Scorpios On Diet Weed

Bethenny Frankel

Some of the most intelligent and accomplished women i know watch Real Housewives Of Anywhere with a nigh religious devotion.

I know, i know – it’s supposedly vacuous and self-absorbed, they’re all privileged, the world is going to hell in a handbasket and we’re watching a bunch of chicks with expensive hair and full make-up bicker of bird bath sized glasses of pinot grigio.

Andy Warhol’s dental gas hallucination.  But still.

And now a previous R.H. (New York)- Bethenny Frankel – is launching her latest invention: Diet Weed. A.k.a. cannabis genetically engineered so that you won’t get the munchies.

She’s a multiple conjunct Scorpio: Sun, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and Neptune – that’s appetites.

F.Y.I. the most commonly represented sign on Real Housewives is Taurus.  The least?  Gemini.

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PS: I notice pretty much all the comments are about the RH … not about GMO. Wow, television… drug of the nation!


Nice to know I’m not the only one who LOVES RH! Not ashamed to tell people, but always felt weird admitting it… Anyhow.. isn’t Monsanto connected to GMO weed? Verging on conspiracy here… but anyone else find it weird that a RH is pedaling GMO WEED?! Like now its ok to smoke weed because some corporation is going to make a shitload of $$$$ from it and oh yeah, you can’t grow your own because it now illegal to seed save in the US.


RH of Melbs gets my vote, and the vote of all the other degree qualified, successful and accomplished women I know 🙂 I unashamedly love it, I love the recaps and the gossip stories, I talk about it at work and text running commentaries to friends, and I can’t wait for the next series to start in about a month. There, I said it 🙂


Hoo wee well it seems the lows of many signs can be described as vain, shallow and dumb. I avoid the ‘reality show’ experience because they seem to be full of attention seeking fools. Loved the Osbournes tho…


As a multiple conjunct Gem, I understand why we don’t participate in these mindless shows filled with vacuous types. And our T neighbours have always been interested in big bucks. But NOW I know why Beetch Frankel is such a Beetch. Saw her in the early shows of HW of NY (that’s all I could take of that genre) and thought ‘poster girl for f’d up, neurotic, self-absorbed loony’. Fills the bill for the type of person sleaze media chokes the airwaves with. Watching Downton feels like having a good bath compared to all that muck.


I know right!!!? …. these “housewife” women are so utterly vacuous. It upsets my Aqua 9th house. It makes me want to scream. It almost makes me want to don a hijab in protest … almost.

And they all seem to have the same freakin nose and chin implant. WTF is that?! Can’t stand it. Taurus you say? Yeah well … the low version of Taurus is pretty much that – vain, shallow and dumb as a box of hammers. Obsessed with bodily sensation. Yawn.


“vain, shallow and dumb as a box of hammers. Obsessed with bodily sensation”

LOL. Yeah. It’s put me off low Toro men. Being Saturn ruled, well Saturn doesn’t care too much for hedonism and leisure. Sex is great but I don’t want to be doing it 24/7 like some Venusian ruled peeps. Ugh!

Can’t tolerate these kind of shows either. Have never seen a single episode. It offends my Venus libra in the 9th!!

12th house virgo



Oh Mystic, what if someone has a personal issue with an entire sign?! Can they be politely asked to stop that too?!

I have no Gemini placements, and only know 1 – I think – in RL, but in this instance I have to say I am …


To my mutable sisters and brothers… yup, it is tedious as all get out. But screw the h8rs… there are much worthier targets out there for your wit and intelligence!

Failing that, let’s all meet up for a cocktail.


#jesuisGemini 😉


LOL!! ….love!




LOL. 😀 Nice one Cal. I just want to give all Gems a big hug.


Cocktails? I’m on my way 🙂


I feel like people just knocked over and broke the pretty coffee table and are now rolling around fighting with cheese and crackers stuck in their hair. wtf.


The geminis have already filmed it on their phones and uploaded to social media “omg this is awesome” #livefeed #behind-the-scenes #astrology


Life imitates tv! Love it. *channel surfing*


It’s getting pretty heavy in here Mystic…..


This thread is more like Scorpio on Ice..


Blah, blah, blah. Venus Fly your are the definition of hypocritical. You accuse Gemini’s of talking too much and you can’t shut up. You’re a Taurus all right – full of Bullshit.


She has gem rising.

Not owning her shadow self much?

Lady L

How depressing Real Housewives is.

You couldn’t pay me to watch it.

…Or smoke anything.

If I sound judgmental, it’s because I am.


I found that amusing Lady L !


