Itself. A zany kind of calm. Thrilled to survive, etc. By the time it hit everyone else I was the EYE of the storm, a laughing Buddha, like someone awakening from nightmare and wide eyed with relief that it was JUST A DREAM. The eclipse has made me very WHATEVER FOREVER and thrilled to FEEL THE FEAR. WHATEVER FOREVER now seems like the most legit life mantra / philosophy / modus operandi I can conjure.

But I’m wondering what shizz will go flying around me in this next eclipse – should I batten down the hatches?? This is a “Love” eclipse of sorts. Will cities burn?

So Easter. I have a super luxe all-singing-all-dancing family weekend obligatory holiday production to attend – rookie, I know – which SHOULD be FUN but FUN might not be on the menu and I’m not sure I’ll be able to stay polite for more than ten minutes at a time before disappearing to the lavatory to recite my mantra or text my 19 year old lover.

This disappearing act generally gets noticed and commented on, which is the most benign solution I can hope for. Maybe I run off to the hills to do good old wheatgrass colonics or something?

For self preservation reasons might I want to put ALL complications in the deep freeze and just breath my way through this, like a week long childbirth?

Growing kinda deliciously DO NOT GIVE A FUQ.

Will this eclipse be as addled/addling/confused/confusing as my stream of consciousness ?

Queen Cap.

 Dear Queen Cap,

You sound capable of handling more or less anything so seriously, chill.  In fact, i think that your suggestion of putting ALL complications in the deep freeze until after Easter is genius.

With such a volatile vibe, you totally evade everything but the must-do complications and simplify everything as much as is humanly possible.

As for “hinting” about this Eclipse, i am aiming for clarity without alarm – Yes it is intense. Yes decisively fix potential trouble spots early rather than leave them to fix themselves.  Yes use it to work your own personal evolution rather than trying to make others over.

It’s actually a really hard balance to make happen: You want to be sedate and nourished enough to function in a time of non-stop merde events in the media  – “cities burn? Try Yemen” – and yet fired up enough to take advantage of the genuine opportunity for a radical neural reset.

If you think about it, you can use the objectivity of Libra to see all imbalances, all that is stopping you from achieving the innovative Pioneering potential of Uranus in Aries.

But obligatory duty-fuq engagements with people who may just be adept at triggering your Grudge Flashpoints and with sugar/alcohol/resurrection themes/lectures from (literally) the Papal pulpit on television?  I wouldn’t but I have Aquarius Rising.

I will be going on MORE about Easter in the Horoscopes but you could also think a la doing the most haute version possible of where-ever you have 14 Libra in your charts.

Image:  Sofia Sanchez & Mauro Mongiello – Numero Magazine

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130 thoughts on “Ask Mystic: Easter Eclipse Strategy?

  1. This eclipse is hitting my natal Uranus (chart ruler)/Moon conj at 14 Lib, opposing natal Chiron, squaring Jupiter and Sun and aspecting EVERY PLANET in my chart. That day. Right on the eclipse time. With Mars opposing my MC.


    Whole thing is lit up like a pinball machine.

    Supposed to do Confest with B/f.. (I’m not a massive camping fan)
    With relationship hanging on last threads?
    My stomach has been in knots since the first eclipse when shit got real and ’emotional/I’m not happy’ talk was had.

    Do I go?
    Do I run and hide?
    Thoughts, O sagacious ones?

    With thanks x

    • If you go to conFest with thread-hanger, go and use the experience – go prepared to blow it all up.
      Let him know what he is getting into first.

      You don’t strike me as someone who is going to run and hide, just as someone who usually has manners.
      I reckon there is inclement weather occurring in that area of your horoscope.

    • Agree with sphinx but: do you want to go anyway, will you have (or make) friends there anyway, if there’s a meltdown and BF cracks it? I wouldn’t go if you’re just going bc it’s the plan, or bc he wants to go. Be prepared to be honest with your emotions and don’t get guilted or dragged into any drama.

      Best to have an escape plan and a separate tent or your own transport 😉

    • it sounds like things could blow (up).

      where would you prefer to be in that scenario, and, given Uranus is involved, where would you be safest?

      I know wherever you run, there you are, but maybe you don’t need isolation/long journeys to be a part of the landscape?

