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Georg Janny

Circe – the Pragmatic Sorceress on the Sun in Aquarius, Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius. Uranus  – the ruler of Aquarius and so-called “higher octave” of Mercury – on the Moon’s South Node, that the karmic astrologers say represents your past lives.

Yes it’s weird astro and it’s getting more weird.  But with the opportunity for peace scored anew, psychic insights, massive attacks of inspiration and release. However – and i know subscribers already have this message – it’s not a time in which you want to indulge lower impulses.  Or default back into an old pattern.

And now the super-long Void Moon in Pisces (going Void off Chiron and Pluto) makes it even more intense. You’re not imagining it – keep a grip. And a dream diary.

Times Of The Void Moon Below, copied from the Daily Horoscopes

L.A. – Saturday 05.13
NEW YORK – Saturday 08.13
LONDON – Saturday 13.13
DUBAI – Saturday 17.13
HONG KONG – Saturday 21.13
SYDNEY – Sunday 00.13

MOON VOID @13 PISCES 26 hour Void Moon in Pisces people! High Alert for Lower Neptunian/Love Zombie/drunk texting crap. Keep it HAUTE. Eg; Art, Yoga, Cat Worship, Creating.
L.A. – Friday 03.13
NEW YORK – Friday 06.13
LONDON – Friday 11.13
DUBAI – Friday 15.13
HONG KONG – Friday 19.13
SYDNEY – Friday 22.13

Image: Georg Janny

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226 thoughts on “Nebulosity Vortex

  1. All I have done this weekend is quite honestly listening to Bjork’s new record. So monolithic and engrossing and beautiful but sad. Mystic do an entry about it. Would be so interesting to read your approach.

  2. Off topic question, where can I find the Vault? I am looking into reading some old DMs, but cant find where they are located.

    • If you don’t see it in the Shop, I would go back to the email or blog post where it was announced it was back up. Sorry I don’t have a better answer but that is what I do when I can’t find something.

  3. I dudnt node I was gonna…..


    Auto correct kept trying to change my “dudnt”…haha so I left the aposterfee (there ain’t no correction for that one either haha..dudnt exist)..


    You are not a fake! You are an aposterfee! 😆

    Sounds like you guys navigated the nodes pretty good and Anonymous was right on about how to set up the chart at

    Kell, feel you’re right in that these give us opportunities to get it right as far as purpose.

    Not on purpose by the second Saturn Return? Dare say it might be a down hill slide of regrets and then later a brittle death of being angry and blaming others when we just shoulda bucked up to the reality and done the shizz. But the mass majority of peeps don’t know. They’re just afloat with no info and so one cannot blame them for not understanding and being po’d.

    But what do I know? Still workin’ on it…Of course however I take full responsibility for any idiocy that may have incurred during this sojourn to planet Earth that is fraught with perils.

    Now, just sign on the dotted line and good luck you idiot… 🙂

    I would explore the NN in the 9th house and SN in 3nd…if I understood you right.

    Since mine are on the 8th/2nd, I see a lot of transformation still about values, or what this world also values and my part in that. The Medusa aspect is about being true to female “sovereign” wisdom. That is where my warrior comes in and that the sacred secrets have had to be guarded. The rest of my lives and such on battlefields and such are just that…”lives”. Not based on my Soul’s truth.

    Now however, it’s time to come out of hiding and lead thru the heart. Of course in order to do that it will take an immense amount of healing for peeps individually and en masse.

    From what I read, there is some friction between you and hub and this is what you may be working on with your Nodal Return Asc in Cap square your Sun and his Sun/Pluto.

    Do I have those aspect right? Believe you mentioned your Moon on his Sun/Pluto also?

    But I would just overlay the Nodal Return chart onto the Natal and also consider the houses the return nodes are in as that is a focus.

    Soz if I could have been more helpful but processing….processing…x

    • It was very interesting! My nodal return was exact on Nov. 24. NN in the 11th and SN in the 5th. I went back in my journal and didn’t have anything for the 24th, but had a super positive entry for the 23rd and a super negative one for the 25th. I also went to the site Kell mentioned and got a great chart with a bajillion asteroids on it, so now I know which ones are conjunct my natal planets. That was fun… I have Bacchus in an exact conjunction with uranus, which is conjunct my ascendant. Lol. Also Lachesis, which is interesting because if I ever got another tattoo, it would be of the 3 fates. Anyways, best for the upcoming nodal returns!! xx

      • Yes, for the Nodal Returns!

        Cool about a tattoo of one of the three fates.

        Remember when I was helping my Kataka/Sagg Moon/Scorp Rising dress for her wedding.

        She had a couple of tattoos I had not seen and apologized.

        Said “hey…honey you are 26 yrs old” You can do as you please…She is now 28.

        Her Cancer Sun in her 8th house…Saturn Return not too far behind.

        At least she doesn’t give me the death stare when I chew my food anymore.. 😆

        I was like “I need to fuqin chew to feed myself”

        Not supposed to make noise you see..

        And I never cuss in real life…only on line.

        If one were to meet me in real life they would think I’m rather conservative and reserved. I only let the Aries/Gem Mars Rising beast out on line….for the most part lol x

        • I have scorp rising & Sagg moon like your daughter 🙂 I’m early leo tho. I got one tattoo when I was 18, and I had it removed a few years ago. Around when saturn transited my ascendant, but I didn’t realize it. I didn’t start following transits until recently. I would just check in at some solar returns and if I was feeling I needed a reading. I’m hesitant to get another, but if I do, it’ll be a giant 3 fates on my back. Maybe if I keep it up a few more years before changing my mind, I’ll do it 😉

  4. Wow…we are so in two different worlds, haha. I am from 2 hours north of NYC and have been living here for the most part of the last 13 years.

    I see what it can look like to an outsider but I am sooooo DONE with this place. It’s a lifestyle thing, perhaps…

    The people in New York are among the most open minded and do “keep it real” but I’ve had enough of reality!

    And also I hate crowds and ugly grey scenery. Not my cuppa.

    But there is plenty here to discover so I hope it goes well for you! Especially fun in the summer 🙂

  5. Haha…I was praying for a new Aussie man. American men are so rude…hardly a gentleman to be found here (except in the south).

    I guess it’s specifically bad where I live, though.

    New York City types are either Peter Pans looking to “hang out” and never commit and never grow up or way too metrosexual- too pretty, too urban, soft hands, well dressed.

    God forbid anyone open the door for you or tell you you look nice.

    It’s embarrassing how often I’ve taken the lead in fixing things around the house or looking under the hood of my car in this city…

    I suppose this could all be a matter of taste but if you get anything of what I’m talking about do yourself a favor and get a nice Southern gentleman…

      • this is why on occasion I’ve put up a .38 Special song

        ~I swear we were doing 80~

        That’s all darlin’?


        Rockin’ into the Night…Course my fave is Fantasy Girl….

        • Here in Palm Springs area men hold the door for me all the time and I thank them for it.

          Somebody’s Mamma taught them right. 😉

          • Speaking of “The Special”

            After next mid month gonna buy my gun and take lessons…

            I gonna be a gun totin’ granny…

            You so much as look at me fuqin’ crossed and I’ll give you a third eye right in the mid forehead….


            Of course I’m kidding…sorta…

            Whats that song “It’s a man’s world”…

            Well it commin’ back to rue…

            Course if I really have a hissy can always use my car as a weapon like when I ran over the ex Pisces cacti in his parking area…

            I kept the blinds drawn for a few days not knowing if the cops had me on a stake out….lol

  6. Wow, so proud of myself, got the vibe and went off by myself for the weekend, all my ‘stuff’ being aspected right now, so spent lots of time in car/ bed/ sea , crying and creating,….mantra…’this too shall pass’ just got home feeling a,little wobbly but cleansed and proud of myself for going down scary inner landscapes and holding the fort for myself…: )

    • It feels like quite an achievement, not ‘acting out’ when the energies get the better of us… I succeed some of the time. Well done firefish xx

  7. Nebulosity Vortex ! Omg, very hot here and the 5 of us went for a quick swim today, went in to a massive surf and went a bit far out to avoid getting smashed in the break. The sandbar we were on collapsed after a huge set came in and we found ourselves in deep trouble. We are all good swimmers and I grew up on this beach but the rip was bubbling and swirling sucking us down and off the point. My wife and 11 year old sort of disappeared after another big wave and I panicked. They caught the wave in ( thank god) but I didn’t see them) and my teens swum to the rocks on the point.
    I was absolutely in a state and felt like I was just getting dragged further when a young surfer who saw me paddled in and pulled me in till I could catch a wave.
    The family was all on the beach and we just sat and stared at each other for a while. I was exhausted and sort of embarrassed. I’ve been surfing for 50 years and this was the first time I’ve panicked FFS nearly drowned. The beach was closed soon after. A Nebulous vortex that’s what it was and it had me in it’s clutches.

