Planning A Drastic Full Moon Statement?

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Fellinis Casanova

Planning a drastic Full Moon statement? I know, right? It’s sooooo tempting. Mercury Retrograde is super-lucid truth serum insights like Uranian Tonic on a daily basis. Jupiter in LEO is moving to oppose the Sun in Aquarius – the Sun RULES Aquarius and all.

The Dramatic Gesture could feel SO tempting but be an actual non-optimal move strategically. But mine the impulse behind the Dramatic Gesture for a GENIUS insight into what you really want and could even be able to get…by November. It’s a long story and one I will be telling in the Horoscopes/Daily Mystic.

In the meantime, don’t compose some cryptic crappy communique nor even turn up naked under the bat-cloak at midnight, whatever: NO REVELATION.  As i said to Aries in the monthlies for Feb, go Operation Sphinx.  Better to scrawl stream of consciousness in your personal secret record of choice.

AND the Feb Horoscopes are posted – you know you want them.


Image: Fellini’s Casanova

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189 thoughts on “Planning A Drastic Full Moon Statement?

  1. I woke up today feeling as if I’d been partying circa 1981 NYC, and couldn’t remember the night before but felt a leaden weight in my legs and inside my ribs. I think I made some astral announcements and there’s an adolescent in my brain worried about the social media ramifications. Didn’t leave the house but my 12th house heart had an opiate/amphetamine /cocktail bender and I’m hung the fuq over.

  2. From Aqua daily: “Channel Mars energy into making money – not a scene – as Mercury IS still Retrograde and in your sign at that.” WORD

  3. It’s my birthday on Thursday and I always tend to have existential crises and want to make Dramatic Gestures/Statements just before and on my birthday. Luckily(?) this one I’ll likely be too busy acclimating to my new job to care about anything else or be dramatic. I plan on meeting my deadlines, going to Mysore every morning, and staying on an even keel. However a certain ex has been emailing me hints about making his own dramatic statement this week…so we’ll see how it all goes down. *ugh* They always re-orbit when you finally REALLY and truly don’t give a fuck anymore, don’t they?

    My birthday present to myself was booking a facial and an Arabian horse riding lesson this coming weekend. Always loved Arabians, grew up competing in rodeos…so I never got to ride one because everyone around me loved Quarter Horses.

  4. I have had some vivid dreams lately but they are not cryptic. I have plans to move to a new location with my BF but my lease for the place I’m in now isn’t up until the end of the year.

    I have been obsessing and daydreaming about how I am going to decorate this new place. It’s a year away. This is ridiculous. And boring as hell. All my dreams are about shopping for places and decorating said places. I am bored with my subconscious and frustrated with my conscious for being so fixated on something that has very little to do with anything happening in my life currently.

    I kind of feel like a chump, that I would be so giddy at the prospect of moving in with someone. I have multiple pages bookmarked and a list of things I intend on buying over the span of the next year for this new place. Who knows what will even happen in this next year? We may part ways. What the hell am I doing?

  5. I was going to post a dramatic announcement concerning a new album…but now I will just wait.
    I usually like to announce on New and Full Moons.
    So many great things happening in my career but the amount of haters is overwhelming to deal with…makes me want to go back into Hermit song-writing mode instead.

    • Others are better qualified as far as the music biz goes but as far as snivelling twats who would try to belittle your personal / professional achievements? They don’t even breathe the same air as you. What have they done lately? If they had anything worthwhile to contribute they would be doing it. Who has sent you champagne or phoned you to congratulate you? Give them the air time not those other freaks. Be like the plants that are strong enough to resist the grubs, which will always exist. You released an album?! You’re amazing. Can’t wait to hear it 🙂
      Love pi xx

        • Haters gonna hate. Block, delete, ignore and white light yourself (protective bubble that only lets in good energy, hate vibes shatter on its surface like broken glass) p.s. they are envious and unhappy

          • And gemyogi is right. Envious and unhappy. Not owning their own capacity to achieve and break new ground for themselves.
            The Chinese astro comment up above was interesting too…be interested to hear if that works for you sometime. Xx

            • It really sucks too. I am proud of this new album, I think it’s good.
              Not sure why something positive can create such backlash. Feel like going into hiding until it all blows over- if it ever does.

    • It’s true, they are envious. People who are not fulfilling their own potential hate to see others fulfill theirs.

      Consider this a good lesson in detaching from the opinions of others, and learn it well; the more successful you become, the more the haters will come streaming out of the woodwork.

      IMHO, your best defense is to have compassion and understanding for these people, and understand just how lucky you are to be you and doing what you’re doing. Also the white light thing, grounding, etc.

      Can’t wait for the announcement! xo

      • I have to remember to focus on the positive, white light and stay grounded.
        Some of the rumors stung, esp. coming from “friends’. But, at least now I know where I stand with them.

  6. Waiting for a green light but using the time to make appointments and visit potential stockist – we stopped by one store and interior desinger was also there and instantly loved our designs and is using them in a photo shoot for new interiors magazine and shop keeper bought stock straight up!

    Feeling like I am finally on the right track and things are now moving in the right direction just need a big love to happen as per the tarot keeps telling me….

  7. This has to be, hands down, the most batshit crazy week. The most batshit crazy Mercury retrograde.

    I don’t know what the fuq is going on!