      • All good points. Thanks all. I’ve said I’d go for a few days only, not the whole time. There will be extra tents, friends there that I know, and alt transport so could beat a retreat if need to.
        Might also be good to be away from ‘the familiar’ and automatic modes of being, if only to work through things. Get clear.
        If things crack he’s pretty respectful person so I believe I’d be ok.
        Thanks for your thoughts guys, really appreciate xx

  2. Technically my Pluto is just out of range at 8* Libra, but given the brevity of this full moon eclipse, as well as my Pluto being conjunct my Moon (6* Libra)– and in the 7th house, no less– I don’t think a degree or two really fuqing matters here.

    I’m officially feeling it from Now: just woke from a dream wherein my real-life ex-bff (who left me high & dry 5 yrs ago this Spring) shafted me *again* when I entrusted her with some rare herbs. Stage fright or pragmatic advice to heed irl? I don’t know yet. It’s early.

    But hey wtf check this out: see asap the doco Bettie Page Tells All! Then after you see it, Please Mystic won’t you facilitate a discussion re Bettie’s astro (+ predom transits of the time during which Bettie was modeling, & after)? LOL Soz, I’m sure you’re whipped just like the rest of us– I’m excited having just watched it, it’s really… deep in themes. An intense life & legacy.

  3. 5th house, pluto @ 11 same as y’all.
    motherhood. HUGE stream. nonstop since monday.
    find out my mother status behind breakup.
    (freaking out about motherhood anyway. progressed ceres and pluto now conjunct by less than a degree)
    have really honest and deep convo with new excellent friend about her desires and fears of such.
    best pluto sister finds out unexpectedly pregnant
    realize breakup is all about HIS mother, oedipus noooooo. ew. clarity. moving on.
    whilst still reeling from this revelation, ex-hub calls in middle of the night freaking out about HIS mother! we hadn’t spoken about her in years.
    today, MY mother dismantled her childhood home and we mourned her mother, my grandmother, together.
    then my brother’s ex who may or may not be pregnant but is definitely making a show of being such got in contact for the first time in months.
    this is too much motheriness. i know i have kids, but i avoid this shit like the plague.
    this eclipse is fuqing mad.
    there’s still a week to go.

    • While my 4th is Virgo ruled, Libra pretty much owns the pie.
      My Pluto is at 4 deg, so thankfully I miss out on that.
      We are adopting no.2 kitty today.. plus there is other stuff mothering wise going on.

      Hope your week improves!

      There is an amount of mother energy that for sure is ‘enough’, I think you scored the motherlode there. 😉

  4. Hey, I know I’m a little late to the party, but does anyone have any idea of what the haute version of my astro is? Mars and Saturn conjunct Libra (13 and 15°) 6th house. Also square Sun and North node conjunct Cancer (9 and 13°, 2nd and 3rd houses respectively). Zaps seem to be causing weird nonspecific health issues, which is my pysche’s fave way to get my attention. But for what?!! I’m so sick (literally) of 6th house and Saturn issues…

    • Mars and Saturn natally conjunct usually denotes someone who has to work hard and often re-go over areas previously worked on. A love interest of mine has it in his 3rd house. He can’t take any short-cuts or “get rich quick” sort of things lest being punished by the universe. If this is in your 6th house do not scrimp on your health. Safeguard in the best possible way. 6th house also rules small house pets like cats and dogs as well as daily house chores.

  5. My 14 Libra is the IC exact. Do I skip out on family Easter, take my little cousin to the aquarium on a later date to compensate for my absence, and go to my boyfriend’s family’s instead? They can be boisterous. Do i hide all together or face my own fam head-on/coloring in the basement with my mini fairie cuz? Rocks and hard places.

  6. Jup in 2H RetroF%&*ingGrade trine Uranus- just for the schock value. I got hit with a 30k demand of money for a supposed overpayment. The Ed Dept owe me $150K for lost wages and they have the temerity to ask for it back. Well my KatSun/Asc and natal Jup in Scorp squaring transhitting (great topical word- wished I thought of it) retro Jup is welcoming such news; akin to using your testes as brakes sliding down a 30mt razor blade. I think my midpoint Sun/Moon is Aries opps Libra; with this news somewhere around the 14deg mark + my SN at 6deg Aries in da vicinity.

    I think ZZ has lag effects

  7. I am officially giving up this birthday and pretending henceforth to be born in early June. If I AM the zap zone, I make up new rules. Eris and I are going good to whatever damn wedding we want. Like a neon Edina and Patsy

    • Lol, that’s hilarious. I’m a teacher and this week I got a new student named ERIS. Not even joking. She is sweet as pie, but I’m like holy hell the symbolism of this… Eris is on my chiron which was just transited by venus and Mars is headed towards them now. Ooof.

