The Supernatural Mushroom

Paolo Roversi

So obviously i am not a doctor and this in NO way constitutes therapeutic advice – see your doctor or natural health practitioner for ANYTHING – BUT hands up who has tried Reishi?  If you don’t know already, it is a medicinal mushroom hugely prized in Chinese medicine and the name literally translates as Supernatural Mushroom.

More or less the day Uranus was exact on the South Node, i suddenly felt drawn to the stuff. It was impulsive like “what’s Reishi, how come I’ve never tried it and then i dreamed of mushrooms. So voila i ordered some online.

After a swift google revealed untold benefits – immune system enhancement seeming to be the main deal – i threw a tablespoon full into a smoothie and forgot all about it. Until that night. CUE MOST EPIC, LUCID and GUIDED-FEELING dreams ever.  Even more so than when i drank mugwort tea. Like another dimension had opened up. And i think this grungy looking dark beige powder DOES up the energy.

Has anyone else tried it or experienced this?

This info is from a super-hippie but fascinating site:

 Reishi is depicted in ancient scroll paintings as a ‘bridge between Earth and Heaven’. The elite of the Classical Golden Ages of China, which lasted from approx 3000 B.C. until 1911 A.D. apparently kept knowledge of the benefits of Reishi to themselves, and during the cultural revolution Mao Tze Tung had Reishi removed from the Chinese Pharmacoepia (no doubt due to its well known empowering potential). Reishi’s many beneficial effects on health are only now being recognized in the West, and may well be the world’s best-kept secret.


Ling Chih by Jason Hollinger Reishi, and other ‘advanced fungals’ are thought to be extra-terrestrial. That is, they are thought by mycologists to have originated in other solar systems. We at shaman Shack believe the mycelial mass of these mushrooms may represent the activating principle of consciousness on earth. Our neurological systems are very similar to fungal mycelia, and it is possible they hold agents which may further activate our awareness of higher consciousness. Our founder, Rehmannia, believes this is why Reishi is ‘finding us’ at this time, in order to help fascilitate our pending leap into a more spiritually oriented species. –

I am taking mushrooms from outer space?   The bridge between heaven and earth?  A.k.a the “herb of good fortune” and the :mushroom of immortality.

 In 1999 Rehmannia discovered that Reishi taken in relatively high amounts, can liberate one of ‘Psychic baggage’, in the form of anger, anxiety, fear, volitility, anxiousness, ego-driven desire etc. One week after taking Reishi, Rehmannia awoke to find the light in the room more vibrant and full of saturated color. Things had a halo around them. His life began abruptly to change for the better. A ‘benevolent cycle of spiritual health’ began to manifest, and he permanently removed many undesirable aspects of his previous personality…”



Image: Paolo Roversi – The Great Illusion – Vogue Italia 2010

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I decided to try out this outer spacely mushroom today in a tea (which coincides with Venus opposite my midheaven) and I definitely can concur with feeling extremely universally wavy after. I can only imagine what my dreams may look like tonight lol. Anything that is labeled the ”mushroom of spiritual immortality” deserves our attention!


I also posted that at 1:11 oooooo 👀


Fascinating. I take an herbal blend called Adrenal Success from the company SolaRay for Neptune transits (it’s been conjunct my Moon & then squaring my Neprune/Mars opposition for a couple years) which contains Reishi (& also Schizandra berry -excellent for bringing down oversensitivity to allergens which Neptune aggravates -had absurd bug bite reactions last summer) & it has overall been miraculous. Have added lions mane, cordyceps, and chaga to my routine as well.


This article popped up on the homepage this morning, I didn’t look at th date and realized how much I need some super foods in my diet! I’ve been waiting to order myself Oatstraw for some time now, and this sealed the deal for me! I have been so mentally/emotionally/physically/financially drained from this Pisces ex/not quite ex/finally cheated on me with a past addiction I knew would be an issue but kept tolerating because I didn’t want to ‘be pushy’ or uncompassionate towards this ‘friendship’ of his….. Gah! So I’m hoping this reishi and Oatstraw combination help to soothe and… Read more »


Not Mystic, but I am still taking it and when I go off it things go awry. I was off for a few months and my hot flashes got intense. Now I”m back on and they’ve evened out.

Also is really great for stabilizing blood sugar. When I was off it, I went back into this cycle of intense “lows” that would have me going mental over nothing.

I recommend Mushroom Science brand, if you can get it. Host Defense is expensive and yet they’re not even including the fruiting body– it’s mycellium only!


