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Zodiac Monsters Capricorn

Above is the Capricorn Monster, aptly swimming through the ocean in Sea-Goat Mode. Below is Le Leo.

I don’t know if it is the Dark Moon, Mars near Neptune or WHAT but these Zodiac Monsters by Damon Hellandbrand are definitely resonating with a lot of people. I have had dozens of emails re this ghoulish pantheon.

What sign is Damon? I e-mailed him to ask so hopefully we shall be hearing back re HIS astrological affiliation and perhaps what inspired him to monster-ize the zodiac. Does anyone recall the Zodiac Horror Pendants from 2009?

Can you relate to the monster version of YOUR Sun Sign?

Zodiac Monsters Leo

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53 thoughts on “Zodiac Monsters

  1. It seems as if folks aren’t being receptive to the way the Pisces was portrayed but in my mind when I first came across this series is that the Pisces is playing up the empathy card. As someone who definitely used to manipulate others into feeling sorry for them I can see how a Pisces monster so to speak could utilize that quality to catch some prey. You think it’s hurt and helpless so you underestimate it and don’t suspect that it can fight back and just when you’re close enough, it turns on you and gets you >:)

  2. One of my friends posted these on Facebook, and I was disappointed with how little variance in color scheme was present from picture to picture. But that’s just because I am very particular with what colors I use for astrological art, so I like to compare and see what other artists associate with each sign. Other than that I thought they were very interesting. Not feeling the Aquarius or Sagittarius, but highly identifying with the Libra which is my moon sign – the cages are what makes it.
    My favorite though is Virgo – very Lilith.

  3. Ummmm, Aries looks really angry cause he just noticed he doesn’t have any balls or penis to speak of. Could be a female ? if that’s the case she won’t be needing a vagina. Do monsters through history have genitals ?

  4. Saw these last week and Gothling that I am loved them.
    Creepiest sign of the zodiac for me is Gemini, in so many ways….

  5. I saw these and didn’t send them on to MM because I thought they didn’t capture the low aspects of each sign – the shadow side. Gems for instance would be much more about poison gossip, calumny? or flicking you off as trivial, rather than looking fierce. I say this as a Gem.

  6. Yes, I am capricorn, and honestly didn’t feel very Cappy to me. I could have picturized it better in my own visions, as capricorns are demonic beings, disguised under thick skin. But oh well, who cares as long as Mystic Medusa’s attention is on it πŸ˜‰

  7. Also saw these also over the weekend.

    I don’t feel these monsters really capture the spirit of the signs: instead they appear to be simply literal interpretations of the surface symbolism into monsters.

    There is nothing jabba the hutt like about Air sign Aquarius, for instance.

    Capricorn is gorgeous, yes, but really not very Capricorn at all.

    • Concur. As much as I love octopi – both grilled and via Hokusai, those Aqua folks are lean and sexy and I love every damn inch of it. Def not on some Jabba vibes indeed.

  8. Tiniest of heads on the Taurus monster and well where are his parts? Surely they aren’t so small as not to be seen. Harrumph, definitely needs bigger head, boy part and balls! Kahuna balls.

    • LMAO! Yep, us horny folk def notice such ‘thangs. When I lived in the Caribbean, I had to walk past a paddock to my host’s house and I uber noticed the brown bulls gargantuan balls. They were truly a work of art. It looked like someone had found smooth, soft clay and melded them into him. Yep, balls. Taurus needs to be about the balls. But you knew that, and I know that.

  9. Taurus should have bigger balls. Too puny for me. Should have been interpreted as the deadly sin of lust, mutant devourer, lol

  10. I like these, except for my sun sign, Kataka. Not digging it for me.
    The Virgo works with my Venus conjunct Ascendant in Virgo.
    The Leo fits my Leo moon alright.

  11. I like his interpretations of Gemini, Virgo, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. For some reason, bored by Aries, Taurus, Leo and poor Aquarius and Pisces look and feel all wrong!

