Plutonic Uranian Career Advice: February 4

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Roy Lichtenstein

 Dear PUCA,
I have propensity for design and the art. It’s kind of hard for me to focus at only one topic. (Gemini MC). Last year I studied geology but without success, and the University didn’t match my needs and preferences as I would see it and so I quit. I don’t know if there is chance for me to study successfully in my country. Maybe would be better for me to not study in full time, but to do some foreign language courses and leave? What do you would advise based on my radix? I’m into astrology some years now, but it is really hard to advise myself 😉
Cheers, Yakob
Dear Yakob,
You are a major Capricorn, with a Lordly Saturn cornering a natal Grand Earth Trine; it may sometimes seem that you are gifted with more puzzles than solutions, but that is not so and time will prove that out. Hopefully, you have been following Mystic Medusa’s pioneering Zap Zone coverage as it is totally relevant to you, especially the last two years in which you experienced one grim, cathartic, illuminating realization after another. Continue to cast off the unnecessary for the next two years as Saturn returns to its natal position and follows Pluto – your visions crystallize rapidly under that influence;, anything not fastened or rooted will be blown away. I thus recommend that you keep “light and tight” / enormously flexible if you are to follow the path of low-committal, certification-based education (totally common in information tech which is in constant upheaval & churn), travel, and language. (Your English is efficient and clear, by the way). I like Ceres rising into your 8th House; it’s Mafia-Godfather-absolutely-no-nonsense-grade business sense. I also like Jupiter in the 9th house which will be forever a saving grace out on the road, should you take it.

Dear PUCA,
Two totally different skill sets -The wellbeing sector (yoga, stress massage, Etc) one in the corporate business sector (marketing, industrial). Two grossly different salaries: Wellbeing job I love but can’t do enough hours to pay as very demanding physically. Corporate role: I was let go (they were reluctant but I became an expensive overhead in a slow market) in August. No idea what to do, I’d love to work for myself but it’s always failed in the past. I’m terrible at asking for the sale, selling and getting value for my work although I don’t lack confidence.
Kind regards, D
Dear D,
Investigate that “I’m terrible asking for the sale” part, it doesn’t tie out to “I don’t lack confidence” and I’m having a bit of a time resolving those two statements in one sentence. Perhaps you had nothing that you felt convinced of value to sell when some event took place; perhaps an off-comment by an uncaring big-shot served to bring you to that hasty conclusion. I had a brief (very brief) foray into sales as a youth (in fact I had a brief foray into just about everything – Mars in Gemini – I’ve been everywhere, man). The first rule was to be sold yourself. If I don’t believe in the product, it takes extraordinarily exhausting levels of bullshit-creation to face the public; you will have great heavy gobs of emotional pollutant that require still further energy input to burn off – now, what “success” could possibly float all that? While you are doing your personal yoga (for you) before the large wall mirror, keep a mind towards re-integrating what has been scattered, to make of yourself a whole thing without fracture. Smash the mirror, not yourself. I do wish companies did more in-house yoga as part of their plans. Gyms disgust the hell out of me – just how much unsolicited DNA splatters about those places, mixed with bulbous leers and fuqed up body language and binding contracts? “I love paying for time with myself, whilst sharing mirrorspace with pass-agg braggarts,” said No One Ever. The average workout machine is uniquely perfected to erode your cartilage. What a fun cocktail this all is! Plus, your all-in time outlay – including changing clothes, getting there, settling in, etc – makes it a time-consuming over-commit. I know, I know, “no pain no gain”. Unfortunately for Jack LaLanne’s estate, I’m highly allergic to any physical activity that doesn’t resemble stalking, foraging, mortal combat, fuqing, dancing, and sleeping. I do fifteen minutes of yoga daily for age-pain management, light cardio, and range-of-emotion on the living room floor. Why am I ranting, D?
Dear PUCA,
So I’m in NZ on holiday and I stumble across an astrologer doing a 6 date transit reading for $25 – Why not ? After finding out my contract for an Australian TV Show was not going to be renewed after 2 years there, I was devastated. The promotion they promised me wasn’t going to develop… what a disaster that reading was . I left feeling suicidal ! As tried to talk to her about evolution – she snapped thats the 3rd time you have tried to put a positive spin on this but its never going to happen…. Loss of money – career down falls – failure. Talk about way to ruin a holiday !! My aim to create balance (spiritual and financial) and structure (life) while exploring my bliss … now I have the opportunity to really elevate my skill set and learn in a less toxic environments ! But after this horror reading all I can see is disaster – How do i survive this new transit pain !
Terrified in Transition

