Madonna Does Saturn

Madonna Fall

Well, well.  Madonna, during a live performance of her new single at the British Music Awards, fell backwards down a small flight of steps, when her Armani cape failed to detach as intended.  Vile for anyone but particularly a multiple Leo.

Fittingly, for someone with her decades of experience in show-biz, she handled it seasoned-trouper style and the show went on.

First, i was struck by the stark, slobbering crazy-bats crap in the Daily Mail comments – thousands of them: Illuminati this, Satanic that, disgraceful she is not at home knitting blah blah blah – like a serious deranged flow of paranoia, sexism and ageism. Why shouldn’t anyone who can get the crowds carry on working/performing as long as they want?

THEN, i thought god, was this a subconscious attempt to one-up Kanye?  His expletive laced, mob-themed performance-rant would otherwise have been the THING of the event.

And then, i looked at her chart. Saturn did it – that plus someone on wardrobe is likely to be out on his/her toned arse if they are not already.

So Madonna has natal Saturn at 19 Sagittarius – she is approaching her 2nd Saturn Return. Her first Saturn Return was 1987 – that was the divorce from Sean Penn + also when it became clear any cinematic career was not going to emulate the then massive success of her musical brand. Think: Shanghai Surprise, Who’s That Girl.  But she shook that off, presumably learned a whole lot from her Saturn Return year and still she rose.

Now, even though Saturn won’t be exact on her natal Saturn again until late 2016, it is squaring her Ascendant in Virgo AND opposing her Gemini Midheaven all damned year. This is always a transit that calls for hardcore pragmatism and reinvention of the public image/brand.

Leaving aside fashion malfunctions and how brilliantly she handled the mishap, it’s hard to escape the weird symbolism of being surrounded by your usual bunch of hot, oiled up Latino-look male model-dancers dressed in bull horns, their faces blurred out like Dionysus worshippers – with you in a Matador outfit, legs, fishnets, being dragged back and down by your cape.

I think she should stop singing about love and go the full Pagan Empress vibe. Or a stripped back torch song vibe WITH patter/wicked gossip/life tips between the songs.  She’s worldly, she’s self-made, she has serious OPINION.

ALSO, why matador as the theme?

Image: News Ltd – British Music Awards 2015

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61 thoughts on “Madonna Does Saturn

  1. I was one of the bad ppl who listened to the leak of her album, I think its her best in years. Some what retrospective, as well.

    I love this post ,as i am going through the same Saturn sq Asc transit. At least i do not have to fall down in front of the world, but man, the re-invention thing has been screaming at me. I really do need a image makeover—and a full on life makeover while I am at it. LOL.

  2. Mystic yesterday: “I think she should stop singing about love and go the full Pagan Empress vibe. Or a stripped back torch song vibe WITH patter/wicked gossip/life tips between the songs.”

    Madonna today: “”I’m never writing lyrics like that again the universe was trying to teach me a lesson.”

  3. Wow, this post rocks and is so appropriate.

    I think Saturn sometimes stuffs things up in your favour ya know?

    I had a gun that just KEPT jamming today, and was really bothered by it but then realised if it hadn’t kept jamming, I wouldn’t have been 10mins late and XYZ awesome thing wouldn’t have happened….

    I love the theme too….it suits her. Very Minoan…didn’t bullfighting evolve out of that minoan thing where they jump over bulls by holding onto their horns?

  4. MYSTIC, I’ve been saying it for years! All that experience – all that audience – all those Kabbalah classes – and the best we get in her lyrics is “ooh meet me tonight babe/ make me feel right???”. I’ve been begging her through the ether to uplevel her art – to take it beyond a competition with the Britneys/ Gagas/Beyonces that she’s been intent on all these decades – and become the “elder” of the form that she truly is. Still sexy! Madonna, still rebellious – but an elder indeed, performing songs with real meaning – with lived wisdom and experience to share and guide, with sass and style like no other before her on this platform. Get into THAT groove, I beg ya!

  5. And dailymail articles may as well have been written in the 50’s the way they objectify women.
    So and so has stepped out in a pantsuit extended to 500 words.
    Not to mention celebrity child stalking. If anyone else was taking pictures of their kids it would be harassment and stalking but a press pass makes it ok?

  6. 😯

    ‘She’s worldly, she’s self-made, she has serious OPINION.’

