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Remedios Varo

So…how you are you peeps enjoying the Zap Zone deluxe?

The Moon in Aries amps it, of course and then the actual Uranus square Pluto super-exactitude is December 14/15…But then Uranus goes Direct on the 21st.

Don’t forget to read (1) your December Monthly Scopes and (2) the Zap Zone Tip Sheet.

The Pluto & Uranus peeps are mostly starting to actually get off on this vibe now.

Also, i think the Tarot actually has got some weird magic in it. I just did the Oracle – it did not seem to be resonating, apart from the always reliable Sun Tzu advice. He can be a bit over the top but once you decipher “smite down thy enemy via subterfuge and drawing him out onto the marshlands” type advice, it kind of works.

But the Tarot made my jaw drop with the accuracy and weird synchronicity. So my feeling is that the Zap Zone and super-strong Uranian vibe of the moment is upping the synchronicity factor.

Also, speaking of things subscribery, the new Scheduler with the ability to synch to your i-Cal is up next week – it will be a year ahead and i think the i-Cal synch will be an excellent feature.

And, what the FUQ is up with MIckey Rourke? Surely you can do better than this when you’re actually a talented being having a Jupiter-Pluto transit in LEO?

Thoughts on all/any of this please.

Image: Remedios Varo

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85 thoughts on “Zap Sublime

  1. I’m just saying, I think the tarot is either trying to convince me I’m NOT an LZ, or I’m deluded about how bad my delusions have been. Two of cups, lovers aces and knights of cups all up in my shiz and the only person in my mind has been undead for aaaaages. But poof, there he be again in his not in any way real or present way just like back at the April eclipse.

    It was likely the pool scene in poltergeist back then, now it’s like I’m trying to remind myself he’s never been anything while the tarot is like “love renewed! Love from all distance! Hidden love!” “big ripper” is my favorite but the soul mate twin flame stuff has to be my neptune square neptune distracting me. So Ilook at the composite again for the first time in a while.

    I included hekate and Eros and lilith this time, which I had never done before. Grand sextile. All kites and mystic triangles Wtf? I’m going into hermit mode. If he’s still sticking out of the ground when i come out of my cave it better be for real. Because it’s ridiculous.

    Rants over. Thank you.

  2. I have been getting the Two of Cups consistently and insistently for several readings here and other tarot readings on another website. So someone really loves me. Is it who I think it is? I briefly held his hand in the early hours of last Friday. I was going to give him a handshake but he just held my hand over his for a while. Only a little bit rough on the surface, or thickly grooved with lines but underneath very supple. I gave his the gentlest squeeze.

    I also confusingly enough got the king of pentacles in the 12Th house, which looks like the person I felt was my soul mate for years and I wish to forget, like someone who is attracted to me in a clandestine way and may not make a move now or ever (he married). Well, I don’t want him hanging in my house that way if it’s not going anywhere! The card specifies he is an Earth sign like the person, holding on to his coins in the dark and I’m like agh! Let me go!

  3. An insane time. Have had pluto conjunct my natal sun now for ages just hovering there…. Wtf! I am finding life extremely challenging. In the past I really cared about stuff now I just dont care…don’t return calls or emails, don’t feel anything. About to leave and move to another state having dismantled a creative group and start from scratch. I don’t feel anything also about this right now having fought tooth and nail to succeed this far …have had Venus retro in my solar return chart this year and it’s certainly put me in a cave of fat and lazy and uninspired! Truly looking forward to a fresh solar return and will be on the far end of “sweeping chages” by April in another state. I hope these changes are supported by the zap zone. It’s mental that we’d just up n go but I truly can’t wait to leave behind all the connections here and FUQ off. Very odd for me but this is the beginning of sweeping zap zone change conjuct natal sun. Eeeek.

  4. 5th and 8th house on zz. My creative tesis is about mourning and secret family heritage *_*

    Old bf has appeared from out of nowhere. Much heartbreak over me=possesive plutonian with mars pluto in scorp, him=freespirited venus-uranus sag. We both have transit pluto in 5th (his asc in virgo, mine in leo)

  5. Re the TAROT and Oracle, the same exact thoughts crossed my mind J(more than crossed my mind) yesterday. I was then tempted to to the Tarot even though i also only usually do on new moon and was so glad i did wish i had saved now though.