Dear Terri,
I think Madame Le Gloom must have eaten a bad burrito about an hour or two before your “reading”, because it sounds like she confused her inability to digest beans with your eternal fate. I suggest ox bile enzyme capsules for her. For you, well, you can continue letting utter strangers dictate your identity to you but I believe that you have ALREADY progressed passed THAT stage in life. If you are concerned about your natal chart angles, and inexplicably convinced that “squares” are inexplicably bad, but still gung-ho about self-charting, then go look at your progressed chart. You will find a “now” set of glorious placements to inform the glorious “now” you. Your natal four-planet Grand Air Trine is now cornered by a transiting North Node; you will serve destiny SIMPLY by rediscovering how smart you really are: cruise-control-great-horned-neurosaurus-caliber intellect. Do avoid being bullied around by boardwalk people offering one-and-done enlightenment and once-upon-a-time employers who nurse someone else’s beer as a life’s vocation. Both are way beneath you. BTW You still have major Pluto Power happening – suicide (in my very intimate experiences with it) is almost always a case of mistaken identity; it is confusing the ever-dying skin without for the ever-bright soul within; you blearily see ‘dying you’ rather than the ‘breaking out you’ beneath. It is an unbelievably common oversight. Leave the old skin where it lies, butterfly.

All: I can be reached for one-off, astrologically-skewed career advice by sending your birth date, time, and city, along with a BRIEF but DETAILED question, to Like me on Facebook, or don’t.
You may find that my response is a bit off-kilter but I must assume that you seek a vampire-with-his-diq-in-an-electrical-socket perspective by contacting me so do be careful what you wish for. Jupito-Moony-Venusian career advice is around the corner, to the left and two doors down, you’re welcome. You should also know that although I mightn’t mention your placements explicitly I do frame the language of the reading with your chart in mind. I work slowly.

Image: Roy Lichtenstein – Hey You

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35 thoughts on “Plutonic Uranian Career Advice: February 4

  1. Thanks PUCA!!

    Yes belief in self offering has a ways to go I guess …I have a fantastic project is just do everything I can to avoid launching it :-/

    And rant away, I do the same about gyms, the whole fitness industry in fact!!

    Machines to erode cartilage ha ha 🙂

  2. PUCA, you write poetic pragmatism. I really enjoy reading you.

    “Exhausting levels of bullshit-creation”. I love that. As someone who worked in creative advertising in my 20s & early 30s, this phrase is like an ode of truth to a past life.

    I read your description of suicide three times. I think society urges us to keep our old skins sometimes – staying small within parameters of the status quo, not rocking the boat & all, to serve somebody else’s agenda. No wonder mental illness is on the rise globally.

    A healthy sense of cheerily not giving a shit what people think, yet lazer-focusing on excellence in terms of personal definition & standards is one of the most crucial work (life) skills.

    Looking forward to more advice & plutonicuranian insights from the vampire with his diq caught in an electric socket! 🙂

    • Isn’t PUCA’s writing just wonderful 🙂

      I particularly loved:

      “Leave the old skin where it lies, butterfly” Poetic indeed.

      Speaking of leaving old skins behind. The creative advertising world is a past life for me too. I didn’t leave until my mid 40’s when Pluto hit my AC and it was time to go. Evolve or evaporate. “Exhausting levels of bullshit-creation” is spot on!!