After this post I bought some Reishi and after a few days my dreams became quite heavy and baroque. I didn’t like it too much and stopped. I might try Dizzarina’s brand mentioned though? I almost felt like I had to be in an excellent state to ingest it and feel good about it and that hardly happens regularly atm! Good luck with the Pisces. Maybe what’s needed is the Pisces Antidote? Whatever that is, I bet Mystic knows.. 😉
Interested that is so great for blood sugar levels Diz.


Yes I remember this and even going online to look for reishi, but I didn’t order any.

I like the name because it’s similar to reiki. I also love all kinds of mushrooms, they are delicious! I bought some dried ‘forest mushrooms’ recently and I’ve been soaking them in hot water then adding them to rice and stir fries. They come from a country I wouldn’t have expected as well (too lazy to go have a look at the label now).

Good luck with your self care, take care of yourself Rainy. You know what to do xx


Gemyogi, in Japanese it is the same character for both words, used for ‘rei’ to mean spirit or soul. Sphinx, there is a decent brand in Australia now called Teelixir (or plenty of others online, like Paul Stamets, as someone mentioned). Sellers like this are also pretty approachable if you have questions (in the couple of years since this original post it’s become a more prominent part of the health market for herbs like this, mostly taken regularly to prevent illness).


Where can I buy Mystic? Lots of options I am after somewhere reputable.

Prince Stolas

This week has been all about the chaga! Amazing little fungus that vampirizes birch trees!


Mushrooms are apparently impossible to fit into any other earth life category. Octopus I think are the same. Spores from other worlds carried by asteroids ? Comets ?
Never heard of this mushroom but I’m always careful since I downed some blue meanies up north and after scoffing them was told “don’t eat the stalks they are full of strychnine !!!! Too late ! Errrrrrrrr


Yeah, I have always been very cautious of the fungal category of foods/drugs. Maybe we need a Japanese tea ceremony with Reishi tea. Hope you are feeling a little more pert today. 😉 Pert is such an ugly word, lol.


hahahaa, i have to say this first: when i was typing my email address in the comment form, i almost went “…”

anyway, yes, “pert.” such a useful description, such a gross word. i’m glad you said it tho xD


There are many words that people have used to describe me but pert is not one. I’ll try. Though is it possible for a mid fifties male to be pert ? The blue meanies will have to go 😉 The world is in a terrible state. I’m ok, but so many are not. Empathy seems to be the only thing I can offer right now. And it doesn’t feel enough, it makes me uneasy about myself. It’s like the world I imagined growing in to when I was a youngster, a positive fair and peaceful place, will take more generations,… Read more »

12th house virgo

“Many years ago a wise person proposed to me that sanity was a dying art. And that once it had been lost by the majority of people a new world order would appear. Not necessary evil or intent on domination. Quite the opposite. Weak unsure immature, faithless and clinically insane. I can assure you his vison for the future was not pretty. I hope he wasn’t right.”

What do you mean you hope he wasn’t right, lol, sounds like home.


Yes, it does.
Once we have forgotten the way home, lose our connection to wider realms the material world will devour us completely.


That link is to the Beatles song Golden Slumbers.
The last track they recorded together I think.

12th house virgo

I’m back to doubting my sanity because of my connection to the wider realms. I read this and it helped “Stop looking to your experiences to validate your realization. No experience validates the realization of truth. There is, quite literally, nothing to understand.”




Have hope David. Generate it with intent as you do love. You are loved and loving, you chose that and keep choosing it time and time again.
Why not do the same with hope?


da fuuuuuuq. “advanced fungals.” shrooms from SPACE. those anecdotes are AMAZE. for years i have wanted to try reishi and now i am SOLD.

speaking of dreams i had some long, involved, crazy dreams last night. they’re usually totally rad, but last night was extra cool. took my pluto juice under the tongue before bed instead of in the morning as per usual. maybe that had something to do with it?

and speaking of mushrooms, i bought a face serum from lush yesterday which the salesgirl and i were hooting over as it contains portabella mushroom. mushrooms are neat!

Amanda aka AbsintheDragonfly

You can also get Reishi from Paul Stamets.

He’s got great info there, and is also doing some amazing work with restoration of contaminated soils by using fungi.


Reishi is excellent for the liver. In TCM, the liver spirit also has allot to do with dreams. What kind of dreams you have, whether you dream well or wild, etc. Very important to keep the liver (wood) strong. Otherwise, without the wood energy, your ability to grow is hindered. Ive taken herbal teas with Reishi in it, did allot of good.


Wow so interesting! If someone has a lot of wood, would Reishi not be a good idea then?


I like the idea of Reishi tea – thanks for the tip!


I remember my dreams almost every night. They’re always so vivid.