  6. My Moon in Aries, both parents, had an interesting episode yesterday.
    Parent #1 flipped out in the middle of 4 lanes of traffic. Parent #2 pushed them to the foot path. Parent #1 threw themselves to the ground screaming and writhing, even foaming at the mouth. Not epileptic fit. Just possessed, crazy, nuts. Doesn’t remember it now.

    Zap, zap, zap.

  7. The Oracle doesn’t really work for me. Crazy inconsistent.

    The Tarot readings, though. I stopped dealing with the Tarot around 2001, but several months ago I decided to get a reading at the Glebe Markets where love, creativity and money oozed and ‘disappointment lays behind you.” I have bought 4 decks in the last 2 months (3 of them erotic, lol, I’m a horny Taurus) and the synchronicity has been interesting. As far as the MM readings, they scream the same things that the Glebe reading did. I can’t get away from love, 9 of Cups in the 7th position for the last 4 readings. Whatever happens, all I know is dealing with cards again has opened my psyche and revealed self sabotage vibrations I didn’t even know existed. It’s been ‘deep’, and the cards have been revealing that. Not suggesting, revealing. It’s quite intense and I’m uber grateful for it.

    • Hmmmm. Self sabotaging. Mercury in Aries here, and I seem to be on a bender in clearing the deck of people who annoy me – (ex) friends AND family. I’ve also just these past two days laid down the new rules to my husband on how I’m going to live my life from now on. We married when he was 47 and the day after he turned 75 and shunned his social group, and expected that we be joined at the hip. No more. I’ll eat foods recognised in this current decade instead of 1950, I’ll go to the pub to have a drink and SOCIALISE instead of staring mute at the television with the occasional nod if I speak but no recollection of what I said, and I’ll sleep in a seperate room until I catch up on the last six month’s sleep. Menopause might be causing maximum four sleeps but his restless leg syndrome could be considered a legitimate reason for munder right now.

      It has been interesting birth family dynamics too. A lot of untruths have surfaced. I’m now glad of my tantrum early November. I’ve been blown away by what blew up to the surface along the way.

      It’s almost like I’m clearing the deck for the next chapter and confronting myself and others is someone else’s plan. And yes, the tower in my readings keeps popping up. Ew, shudder. That’s never a good one

      • Don’t be scurred of the Tower! The Tower is many vibes from illumation to changes to just burning the whole shit down. It reflects in the readings because it’s necessary to acknowledge. I used to get it a lot in the present and future. These days it seems to be a past card and all the awesome money, love and creativity cards just will not cease.

  8. Agreed. Since April (meeting my partner) I’ve been in the underworld. 80% of the time he’s such an energy vampire I can’t even get out of bed. I’m stuck and not sure how to move away, the etheric cord cutting doesn’t work and is keeping me tied to him and his disassociative mental illness.
    Tired and heartbroken.

    • Do you have

      moral support from one or two clear-headed friends

      The courage to say, something like or whatever is applicable, ” x, this relationship is not working for me and I know that I will be happier on my own right now. So I am breaking up with you. I wish you all the best, no hard feelings, but this is it. I will come around with a friend on x day to collect my things.”

      A friend to stay with for a while

      Are you afraid that he will cause you harm ?
      or is it simply the mental/emotional state of things that is gluing you in.

      • ftr, not trying to be naff with what I wrote. I guess I was just remembering what it was like with the angry Pisces,
        naturally, your situation is entirely different
        we were such a terrible match, and I simply didn’t know how to “do” a breakup. hey, i was raised by wolves or whatever. so in case the words were hard to find. that’s all. if it is far more complex, i am sorry.
        good luck.