    • Yes, to re-reading that description too. I think we all have a slightly different take but it is extremely refreshing and encouraging to hear someone speak from a position where this is familiar terrain. It’s a strange groundless state and to come through, if one does, needs a certain kind of nourishment that the world is not always capable of offering. It leaves a mark. The growth rings of the soul are closer together during that time, things happen slowly.
      Maybe I am rambling but it makes sense to me. Thanks puca xx pi

  3. Thank you so much PUCA … Those words were friggen awesome x and put a wonderful perspective on this transition which I had lost after not seeing the Forrest for the trees … Xx thanks again

    • Keep talking, i should add. Pluto energy will build up and either erupt onto others in volcanic spew or, erupt OUT OF others onto YOU – it’s not a personal planet, after all, it may center upon you like a field but make no mistake, you will effect others. Clear the heat out regularly, clear the air regularly. Blogging could easily be a good platform to do that. I also recommend dancing for hours on end.

  4. Hey terrified in transition. I have had one or two very odd readings (etc) over the years by people who I swear must have taken one look at me and decided they didn’t like me, and proceed to rant about their own shit rather than direct their words, focus and “skills” towards the actual paying customer i.e. me. Or they decided they wanted to squash whatever they saw in me, a common tactic of the flat, grey, sour-faced, jealous types who want to keep others from joy and love at any cost via attempting to make us feel small, or unworthy, or “less than” somehow. See also, Very Destructive Humans Disguised as Colleagues or Friends. Anyone who you encourages you to feel “less than” , to re-quote Gary Oldman: “F*ck ’em.”

    • yeh see the Bad Guru post and also the Gerbera one on here for some amazing tales, in the comments. There is NO such thing as a chart that says “failure” or “no love” – seriously there is just not. It’s all about potential and energy, collaborating with what’s going down anyway, staying ahead of the game and authentic to your true self, not some bogus character you invented to get laid.

        • Thank you for the wonderful post PUCA and the lovely supportive messages Pi and Mystic … After a unsettling time since the last eclipse in October this has really put me back on track … I’ve started hitting people up in this notorious business and started fooling around with a blog since I have all this spare time … This really is such a great community of people … I love it ! Thank you x

    • I got a reading just this week which was like, “Dishonor! Dishonor on YOU, dishonor on your FAMILY, dishonor on your COW!” to quote Chris Rock in Mulan.

      I had to drive around listening to pump up jams for hours after that.

    • This! Not everyone who *calls* themself a healer actually is one… I once had a precious gerbera tell me I was “unconscious” because I don’t often remember dreams. Well, if what she had to offer was “consciousness”, I’ll stay comatose, thanks!

  5. You know, I sent you a question after your latest offer and never heard a peep back. I understand if you didn’t want to tackle it, but at least an acknowledgment would have been nice. Just common courtesy.

        • I sent you an email PUCA and I swear I wasnt drunk! It was vague as hellszebub, no precise question or end point. I apologize for that. If it was too vague, drop it and I shall utilize my new clarity to make it better.

      • Excuse me? I didn’t respond in kind? What do you know to make a comment a like that? I reciprocated by “liking” his FB page, even “liking” one of his posts. I’m Anonymous now exactly because of reactions such as yours cal. I’ve been a subscriber of MM’s for many years and have actively participated in the comments section under my screen name when I felt it was safe to do so.

        PUCA, I will resend. I sent it the same day the last of these posts was published. But I’ll resend per your instructions. Thank you for responding.

        • Gosh, don’t fight! Yowsers, totally not my intent here….there is nothing that I would tell you that is specifically perishable. Please re-read my notes with a calm mind, and kindly understand that my goal is (somewhat) delayed gratification.

        • you’re right what do I know? only what I see, somebody offering generosity and another responding with snark, demands, sulk. I always think self-reflection is the best approach if you’re struggling

        • what I also see, not far behind the snark and expectation, is hurt child. that’s great actually, because you have the chance to work on healing whatever is behind that. If you haven’t seen it, I offer you Kaypacha’s mantra from the Pele report this week:

          If I share my opinion and receive opposition,
          I know its a chance to grow.
          If due to hurt feelings, I hide or I fight,
          The truth I may never know.

          If it strikes a chord you could seek out the whole thing 🙂
          I know its a chance to grow.
          If due to hurt feelings, I hide or I fight,
          The truth I may never know.

          If it strikes a chord you could seek out the whole thing 🙂

  6. Maybe I should be more concerned about a career plan.

    High lights of these included johnny cash
    C. C. G. H. N. C.

    This Is now in my vernacular.

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