Inexperienced tokers get the munchies, like peanut butter, banana and honey sambos or those weirdly popular Tim Tams 🙂 I LIKE that it improves the appetite as mine very particular and eat only one meal a day. A toke before Kundalini yoga assists breathing (or me that is) it becomes deeper and more expansive. The THC gives the mind’s eye wondrous patterns and colours, not that i’m suggesting or advocating dream weed, my usage is definitely medicinal purposes. The word ‘housewife’ brings to mind white goods, all square boxes made of tick tacky and total boredom. You mean these ladies… Read more »

The Venus Fly

My father never did drugs. He grew up playing in fields of hemp as it was used for rope. He laughs at folks who smoke it, but for him it has multiple practical uses – I concur. Smoking it does nothing for me. I stop thinking. It just makes me go bland. EATING it? Yo. I ate 7.5 hydro ones at a party once and I went to outer space. It was amazing, horrifying and took me 1.5 years to REALLY get back into my skin. I naturally have out of body experiences so I knew as a kid “drugs”,… Read more »


You are the DEFINITION of bland.

Year of the Phoenix

well at least it keeps the conversation going re legalisation, the rise of seriously fuqed drugs like Ice and the terrible impacts that has…..Woman who slaughtered all her children in Cairns….Ice…..

Hopefully society will see that it is not the evil they have been brainwashed into believing it is and look at what happens when you criminalise a plant with soooooo many positive benefits for the planet, and hey if people (me) what to get toasted so what!

Prince Stolas

very sad news. I just read about a dad in Brisbane getting arrested for giving his daughter medical cannabis to ease her fatal disease. wtf?


Ugh, it’s so ugly and cruel, as if that child and it’s family does not have enough going on right now.

Year of the Phoenix

tits just so cruel and wrong! Hopefully the only good thing to come out of this will be a whole lot of public support for atleast medical cannabis legalisation……

The Venus Fly

Thankfully we have said laws in California. Sadly, too many folks get arrested and had to live under 3 strikes for many years (recently overturned) due to minor weed offenses. I’d rather folks smoke weed than cigarettes but that’s just moi’s perspective.


Her whole brand seems like a cruel taunt to Taurus types. Her mom is probably one or something.




I think she and her mother share the same birthday? Either way, awful relationship they have and I do often wonder if her success in business and being thin is affected by that…


Oh, it totally is. Capricorn Moon (the sign of its detriment) trine Saturn (even w/ an unknown birth time) – that’s a double dose of Moon-Saturn energy. It’s all interconnected, the professional and the personal. The public image and Mommy Dearest.

I do not watch any of the RH, BTW – just speaking strictly to the astrology.


Oh God, she totally did not ‘invent’ this.. Please don’t give her more credit than she is due! Multi-Scorp and all though she is I seriously doubt she knew her tetrahydrocannabivarin from her cannabidiol.

And ha, I agree with Rache! Those stubborn, Taurean lushes are definitely the most natural for digging-your-heels in verbal fisticuffs!

The Venus Fly

Geminis and Water signs seem to be the most verbally vindictive. Fire signs get mad than get mad that folks are mad at them, lol. Us earth signs? All I know as a 5-planet Taurus is we sit back and go either one of three routes. As follows: 1) Quietly watch everything than speak such potent truth you would swear we were scorpions. Our stings live in folks souls for decades. Truth is stranger and more hurtful than petty words and we know it. 2) Quietly watch everything and stick our hoof up your ass. But though we’re physical, we… Read more »


*sigh* You remind me of me – you like to have it all worked out. Everything in it’s box. Neat. Definite. ALL Taurus act like so, etc. But that is antithetical to the very fabric of the Universe, for everything is in flux! The minute you define everything to the nth degree, the minute our lovely ironical multiverse will show you the 180 degree view. For example, my quadruple Gemini is quiet, soft-spoken and lives by the mantra that if you aren’t sure or aren’t kind, don’t talk at all! And, I know some really awesome quintuple or more Taureans… Read more »


THIS: For example, my quadruple Gemini is quiet, soft-spoken and lives by the mantra that if you aren’t sure or aren’t kind, don’t talk at all!

Learn something, Flytrap, this is a clear message to YOU to STFU. You are not cute OR clever….probably why you are so toxicly jealous of all us beautiful Gemini butterflies.

Scuse me while I go throw up to purge myself of the disgusting image of your “tingling rage yoni.”


“tingling rage yoni.”

😯 oh puleese. Just stop your jibber jabber VF!!. Nobody wants to know about your yoni or how horny you are all the time.

Ha! And you reckon you’re a haute Toro.
What a load of bull!!


funny, we’re talking about a peace and love drug… yet so much hate! heisenberg says RELAX


Since when did you become the authority on all signs and Taureans in particular VF??? “Geminis and Water signs seem to be the most verbally vindictive” That is such UDDER BULLSHIT!! I’ve worked with some horribly vindictive nasty Toro women. Of course you don’t fall into that category because you are haute Toro. Don’t you have Gem rising. Wouldn’t that make YOU one of the vindictive ones. And I’ve never come across a single Cancer and not many Pisces either that have ever said a nasty word on this blog or IRL. And besides, verbal vindictiveness is not associated with… Read more »


I must agree, mostly. I’ve known many Geminis, male and female, and really I couldn’t call any of them verbally vindictive. The only time I ever heard a Gem dis someone- he was talking about a mutual friend I was mad at- he was so cool and detached in his cut-down, it was more a devastating statement of fact than anything else. (I do disagree about Cancer- I had a very Cancer friend who could really cut you down when necessary. The hard shell, and all that.) And Lord knows as an Aries Mercury conjunct Eris, I’ve done my share… Read more »


well that’s fine, weed won’t be legal everywhere till all the pretty white ladies are doing it so bring it on. Geminis are probably too cool and trendy to be on some reality show like that probably. Or something like that.