  8. Just left the hospital
    Baby boy is 2 days overdue and docs have booked an induction
    4th of APRIL

    I’m thinking why does that sound so familiar…
    What is happening THEN?

    Full moon eclipse aka red blood moon that’s what!

    Ending of an era from mid 2012 that’s whAt!

    Totally applicable B-)

    We are in full swing with natural induction methods

    I sure would love my son to have a cancer (like his daddy) or leo (amazing) moon which will occur this weekend/early next week

    So fingers and toes crossed 🙂

    • Wow!! That is insane astro – in the best possible way!
      After all power is just power, what you do with that counts.
      That is a LOT of fire, I think the a Cancer Moon sounds d’lish as I am partial to them, but then the Leo moon would be in trine to just about everything and you are an aries gal after all.

      Fingers crossed for you! This a super entrance to planet earth, lots of luck to you and blessings at this time, xx.

  9. ugh, I understand. anxiety is everywhere. Its in the ether. Im getting hit by this eclpise, too. My pluto is 19 libra, second house…sigh.

    I even went to look onto the eclipses of the entire year…so, yeah every eclipse is basically knocking at my door.

  10. Eclipse season saw the end of my van…RIP. Pluto through the 2nd house and I was suspecting the ZZ would take down my car at any minute, as Pluto has been tearing down my material world for some time…for two years I braced myself at every ZZ exact, but she pulled through…until this Monday.

    You say the eclipse season is a test of what we have learned the last few years- well, I did great!

    When the transmission blew, I didn’t panic. I didn’t have a meltdown like the last 4 times this happened (yes, FOUR TIMES FOUR VEHICLES). I was all grace under fire. I junked the van, got my shit together and fantasized about my next car. I thought gratefully of how I won’t have to move the stinking thing every other day for street cleaning in Manhattan. I was grateful that I wasn’t on the side of the highway and grateful my friends stepped in and helped me, unlike the last few times. I was zen.

    I know cars are not the biggest deal- mundane stuff, right?- but Pluto in the 2nd has taught me quite a different story. Your personal resources ARE a big deal. And they are fraught with their own cache of warped beliefs and bad habits…

    Also strange eclipse love weirding: I slept with my ex to get over the guy I had originally hooked up with to get OVER my ex. And they cancelled each other out!

    I realized rebound guy was never going to be intimate, available or emotional the way it was when I was with ex, and realized that my ex is still my ex despite the beautiful connection we have/had. And I am REALLY feeling the “shun all complicated merde” vibe, so I disposed of both of them asap.

    NOW I’M FREE!!!!!!

    • FOUR times?!? O_o DAYUM!

      You are either supremely unlucky (which is entirely possible), or perhaps a gentle reminder that the transmission fluid/filter does need to be changed every once in a while might be due? Not being snarky at all – seriously just looking to help avert the potential of a 5th instance and staunch the (fiscal) bleeding – I know what a long transit this is!

      As a very general Public Service Announcement to ALL: Just sayin’ that Pluto in Capricorn through the 2nd favors investing a little preventative maintenance into one’s *things* BEFORE they break down irreparably and get past the point of no return – don’t wanna literally drive something into the ground via (accidental or otherwise) neglect!

      If Pluto has put his pincers (aka dirty paws) on our bank account (and he so loves to create voids/vacuums wherever he goes, doesn’t he??), perhaps this could serve as renewed call to put into practice our financial triage skills? In other words, determine the number/extent of casualties involved to figure out what the High Man on the Totem Pole is and proceed in a hierarchical fashion in order to prevent future breakdowns of any “things” that we would rather *not* see buried. But the second house is about what we own, and chances are during this transit we’ll be sinking money into *something*. The question is: Are we better off making an investment in proper care and maintenance, or do we say “fuq it!” and let it go till it the fuqer breaks, hopefully bankrolling any capital we’ve saved in not throwing cash at a moneypit?

      It’s the same in any other area of life, really – Pluto in Capricorn through any house tends to fuq us hardest when things have been allowed to sink into a long, drawn-out state of (gradual) deterioration over time. There are usually warning signs long before whatever it is actually shits the bed – especially when we had the Saturn/Pluto mutual reception still in play. Yes, we could always make a restoration project out of it (whatever the “it” is in our life), but sometimes when we sit down and do the actual math of a cost/benefit analysis, it’s just not worth the investment of time/money/effort…

      • L Venus- Excellent points all around.