    This is what I seriously love about Madonna! Beyonce was only saying last year, after she came second to Madonna for the most amount of money made by a female artist in 2014, that it’s Madonna she looks up to in the music industry. I mean she has made some serious money & by doing what most artists are afraid to do in the present day & that is to completely revolutionise their brand. Madonna has always done this, I mean if you look at her albums she has a completely different focus from one to the next. i think this causes great discomfort within her fan base who love an album & just want to hear the same theme again. But it’s with huge risks like this that makes her so incredible, especially today when the global memo is to be completely risk averse. It’s also worth remembering that she’s a dancer first & her choreography has always been a complex mix of singing & dancing. Again, something you don’t see a lot of contemporary artists doing today. She was the ultimate professional during this fall & if you want to get a lesson in how to do it properly, Madonna is the one to learn from. I remember when the great Lady Gaga fell off a piano during a concert but then again she was kind of known for her falls like walking through an airport she just topples over because of her towering boots. Anyway, I hope Madonna’s okay & fist bumps to her for her staunch Saturnesq response to the situation.

  7. It was all about madonna. Kanye who?

    Yeah the matador theme seems to be a strangely timed rehash, and I really have had enough “look I’m flashing my boob…again” and I stopped listening to her music after Ray of light but…

    It’s Madonna.
    My partner and I similtaneously said “someone’s about to lose their job”
    And he continued with, ” lucky she’s so crazy fit cause that looks like it bloody hurt.”
    And as expected from a professional she got up and kept going. As the young folk of years ago would have said:

  8. The bulls in her performances feel much more to be about Apis the Egyptian bull god. The MOTHER of Apis was ISIS. You’re right on point with the high priestess.

  9. Me and my gay friends were all watching and then a collective gasp happened, we were in shock, like watching the falling of our idol. I’m the only one whos gone trough the first Saturn return (i’m 29) so i’m always thinking about these things: idols falling (literally and metaphorically), the passing of time, the inevitability of mistakes and their usefullness (she got back up, just like the song!), so it wast otally a hard reminder of Saturn for me. My friends were shocked and worried (a brazilian friend actually screamed VIRGEN MARIA!! out loud, lol), but they are having their saturn return now so they’re, as mystic said the other day “bidding a not-so-fond farewell to delusion”, and they were all like: i guess it was meant to happen someday. We love her even more now, i think.

    I’m getting “Falling is optional, getting up is mandatory” – Saturn on a T shirt now, thanks to madonna

  10. Personally I found the whole “haha Madonna fell over” thing plastered all over the internet just plain mean and cruel.

    Got to admit I am struggling with how much I loath entirely ‘humanity’ these days.

    WTF is wrong with people?

    And it was quite OBVIOUSLY a Matador/bull fighting number – not Satanism/Illuminati/Fuqin Whatever. And if it had been who the fuq cares. Fear Fear Fear blah blah fuqin blah!

    I’m truly starting to believe there may be some credence to these “the dumbing-down” of society conspiracy theories…….

    If you haven’t got anything intelligent, or nice to say:

  11. I respect her work attitude/ethics…don’t let bs get ya down, pick yourself right back up like a pro.
    fuck the haters!

  12. Why matador theme? I suspect something to do with times or circumstances around “take a Bow” as that featured a matador in the video too, but she was on the outside as a spectator. Big shifts since then as she is the matador now.

    I am not even a madonna fan but i couldn’t stand how mean the comments are everywhere. She didn’t fall because she was old. She fell because of the cape.that fall was bad enough to have broken a bone too! What a bad ass she is!

    • Fell because she was old?! Is that what they’re saying?!* Lol, wonder what happened JLaw at the Oscars then.

      *Not going to give the DM the page click by going to it.

      • The ageism on the subject is pretty harsh among young feminists (hey I’m 33 but apparently not young enough) on Kinja/Jezebel offshoot, The Muse. Only few comments in Madonna’s defense are posted. It’s like if it’s not Rihanna or Beyonce or Kim K, they don’t care.

        • I know what you mean. People want to write Madonna completely off because of her age. I don’t think Cher got as many nasty things said about her. or maybe she did and I’m not tracking?

      • with JLaw people say “too many hamburgers”. but really…people fall all the damn time. Give peeps a break!! Besides it’s not about how you fall…more about how you pick yourself up afterwards!

        • What I mean about this is, you can write a comment and they decide if they are going to post it or not. What I wrote was not posted at all.

  13. Madonna does a lot of charity work. Both in person and by helping out financially where she can. I have to say that as a public figure I think she does a lot of good. Certainly more than she’s given credit for generally. I so loathe the daily mail. I mean do they not GET that saying shit like that is hurtful? It’s almost as if they purposely quote people entirely out of context and deliver articles like hand grenades designed to do the maximum damage to someone’s reputation.
    In many ways right now she is the bull.
    She will always get back up no matter how much they try and put her down.
    I feel lucky to have had her as an older figure as a woman. She lives her life on her own terms and I respect that. Acting is tough on all of us but for a woman under constant scrutiny who has built her brand around this image of being sexual and political and provocative, it must be extremely uncomfortable. I salute her. She kicks ass!