Have been having auditory ones lately. Heard a new song from Morrissey the other night. LOL. The chorus was “there is no heaven”. 🙂

Mugwort never worked for me. Don’t need it

Neptune conjunct Sun


Bravo. You can get the most spectacular dried reishi at Mountain Rose Herbs. I like to use with Astragalus. My personal use has been as a daily tonic for years. Might be why my mind is always strong and open.


Excellent! I fast scrolled through the comments thinking “but where can I find this stuff?” Then stopped exactly on your comment. Perfect 🙂


Super interesting, I gotta try them. Anything that opens up the dreamworld, I’m into.

Coincidentally I read an article last night in the New Yorker (by the food writer Michael Pollan) about the therapeutic effects of the psilocybin in magic mushrooms, being experimentally used treating anxiety in cancer patients. Had my own experiences with them completely obliterating my own anxiety in the past so that was really interesting. There’s something other worldly and strange about mushrooms, even the non hallucinogenic ones are magic.


wondering if any of yous PIAB withbitch herbologists could recommend something magical along the lines of something similar to st johns wort???

ive started early morning yoga routine which im gonna stick to like its a spoonful of medicine (with suger). but yea, any suggestions? Im gonna get this reishi stuff for some dreaming though too!! 🙂


oooh done some reading and apparently reishi mushrooms are good for liver energy in tcm theories….this is good because have liver/spleen defficiency (breast lumps and ovary issues due to emotional pain)……yayyyy so glad i’ve ordered this!!!!


Tulsi or sacred basil has been my spirit medicine lately. It is adaptogenic and has mildly euphoric effects. It is very delicious in tea or tincture. It is easy to grow if you have a sunny spot on a patio. In some parts of India people do their morning prayer next to their Tulsi plants.


ah thankyou leonora! <3 im going to get some!!! hahaa i currently have actual basil on my alter. this sounds so magical!


Sounds amazing! Adding reishi to my shopping list…


I have both the Reishi powder, and the VERY expen$ive spore oil. However I don’t take them every day, only when my mood/body craves it and I just kinda “feel like it”. If I take it every day I can become a little funny/spacey on it. I am prone to withdrawing into myself as it is, and Reishi can exacerbate those tendencies in me.
Totes taking some this evening though with a cup of Magical Mystery Tour Mugwort Tea I bought in a little hippie-woo-woo shop in Nimbin (before it burnt down last year)
Full Moon trippin tonight, whoo!


I did eat cream of mushroom soup yesterday (I don’t know if it had reishi, but I’ll ask today) and had vivid dreams myself. No joke.


I ate some mushrooms and didn’t even have time to go to bed before I was dreaming!


Wow! I need this!! Ordering pronto!


Typos, typos everywhere and yet I don’t shut up! Off to spend day with sexy accountant. How can I be excited about filling my tax return? You haven’t seen him……. Might swing past the gym first tho to get a hit of the hotties if I have time although technically 5.30pm is THE TIME – that’s when the after work rush happens and so it’s like happy hour but with weights instead of alcohol. See I can learn to love Saturn on Neptune. Drinking, overspending and death by minibar have all proven highly unsatisfactory to put it mildly and I’m… Read more »


happy hour but with weights instead of alcohol.



Thank you Pi. I feel pathetic and stupid right now. Coming to terms with reality is so much less fun than floating around in a fantasy bubble. I know there are people with way worse problems than me. I’m just kinda blue cuz I feel like it’s over between me and ML and I miss him and his warm, sunny affection but the truth is that he IS married and in love/lust with me or not he can never be mine and obviously it’s better to accept this and get on with my life sooner rather than later. I feel… Read more »


Sounds like Saturn on Neptune, alright- illusions shattered by harsh reality.

But great realizations about what you want and deserve.

You got this, girl. xo


Dp said it well.
Mate you will never get what you want from a man who is committed elsewhere. whether that’s a marriage, or even an addiction (in my own experience). Save yourself the pain. Unless you are happy to always be the disposable dalliance playing second fiddle to the wife of a cad. it can’t end well, if falling for him and then wanting more is also a given . That’s the catch right there eh. xox take care


You already know all that anyway, you just said it all. You can do this – like you said , it’s not making you happy, properly happy. Xxx

Libra Scarabaeus

Most of last year I was taking reisihi regularly in delicious cacao+vanilla+coconut oil/milk shakes with other superfoods included. A friend told me how much they had helped her nervous system so I (having a sensitive nervous system myself) tried the same and the reishi supplements not only cured my seizures but let me quit coffee cold turkey without headaches, gave me tons of energy in even the worst times of day, and yes—intuition, insight, acumen, all faculties enhanced! It can take a month or two of steady doses (liquid or powder) to have a clear effect….for others, it is immediate.… Read more »




Fantastic info, thanks!