        My car tragedy journey started with me as a hapless fool who had never heard the term “oil change” evolving into a maintenence nut who does all the work BEFORE the breakdown- I guess my next lesson is no more automatic transmissions! And perhaps once again bumping up my knowledge.

        I really feel like cars are little microcosms of ourselves- don’t laugh.

        And transmission is a very big deal. That’s what keeps you going…I liken my constant transmission issues to my constant issue of getting stalled and lost in life.

        Through all of this I’ve been steadily gaining power over an area where I was once seemingly powerless. Such is Pluto’s way. Get to the bottom of it yourself or you’ll get thrown there repeatedly.

        As for money wellllll I kind of suck at money. Neptune natal in the 2nd has given me a typical blindspot.

        Even still, I’ve come a long way. I used to consistently hit rock bottom and everything would fall apart. I have learned to manage my income- I just haven’t learned the art of making much (deffo more than before, but not where I want to be).

        I’ve also become a more of a minimalist and am tightly neurotic about clutter and what I choose to keep.

        Next- my body. I have managed to keep my weight twenty pounds down from my usual numbers for the last three years. Now 20 more to my goal. I went from hating myself and having severe binge eating issues coupled major self esteem problems to focusing on feeling good and strong and working through my reasons for binging.

        My Pluto in the 2nd journey for you all!

        Also it’s Uranus in my 5th that’s the real jerk!

        • shoot i have uranus transhitting my 5th and it hasn’t done crap for me. zero. nada. still dateless.

          Pluto in the 2nd has made posessions more tangible and more “official” with the proper paperwork it seems. Money means more to me now than it ever has. When i achieve it, I feel good which is a different feeling than i have ever experienced.

          • Uranus through my 5th has brought a long march of crazy unavailable Aries men. I guess Neptune squaring my Venus isn’t helping. But seriously, every person I have dated since Uranus entered my 5th has been a chaotic nut AND an Aries, except for a crazy Libra for a few weeks. But rest assured, he was also nuts and impossible to pin down.

            • Ha! I do have a crazy Aries sort of courting me now. But we’ll see. He is Crab Moon so he’s got to do his little sideways dance for me. I don’t put up with half-hearted ‘courtships’ anymore, because I’ve been rejected in so many heinous ways in the past, I REQUIRE that a man show undisputed interest in me. No Katy Perry hot-cold bullshit.
              Heinous ways I’ve been rejected range from boyfriend secretly marrying ex-gf while on spring break with me during grad school to men claiming I am stalking them plus ‘rapey’ towards them when they are the ones that have done that to me. So yes…so done with all of that. The men must step over the line marked in the sand for me to make any moves.
              It’s too bad my area is filled with cowards.

              But yes, i know what you mean I have a Neptune sq my Venus as well.. sucks.

            • I’ll see your Neptune sq Venus, & raise you with a heavy T-sq including Jupiter & Saturn, too. Sucks, indeed. And blows.

            • I’ll see all that and raise you a natal Chiron in 7th opposite my venus/uranus conjunct in 1st, with transiting saturn conjunct venus and transiting neptune square that venus, AND natal moon square natal neptune. I often feel like love is for normal people. I viciously guard my independence while longing sadly for someone to share my life with. Then I turn into a love zombie as soon as someone shows interest. Yes…I’m in therapy lol

            • yes, i feel that. Love seems to be things that only normal people get to have.

            • Ha you are my peeps. I see you and raise you Venus-moon conjunct Chiron (in the 12th), opposite Uranus, and square Saturn, and Neptune on the DC amped up by Jupiter. Love is pain and madness and fantasy and loss and that’s all there is to it. No cute for this zombie.

            • Boy howdy, can I ever commiserate, aka … thank God for nature hikes (and wine, don’t forget to bring the wine) 🙂

            • Word of warning about making that line in the sand and making them cross it themselves: even that can backfire.

              I just did this with the last Aries and he just kept coming at me and coming at me and when I finally decided he was interested enough to stop backing off he totally bailed.

              For some men, the challenge of someone running from them is like a rolling ball and they’re like a dog chasing it…then it stops moving and they aren’t having fun with it anymore.

              Solution: words matching actions, actions matching words, and a feeling of trust in your guts!

            • Do you happen to know the moon, ASC, mars and venus of your aries men?

              This particular one is cancer moon, unknown asc, venus in Toro, & Mars in cap.

              i get the feeling once he picks one, he will stay. but he puts off the picking part of a long time. He’s also got a tight trine with Uranus to his Sun, so like me, he values independence whether he realizes it or not.

            • Yeah, that sounds like someone who is capable of sticking around…unless the zap zone is jammed up his but.