    • I meant to say aging my my dear friend autocorrect wrote acting for me. I’m having a rough day. Super stressed. Need to put down iPhone and work. X

      • Madonna has made bigger splashes “falling down” than most pro performers will ever make “nailing the move”. She is way passed the stage where she HAS to be **perfect**.

        • Agreed 100%! She’s an unparalleled expert at turning *any* situation to her advantage, and that alone should inspire at least a grudging amount of respect from her detractors. She is always on her game, and you just cannot deny that – if nothing else – she IS a consummate performer/entertainer!

          What people think of Madonna or her music is virtually irrelevant when you consider the amount of work and creativity alone that it must take to have the staying power she does. She’s managed to stay on top for literally *decades* in an industry that routinely throws people away after a record or two – how many people can say THAT? All hail the Blonde Ambition!

  14. I would not be surprised if she was a Scorpio Rising for all the vitriol she inspires – her info in the Rodden databank is DD rated so TOB is in question. It would make sense given her “thing” for bullfighters since that would put Taurus on the 7th. Remember her “Take a bow” video in the 90’s?

    Regardless, she does have that Sun/Pluto conjunction – albeit out of sign – and people are going to have very strong reactions to her regardless. She does (or at least, has done) nothing to help this of course, by playing the provocateur at times. What I do admire about her is she has always managed to make controversy work *for* her and be her bitch – THAT is an art form! As one with Pluto on the rise, I salute!

    • For someone seeking notoriety, there’s no such thing as bad publicity. Or as Oscar Wilde put it:
      “The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.”

      I don’t understand why people get so worked up about Madonna. She’s an entertainer, for gawd’s sake, not an oracle. I mean she doesn’t make decisions for us, like politicians do, that can really fuq up our lifes.

      Also, her thing with matadors, bullfighting and latino men, reminded me of Ava Gardner, who also shared her passion an lived in Madrid for years. Bullfighting in its purest sense is about the dance and drama of life and death – very Pluto – i mean, you can’t get rid of the thought of death as you are watching a bullfight. Both Ava Gardner and Madonna have Pluto in their 12th H…so maybe that’s why it turns them on?

      • I have Pluto in my 12th, and am half Latina and I despise animal cruelty in any form…or preying on targets than can never defend themselves for the entertainment of humans. Loathe the horse racing spectacle as well.

        I do sometimes relax by reading books on serial killers, I have a morbid taste in literature at times, but always ascribed that to my scorp moon.
        Perhaps Pluto in 12th also.

  15. Yes to Pagan Empress! She needs to work her Virgo vibe. I don’t care if she is a Leo, to me she is the Ultimate Virgo as much as the Leo Empress. Or Empresario.

    The Saturn Return is interesting. The people I have observed having their second Saturn Return have often had a serious flaw or life changing decision they made that needs review.

    Matar is to kill. Matador, I really loathe that title. Madonna Matadora? Hm. Not a fan.
    She needs to kill her image addiction. It’s squaring her Ascendant in Virgo? It’s time for the Priestess. Enough with the mutable, it’s time to settle down and merge. The core self image to e-merge.

    • Killing the image addiction. I think this is an interesting (good) call. By the time your career is as long as hers, you see more of the person than the image. Plus ca change etc.

      she must have an absolute mountain of experience and showbiz wisdom she could share by now. The best Leos work fuqing hard to do what they do. Some might think showoffs, ego bla bla ok yes maybe at sea-level it’s hard to see the Vision, and attention-beast must be fed only by souls immune to its tractor beam, but I would give a lot to truly ingrain even 10% of the front and self-belief that a proper Leo has.

      • “I would give a lot to truly ingrain even 10% of the front and self-belief that a proper Leo has”. Me too! And I’m a Leo. A Scorp I had lunch with the other day said, “You aren’t shy, I have never seen you shy!” I said, ” I can be LOUD and shy! I can!!”. And I am!
        I have nightmares about social anxiety. When I know I am not going to have anyone but hardcore Pisceans / conspiracy types get me, lol.

        Bring on that Saturn transit to my Neptune!

        But yes, I feel like she need to transcend her SELF. That one she has been marketing all this time, it’s gotta go. Authentic Madge plz.

    • Yeah I agree. I have so much respect for her. She’s always seemed to be able to reinvent herself, but in hindsight she’s only found different ways to perform. I’m sure she has something else of value to offer the world. It’d be interesting to see what.

    • I Loathe matadors, that imagery, the corrida, everything about it. Supposedly macho, but pfft, the bull always gets tormented, then killed if not straightaway, by supporting picadors.There is some comfort in knowing that the matadors are often maimed and killed too.
      Yay MM, for pointing out that Madonna /matador got dragged down by her cape 🙂
      For real bravery, what about those ancient Cretan bull leapers?

