You Can’t Jilt The Dark Moon

Jeanne Moreau La Baie des Anges

It’s weird but you can’t jilt the Dark Moon, no matter how jaded you feel.

And Dark Moon in Capricorn is extra likely to induce Status Anxiety, time or money existential flip-outs and more. It’s sombre. But if you try to barge on through it in a flurry of brisk denial, it’s worse.

Better to slow down, assess the terrain and wait it out.

This one is a like a big psychic clear out pre-Zap Zone/Jupiter-Uranus, Mars in mission mode, Eclipse Season and other cool but hectic astro incoming.



Image: Bay Of Angels

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80 thoughts on “You Can’t Jilt The Dark Moon

  1. Dark Moon dream- from 4th Aqua – I was almost signed up to start working as a hooker- and this old Russian pimp was checking me out(trust me, I’m way to old). I told him there was a misunderstanding- that I was not able to do this. He simply let me go. I got my papers, and started to leave this huge house he had taken over. Before I left, he scattered pieces of jewelry around and said, “One of these has a Chevron diamond. ” another woman found it in a Byzantine cross. It actually was a kind of star sapphire.

    When I left, these young guys said, Hey. We didn’t pay you yet. I said, ” That’s ok, I didn’t really work.” I left as they emptied the house.

    Earlier in the day, I had read about gurus exploiting their students for sex, money etc. and taking advantage of their power. One of the accused teachers was someone I studied with, but never had any issues. Guess I wasn’t special enough! Hah!!!

    Then I had two glasses break, one jumped out of my niece’s cupboard, while I was feeding her cat. The other one broke at my house. Always with the Aqua Moon I get explosions!

    I have late Aqua on my 4th so I always take it as a hello from my mum or sister. Went home and made from scratch banana pancakes for dinner. Gluten be damned!

  2. Dark moon alright.
    Had a awesome induction session..marathon induction day in 9 hours. 8:30am start.
    Was really good to get an intro into the this third sector organisation.
    And then today was unable to go into work/voluntary role…oops. Must stop doing that. Would hate to create a bad inpression so soon.
    My work is definately appreciated its a positive atmosphere everyone is super talented and passionate and know why they are doing it.
    Really grateful to be amongst such people with good work ethic.
    Definately makes a change from the small 4 person office where that one individuals mood can ruin your day and you still have to work with them.
    Dark moon stuff: get an email this am about my postgraduate application- cant consider me for the january deadline because my supporting docs didnt uplaod with my application. Had no choice as deadline was under merc retro period.
    So been emailing frantically asking people for advice etc.
    heard that tutors havent seen the applications yet were only printed out yesterday so if i email course coordinatior she might still be able to help me out as it was a admin glitch that meant my docs didnt upload.
    Its important i get considered for this deadline as its the only one to be considered for funding which for someone from my econ background makes a world of a difference.
    Mini heart attack so far today. Lets see what the rest of the day holds ahhh!
    I like it when in busy keeps me in a hppy mood so im sort if getting it now… I need to plan ahead, pack my days with stuff to do and people to meet.
    Things are looking up.
    Not so much health wise: started dribking apple cider vinegar – broke out in a rash…but dont kniw if it was bed bugs or dust or my liver detoxing through my skin. Had my first full sleep in a couple of days.
    Ibs as bad as usual.
    Any one have experience with ACV? Good or bad?

  3. If this was a movie, and if it is I never got the script. I would tie a rope around the garage and attach it too my fancy car, pull out and set the 80 bazillion pounds of snow tomorrow the ground. I’m sure I’d come up with something pithy to say.
    Cut to setting snow on roof on fire with a blowtorch.

    Mars is really really peevish at the moment with people who have held on so tight I’m in their gravitational pulls.

    Just clean. just sleep and clean. Check the rockets. Countdown time.

  4. Today was…megh. I suspected I’d be asked to work with the ONE person I did not want to work with to boot. Instead of internalizing it, I just rolled with the punches and worked with what I had. Tomorrow is a new day and a new vibe.

    Oh, and I just bought a dress. I’ve been so goodie, goodie, so, mama deserves a treat πŸ˜€ <3

    • It’s kind of awesome to just roll over the things that we might normally get caught up in (work with ugh person etc) – usually over sooner than we expect and is much less drama without all the headspace chatter .. just getting on with it..