  8. Can’t keep a good Venus in Aries down though – down to earth, competent tradie type came to install a thing at the house, omg I could have eaten him alive, his physique gaah

    • Aries … Casanova was Aries. I think that is him on the roof above. Is this a hint to Arians on the waxing full moon in fire?

    • And then after working on the thing all day, I offered him a piece of ah-may-zing choc brownie from the local as the job was a bit prickly… He turned it down, as he was heading to the gym next. A hardworking guy who looks after himself, how hard can it be eh. I just need to somehow mash this in with other important things that would allow for compatibility beyond the sack and kablammo, love you long time.hahaha

  9. Nothing to declare, feel at peace about this
    Said to my divine uber-sadge friend this week, I think I’m ready to meet someone again, my headspace can accommodate some romance after a couple of years of being thoroughly “elsewhere” , also ok with this as lovers just take up so much time and attention. Maybe someone who is more ‘right’ for me won’t be as hard to deal with though and the emotional stress will be absent, so, “less effort required”… Honestly life is complex, why make it harder for ourselves by adding the wrong person to it in a significant way? My progressed moon in toro might be helping here, that or my hard won something or other. Peace of mind.

  10. No confessionals or OTT communiques from me… if anything I am retiring inward despite the pileup of planets on my Pisces sun stellium. It has been super-painful, perhaps feeling the square from Saturn… asking myself a lot of hard questions about what I have and haven’t achieved/done/contributed in my life with a big milestone birthday coming up.
    I did make a wish at the time recommended in the DM, well close enough anyway. Quite specific and for once, not love related 🙂
    The only communique of any importance I might have sent related to a professional assignment I was going to pull out of because I felt I just wasn’t up to it. When my laptop suddenly stopped connecting to the internet last week I blamed Merc retro and began composing a lengthy ‘I quit’ letter in Word. I hit backspace to correct a typo, and the thing kept going. It erased the whole letter, word by word by word until I was staring at a blank page. Uranus-enhanced Merc retro perhaps??

  11. Today is my birthday and I’m having a really emotionally difficult day. All kinds of Mercury retro snafu’s happened today, too, to make me feel more fragile… I was supposed to go out tonight to celebrate my birthday and I’m actually not going to go now, as I’m feeling fragile and vulnerable..

    I’m so unhappy with the way my life is looking right now. Everything feels precarious, including my financial situation, and because of that I can’t relax. I feel like an overall failure in life….not a good feeling on one’s birthday..

    I need a pep talk…. 🙁

    • Birthdays are emotional because it’s a yearly chance to look at where your life is at. If you aren’t happy with where it’s heading, take a breath, read MM every day and see how good her guidance is. Fight the battles you can win, do art or whatever makes your heart sing, get rid of any haters. Be thankful for having the wisdom to realise you need to take a break from festivities but light yourself a candle and make a wish. Hope it goes OK.

      • Thanks Libra 9 and Happy Birthday Flowerchild! When i am low i clean and declutter. I know it sounds trite and not a classic birthday activity but it helps shift stuck energy, Especially if you play Ride of The Valkeryies and end with a huge sage smudging. xx

      • Aw happy birthday Libra 9…xo

        It’s okay…we’ve all been there or are at times!

        Run a Solar Return Chart at and see where the Sun falls in that chart… Compare it to the natal chart and where it falls…that is your focus in the coming year..the interplay of the two

        What is the rising sign and what planets/houses from your natal does it bring to the first house?

        Another high light.

        Don’t be afraid. Know it all seems overwhelming but trust in the Universe..You have a Higher Self/Over Soul Who knows just where you are

        Talk to it…ask for guidance.

        Do I always? No. Sometimes I am pissed..

        But I always get back to what I call “Square One”

        Simplicity of saves, you know?

        Could sware that Cold Play (Pisces/Moon in Leo Chris Martin…just like ex Pisces/Leo Moon ..stole that from my psyche)

        “The first line..from the first page”

          • Thank you Libra 9, MM, and Sweetpea!

            All very wonderful and pertinent advice! I will take it all to heart, and implement it!

            I do enjoy cleaning and decluttering, too. Have done a little this week and will do some more tomorrow when I’m feeling less tired. I may just lay around with my lit candle tonight…
            Had a tiny cry….I’m not physically able to cry very easily….but the little bit helped….I need the release…

    • Hey flowerchild, happy birthday for yesterday.

      I so know that life-and-finances-feel-precarious-and-I-am-a-failure feeling. I think birthdays are particularly hard when life feels precarious because with the Sun (ruler or Leo) shining a spotlight on you, you can feel like you SHOULD be shiny-successful-have-something-to-celebrate-with-wellwishers, but ain’t/don’t.

      Re Mars-Chiron, my take is that it can manifest in many ways. Sure, at best it can feel like the “enough already!!” energy to heal a wound with help of detached Aqua vibes. Then again it can feel like a wound of self-hood being poked by our own thoughts, particularly with Merc retro on the Sun.

      So here’s the pep talk, care of Max Erhmann, which I am reciting to myself, too, in full:

      “be gentle with yourself. You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should”.


    • Been there. On the birthday. And it sucks. Especially really WET (as in copious crying) birthdays.

      But than better ones manifest in the future. You just ride through it, plant the seeds you need and work WITH life. Things turn out better than expected.