      • Thanks lovelies.
        It’s not so much that he’s abusive, but in a PTSD disassociative ‘episode’ has zero comprehension of where he is, who I am and what he’s saying. Very distressed, paranoid, physically distant. Little memory of the episode afterward and can be triggered by something like a sudden change in light or a noise.
        It’s horrid to see him so terrified and defensive, horrid to experience the regular physical and emotional rejection during an episode…
        This is a recent diagnosis and he’s signed up for counselling, but it’s depleted me beyond belief.
        Weirdly as soon as I posted this he lovingly broke up with me, to focus on my health… so I guess I’m just grieving the high hopes.
        Had pluto in my 7th house for two years now and has been one destruction after the other. Had enough.

        • **Saturn, not Pluto! I’ll be so happy to see the tail end of Saturn in Scorp, I’m a Cap and he still makes it impossible to kick up the heels!

  9. Digging the vibe. Pluto has left 11 cap forever, or forever in this lifetime! This aries moon is amazeballs!
    I’ve been spontaneously smiling for the past two days. It feels weird and amazing. My facial muscles had forgotten how to do it.
    Friday was the anniversary of the karmic crab’s demise. I watched a film he’d been all over me to see, Upstream Color, freaked out, meditated by my creek, recognized the multitude of strings that still connected us, and released them into the water. Total unexpected Phoenix moment.
    The black post has been bugging me, so I layered a green tunic over my usual black and wore rose perfume – voila! People were super nice to me! Th

    • Hum. Clearly a message- Jupiter rising, STFU. I was gonna talk about how I’m 97% positive that this cap is the One and the oracle and tarot agree- 2 of cups and 10 of cups and empress in 5 and 7 every time- but I’ll save it to bore y’all with another time. 😉

  10. Wooo! As one of the Pluto-Uranus conjunct in Virgo generation X-ers (aka a Summer of Love baby), I am FEELING the shift and WORKING it (and also working very hard on grounding/body stuff).

  11. Saw my gorgeous GP on Friday and my blood pressure is 105/76. Never been that low. I feel so good. Have dropped some weight. Feel as if I am ready for anything. Not chasing anyone or anything, doing art, blogging daily. I love the Zap Zone. Mystic provides the best guidance.

  12. I went for a job interview this morning at the fab GOMA – part time cas but will save my arse until March…. Might still have to give up my flat and move in with friends/twin and her family/parents none of which is ideal but it’s too hard financially. Having no luck with finding full time work as the ZZ has reeked havoc with my resume

    My business with twin is slowing moving forward and is the focus of my days – had a few hiccups with outside influences out of our control – hello crazy storm that created 36 hour blackouts etc.

    Making big plans for next year for biz while feeling very nervous I will have zero income to support myself eek!

  13. The oracle has been insanely accurate and totally calling me out these past couple of days more so than ever. I’ve definitely been abusing it but I am totally obsessing over a guy right now and can NOT snap out of it. I literally went from obsessing over a Virgo guy I was seeing to waking up one morning a day before the Sun and Venus went into Sag feeling like the spell was broken and now I’m obsessing over this new guy (Sag). I’m so confused and not used to this at all. Funny thing is current Sag guy is a bartender I met when I was all bummed out about the last Virgo guy and started talking to that night. I got his birth info in conversation a couple days later and started crushing on him after I read his chart lol. I’ve been trying to look over my chart to see what transits are making me such a love zombie right now. I’m over it.

    • Bahaha oh those brooding virgos, and those mornings I wake up “just over” him… Funny how we can just choose to walk away from virgos, I love him but he does make it easy

      I’m a sag 🙂

      • I wouldnt make a sweeping generalization like that – even though I am a Sagg, Virgos are one of the most important and desireable factors for me when looking for a partner. My last relationship of 6 years was a Venus/Mars in Virgo, and every single guy I have had a thing with had strong Virgo too. Every guy that catches my eye and have a rapport with has Virgo Sun, Moon, AC, etc… They are plentiful in my life.