  5. “Status Anxiety, time or money existential flip-outs”

    YEP! Having a really really hard time about work and career. Feeling hopeless and depressed, but panicked at the same time..

    Private practice isn’t going well, my confidence is down, I’m very very tired, but I need work, so I just took what is basically a retail job — they want ‘licensed practitioners’ to give advice to customers, but basically it’s retail, with very low pay rate, and I can’t believe that’s what they are offering to licensed practitioners! I feel resentful already…

    This is all very very humbling…… about status anxiety! I feel liked I’ve failed at the Zap Zone and didn’t rise to the occasion and now I’m at a lower level than I’ve ever been…..
    Uranus is transiting my 10th, Pluto my 7th, and Jupiter my 2nd. This could have been epic, but I just didn’t pull it off…..

    But…. I also have another part time job where they are paying me as a consultant, and quite a bit of money, but it’s dicey whether they will continue the program I am overseeing for very long, which is why I went out and got this other job, for some level of financial stability.

    I’m also waiting for the outside chance, in May, of getting a corporate gig through a friend, where we go into tech companies and provide health care. I have my fingers crossed, because they pay really well, at the professional level, and I’ll actually be a practicing practitioner there, not just standing around giving advice. I hope this comes through!

    So yeah, I have three jobs right now: private practice, consulting, and the retail job. Somehow I f*cked up something in my career enough to have arrived at this place…….. Underlying everything is low self-esteem. I think I’m not worth anything, so I never had the self-worth to command my business and command certain levels of pay.

    I’m so pissed off at myself……. I want to use this energy and the extra money I make at the new job to pour it back into my private practice and really try to get it up and running so I don’t have to be in this situation again! I just hope I’m not too fatigued by all the different jobs that I don’t have the energy left over for my private practice…..ugh, I just don’t know how to get ahead, I just don’t. One day I feel like I’ll just give up, and I really don’t know what I’ll do then……the future looks scary to me right now… Alone, no money, unsuccessful…..

    • Flowerchild I am having the same feelings – now earning the least I have in decades and wondering if my life has been a series of bad decisions….. Urrrr maybe it’s growing pains and we are really on the right path and nothing easy is worth it blahdeeblah

      • Yeah, maybe it’s a stepping stone in our transformation, not the final destination.

        I’m just going to go full force, using any extra money I have from working so much to put back into my private practice, like, use the adversity to propel me into greater achievement…..or some such. I hope I have the stamina… I actually feel burned out on my career because of all of this, but I don’t know what else I’d do for a living, so I keep on…

        • Hi flowerchild, pls don’t do what most of us bodyworkers do: work till we literally drop. I wish that i’d made the transition earlier than i did.

          The wear and tear on our bodies is real – both physically and energetically. Don’t wait for something to go wrong with your body – coz believe me it will. I was falling apart and exhausted but i carried on – I had to have a couple of vicious “accidents” to my hands, for me to stop. The last one was when Pluto ate my middle finger. (middle finger represents Saturn!)

          Why don’t you look at teaching what you do – either privately or in workshops or with an institution? Or investing your money on learning amazing energetic techniques that don’t require such hard physical effort on your part? It will also be stimulating for you and open new ways of healing.

          Pls take care of yourself, flowerchild – you’ve been taking care of other people’s bodies for ages – it’s your turn now. Just one small step is all it takes … but you’ve got to do it now…. then a whole new and more rewarding era will open up, believe me.

          Sorry if i sound preachy, but i went thru hell for a couple of years for not taking care of my body…I’ve noticed too, that it’s around the Chiron return, around age 51, that a forced change occurs. Whether you want it or not it happens. You might as well initiate it on your terms – rather than have some planetary aspect giving you a nasty surprise.
          Sending love and inspirational vibes to you.X

          • Thanks for your advice, skarab! πŸ™‚

            Yeah, I had a friend who had to retire from massage therapy at age 50 because her body couldn’t take it anymore. πŸ™

            I’m not a massage therapist, though, I’m an acupuncturist. It’s not physically demanding, but it’s demanding running the whole business. I’ve been very successful at times in my career and then have had times when I barely practiced, but I haven’t been in one place the whole time, have lived in a few different cities and even moved out of the country for awhile.
            I have 18 years experience, and if I had stayed in one place, would have a really solid practice, but I’ve started over in different places several times, which has been a setback.