      I second decluttering. But I’m at the stage where I really genuinely have nothing to declutter physically. I mean, you always need to clean, and I just cleaned my vanity area and bath-tub but I have donated and thrown out soooo much since July. I now have things to mend – boots to get dropped off. Holes to drill in the walls to hang the last of my art. But even when I was sick, cleaning something DID give me the energy to keep moving forward. Cleanliness truly is indeed close to Goddess-lines.

      Which reminds me – I need to finally try this whole ‘feng shui’ the vagina vibe. I DO need take a shower… *wanders off to grab the sage and lighter* ;P

      • Thanks! 🙂

        Yeah, the de-cluttering is good, and I have very little to declutter too, although perhaps feng-shui-ing what I do have would be the next step….
        Something is very ‘off’ in this house, even though I keep it incredibly clean and am constantly cleaning….we had a mouse invasion last week! I do live in the middle of a city, so it’s not that uncommon, but we never had one before. All taken care of now, eradicated but…
        For some reason, it really depressed me…..I felt defeated because I strive so hard to keep things clean… Part of it was messy housemates and I tore them a new one over it, and they sorted it out right away, but very stressful….

        • I hear that. My hot water pipes burst and flooded my kitchen. Got under the floor boards. Than boom – roach invasion. I laid that gel and they’re pretty much all gone now but it feels digusting. It was a relief to find out that cockroaches are attracted to WATER more than food, so, the flood I guess helped any nests along swimmingly.

          FYI, you’re a bomb-ass, sexy-ass Decan 1 Aquarius. Just because it ain’t a sexy birthday don’t mean the days won’t get sexier. Stop being so hard on yourself! I dare you to make every day you’re birthday for the next 19 days. It’s your SEASON – own that shiznit!!!!!!!!

          May the year be fantastic to you – salud! <3

          • Ugh, roaches! Sounds devastating and just so icky… and, ugh, we saw the mouse again tonight….not sure what our strategy will be from here but we’ll figure something out…. *sigh*

            Anyway…! Thanks for the sexy powering up! I shall keep it in mind to try to continue to celebrate throughout the next 19 days! 🙂

    • big hugs, flowerchild, and happy birthday. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Happy Belated Birthday Flowerchild. i hope you ended up having a fantastic day xxx

      On my birthday every year i always spend the day with my sister because im always guaranteed a day full of love and heaps of laughs

    • Happy Bday Flowerchild! Always had a soft spot for you. Want you to know my heart wishes you positivity for this upcoming year. When I am down, I do a heavy smudging, light my candles, clean well and sleep early. Things will get brighter xx

    • Hugs and cups of tea (or birthday champagne) Flowerchild. I always love to read your posts, you are smart and thoughtful and generous.
      I understand the financial worries and the feeling of failure particularly on birthdays (was this a ‘big’ birthday?). I recommend spending time with peeps who think you’re fabulous no matter what, and no matter how bad you are feeling… they will often remind you about how far you have come, and this can be a comfort.
      Hope you pull out of the bleak mood soon. x

  12. Hey re some of the comments – i thought i made it super clear that the Venus-Mars-Eros-Psyche conjunction in late feb is AMAZING. To me the Venus Neptune is a mere stop-off en route to that bit of Awesome. Also, i think Venus-Neptune is often more about Art and Spiritual Dev – plus it’s still in orb of the square to Saturn AND Lilith opposes. I DO actually think about this stuff but if you want to try and work the Venus-Neptune regardless obviously go for it,

    Juno as soulmate whatever was not in the soulmating book as that was about Eros and Psyche and i have actually never heard of Juno mentioned in that regard. The Magi astrologers go ape for Juno as “mistress” indicator and there is a post about that in the archives with some interesting comments – you can find it via the search box at the top. But yes, Prince Stolas is bang on – the mythological Juno-Hera is anything but soul-mate-like. She is more the constantly vengeful wife of a non-stop player.

    AND the Feng Shui woman on the Store page here – the Flash Feng Shui consult – is epic. I am fanatical about Feng Shui for a reason – it works. The Ancient Chinese witches did not suffer the same persecution as the Celts and so forth – so their geomancy was able to develop more, the knowledge was not lost.

    • Thanks for the clarification, MM. I google’d the Juno vibe and came across that Magi website. My instincts felt like it was all hoo ha, and other sites mention that Juno in a woman’s chart acts as the mate a woman will marry. I don’t know, hence why I ask. Hera was vehemently anti-mistress, so when I came across the Magi mistress ish that is who I kept thinking of. Hera and her wrath, lol.

      I’m looking forward to the MVPE conjunction. My Mars-Venus share a sign/house (Taurus/11th) as do my Eros/Psyche (Aquarius/9th). It will be interesting to see what occurs. I ‘sense’ I am to experience ‘creative chemistry’ with an Air sign soon and romantic chemistry with an Earth sign soon. And the cards keep implying the same…

      • I think of Juno as representing internalized sexism. Juno was an Etruscan goddess married off to the Roman king god as the Etruscans were conquered [don’t know much of her Etruscan mythology]. Hera was the Aegean / Minoan lady goddess married off to Zeus when the Greeks conquered [Ariadne also]. Previously she had been the ruler herself, and the patriarchal invaders took her power. Anger at that oppression got repressed and twisted into vengeful wife attitudes. Boss / bitch.

