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Venus is now in Pisces – where she is Exalted.  Mars is still in Pisces – where he is not best placed but rather more thoughtful.  Venus & Mars meet up in late Feb – at one degree of Aries. This is going to be epic.

For more, see the Daily Mystic email for Wednesday, sent out to subscribers approx seven hours ago.  Click the link for a look even if you are not a subscriber, both more info and to serve as a sample of that Mon to Fri bit of business looks like.

If you’re Venus-sensitive, you will already be feeling HIGH & mighty sensual-strong, a lot more measured about whatever situation is in play (or not in play) within your artistic and romantic life.   Venus in the sign of her exaltation is always an in general good omen for true lovers, art, attracting resources and beauty.  Venus is the major Muse Planet and traditionally the mistress of magic.

For an old-style Venus house-witchery “cure”, make sure your mirrors are gleaming and clean.

And for the rest of Jan, Venus squares Saturn: See your Horoscopes and that D,M link above.

Who now feels more sparkling and self-assured?


Image: Titian – Venus with her hand mirror

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119 thoughts on “Venus Exultant

  1. My natal venus is in opposition so prolly not so sparkling and self assured…. But clean mirrors you say?
    Ill get right on that.

  2. Found out yesterday Lover of 7 years is moving interstate and my son has moved out for 3 months. Say no more… Hope you’re all sparkling and I can soak up some rays.

  3. venus is my most afflicted and weakest planet natally, its pretty abysmal. I am feeling highly conflicted about the girl thing I am doing. But I kind of have to keep going like moth to a flame.

    • You know one thing women value above all else david? A man with courage. Not the chest beating running around beating things with a club type of courage that is traditionally associated with manliness. No that stuff is BORING. Well unless someone is hungry and really needs food in which case beating things might come in handy ….

      No what I’m talking about is the courage to speak his heart and say what he wants regardless of natural fears around rejection or the outcome. The courage to not make HER do all the work. There are so few of them around … be ahead of the game and tell her how you feel.

      • she has a bf and we have never actually talked sooooo, this is less of a conventional just needing to speak up, its more like, very ill informed and dude what the fuck get out of here and do something more normal what the fuck. She makes me crazy terrified and nervous

        butttt, earlier this year when she still had that bf I passed by her randomly and didn’t realize it was her till it was too late and she waved at me, so at the very least I will have to talk to her and all that other stuff like what the fuck dude why didn’t you ever talk to me will come up, but probably it won’t end well and its too late, but she’ll recognize me and we will probably talk, I don’t think anything has ever scared me more, I have talked to hotter girls and I don’t get nervous at all I don’t know what it is

        • Well that changes the scenery a tad re the bf.

          So in terms of the anxiety … what’s underneath it that scares the crap out of you so much?

          • no clue, first had her in a class four years ago, something about her just made me feel crazy terrified, it makes me angry even, no one else does that to me.

            Back then I had actual real really bad social anxiety with everyone, sat next to a girl who had a crush on me and who I was not interested in and was panicking about how to handle it and within that context saw this girl and remarked to myself with awe that she was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen, huh, and I just could NOT stop looking and I didn’t know why and I wanted her more then anything. I didn’t think of ever going over there or oh woh is me why can’t a girl like that blah blah blah, I just felt strongly and that was that. And then she started smiling at me and trying to catch my glances and made it clear she liked me, and that’s when I felt REALLY terrified. I was not being obvious and she turned around and looked me dead in the eye and smiled and it was just suddenly obvious she knew and she was in to it all at once and holy crap how is that even possible the most amazing looking one ever and she is giving me looks? Not even, like, if I only went over there and talked to her or became better at this stuff, for no reason she is just in to me this doesn’t happen what. And I know how incredibly lame all of that is, I know I know.
            basically have no idea why, my main asset is being able to stay cool in tense situations, or always having a reserved competence no matter what, and that one main thing is just totally completely gone around her.

          • im sorry, that was longer then I thought, I have no idea, its dumb and I will just have to suffer through it and it will be good for me but probably in a this will blow up in my face and I will learn from it sort of way

            • “my main asset is being able to stay cool in tense situations, or always having a reserved competence no matter what”

              Like all things, taking a position to a polarised extreme always leads to lack. This trait of yours might be useful in a lot of ways … but it sounds to me like a part of you wants more intimacy now. That it’s not enough to just have the pretty girl like you. You want to go the next step. Perhaps your anxiety is related to reluctance to do the very thing required to actually gain intimacy? i.e losing your cool, showing your hand, letting someone in, dropping the glacial poise for once.