    • Wow!!! So glad you are all OK!! Cannot imagine the surreal quality of that fight for your life. So mythical!! And we are very glad that young surfer stepped up. Phew!

      The sand bar disappearing sounds like you were caught up in a very deep catharsis of the sea. In ancient times folk brought tokens for the sea, especially before journeys, house raising, etc. The idea was to give the water deities a nod- and a sacrifice, to appease them. Maybe some pretty crystals/stones, one for each of you? Sounds like you were caught in the agitator cycle of the sea.

      Also, you saved countless others by surviving and sounding the warning.

      The book “Hawaii” terrified me- I read it as we approached The Big Island- by air- and the churning, towering waters terrified me far more than tales of fire or earthquakes. Wherever we went, I spotted the safe-from-tidal-wave markers. Even gauged the flat out run time.

      You and your family survived apocryphal conditions. Well done. So telling that you were all five together. In days to come, it may become the touchstone of your family life-the before and after.

      The western shores of Lake Michigan are notorious for their sudden undertows and vortexes. We lost a family friend-strong swimmer in his 50s. In San Francisco, my school chum survived the Alcatraz swim, but then collapsed. Curious, because he was a national swimming champ at uni, I read that swimming is the most aerobic ally challenging and deadly of any Iron Man. The best athletes are tempered and humbled by the sea.

      Our family survival tale- Seven days before my son’s bar mitzvah-just my mergirl and I were at lunch- a car crashed into the restaurant front window- and drove into the center of the restaurant. Took out the first booth. I thought it was a bomb.

      No one was hurt- a miracle. I told my mergirl that most adults don’t encounter such an event. That this was the scariest thing she would probably ever live through.

      It was a bright line event in our family, and I stopped kidding myself about lots of things. The Veil was Ripped away. Every year on Jan 3, I tread lightly and with gratitude.

      Now – greatest danger -family clutching iPhones before fleeing the blaze- or sheltering from the tornado, missing the seconds of safety to finish an online game. Or see the football score on TV.Hah!

      Sat night, we had similar psycho vortex- all those old programs playing loud and strong- but I survived that too.

      David, in my OCD quest for exact to the minute NN return- found great material on transiting square to the Nodes. These often touch off accidents and moments of peril. I will find the link and post.

      I’m compelled to recommend, hokey as it is, “The Sea Priestess” by Dion Fortune.

      Recommending- Rescue Remedy and Havening for you all. And well done- creating a bonding, memorable family outing. I say in jest, hoping it does not offend. Your kids will boast of it in days to come!

      I’m in awe of your tale and so grateful you are all ashore.



      • Thanks Kell, it was definitely a bonding experience that we won’t forget. As we walked home everyone had their say on the event and the feeling was more awe and exuberance than fear and regret. Like you guys I’m close to my NN return in libra 4th house haven’t worked out the exact date and the thing that hit me hard was that for the first time in memory I had to reach out for help. I needed someone to save me. Literally save my life. This is huge for me. I’m still processing it.
        I am the protector, I am the one who can do it all myself. I can defeat any obstacle. I am not scared of anything. I have all the scars to prove it. Place any test before me and I will overcome.
        All that changed yesterday.
        That man drowned.
        What remains ?

    • Good Gravy Davey Luv…

      Glad you and yours okay. A “Sea” initiation?

      Enjoyed your post too Kell..

      Not the same as being caught in a rip tide but when a kid got tumbled under by the waves and found that at the bottom it is calm (at least with “usual” waves) and so I waited…


      • That’s the first thing you teach a youngster when the surf gets big. Dive deep and wait for the wave to pass over. It works most of the time. Yesterday was eerie. When the beach was closed instead of people just leaving everyone just stood up and stared at the ocean, it was like we all became mesmerized by the monster it had become so quickly. Hundreds of people not chatting and playing as they were 15 mins before. Just staring out, silent.

    • Wah, super intense davey boy. Glad Amphitrite gave you up – it seemed she like you all so much she wanted you to stay..
      Do you have any intuitions about the timing or meaning of this event for you and the fam? Be well, I would be terribly shaken, I hope you are getting the rest you all need.

  8. I hear that. There are toxic men everywhere but I love my Americano’s. Don’t like UK men, their accent irritates me and too many lack class. I do like the Welsh, Irish and Scottish men, though 🙂

  9. Everyone says New York (apart from the garbage problem) that New York is very homey, that the people were very warm and friendly, they could totally live there.
    And if you go 40 mins outside town on the Hudson River you can buy a 4 bedroom house for chump change compared to London or Oz.

      • No you’re not being a flake… I’m in a similar situ here. Holed up at home over a 100+degrees long weekend supposed to be working on my postgrad and all I’m doing is reading and sleeping. It’s what I need to do right now. Sometimes we just need to rest.

    • Whenever I read “Hudson River” I always, always even 3 decades later think of Trixie Belden, my first and fave girl-detective whose family home was near there somewhere…
      (Closely followed by the stylish, daring Nancy Drew 🙂 ) hahaha I devoured those books

      • Ohh goodness yes Trixie Belden. She was my first literary role model – you could admire but not really aspire to be Jane Eyre or Lizzie Bennett in late 70s Oz – but Trixie was cool.

  10. Last week started new job (not permanent, but a long block of work) at new school, and it is going to be Very civilised.
    I was issued brand new IPAd and PC lap top, and a Go Pro Camera, all out of the box. Shows what bunch of aqua planets in my 5th manifests as, but also during merc retro week, so I know I’ll have to give them back eventually!

    The principal paints plein -air as a hobby (hello, at my last school the principals’ cultural interests extended to passionately following a football team). Nice people all round, though my Leo lady head teacher advised me never to talk astrology to the Principal (I had kind of worked that out, to be honest).
    Won’t be flying the freak flag at school at all, but I never have really (though the kids seem to work out that I’m somehow different pretty quickly?)
    I’m comfortable with the separation of private self to school persona.

    • A small majority (well that is how Oz govts get in) of teachers are too smart for the Astro Bus.
      I got a 12 mth contract out west. I will apply newly learnt paradigms of astro-infused-imbued-@malgammed-smackdowns-lessons-razings-raisings but l will always be the anti-teacher.

      • Congratulations, Mr 99 balloons! It’s a major relief to get a block of work sorted, eh? I know my bank manager will approve, it’s been a while between drinks so to speak.

        With teaching, you give so much of yourself, time, energy to the kids, parents, colleagues, and gladly, but it is very draining. I totally need to keep something separate for myself, and that is my challenge for this year.

        Hope the new school is a good fit. Can picture you giving good car, motorcycle and life skills advice on the side 🙂

        • Yes. I teach wood n metal. But l cover lots of territory. They get real maths and real english (they learn Anglish is German mongrelised by the French) as well as history, science, Picasso/Dylan & geography plus Micallef, Wright, Fry & Mr Python.

          And Pi, l got my metals mixed up, its irony!

            • Hope your new school is good. Always a little daunting. There’s 3 types of kid l teach. One type love me. The other type is learning to love me.

              (There is no third; l lied)

    • That is fun re the toys! In my mind I try to see not talking bout my ‘world’ / passions / interests as good self-discipline. Like my cat, I don’t have much of a survival instinct, open hearted dopey manner, so I try to remember that it’s good manners to make others feel comfortable and most things that I like are Discomfort Inducing! Ay there’s the rub. Love me some grist for my mill, #scorpmoonproblems. Enjoy civilisation!

      • I was talking to a university teacher about this, how open you can be with the students comparatively etc. in my early days I had a beautiful class of yr 8 girls and I was getting them to meditate on their tables, all sorts of things, being far more open and trusting than I would be these days.