        I know with astrology its tempting to just use it as a means to pre-judge someone or something, but we are all mixed with different elements, and how it plays out from person to person can all differ. Besides the fact that we ALL are made up of all 12 signs; so if you dont get along with Sadges, I would ask that you ask yourself what part of you that you dont get along with…

  14. WOW MM…
    Negotiating a very tricky bit of Zap Zone business this week and haven’t quite been able to decide on the best course of action. I know it is all about ACTION, but mega-mutable me is seeing a few too many options.
    So… having read this post I thought, yes, why not do an MM Tarot on it… Holy Farq, beyond apt, beyond spot on. There is most definitely some magic-in-the-machine with your Tarot this week… THANK YOU xx

  15. I’m having a hard time financially and emotionally.

    I had a bad weekend, I really went down. It was good to have time to rest over the Thanksgiving holiday, and I worked on my continuing education units, and I cleaned my whole house and that felt good, but I spent a lot of time in my head, too…..not so good.

    No matter what I do lately, I feel like a failure.

    I wonder if Mars into Aquarius will help? I’m Aqua Sun. I guess Mars has been hanging out in my 12th house by transit (if we disregard rising signs) so maybe I have been a bit ineffective lately?

    So weird…. I have been given a job opportunity, though I don’t know if it is going to go through. It was all ramped up during November and I was told it was a go and signed the contract, then right at the end the director may not sign the contract, or she may….still up in the air…. WTF?!!
    Feeling jerked around by that, and I badly need a job, so this was vital for me!
    I feel like I’m falling behind and not competitive enough with job opportunities when they come along. I have tried to be ‘on it’ with the zap zone, but I just feel like a loser. It’s not that I’m not trying hard enough, I just don’t seem to know how to be effective. I try too hard, I think, but not in the right ways, obviously, because I’m not seeing any results. I must be stupid, or have some massive blind spot to creating a life and having abundance. My life and career has not progressed in the last five years, just spinning my wheels, treading water. Even though I had a sort of ‘prestigious’ job with the medical school for awhile, doesn’t matter now….. I’m unemployed and in financial dire straits.

    Slipped over the weekend into thinking about my on/off lover who I had decided in my mind to not see again. (The Taurus guy.) I still haven’t communicated with him for a month now, and never told him I wasn’t going to see him again, but we often aren’t in touch for a month or two anyway, so he doesn’t know the difference as it stands right now…
    I felt sad about it all again, and frustrated. I talked to a psychic about it, too, which is really over the top for me.
    I have Pisces moon, with Neptune transiting, and I know the moon was in Pisces over the weekend……double whammy, triple whammy. Also, he has Pisces moon and Venus, and his Venus exact conjuncts my Mars in Pisces……and we have transiting Chiron there! UGH!!! Way too much Piscean energy there! This could be amazing if we were to have the chance to really go for it, but instead all that pile up of conjunctions and transits have created a nightmare. Great, just great…. 🙁

    I can’t deal with this Neptune transit…’s doing me in. Also have Pluto transiting the 7th, so I’m obsessing…… Ugh, I just suck right now.

    You guys are really patient with me on here, and I appreciate it. I know I write really long posts at times…

    • Sounds like ALL the astro not just the zap is working on you right now. Saturn squaring your aqua Sun for a long time. Pluto in 7th gets easier one you get used to the comings and goings. It makes you let go.

        • Yeah, I’m having a TON of heavy-duty transits right now in addition to the Zap Zone. Also, the ZZ has been full on transiting my natal Saturn (Aries) square Venus (Cap), although by degree that is now done and I don’t think it will come exact again via retrograde.

          Anyway, was it you, pi, who was saying in another thread that Pluto transit the 7th is ‘all or nothing’ with relationships, no time or interest in anything casual, so maybe that’s why the comings and goings, like, very few will be able to go all-in, deal with the intensity, or want it, so there will be a lot of leavings….

  16. The tarot is awesome, but I still love the Oracle. The other morn asked my fave question re housewitchery and She said to burn a citrus oil in an oil burner..I had just lit the candle under Lemon Oil & Cedarwood..the delicious fresh scent prompted a house cleaning frenzy!

  17. The tarot possess’ an eerie, uncanny weirding.
    I love to consult it daily and wow.
    Knocks my sox off and I am not even wearing any today.

