People You Meet With Uranus On The South Node

Yohey Horishita

Since just before Xmas, the Nodes have been squared by Pluto and Uranus has been ON the South Node. Super-karmic, ultra weird and fateful encounters/deep life revamping are taking place as you read this. Maybe behind the scenes. Mercury IS still Retrograde. See your Scopes for more, obviously AND grok this excellent communique re just one such WOW encounter, sent to me by subscriber Sea Goatess.

Dear Mystic & Fellow Psuedo-Intellectual Astro Bitches,

Brace yourself for a cliched tale of vaginal feng shui glory !!

Having Venus-Uranus on the south node natally means that everyone I meet is very possibly a past-life fuq. I fuq the past but boy it fuqs BACK! Hard. This hot and heavy dharma has hardened me up like a mofo, but sometimes I think I’ve become so detached that nothing can surprise me or delight me any more except for what I create myself. Which is ultimately the truth anyway, right?

And yet.

Not eight days after I feng shui-ed my life (surplus possessions and other assorted bullshit hauled to the rubbish skip) and feng shui-ed my vagina a la Denise Linn and the Secret Ceres, all it takes is for Uranus and Pluto stir up the nodes and I end up on a airplane, on my birthday, being shifted into a particular window seat at the last minute, next to a certain person who only found himself on that plane because he’d missed his connection in Abu Dhabi by ten minutes. Sadly I always cringe at being seated next to men because far too often menfolk at such close quarters find it necessary to either hit on me outright or start mentally undressing me in a way that I can just FEEL at that close a distance, and there’s no exit. Not all men, to be 100% clear. But I’m wary. And this day I wasn’t in the mood for taking such a risk.

But then mister middle seat with shoulders that came a half-foot over the arm rest opened his mouth and my annoyance quickly lifted.

Maybe it’s his natal Jupiter on my natal south node and Venus/Uranus. Or that this trines his Mars on my ascendent. Or that all this trines his sun in Aries (what’s hotter than a double Aries with Mars in Leo, forming a grand trine with Jupiter/Sun in the fire signs? Maybe one with Taurus rising, perhaps? What a creature. All horns and head, as he describes himself. And he doesn’t even “know” anything about astrology.)

Or is it that his Venus trines my Mars, and my Mars trines his Venus right back?

It could be that his Mercury is conjunct my Moon in Pisces in the 8th? Or his Venus in my 7th house? Or our Fortunas being conjunct? Or his MC conjunct my ascendent?

Who knows what it is, but right now I’m more than usually in awe of life, magic, the universe, space and time right now.

Of course I didn’t need to look at our charts to realise quickly that I had in fact FELT THIS COMING.

Chart be damned, in the flesh he exceeds all my ideas of what I thought it was possible for a man to be. Insert of cliches of instant true love, respect and adoration here.

And he’s only 11 years younger.

All things are possible in an infinite universe, right?

Hopefully this tale of Feng Shui majesty will cheer you immensely Mystic!

And hopefully I can breathe through it: it’s like a protracted soulgasm across all of time and space that requires tantra, tantra, tantra to sustain.

Now I’ve got that off my chest, it’s time to go mediate! I am nothing without my routine, and loving boundaries will steer me through this, tempted as I am to dissolve into a puddle of lust.

Like the bumper sticker says, MAGIC IS REAL.

Here’s to an amazing week!


Image: Yohey Horishita

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I think I am experiencing a Uranus-South Node moment. Sunday night I had a dream. In it, Don Draper was my boyfriend (been watching the last season of Mad Men). He would wait for me every day to get off work. I woke with the most beautiful sense of being loved entirely, for who I am, and loving in return. It was one of those dreams where the feeling stays with you all day, floating on the edges of consciousness. Monday night I was at work, and this man walked in my bar as I was walking out. We stopped… Read more »


FWIW, I have Uranus conj. SN natally, with Jupiter. -DP


I totally had a dream like that too – the one where someone loves you entirely and you do too in return, and it completely envelopes the day following the dream. I had that happen a month or so ago. And now I feel like Im being Uranus-SN’ed 🙂

Wonder how common this dream occurrence is, and if it correlates to love action. Good luck with everything 🙂


Thanks Anon!

I’ve had dreams like that before… but never coincided with meeting someone new in real life.