        A little while in there was a little clique of 3-4 girls who honed in to challenge me and tried to cause me some problems about what I was doing. Fortunately nipped in the bud quickly, as I had a supportive deputy principal, but left my Scorp moon permanently wary and far less keen to depart from the regular line. And also, you can only teach what they are ready to learn!
        I totes agree good manners bridges a lot of gaps 🙂

  11. Emo catharsis central here. My super-synastry crush faded on me, and it triggered all the pain and wounding and feelings of rejection from my 6 months of dating (plus karmic crab shiz too). All the crying that my pride has kept me from came wailing out for hours. The kids were like “whoa, we’re going to bed quietly tonight,” bless them. Then, I saw it all. Understood the patterns. Thank you Saturn opposing merc, ya bastad. And then! I decided that it was time to confront my romantic obsession demon full-on, so I did, literally, and it was the most intense and scary entity encounter ever and has only just begun. Already though I feel lighter, clearer, and give way less fuqs.

    • Hugs to you, Queenie. The only way is through. And you’re going there.

      Keep on breaking your own heart, until it cracks open.

      I think that’s Rumi. Xxx

    • All those feelings can really stack up! It’s SO good to have a catharsis..

      I remember when I finally realised it was a different guy but always the same pain…took me years of ricocheting from one obsession to another. I don’t even want to look up the astro of that time 0~0 Venus in Aries on a bender

        • Hey we can’t be fabulous and strong and sparkly all the time ( and who wants to be?? Exhausting!) as you say sometimes we have to cry and mourn and feel sad, miserable, heartbroken. And that’s normal and ok. Accept what is and be kind to yourself <3

        • “My heart keeps breaking open and its ME that needs to feel and grieve and suffer and change” *is* fabulous, strong & sparkly– it’s not for them, it’s for yourself! Nothing more beautiful x

  12. Here’s the thing. I feel like the world is never going to see what I have to offer. I run around in circles at the base of the tree and never seem to know which branch to leap onto. I’m tired of starting again, again and don’t want to slink back to shitty jobs that I am frankly really bad at (the ci

    • …(any aspect of the service industry, basically lol)
      I want to entertain, educate, show people cool things they have never seen before, help them understand complex ideas. I want to take others somewhere other than where they are right at that point whether music, poetry, comedy, writing . I function best in a spontaneous manner with like-minded souls. But I am running around and around the tree like a fuqing dog trying earnestly to catch the possum it will never ever catch. feel stuck and fuqed.

      • Ugh, I feel ya. Uranus on your MC? The world just has not caught up to you. Maybe it never will. Maybe, with all your Aries, you are meant to be a trailblazer.

        I just had a really strong voice in my head while writing this that I’m sure is meant for you that said, “Nobody puts Baby in a corner.” xxxxx

    • The world is already getting a taste of what you have to offer here on this blog Pi. Considered, compassionate and perceptive interaction.

      You could be writing cultural programs and interacting with a community group where they get to know you and benefit from the wisdom. Curating and participating in targeted community art projects, that sort of thing. Would combine art, social justice, meeting people, local govt . And would highlight your skills and create a framework where you can (deservedly) shine.

      • Thank you v .. xx
        Now more than ever I need to express myself and I am still coming up against weird self esteem/confidence blocks , but only only when it is purely me in a spotlight of some sort. It is a 5th house block, I know it.. anyway.

        • I totes know what you mean re: uncomfortable in the spotlight, I Always have been when people are looking at me (eg still get very nervous speaking at whole school assemblies after 10 yrs) and I am nowhere near as articulate verbally IRL as I am when I have time to consider.
          If I have to do a speech, it would need to be written beforehand, and read out. My visual/pictorial/manual skills are my strengths and how my brain works primarily, and I have to work around that. Career wise, have worked well with people who are very fluent/articulate where we complement each other.

          Am quite happy for people to look at my work 🙂 that does most of the speaking for me!

          • Aha, interesting:
            I am a little different from you here. Being in front of a crowd, being on a stage, speaking in front of a large audience , any of those things: fine. If i had to address 5,000 (50,000) pax using just words , I can face this..Heart rate elevated but it feels good.
            When it is about exposing a personal aspect of my creativity, when it is something that is ME being held up for judgement or critique or evaluation (singing, a piece of art, other stuff), I cringe and falter. Hmm.

            • Hey lovely, I empathise with your frustration. Have you thought about radio? You’d be a natural (based on what I know of you here of course). Ever done any broadcasting, volunteering at a uni or community station? Your uni may have one. Do some theatresports just for fun – see what happens.
              Also re your art and feeling exposed… that feeling is common and never goes away. It’s part of the territory. Try to remember – your job as artist is to do the work, not judge the work. Front up, do your work – what others think is up to them. I know how hard this is but you MUST come to terms with the crapness of this part of being a creative artist if you want to progress. Oh, plus a lot of people will love your work and when you show it to the world it kind of sets up a ‘flow’ that gets things moving on all levels. 🙂 This is my lived experience. Love to you xxx

    • hmmm. I think perhaps stop running? At least for a while….catch you breath, catch up with yourself, maybe get a better view of the forest? then set out again on a path, even if it’s one you carve out yourself xx

    • Thanks guys xxx food for thought (love the spontaneous quote hdq 😉 )
      My mind is like a front loading washing machine right now, allbi see is suds and swooshes of colour but it looks chaotic, maybe ‘it is all going to come out in the wash ‘ as they say…

      Heard snippets of this on a dance floor tonight, … Bam! Right in the south node.

      • ha,cool song Pi

        Remember how much I resonated with Annie Lennox and “No More I love You’s”

        ~ I used to be lunatic from the gracious days~


        No more I love you’s…the language is leaving me…

        doob a doob a doop

        The language is leaving me in silence…

  13. So strange…I was laying in bed reading a business book and suddenly had a series of distracting/overwhelming urges to email a friend who I did yoga training with. Older guy, really cool, see him almost every day when I worked at the studio. Crack jokes with his daughter, talk to him about life, work, yoga, our ongoing existential crises and so on. He knows people I know in computer/business world and so we have an ongoing dialogue about that stuff too. I almost got up several times to send this email, it was like I was being yelled at to do it but then it felt awkward, almost like the content was secondary and I was making an excuse to send it…the feeling was that strong… even though at some point there was a reason about something in the book. Which felt weird as hell. So I didn’t.

    Just found out his son was in a near fatal wreck in the last hour. It’s not like emailing would have changed anything at all but it’s just strange, these sudden flashes of vague intuition I get in my bedroom when people I care about are going through an extreme state of any sort that I can’t pinpoint but get echoes of. It keeps happening lately. I don’t want to become paranoid or overthink it…maybe it’s just the void Pisces moon and reading too much Philip K. Dick.

    Everything is so fragile, it amazes me the dangerous mundane things (if you think too hard) most of us do routinely and take for granted, the trust we don’t even realize that we put in the hands of strangers hundreds of times every day. It’s actually more beautiful and hopeful than scary. Even though sometimes things like this happen.


    • I had the same exact feeling to call my little bro once.
      He died that night. If I had called exactly when I felt this call, instead of focusing on my friend’s conversation, I would have caught him before he left the house and gone over to visit thereby changing the event.
      I don’t blame myself, but I wonder what would have happened if I had followed that voice in my head.

      Now I try to listen carefully when I get those feelings.
      Hope you friend is ok!

      • He’s doing good! The car looked hopeless but he’s still here and conscious.

        My sister and I have both had a lot of close calls and our connection turns off when it gets to that dire point…we love one another and are close in age and in heart but similarly damaged to a point where our mutual unspoken agreement is “if you really love me and understand me please allow me the dignity to suffer in silence/alone”. Dunno if that makes sense. Maybe the final cry would have been different if it played out that way.

        I never know what to say in these situations or what landmines i might be walking around but — from my heart — I so admire that you can have acceptance, grief, and learning from an experience like this simultaneously. <3

    • Funny as I thought of you as I heard her sing “I slept last night in a good hotel”…

      As recalled your post recently in Dubai and how you had mentioned some time back that you loved discovering Joni.

      She has Mars in Gemin conj. Saturn, 12th house.

      No wonder my Mars loved her so much when I was 16. She put words to all that watery perception.

      I have been given the task of putting into words “abstract perception”. No wonder its easier to drink and procrastinate. x

        • Knew when I saw 99 Luft Balloons that the Crab Man was back…


          Have that song on my little ipod walk a thing…

          Okay, so I will listen to some Dylan. I actually have nothing against the man at all. Think back then I was just being a smart arse… 😉

          What do you suggest as a starter pack, eh?