        Anyway – maybe think of that part of your chart as where you’re bitchy towards women who feel threatening, then try to transform that into a place where you feel strength in solidarity with them.

    • Does anyone have experiences working with Mystic’s FS practitioner that they are willing to share with me? I would like to get a better feel for the process and what it was like working with her/him. I once got a chinese bazi consult with someone that seemed to have decided after getting my birth data that they did not like me or at least was highly judgemental of me, and the consult came out inaccurately, unnecessarily harsh, condescending, and assumptive. I feel like getting a good, experienced practitioner is a huge part of the equation.

      • I do, I won a consult with her and she went over and beyond for me. She still keeps in touch in a friendly way, she is a real honey and very practical, sensitive and in touch. We didn’t get time to talk much but she gave me loads of tips and information to work with. We had a windfall the week that she came and made some adjustments. I wouldn’t want not to mention that. Not saying I can attribute it to her doings, but I have to say that happened.

        • Thanks for sharing your experience Anon. Surely is a good sign of things. The windfall – wow 😀

          Question, were you familiar with FS basics before your consult? I have done a lot of reading up on it, but am more in the range of looking for a professional consult to really add that oomph Im looking for. Also am wondering if the consult she gave you – was it applicable FS for only that year, or for years to come? Apparently FS changes every year based on your birth data. Did she ask you for your birth data and work that out for you?

  13. Never have I ever been so glad to have an empty 12th house Leo. With an 8th house stellium, I think, if I can keep my mouth shut til mars gets a few massages, my debut as a beam of fiery fierceness will be awe inspiring. Must. Shut. Up.

  14. My tv went on the shits the other day so yesterday after work (I get off at noon) I came home and signed up for Hulu online and watched tons of “Nashville” (never saw it before), SNL and The Tonight Show. Have huge crush on Jimmy Fallon…so damn cute.

    During the week I am so spent that I don’t get a chance to watch anything. Not even the Housewives. I am asleep by 8:30! Some times I don’t even wash my face or brush my teeth..I know gross. But I don’t give a shit. 🙂 Once I lay down I am GONE…who give a freak…

    My housewife/tv time is my zone/veg time. With everything in the ZZ and so much natal square Saturn (weight of the world and goals)..I don’t actually get a moments peace… x

    • ~do~ brush and rinse with Crest at lunch. Not a complete slob…haha

      Oh yeah honey….gotta watch those chompers as Saturn rules bones, right?

      I dare the universe to fuqin’ make me get dentures… 🙂

      • Jimmy is Virgo/Mn in Scorpio (no time given thus no Rising sign), but Libran Mercury and Mars opposite my Aries…

        So there ya go….I wanna kiss that cuteness


  15. Has anyone thought of sending this to Mr Abbott and the Libs? Seems like he, and his party could get some useful insights about their sticky situation right now. All I can say is let the games begin, and karma’s a biatch!

    • Haha… ain’t it grand 😀

      Loved the huge swing in QLD election.

      Love election nights – even when it’s not my state.

      Can hardly wait for the next federal election. Bring it ON!!!!

      • You two? QLD and WA are like the equivalent of FL and OH – both ‘swing’ states than many times swing to the Conservative wing. QLD has traditionally been a Liberal state for a good 30 years now. I’m glad folks are not buying into the oky-doke and seeking these (faux) “Liberals” for who they are – entitled, prejudiced, materialistic, deflective jerks. I still can’t believe the poor people don’t drive vibe of HACKney (misspelled intentionally). Numb nuts. Do disconnected from the economic reality of those of us NOT bringing in billions per year that it would laughable if it was a satirical sketch. However, it’s real, so it’s disturbing.

        • Hey, as a qldr thought I should let you know we haven’t been liberal for 30 years. From 1989 (after a whole lot of joh bjelke Peterson corruption stuff went down), qld put labor into power, until 2012, when lnp was voted in with a cracking majority, something like 78 to 8 seats… So labor was in power her for 23 years until the 2012 election. The significance of this election is that a party has been unseated (with a massive swing) after one election period. This was contributed to by many people feeling the government misused their massive margin, by sacking loads of public servants (tens of thousands) including front line service providers, refusing adequate increases of wages due to a deficit while giving themselves a massive pay increase, messing with the barrier reef, and wantimg to lease assets (for 99 years, effectively selling them)… (Eg electricity)

  16. hm. so i should not tell my 4 dudes about the others? honesty now instead of later is not the best game? argh i’m confused and don’t know how to work this at all. not that i”m complaining.

    • Hey, you said you are confused. That is your answer right there..

      The world (and all four ha) can wait… 😉 good luck luv.

      • i’m not confused about them. i want to keep them all. 😉 i just don’t know how to do that. it is an interesting new world!

        • Well, perhaps you might need to do what I needed to learn long ago…


          Do you have any Gemini? I do but my Cap Moon and Saturn never allowed me to play that…at least in relationships…Saturn in see.


          Honestly tho…your heart will find the way.

          Years ago, when the Pisces came back I told someone I had just started seeing about it and that I wanted to give it (the old boyfriend, the Pisces) a chance.

          He went into a tirade “what kind of a person are you!!”

          Well, I was hoping an honest one?