I’m about to start doing The bulletproof diet. It’s a coffee grinder and coffee beans to which you add a liquid called brain octain and something called XTC oil which sound super trippy… I’m a massive fan of coconut oil and use it every day for cooking – takes the guilt out of frying as I love my wok and frying pan. I even use it when I travel as an eye make up remover and I keep a jar in the bathroom to use as a body butter when I have time. But apparently this XTC oil is like… Read more »


It’s a little while in getting to the point, but:
on using Bulletproof coffee as a medium for tonic herbs.


Thanks I will read it. Just got home from day with hot accountant. He is such a nice man and I feel so sad and icky inside.
I look fairly fabulous on the outside but honestly feel bwahahahahahahahahaha
Not the laughing kind of bwhahahaa either
just bleh…. Am hoping it’s a dietery deficiency I can fix and that my emo funk will pass. I seem to be on a roller coaster mood wise. Deliriously optimistic or crawl under a rock depressed. No middle ground


@ (-!-)v
Thank you


i’ve heard of bulletproof coffee. coff with butter in it! though next levelling to xtc oil or whatevs would be great. i love some whole milk in my cuppa, and i love butter, so i would be so down with the bulletproof coffee thing. i often put a glob of coconut oil in my green tea – good stuff.


Friendly advice: if you’re a woman doing the Bulletproof diet- do ALL the hacks he mentions about modifying it for women. And consider extra adrenal support. I’ve found it burns out women’s adrenal super fast.

dark star

Yeah I just throw an egg or (stir not blend) collagen powder in my coffee. Protein is the main hack he mentions and carbs as needed

Feathered Fish

Yep I also seem to have a reaction to Strange Invisible perfume which doesn’t happen with the main stream brands. I’m ok for a wear or two but a few days in a row leaves me red and splotchy. I only have one so not sure if is one ingredient…


Mercury retro!
Holy shrooms I wanna try this.
Ordered my Secret Ceres last night.
Looks fab and what a cool woman.
I love that you don’t have ads on your site but only endorse products you actually USE.

Mel C

Cafe Grattitude in LA has a tea called I Am Immortal and it has Reishi in it…and honey and cinnamon and coconut milk and a couple of other super things. I’m addicted 🙂


I live in the Pacific NW in the forest and I’m pretty sure these grow everywhere and I see them all the time on hikes.

Got a baby in the belly so maybe not a good time for experimenting with wild mushrooms however I have been wanting to take a mycology course for what seems like ever and I love foraging….


Trippy…was just reading PKD’s final book (“Transmigration of Timothy Archer”) and confused by how people don’t understand the Eucharist as the exponential growth within the life/death cycle of yeast.

Haven’t tried Rishi. Was also recently chatting w someone about mushrooms of the magic variety in homeopathic doses curing migraines

The Venus Fly

I come from a family of Chinese medicine practitioners (Master degrees). I do not know if I have had THOSE mushrooms.

I am pretty funny about herbs. I only drink what the master recommends. I have been meaning to get back into Accupuncture etc as a lifestyle, so, we’ll see what goes down.


How fascinating.


Oo totally just ordered some. Awesome!!


Effing love this! Have been taking Reishi and Astragalus blend but in the AM mostly for its adaptogenic stress reduction and immunoeverything benefit. Looks like i have a new night time ritual… Have been wanting to reconnect with my dream world since a recent dabble into Melatonin resulting in high Vata (anxious and ungrounded) dream cycle.
Anyone really into Mushrooms check the book Mycelium Running, saw this man speak in SF years ago… He believes mushrooms can save the world and environment. Also love the idea of them as the bridge between life/death/ether


Also noteworthy is Chaga mushroom, I have friends who swear by its dreamy quality.


yeah, chaga! i haven’t “taken” it in such a way that i have noticed any effects besides increased energy. at one point in time i had some locally harvested chaga powder which i would brew like coffee. super yum. it’s plentiful around here and apparently extra potent because of the cold weather we have – trees are more resilient!


I love Astragalus. It’s really helped keep the winter bugs away.

Ace from Planet Jendell

Sounds like you skipped straight to the higher than optimal benefits of Reishi Mystic! Your physical body and its systems must be operating well as I believe it to promote homeostasis. With me also it similarly showed effects rather quickly, not needing to build up in your system over months like say tumeric for joint pain/ anti inflammation etc. Reishi gives me a low frequency energetic footing physically and an easy to tap into calm mental headspace. I know I have the energy but it isn’t anything that is over the top. It’s like the energy turns back into itself… Read more »


I like this ‘finely tuned’ description very much! This is why they are tonic. Cordyceps is another example, working deeper exponentially with time / regular usage.


really? You ingest cordyceps regularly? More, tell me more about your fungally challenged insect, eating, and buying habits. After effects?