          • “Time Out of Mind” ’97 & “Tempest” ’12 are the bset he has these past 20 years. Multi Gem; your Mars should get off him. Songs 3/5/7/9/11 on former are most beautifully written and sung in his most mature, if a little age weary, style. Last 3 songs on latter are fab. The song, “Roll on John” IS the fabbest paen ever written, one artist to another, superceding McLean’s “Starry, Starry Night”.

            1967 Retro German Car is why l havnt posted much serious. Being a Uranian prankster can get you into doo-doo!

            • Uranian prankster…ha, enough said. Totally get it being born on April Fools day!

              Thank you for your recommendations.

              “Starry, starry night… gee I remember that one. It’s lovely.

            • Sweetpea, in terms of Bob Dylan I think you’d really like “New Morning” and “Nashville Skyline” as albums.

              A few people i know who claimed that they didn’t like Dylan, always fall for him after listening to these two albums.

      • Oh darlin’ I heard every word you said and I laughed and felt ~all~ along with you,

        You are a brave bright beautiful soul xo

        Do you dunk?

        Like I mean your Oreos babe…do you dunk them? lol

        Or do you take the sandwich apart…examine the innards and such…haha…then dunk and eat… 😯

  14. Yeesh, the dark moon is right on my 6th house cusp exact. Just had a teary (pisces) conversation to my parents about not being in a job (virgo) I want and not knowing what my life’s work is. Whew, deep breaths. This dark moon may be too dark.

    Also- does anyone notice when dark moons land on their exact house cusps? i.e. does it effect you or am I being crazy? This is the first time I’ve noticed it.

  15. Woo, just organised to start a group with a friend doing psychic exploration of the Universe. Not healing. People can do healing in their own time.

  16. Took my second graders to a field trip to the Natural History Museum yesterday and metaphors everywhere. Had dreams recently about scarab beetles and porcupines, both of which we saw there. Saw a scorpion that glows in the moonlight, so rad. Made me think that’s kinda like me… My Sagg moon lights up my scorpio rising and my stacked 8th 😉

    Been feeling super impatient with any conversation that is not based on ideas. Can. Not. Deal with work nonsense gossip. Yuck. Boring! My mind just goes to la-la land. Neptune was holding the hand of my moon when I drew my first breath. She has helped me escape many a talking head. I really believe in radical inclusion but damn if you don’t gotta dip out sometimes.

  17. Dude. Epic dreams. Pisces peeps in them too, more of the romantic variety. The person that showed up in my dreams, Ive suspected there are some sort of feelings there.

    Also one morning I woke up from a hotel room with my phone playing a song instead of the usual alarm ringing. Strange, never had that happen before. The song was also one Ive never played before, but on one of the albums Ive purchased in past. It wasnt even the first song on any list on my phone, which makes it seem not so random. Anyway, it was some Boomkat song, something I dont relate to in lyrics even.
    Was racking my brain for the message, but I dont think it was supposed to be a personal one, but more of an expression of sadness that existed before I got there.

  18. Oh wow, just found this on the tumblr entitled…..hilarious!

    The Rude Bitch’s Guide to Mercury Retrograde 2k15 for the Zodiac Signs

    Aquarius: Mind your damn business.

    Pisces: Sit the fuck down and stop making all that noise.

    Aries: Get your shit together and try again.

    Taurus: Stop acting cute, you ain’t shit.

    Gemini: Grow up.

    Cancer: Say it with your chest.

    Leo: If you don’t know, you need to ask somebody.

    Virgo: Relax your nerves and get out people’s face with that bullshit.

    Libra: Don’t choose now to start being bold, bitch.

    Scorpio: Stop all that crying before you get something to cry about.

    Sagittarius: You playing games with the wrong one.

    Capricorn: Quit fucking complaining and do it yourself.

  19. reduced to looking at the ex over a livestream class link. He’s attending the classes in person and I online.
    And this is my merc retro in aqua 5th house.
    I broke down today.
    deep gulps of sadness lodged in my heart rose
    its been a very long time that ive shed tears with the knowledge that I’m hurting, truly hurting from that breakup.
    letting go of the outcome – I have no choice anyway just the illusion of it.

    • Oh lawd, did my best to ‘keep it haute”–one midi of cider, a burbon-based cocktail and a champagne-based cocktail, one tiny puff and I was throwing up all night.

      The void moon in Pisces kicked my arse.

      I am sticking to chamomile tea next pisces void moon…

  20. Picked up my twin after she finished work on Thursday to hang out as her hub took the boys to the soccer ( go Cahill you the boss) soooo we headed to pick up some Viet and Vino but on the way we spotted the revamped restaurant and stood deliberating out the front, one side of the tiny French door swung open slightly by itself so we laughed and wandered in…

    It was beautiful inside – the floor was all made of rings of trees and there was an old piano lit up from the inside – all very Haute and eco. Tables set but strangely not open feeling – a man came out and was very charming in an akward way.

    In the end we can’t stay as the display of hand crafted glasses and sunglasses made of wood (!) which I had seen before somewhere and LOVED were ready for the charity event – he was so sweet and I think giving me compliments eg said we could get byo wine and sit outside because we were so smiley we would attract people ( means we are attractive?) and other sort of compliments – we wandered off again but now I keep thinking about this odd little encounter – bloody moon void in my house of love

    • You know?

      When I first decided to give up my LZ crush late last year I was buzzing for several days. Walked into my local Bunnings and asked the employee walking past randomly where such and such was. Looked up – he was fine, as in FOINE as hell. He had the whole ‘Clark Kent’ thing I’m into like the crush but to be honest, he was 1001 times better looking. The first thing I said was ‘I like your glasses’. He was like ‘Really? They’re so old’. I was like ‘I have a thing for men in glasses, and you got the whole Clark Kent thing going on’. Oh, he was fine. He had an accent to boot which didn’t help matters. At one stage I had to tell him ‘You’re so damn gorgeous I cannot even look at you without getting distracted. So I am just going to look at the floor when I talk to you, okay?’ I don’t think he was used to someone being so upfront. I knew he was too young for me which is why I was so brazen about it, lol. But those eyes. And those lips. Ah man.

      Never seen him since. Don’t mind. It was the reminder I needed that there are indeed THOUSANDS in the world I find attractive (and who return the flirting or attraction) and all I have to do is follow the bliss and watch them pour in. It can be so exciting to find someone sexy when you haven’t for a long time. Hence why my LZ crush ran so deep. But there are even FLYER versions. Follow the bliss, follow the bliss…enjoy the random moments. If they’re meant to be they WILL manifest beautifully 🙂

      • I agree with this . I read a thing on a PUA forum or similar (of all things! I Mercury in Pisces, gem rising = information comes from everywhere) : when overly fixated on someone, note all the qualities they have (cute glasses, scruffy hairstyle, always wear blue converse, tall, whatever) and whenever you stumble across similar types just go and make yrself interact with them even if just making eye contact or a smile, or a passing hey hows things.this busts apart the “X is the only one for meeee” thought labyrinth we can trap ourselves in. It’s a big world out there 😉

        • You know? I don’t see many of the sexy nerd ‘Clark Kent’ types here in Australia so when I see them and how they carry themselves with such grace I just get…hungry. I’ve dated men from pretty much every continent (exempt Antartica, don’t know anyone born there ;p) and I find all types of men attractive to LOOK at. But to GET with? I have a type. I’ve only really known it in the last 18 months though when I see who REALLY ignites me and who hasn’t. But yeah, make eye contact. Even if they’re got someone, nothing shift about a light flirt. Even if they’re gay, nothing wrong with letting someone know they’re attractive. No matter who or what they are, just put the vibes out there. And even if it’s ONLY a moment, the high lasts for quite some time. And it makes good…ahem…solo fun daydream material. Mmmmm…god he was fly. Sexy little thang he was ;D

          Gemini Rising, 5-planet Taurus with Lilith in Leo in the Second House <3 <3 <3

          • i just LOVE that little crush rush. currently work very closely with a dude whose mars is exact conjunct my mars (taurus), and his venus conjunct my venus (leo). we’ve become friends…finally (had felt an inexplicable pull toward him years before we officially introduced). it’s one of those things where we probably won’t ever say anything about our mutual attraction, but i don’t care! the invisi-tricity between us is palpable and exciting.