              The only Aries I properly dated for a length of time was Aries rising, Venus and Moon in Gemini, Mars in Cancer. I’m fairly sure it was his Mars in Cancer and my Mars in Cap that kept us holding on.

              The last Aries disaster was Aries rising, Venus and Mars, too. With Sun, Venus, Mars and Merc in the 12th. He was more interested in chasing and non committed drunken encounters. Aqua moon, too.

        • I fully support manual transmissions – fuq automatics! Uncomplicate, because less complex = cheaper to fix. Having to stick a clutch in a car is much more economical than having to buy a new/rebuilt transmission – in that case, might as well just leave it for dead on the side of the road. One better? Call a junk yard – if some other parts of the car are decent to where they can part it out, they’ll give you some $ for it and haul it away for you. Even if the car isn’t worth shit, its weight in scrap metal alone (why hellloooo, Pluto!) should net you at least a couple hundred bucks.

          Transmission burning up on you and leaving you stuck and unable to shift gears could indeed be very metaphorical – I would never laugh at you. Where do you need the gear shift in life? Where are you in danger of riding a situation into the ground, and what’s stopping you from taking the next exit ramp instead? All rhetorical questions for further contemplation.

          Sympathies, my darling! But play your cards right and that Pluto through your second is going to be your ticket to financial empowerment, you’ll see. Prioritize, uncomplicated, live lean and mean, eliminate debt, and you’ll find all kinds of gold in Pluto’s shadow. You’ll find strength and resources you had no idea you even fuqing had – you can do this! Look also at any core self-worth issues that may be energetically driving things underneath the surface, because with Venus/Pluto this is often the case.

          This is also the king of the repurpose/recycle/second-hand transits, FWIW. Not only in terms of what you own, but also in terms of generating potential revenue.

          • Yes, so TRUE. And I did scrap the thing for a couple hundred bucks.

            I don’t know what needs to “shift” but I do know I need to get to the next gear and I don’t know how.

            Both of my attempts to go to school seemed completely wrong for me and I bailed both times.

            I want to move away from New York but I keep finding myself stuck trying to hold on to what little security I have- I don’t feel like I have enough skills to just go jumping around starting over any time I want. And I’m not really feeling the need to go thumbing across America aimlessly with a backpack…

            So yeah…something is definitely holding me back.

  11. the closest thing i’ve got is part of fortune at 10 libra. i’ve never much dug into the meaning of the p fortune itself, so i have no idea what could be the haps with it during this eclipse!

    LOVE your letter, queen cap. you DO sound very CAPable.

    • I’ve got my PoF at 13Lib along with Ceres. Moon nearby at 17. I spent $$$ on beaucoup herbs to make medicine and makeup!

      Feeling pretty stellar.

      So sans Ceres and moon, take some joy in the finer things! Flowers, essential oils, fabrics, oh my!

      • lovely! i did just buy a 1lb bag of rosemary…going to use it for hair oil treatments, bath soaks, and ritual candles! amongst other things…1lb of dried rosemary is a lot, hah! have fun with your things xx

        i also just went thrifting. got home and realised that most of the items are gold or accented in gold. …the moon isn’t even in leo yet! hahaha.

  12. mars at 12 libra in 9H, saturn at 15 libra in 9H, MC at 18 libra. my friend who i want to be in a relationship with, has his moon/uranus at 13/14 libra. so yes, hes at the tail end of his uranus opposition (he got formally divorced 2 years ago, after a very long separation).

    the grand cross affected me and him individually and affected our relationship since 2012, my sun is 7 cancer in my 7H, my NN is 13 cancer in my 7H, SN 13 Cap. He has the libra planets, and his venus/mars at 4/7 cancer, his jupiter at 7 cap. his chiron is 16 uranus, my IC is 18 uranus.

    this eclipse is going to be big, i feel. but as of yesterday… i feel more hopeful and less afraid of whats coming… i know i’ve learned the lessons i needed to learn from pluto/uranus, and i’ve applied them to my lifestyle and my behavior patters in the last few years. in the process, i’ve transformed the patterns in our relationship with each other. i do agree that this will be what moves us towards the next level of our relationship, or brings it to a close… and i’m at peace that God’s at the hand of the wheel, and what ever happens is happening for a reason, and ultimately for the best.

    working my mars in libra diplomacy, saturn in libra structure in my relationships, pluto conjunct my SN (transformation of past patterns).

    when uranus hits my IC soon, i expect some major changes at home and with family… that should be an interesting transit.

