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Before your come-back, analyze what Mercury in Aquarius since January 6 has given you – the radical resets, surreal insights, alien whackjob dreams, lucid indigo detachment – it’s not just random and for no reason.  MORE in the Horoscopes & Daily Mystic obviously but think this: Very soon Mercury goes Direct, it’s the second of two New Moons in Aquarius, Mars barges into Aries – making for the biggest catalyst of the Zap Zone since last April – and it’s Game On.

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65 thoughts on “Before Your Comeback…

  1. I found this mercury retrograde really comforting and safe – I did a lot of ‘me’ time. I reflected a lot. Waited things out. Didn’t respond to ‘muggles’. Felt so glorious and rested. More content than ever. And strong.

    Today I almost felt things speeding up. Now I’m anxious and afraid again…

    Could it be possible I found the mercury retro bubble TOO comforting… how does one enter the world again? Is it too soon? Give myself a break, right?…

  2. well while we’re talking mercury, I re-vamped my smartphone screens, deleted apps I don’t use, downloaded 4 good, non-gimmicky apps to officially make my life more efficient. Booked dentist as oracle was hassling me to do. lol.

    aqua isn’t really trippy for me like that, i’m not really an alien indigo 8th dimension whatever person. well maybe i have been scarred by too many whatevers … or a long and lonely series of neptune transits a few years ago. Also i have to kind of be earthed in order to focus and earn moneh, lol… otherwise i am offf floating away

    For a pisces flakey type with middens of crystals around the place and other things, i really do shun too much deliberately off-planet stuff, hmm. IMO it’s all about facing up to what it means to be a human living in the world with others… maybe this is my strong 9th house influence?

    I think aqua is more the argumentarian in me, with mars in my 8th too. equality and representation or die, motherfuqer, lol

    • actually maybe i have just figured this out a bit. if i do venture into off-planet lands, it’s *private*. authorised personnel only. and also, i haven’t figured out what “earthly” use such knowledge or whatever is to me. Pleiades, star people, so what? Is that going to help me get a cool job where I can afford to pay rent in this city *and* save money ?? Thus spake moon in capricorn.

  3. I’m over this Merc retro, it has been surreal and down the rabbit hole. Beginning of Jan. I was still recovering from that minor surgery and feeling weak, but mostly feeling completely drugged and hungover from the general anaesthesia, and I felt two steps behind the present moment all the time, and it was scary and frustrating. I’m mostly 100% back to normal now, though still not quite…… I’m not meant to be under heavy pharmaceuticals…. too much Pisces in my natal chart, it’s like I’m naturally on drugs…
    I also have natal Mercury in Aqua, so I suppose this retro felt at once ‘at home’ for me and too intense, but I was more patient with it than most other Merc retro’s.

    Work is weird, my new job, which I also don’t know if it will last, but I really need the income, my private practice is a mess, not happening, though ramping up with marketing and networking at the same time, a very odd energy there, and I’m interviewing to have yet a THIRD job tomorrow…..I need financial stability so badly. I’m willing to work two jobs and try to run a private practice too…… I just don’t know what the final answer should be regarding my career……total confusion.

    Met ANOTHER Taurus guy. Had a great night with him, like him very very much….. We’ve definitely got some astro, another Venus/Mars conjunction, this time with my Venus/his Mars in Cap.
    Still think of the other Taurus guy (my Mars/his Venus in Pisces), and how it was all left open and hanging and waiting for the denouement or full circle of that story too…. These two guys are both early Taurus, April 21 and 26, and complete a grand trine with my Jupiter/Venus trine in early Virgo/Cap.
    Generally, I’ve been dating like a fiend….. I’ve got that Pluto transiting my 7th house thing going on and so it’s all been kind of intense and sexual. I’ve gone out on quite a number of dates since December and now. Spreading my energy a bit thin, too, I think.
    I think I just needed to move the energy in that arena again after what happened with first Taurus guy. I met him during mega ZZ last April so that’s why I wonder if something will play out with that by the ZZ this April…. The Eros/Psyche conjunction coming up will be all over our Pisces mega conjunction mash up, mostly on our Chiron/Moon conjunction, but by degree a bit beyond our Venus/Mars conjunction in Pisces.