          But it is not self serving if like MM is suggesting right now to just sit things out a bit or not show the “full hand”. It is not deceptive…It’s about making choices based on letting things settle in a bit until we see clear and give stuff on the inner come up to surface…

          Fire signs love snap judgement…me included hee… (Full Moon in Leo is what she is talking about…declarations of love and such that we may not feel in the morning…after the champagne bubbles gone flat and Bubbles the elephant has escaped from his chains at the circus…haha..and now we have to chase his peanut eaten arse cuz big as he is he is gonna tell all…like peeps may not know by now eh?)

          • this is a good point, the not rushing to snap judgments, holding my cards close, letting things brew. my aries SN and 1st house sun rising need to tell all the things, now (which clearly hasn’t been working)… perhaps it is time to work that NN? libra can juggle, right? not sure how 5th house pluto can – i imagine it is similar to 7th saturn.
            mostly i don’t want to hurt them. one in particular.

            gemini merc-lilith, jupiter, AC, sun. yes, i’ve got a little gem. 😉

        • As long as they all know it’s not exclusive, they don’t need to know any more.

          If they don’t know that, it’s a little tricky! I’m gonna leave that one with you!

    • If you’re ‘dating’ these people, that’s your business. They don’t need to know about each other, you’re feeling folks out. Or remaining uncommitted because you don’t want one at this juncture in your life 🙂

      However, when sex comes into the equation I’m sure you have the good sense to practice sex safely out of respect for not only your health but your partner/s. For me personally, I don’t juggle multiple lovers at the same time and the one time I did when I was 19 and they both knew about it. It lasted two weeks because they both got deeply upset about it and wanted me gone. I’m on great terms with them both now though, lol.

      Good luck with your decisions. You may decide you want NONE of them and find 12 more you prefer ;P <3

  17. SPHINX!
    Are you sure mytic, isn’t chiron mars supposed to be some sort of bravery, not to mention with venus neptune or whatever?

    • Mars (Aries’ ruler obviously) is in Aries Solar 12th (traditionally ruled by Pisces)…

      Go whole weekends without speaking to another human being (verbally) but it is about inner work.

      Did my crawfish and lobster dream…enough said…but oh we’re never quite done are we David? x Read your posts. You are quite astute for a young man. I respect both you and our Davidl, Uranian Pluto and Charles…

      Today went shopping for a little baby Aquarius shower/birthday due mid month (given by Pisces doc’s wife at their house…should be neat to see where doc and his Pisces wife live…They are actually Canadian transplanets…ha, think I will leave the “planets”. I have met her parents. Her mother is down and she is a hoot…

      Shopping so much fun and so grateful I have the means to…

      Aw gee but it makes me miss my girls..

      Have a good weekend.

      Have pulled up the rugs (ha, didn’t think of it in a esoteric or sub conscious way)…but suppose it fits. Have some laundry to do… 🙂

  18. I’m SO glad I read this post. Was thinking of composing a confessional letter that would have resulted in nada. Phew!

  19. I think i’ve found the antidote to this uranian/mercurian energy that is making my mind explode at the moment.
    The song:”The Long Road” by Eddie Vedder: is poetry arising from his Saturn in 00º40 Pisces 10th House. Plus he’s accompanied by the great and sublime Aqua Moon, Uranus IC – Nusfrat fateh ali Khan.

  20. But what if someone slips to you first on Leo moon? What if someone else is the one with the big mouth that confesses? Ignore them? Confess back?

  21. I’ve given my partner permission to tie me up if i show signs of going out in public.
    Do NOT trust my mouth…..trans Jupe conjunct my Uranus/Merc in 10 th in Leo now being zapped by opposing Sun/Merc ret …….AND being ramped by trans Uranus trine my Uranus/Merc.
    And if that were not enough this is a build up to Full Moon in Leo (my moon)….i really wish i could bottle this buzz….

  22. Oh no, really? No ultra-romantic cryptic beautiful subtle gesture timed to fit with the Venus-Neptune conjunction and rising full moon?

    It has come to my attention that too much laissez-faire/detachment can be interpreted as lack of interest – and competitors can come creeping in? Like stagnation in Chinese medicine terms – it leads to excess. There needs to be flow. This RX is driving me mad with frustration!

    Part of the ‘regenerative breaks from the past.. old you’ ZZ stuff for me is giving up apathy and martyrdom. Being willing to engage and take small actions to help the universe manifest the magic. Too much detachment leads to stagnation of universal energy flow? Help

    The Libra & Sagg weeklies suggest that Merc RX be damned, this is a time to indicate some movement, albeit in a Piscean subtle dreamtime way, like issuing a seed into the deep subconscious to grow with the rest of the RX..

    • Have martyrdom issues? I guess I do too ;p Worst thing to admit and address, IMO. One of my piscean friends told me I had it years ago but I didn’t quite see it as he did. Had a dream about escaping ritual sacrifice & when I looked it up, guess what the underlying issue is? How are you going to tackle yours? I feel like just letting it go isn’t the easiest.

      • There’s the potential there for martyrdom – got moon in Virgo, and learned from my ma who had Venus in Virgo. So it’s easy to go ‘holier than thou’ and live in my head, expect magical intervention from the Universe, rather than rolling up my sleeves and getting involved.

        It’s about daring to walk the talk, to be real. For me, I think that this is about authenticity and being real. If you feel something strongly, then go out there and manifest it.