    • “it has been decreed that though shall desist in importing crystals from China before though hast paid off thy college loans and bought groceries. Insert His name we pray…”

  13. Libra 0 degrees asc 1st house
    Neptune 14 degrees in 4th house

    I just found this out the degrees now. Didn’t know neptune would be affected too. And I don’t really know what it means or how it will manifest.

    Yesterday I received an email from the director of a language institute asking for a meeting to discuss ideas to see if I want to partner up with my site etc. So excited but definitely playing it cool. I don’t want to take a decision that will be a conflict of interest for the current language school I work.This time I have to learn to give value to my work and ask for a proper rate that I feel comfortable with. The summer retrograde of saturn into scorpio will be in my 2nd house so I’m wondering if that is coming in to check if I’ve learnt enough about values, monetary issues etc.

    Things are going well at work. Really enjoying my work and my colleagues are the best. I’m applying for a part time post that has come up that utilizes all my skills and will bring in a bit more money before I reach struggling point. Colleagues are helping me with writing a good application. Couldn’t have asked for better people around me.

    Health – had 3 days of stomach massages and they were divine. felt the knots go. felt the pain go. On the second day broke down and let all the emotions wash over me. It was super cathartic. Now, I’ve started the internal medication drinking foul liquid for a month. I see progress and then I don’t. Still its only been two days. As long as its a climb up however slow i’m a happy bunny.

    Love – the March 16th eclipse ended something big, i’ve turned over a new leaf. The April 4th one will be in my 1st house. I”m going to a conference with my family. I can’t see it being about love. But new beginnings yes in so many ways. This time last year the eclipse didn’t affect me until May. And then it hit the fan. I remember a work offer had come in which I ended up applying for and getting. I’m already revisiting all that from last year this year but its much less intense. And it’s an ending too.

    Over and out xx

    • Just recieved news of my masters application. Unsuccessful. The tutor who was helping me with my application emailed back with a brilliant reassuring explanation for possible reasons why. Timely email because it stopped me descending into negative self-talk.

  14. I have Pluto at 14 Libra in 9th house. Feel that big changes are happening — my emotions have been running all around. But doing housework and making my own meals has grounded me for now. Also have gone to visit my dad’s Labrador a couple of times — the sweetest boy dog who loves me and is the best to hug.

  15. You here I was thinking escaping domesticly violent marriage, multiple lay offs, unemployment, clawing my way through NEIS and the loss of my home and middle aged return to living with parents was my ZZ experience and I had sort of managed it…. Til someone smashed into me (she went through a giveaway sign) and totalled my car – yes I have comprehensive car ins but also have car loan – ins tell me the market value is what I will get – alot less than what I paid. So loan for a car I don’t have and yay get to buy a shitbox

    Neck and shoulders have been a big problem – still have bruising on entire left hand from weekend acupuncture which makes typing etc very painful and now in even more pain

    FUQ when will this be over…..

  16. 11 pluto libra in my 11th house. My 12 house starts at 13 libra. Choose company wisely and take some salt baths. Just recieved my box of candy fr the for the kiddos. No naff candies this year!

  17. And whatever you do, don’t sit on the pink psycho bunny’s lap for photographs..

    Augh eclipse right in the middle of my stellium knocking up a handful of planets and asteroids!

  18. Novice question. My mc is at 15 libra and right through my 9th and 10th house.
    So when Mystic suggests doing haute version of where you have libra – do i do my north node?
    Thanks astro gems xoxo

    • Same! I’ve also got the MC at 16 splitting right down 9th/10th house. I’ve also got my North Node exactly at 14 Libra in the 9th and my Libra Sun at 13 in the 10th. Venus and Pluto also in Libra in the 9th but not as close to 14 degrees. In a word, YIKES. I’ve been on a crazy process of life/work evolution but this one really does feel like a doozy. I’m not doing family stuff on Easter, but I now realize I need to create a proper plan. Advice appreciated.

  19. Oh my. If this is ramping up to be the Eclipse de la Eclipse, I ought to get packing (quite literally – broke up with bf of 4.5 years on the day of the last one; must now be out of house by the 5th). Loving the no-fuqs-given energy though. Very much my Cap moon. Which just happens to be conjunct the Cap moon of a new hottie who happened into my life four days before said Eclipse. Exciting.