            Anyway, yeah, I’m 47, so I should prepare for the Chiron return in advance, for sure! I like the idea of teaching….. I’ll have to look into that!

            • Ooooops – i hadn’t read your first post! ….Scrap everything i said – can’t even blame this on mercury! Just my retrograde mind. :-/.

              Anyways, i can guarantee you that the whirlwind you are in will pass…remember this thing called the ZZ? ;-).

              And as a reminder, here is what sayeth the Mystic Medusa:

              * ….Do not indulge undue complexity or negativity, let it wash over you like a wave and keep returning to the basics – drink water, get enough sleep – maybe more than usual – don’t devour crap.* xx

              • No worries! I don’t think I specified what type of health care I was in, in my original post. It all applies, and everything you said was helpful! πŸ™‚

                Yes, the undue negativity…..I’m ace at that! I need to lose that habit right now!!!

                Thanks again! *hugs*

    • Hang in there Flowerchild. Is getting your own practice up and running worth it? Keep working at it. And no. 1 is don’t get pissed of yourself, support yourself! We believe what we tell ourselves so tell yourself I am good at my job, I am capable, I am worthy of great things. This too shall pass. To succeed you just need to not give up. Telling yourself it’s too hard and you’re not good enough causes low self esteem. Do you have any friends or colleagues who support you with encouragement? I know it’s easy for me to say, but I have been there, at the lowest point. I survived and have come to realise its not my fault if I don’t have enough work or ppl don’t recognise my talents. You can’t take it personally. Hustling for clients and trying to get work/jobs is *hard*. Networking and selling yourself is hard for most of us, but if you have confidence in yourself and stop listening to your inner critic it becomes easier. Good luck!

        • Thanks for your encouragement, Gemyogi!

          It’s true, I have a lot of negative self-talk going on in my head, that’s been a life-long thing I’ve done to myself. It’s so automatic, and I need to stop.

          I do need more support from friends and colleagues. I need to reach out for that more. I tend to isolate myself and feel shame around the situation I created for myself.

          • imagine if you were you, but without this really harsh judgemental voice that stops you from feeling freedom and joy / fun before you’ve even had a chance. Whose voice is that? the one that says
            “but what if…” or
            “You can never…” or
            “you’re always so …” or
            “why do I even bother” or
            “maybe I better not … [do the thing that involves a personal challenge and possibility for inner sunshine]”

            maybe practice a different voice.
            “I’m really looking forward to… ”
            “It’s so fantastic to be able to… ”
            “I did…. really well”
            “I’m going to give this next [hour, day] 100% and feel satisfied because of that alone”

            write down all the negative phrases you tell yourself, literally vocalise them and write them in pen on paper so you can shine a light on those little slimy grubs and see what you’re telling yourself about yourself. Then cross out the negative part of the phrase and turn it inside out with a more positive/active one. even if you laugh or it makes you feel wierd, spend time thinking about how the positive one would feel/look.
            “I’m never going to get anywhere”
            becomes “I’m getting somewhere” or “I’m always making progress”.
            “I don’t have the self-worth to command my business” >> “i have the self-worth to command my business” [dig into this and ask yourself if this is about pricing your time and skills, or about whether you think people want you as a practitioner, or confidence dealing with administrative matters e.g. tax and finance, whatever it is you can break it down and analyse / workshop it out of existence]
            “no one cares” >> “everyone cares”

            that sort of thing. maybe, if it’s useful to you. Sorry if i have taken the bit between my teeth (yet again). xx

            • Pi, this is GOLD! Thank you, and I will copy this and email it to myself and take it to heart. I really needed some direction right now and this will guide me. πŸ™‚

              • A good book that also deals with this is: “Creative Visualization”
                by Shakti Gawain. I’t’s an oldie but a goody. It also gets you to discover the pattern that set you thinking negatively about yourself. It’s a lovely book, with good, easy exercises that will help you immensely. x

          • Imagine your were talking to a close friend… would you be supportive and encouraging? It’s so hard for some of us to do that for ourselves.

            The negative depression brain tells us we’re weak, it’s all our own fault, we’re hopeless, we should be able to pull ourselves out of this, there’s something wrong with us, etc. etc.

            I’ve only started disputing this voice and ignoring/changing it in the past few years, with therapy.