    Also…….hey y’all, it’s don season, the 10 days before the Lunar New Year. Lots of karmic stuff coming up to be finally burned off before the start of the new year. Maybe this is something to consider right now along with Mercury direct, the final part of the ZZ and all the other stuff…?
    I’m so ready for the Year of the Sheep. For me I think it will be more auspicious and easier to deal with the energy than Year of the Horse was..

    • hey fc, the don season link was interesting, thanks. had some wierd things come up so cool to add another layer of perspective on this. i think i am sheep rising, haha, so maybe yes year of the Yáng will be gentler..

      re your private practice, if you;re recovering from an operation and juggling matters of the heart, plus new jobs, maybe take it little by little? not sure how long you have been working on it all, etc x

  4. This morning, before I even began with my first patient, who was face down on the table, I fell down…

    This chart of it…as I noted the time, tells all.

    Have literally been massaging in that room for eight and a half yrs. But, with being in the ZZ I have felt done…done, done done. To transition tho is not an over night gig, it will have to be step by excruciating, Saturn disciplined step…

    I have avoided it because I can be a lazy dreamer at times even though my spirit yells, Get on with It!

    So anyway, stepped on my little massage stool leg the wrong way as rounded the table, twisted my right ankle and before I came down on my left knee, hit my right shoulder on the wall and heard huge crunching sounds which could be good or not so good. Will know in a few days…Sometimes “the crunch” can break up some crap, you know? 🙂 Scar tissue and stuck stuff…

    However, I was quite shocked and grabbed onto my patients arm…poor thing. I had never massaged her before.

    My now injured right side/right arm…because it is my dominant can easily flare up with over use and so this is something that was certainly not welcomed in the short term “get thru my day” kinda way.

    So anyway, did some therapy at lunch, did an ice pack, over the counter med…huge amounts of rub on Bio-Freeze between patients to numb the pain…Will have doc check it tomorrow and do a Jacuzzi in the am.

    So about the astrology.. If this link shows up, my South node is exactly conjunct Uranus conjunct the Asc….Trans SN is exact my 11 degree Sun.

    ….square Pluto in the 10th of this event chart. Geez, Pluto don’t mess around when it’s time to get a move on, no?

      • Run for the hills!

        “node, node, node”…we shouldn’t hide there…

        “Why not?”

        “I don’t node”..

        “Oh you don’t node anything you imbecilic, moronic…”

        Runs for life to dig up spears and assorted weaponry to fight the nodes…


          • Thank you gemyogi…this will pass but ~I am~ listening universe!

            “Okay, we’re going to have f’in crowbar your arse out of that rut”

            “Ouch…get your hands…er, bar offa me!”

            See, the way I see it is that I’m not just supposed to solely use my body now but MY MIND…

            Trans Uranus trine natal Uranus with the Aries parts conjunct trans..

            Challenging in different ways than just doing a physical job and I am bored with the physical because I know I’m worth more than that..x

          • And poor baby Aries….three weeks ago it was burnt fingers…now, she (she will be walking soon, pulling up and all that, stood on her own a few times, uses her baby activity toy to walk), but she hit her mouth on the edge of the coffee table and was bleeding quite bad.

            Pisces Son in Law wanted to take her to an Emergency Care facility. Daughter didn’t want to due to all the craze germs and measles stuff going on.

            The bleeding stopped but Moon and Saturn in Leo Pisces was a nerves wreck..His Leo is conjunct her Rising.

            My daughter said “I don’t think his nerves can take much of this kind of stuff but I told him it’s normal and there will be more!”

          • And was curious about Bruce Jenner having been in that awful accident.

            Sure enough, he has NN in Aries with Uranus conjunct….Libra Neptune and Mercury on South Node…

            Please be careful all youse Aries/Libran Noders/Suns a Guns/Moons and Such!…

            • Yikes, SweetPea! I hope your recovery is quick and has a good ending.

              I’m an aries SN and going to have to drive on icy roads this morning, so thanks for the heads up!

    • Gawd, that sounds painful, sweatpea…..reckon it was time for you to take a break…no pun intended…. And like you said, time to give up the physical work and do the mental. Maybe teaching what you’ve been practising all these years, perhaps? Doing further study?

      I looked at the chart you posted – but i’m still very green at this, and can’t come up with much. Also, it has to be looked at against your natal chart. I can only tell you that a similar thing happened to me in 2011 and see if any of the planet placings relate to you as well.