              • You’re right, I won’t like explain why that is though I know the situations that led me to be that way, but you are right, I have avoided admitting any attraction of any sort , and just going and talking to her I would have to admit it and expose myself and that is just kind a vulnerable position, if I get girls in to me by accident while being this way fine, but the actual thing I have avoided, and that is my main blockage, I still don’t know how to do anything but cling to my protection because it has been my main thing to survive socially, I don’t know how to just break through that or just not do that, maybe this will just break down that blockage for good, maybe even if this doesn’t work out I’ll be a bit freer from that maybe. I am definitely stuck. Still hugely terrified, I am not easing in to this, I am diving right in to the worst odds the worst situation mm, venus in 8th house aries is about to get some busting up for sure, I am going to have to learn the aries thing with trial by fire I guess uggh

                • Dude if you can have this awareness at such a young age you are miles ahead of the game.

                  I only became aware of my version of it in my late 30s …

                  • so far it hasn’t gotten me shit. Its just another thing I have over developed if anything. Aw well, I may be vindicated yet.

      • your right though still, its just the lesson I have totally completely failed and need to face the consequences of that failure and move on probably

      • I’m just curious – do you live in Australia?

        The reason I ask is because mating & dating is very different here compared to the Northern Hemisphere. Every woman I know here in a relationship/married all admitted that if they didn’t chase/stalk/relentlessly pursue their mates there would be no relationship to speak of. In contrast, I find men in the US for the most part go for it. Granted, we have the ‘lower’ vibe of that energy which translates as incessant street harassment which I do not miss one iota. But I have noticed both personally and creatively that men here in the O-Z are not as generous with their minds/souls/bodies/wallet. If you’re NOT here in the O-Z, well, it is unusual for me to hear of an American woman talking about having to do ‘all the work’ to get something up and running let alone continuing to run once established 🙂

        • My question was for PrownInCrab 🙂

          I come from a Humanties background (and am a creative) not to mention stellium 12th so, human nature and what underlies it let alone how people interact is something of interest P)

        • Yes I do live in Australia and yes I agree that generally speaking men here – particularly anglo men – aren’t the most emotionally literate bunch. It’s unfortunately part of our dumbed down convict/larrikin/bogan heritage that is taking eons to grow out of. I do notice though that young men in their 20s are moving forward in leaps and bounds on that front compared to previous generations.

          • prowln i have noticed the same too – younger guys that i am around more for various life-reasons are much more socially literate and able to express themselves, and much more open in their perceptions of the world around them. i.e. unclouded by prejudice and judgement. other factors too but mainly yes, less fear in being themselves for the younger fellas. good. it makes me blissfully happy to see – cool youngish dudes without hangups and attuned to subtlety and ready to call out unfairness across creed, class, gender.

            • I’m glad to see you guys are meeting these nice younger guys. All the self-professed “nice” younger guys at my former work space of 2 years were so abominably misogynistic and entitled. The girls their age saw RIGHT through them and I was so proud that they did. No bottom feeders, por favor!

          • My partner 12 years younger, have generally dated younger men.
            I put it down to the fact that their mothers are of a generation of women who modelled more independence, financial and otherwise, and so their expectations of women are different perhaps.

        • dannnng, I didn’t know it was like that in australia, if you don’t hit on girls over here good fucking luck because nothing is gonna happen.

          • If girls DO hit on a guy the guy usually doesn’t respect her because both heads swell, lol. America taught me that pursuing men doesn’t work for my vibes one iota ;P

            • Lol!…”both heads swell”… , they still don’t know how to cope with that? I would have thought that US women were equal in pursuing and being pursued …interesting.

  4. Trans Venus will soon be upon my AC-Jupiter.

    And I think transiting Jupiter is square my natal Sun-Venus right now.

    Scorpio undergoing Pisces-Sagg love mutations…

  5. Meh. As usual I have nothing constructive to say about my romantic life. The Leo ex is around somewhere being nebulous and inconclusive. I have a cursed Venus so this is nothing new. No I don’t feel particularly sparkling or confident. There’s been a fuq tonne of emotional processing going on in the past month and I’m more weary than anything.

  6. Hey waitaminute, does this mean my Venus and Mars are in mutual reception? Venus in Aries, and Mars in Pisces. Well not quite. Venus is exalted, not the ruler of Pisces. Oh darn I really needed some support for those planets. Those are really weird sign placements.