            • I don’t find ‘affirmations’ as such helpful, because my brain doesn’t believe them. But I can say to myself, hang on a minute, I’m not *hopeless* or wrong, there’s nothing *wrong* with me, I’m depressed, or having doubts about myself, which is *normal* and OK. I need to work through this. Negative self talk causes emotions like shame and fear, but these are just *feelings* and they will change if you let yourself feel them, not getting too attached to them. You know how sometimes you feel confident, on top of the world, capable, well that is just the other side. Sometimes we feel hopeless, sad, heartbroken, ashamed, weak. So what? It’s all OK.

              • Thanks, Gemyogi, I also have a resistant brain, but I still go for it.

                It also helps me to just be real and say all the yucky things I need to say and and kind of ‘start where you are’ and accept where I’m at, even if it’s super negative, kind of acknowledging that first in order to be able to move on….and shift the energy.

                I am super encouraging and supportive of friends, and go out of my way to do so when they need it, but cannot do the same for myself. It really is ridiculous….I need to learn self-love once and for all this lifetime…..’cause this lifetime is at least half over…..if not now, when?!!

  6. Like a good Capricorn moon I have been to the dentist and the physiotherapist… The dentist lets me split the payment because he is a legend..and I can then afford to go!
    physio is a bright-eyed young dude who is actually really calming and focused. Good hands.
    Thank you cap
    now to apply for more jobs. Getting my salary negotiation mojo back, thank god. when mercury went direct in my 8th house haha

    • So… The New Horizons will be at closest approach to Pluto, and sending back probably amazing pictures on July 14, 11:49UTC. Check out this chart of that moment:

      Pluto is almost exactly opposite Mars, to within a half degree, when Mars is conjunct Mercury, and the Sun and Moon join the stellium in Cancer. That looks like a chart to navigate across the River Styx.

      • Oh my, Charles. Thanks for this.

        I hadn’t really dared think about the astro of the middle of the year yet – have been so relieved to have Saturn out of Scorpio. But I just looked at the emphemeris for July 14. Gawd. And all in the shadow phase prior to Venus retro, too.

        The only question is how high a price the ferryman will charge, really…since its definitely can’t stay on same shore kind of astro.

        Suddenly I have a strong inkling about what the Saturn retro back into last degs of Scorp will be all about for me…and several people close to me.

  7. Was thinking to dress my boys up in their chinese silks and take them to New Years Fest locally, but just couldn’t.
    Felt so very wrong to be ‘celebrating’ in the dark moon. Inauspicious and wearying.

    So I bought a bed instead. The go-to place for dark moons..

  8. So that explains it. I have Cap moon natally but it’s so amplified today. Also I’m going a bit stir-crazy from staying at home these last few days due to extreme cold. I need spring but winter is still here in full force. Plus I’m really worried about this semester as it’s my last and most difficult. I hope that now that Mercury is out of retrograde I’ll be okay. I think it affects me super strongly as I have 4 planets in Virgo and 1 in Gemini.

    All day I have been anxiously trying to get my homework done, organize, declutter, check my bank account, etc. And I’ve SCHEDULED downtime as it’s a Sunday evening. I wrote on my to do list “read for 1 hr” and now I’m stressing about getting that done. So ridiculous. I just need to relax…but not until I finish this one last thing…

  9. Pluto Cap /Dark Moon in 3rdTraveled out across town in record chills for coffee at indy coffee spot- two teens in tow. Coffee fresh brewed and warming!!!

    Looked in on kit for my niece and turned her heat back on- set low- but kitty deserves some heat! LOL!! She’s frugal like her dad. Also took all her recycling out with me and put in my bin. She’s a single and quite awesome mom. Tres Ceres on Pluto square my Venus! Chez nous- Cat litter, bunny cage.., all done!

    But we reveled in our outing!! So nice to get out and breathe sharp cold sir- albeit briefly! Saw a homeless kid-18 or so- near our exit – friend says he’s a regular- gave him a few bucks too. It’s 0 Degrees F here. I don’t normally give to panhandlers- but it’s awfully cold here. At our local bookstore yesterday, a gent collected one dollar from a few of us and bought some good and time inside.

    Made me glad that peeps would be generous and treat him with dignity.

    Now paper busting- one at a time. Need a rope!