      • Bull leaping is still very much practised in Spain. It just doesn’t get the same coverage becoz it hasn’t been made into such a theatrical spectacle.
        Different regions have their own way of playing with bulls. If you google images for bull leaping in Spain, you’ll see that it’s a one-on-one with the toro.

        • Did NOT know this. Thank you Skarab, I am quite curious about this, if it is done with respect and the animals were chosen who enjoyed this kind of play it would be interesting to watch. Taurus ruled cinematic 12th here.

  16. I hate the daily mail.
    Why do they have to be so mean?
    It’s so UNzap zone, so pro status quo.
    Just slating anyone who dares to be a little different.
    I don’t even consider it media. It’s just a bunch of bitter and twisted journos having a go at people.

    • In my humble opinion, the daily mail is a sh*t-dredging hate-vortex for people whose brains have been sucked out through their eyes by their television. The end.

      • even in my local birdcage-liner, one of their articles was bitching about Morrissey and his upcoming tour: apparently he is a vegan and has requested that meat not be served at the venue on the evening/s he is performing. The article whines..: “concert goers will have to get their meat elsewhere..” i mean, honestly it’s not a fuqing footy game, no one’s going to be ordering a pie at half-time, It’s morrisey, everyone will be going outside for a cigarette and a tumbler of gin, or something (?) jeeeezus these people who write this trash, ….

  17. But that’s just what I heard… the Matador thing.
    Maybe she is following the new Dolce & Gabbana ad campaign.
    It features women dressed as Matadors…

  18. Because she has a THING for Matadors. Rattles off lists of how many she’s er bedded at the drop of a hat. She finds them super sexy.
    I feel sad for her this happened. Must have been really awful for her. People can say what they want about her (and they DO love to have a go don’t they?) but to me she was the most influential feminist of my teenage years.
    I may not agree with everything she says or even enjoy much of her music but the woman has such drive and an ability to continually reinvent herself that you have to respect and admire her. Ok, YOU don’t but I do. She channels Lilith to me…

    • I was a preteen when Madonna was first blowing up everything & she made a *huge* impression on me. My all time favorite song was La Isla Bonita: it just took me away haha. I even choreographed a little dance to go with it, & my latina bff & I performed it at the school talent show 🙂 The Vogue video & dance, Express Yourself — huge! I really identified with her, coming from the same geographic area & Catholic upbringing as she had, and i loved dance too… She was all “No Limits” when everything around me said just the opposite. Necessary!

      • That’s interesting guys, I always felt like she was challenging, which interested, but I never felt she was in that game for anyone but herself. To me she wasn’t a feminist icon in that sense.

        • I’m with Ankh there, she made the idea of “growing up” seem a lot more palatable.
          I thought, “yeah ok, that’s where this is going potentially” vs the other options I saw around me. I loved the contrast of the name and the behaviour. Obvs as a Virgo this really resonated with me, the idea that as a woman I could be both rather than have to pic one or the other. It was more of a message she was transmitting via her craft than anything altruistic on her part. I don’t believe it was a conscious decision like “Ok, I’m going to be a feminist icon and help young teens find another icon to identify with” at all. I’m sure she was in it entirely for her self and her self alone but I still felt songs like “express yourself” were giving me options that other music / media/ cultural sources I had access to at the time wasn’t showing me. And THE GUY in the EXPRESS YOURSELF video is now a super hot yogini. He’s written books and reinvented himself post his modelling career. Gorgeous, seriously beautiful man……….

          • Yeah, that’s cool, I totally don’t resonate with Madondons, but I can see why others more contemporary interested people would! Perhaps I resonate more with concepts rather than gender. I find gender discussions really boring. It’s always been a source of injury on the blog here and mystifies me tbh. I am not sure my identity as a woman is of much interest to me. Yet I maintain a very feminine persona, so many natal water trines probably. I was always reading Mercury in Cancer style ancient tomes & forgot I was a female in the 20th century round the time she was popular.

  19. re: Matador theme, all the fire astro of the time inspiring her to tease killer beasts, or imply her mastery over the wild? Or just fanning love flames for the color red? Bolshie.

    Any time Saturn has pulled the rug out from under me, I’ve fallen backwards while moving forward down staircases. Feet square, tail & back conjunct the steps. Saturn body slam!

    • — but I thank the stars for Saturn! Saturn will not fuq with you, he gets right to the point; in my case, with every Saturn slam to my main frame, the message was Slow Down Now. And I did, & then glorious things manifested right before my eyes 🙂 Saturn can be a mean old daddy, but i like him.

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