    • i don’t think venus in aries is wierd. then again i am a pisces with venus in aries so LOL. Basically to me, venus in aries thrives on fun competition, abhors stupid outdated sexist ideas and notions about gender roles, loves feeling strong and capable, wants to be stood up to in a debate, desires equality and spontaneity, will probably race you to the car or challenge you to do something, can’t stand nitpicking, sexual judgement, the ‘s’ word used perjoratively, etc etc etc

      i dated a pisces with the same venus/mars placement as you. i think he had difficulty handling conflict in an even way, maybe never having witnessed good resolution in his own life. felt strongly about the underdog getting a raw deal. Liked wholesome-looking blondes with guts and a smart mouth lol. as did the neptunian toro i dated who also had venus in aries.

  7. Here, here. Sun/Mercury/Venus/Mars/Chiron Taurean here with her Moon and Ascendant in Pisces. Chiron currently transiting Pisces in my 10th House.

    Sparkling – I’m always sparkling! It’s a cool day and the black sweater covered in sparkling gold felt ‘right’. Matches my croc black bag with gold chain handles and my black leather riding shoes with the gold stirrups fine. All is gravy over here. Communications and help continues to pour in to aid me with my creative goals. Today is the first day I’ve had to myself in over 6 weeks and today is also the second-to-last day I will have to myself (free of charge) for 2015. I went to the Chiropractor. Oh, and bought “spa” products in bulk. Two weeks I echoed to myself aloud that I was running low on supplies for my weekly ‘bath night’ – voila – not even a week later a sale is announced and I get double the supplies for the price. And Spa night is Wednesday – tonight! Tomorrow is Orientation. I have spent the last 4.5 months cleaning up the inner sludge psyche recesses. Tomorrow the journey TO the gate ends. But the journey THROUGH the gates commences and the gate locks behind me on Monday where I will be immersed in 24/7 create mode. I couldn’t be happier and more excited for the challenges, joy and boredom of it all 🙂

    It also just so happens to my (former) LZ crush b’day today. I realized it at 2am when I was awake. I didn’t sleep much last night, but I felt great because I’m “back” to hardcore create mode which works well with both Venus and Piscean energy. Anyway, I sent him positive loving vibes, wished him abundance and mucho reciprocal love. Thanks for being an unknowing catalyst and best of luck to you. And best of luck to me as phoenixing continues. I sense, and believe, epic abundance on all levels incoming. It’s all gravy, baby! 🙂 <3

  8. Every transiting entity has aspects in my chart, except venus. Feeling a little bummed out, maybe that has something to do with it. Just cleaned the mirrors in my house on Sunday. I think it’s time to go become one with the bathtub and call it a night.

  9. Hmmm…I don’t know how sparkly I feel. Venus is conjunct my natal mercury right now so I will be on the watch for any sudden urges to speak my love language. I think my interest is more peaked by Venus & Mars meeting up in Aries. I’m natal Venus & Mars in Aries so that should be interesting!

  10. My romantic life has been really special these past two years. I kind of feel like I’ve worked for it considering my history of really ugly relationships. But I guess I have to give credit where it’s due and realize I’m just with a great person. (FINALLY)

    I have Mars in Pisces, Venus in Scorpio natally.
    He has Mars in Taurus and Venus in Scorpio natally.

    I am not well versed enough yet to speak about how all of this is affecting us exactly. But I have been told Venus in Scorpio is a detriment. And I guess Mars in Pisces is a bad placement too?

    He always makes remarks about all of the water in my chart influencing some of the arguments we do have since I have some problems reigning in my emotions at times.

    • Congratulations! And enjoy! Us Mars in Taurus folk take our Beloved super duper serious. Steadiness, loyalty and satisfying physicality is uber important for us to give and receive. Seems all the Scorpio may add some ‘bite’ to the Earth and the Earth balances the water. Who knows? Who cares! If it’s wonderful and reciprocal, just enjoy every moment. Best of luck to you both 🙂 <3

        • Thats how we roll in on the good ship MM well wishes and lots of great advice.
          .I have mars in Taurus lover boy with swoony earthiness but forever to move on anything. But watch the dust fly when they do. Git out of the way

    • Hey, so I think Mystic would say she doesn’t buy the whole “detriment” thing. It just means a less obvious access. From my experience of being with a multiple conjunct Scorp (incl Venus) I do not see Venus in Scorp as bad at all. It d

    • Hey, so I think Mystic would say she doesn’t buy the whole “detriment” thing. It just means a less obvious access. From my experience of being with a multiple conjunct Scorp (incl Venus) AND having lots of Pluto energies opposing my natal Venus in Taurus, I do not see Venus in Scorp as bad at all. It does give a predilection for femme-fatales, I hear! But that’s more aesthetics than anything. Deep love is what Venus in Scorp is capable of. Pretty much eternal. It’s not so much a question of “loyalty” or “faithfulness” but an absolute certainty about the other person. Plutonic vibes also give amazing strength, self-determination & stamina. You may be watery but you are both capable of bad-ass boundary setting & self-regeneration.