No, it’s because we don’t like that level of attention on ourselves. We’d much rather observe and stay out of the fray and low drama.


i think it’s both 😉

Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot

Well it’s a suitable intense project….

The Venus Fly



No munchies? Oh no. No no no. A ramped up metabolism is one of the beauties of cannabis. Put down the starches & pick up the produce if worried about your weight. Graze smart, eat all you want.


More Geminis would make it 10 to the power of 1000 times more entertaining.


Agreed. Not that I’ve ever seen this show, because I haven’t.

The Venus Fly

I will have to lovingly disagree. The lower vibration ones gossip steez is a whole ‘nother level of toxicity. Just thinking about it makes my Taurean blood boil Every fucked up Taurus I’ve ever known has mucho Gem in their chart. Every uber fucked up person I have EVER known has mucho Gem regardless of sun and I just can’t…can’t do it! I find them boring and narcissistic. Okay, that’s enough. No. As crazy as they can be, Aries and Leo’s are vastly more entertaining than the Gem’s – by light years.


We can agree to disagree 😉

I just listened to a blurb today re lower vibrations. Not astro-wise, but sound-wise (although surely there is no real difference between the two). Anyway, this guy said that sounds too low for us to hear grate on our nerves/irritate us, heighten our sensitivities to uncomfortable levels even. I don’t know anything about sound & it’s effect on us sensitive creatures, but made sense to me…

The Venus Fly

Well, I love the “bottom” (repressed bass player here) and I’ve been a serious funkateer for over 27 years. Love me some bottom. Love me some catfish po’boys. And the majority of my planets are in the 12th so I don’t mind the depths and what’s hidden. I cannot stand a lack of integrity, though. People who divulge secrets. Worst – folks who divulge INACCURATE secrets because they hear what they want not is being said. I go through cycles of what sense appeals to me more. Like I go through manic periods of music/film/book/beautifying I go through sensory ish… Read more »


Well then, you must be mostly low Gemini, since you can’t stop talking shit.

Moved on

Jeeeeezus Geminigin, have you been ON the gin? You are being really awful.


True it would be way more entertaining! But geminis are not housewives 🙂


Geminis are normally mob girlfriends. Just sayin’.


Bahaha Geminis like the bad boys

The Venus Fly

I usually find they marry very boring, every day folk with little to no personality. Like Aries, they need to be the center of attention. They’re happiest when their way is THE way and they do most of the talking. Scorpios and Geminis I find are most attached to the myth of themselves – lower vibes ones, of course 🙂

The Venus Fly

LOVE to play the elusive game. Most of my fav actors and singers are Aries but quite a few of my favorite artists are Geminis. Deeply prolific and talented but ALWAYS play the elusive game. Maxwell? His album was due 5 years ago, he continues the cryptic tweets. Andre 3000 from Outkast – disappeared and has everyone craving reunions and cameos (which are usually brilliant – his Aquarian partner is ALWAYS plugging away talking smack and making money to this day). Sun Ra – don’t even get me started. But the biggest myth – Prince. My god. I love his… Read more »


Ummm….nope. Not even a little bit. Have you actually ever met any Geminis, besides all the men who obviously used you and tossed you aside to make you so seethingly bitter?


How do we get rid of you in these comments? I’m a Gemini sun/Leo rising/Scorpio moon so I reckon I’m your worst enemy. And proud. Who would EVER want to be friends with such a hateful, mouthy low-vibe creature.


Yes, this is true! Bright shiny (albeit fucking crazy) girls with super boring guys. You have hit on something there.


I guess I can see Taurus representing statistically higher in the trophy wife category. Beauty, money, stability, etc. And the mutual stubbornness sure as hell would make for excellent reality TV drama.

Diet Weed is hilarious.

The Venus Fly

LMAO! You took the thoughts in my mind and typed them here… But seriously, they must be lower vibration, Taurus. Us Haute ones REALLY value our privacy but they are usually the ones who are genuinely accomplished and do NOT rely on nepotism. I look at Janet Jackson – born into the Jackson family, who had an EDGE due to family but went out and carved her own career. Changed the game on so many levels in different decades (felt more in the States than Australia though she had HUGE hits here and did the arenas). Married 3 (possibly 4)… Read more »


What would you know about Haute Taureans, hunny? You will never be one, Flytrap.


Wow, it’s getting bitchy in here

catfish moon



She was always my fav RH- now I know why she was simpatico- she always vibed real and practical. Took no prisoners. Glad to know she has Phoenixed yet again!

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