  10. Oh man I scheduled for tomorrow a lunch with my Capricorn friend who shall we say is feeling her Pluto transit.

  11. Pluto finally, OFFICIALLY crossed my ascendant today. Hooray!
    Trying to treat this day as symbolic and full of positive energy as I can, have lit some essential oils, made a green smoothie, cleaned my room, and I’m about to do a tarot reading for guidance.
    I wish I could say all of this is making me feel better. Today feels like I’m at the bottom of a pit now, staring at the sky and I can’t figure out dow to get out. Dealing with a lot of people who are going through intense personal crisis, as well as others who are pushing me to my emotional limits, along with a lot of deep emotional angst suddenly rising tot he surface. Trying to keep those in my life who are meaningful to me without becoming overwhelmed by it I’m Neptune rising so I know now is the time to set proper boundaries. It’s harder than it seems.
    I feel like I seem to make mistakes constantly, in the way I deal with my own emotions as well as with other people. It’s got to the point where I can’t even trust my intuition anymore, I don’t know who I am, what I want, or what the best thing to do in my life is.
    I am a very cardinal person, with my Moon in Libra and Sun in Aries, creating a t-square with my AC and Neptune-Uranus conjunction, so I experienced the squares to both of those planets when Pluto was still in the 12th. I feel like I just didn’t use those transits to my advantage, I didm’t change enough, I didn’t thrive, and now here I am, in the pit, and I don’t know what to do next. With Saturn in my 10th by now, I could’ve really used that transit to my advantage and I could’ve been successful by now.
    Maybe I’m full of rubbish, and I’ll never become a better person.
    If anyone is experiencing or has gone through this transit, if you have any advice on how to keep your head above water, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks for reading.

    • Hey, doll…my advise first of all is to not be too hard on yourself! As a fellow Aries, this whole thing has been a process and a long one at that.

      I’m only now cleaning up messes I made and when I look back I could kick myself for not having known better but in some ways I didn’t know better in other ways I did but either couldn’t help myself or didn’t give a freak. Allowing myself to be irresponsible ended me right back to where I’ve always been…responsible…lol

      I remember telling my mom “I don’t know where I went”…thought I was going nuts.

      Still consider myself in process and in time maybe you’ll find too that the past is in the past now and you can start again.

      Always ends up interesting to me that in hindsight we can see what we could not see at the time because we simply were not “us” then…

      Try to be patient with yourself. x

    • Wow. Sounds like you’re doing well to me. What did the cards say?

      I have Pluto on my IC presently, and am expecting similar intensity.

      My only complaint today is bewildering behaviour of my Cap crush. Turns out he’s had Moon-Pluto on his Sun-Mercury-Mars all day, poor bugger.

      I’d carry on with green smoothies. Set yourself up a nice rhythm of daily rituals, for your body and mind. See more of your friends that look to you for guidance. Sometimes other peoples happenings and solutions shed light on your own.

    • In cleaning out today, cut a few things out of a Woman’s World magazine…one of those little ditties you pick up at the grocery store..

      “There’s no limit to what you can accomplish.

      The secret to reaching higher and getting further than you ever thought possible?

      Believing in first steps and fresh starts. Believing in happy endings, even miracles (they happen!).

      Believing in ~you~

      There’s no reason not to!”


      7 Days of Inspiration…

      1) Life if filled with happy surprises!

      2) No one is more qualified or better able to live your dreams than you are.

      3) You have much to give!

      4) Joys out number troubles

      5) Follow your heart. It knows you best.

      6) Someone gives thanks for you

      7) The more you expect from today, the more it will deliver

      I am going to paste these on a little card board piece I have and leave them out to read everyday.x

      • Guys, thank you so much, sweetpea- related so much to what you said, “in hindsight we can see what we could not see at the time because we simply were not β€œus” then…” which is exactly how I feel now. I am quite simply nothing like that person back then, but the trouble is, I have no idea who I am now. Trying to be patient and a bit easier on myself, but it’s difficult when I lack focus right now. And thank you for that list. πŸ™‚
        Verity- Here are the results of the reading. I try not to be doom-mongering but it wasn’t the most pleasant result I’ve ever got:

        Me: Page of Pentacles
        Cover: The Lovers
        Cross: Two of Pentacles
        Beneath: 8 of Cups (rev)
        Behind: The Chariot
        Crown: 8 of Swords
        Before: 10 of Swords
        Self: 6 of Cups
        Environment: The Empress (rev)
        Hopes and Fears: 7 Cups (rev)
        Outcome: Wheel of Fortune

        Eep. All those swords! So many swords!