This gave me goosebumps


I would guess that a Uranian – SN connection would have some immediacy to it but as far as lasting ….esp with Aries involved? Hmmm, would take time to tell and who got time? haha. The SN recognition might be immediate is what I mean. Actually, when Uranus was first on my natal Aries SN (approaching…2011) I met the Toro (remember Triple Horns? 😆 he had that one horn just a stickin’ outta his forehead…that he was part Uni 🙂 Anyway, he and another Toro had their Venus’ on my SN….it was karmic but not lasting at all. Now the… Read more »


That’s not to say other things wouldn’t make it stick.. The ex Pisces Moon in Leo was conjunct my Uranus trine my Aries and SN stuff…that thing dragged on forevah…Always exciting and very fun in it’s day. Came a time tho when we really did his SN-Venus conjunct my Moon in 8th and it was heavy…and very un fun. Maybe the fun stuff helps you stick it out to do the dirty work so to speak. Still, with the Toro our little ’round town thing went on for about what, two yrs or something like that? But was just a… Read more »


Think Im being South Noded too. Then again I have Venus on my SN/DC/Karma/Destinn/Union. so when am I *not* SN’ed… If my hunches, searching, and the cards are correct, these are or potential aspects: His Sun on my Moon His Mercury and Mars on my Venus/SN orgy(his voice drives me bonkers – can get aroused just from hearing it; I know what the Mars does to my Venus…had this aspect before… All I will say is yummy) His Venus trine my AC My Mars trine his AC His NN on my IC/Saturn/Pluto My Eros on his SN His Eros on… Read more »


OMG. I needed to read this. I must be having the antithesis of this astro right now. Thank you for the reminder about the magic… and for saying “protracted” 😉


Would this transit trigger a lot of Koi No Yokan?

“The sense one can have upon first meeting a person that the two of you are going to fall in love. Differs from “love at first sight” as it does not imply that the feeling of love exists, only the knowledge that a future love is inevitable.”


…as for South Node connections, my ex-hub’s SN was exact on my Pisces 7th house sun et al. There was a strong feeling of comfortable familiarity with us right from the beginning, and when we ended it felt super-final, like the closing of a thousand-year cosmic chapter. Merc retro seems to be interfering with my logging onto so I can’t check out the SN sitch of more recent interests atm, drats! But am defo going to look into it. From memory – ex-lover had NN-Mars on my sun so that would put his SN exact on my Mars in… Read more »


yeah. I think the site is temporarily down 🙁

Mel C

Oooh! Love this story! 🙂 🙂 🙂

The Venus Fly

So um, I couldn’t get AWAY from the King of Cups card (and still cannot) and Terrence Malick puts out a film titled, ahem, King of Cups.

And now a new movie is out, Jupiter Ascending. Hmmmm….

Mel C

Oh yeah I want to see this only because of the name!

The Venus Fly

I loved this story. Not only because of the all the horns involved (five planet Taurus, we are horny folk) but because it’s awesome to feel ATTRACTED to someone on a soul level. Regardless of what happens, whether it becomes a beautiful relationship or is just a beautiful moment, chemistry is healing. Congrats on a wonderful experience. Feng-shui’d the lady parts 2 nights ago actually after a wonderful body soak in the tub. The ‘signs’ say epic true love is incoming, but I haven’t met him. I am seeing TONNES of men, more than usual (not said with arrogance) checking… Read more »

The Sea Goatess

“chemistry is healing”.


The Venus Fly



legit laughing at babes’ jokes/ not-real-jokes-just-them is magic. i LOVE laughing so it comes easy with the right guys and their faces light right up.

The Venus Fly

He keeps saying things I usually say – but we just met so he doesn’t know I say those things. I take ot as s sign I am where I should be 🙂


What a fantastic story! Keep us posted. Sea Goatess 🙂 Ok I confess I am a feng skeptic. The one and only time I got my house fenged a couple of years ago, it made no discernible difference to a process I’d already embarked on, and left me feeling, well, ripped off. I stress this is my own experience only – perhaps I expected too much. I enjoy hearing about others who have had felt the benefits. I would welcome anyone explaining why I may have ‘got it wrong’ with my understanding of the process or my somewhat deus ex… Read more »

The Venus Fly

I don’t know if I necessarily believe in feng shui, either. I’ve lost count of how many pack rats and hoarders are in happy partnerships and how many organized, harmonious folks are not. But I do know this – beautifying my home makes me happy. Which ramps up the vibe. I def believe in beautifying. But I really doubt that having a ceiling fan above a bed will ‘put out the flames’. I put a red dot on each blade regardless (lol) but yeah, feng shui from what I know still operates on ancient principles and most folks negative feelings… Read more »


that is fuqing rad. candle bathing. jaysus.


showering by candle light is 100% rad and I also highly recommend it for a lovely after-dark psychic re-set and pisces-style gentle tune-in, drop-out interlude.


It’s so sensual and intimate. Especially blasting Maxwell or D’Angelo 😀


I have this afternoon filled my bathroom with candles. I don’t have a bath but had never considered showering by candlelight! Fab idea x

Kataka on Fire

South Noded too!

