The Virgo Voodoo Queen

Charles Gandolfo

Her life was a brazen blur of the craft, publicity stunts and enterprising vim beyond the then norm for women but a few things are clear about Marie Laveau, the reigning “Voodoo Queen” of New Orleans in the early 19th Century.

– She cast spells, staged public “miracles” and worked variously as a hairdresser (with magical skills), brothel madam and illegal (?) liquor importer. Very resourceful, very Virgo.

– She had a pet snake called “Zombi” – apparently this is the name of the Haitian Snake God, so called zombie trances are a form of astral travel AND zombies are able to be “cured” via salt, classically one of the most magical substances of all. Putting a line of it across your threshold is still a quick, guaranteed go-to if you are feeling threatened, over-whelmed or strung out.

– People still see “Queen Marie” in New Orleans to this day. You could obviously trust a Virgo Voodoo Priestess to keep up a vigorous and efficient haunting regime, right?

– She had heaps of kids – one of her descendents became the first African-American Social Secretary for the White House.

– Her legacy lives on in surreal fashion through culture and art:  She has inspired Neil Gaiman, become a Marvel Comics protagonist, a character in American Horror Story and is the subject of this awesome poem.



Marie Laveau Marvel


Top Image: Charles Gandolfo – Bottom Images: Marvel Comics

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Libra Moon Conjunct Pluto

Madame Marie Laveau! She was a jill of many trades, including midwife and humanitarian (freed many slaves and helped people in trouble). Those things along with her magic (literal and figurative) definitely gave her stature in New Orleans! New Orleans (a.k.a. The Crescent City or NOLA) and its region possesses intense feminine energy! I felt it for the first time when I went there, post-Hurricane Katrina, in 2006. I didn’t know a lot about the place, but the energy just hit me. I then learned about Madame Laveau, it definitely added to the vibe! I suspect that since NOLA is… Read more »


Fascinating post, and woman, Mystic. I think there are many Voodoo Maries around, leading quite normal lives. I met my own Voodoo Marie (her actual nickname) soon after I started work in a London clinic. One day, she came to visit the clinic to say her goodbyes to the staff, as she was going back to Ghana. I was sitting on a couch with my shoe off, clutching my foot. I told her how I had accidentally stood on a bee and was stung on the instep, a few weeks before, and how it would flare up with insane burning… Read more »


WOW! Incredible story! 😀


yes, I concur! Amazing story!!


That’s beautiful.


this is amazing.


Ah this is perfect. I just spent the last 3 days binge-watching True Detective and now am obsessed with the soundtrack. Poisoned Creole soul. It seems so Virgo-Pisces everyday magick. NOLA is the only remaining American city I need to visit. My merc IC line hits it directly and it’s a NEED.


In all honesty, voodoo is harder for me to appreciate than other occult paths due the aspects of it that involve animal sacrifice – I wonder if Marie, being a Virgo (the sign associated with small critters), partook in such rituals? Given the context of the era she lived in, I’m sure this practice was far less objectionable to most peoples’ sensibilities than it is in modern times. I generally prefer my occult on the lighter side, personally. Not like “butterflies and rainbows” light, LOL, but I’m sure you guys get what I mean. It’s for this same reason that… Read more »

Mariapadhila A little of the doctor for this morning here.


Fascinating. I’m still disentangling the family connections and secrets associated with NOLA and the Carribbean. I’ve got no illusions about being a past life regression of Marie Laveau. But I wonder about her associations with the underground anti-slavery movement that spirited people out of the slave-holding South through the Isthmus of Panama to California and how my family may have played a role.


Ok I am neither Virgo, voodoo or of African extraction (try northern Europe, Viking/celt/something) so I don’t vibe with this at all,… But! I definitely appreciate knowing souls like this exist(ed) even if their day to day m.o. is far beyond my airy Pisces schtick. Mercury says “ya gotta know who to call”
And who ya gonna call?


Love this! I’ve just been watching AHS Coven – I had no idea she was a real person!


The poem totally rocks too.
What a resourceful witchy woman.
I want one like her in my life.
Like MM if she did hair and beauty too!


There are more witchy women out there than you are perhaps open too? 😉


Love the post MM! You’re on a roll! 🙂

Year of the Phoenix

Cool as!

Rachel Stuart-Haas

Ahhh she’s AMAZING! And SUCH a Virgo. Not only was she a mystical genius, she was supposedly incredibly charitable and philanthropic. Rocking the Pisces and Virgo axis!

If you ever attend a past life regression group in Louisiana, don’t be suprised when people fight over her. Everyone claims to have been the Fabulous Marie in a past incarnation. Of course they’re so wrong. It was ME! lol, jk
= )


Maybe we are all her 😯 .


Hahahahahaha. Hey Rachel ????


Bloody emo cons never show up. I resisted them for years out of snobbery. Now I have the grammatical skills of and anoying teenager. (Emo Con ). But yes. She totally rocked the VIRGO vibe.
We are not all anally retentive bed sheet ironing, staple fetishists.

Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot

Eee! too interesting. This virgo loves it. I would definitely get my hair done by her!


Totally. Her story makes complete sense to this VIRGO too. Talk about the ultimate Madonna/Whore /empowered earth magic woman. I have a new muse. Often when I’m confronted with icky feelings around my single, childless status and feel social pressure to the point of anxiety- in Dubai for example, I think “ok how would Cleopatra handle this?”
I love strong women. This one has had many children so a matrilineal bloodline which is awesome. I wonder how she chose the fathers. Fascinating.

Year of the Phoenix

Thanks invicta baby! New note to self “what would Cleopatra do?”

catfish moon

Me too!


Agreed! This is EXACTLY the kind of hair person I want.

A Virgo would be attracted to potions and all those vials, bottles, mixing bowls, droppers, herbs, crushed powder essence of things. Makes sense. Plus a snake is certainly a cleaner pet than a gerbil (see recent articles on the plague). Although, personally, I would have neither as a pet.

Year of the Phoenix

Same you guys! I dream of a psychic hairdresser with magical powers!!

Have taken over my hair colouring and have to say have never been happier with it!

Just need a hair dresser apprentice bestie who loves nothing more tha making moi look haute!

catfish moon

Love New Orleans and it’s amazing history. Hence…Catfish Moon has double meanings.

Love American Horror Story.

I miss the south, and crave NO. Would love to be there again, but as a local, not a tourist(been there 4 times 20 years ago)


The original zombie concept exists in most ancient religions. African, Egyptian,etc. The idea is that in each body there is 2 souls. A lower mechanical one that lives in and runs the bodily functions and a higher eternal one that is non physical, of the spiritual world. To create a zombie, you separate the two. By asking, cajoling the spirit to depart, convincing it that the body was in a hopeless state and taking control of the lower soul via a simple hypnotic spell. Any being whose connection from upper and lower souls has been severed or severely restricted is… Read more »


Another way is to create a materialist world view that separates the two souls via consciousness entrainment I guess. No wonder so many salary men I know mention their zombie dreams to me.


Wow. How interesting.
Had no idea.



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