        • I mean, the cards aren’t exactly cuddly, but I do feel like whilst I’m still very much a novice at tarot, this reading definitely resonated.
          I feel like the advice was very straightforward. Seems it’s saying right now I’m at a crossroads, trying to make these major life choices which inevitably are affecting every area of my life. The pressure to juggle all of these in a positive way is not helped as there are emotional issues and habits I’m not facing or moving onto, because I feel trapped and blocked, particularly in a creative sense. Not that I’m blaming these factors entirely. I often draw the 10 of swords not during disaster, but at times when I am excessively stressed, sad, or anxious about a situation, and I need to look at the bigger picture.
          Ultimately things will change for the better, not without a lot of destruction to aspects of my life, either through taking things into my own hands or Pluto will do it for me. An almost textbook pluto transit reading, right?
          (Also thanks again Mystic for Neptunian Nights, which I listened to whist drawing cards, and I think it improved my focus and intuition greatly!)

          • Judging by that reading, things are definitely changing. The 10 of Swords and the Wheel- there is a shift imminent.

            I feel that it is telling you to make a choice in some or many aspects of your life. You are an Aries- you can do this!

            Good luck. I know what a pit feels like. You eventually create your own ladder and climb out out of sheer desperation.


    • “I didn’t change enough”

      you’re changing anyway babe, pluto makes sure of that, it’s kind of involuntary.. just live, and let the questions answer themselves in time. it sort of sounds like you’re being un-moored and relocated to the shipyard for some renovating so it is what it is. pluto transits are slloooowwww and over your asc, well that’s a big old “who am i in the world” question right there. xx

    • Jenny, I am goin through that exact transit.
      Aries sun, Cappy rising.
      Pluto is 5 degrees away from my ascendant….it just moved into orb.
      The shit that stirs up, man. No stone unturned.
      I constantly wonder what will happen when it crosses my ascendant.
      I think it will will continue to purge and transform my work life…only the visible part whereas now its the unseen part…

      I have more to say…but mostly I want to sympathise…its an ass kicking transit.

      • And as far as not using a transit enough….I totally feel you.
        What Ive learned in my studies is:
        that is the sign of two things.
        A strong saturn presence, and a large complex of aspects.

        • Thanks for your kind words, BlackMoonAries, sorry to hear you’re going through something similar. What do you mean by your last point about Saturn/complex aspects?

          • Hi Jenny,

            I meant that with Saturn you have a strong responsibility to the process…you understand that underneath it all each transit is an opportunity. With a heavy Saturn presence in your chart that can mean guilt…but the positive spin is Mystics whole Saturn girl thing…
            And in my experience…when a lot of planets are involved and create a lot of aspects …I experience it like a solid “thud” in the initial onset, and Im floored…which then separates out into a multitude of individual dynamics, becoming easier to take on and understand….learn how to work through..
            I have a chart full of trines squares and oppositions, interconnected and overlapping…so there are always many layers to every transit for me.
            Hope that makes sense…my thinking style is a little abstract.

    • “It’s got to the point where I can’t even trust my intuition anymore, I don’t know who I am, what I want, or what the best thing to do in my life is.”

      Wow, this sounds familiar to me. I haven’t had Pluto over ascendent but I had it over my natal moon at 9* Cap which is conjunct my Neptune at *5. I just looked at a ephemeris and this transit was from 2010-2013 which coincides with the most tumultuous time of my life. I graduated college in 2010 and basically stumbled around from one thing to the next. I was a teacher at some different schools, moving around a lot. I had a disastrous relationship and when it ended I wanted to get as far as possible. In 2012 I taught ESL in South Korea. I was laid off in 2013 and some drama went down. I came back home to my parents and had a full on identity crisis. I didn’t want to teach but didn’t know what I was supposed to do with my life. I felt exactly how you describe, totally lost and like I had hit rock bottom.

      I’m not even sure what I did for the first few months. I read a lot, surfed the internet, and tried to recover from everything. (Actually I do remember. I got into astrology for the first time. Ha!) In the summer I enrolled in classes at the community college. And I found my way. I’m in a much, much better place now. I’m more confident and sure than I’ve ever been – certain I’m on the right track now, whereas before it was like floundering. Plus I just LIKE myself more, and don’t care what other people think so much. (I think this is all part of going through your 20s as well.)