            • Invisi-tricity – what an amazing term. I’m running with that one, girl ;P

              Yeah, ours was intense. But he couldn’t let go. I thought he was a Capricorn, turns out he was a Decan 1 Aquarian (LOVE Aqua’s) but has all his relationship planets (including Venus in Cap) in more ‘outwardly conservative’ planets. But I know behind closed doors he’s a submissive super freak. And he knows I know. And appreciates I don’t make mention of it even in jest. Caps don’t like their business out and about so I know though he doesn’t have a cajones to do anything about it he at least respects me – go figure ;P

          • Clark Kent but hotter who workis in Bunnings ? Very sexy!! Love the nerds!

            thanks for the insights PIABs, I have shamelessly started following the resturant/wooden hand made glasses place (no wonder I was a bit confused when we wandered in) on Insta and FB…… what?

            mild LZ but hey how else you sposed to turn into potential?

            could make a reservation but sooo broke…….

            • The follow is enough.

              I am sooo glad we didn’t have social media when I was a teenager. I would have STALKED my LZ crush into oblivion. But nope, I stayed away from looking him up on FB. Nope. Won’t go there. The memory and desire is more than enough and if it was meant to be now or ever it will 🙂

              Remaining open to mutual, reciprocal, passionate, respectful and crazy FUN unions, por favor 🙂

  21. Dreamed about ex friend qi vamp being annoying. I have been ignoring her and consciously cutting ties but she is still stubbornly in my life – her ex is a friend and quite needy, and qi vamp has space at my art studios. She turned up to art opening and was awkward talking to gallery owner while I was there. I was thinking I could say something to owner about QVs work (it is actually boring and conservative, and she is too lazy to work at it) but decided to hold my tongue. Let karma take care of it. In the dream I realised I am still angry at her for her shitty behaviour and I really want to let this go and get her out of my energy field and thoughts. A banishing ritual?

  22. Thrilled to death that after 8 yrs ~and so~, came into this Mexican restaurant this afternoon after work on a Friday…Male Toro patient recommended it long time ago..He said he loves food…Well, they got Wifi…I am sold..

    There are only 13 ( 😯 ) Mexican restaurants on this street…chips and salsa is all…hmmm, the chips here are warm and crunchy…the salsa…a bit much on the sliced green onions side ..not chunky enough otherwise . I will be breathing fire 🙂

    In any case, yesterday did my Nodal Return Chart of 13 degrees Aries/Libra as of Jan. 19th.

    Mystic, just craze…

    The Ascendant of the Chart is 0 degrees Aquarius…and I spell Aquarius out and not just “Aqua”…as it deserves that respect…

    It was the New Moon…0 Aquarius

    A stand up, take notice for sure.

    It brings Natal Psyche 1 degree Aquarius (8th, conjunct Cap Moon..Lie and Achilles) to the first house.

    The “nodes” in the Nodal Return chart are Libran NN conjunct trans Medusa, 8th.

    Nodal Return South Node Aries conjunct trans Uranus and Natal Medusa, 2nd.

    In other words, I am having a Medusa opposition.Medusa…Uranus involved, Aquarius Ascendant, Nodal Return.

    Be true to Self and Soul or bust…

    One is ruled by Mars and the other Venus…

    Time to leave the Warrior Aries Goddess behind and veer towards the Libran NN and trans Medusa ruled Venus?

    Feel/think so..

      • Want to add per my learning via our fab Kim Falconer,

        When doing a nodal return chart it must be ~precise~…

        In other words, it is not just about throwing a time in that comes up with a degree…the time must be precise to get the Asc degree exact…It takes a bit of fudging with the edit button at regards the time…

        Thus I am stoked at 0 degrees Aquarius…The Universe could not have been more kind in It’s support and magnificence…

        “Like every fallen leave on the breeze..
        winter wouldn’t leave it alone”..

        ~Every Breaking Wave

        • What is a nodal return chart, SweetPea? I have not heard of this but currently am experiencing one? I’m SN Aries & NN Libra.

          • What degree is your Nodal Axis?

            I’ll check back this weekend and walk you thru it…x

            …Still at the Mex restaurant and having a few Margaritas…

            Hell, once I understood some stuff no need to worry about drinking outta pain.

            Like 81 yr old Aries Pop texted me the other day. Said he had had the flu. Had not talked to him in a bit but was getting to it.

            Guilt trip much?

            I called him next day 8:30 am my time as it is one hour ahead Montana time.

            We were chatting along but noticed he was referring back to old hurt from his first son from his first marriage.

            “It has been 24 yrs since I saw or talked to him..”

            As far as my Libran brother, they are on the outs and how much can I listen to “he kicked me to the curb”..

            Quite franky I got antsy and had a hissy fit spurned on by him asking me about Obama Care -again.

            I don’t fuqing care about Bam-bam fuqing care.

            How the hell much am I supposed to care about a f’d up system. Leave me the hell alone. Have not been to the doctor in over 15 yrs.

            Anyway, of course I love my Dad. Love him to death.

            But he gettin’ on the pity pot just a bit too much.

            It means he’s hurting and I understand but by the same token, he said mid my rant “have to go, a call comin’ in”…

            yeah dad, sure…

            Until you real, soz, you gonna die alone..

            • haha,,,,sorry about the repeat..

              But yeah, been on my mind today…of course I want to resolve but Pop just gotta sit with things a bit and not expect to hop on over to me to vent without taking responsibility.

            • Well somewhere there was a repeat in the posts…

              like some rock band said …

              “Never Mind”…

            • I hear your margarita, lol. It’s cool though. Sounds rough. I’m on the other side of the country, btw.

          • My Nodal return hit at about 22 Libra- is it NN return to same NN as at birth? I was too busy fencing with Saturn in Scorp to notice. LOl!

            • I will wait for SweetPea’s response with you, fellow Libran NN. Do you ever wonder what the fuq you did in a past life for that Aries SN? Mine is in the 6th.

            • Mine too! I am often on my knees cleaning up crap etc from kits or bunny. I have lots of physical confidence despite small stature- even before doing martial arts. Sometimes I think, Whoa girl, you aren’t wearing armor! Tonight I had to stifle myself- I do poorly in large crowds-at large institutions. Went home and napped!

              I might be able to track nodal return in, then tweak in astrodienst.

            • I also responded to your decompression comment. I am still working on being able to decompress properly, as the libran NN (in the 12th!) requires. I love baths. I make my own bath salts with essential oils and light up some candles. I found a really cool candle chandelier at an amish shop and hung it above the bathtub. I also smudge and have my crystals. I still hit the dream weed. Probably shouldn’t but it helps me process.

            • Oh Aries SN. Mine is plified by my
              1st house rising sun. Warrior consciousness. I live a fairly peaceful life, and I’m tall (5’11”) and somewhat muscular, so nobody fuqs with me. The times that it’s happened – whoa, watch out. Mostly tho I feel like I have a lot to atone for.

            • Hi Fauness,
              I love your bath salts and essential
              Oils- that you can tailor scents to mood, Moon and needs. While I leave dream weed alone, I do enjoy le vin- if I ever can be home and not drive. Hard to find those moments as the resident chauffeur to teens. Aries Moon- mega sparks-explosions. Snarky peeps. Took a 2hour nap after nasty go round with husband. Definitely feeling that 6th house south node in Aries. Busting through those chains in mental emotional daily routine…

              Wishing for self deliverance and salvation.

            • Kell! I am 22 libra NN too! Just did a chart. So excellent! Check between July 25 and 29 for your exact minute. 🙂

            • It’s not an option – you create an event chart. First, find your nodal return in the ephemeris and enter it into “add a new person.” Then you tweak the birth time and day until the node in the resultant chart is exact with yours. Voila!

            • Of course! It took me a while to figure it out too. Look at us embodying our NNs in this thread! Teamwork! 🙂

            • Just got
              my nodal return chart done- thanks for all the help, from the folks here!! Sweet Pea, you started a craze! Chart has Cap rising dead square on my Sun, Moon on my Husband’s Sun/Pluto, Venus on his Kataka Venus- Square my Venusand my Mergirl’s. MC is on 14 Acorp- my Asc degree. IC is Toro, same cusp as my Desc. Ladies Ceres, Vesta, crowd the NNode. Mars and Vesta on my natal Mokn. All in the Via Combusta- Saturn is just off the MC at 16 Scorp. No wonder I feel like I am shedding skin! LOL!! Dark Lord Pluto is in the 12th- 7th house jammed- and the Galactic Center just inside the 11th- adding to Pluto’s earthquakes. Eros is on the GC-cusps 12th but still onside 11th. Wow!!

