Travis: Creature of Saturn

Travis Fimmel Calvin Klein

Travis Fimmel –  farmboy turned Calvin Klein underwear model turned legit actor and star of Vikings – is a (cute) illustration of a particular astrological syndrome: Fear of Saturn.

He is Sun-Venus Cancerian but he has Saturn on his North Node.  The North Node looks this in a chart – it is said to signify your path in life, your North Star, your “ideal” and definitely most profitable direction, destiny even.  You look at the sign + house it is in AND keep an eye on where it is in the moment – now? Ten degrees of Libra. Openings occur there.


Anyway, Travis has North Node in Virgo with Saturn conjunct.  Square Mars for a good time. I get freaked out emails re this placement as many books/sites/whatever are super-negative and fatalistic about the placement. But it’s brilliant. ANY planet or influence on the North Node acts as Mentor/Muse – whether you want it to or not.

Saturn on his Node gave him a stunning work ethic – he could have drifted off and become a  Space Dust intensive “ex-model”, perhaps popping up in Kardashian land or living through “interesting” Daily Mail-esque dating times. But instead he disappears off-scene and puts himself through gruelling acting studies, working his arse off and re-emerging as a serious contender.

That is Saturn on the Node and with Mars for extra oomph and to ensure he’s intolerant to stagnation. When you have Mars squares, you do not actually relax by relaxing. You’re more like the guy in Hurt Locker, who is only serene when he is defusing bombs. Mars squares means you’re chilled when you’ve got a mission, you’ve broken camp and you’re on the move.

Maybe you don’t like Vikings – my Gemini daughter is all eye rolls and “oh great they’re pillaging another village” sarcasm but Travis does a genius job in it. And doing the M.T.A. thing is just as hard for a male as it is for a female.

Travis Fimmel Vikings

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55 thoughts on “Travis: Creature of Saturn

  1. His new red-headed Queen is also Australian. His ex-queen is Canadian. Ultimately those Vikings got all around. didn’t they.

    I’m with your daughter. It might be accurate but its hard watching.

  2. 😯

    I loved his modelling days however his Saturn work is impressive & my Mars conjunct Saturn in Virgo is totally intrigued! I don’t watch Vikings though, I’m with Gemmy daughter, all the pillaging etc. Plus I read some stuff on the Vikings & it was horrific what they did to women.

    Back to North Node, I have NN at 21 Leo 5th house trine 21 Neptune & 22 MC Sagg & Sextile Gemmy Sun & Pluto. I also have Libra in the 7th house with Pluto at 19 deg… I’ve only just started figuring out my Leo NN

  3. No way! Blast from the past! Gah, I had such a crush on that guy back in the day, saved ads of him out of magazines….

    I do like me some Vikings, too…irl… *ahem* …but I don’t watch tv at all, so I’m kind of out of the loop on this, might have to check it out online.

    It’s impressive that he went through such a successful career change. Anyone who can successfully navigate through the modeling/entertainment/Hollywood world is one solid dude, in my book!
    Saturn on NN, square Mars, then, the Viking aspect!

    I have Saturn in the same sign as NN (Aries), but it’s not conjunct.

  4. ! You’re talking about Jeremy Renner, in the hurt locker. Capricorn, another baby-faced cap (see also LL Cool J)
    looooove him in that film love love. He reminds me a bit of the neptunian toro (also ex military elite lol)
    I know two Scorpios with Pluto conj north node. Both moving into the upper echelons of front line health care. Fearless, sigh.
    I wish I had something to kick the ass of my stupid Libra north node in the fluffy but fuqed up 4th house. >:[

    former Travis is like my former crushes… new Travis is like my new crushes, mostly …

      • Haha. I would love to get to know an upbeat cap man. Those two dont seem to have let the darkness of the soul stop them from being amazing. And uber hunky, haha.

  5. I have Mars and Jupiter conjunct the North Node in Virgo. But in the 4th house, which feels a bit dull. I do now live on the other side of the world as my country of birth; I guess that is kind of cool.