      I also have Mars in Cancer (supposedly in detriment). I do suffer from fluctuating energy levels. But I’ve slowly realised that I needed to grow into my Mars. It’s a process. My sensitivity IS my strength, indeed it may be the only superpower I possess 😉

      Wishing you much happiness with your fella & yr explorations in astrology here & elsewhere!

      • yes! sensitivity as a strength…happy that you articulating and recognising that within yourself and thank you for reminding me… we’re so big on being all impenetrable and tough and rudeness/bluntness is de rigeur it seems… bring sensitive back ! x

  11. My natal Venus is 6 Virgo and Neptune 7 Sag so Venus and Mars in Pisces are opposing my natal Venus and square my Neptune. I’m super high. I can’t say I am self-confident, but sticking to a plan, boundaries and getting positive feedback.

    • Brililant. I have my first appointment for ‘creative therapy’ for my uber creative Cancer/Taurus Moon Autistic child this afternoon. I hope it all works out for him. Twelth house vibes for HIM this exulted Pisces in Venus ;P

  12. Curious – what would be considered a Venus sensitive aspect for someone to have? To be sensitive to Venus in Pisces in play?

    • Maybe if you had Venus rising or at an angle, or Venus as chart ruler (Libra or Taurus rising), or conjunct sun/moon?

      Don’t know though; I have Venus rising and I sure don’t feel sparkly right now! (Anything in Pisces in going to be making a series of squares for me though.)

      Ultimately, maybe it just depends if you’ve observed you’re sensitive to the energy!

      Perhaps someone who knows more will be along to comment soon 🙂

      • Thanks for this. I ask because I dont feel that Im Venus-sensitive as much as Moon-sensitive… but I am definitely feeling the Venus vibe, like massively. Wondering what gives.

  13. And actual want touch reflex for the first time in five years as of Venus in Aquarius. I might pop by the Venus mars conjunction on amor. Maybe.

  14. I have Venus in kataka, conjunct true node, 3rd house, and trining saturn in pisces. I have a Taurus stellium in my 2nd (moon, mars, mercury) and also Jupiter and P Fort conunct in Taurus 1st. Also Aries rising. So, V EXCITED for mars and venus in Aries, and also this Venus action…

    Haven’t been in a ‘romantic relationship’ for about 10 years. A couple of flings, several crushes and PT relationship with unavailable man I ended 3ish years ago. I would love to start a new one 🙂

  15. Oh this makes so much sense to me!!
    This morning I was to make a big purchase and was really concerned about the Merc Rx, but I thought ‘oh well it’s not a computer’.

    Then I wondered where Venus was.. and of COURSE she is 0 degPisces which is in my 9th House.

    So I am totally exultant, as I just bought a ‘cello!!
    It’s been two decades since I played and I realise I thought I would never be able to afford one again. I drove a hard bargain, got the instrument with hard case, Bach Suites, stand and rosin all thrown in as well as 10% off for paying in cash.
    Just feeling so .. nourished artistically and emotionally. I hugged the salesman and gave him a pack of chocolate biscuits, was almost teary.

    Practiced for an hour and now my fingers are so bruised, typing is bit raspy! Love you Venus!!
    I feel sparkly and self assured – plus my Jupiter/Ceres/Juno/MC are Pisces, so extra good vibes are coming up around 17 deg mark. 🙂

  16. my venus is super well-placed. i haven’t been feeling particularly sparkly lately, so now that i know this (thank you, mm) i am going to primp and put my heart back in it and open up to this exaltation. i can be glam even whilst i’m re-ing during this cray mercury retro – and even if i have to try a little harder, and in different ways. that’s a good thing.

    • Hi Lia…. just wondering if Venus is your chart ruler? or placed significantly in your chart? Don’t want to intrude – but i’m not one to let go of coincidences or serendipity signals…. :-).