              Neptune is in 2nd. My only recent success in mastering the material world- aligning my likes-values with what I kept. That cool book by Marie Kindo on the Japanese Art of Tidying – I thanked each item and gave each one to either friends or mostly large donation bags- gathered up with my gratitude- by Vietnam Vets charity.

              I could not just pitch stuff without a proper goodbye- pulling my energy out of each thing- and folding each one nicely. Nothing dirty or awfully ripped .
              Urania is in the first in Cap -square my Mercury. Natal ly it’s dead on my Sun- no wonder I live astro and all you cool astro peeps!
              The NN and SS axis is 9 and 3 in the return. More Uranus action-
              Lately I cuss like a Wigworts prof on recon in the dope house- and have no Lubran tact.curious to hear what other NN return peeps experience. Maybe getting this straight mskes the 2ns Saturn Return less severe? If you figure out the right path it makes slogging tolerable. Sweet Pea, would love your input- as you set us on the Return of Nodes Odyssey:)

            • I just got mine too. I wish I was faster at reading it. I’m going to have to read it while drinking a cup of tea. Mine was exact on Nov. 24. I hope SweetPea chimes back in as well.

  23. Woke up to a horror dream where while travelling through an old Irish village I had entrusted a girl to minding my kids who were in the car with her. I was hanging out with some odd bods & Kylie Minouge in a pub, feeling so exhausted from caring for my über demanding maternal role.
    Then I checked on my autistic son but he had run away and in my dream I was screaming ‘help’ so hoarsely my voice was cracking. Panicking I would never see him again as he is pretty much non verbal & he didn’t know the town.

    Shortly after waking my son came to my bed running followed by the cat and I hugged him and the cat for dear life!! Good morning Piscean Moon. :-0

  24. The dreams have been intense. Oceans, 12 story high buildings carved into cliffs that submerge at full tide and have stairs carved all the way from top to bottom. I took an elevator to floor 6 and said I needed to be there and paid an admission then he gave me some kind of weights, which didn’t make sense to me as then I would sink to the bottom and not be able to make it back. But it turned out that throwing the weights down the stairwell into the ocean was a sacrifice of sorts that allowed me to be on Floor 6.

    Maybe it means I’m halfway there and that I’ve had to drop the crap to keep ascending. Certainly what life feels like right now.

    • Sounds cool…
      An exchange of progress for a “weight” you have been carrying… Jettisoning this is the offering, sacrifice, price, to being at a higher level.
      The always-active interface between emotions/ feelings, and earth/tangible.

  25. For the first time in my life I’ve been having trouble remembering my dreams when I wake up- which is odd being a 12th houser. They’ve always been just as real and memorable as my waking life.

    Still having troubles with a boy and berating myself for not accepting that it’s over and letting go. But extenuating circumstances make us have to see each other regularly and it sucks, although I see it in some lights as an opportunity to not do what I usually do which is turn my love into hate and ignore the person for a year before I make peace.

    It sucks though. It’s beyond nebulous with me. Neptune can stop squaring my Venus now yeah thanks.

    I am doing well in quitting sugar and being more of a hard ass with people- this Libra sun/moon has never had an easy time confronting people with things. But now I’m fed up and I like it!

    • Neptune will never stop squaring my Venus (natal), but now its also opposing my Venus by transit. I keep getting out of and sucked back into the vortex of the Taurus via Facebook or dream space. I will wake up feeling like the connection is gone and he will tag me in some content or like a bunch of photos of me or something. I swear, they can feel it when you get over them and don’t like it at all. Straight up qi vamping. But it is hard to find the balance of – wow, I love this person – and letting it be that. Like, no relationship or whatever. It seems silly to have to hate someone you love because they don’t act how you want. Its a defense, but doesn’t work because its not real. Just the love is. I’ve found ripping my heart more open to the love helps more, not that its much fun. But it does lead to more empowerment in that I am not fighting myself or reality, which is better than being a control freak and denying it. Anyway, I don’t have hope for the Taurus and am trying to allow whatever is going to happen with this Scorpio to happen but he started work on my house and we ate lunch together and he mentioned “blacks,” the holocaust and “The Government” within 20 minutes…I can’t fuq ignorance.

      • Ooof- that’s too much Neptune! Please tell me you have some way out! You know- good ways!

        I get what you mean about instances of a person reappearing every time you let go and the whole deal with trying not to turn love into hate.

        I dealt similar situation with the Libra where he seemed to magically appear every time I was about to be truly done. I do think I was being tested through that whole thing. Because when I was really truly ready to let go things got a lot less foggy and it didn’t matter whether I heard from him or not because the jig was up.

        It took quite a bold move to make that happen, though. I pulled out all stops and went on a big road trip and saw my dad for the first time in 15 years. I was purposefully trying to shake things up. During this trip I very randomly ran into the Libra’s ex who very graciously told me everything I needed to know. Voila- I was done with him and have been since.

        Presently with the legally bound Aries… I am trying to see it as an opportunity to not do what I always do and ignore and hate the person for a year until I’m over it. I don’t hate this person, I just didn’t get what I wanted from him and my emotions are on boil.

        Yes to allowing the feelings to be what they are…but having an outlet is key in my situ. Playing music seems to be the only thing that actually makes me feel completely different about it.

        • I really crashed yesterday. I found out the Taurus has “arm candy” and the Pisces who was with me last year was hitting on some chick whose email has been in my junk mail folder for a year. Mercury retrograde much? I just got so drained emotionally. Or mentally. I can’t even say what it is. My energy is WHACKED. Anxiety. Saturn transiting my 3rd house, I get stuck in these mental loops of self judgment at it gets dire. I can’t even say why. My circuits feel frazzled. I don’t know if that’s the astro or what. This final hit of the zap zone is tense.

    • Me too!!!! 12th House- chock full including Merc/Moon/Jupiter/Neptune. But dreams are elusive and fleeting. Too many Muggles -not enough decompression!

      I feel your unease with the weird circumstances. Hard to get properly p–ssed off when the civil veneer is needed. Venus Neptune demands the velvet glove over the steel hand. And being utterly Haute.

      Just left a school event- on safety/health/careers for girls. Full of awful self satisfied adults who don’t trust their kids. Bleachhh!!!!

      • I remember my last dream. Interpretations welcome.

        I was walking in the woods with my sisters and the water at the base of the trees turned milky and I realized we were near the Vatican and mentioned it to my sisters and they thought it was really important and said I should tell everyone on facebook. I have 4 sisters, but only two were with me in the dream, the two who are most religious. And one of the two and I got in a fight on facebook pretty recently (Saturn 3rd transit). Also, in that same dream, the Taurus called me and wanted to see me but only if I’d go out with him at 3am and when I said no, like, that time is not at all working for me, he just wouldn’t talk to me anymore. I don’t think the last half requires interpretation but I mention it as context for the other dream.

        I think I just am really learning to be happy as female head of household. I don’t need a man or a pope as the foundation of my family or spiritual tree. But the habits run deep.

      • “Too many Muggles – not enough decompression.”

        Exactly! I need a lot of decompression, and I never can seem to get enough. It’s exhausting.

  26. Libra rising so lets of action in the 5th house.
    Haf a convo with my bestie catching up and i jokingly asked me where she was taking me for our valentines day date. And she joked back how she was taking someone else on a date. To which i listed all the nice things id done for her to show my love. Its her reply thats got ne thinking. “I thought we agreed that you should always need to be the first choice of the person you are rom atically interested in”.

    I lover her aquarianess and have come to appreciate their perspective – sonething which didnt sit well with me before. Im stuck. I agree and disagree. I want to approach and show my interest to somekne which she would never do in a million years. The other party must always be the one doing that because iy leaves her in a stronger position. But isnt life short to not have a go? Express your feelings. Look the fool for love. I feel society rewards those who are aloof…only those who play her game win in the end. People like me who wear their heart on their sleeve arent playing the game. Arent in the circle.

    I am a passionate prrson and i can see how revealing feelings at the right time, being patient, investing your heart after thought is better but is her perspective the answer to escaping buised?