    I love this energy but I do notice it has out others over off the edge.
    I have lots of planets in Mercury and Pluto. So, I may thrive in the darkness, the underworld?
    Hades of the Soul.

  18. Actually, I am having one of the best times of the year so far! Finally getting heaps work done on my textile art, have boundless energy, eating really healthy food, have stopped drinking (ok- this may be the key to the whole thing!) due to need to have antibiotics and feel so great am thinking of staying off the grog for quite some time..
    Or perhaps I just feel so good because the antibiotics have finally killed the little parasites that were living in my guts taking all my nutrients!
    Either way…feel bloody awesome!

    • I’m with you, Universali, making art every day, clearing clutter, digging out old ideas and actually doing/making them. Maybe the Art does help lift out of the chaos!

  19. I’ve been banging on the Sun Tzu door a bit lately. Love it as I need a load of strategies at the mo to get through a busy December. No time for la la land. Up at 4.12am !
    and its raining YAY

    On the verge of a months trip away plus 9 peeps for Xmas 5 who are flying in from interstate eeeek

      • I followed the Sun Tzu advice and got over it. weighed all pros and cons and went against my better judgement. For me… for realsy… at my age?… its the devil you know.
        We had a chat…. now we’re off on a road trip which is very exciting

        • well as long as you’re happy.

          Enjoy you’re trip 🙂

          Left a message for you on the other post.

 – for charts and transits

  20. Yeah it’s quite a roller coaster.

    Had to say goodbye last night to the bar/venue/cafe/gallery/junk store that founded so many of my friendships in this city and was a creatively fertile ground for many years and for many people.

    I stayed up going nuts all night saying my good-byes but it didn’t seem real enough. So many chapters are closing left and right with no ideas of what lies beyond. I guess that goes without saying.

    Also my lover realized we were “becoming something” and we “consciously uncoupled”, as it were, because he didn’t want to take it any farther. Another one bites the dust. I mean… fuck.

    On a happier note, however, my mind grows in leaps and bounds…

  21. Yeah it’s quite a roller coaster.

    Had to say goodbye last night to the bar/venue/cafe/gallery/junk store that founded so many of my friendships in this city and was a creatively fertile ground for many years and for many people.

    I stayed up going nuts all night saying my good-byes but it didn’t seem real enough. So many chapters are closing left and right with no ideas of what lies beyond. I guess that goes without saying.

    Also my lover realized we becoming something and we “consciously uncoupled”, as it were, because he didn’t want to take it any farther. Another one bites the dust. I mean… fuck.

    On a happier note, however, my mind grows in leaps and bounds…

    • People are such cowards when it comes to intimacy. Always hunting for it and then running away if it comes into view.

      • I’m thinking that this “run from commitment” trade mark, is particularly stronger in the Oz male than males of other nationalities? I’ve been back in Oz now for a couple of years after having lived in Europe for 8 years, and honestly have to say that that is what I have noticed. The question is – why?? Or am I wrong?

        ….Ooops, just realised that you are probably not from Oz (12hv & akapluto) – still, I’m throwing the question out there.

          • Thanks for the link. Yes, ok – the generation thing I get. But I think in Oz, it happened way before – since at least the 70s.

            • Wow, that article is spot on, 12HV, thanks for sharing it!

              Agreed that people are cowards about intimacy, increasingly so, like the article points out.
              I don’t remember things being this bad in the past, like, pre-internet.

              I think American men are quite commitment-phobic, too, especially in bigger cities. SF is a shit-show, I can attest..

              Ugh, you guys, I’ve been dealing with the same stuff…
              The revolving door of lovers and the stop before it starts thing gets old real fast…. I think it’s going to be up to women in general to put a stop to all this. Men sure won’t….. they like getting the mild for free, as it were.

              akapluto, I hope your rollercoaster turns into more smooth sailing for you and that you find someone who will stick around. Best wishes!

              • Wow, so weird that someone mentioned Australians being this way when the dude actually IS an Aussie! But i’ve encountered this problem with plenty of American men, especially in New York City, where endless variety rules all.