  17. Transiting Venus is opposite my Natal Venus EXACTLY…. My natal venus is 0* Virgo, conjuncting my ascendant from the 12th house.
    Transiting Venus is approaching my descendant at 3*Pisces.

    Currently, really loving my sweet Torro. Things got heavy and dark for me for a bit, and he stood by me, listened to what I was saying.
    Hope this feeling keeps growing and lasting.

    HIs natal mars is in Pisces, and transiting mars has already passed over it. Neptune is still sitting on it though. WE are drinking less, but sobriety doesn’t seem to be in the picture.

  18. My Mars is in Pisces, so maybe Venus transiting it will bring me an amazing lover? That’s what happened last year when Venus was in Pisces transiting exact conjunct my Mars, last April…….. Secretly (well, not so secretly..) I want THAT lover to re-emerge now… is a possibility…..

  19. venus schmeanus. MEH 😐 No love to speak of.

    Whenever I see venus posts I think “art” because Venus is my weakest link in my chart. Squares my Cap asc and Lilith.

    BUT hey, I have Neptune conjunct sun in the 10th and I’m on a creative roll. 😀 Just completed an abstract piece for an art competition. Very happy with it.

    • “Venus in square aspect to your Ascendant you may continually underestimate your worth or value as a person”. I see great irony in your statement that Venus is your weakest link when it makes up so much of how I imagine you these days. 🙂 You are Venus!

      • aww shucks. You’re so lovely. 🙂
        And yes, I suppose you’re right but only arty Venus not “love”

        Think I’ve worked through all that values stuff with natal Saturn in Aqua in 2nd house. Like Mystic says “wherever you have Saturn is hard but it eventually becomes your shining star”

        I feel valuable, loveable, boundaries like Fort Knox, ooze self respect and all that but i’m not down-dating just to have someone in my life. I just haven’t met my match. Think he only exists in my imagination.

        • def venus as art, lookin’ yummy, taking in the eye candy if not nec much more than that, feeling gooooood, etc. 🙂 venus / art is how i do it these days. art, pleasure, and beauty (sort of) is within my control / something i can work on. I think mars tends to influence my romance activities a bit more! as the ruler of aries, where my Venus lives. well, that only just occurred to me so .. 🙂

          • that makes sense for you I guess.
            But venus rules my Libra venus, so venus influences my romance activities – with a little bit of Cap asc saturnine restraint and pragmatic advice 🙂 Just as well too, otherwise I’d be a complete Love zombie. Feet firmly planted on the ground as my head takes a peak through the clouds.

            Venus as beauty – absolutely!! I bought the most amazing top recently and it feels soooooo nice on. Mmmm, felt really beautiful wearing it. So yeah, fashion too. Which has never really been my thing but i do love nice fabrics, colours and patterns

            “beauty is everything” 🙂 – that’s always been attributed to Oscar Wilde (adore!!) but i can’t find the exact quote anywhere.

  20. I have a quick/general astro question. If you are having a jupiter transit in your 7th house, and it is opposite your sun sign … is that supposed to be a good thing? I have heard mixed reviews – some say yes, some say that it’s awful if its opposite your sun. So … thought i would turn to the astro experts. anyone know?

    • it sort of stirs things up. that’s my experience. more opportunities, more coming, more going, more more. jupiter seems to function best when you say yes to everything but easy on the bingeing/ bombast. opposite sun, … not sure about that one.

    • it’s one of the easier transits, imo. jupiter & sun play well together, even in the tougher aspects. the only downside may be ego inflation

  21. feeling much better but not sure whether venus in pisces or b/c i decided to put on my big girl panties and quit worrying about friend with whom i wasnt sure where i stood right now. a good chat with a sadge who has plenty o’ scorp , she has touched the dark side and knows how to handle psych-blowouts … the people you meet when you’re at a low, low ebb eh, life saver she is but might not know it. anyway

    keeping the workouts happening is most definitely keeping me sane. balanced, strong, my legs are coming back! i am running up hills that would have made me crawl home a few weeks ago.. <3 better

    making other progress too, cooking from the inside out.