    • I’m wondering how one could ever be sure that they were the first choice of their beloved. People are slippery and nothing is certain, especially in the early stages of a relationship. You just don’t know, and that’s the way it’s supposed to be. Generally speaking, I don’t think there is one right way to go about finding a partner. A lot of it seems to be dumb luck.

  27. last night i dreamt that i was wandering the halls of my old highschool, sort of heading to class but in those dreams i never really am. saw two of my girlfriends working on an art project in the hallway, and i thought to myself, “why the HELL aren’t i in that art class?” and had to keep walking. really shook me up. i took higher-level art multiple times just because i could/ personally needed to/ wanted to. totes need to indulge haute-nep and actually DO some art these days – also though a lot of planning as i want to actually get biz-zy with it, y’know. merc retro should help me with that. kind of uninterested in lo-nep tendencies that i’ve been clutching onto for like, a couple of years. really, it’s time for me to step on past that. new era, yas. this astro is goooood, even the kicks in the ass.

    also, yes, cat worship. always. my two cats are currently worshipping their favourite upholstered chairs…

    • holy shit you guyz. mere minutes ago, i found out that the canadian art university that i have dreamed of attending for years is going to begin offering classes in my current city in autumn 2016! the university itself is a few hundred km from where i am now, and although i’ve got the grades to attend, i am not interested in a long-distance relationship nor living in one of the most expensive cities in the country. waaaaooo. i wonder if dreaming of school environments signifies opportunity?

      • That sounds great. 🙂

        I think dreaming of school for me has been about lessons or processing things from the past. Don’t dream of school or uni often tho

      • So true! Much depends on sync and timing. My belief -yet to be born souls shove peeps together and sprinkle fairy dust.

        • thanks, y’all! definitely manifesting starting…right meow!

          and yeah, i have dreamt of my highschool and environs on several occasions, especially post-grad. i’ll have to watch out in the future and see if dreaming of such a thing lines up with similar news.

          oh boy, and i actually just remembered – i used to dream journal when i was a kid, and i have piles and piles of looseleaf under my bed at my parents’ house STILL (i hope, lol). this astro is so conducive to reading through it all!

  28. Always the cat worship. Meow for life.

    I dreamed I was a mermaid last night so this Pisces is feeling happy at the start of her Friday!

  29. Nebulous is the word, bird!

    Releasing the merman back to the pond. How nebulous can grief be? There’s been a death, and nothing to do but be taken by the journey that follows. Surrender to the flow stuff. We kissed goodbye and I watched him swim away. Well wishes. Wishing well.

    Tossing pennies in, so sparkly! Magic times 🙂 Loving this Uranian charged soak.

    • Ankah darlin’,

      You give so much and are such a light…Did I ever say thank you for being my friend here when I probably at times did not deserve it and some times when I did but felt all alone?

      In any case, thank you. xo

      And I hope whomever died it is not too painful…You put it beautifully.

      xbox with your son…how fun!

      Hunker down with the warm and fuzzies on cold winter days and nights, eh?

      Love to you precious. x

      • And I say to you, Sweetpea,

        You give so much and are such a light…Did I ever say thank you for being my friend here when I probably at times did not deserve it and some times when I did but felt all alone? In any case, thank you.

        Thank you xx

      • I was tempted to think that it was a time issue, as in our timing was off. Time is never off though, not in the multiverse… x

  30. fine with me… out bush all morning for a sweat-fest, maybe pass by the beach on the way for a quick dip then home for cool cleansing shower and lunch-fest, then onto personal admin. job research, art biz research, academia correspondence [mercury retro duly noted]. busy bzzy hey moon may be void but it is transiting my 9th house 🙂

  31. Dream that we were trying to get somewhere and would have had to swim some distance. Then my (dead) ubër Toro step dad came in a gorgeous, blue boat. He said, How about this. True Deus ex Machina!

    My daughter and I barely got on board.No one noticed that we weren’t in before it started moving. We went out to this island and back.

    Don’t know if it means a return to fill time legal work, a container to navigate the past/present. There were old lovers on the boat. LZ alert?!

    This AM, my son told me to stop apologizing for small errors. I took it as a slam, (Merc IS retro, non) but his sister said he meant not stop berating myself. Old habits die hard! Hah.

    Re:cats- great photo of Burmese cat, with iPad in kitty size yurt- with caption:

    “I sometimes wonder if I spoil the cat!”

    Gifts of witty son texting from uni. I could not get the pic to copy-

    Chez work- moved office to quieter corner. Sea salt and Qi vamp spraying done. Lockdown drill same day. We watched our co-worker unable to get into building. Still a few bugs in the system. Chilling after recent events. I calculated how to break windows and escape down the gutter pipe and sloped roof.

    In the news- Low ZZ wilding and mayhem from uni students trashing two northern ski resorts. Lovely. All frat or sorority kids. Black eye for the school and their Greek organizations. Privilege meets ennui.

    Re-dream journal. Long ago, I dreamed that my departed dad came and washed my feet with lavender water. (His name was John, for the Catholics out there). He told me I would have to have my appendix out/ and that all would be well.
    Then he teleported and was gone like a Hog Worts instructor.

    I dutifully journaled the dream and forgot about it.

    Some weeks later, my bf got the stomach flu, and my bout followed. Except I couldn’t stand up straight, or in any way jar my belly. Sure enough- from student health service to the ER- hot appendix.

    Had my appendix out- recovered- and throughout had total calm and confidence. My mum was more freaked than I. But I didn’t remember the dream until weeks later.

    Conslescence precipitated vast anxiety of being behind/ -Chiron in 3rd opp Uranus in 9th and I eventually left uni with incompletes, as my mum’s harassment and constant critiques of my major shattered me. My Virgo Pluto in 10th-square Gem Mars retro.

    Now for dreams I just jot a word sketch- people, actions, place, colors, objects because I recreate the images with the prompts. Like those sponges that fluff when you add water.

    This Aqua astro is on my retro Aqua Chiron- in the 3rd. Two school related changes- 8th grade girl quit school for online learning. Total mystery. Popular, smart kid. Bullying, texting, suspension who knows. My kids’ childhood chum jumped from larger state uni to local one. Again a mystery, and unsettling. Sending them light.

    Almost skipped training last night- but skipped errands and returned to my “temple”. Endorphins and sweat are my elixir. Teen girl asked in amazement how I anticipated then blocked her strikes. time. Not bad for a silver streaked mum! LOL!!

    Cats-check. Yoga-check. Dream journal-check. Closets cleaned- check!!!

    Always love the haute vibes here. This community is fascinating, articulate and inspiring!!!!

    • So much pattern recognition, Kell! Very connected to the haute flow. Love it 🙂

      Two more days to prep for the coming shakedown. I got a new xbox game to share with my Cap son, a book & some food, to ride out the storm. Game on!

      Silver streaked power ups to you x

      • Admire the xbox devotion- and fun times ahead for you and your dude! Always felt inept in the cyber world, but love the potential for adventures and cool memories! Have fun!

  32. Yep, the Pisces element explains why I’ve been getting those strange, ” what planet are you on” looks again.
    Welcome back Aqua strangeness. I guess I could only pretend to be normal for so long.

  33. After the world’s crappiest day at work I came home and went for a run and had proper food for dins before what will be an early night. Didn’t even feel like Blue Devil, which is VERY unlike me.

    Would any of you lovely peeps care to share your experiences of the value of keeping a dream diary? I kept one for ages but stopped. I just didn’t have a clue what to do with the data.

    • It really helps to go back and look at the entries after a while. You start to see patterns- mainly things you desire that are missing from your life or fears and hopes that are getting buried.

      After my millionth dream about being somewhere else and being in transit I realized how important travel and new horizons were to me and how they have sorely been missing from my life.

    • I always find my dream self is braver than my waking self. She (or quite often he… Yeah I’m often a dude in my dreams)
      Is much more in tune with the verse.
      Dream self knows it’s time to walk away or to recognise when someone else has. Writing the most vivid dreams sometimes gives waking self a reference point for conscious realisations if that makes sense.

    • I’ve always been a vivid dreamer and kept diaries..if you’re interested in something profound to do with the data try working with a dreamworker. I’ve been doing archetypal dreamwork on and off for a couple of years and the insights are remarkable!

  34. Thanks for the reminder to do Haute Neptune. I’m trying to follow a Candida elimination diet and it’s bringing up old behavior patterns, particularly playing the martyr. Need to release that one for sure.