Gladly! Cordyceps grows in the high altitudes in places like Tibet where the atmosphere is very thin. Legend has it that people noticed yaks ‘gaining strength’ after eating from this, admittedly extremely bizarre life-form, and it all began thus. Fast forward several centuries to the 2008 Olympics, and the Chinese success there being attributed to its usage (cue a monumental spike in popularity / price: No pyscho-tropic effects, alas, but many beneficial effects, especially for the lungs, which you can imagine helps if one was a high-altitude beast, elite swimmer, or normal human living in the city. It’s also… Read more »


Hmmmm fungal insect steroids. Yummy 🙂


Whoa. And I always thought cordyceps was the genus that took over and devoured the bodies of insects… Google images.


Shockingly strange synchronicity as I was literally just looking up my horoscope to help me past a mental blockage which happens to be: “which supplier shall I buy (reishi + chaga) from this time, the usual shop on eBay or another place I’ve been shopping at?”. Did you get yours from anywhere special? They do make some good quality supplements locally in capsule form which you can buy from a Chinese medicine shop or online (Concord). Reishi is very well established historically as you note, protective immunologically as you say, and supportive of one’s ‘shen’ energy, which could be almost… Read more »


…oh, just checked out the Shaman Shack site (your link was a little Mercury retro.) -you may have been fortunate indeed to get this home as Customs does apparently tend to put the smack down on imported fungi, even the noble ones.


Haven’t tried it myself, but did try kava kava over the weekend. As a drink. There’s a kava BAR in my city. It’s the nastiest-tasting stuff…COLD, for one thing. And looks and tastes like dirty pond water. It makes your tongue numb. And is known to have extremely relaxing properties. It worked. Hours of ingesting, I went to bed and had the deepest sleep. Less crazy dreams than usual. And sleep is often a challenge for me.


Oh honey me too. It’s probably the single greatest challenge I have ever faced. No one in my family has ever been able to achieve more the two to four hour max of natural sleep per night. Gaba powder helps sometimes, if I take enough that my arms and legs go limp and I tap out like a boxer who’s been KO’d but I’m hoping the daily yoga routine will help. I read that Coco Chanel used to take morphine to sleep and I just thought, “oh sweetie I totally get that.” I really struggle to sleep. Maybe it’s a… Read more »


No water! no wonder you can’t sleep!

I have Neptune conjunct Sun. Such a good sleeper and epic dreams too.

I really feel for peeps who can’t sleep. I’d be a mess without my zzz’s.


I am a mess


LOL 🙂 You’re a Virgo. So a tidy mess


interesting you mention mutability in the chart re sleep. i am super fixed and i sleep like a log – any time, any where. partner is very mutable and he has mega issues sleeping. my dad’s also hi-mutable and has difficulty sleeping.


Hmm, very heavily mutable fire here, and usually sleep like a baby..


This IS interesting. Sorry you have such troubles, Invicta. I usually sleep fine, I can just often have problems falling asleep, esp. when anxious. Then it can take HOURS…and my heart pounds and mind races while I”m trying to fall asleep. Either that, or I pop awake for no reason, usually an hour or 2 before I need to be up. And I can’t always fall back asleep. Kava and Natural Calm magnesium have so far been the best natural sleep remedies I’ve tried. Stay away from melatonin…it messes with your hormone levels. L-Tryptophan works pretty well too, but I… Read more »


Woohoo finally I can stop weighing up pros and cons of ayahuasca, this looks to be a safe option.


go reishi piscorp, Ayahuasca is awesome in South America with the right people. It’s a really really special ceremony…in South America.


Yes!!! I feel so the same!
I am growing my own mushrooms now. Exciting!


Haha well I picked some awesome reishi growing in the jungle in South America while on an ayahuasca retreat soooo I give it all thumbs up. Plants rule.


OMG piscorp my thought almost exactly;
this looks like the most available option til I can do ayahuasca with a shaman!


V, there is a ceremony available now in NSW.
It’s very low profile and I believe at this stage by invitation only. Appararently it will become more available soon.

Melissa Wright

Yes! I recently got on to it and it’s really changed how I feel. Check out the brand four sigmatic. Super good


WHAT I have been dreaming of mushrooms this week. Vividly and beautifully. Taking on forms that I have never seen before:) 🙂

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