                I likewise agree that its up to women to stop it. I was recently hatching a plan with my (ARIES) female friend about starting a long term slow developing revolution where we influence women not to deal with ANY shit from men. Hetero-normative, yes, but that seems to be where this problem is especially acute.

                Our idea is that after several generations of women taking no crap the men will learn that being assholes=getting none. That should shape them up pretty good…

                • That is so brilliant. My girlfriends and I talk about that all the time. I wish there was a way to get all women behind it! They would definitely have no choice but to shape up!

  22. WOW. The Zap Zone is a Thing, alright. I thought it might be, given that the April-May moment hit me pretty hard, but my Mr. sailed through it, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.

    Day 1, right out of the gate, a text from my step-daughter’s mom re: $ that swan-dived us both into the depths of our secret guilt reservoirs. Years of doing our work, & we still managed to avoid dealing with this one until Day 1 of the Zap Zone.

    I told the Mr. that this a perfect example of Day 1 of the Zap Zone, and his words were “Seriously?! If it’s like this every day until April, I’ll be homicidal by X-mas…”

    A solid week of soul-searching conversations with each other, massive anxiety & stress, depression, EFT, research, and a whole day (the 2nd weekend in a row) with step-daughter & the rest of Team Parent (bio-mom & step-dad) touring a college choice, concluding with an amazingly open, honest & even loving phone call with bio-Mom about $ & the future…

    I cannot believe the power of the Zap Zone. There are 3 Cap signs involved (either sun or moon), so you know the Zap Zone is hitting us all hard. Years of guilt & angst, all brought up into the light to heal, graciously. Seriously. I am so freaking grateful to the universe & the rest of Team Parent, I keep welling up.

    The High Road can be so hard, but it’s always, always worth it.

    I’ve gone from dreading the Zap Zone to feeling thrilled. (Roller coaster feeling of fear and excitement.) If it can shift that morass in the first week, what else can it do?!

    I will say, so TIRED. Hours & hours of extra work & travel (6 hour + round trips etc.), working our asses off to get through it all. But Mr. has today off, & I have tomorrow off to get some sleep & life things rolling again. Still, worth it.

  23. I’m so tired…this semester has been a tough one for me. My classes are wrapping up in two weeks, right when the Zap Zone is exact. I’m trying not to complain too much even though I want to. I’ve been working really hard and I just need to keep plugging away. No time for negativity. Full speed ahead, keep evolving. The hard work will pay off.

    Heard from my ex of several years ago…her FB message was very love-zombie-ish. I was shocked to hear from her. I did not reply and it serves her right, ha. (Long story, not worth getting into, but I don’t want anything to do with her and her drama any more. I’m a different person than how I was.)

    I’m looking forward to the iCal synch. Sounds awesome.

  24. I already wrote Mystic and email about this, but holy Hecate, my last Tarot reading was INSANE. Like, literally every card, every placement. And it was all VERY Zap Zone.

  25. I am already tired, depressed and heartbroken. It has just been heartbreak on top of heartbreak for me since April…I’m trying to be positive but it’s been an uphill battle

  26. The Tarot always freaks me out. I will consistently get the same cards in the same houses for weeks at a time. And certain people keep appearing in my spreads on here, and in the ones I do at home!

  27. I mostly don’t get the Sun Tzu oracle (but I haven’t used it many times). I don’t think of much in terms of war or enemies except my own bad habits, and the responses usually don’t seem to work in that kind of sense. Except once I asked about how to deal with negativity, and the response was: “If forced to fight in a salt marsh, get your back to a clump of trees.” A tidal salt marsh = lunar bad mood.

    The Tarot has been really effective lately and led me to check out my budget, which will be good once I get going on it. Usually the Oracle works really well for me, but once I did get a complete contradiction of the previous day’s message (about what to do as a recluse with Saturn transiting my 11th opp Sun). One day it said to network, then the next day to give up on it!?