  6. North node in kataka, conjunct Venus, in third house. So, Venusian work (art & love) in emotional kataka in the house of communications – looks like I’ll be writing a heartbreaking and honest memoir (I have been journaling since 14) or maybe exposing my deepest emotional secrets in my art a la Tracey Emin?!

  7. So how does a mars/ Saturn direct opposition work? (Which I have) is it the same as a square?

    I do relate to the part about mars being chilled when it’s on a mission, broken camp and it’s on the move…

    My Saturn in Pisces in the 6th, my mars tight conjunct Uranus and Pluto in 12th drilling into natal Saturn placement like an spear in my chart. Transiting Neptune has balanced it out, I feel

    • I have a natal Mars Saturn opposition too. If the square is often couched in terms of “obstacles” the opposition sure is a spear, ain’t it? Irreconcilable differences, calls it (or something like that)…

      Totally relate to “only serene when you are defusing bombs”/”chilled when you have a mission” too.

      Mine is Leo Mars in the 9th (near but out of orb of a conjunction with my Leo 9th NN), opp Aqua SN/Saturn in 3rd.

      But it’s a T square, with both Mars and Saturn squaring Scorp late 12th houseVenus/Nept and Ascendant (not to mention Dark moon Lilith, Bast, Isis, and – god help me – Dallas also in that vicinity!).

      Then again, even as the natal meat in the sandwich, Neptune can as you say soften or balance it out.

      I reckon I rely on Mars/Saturn missions to defuse the LZ and shy recluse tendencies inherent in Venus-Neptune, and Venus Neptune creativity missions/helping others where I can to distract me from the Mars-Saturn shitfight.

      • Hm, from what I’ve read of you here, mars in Leo in 9th would account for yr rather ferocious intelligence /intellect esp with Aqua Saturn 3rd axis 🙂

        I do like the sound of Venus /Neptune creativity missions, we need more of them in the world especially drawn from the depths of a Scorp 12th house but yes, I can feel the squaring.

        My lib rising, cancer MC and lots of Aries can relate!
        Those tensions build up, and they need an outlet
        (currently writing this at 4am cos I woke up an can’t sleep for thinking about wrk related stuff).

        I imagine you would be a really really interesting college lecturer in the humanities (not sure what you do?)

        • Lol, the impression of a “rather ferocious intellect” may just be my big-mouth 1st house Saggo Sun/Mercury.

          But yep, I did teach uni students for a few years: bit of a radical. Research, now.

          Best job ever though? Making a living as a singer at night for a few years during my 30s, in between stints as a serious studious 3rd house Saturn insect. All that freedom/fresh air/volunteering for causes by day with the bonus of Scorp emotion purging/showing off under protective veil of glamorous lights by night. Leo Mars/Venus-Nept in Scorp were in heaven for a while there.

          Cudos for coping with your 6th/12th mash-up, BTW. Sounds positively brutal! Not sure I would navigate that tension nearly as well…

    • Wow, that sounds like such an intense arrangement, and… productive.

      Somehow with the opposition, I’m getting the image of a tension rod, like to hold up curtains? So, structural.

      So with the Saturn in the 6th, and in Pisces!, you bring to light the dredging of the unconscious that is the powerhouse of your 12th? Which is Pisces’ house. With your art? Are there any other aspects this opposition makes, particularly to your Venus or Neptune?

      • Curtains seem very appropriate image DP, being connected to my 6th house, my area of home!

        Once I’m on a roll, it’s hard to switch the virgo mars off, gives me tension headaches. Neptune seems to diffuse in a good way

        Natal neptune is scorp, which trines Saturn, I guess makes me fairly consistent with the art practice (and truly always preferred painting when those around me were on fairy dust binges 🙂 )

  8. have a friend who has both saturn and mars (in 1st) squaring the nodes (nodes @13 degrees, saturn @15, mars @17). he makes a point of always letting people know that he absolutely does not relax by relaxing.

  9. My natal Mars-Sun square Saturn approves of ‘break camp and on the move’. Good man.

    NN is currently sandwiched between my Venus and Pluto, and for a good time I’ve been having a Pluto-Venus square transit. It was also on my Libra Sun on this year’s birthday.