The composite charts Asc/DC lies across my SN/NN

The composite charts SN/NN lies across his Asc/DC/Vertex

His mars/lilith conjunct my SN


What a beautiful story!!! So many congratulations, and what a great illustration of the power of opening yourself completely to possibility. 🙂 I too have been SNoded. While there are 4, there is really only 1. His sun on my merc-Lilith, his merc on my jup, his mars on my Ceres, his Ceres on my Juno, his Juno on my Eros, his Pluto on my NN, his Venus on my SN, his Eros-Psyche on my Psyche, trine my Venus and Eros. We are calling ourselves quadruplets (Gemini twins) because the amount of connections and experiences that we share are mind… Read more »


Whoah crazy. But I can’t give you any advice cuz I always welcome crazy with open arms!


And I wouldn’t take it anyway prolly. 😉
Funny how crazy has a way of finding those who embrace it. I would not want it any other way. xxx


He sounds like one of those wandering sadhus in India, who don’t own anything. A respected life path in other cultures…


That’s exactly what he is. I have so much admiration for people who actually walk their talk.


Perfect story Sea Goatess.
I just ordered a cauldron.

Kali Ma

V, may I ask where you ordered your cauldron from? I have looked on ebay … not getting any of the right feng shui vibes from what I’ve seen. Thanks!


Hi! Just saw this. Sorry for the delay. I ordered from people called Black Country Metal Works. I wanted an unmarked one (many have pentagrams or three moons) and I ordered the smallest, which is no bigger than a cereal bowl, but perfect for burning.
Completed the fanny Feng Shuing.


Sounds AMAZING. Hope they manage to keep in touch. : )


Just love this 🙂


Awwww. This is exactly why I love airports. They are simultaneously so tedious and sooooo romantic. Venus-Uranus here too.

Year of the Phoenix

WOW! Love your story SG!

I had a bit of a magic realist moment a week or so ago and have been all anticipation ever since – and bit of tarot overuse maybe – it’s all soulmate, soulmate, soulmate!

Arrrr! Ready already

The Venus Fly

Hear you on the Tarot OD’ing. In my defense, though, it has been uber healing on the sub-conscious. It’s been more a tool for ‘feeding my faith’ than making me expectant which really works for me right now 🙂


WHOAH Seagoatess, that is some awesome synastry. Also sounds a bit like my dream man- An Aries Taurus rising for my Libra Scorpio rising… MArs in Leo for my Venus in Sagg. Mercury in Pisces for my Mercury in Scorp…please tell me he has a twin brother. Please? Or just tell me your secret. The last time I feng shuied my hoo hah I ended up with my current lover/disaster. Also an Aries with Merc in Pisces. But, uh, I guess the magic wasn’t strong enough because he bozoed out of the scene. This post is also classically synchronistic the… Read more »

The Sea Goatess

BIG LOVE TO YOU! Thanks for a great comment. These really are ALL lovely comments. I just wanted to share this situation because it’s so extremely intense and synchronistic, and stories like this have touched my own heart in bleak winters. Wonderful idea re checking south node connections with all important peoples … will do this soon myself! Who can say what will happen between me and Mr Aries. I’m happy just to have known someone this lovely can exist in the world. But after more than a decade of hardening karmic relationship fuqery, I am now in a position… Read more »


I’m so glad to hear you mention the karmic fuckery. Mine has gone on so long I wonder if it’s forever. Even when I try to get away from karmic romantic involvement, it still finds it’s way into my life in new interesting disguises. Really, I jive with what you are saying about “fuck soulmates, etc.”

I am quite curious what other transits are going on for you right now, though…

The Venus Fly

Considering he’s 11 years younger, he may have been too much of a ‘boy’ for you to boot. He wouldn’t have been the man he is today. I truly believe the right ish happens at the right time. I told someone to look up a girl when he went to my country of birth. Two years later – boom. They met. Fall in love. Married. I could just ‘sense’ they were meant to be in some capacity. 10 years earlier it wouldn’t have worked. But they met at the right time. Follow your bliss and all else looks after itself,… Read more »

Kataka on Fire

Really interesting because a lot of interpretations of Uranus on South node synastry are about sudden separations…hmmm maybe that’s why we feel pulled towards them …to fill that longing from a prior loss…. My lover never to be but best friend has his Sun/Uranus in my South Node…I would go into ridiculous paroxysms of loss often upon leaving him just for a day…I always thought it was past life memory and felt we were separated brutally/violently.
But good to hear there’s longevity in yours 🙂


I would totally agree about the chaos and sudden loss aspect of Uranus/South Node EXCEPT for my best friend’s Uranus on my South Node.

We definitely don’t have a conventional best friendship- we have completely different lifestyles and upbringings, we want to kill each other every time we’ve had to live together over three days, and my idea of a good time is often completely unappealing to her…and yet I find her to be the only person who truly accepts me as I am!

The Venus Fly

Sounds like me and someone I know. Known them since I was 12. TOTALLY different lifestyles. BUT, we have each other’s back through and through for good times and bad.

Can’t stand to spend time with her man or friends. Beyond boring, uninteresting folks. But when she and I are alone (rare), UBER fun. She lets loose.


Proving once again that love has no bounds!

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