    Mystic, I have a question: what, if anything, is the significance of broken glass/breaking possessions in the lead up to the Eclipse? I had, in no specific order, my phone screen break, my sunglasses crack their lens, glasses shatter randomly in my cupboard plus (as a result of all this weirdness) an uber-awareness of broken glass in my surrounds. Had a chat to my Mama and we hit upon the idea of the Jewish/Greek tradition of breaking glass/plates to symbolise an unreversable change. Thoughts?

    • In the last 3 weeks or so I’ve broken two glass coffee presses, about 3 wine glasses and a china teacup. Just keep shattering stuff. I’m not usually clumsy, take care of my things, and keep them for years. Bizarre!

    • Woah. I have broken many glasses in my day, including a stone goblet, but that is a lot at once. Sometimes when I can’t figure something out, I just do an Internet search on dream symbolism since it probably means the same thing in waking life.

    • And in other bizarro news, half my power in my house went off last night. One of the safety switches tripped and I had no power in power points downstairs which meant fridge and microwave went off. But lights were working! My range hood has been buzzing strangely and one light flickering… need to call an electrician! also, my lovely electric kettle has finally died after 7 years. I loved that kettle!

      Uranus, is that you??

    • Yes! I threw a small toy at a wooden toy chest – feeling very zappy. The energy I threw it with cause the hinge of the lid to break and fall over. The toy itself? Tiny, completely unable to damage anything the way that occurred.

  20. I’be pored over my chart and there are so many things happening I can’t even remember. Eclipse of course then Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, etc I can’t keep up. All I know is –

    – My cat ( who I think is Pisces) appears to be loving the current energies. Constant chatter, dilated pupils, obsessive cuddling aka. Hes acting like he’s on E. Kitty loves low ebb energies and you should see him on a full moon ESPECIALLY a Leo ful moon omg it’s like Liberace meets Hannibal Lecter

    – I’m feeling absolutely nuts / dissociating / Who am I? What is life? Etc

    – Libra 14 is in my 2nd and Jupiter in my 1st. Feeling frazzled and can’t figure out what I’m supposed to DO and my brain just keeps chanting that a good blow out for my hair would u at FIX EVERYTHING and now I’m off to buy expensive shampoo just for the smell…

  21. Hmm I have natal Pluto @ 11 degrees Libra in my 4 th house…. Do the wise astro folks here have any thoughts? Thanks 🙂

        • Well, unplugging before you leave the house never hurt either. I always unplug the coffee pot and make sure the dryer door is ajar before I leave the house. One day the dryer started another cycle on its own and it freaked me out. Haven’t bought a new one yet.

          • Actually, may be a great time to clean the dryer pipes. Once I lost a ring so hubs took out the hose and I swear it was a fire hazard like none other. I never realized how dangerous they can be.

  22. Just reading the 1st paragraph and i must respond……
    so glad i know mediation yoga mindfulness and many other mystical magical mind maze guidances.
    You find your core and your core is balanced strong with a plumb line from the earth right up through your body to the galaxies/universe multi verse, anyways something waaay bigger than us, collectively or solo.
    Critical mass, what if x amount of ‘us’ put our foot down and said ‘stop’ rearrange’!

    While the Peg is philosophising, the potatoes burnt dry in the heat of the moment 🙂

    • I’ve done that meditation Pegs, where the energy draws up through the middle, right up through crown chakra into the universe. I find it very grounding, thanks for the timely reminder!

  23. Pluto Libra 16 in the Fifth – sq Mars and trine Jupes.

    I will be doing a cooking class in Bali on the next eclipse day with another PlutoLibran. I was planning on stopping by the village I stayed in last year where we were drawn into the village funeral celebration and shared some special times…. Amazing people, amazing! Also going to this place where they have the most beautiful silver jewellery before heading back down from the hills to find a spot to soak up the moonlight.

      • It is exact on my NN 13 degrees Libra in the 4th. I am already feeling it. Karmic patterns in relationships resurfacing for a big ol dredging of muck and mire and hopefully transformation…?

        Went on a date last week and had to SIT on my hands when i got home (relieved, as it was the most boring 2 hours I wished i’d spend reading a book at home instead) not to text him what i thought he wanted to hear, when i actually do not like/am not attracted to him. Hmm. What is THAT about.
        All sorts of relationship stuff coming up. Awful email from self-obsessed narcissist forcing me to assert myself which has brought up a lot of trauma, too.
        Looking forward to the intensity abating…

        • Hey but i just realised i did a good manifestation of it! I just booked my first ever pilates classes to help my back / neck pain (which, ironically, i am always getting when i put myself second to others).
          Libra = balance, and so does pilates!