        RIght now, I’m feeling that all the ‘go slow’ is easy to use as an excuse to not show up and be real – show my intention, begin to climb the mountain. I want to get to work!

        The ZZ has been training camp. I’ve been working on new muscles and on my intention. Time is coming, I want to use them.. 🙂

        • Really vibe with your words here LF. Investing action and personal energy vs talk think expect but not actually do much. Any step is a good step as long as there is a step! Keep stepping .. xxx

          • Yes, somewhere in ancient Chinese oracles it states that if you are not able to ‘fix’ the blessing (by doing) then you are not fully receiving it. It remains potential only. But you know, there’s doing, there’s doing and there’s non doing. I’ve calmed my boots. I think that there IS a time for action and I’ve affirmed to myself that it’s important not to shirk from showing yourself when it’s important. But that time is.. not yet.

        • Hey if this helps. I am reading Lean In (moon in cap loves non-stupid career advice) and this line came up: Done is better than perfect.
          Handy if one is choked by notions of perfection when it is not the point at a given moment.

    • Judicious use of laissez faire detachment can be useful though. There was a Scorp i was keen for when i met him. Fate took him away from me and gave him to another girl that i later became friends with. Let’s put it this way…. Thank you universe for sparing me this fellow. The things i learned about this loser was just wow. I am so glad it wasnt me. He was terrible with $$, made her work multiple jobs, jealous of even her female friends, spiedon her cell phone,told her what to do…she was an aries so that didnt last long, etc… This of course orginally started during a mercury rx.

      So look deeper..if you are being kept from someone by the universe. That person probably sucks. Competitors? Nah, more like they are possibly taking one for Team You.
      But yes it all does feel too dramatic when you are in it. All these realizations were only avail looking back.

      • Amaze – thanks Prince S. That sounds like one hell of an emotionally abusive relaltionship situation. Yeah, no. I’m good with watching and waiting. You just charged those batteries a little for me – big thanks x

    • Re stagnation of universal energy flow: work on your feng shui, just pick a room/space! If you have a lot of time on your hands, roll up your sleeves & clean out a closet!

    • My life used to be filled with magic and synchronicity. And than it stopped. I realize now in hindsight that though I was hopeful for a new life everytime I returned to the O-Z it never manifested in a healthy way so I was way more cynical than even I knew. However, when everything fell apart, and I needed a ‘distraction’ my distraction ended up being my life path. I knew the moment I ‘tried’ it, so all the ‘falling apart’, delays etc were actually blessings in disguise to align me with my bliss. Which opened me up to meeting the types of people I’ve always longed to know. Toxic, uninteresting folks are everywhere but they no longer bother me like they did because I have found their opposite – nourishing, inspiring folks. Inspiring because they are radically authentic, a quality I love beyond all. I haven’t met many, but I know many more are due to make an appearance. And I am wholeheartedly looking forward to loving them and being loved in return.

      I think it’s important for humans to know the many moods of being human. It’s important to know the depths. Not drown ourselves in them. But periods and cycles have their reason, as well as their season. And seasons change. Evolution is also natural. When a seed needs to push through, it will. Bonsai’ing? Radically inauthentic. We have enough ‘Buddhist’ posers posting platitudes who in real life are deeply vindictive, narcissistic, gossipy and insincere. Fuck pretending to feel shit, feel what you do, move through it and bloom. Good luck in your personal evolution <3

      • Beautifully written, VenusFly, and resonating very true. Those loving people are keys, as is the gratitude you feel in meeting them, that unlock new dimensions – help us to cast off the illusions and apathy. If you know the truth somewhere in your heart, all it takes is the will and the catalyst to let you and allow an unfolding to manifest. I hear you.

        I dreamed of an atom bomb on Friday night – I stood transfixed and watched the world melt apart. I felt so emotional yesterday thinking about it (how about it for a Pluto-Mars-Chiron apt dream?) but I see it as absolutely a reflection of my desire to leave the old world behind. It IS sad to finally lay to rest the remnants of an old era.. but it also needs to be from fully burnt out ashes that the Phoenix rises.

        Yeah fuck cryptic romantic messages. MM, I’m riding a bigger rocket here 😉

        Thank you for your well wishes VenusFly <3

      • Sorry, I think I might just have temporarily renamed you, The Venus Fly – ooops! Do you like VenusFly? It is also rather… fly? ;

  23. BTW Mystic, your Oracle advised me to look at which sign Juno is in my chart. Big surprise – Taurus. Keeping my Mars and Venus company in the 11th house. Don’t know much about Juno but folks talk about it being a ‘soulmating’ aspect. If so, just curious why it wasn’t touched on in your fabulous ‘Soulmating’ book highlighting the magic and mystery of Eros/Psyche. Thoughts if you have time…? <3

    • Juno is the official wife of the king of the gods. He wasn’t in love-in love with her. He was legally bound to her through public oath and whatever. Duty is not always a sweltering palpitation inducing love aspect. He also cheated on her a bunch.