      I’m also a body worker (25yrs hands on) in my 50s. I knew that my body had had enough, yet i kept on going..and going..and going…body screaming STOP – but kept on going.

      Then on my Chiron Return and exactly at the very first degree of trans Pluto’s opposition to my Sun AND the very first degree of Uranus squaring my Saturn – {{{SLAM}}} – that’s the sound of a steel door lopping off a quarter of an inch of my right hand middle finger. *OUCH*

      Funnily enough, Middle finger represents Saturn – and sure enough trans Pluto conjunct my Saturn – and Uranus was in it’s first degree of squaring my Saturn too.

      It’s taken me ages to figure out this finger incident in my chart. And it’s easy to point the finger 🙂 at Pluto, but my chart has always got massive pluto action – it’s either squaring or opposing almost all of my planets all the time.

      So what I put this episode down to was Uranus’s sudden erruption on the scene – ie, 1st degree in squaring my Saturn…. but like i said – i’m new at this.

      All i can say, is that it put me out of action for 2 years. During that time i studied and am now teaching what i’ve practiced. I’m also using much deeper and subtler techniques that don’t require any physical exertion on my behalf… the accident, opened up so many more doors to healing. But obviously, you gotta heal *you* first – that’s why it happened in the first place.

      Good luck sweatpea and much healing love to you. One step at a time, deep breaths and give in to your healing. X

  5. I had SO MANY old memories popping into my head randomly today.

    New job was official in early January, and I started on the 12th. It has been an incredibly difficult four weeks. I knew it would be hard, but there have been some real surprises that have me doubting whether I can make this work and whether they’ll even want to keep me. I hope things improve come Wednesday and beyond… trying to surrender and let the universe sort it all out, but it’s been harrowing. Also waiting to hear about a new housing situation – with Jupiter in fourth house and Mercury retro in tenth, trying to stay patient and strong. Missing my old home and feeling left out of my old work scene of many years, even though both had to come to an end.

    Meanwhile, my acupuncturist called me a warrior… and a photographer said I had the Mona Lisa thing. Interesting unasked-for feedback on how others see me!

      • Ha! I’ve also been quoting Bob Dylan a lot lately. His speech the other night for MusicCares was so great – did you see the video or read the transcript? Fantastic.

        • “No-one is ever free; even the birds are chained to the sky.”

          He has a quote for every occasion and 19 others that havn’t been thought of yet.
          (&no, l couldn’t resist – (Lilith in 5th))

        • The ladies treat me kindly and they furnish me with tape. Deep inside my heart, I know I can’t escape.

          I didn’t see the speech, I’ll have to look it up.

    • Haha same here, Fauness: as soon as i read this post’s title.

      “Rockin my peers & puttin suckas in fear…
      Like a monsoon, listen to the bass go boom…”

      Great memories of listening to LL (& Run DMC– “Whose house? Run’s house!”) on headphones while playing Pitfall on my Atari console in the 80s… When Mama Said dropped, i was a newly-licensed driver with a cassette deck-less hoopty– cue Life Hack #247: loaded my big yellow boom box with 10 C batteries & seatbelted into riding shotgun, i could play Mama Said & all my cassettes as i rolled through town 😉 I got really good at driving stick, too.

      Wow, how times have changed– and how they’ve stayed the same… I’m into the six-digit life hacks now! Thanks for the rearview mirror montages, Mercury retro 🙂

    • this is my song
      i am a total knock out job. aha ha ha ha
      watch my two main boyfs slug it out around the 21st 22nd

  6. I am not sure what I’ve accomplished. A lot of it comedown from my vipassana course — trying to be mindful, trying to observe even my poorest moments objectively — and dealing with a whooole lot of fodder for that. Lots of petty anger. It’s challenging to watch that without wanting to fix it. And kind of crazy since I’ve been doing an intense gratitude exercise — 4 longhand pages daily — and when I did this before I got super blissed out on it. I keep trucking. I’m a little bit bored and disillusioned, but trying to keep everything in perspective.

    My dreams have been recurring and elusive. In one of them, I see my worst-idea-ever ex boyfriend from years ago and he has become old and respectable and sad. He is the dentist, or a presenter, or just an old sad respectable guy at home. And we see each other and do our jobs and look sadly at each other.