  28. I got weighed down by disappointment in others this week. And I can’t be sad about that. I am stronger than most people – they aren’t faking weakness just to irritate me. Instead of feeling hard done by them, I should notice they come to cling to me for height and stability. If I let that drag me down, that’s on me. I don’t have to be a martyr about it. Its fuqing hard to be a quality individual. But there are no short cuts. “Another level, another devil” like Tyrese said. Just no room for less-than right now. Because it multiplies. Got to stay head above water here. Art helps me do that. Creating helps me stay alive. I realized I need to make art to survive. Not for money, just to survive. Got a couple of new portraits done and loads of ideas. All very Lilith-in-Virgo themed. Starting a new job next week, battling stubborn Taurus, I’m tired and this shit hasn’t even started.

    • I’m really vibing with your comment…I have had a major fall out from creating…now realize I need it to survive. Like, to stay sane.

      Also yeah…when you put loads of effort into being an upstanding individual you tend to get comfortable and assume others are on that trip, too…wrong!

      So I’m trying to imagine myself as some kind of solid pillar…hoping to someday find a likewise solid pillar who wants to be an archway with me 🙂

      • Seriously vibing with the ‘Archway’ sentiment.
        Oh to have a quality ‘solid pillar’ equal, of mutual support *sigh*

        Feeling like more of a straining ‘Bridge’ at the moment, supporting peeps across, in excess of its capacity : /

        • The bridge thing…seriously.

          A fellow Libran friend and I were talking about how we always feel like we’re reaching over the precipice to make things work with people while they just sit there and don’t do anything!

      • “when you put loads of effort into being an upstanding individual you tend to get comfortable and assume others are on that trip, too…wrong!”

        That’s exactly it!! Summary of my past week. Like, one situation I was having drama with my ex husband. And there was this moment where I was looking at photos in his house and realized I had taken them all. I was everywhere, but erased and it hurt. And then he showed me a photo on his computer and said he took it. And it was a photo I took too – he got it from my FB page. I realized “oh, he’s not trying to hurt me, he is just empty inside and can’t remember what’s real.” And the stubborn Taurus with the Moon-Uranus I’ve been seeing told me he’s a butterfly blown by wind, sucking nectar of life and he doesn’t expect more than that from himself. And I’m like “You are a man, not a butterfly.” But if he expects himself to be a butterfly, how can I argue with that crazy?

        Its not about me. Its about reality. And not everyone is living in it.

        I am going to get a tattoo tomorrow. First session of three, actually. I’ve been waiting on it for months, and there was a cancellation my appointment got moved forward so its happening this week. I feel like its the final chapter of my Uranus-Pluto transit – that tatttoo. I hope I still like it when the astro settles. Its something I’ve had in mind since 2012. Some sense of permanence.

        • I’ve gotten 2 tattoos since Uranus has been transiting Aries (my ascendant). I’ve been wanting to get more too lately! Also switched up my hair quite a bit. I’m going to Miami for the weekend and I’m thinking about cutting it into a longer bob and making it dark again while im down there lol.

        • OOhhh…what’s the tattoo? I am toying with some “reminder” type tattoos…because I always forget who I am and what I’m doing! I’ve actually considered getting a pillar and archway set because of what I was saying above. They also represent the masculine/feminine dynamic, with some nods to my Roman background.

          Yeah and I’m sick of people who don’t try. They’re just here to take it all in and don’t want to go any higher. From now on I can’t get involved with anyone unless they’re as tripped out on life as I am!

  29. I’m a little bit over it to be honest. My daughter’s mental health issues ramped up at the start of the ZZ and even though things have improved slightly in the last couple of months, as her main caregiver, I’m ready for this whole journey to be over. Bring on next April!

    • Thanks Jeni. Will do. No drugs but she has Saturn in Pisces in her first house opposing Chiron in Virgo in the seventh and a million planets in Scorpio (Jupiter, Moon, North Node, Pluto, MC) opposing her natal Sun in Taurus conjunct Mercury. So I guess she was loaded up from birth.

      • Wow, that is full on astro. My first thoughts were intense spiritual, shamanic lessons or sensitivities or learning or exposures.

        Scorpio/piscean boundary matters (the issue/ the strength).

        Chiron into Pisces as the zz started too, I think. Now that planet digs deep imo/experience.

        I hope things become easier for you both. X

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