      • Interesting. My soon-to-be ex-husband’s Juno in Aquarius fell in my fifth house and is exactly trine my moon and venus. I never felt like I was his wife–possibly because he treated me like a mistress. He felt he owned me and worse, I began to feel like I was a prostitute in that relationship and that I was obligated to stay–for so many reasons. I used sex to keep him from getting angry with me when he began to feel paranoid or distrustful.If our relationship wasn’t “fun and sexy” it made him feel like I was hiding something from him, that he was missing out on something he believed every other couple had: non-stop romance and sex like you see in the movies. He was an idiot. I could never relax, not even in my own home. He had serious control issues and our relationship became emotionally and psychologicially abusive. In future, I will definitely look at a man’s Juno in future.

        • I’m sorry you experienced that but great summary. Where’s your Juno PG? Pluto was making his 3rd pass over mine when I got my divorce in the same sign Pluto was entering when we separated.

          I think Neptune on Juno could also dissolve a marriage, perhaps more gently.

          • My Juno is at 18 Virgo in the 12th house. Funny I noticed that Chiron will be at 18 Pisces in May whixh is when my divorce is expected to be finalized. And Neptune is indeed opposing my Juno, slowly dissolving my marriage over the last couple of years and opening my eyes to the truth of my relationship.

        • Sounds like someone I used to know. Thankfully we were only together 18 months but it was pure hell. However, being with these folks is like becoming a zombie – your mind turns to string cheese and they deflect so much (imaginary) guilt on you. They’re essentially sociopaths who seek out women at low periods of their lives, present the fairy tale while they lovingly lead them to hell. You should be proud of yourself for getting out, getting a legal divorce and moving on. So many folks don’t, or end up repeating the pattern because they don’t inherently know their own worth.

        • Just attended a conference on abusive paradigms- controller-abuser always has to be one up. Very Pluto in Cap square South Node and Uranus in Aries.

      • Hi this is really interesting. May I ask does anyone know where Juno transiting now? I can relate to some of this…I am feeling “owned”, Perhaps I have it in Libra with Pallas, need to check that. My Ceres is in Scorpio and its in a grand trine moon, mercury. Most of me accepted the safety of the private world I retreated to. My husband definitely has preferred me to give up my career.

        There is a person I very recently met who is not conventional, but is unusual in his approach, way of thinking and who I thought I’d be intrigued by. Jupiter in Leo in the 12th is almost opposite my Sun. He feels outwardly Leonine with some kind of intensity, is a healer, and much much later after several meetings I realised has considerable respect from peers. Its sudden, was a mutual, uneasy attraction, but completely not appropriate.

        It was difficult because he is very charasmatic, clever and happily charming but I forced words to convey my commitment, (somewhat falsely and also truthfully) because I think there was something illicit or clandestine about the man and the accompanying circumstances. His curiosity in my personal state, methods, and my own desire to fix my health problems worried me.

        The problem is as a result of all this I’ve become aware of my limited situation. I am seeing things with different eyes I don’t want to be possessed for the sake of anyone’s security. I suppose I am complicit to this too. Now I can perceive all facets I wish I’d been able to see this man again to comb through all the ideas, words he offers (he is providing a new view), but the erotic tension is too dangerous.

        You know the story. To get through the gate up the path, past the wall one needs to be prepared to walk from the door that is in front of them out into the world. There is all the risk, that it is deceitful, painful – and everything known can be lost instantly. But if you outgrow something that is constricting almost stunting maybe risk is healthier? Not suggesting transgressing anyone’s boundaries, or getting involved in dubious affairs. Just a very strange place of realisation.

  24. Yes, I want them. I have been stalking the Monthly section for a week now, hungry as hell for Feb news.

    The subconscious ‘stream of conscious’ dreaming continues. Dreams are vivid as hell showing truth and fears behind the subconscious veil. Interesting to process all those little ‘neurosies’ and fears. More like purge them because if they were real repercussions would have been felt, not imagined. ANYWAY. I ‘hear you’ on the keep it QT, hush. I’m chosen to vibe dignified feline and strong. None of my wild…accoutrements. The most I’ve done this week is wear a jeweled snake around the ankle of my knee-high leather boots. Keeping it simple…ish.

    As far as life, I admit, I was a wee but disappointed to see the folks I’ll be working with are young folks. Anyone who knows me knows I’m not into ‘young vibes’ – I prefer my folks grown and sexy and my men born before 1982. But it’s all gravy. Some of the ‘senior’ staff are more my type, and I hope I get the opportunity to work with THEM down the line. We’re all artists. Guess I have to cut my teeth with the young un’s to show the established ones I mean business and have the skills to ‘play’ and create impeccable art with them. The last space I was at taught me about pacing, and working with what you got. So that I will do. And just channel all minor gripes into my sexy-ass diary with the Victorian era cover on it ;D <3

    • And…you typed what I was thinking, MM. Since late 2013 I’ve learned pacing. And I’ve also learned to cut off what no longer is relevant but that I’m holding onto out of sentiment also (both in regards to relationships). All this phoenixing has been real and you have been a wonderful catalyst.

      It’s nice to read the whole Gemini Rising thing, it just confirms what I suspect. But the Taurus is what speaks to this 5-planet Taurus so I’ll keep aligning predominately with that. Still adjusting to being a Gemini Rising…shit doesn’t feel authentic to moi but I accept it.