    Giving up refined sugar and white flour is hard. BUT I never ever want to go back to the brain fog state I was in before…

    • I’m doing that, too! Sugar is far and wide my worst and longest standing addiction.

      I’ve been keeping it simple and telling myself in no uncertain terms that if I just cut out sugar and not turn it into something more complicated (like going on a full health bender instead of just focusing on one change) that I WILL see results and when that happens I can move to the next step.

      Good luck and remember to keep it an enjoyable process!

      • Well done aka, stick with it. I ditched sugar/white pointless carbs at the beginning of Jan and I feel so much better mentally and physically. The biggest change I have noticed is that my proper hunger has returned. IE I know when I feel hungry as opposed to just a blood-sugar dip that requires feeding. This has really helped how and when I eat.
        Someone left some lollies in the kitchen at work the other day, I stole two jelly sweets. Man they tasted good. By the time I got home from work I was a shaking, shivering mess ransacking my fridge for anything sweet to fix it. Uggh. Lesson learned.

  35. Trying to stay cool – am in a city for the weekend that is on my Neptune line, this is my party town!! Deep breaths, and try not to drink too much….

    • It was a beautiful night – I heeded all warning knowing how susceptible I am, and just enjoyed the company. However my sagi/multi libran brother in law was inexplicably inebriated to the point he couldn’t speak, we had to put him to bed. His capo wife kept saying ‘I don’t understand this – I haven’t seen you this speechless/leg less for years’! I have never seen him like that, it was bizarro. He was right off chops, and actually, he hadn’t had that much to drink that we could see. Weird.

      • could be a fungal/other imbalance – i.e. a physiological condition that stops you from being able to metabolise the alcohol. check with a naturopath? Someone like eel might have ideas….oops! sorry! PRINCE STOLAS

  36. Hmmm. I admit, I DID write a very clear reply to a BS customer service rep yesterday that was terse but impeccable. I have a very low threshold for BS. And I really loathe deflectors. I said my piece, let it go. In the past my mind would have obsessed for weeks. When my very mean-spirited neighbor walked towards our building door JUST as I was leaving this afternoon I paused and made way for her to go first. She looked at me and snorted. Her long suffering mate shared a bright private smile which I returned. Always been a mean person. But she is ultra mean to me because after murdering my beautiful garden last year with her over-watering I asked her daughter if maybe they could be more careful which resulted her coming to my door in a rage at 10pm. Never gave into the impulses, never replied to her insults. I always keep ish above board. I will continue to do so. But if folks genuinely fuck with me I got no issues being VERY clear and giving it back RESPECTFULLY but with the truth. The truth always unhinges and haunts folks more than spiteful nonsense to make others feel bad. These pass-agg folks are lost in a land of misery. I don’t need to save nor join them.

    Other than navigating people’s nonsense (including my awesome son who has been crazy moody the past few days in a pass-agg way but once he’s happy again comes up to apologize) life is cool as f**k. Several years ago I bought a very small Black Pearl chili plant that still every spring/summer blooms purple flowers and black/red fruit. Keep hoping to find another plant. Went to my local Bunnings, bought some soil, the last of my sunflowers (not because of Venusian vamping, but because I grow edibles and I wanted a centerpiece) and one more habanero plant (makes three now, I love cooking with them). Lugged a damn trolley all the way home (I only live a 5 minute walk) down a hill. Lugged it all inside. Took the trolley back. While I was gone, a customer had come in and returned to very large black pearl chili BUSHES they purchased from another store 20 miles away. I was soooo ecstatic. I was planning on buying two rosemary’s this past week but something told me to hold off. Now my little balcony is complete. I have all my herbs, chillies, and several edible trees (bay, kaffir lime) and my multiple sunflowers sandwiched between two black pearl bushes, with their magnificent black leaves and black and red fruits. I love sitting on my balcony overlooking the trees below, watching the wind make my spinners spin. At night lighting up the 50+ Moroccan style lamps and just enjoying the ribbons spinning and dancing in the wind. In the morning and afternoon the stained glass art coming to life with the light. Life is good, yo. Way more smooth than non.

    Have a great weekend!


        • Ditto the admiring comments!

          I have struggling orchids and Christmas cactus in south kitchen window. Your gorgeous vignette made me hopeful of Spring- but I do love our winters and pretty, Zenned out trees. Our local hawks are especially noble against winter skies.

          • Despite choosing to live in more temperate climates (or the most temeperate city in a nation e.g. Vancouver, Canada) I too adore winter. Fall/Winter is pretty much the only time I go nuts for clothing. All the gorgeous leather boots and coats and beautiful blouses and great pants. Leather gloves. Ah, sublime. Just sublime. All four seasons are wonderful in their own way. While in Vancity I used to love all the purple blossom petals which would blanket the streets. In summer, raining pollen in the mosaic park just off Commercial Drive and abundance of tulips and roses. I was so bad in my 20’s – late at night I would go and cut folks flowers (I would NEVER do that these days but than? Yes, yes I would). I would have vases and vases of colorful tulips all over my apartment, my favorite were the purple ones (I LOVE purple flowers) but these ones were so purple they were black. ‘Twas amazing. The colors of fall with all the greens and yellows and red and purples not to mention all the fantastic Halloween festivities. And winter. It snowed only one winter in my 3 years there. Walking across the park to get to my than home. The twinkling of Xmas lights, the fog creating streaks in one’s vision. The sound of the cross country train’s horn indicating they were soon to pass and to move out of the way. The crunch of my boots in the crisp snow. Wow. My last winter there had a meteor shower. My apartment was on the third floor of a heritage home, with the entire westside being windows. Laying in bed watching meteors streak. Just gorgeous. Just gorgeous.

            Flowers are a tonne of work. I assume you are keeping cacti inside only due to the season. They’re not recommended to be indoors as they are seen as not being positive feng shui due to their prickly outers. I used to have colored ones in my Mexican themed kitchen but moved them all out onto the balcony 🙂 <3

            • van is beautiful – i have yet to experience every season in its fullest there, however. i need to see the springtime tree blossoms! i’m a bit more north. one of the reasons i enjoy living up here is definitely the f/w fashion: boots, leather gloves, SCARVES, big coats. i can find so many luxe faux fur coats in thrift shops around here, they make me feel like a 1940s starlet.

            • Clothes shopping in Vancouver is amazing. What really killed me though was the vintage leather. I had this amazing form-fitting leather jacket that zipped up and the pockets were ‘stitched on’ with another shade of leather. Not only that, they had hand-painted flowers on it. I bought so many vintage leather bags there with the clasps (before they started manufacturing them again 5 years again for the boho bandwagon). I only brought one bag and one amazing suede chevron striped skirt in 4 different shades of leather with me back to Australia and when I went back to Vancouver the girls who looked after my ish didn’t return my phonecalls. Than when I moved into an apartment a few years ago near a gully here in Sydney and it was raining for half a year due to el nino there was a mould outbreak and it ate my vintage leather alive. Broke my heart. I still have ONE sweater from the Vancity days I cannot part with. But if I ever meet an amazing woman who can wear a small (I wear a large now) I’ll give it to her. Typical Taurus, I only drycleaned it so it is close to new. But yeah, great era. I went back after 18 months but it didn’t feel ‘right’ anymore. I bailed for Toronto a few days later and had a BLAST there before I moved to Atlanta ;P

              Canada is a great country, though. I wish I could find some of my old friends there. I still have one I stay in touch with. Canadians healed me, man, especially the women. It was where I learned about community and friendship. Mega grateful to that place for all the magic I was able to experience 🙂 <3

            • ohhh, mega swoon! vintage leather, all the way. too bad it all got ate, but i guess it’s okay; you know it belonged in a different you-era.

              appreciate the canadian praise! i do love it here. have not yet been to australia though, so! everyone i know who’s travelled to live there for any period of time has been positively changed by it.

            • Yes-cactus couldn’t survive our winters but isn’t super prickly. Also gAve aloe plantsfor burns. Tx for the feng shui tip!

              Loved your vignette!

            • Aloe rocks! Mine got too big and had to transplant outside. But it grew so big it tipped the pot over in the winter and it died before I even noticed as it was freezing and I was going out on the balcony. Just planted my new one in a big pot a few days ago. Yay for healing (and edible) herbs and ‘thangs 🙂 <3

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