    Trying to imagine myself a la monster as a Capricorn Sun with Leo Rising and Virgo Moon, and remembering Mystic’s quick cheat mantra: Look like your Rising Sign, Nourish your Moon and Self-Actualize your Sun… wow what a monster THAT would be!

    I’d be like the Leo monster but underwater doing deep sea silent stealth like the Capricorn monster with an inner deadly calm like the Virgo monster LOL

    I’d add the Capricorn tail and horns to my Leo monster look hah.

  12. I can connect with Pisces….sad/dark little mermaid. These are not my style but they are interesting. The lion is pretty cool though.

  13. And Mystic, love the Dianne Kruger image on todays email, her stuff is really strong, years ago Face Magazine had a page of her images a stickers

    I stuck save me from what I want” on the public phone out the front of the local shop….thinking consumerism etc….the comment CARVED into it was something I wasnt expecting….she provokes a reaction alright!

      • The Gemini one reminds me of something from Hellraiser! lol … from an astrological point of view they’re probably not entirely accurate, but I appreciate them from an artistic perspective.

        I think I’d like to shag the Leo one tho :mrgreen:

  14. Recognised the Boris Vallego & Frank Fazetta influence as used to have 2 of their coffee table books with torn pix that were framed a couple of decades ago. Gorgeous fantasy for my Neptune-Moon conjunct.
    Of course just love the horses head. Fabulous! Imagination is ALL πŸ™‚

  15. I love the calmness of Capricorn (Sea Goat). actually nasty things under the water are a bit of a fear of mine. Love the sea water but only in the shallows and then only if you can see the bottom. Its got to be a pool for real relaxation. What on earth does the Pisces monster do as a monster, it looks like it is about to die.

    • haha, I know..

      Was going to respond to some posts above that at least Virgo got a halo and some boobs….

      Pisces got boobs but needs a hot meal…lol

      Maybe she gonna “eat you”… 😯 ..if only she has the stamina to catch you…

      Stolas and that Libra thing is hilar…

      Seeing my Libran granddaughter yesterday, know she is 13 and so a bit shy and shaky yet, but just know that Gem rising deep down just gotta be rockin’..You know, like her Toro Moon belies “the silent but deadly”…lol

      She’s no less probably taking in the world and thinks it’s insane…

      How to tell your granddaughter,… “yes honey, it is”.

      Thank god I can leave most of that to her parents.

  16. Damon replied to my e-mail! He is Aquarius and has this to say:

    “I created the series as a way to test my concept skills with a subject that was familiar to everyone. I’m a big fan of anatomy, so I wanted to reintroduce the signs as mutant animal/human hybrids. As for how/why I came up with a certain monster, I basically referenced what the sign was identified as (Leo = Lion, Scorpio = Scorpion, Capricorn = Goat/Fish) and added human elements to them. I didn’t really delve so much into the characteristics or qualities of the signs, just really focused on the persona.”

  17. This is not my favorite style – it reminds me too much of those RPG video games i.e. Silent Hill. BUT it’s cool that the Virgo one is pretty badass because it typically seems that artists do not know what to do with Virgo when they draw up these interpretations.

    Poor Pisces is on her deathbed, but I guess that is poetic in a way.

    Aquarius definitely has a Jabba the Hutt thing going on.

  18. Stingray. Happily tootling along in my own zone until someone steps on my tail or attacks me……and ‘thwack’. Don’t fuq with me just because I seem harmless and therefor a pushover in YOUR mind.

  19. The Libra one is so fitting….it’s like ‘which way did he go George’?
    “Shit we gotta stop at the Pinkberry before stomping Tokyo”
    “No, I need to stop at Sephora first not Pinkberry!”
    the Libra monster goes nowhere because it can’t decide being harnessed to someone else with the same indecision problem.
    Disaster averted.

    Aries looks like it need a flea bath.

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