      • Dudette with the amount you have to say here, I would have been surprised if you did *not* have any prominent Gemini in your astro 😛 this is not a barbed comment btw
        Gemini is , contrary to your unhappy experiences which I am sorry to hear about, about transmission, information, communication, a drive to gather data, urbane living, the desire to connect with others, what’s new in the zoo. None of which are inherently ‘bad’ traits. So you can relax a bit on that whole thing. X
        (I am Also gem rising)

  25. I made one itsy bitsy feng shui adjustment in my dining room & *bam* it was like putting in the last few confounding bits of a 10,000-piece jigsaw puzzle– FABuLous! What are those cones of energy that emit from mountains? I feng shui’d one of those into the middle of my house 😀 I feel… accomplished. I have to thank the (Hogwarts) Academy & Saturn into my 9th house + North Node-Neptune, & trans Mars-Chiron thru my 1st– oh, and my beautiful family for their love and support: I love you, this win is for all of us! Thank you!

      • AM was brilliant. Sometimes my inner snark thinks my gorgeous toes should be wearing his ish, not Posh Spice with her severe hammered-to-death toes. But it passes in several seconds and I’m back to being content with what I have.

        Ouch. That sounds harsh said aloud versus thought, lol. Glad I never HAVE said it out loud! But he WAS fabulous at what he did. And he liked skulls before they were ‘trendy’. Rest in Paradise, good sir <3

          • Lol. We both know none are on par. But it’s nice to think that ;P <3

            I'm so disappointed that I missed the Gaultier exhibit. Melbourne and Brisbane get all the fashion exhibits. Brisbane is also getting the David Lynch show! It's his paintings, I know, but I am a HUGE Lynch lover. I daydream about AMMI being in Sydney versus Melbourne, knowing that LACMA had the Kubrick AND German Expressionist exhibits going on and Melbourne got Kubrick is like ahhh! *motions stabbing in heart area* ;P

    • Fabulous indeed! I remember making an adjustment in my room awhile back and I totally got that feeling you just described – so much so a friend of mine remarked how different I felt to her upon seeing me the next day. I bet you are emitting awesome vibes!! Have no idea what you did, but may I ask did you do a professional FS consult? I have been thinking about it but haven’t found the perfect practitioner I think.

      • 🙂 I’m totally DIY. A couple of years ago I ordered two small books on feng shui from Amazon & I’ve just been working on it– that, & little pearls of wisdom I’ve gleaned from convo here, and my own intuition & scrutiny of how my space feels & flows… So it’s been a lengthy, learning process, going DIY, but I’d rather know how to do stuff myself rather than needing someone else to do these things for me. Blessings on your journey x

        • Care to share? I am in the process of redecorating and a massive de-cluttering binge. I need some guidance to keep away stale energy.
          Things are going really good in my career but it also attracted a lot of gossip and haters. 🙁

            • I only suggest the man-thinking as it is an easy way to reframe shit behaviour from others or step into a stronger way of thinking for ourselves if we are less accustomed to it. No weirdness intended, it works for me. X pi

          • What’s your housplant situation like? If it’s sparse, get a few– but no spiky or barbed leaves, no cacti. Also, a waterfall or some kind of *moving* water, & windchimes. I also like to bring in “loaded” rocks that i find outdoors… And always keep the toilet lid down! These remedies should naturally keep the flow from going stale in your space 😉

            • (Mobiles are great for “dead end” space or a room that needs divided/is too big: they keep things moving, know what i mean? Think: creating movement… )

              • Also, a word to the wise on too much flow– i had this sitch in a room where three doors lined up & basically funneled everything in & straight back out like water thru my fingers (not good, & why you want to keep toilet lid down). Mobile in a doorway & arranging furniture perpendicular to that flow + a strategically placed mirror slowed that energy rush down & redirected it to better uses… so there’s that, too…

          • You can grid your place with black tourmaline, ie., put a rock in every corner – and especially where there is a lot of electronic radiation like computer, phones etc. It protects against negative energies of all types. Basically, it’s a great protector and buster of stale/negative energies.

            • Too on the protection tip, i keep a gargoyle trained on my front door 🙂 A stone piece on a shelf in my kitchen. He sleeps with his eyes open! Beware of the Gargoyle.

              • Go the Gargoyles! 🙂

                Mine refuses to be trained – he guards front door too, by the flowerpot…. great at tripping intruders … and sometimes loved ones as well :-(… – and is just vicious with toes!…real sneak.

                • Lol ive got a beautiful Balinese lady with flower crown at my front door. Also use salt across threshold. My two fish in water pond are happy with original goldfish and new bamboo plant looks good there too.

                • Yes I was going for Japanese water feature (its bot a bamboo spout that cycles the water… and love Balinese tropical look as well 🙂

          • Just my opinion here, but I think when you are dealing with a large group of people/negativity, you might want to reach out to a professional, and have them work your birth data for your feng shui for a super strong cure.
            In Bazi – chinese astro – there is such thing as certain types of chart, for example, something called a “competitive chart” which means, well, more situs like this I imagine(not a professional chinese astro person, so cant give you a lot of details, but I know *of* things like this. Also, chinese witchery, can be, I assume, highly secretive and/or choosy in terms of information that is given out, like any other esoteric art – meaning not everyone gets the really good info). If you could get a good practitioner I feel it could really do you well. I like that Joey Yap guy tons in terms of his understanding and mastery of information, but I dont know how easy or difficult it is to get a consult with him. I would try 🙂 Good luck with everything.

            Also, Feng Shui energy moves every year – so what works one year might not work so great the next.

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