  24. Well, that’s on my true node – what does it mean? Full speed into my Libran future? And my true node is trine my natal mars and sextile my natal uranus….now I’m totally freaking out. Help!!!

  25. I have natal Pluto in Libra at 13 degrees – first house!
    Transiting Uranus is currently opposite my natal Pluto.
    Transiting Pluto SQUARING my natal Pluto.

    Is it safe to travel?

    I pinged currently:
    Natal Saturn 11 degrees (11th h)
    Natal Uranus 11 degrees Scorp (2nd h)
    Natal Neptune 16 deg Sagg (3rd h)

    • Hey, similar here – I have Pluto at 13 and a bit Libra, conjunct my IC.
      Maybe the travel depends on what sort. For example, our fellow humans in that awful air crash can’t all have been experiencing the same kind of transit… :/
      But things like hard aspects between mars and Uranus, and maybe the 3rd or 9th house maybe? Or Jupiter, mercury, as representative planets of the signs that tend to get around…? Just guessing…

    • I’m 11 pluto libra in the 11th. That’s pretty easy for me to interpret. Fortunately, because I have other aspects that I’m all huh? about. It is hard though, that it deals with friendships and groups. I also have NN at 18 libra in the 12th.

    • Venus at 13′ and in the 7th house. I don’t WANT or NEED anymore lessons or hammering home of the point thank you very much. Slightly dreading what’s gong to come up.

  26. Only place I have libra is in 2nd house but at 24deg. Nourish my bank account? Find a new job or rediscover a tolerance for my current one?

    I had a perfectly good plan which originally ended just post zap. Now it looks like it’ll be peaking around the 5th. I shudder…

    • So I got a few acupuncture sessions booked in for the coming week. Who wants to go into an eclipse with blocked Qi. Not me.

  27. As for moi, I will be in NYC with 80 high school kids- doing up Broadway, Opera, Times Square. Traveling home all night on the 6th- arriving back – please gods- the 7th. Navigating two major Spring holidays. What could go wrong?! LOL!!

    Bringing muggle spray and crystals. Advil and Pluto juice. Knee wrap and velvet shawl.

    14 Libra in my 11th- Venus at 12 Libra starts my Via Combusta quintuplets- Sun, at 19 Libra, NN at 22. Merc and Moon dawdle in the 12th. In Uranian astro- my Asc at 14 Scorp is in for a minesweeper- 30 degree aspects shake stuff up in their system.

    Curious and cautious!!Elated to not be around for holiday weekend.

    Operating close to home base more and shoring it up. Relishing time with teens. Nourishing mind and body.

    Agree with writer- it’s bats out there. But if you already work in a Bat Zap Zone, it’s not as dodgy. We do disaster drills- hoping we don’t need them. No blue devil Hoochie juice since it’s a school trip. But

    Teens were wild-wired in martial arts class last night. You could feel the thrum.

    Happy Thursday!

    • that’s interesting. I was wondering about 30º aspects!

      My Venus is in the same place….it does feel exposed, but for those of us who’ve been working WITH the Pluto square, could be good 🙂

    • God, everything has been so intense lately I never get a chance to even catch a breath. I’m just trying to get through everything in one piece. I had a total crying breakdown earlier in the week and that’s atypical of me. I am very sleep deprived and stressed. I’m working on my graphic design portfolio – the deadline is looming closer and closer. (I’m a student, there’s a big judging event at the end of the semester etc). Everyone is so sleep deprived and stressed, and there’s just so much pressure. Ugh.

      I have written down – from a daily Mystic a week or so ago maybe – “Stay on mission and remember that some big transformation project you are trying to make happen can best be timed to come together by April 8. That will be like the new paradigm, the higher level you have gotten to.”

      Seriously thanks for that Mystic, those words are keeping me sane and I’m living and breathing them lately.

      So anyway I am aiming to have my portfolio done by that date, give or take, so that I’ll have a few weeks to make tweaks, expand things, mock things up, etc, and everyone else is left in my dust when it’s all due for real.

      I feel like I’ll look back on this time and know I’m taking this all a little too seriously and this probably sounds weird to anyone else but that’s where I’m at right now.

      • Sounds fab, not weird at all. We’re zapping along with you in our own ways, trying to make it through. I take screen shots all the time and refer to them later. It’s proven great for pattern recognition of what I need to pay attention to.

  28. My Mercury at 14 Libra in 8th – should I be planning to be diplomatic, discreet and equanimous without going nuts in the process? (Mantra: stay haute, stay haute, this too shall pass!!) Thanks Mystic for the heads up x

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