    Lots of clearing out of old defunct love baggage, and more to go I would guess as it heads towards my natal Pluto. Happy times 😉

  10. Yep remember this total spunk! Gay friend worked in a pub with him in the UK for a bit before he became malemodel famous…they shared a room – he’s fine now

    NN in Picses forms the tail of my cosmic kite in the 7H opposing 1st H Sun, Pluto and SN obvs ….

    Life has changed to a more collaborative and creative one naturally and semi consciously and I feel like I am “going with the flow ”

    Will see how this moves along when Mars starts revving up.

    The node in Libra is hitting my ZZ 11 deg Jupes in first house / Arian Chiron 7H – yay!

  11. Oh god I just realised I am old because I feel vaguely uncomfortable looking at him in the first pic 😉

    As Ragnar he’s brilliant. As flinty as an ancient Nordic weapon, yet with a real vulnerability…perhaps that’s why the series is a huge hit, viewers end up caring about the character while looking forward to his chickens coming home to roost. I love ‘Vikings’ even though I can’t abide violence.

    • OH, my NN is in Gem 10th house. Been thinking more about how to work this. Talking seems key, in fact I was once described as an honorary Gemini by a Gem rising type who was astounded by how talky I am 🙂 More than one man has asked me to leave messages on their voicemail because they think I have a sexy voice lol
      I have Merc-sun conjunct natally. My first job was in radio and I would love to get back to it – radio that is, not the first job, which was poorly paid and menial.

        • Also I have an English (male) friend whose calls sometimes I let go to voicemail just so I can secretly drool over his voice, hahahah now the world knows my secret

          • HAHAA love

            oh please do something awesome with this gift you have. there has to be a starting point somewhere. I would love to have the kind of voice people just hang on. [and the raconteur ability with it, sigh]
            … podcasts? offer to read a thing for a friend’s website? your voice is what callers hear when they reach someone’s voicemail?
            ok ok i’ll stop, it’s your life i know.. 😉

            [Psyche in Virgo 3rd house, maybe I have a Voice Thing…]

            • ohh I just remembered the episode of Black Books where Fran loses her mind over her friend reading the shipping news… BAHAHA

              (i am not nearly as bad i promise haha)

                • me too! how i wish there had been more.. but it was so outrageous for three, maybe this was the perfect quantity…
                  one thing i have never done is looked into the astro of bernard black, manny and fran… o_0 …maybe … they are ALL PISCEANS ?! it makes sense you know… bitchy delusion…. alcoholism… martyrdom of manny but also his sudden musical talent… infantile ability to cope with the outside world… ridiculous infatuations… i could go on

  12. Ooh, he looks so Sagittarian in that youthful photo. My natal North Node is first house, conjunct Venus and transiting NN is now sitting exact on my Libra 12th House Moon-Pluto conjunction. Weird dreams for sure.

  13. He comes from a small town called lockington, i live in echuca which is 15/20 mins away, he went to school here. My cousins children are his brothers childrens 1st cousins. I never took any notice of him until oneday he was everywhere & it was a ‘oh wow, a locky boy!’ Big things can happen to people from small places if you keep your dream alive! We don’t even have a Shopping Mall, or hungry jacks! We have Travis Fimmel! And paddlesteamers. Lol. To me he is more a poster boy to show kids from places like this that they can shoot for the stars & become one in whatever field they choose.

  14. Just had a reishi coffee in the afternoon, chatted to the spirit of reishi and had two capsules tonight (affirming happy times-I am a bit sensitive), then THIS post!! Oh, I will sleep well tonight on my new extra-soft-for-fuqed-up-joints mattress tonight..

    I don’t even like Travis and I am totally smitten with him. Vikings is awesome, and I have a more visual sense of the Nordic pantheon now.
    I can handle violence if it has purpose to understanding something about a character, situation or time. (Though the blood eagle was nerve wracking viewing).

    Sweet dreams all!

  15. Funny, the first pic made me instantly think of my ex-husband. Then, oh, cancer sun Venus Virgo NN-Saturn square mars? He is my ex. A little blonder, blue eyes instead of green. Older adult puffed out face and mohawk even. Trippy. Ex has a great work ethic – his NN-Saturn are on his MC – and amazing eye for detail. Would be better without the cancerian butthurt tho.