      • I think that comes from just 24 hours ago deciding to ride-out and take the high road on certain matters that were niggling at me. The daily scopes, some targeted Oracle questions and a healthy does of “grow-up” thinking have definitely helped in their tone of keep focused, keep your manners switched on, and reminding myself – when at a low point – that everything is OK and it will work out fine, keep my goals of ‘everyone wins’ shiny and new

    • Good to hear this, you seemed really down about a few things… I left a comment for you on the Nebulosity thread about artistic practice, glad you are feeling better tho’ and have got it sorted by the sounds of things.
      And excellent re the workouts, that will help with all the fire going on in your chart – you have a grand fire trine as I recall? Keep going up those hills! xxx

      • thank you chrysalis for pointing me back to the nebulosity thread… i can lose track of where i have commented and I think I miss some replies as a result (now ticking “notify” option below in case this works)

        it’s never all sorted well what you’re reading above is an uptick in my of-the-moment anxiety about a friendship that I have hopefully surmounted. but the art/expression thing is definitely ongoing and I VERY MUCH APPRECIATE your words, thank you thank you…. Leonine types (rising such as yourself, or otherwise) are very good at the coaching in such matters as this realm is their realm… your realm. It’s like a nutrient I have never tried and while i know it’s exactly what I need, it’s taking a while to get used to how it works in my being, how to assimilate..

        love pi xx

    • Please yes! Woke up this morning and things were different – I am not a morning person, but I floated through breakfast, had dreamy exchanges with the bf, time stood still while I got ready for work (traffic was slow, too…), got to work and checked my email and BAM Venus in Pisces. Just lovely.

  22. should have had my whinge about Venus square Saturn buggering up that arts job I was offered in December here. Double whammy Art AND money fail!!

  23. Definitely feeling sexy & sparkly & self-assured… Would love some time to get new clothes, which is really a sign of something as I usually hate clothes shopping. Also feeling ethereally inspired at the moment – thanks Merc Retro (I’m a poet & performance artist). Good vibes from this Venus in Taurus conjunct the MC, trine Neptune…

  24. I’m really not feeling at all whatever everyone else is. I feel like Venus is dead lol. I feel like ive been thrown in prison and theres no art on the walls.

    Venus in Leo 5th house

  25. A venus in Pisces I’ve been obsessed with for years I finally have cut out of my life, like I finally woke up from the trance. Maybe its mercury retro.. My north node in pisces..humm

  26. not me. I’m in the military and have venus in pisces natally. it’s just a reminder of how far away I am from my own values. things are really rough right now.

  27. All i can say is that today i had the most intense and longest preening session for a loooong time. Just HAD to. And thoroughly enjoyed it too!

    As for the mirrors – this Venus in Leo keeps hers sparkling at all times – since i always clean them on the Dark Moon… good fengshui practice.
    This is a cool link about mirror magic:

    Transiting Venus is still doing the final degrees in my 4th House, where it is opposing natal Venus, Mars and Uranus and squaring Jupe. Cannot wait for it to move into my House of Pleasure… soon..

  28. Bring on Venus in Pisces…she can sit next to Mars, Venus, Neptune, Eros and Psyche lining up on my 7th house sun-Saturn-Merc plus Chiron returning and conj natal Psyche in the 8th…. surely this has got to make some magic for me???

    Holy fuq, I don’t want to miss this, whatever it is! I feel like I should be doing some kind of love witchery spell. Come on, universe!!

    Oooh in other news – guess who is conjunct the sun in Aqua right now? That’s right. Asteroid GARY, people 🙂 🙂

    Which means he’s heading for my Aqua Venus then my Pisces stuff. *Dusts cobwebs off cassette tape of Barnesy’s Greatest Hits*

  29. I feel this. This week I put a whole anti-Winter Blues regime into effect, It involves a pot of narcissus on my windowsill, roses on my desk, a million florist accounts to follow on Instagram, Weleda wild rose oil in my bath, and Frederic Malle’s Une Fleur de Cassie in heavy perfume rotation.

    I want to curl up inside a giant flower and sleep it off until springtime.

    Since I can’t — the mirrors. Got it. Doing that now.

    • Oh beautiful image!! Great idea. I love flowers. It’s summer in Aus and I have been keeping gardenia and jasmine in my vases.

  30. Venus in Pisces felt when Pisces bestie checks up on me via social media message after 8 months.

    We have the ability to just pick up whenever and wherever we want. Love her to bits but needed space to do my own thing and get my feet on the ground after a four year degree.

    I’ve realised I’ve stopped caring about friends as much as before. Even though Jupiter is teams natal Venus in 11th. I hope I wasn’t caring before in a selfish way…it was more about me then them. But I really don’t want my heart broken in any way anymore by anyone. For a change I want someone to care deeply about me in an openly expressive way.
    That itself makes me sad 🙁

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