    In the other one, I am with my oldest friend at her family’s beach house and we have some variant on a vacation that ends up kind of a bummer. Often it is because we are dealing with various love interest men. Waiting for them to call, or running a bunch of errands, or I am there waiting for her to finish with something so we can get started having a proper vacation.

    I’m frustrated that I don’t know what they are telling me and vaguely frustrated in general. I do feel like I’m waiting for something but I don’t know what it is and it strikes me that I’ve felt like this for at least the past year. Probably more. Meh.

    • Mabel, all I can think is… Don’t wait for the men. Do YOU! Invest in your awesome. Give yourself permission to do whatever you dream of doing. Don’t hold back.

  7. So as I sit to spill it, my heat is out and my 6 year old is singing, “oops upside your head”. Pfffft. Had total LZ relapse this morning. WTF, I thought that was long over. It started last April and was hard core until the fall when I got it under control. I can’t deal with it again like that, especially in the dead of winter. Fuq.

    Good news though – getting better with my sleeping habits. Started taking melatonin and it’s really helping. I’ve had bad sleeping habits for years, just like dad and grandma.

    • Mercury retro has been conjunct my natal mercury in the seventh house. Maybe it explains rehashing ancient angst with my Scorpio partner..we feel mired in ye olde crappe. I hope the direct motion means finding a path forward. Also natal merc opposing my ascendant being pinged. I once read this aspect as manifesting in an urge to always say the ‘right’ thing to the point of not having strong or true voice and opinions of one’s own. Embarrassing..but it resonates. I noticed I have been examining and resisting this urge to merge more. Maybe also the retro influence. Maybe why I am twiddling away here too much lately! 🙂

      • Merc conjunct natal merc sounds like a doozy. Hopefully what is being dug up in the 7th will stay put when merc moves on.

        Transiting Mercury is in my 3rd and opposing my natal sun. The southern part of my chart is pretty empty natally, so it is interesting to have all this action in recent times.

  8. OMG, is everything immediately sensible relevant right now? No message wasted, that Mercurial energy made available for near instant utility?

  9. Woooooooooo!

    I forgot you forewarned the alien whackjob dreams. Nightly.
    I’m so excited.
    SO many loose ends I’m fed up with tying.
    Can’t waaait for the all new, fireworks and biffing.

  10. January 6th I was blissed out at vipassana….one month later and working long hours at this new job just putting in time and hoping it pays off and slows down soon. Can feel my health slipping away, need to make some changes… I have an obsessive nature and it is totally a double edged sword.

    • Heed the Call of your health Aqua/Tauri – physical, mental and spiritual. Without it……I’m sure you know. For us obsessive types, its finding a way to re-direct that intense energy. Are you meditating? You are in my thoughts

  11. This Mercury retrograde has been completely overshadowed by Saturn conjunct my Venus… the best I got out of it was reuniting with my old journals and scraps and seeing how my entire adult life has been consumed by pining. But also found some treasures I forgot about that made me feel happy to be me again.

    Also having something of a style reinvention..I always thought Mercury had a lot to do with one’s personal style.

    Trying to do something different and break away from all basics and blacks and neutrals (hard for a Merc in Scorp) and get into something more like my Venus in Saggo- exotic prints and fringes and cowgirl things. Did I mention Dallas in conjunct my Venus? LOL

  12. So, now that I have time to dive into learning through this page I took some time to figure out what might be coming up for me with Mercury going direct using my chart.

    Mercury in 4th House of Home and Family: Ancestry, heritage, roots. Early foundation and environment. Mother or mothers as figure. The caretaker of the household. Cyclic end of matters.

    Mercury = Messenger god A planet god known for his intelligence; Budha means “awakening, clever, intelligent, wise, learned man, wise man, or sage.”[5]

    Since January 9th in the House of Home and Family:

    So much acceptance on the family situation with my Mom. There is nothing I can do but accept and love her for who she is. And right now it is someone who is struggling so much and she is realizing she wants to love everyone. So sad to see. It was painful for me one day when I was visiting with them. I was sitting in a chair, she came up from behind me while I was sitting, she kissed the top of my head 2 times and said “please don’t drink and drive”…. Crap.. I wanted that type of love when I was 15. But I cringed when she did this… it made me sick. My Dad saw my reaction. Oh well….