      All this is to say that Pluto definitely shook my life up in a radical way. Things are better now after Pluto had crossed my moon. You’re still in the thick of the Pluto transit.

      Sometimes you hit rock bottom right before you make it. Pluto knows what it’s doing. You’re going to be okay. You’re just too close to see it yet. Just keep going. Do what you have to do for you and be gentle with yourself.

      • “Sometimes you hit rock bottom right before you make it. Pluto knows what it’s doing. You’re going to be okay.Β ”

        I like it.

  12. Have been snowed in by a winter storm named Neptune, literally. Had to cancel my weekend road trip, & it’s even too frigid outside for hot tubbing– bah! So like a caged tiger, i watched a doco on the US financial collapse of 2008, found some old shiz around the house to sell, tore thru a pile of admin in the home office, plotted schemes to launch with the new moon/Mars in Aries, ate meat & took naps. As above, so below.

    • Yeah, my vegan thing lasted a day or two…lol. Actually don’t each much meat anyway…the whole thing just grosses me out sometimes…I go in phases…

      But hey, that’s some Cap stuff you’re doing there. Yes, as mentioned above I am big on nap breaks and stuff too.

      Out here, we are actually like 11-12 degrees warmer than usual. Not to sound like a cry baby but the summers are so brutal we need every cool day we can get..

      I suppose our heat is your winter as far as extremes.

      Stay warm! x

    • Neptune got me too. Our heat was out for almost a week but this was the worst of it. Had to wait for a part to come in & hubs fixed it. Kinda liked the metaphor of the heart of the house getting a new pipe and valve though. Heat was on in the basement, so I got admin stuff done since the desk is down there. Also impressed the kids with my Super Mario 3 skills. Lol.

    • This sounds very cosy Ankhy. You are using your ‘cage’ well, rest up and keep plotting and scheming. Also, I recommend hearty soup with lots of vegies and beans πŸ˜‰

  13. ahh mm thank you for the reminder and post

    I have been horrible this morning
    Feeling anxious about money etc
    Thinking about seriously upping the meditation
    Should I see someone about this anxiety?
    Lol it’s a dark moon in Capricorn
    My natal moon in cap
    And I always feel crap when the moon is in cap let alone a dark one
    Going to chill out xo

    • Hope you feel better soon. When is your baby due? Aren’t you having a baby Aries Gal?

      Yes put your feet up, have a cup of tea ) Despite my time management and stuff to do, I still take a coffee break and am going to lay down and watch some more Jimmy Kimmel before I commence and of course I popped by here!

      Have my finances figured to a T where taxes and lawyers are concerned. I can’t get on with the rest of my life until I get last yrs taxes done and pay the lawyer the balance in order that he do a re-organization for me (with the IRS)…costing me $3,500 lawyers fees but buying some peace of mind too.

      After cleaning papers out, filing, etc realized I hadn’t noticed where I put a $500 money order…yikes. Found it.

      After this, then every week I am going to clean some things out and seek to keep traveling lighter and lighter…

      Met with a lady on Thursday of “Covered California” and so signed up for health care. I am finally complying with the rules and regulations of this world lol.

      Must be trans Pluto still generally conjunct my Saturn square Aries and Uranus stuff..(at least I comply superficially anyway hee)

      Sorry to have gone off on an tangent about myself.

      Take care lovey…xo

      • don’t be sorry! I’m very similar, I need things sorted especially things related to the tax office, govt, health to have peace of mind.
        I’m glad to hear that burden of lawyer fees is off your shoulders and your tax returns will get done.
        Sometimes these things, really need to be done for one to move forward, i get that.

        I am due in 5 weeks…………….

        Financially, I think i’m well sorted. I am. I’ve budgeted, I can do it and we’ll be okay.

        My dad passed away 2 months ago, and I think a lot of my anxiety and turmoil is coming from that..

        i am excited for the zap zone to be done, it’s been full on to say the least. I want to relax. It’s been non stop evolution for me and trust me, I am grateful because I know I’m on the right track, opening my small business, having this gorgeous life inside of me and finally tackling these deep issues I had with my dad..