  16. I’m 18 Libra NN in the 12th. Sextile to leo saturn in the 10th and trine to gemini venus in the 8th. I guess a square would’ve helped me be a little more hard core. I’m gonna start musing how to push that sextile… That’s the way they work, right?

  17. I don’t get it. My north node is in the 4th, 5 Libra. What am I supposed to do, never leave the house? I’ve been trying to understand it for years, now, no success. My moon is on 0 Aries, Sun 16 Aries, Mercury 24 Aries (retrograde) Mars 28 Cancer.

    I guess that’s why I don’t “get” my north node, too much 10th house and south node energy, there. Am I right? Any insight?

    • Sounds like you are right. NN is nebulous enough on its own, but when your SN placement is so packed, it would be difficult. I have SN aries & NN Libra but in different houses, which also happen to be empty, so I can imagine how yours would be harder to interpret and integrate. Libra lends itself well to home life, maybe it’s about creating a sanctuary for yourself away from your work/10th house energy.

      • Hey, Joshua!

        I have NN in 4th, as well. Mine is Capricorn, though. My natal Saturn conjuncts my NN, too. I have been working on the 4th house for awhile, as I have a stellium there with Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Mercury AND NN. Lots of fun, there. Anywho, the explanations that make the most internal sense to me are not of the home/ family. Sure, those connections are there. The main one is of the Soul. It is your core, the deepest part of who you are. What is unbreakably true about you as a person. It is a vital aspect of who I am to inquire into the spiritual nature of life and Self, finding who I truly am. Does the 4th house connect with that? So far in my search, yes it does. Does that help?

  18. When you have Mars squares, you do not actually relax by relaxing. You’re more like the guy in Hurt Locker, who is only serene when he is defusing bombs. Mars squares means you’re chilled when you’ve got a mission, you’ve broken camp and you’re on the move.

    Hell yeah!
    I think I must have some mars squares. I actually think I have moon square Saturn. Really should figure this out.
    I’m a total control freak. Learning to code because I’m tired of being held to random because of some guy and his “feelings” if he refuses to accept money from me (the sunscreen song-ahem, just sayin) or being talked to as if I’m 5 years old and as I’ve discovered actually lied to by web dev guy who I pay by the hour, as in “omg WHAT DID YOU DO? YOU’VE BROKEN THE SITE, IT TOOK ME 5 HOURS TO FIX THAT!” caching (sound of till roll £££ out of my account and into theirs) – as it turns out, you cannot break a wordpress site by doing the thing that I did in the back end that took 5 hours to fix but the dude was “sweet enough to only charge me for three” UTTER BOLLOCKS!
    Off to another coding workshop tonight. It’s freezing and windy and pouring down with rain and I’d rather be there than anywhere else in the world thank you because when I’m not locked in the loo secretly smashing my head against the wall, I’m having a blast.
    Today I had some guy try to convince me that he was designing “typeface” for me. As if this was something that took hours, days even. I’m like “dude, just send me a link to the backend and I will pick a font in 30 seconds. This a mock up you’ve done in photoshop. It isn’t even a real web page. He’s been sending me emails all day about how stressful it is to work with me and what a bitch I am. Damned right brother.
    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to night school

  19. It takes a pillage !! Vikings is fun, not serious, myth and beautiful people !

    This post is EXACTLY what I needed.
    Will be my theme for the week. Working the north node and mars.

    Leo out !! MidH. in Aries !!

  20. My NN is in Kataka in the 9th within a few degrees of my MC….still figuring it out.

    His work ethic is playing out perfectly with his placements.

  21. ” When you have Mars squares, you do not actually relax by relaxing.” EXACTLY!!!
    I have mars square my moon. When I am upset, move out of the way, I have projects to finish, things to organize, house to clean.

    ” Mars squares means you’re chilled when you’ve got a mission, you’ve broken camp and you’re on the move”
    THIS TOO!!!
    I have sun conjunct saturn, with saturn squared jupiter AND saturn square Uranus.
    I must have a mission.

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