    My brother is going to an AA meeting to see if he can get some ideas on how to help her. BIG step for our family..

    With Mercury showing up in the 4th I guess I can assume I will become more wise about life seeing my Mother the way that she is. This will help “me” get better.

    Now, my 5th house is loaded with conjuncts planets. (I hope I said that correctly)…. Mars, Venus and Chiron are conjunct in my house of Pleasure.. Oh joy!!

    Mars, Venus and Chiron all conjunct in my 5th House of Pleasure = Recreational and leisure activities. Things which makes for enjoyment and entertainment. Games and gambling. Children. Love and romance. Creative self-expression.

    Now Mars is a trouble maker if I am reading the following descriptions correctly. But Venus and Chiron are lovers or pleasure seekers… No?

    Mars: God of War This planet is associated with unluckiness of brides.
    Also associated with strength.

    Venus: Goddess of romance; Venus means “love” or “sexual desire.”[6]
    Associated with fertility and enthusiasm.
    Always helped demons in the war against gods; Shukra means “clear, pure, brightness, or clearness.”

    Chiron: is a comet with a unique and erratic orbit. In the natal chart, Chiron is symbolized by the “wounded healer”. It represents our deepest wound, and our efforts to heal the wound. Chiron was named after the centaur in Greek mythology who was a healer and teacher who, ironically, could not heal himself

    Maybe with my romance area I will be healing more with relationships. The toro/gem (a lesson for me) is present in my environment of thought. Contacted him last week to see how he is doing since his name has been flying around me. He’s doing good. End of conversation.

    The Pisces dude (a reset and lesson for me) I saw the w/e of 2/1. Damn he looked good. I tried to avoid him and then he showed up to break the ice. He said he needed to talk to me. So we talked. Although it was not the conversation I wanted because I wanted to know more at least we can be friends. We were near each other most of the night, he stayed in contact with me, when I had to travel he was in touch with me and asked if I wanted to get together. I said “yes”… we talked about going jet skiing. I haven’t heard from him so I let him go! Thinking with valentines day coming up he doesn’t want to get to close again. He and I met one year ago. It happened fast and ended quickly. I think he’s still afraid to get involved since his comments about his ex are still a worry for him.

    So, I will reread this later to see if am understanding this correctly…

    Thanks for reading and any comments some will provide!! xo!!

      • Thanks!! For a couple of years now being a subscriber I have been watching discussions here and admiring how some can write about their chart placements. I had a deer in head lights look. I get on here and blab. Some are gracious and comment but I want do much to understand better ehat the placements mean. I find it so helpful.

        Everything that Mystic talks about is true with what I am going thru!! I never had this type of life understanding. Usually you can go to family but some us didn’t have that. So I found this to be a good guide!!

        Thanks again!! I’m trying!!

          • I wish I could have been more helpful, but it does seem like you are on the right track. I’m still learning as well. Understanding transits is something I’m still working on. Do you have anything natally in the houses you mentioned?

            • Hi Fauness:

              Yes, I have Saturn and Chiron as natal planets. I am now realizing Saturn and Chiron are conjunct. Not sure how that works if planets are conjunct natally but I assume that with Chiron natal and Chiron transit throws things up a couple of levels. Saturn… I know is a big player.

              Saturn: God of “Duty”. Punishes the person who does not do his duty properly.

              Saturn (Shani) tests a person every 22.5 years ?? not sure if this is true)

              Thanks for commenting! We always learn when asked what we mean!


  13. Ah, Burt Lancaster is it. if you transpose a “Pisces Sun Gemini rising” layer onto that pic, he’d look a bit like the long-ago Pisces ex. Hmm

    • Hahahaha! ….. mebe he’s taking method acting to extremes… He wants to feeel how the punching bag feels when he’s hitting it…..Scorps like to cover all angles.

  14. I’ll take one of each. Taureans – the secret mavericks of the zodiac. We do it our way.

    A random name came to mind today. I was like, huh? That afternoon before getting off the bus I leaned forward, the woman seated before me raised the phone and the man she was texting had the near exact name that came to mind earlier. I’m where I need to be and the Universe is furiously releasing signs and blessings like rain to the gardens. Thank you, Goddess ?

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