        Thanks for writing to me sweet pea! πŸ™‚ hope you feel better and everything works out

        • i’m sorry about your dad, gosh that is only very recently… you have so much happening right now – processing grief, and all those feelings you describe which as so valid and ok…as well as expecting a new life very soon! you’re right amongst it all. everything will be ok in the end…best wishes and hugs beautiful XOX
          (also agree on the cant sleep until debts and major administrative matters are settled cap moon lol)

    • If anxiety is getting the better of you it is a good idea to talk to a professional about it. Anxiety is normal and we use it to motivate us but in large it doses becomes dysfunctional. Getting on top of it (and the associated thought processes) will help calm and stabilise you.

      • Oh gee, I would have given her better advise but thought she was musing due to having a Cap Moon on a dark Moon. But glad you did…I would not want you to think I did not acknowledge your feelings Aries Gal.

      • i have looked at the beyondblue website, and have read a few articles. im not sure if i’m ready to make contact, i also know about these dark moons, they effect me very much. And the zap zone is coming to an end, everything is pinging.
        aries sun, cap moon and I’m sure there is a bunch of transits happening that i’m not astrologically savvy enough to understand, but this blog helps.

        • I hear ya Aries gal…
          Aries sun Cappy rising.

          I feel like there are too many things happening to break down into some sort of understanding.

          It makes sense with so many hot points beong triggered that once planets move on a bit the actual dynamics should be clearer to see.

  14. Maybe it’s because I have a Cap Moon but today I woke up feeling great and cleaned/organized/admined and now am doing my taxes. Suppose that is considered “doing my Moon”…a Cap one anyway.

    • Haha me the opposite sweet pea
      I feel so much anxiety
      Natal cap moon at 21 degrees
      BUT I am sorting out my outstanding tax returns from 2006 and 2008 lol

      • Oh, I’m still pretty weak on the right side as far as even picking up a coffee cup or putting water in the coffee maker. Going to do more therapy and stuff. At least we are off tomorrow and don’t have to be back to work until Tues afternoon. Thanks for asking! x

        • I know it’ll take a hell of a lot more than this injury to keep an Aries woman like you down, but I’m keeping you in my thoughts! Strength, love, flexibility & anti-inflammatory healing vibes xx

  15. I just got a raise and a bonus and I’m depressed and angsty about all things work and finance related.

    Yes, dark moon?

    Though it might be Pluto in Cap in my 12th?

  16. OMG yes I am having a time (and money) existential flip-out… sifting through 12 years of crap and packing it all up for my move this Thursday. And I can’t wait it out- I have to barge on through.

    I’m actually impressed with how efficient and brutal I can be once I get going. Yesterday I did my wardrobe. Six large bags to keep and four large bags to sell/donate. I really needed that purge!

    Right now I am procrastinating the time capsule/trash bin that is my storage room downstairs…

    I think the physical clear-out will help with the psychic clear-out of the coming astro. Can’t wait until this is done….

    Back to work

  17. Yes, I’m feeling this. Doubting my abilities. I sent what I think is a very good job application and I’m hoping to get an interview. And get the job. But I have slipped from super confident to maybe I won’t get an interview. Of course just because I really want the job and I’m qualified doesn’t mean I’ll get it. The recruitment process is flawed and candidates are chosen or not for a host of irrational reasons – for example, you remind the interviewer of someone they dislike, or they think you’re over qualified for the job and not likely to stay long. And it’s out of my control. Also I am LZing, which I haven’t done for years. I can see it for what it is and I’m distracting myself with admin and art. It’s like when I was a teenager obsessed with a pop star. I’ve been dreaming about him.

    So, sticking to the plan, the money is coming (the oracle tells me), remaining confident and hopeful. And open to love and good fortune.

    • I am confident for you too GY!
      If you are concerned you might look overqualified, maybe emphasise your commitment / motivation – how you won’t just stay in the job for 5 minutes then skedaddle off… (as some wiser friends suggested once) if thats a thing

      hey you’re handing the crush well, by the sound of things πŸ˜‰
      good luck XOX

        • Thanks lovely!

          Re the crush, I admit I *have* had a quick look at his chart (don’t know birthtime obvs) — no overwhelming synastry but Cap with Aqua moon and probs Gem rising — he is grounded, eloquent, witty and has the Aqua weirdness/alien quality, which I find really attractive)

          Right, off to do something *productive* πŸ™‚

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