Signature Zap


URANUS SQUARE PLUTO (the 6th exact hit of the Zap Zone) @12 ARIES/CAPRICORN
L.A. – Sunday 21.14
NEW YORK – Monday 00.14
LONDON – Monday 05.14
DUBAI – Monday 09.14
HONG KONG – Monday 13.14
SYDNEY – Monday 16.14

The dates of the other six are all here in Your Own Personal Zap Map. You can also search the site for Zap Zone to see untold posts OR check out the Zap Zone Finale Cheat Sheet.

SO this Zap Zone intensification of an already AMPED Uranus-Pluto square is hectic but loaded with insights and breakthrough.  Especially as Saturn is right at the end of Scorpio, a potent force in itself.  If you think about it, MOST of the Zap Zone to date has been with Saturn in Scorpio so it’s around about now (or in the next 72 hours) that any realizations brewing since 2012 will be full force front of mind.

Obviously it’s also the classic breaking-down-of-stagnant-conditions/psychic parasite cleanse/testing of relationships and attachments astrology. And the perfect prep for next March, which is the final blast of the Zap Zone, complete with an Eclipse and the same Grand Cardinal Cross we loved (?) so much in April.

So anyway, how you doing?  This vibe right now is signature Zap Zone.  I think that some of us may also be surprised by how much Saturn in Sagittarius (from Xmas Eve) could be super-candor right after the long brewing of Saturn in Scorpio.  Also…it’s like an arrow being drawn right back, to be let rip with Saturn into Saggo/ Uranus Direct in less than ten days.



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129 thoughts on “Signature Zap

  1. Natal NN at 12 Aries. Flew in for a final interview at a startup today that went very well. But the lesson doesn’t feel like the fact that I might score this job…it feels like the fact that I am finally truly not attached to any outcome of any situation. Legitimately the experience of putting in the work and feeling so competent at this interview beat anything that may come of it and I have no doubt that it will pay off in the future.

    Also I got some intel today on someone I was friends with for awhile who I started dating. He was always pushing exclusivity and I held back for very pragmatic reasons (my place in life, emotions not there, he has kids/ex/etc) while still enjoying hanging out more as a friend. The pressure from him was coming on hard and I’m so glad I have a scapegoat to make this conversation I’ve been planning to have all month a million times simpler. Glad I trusted my gut and never really got involved.

    I feel grounded for the first time.

  2. Rather relieved that my Virgo / Cap Moon (poss Aqua Asc) guest is gone.
    Charming, sedate and helpful as he was.

    My Gem / Cancer Moon / Aqua Asc husband and he were a bit at odds, just never gelled.

    It was interesting to see how two people with suns square and moons in opposition behave. They externally are quite similar, both quiet, can spark up, but very chilled, but.. one more earthy, one more abstract.

    Their internal motivations are as different as their external similarities?

    It was exhausting being the one in between all the silent jealousy & yearning, phew! That was how my zap zone played out personally anyway.

  3. I am just exhausted with the energy churn.

    Yes, I had a Zap event not directly but peripherally….someone else not coping, trying to drag me in. Also, I had a Qi Vamp insight re: my sister. She vamped me hard cos she wasn’t coping and instead of dealing, she acted out with me. I feel subconsciously she wanted me to take the hit for her because I’m the older sis. I had to decline but it was draining nonetheless. I have put it on my list of things to address within myself soon.

    I can;t focus on my work – I think I will be happy when Merc gets into Cap. Also, woah the Uranus tech issues.

    Peace people. Reflection, insight, responsibility, acceptance, respect and love. We need it all x

  4. Anyone else experience a social flare today?

    I did. An hour before the Zap Zone. This young adult ‘kid’ was rude to me. So, I stood my ground. His girlfriend’s mother, didn’t feel the need to check this boy for being rude, but justified his behavior. Than the woman attempted to insult my character, where I live, she even went up to my child, crouched down and asked ‘Aren’t you embarrassed by your mother?’ He confidently, and assertively, stated ‘No!’.

    I felt the urge to stand my ground. I thought to myself, am I creating drama? But you know what it is? It was reinforcing the behavior I expect because I have to be honest, I’m appalled by how so many Australian people treat each other so badly since arriving back 5 years ago and I cannot justify, let alone support, abusive behavior. I also am proud. I feel no shame about who I am after a proverbial year through the churner. This year has been tough, I have experienced so much judgment due to my son’s special needs issues. But I have no reason to be ashamed. Or self-conscious. I do my best to teach him right from wrong. He’s a 10yo, it’s a journey especially with Autistic kids. But these adults. These PARENTS who should know better, who are so mean, so vile. I was so angry all year about it, now I am amazed. And grateful. Because their sanctimony is baloney. When they don’t get their own way, they act disgusting. When their rudeness is addressed, they act disgusting. And they don’t even see it.

    “Don’t you have a life?” Actually, that was 20 minutes well spent observing their behavior. By watching others, an arrogant kid became reduced to a whiney boy, a mother acting ugly it just confirmed to me ‘class’ ain’t economic, lol. People think all they want. They will shame by any means necessary. And I don’t want a part of it.

    I’m done. I refuse, absolutely refuse to be sanctimonious. I refuse to shame others when they don’t act the way I think they are. I deal with facts. You are rude, point-blank. Ain’t got nothing to do with anything but YOU in this moment. And I have no reason to feel ashamed about who I am, and who my son is let alone where he is at after a traumatic year.

    Zap Zone, whether it was in the stars or I subconsciously sought it out, a lesson was administered. Time to walk that walk.

    • Sorry to hear about your ordeal and having to put up with such rude behaviour. Seems you have come out stronger and have learnt to stand firmly in your truth (a truth that you laboured for and not some fake convenient truth) – always the best base to stand and build from. These are rad times, no time to hide behind veneers and maintain the peace at all costs – usually at your own expense. It’s time to cut through the crap and walk the walk, like you say.

      And those social flares! – apt term. I’ve been experiencing “social flares” practically all year – just random attacks where and when I least expect them. And they really are like a flare – really quick and violent (psychically) and sometimes physical too. Only once has an attack been directed at me personally – mostly it’s about being caught up in public flares.

      At first I worried that it was something that I was unconsciously provoking or attracting (though I know now that’s not true). My practice is booming and my relationship with my clients is good. It’s being out and about in public that is the problem. It’s very strange and I was wondering if anybody else is experiencing something similar. I am amazed at how RUDE and openly aggressive people are being.

      Everyone I know seems to be battening down the hatches and are either confused or in aggressive mode or both. If there is a difference of opinion held by people it will be dragged out and fought about in ugly ways. I can’t imagine this bodes well for x-mas family gatherings – esp with an astro storm on the cards for x-mas day…..*shudders*… Thankfully, forewarned is forearmed.

      • So many Australians harbor such a pack mentality to boot. They will be rude to you, attempt to shame you, even try to pull in people off the street who are more than happy to join them in being rude. Such a deeply imbedded ‘bully’ culture. It always affected me emotionally. Now I stand tall and give them all the proverbial finger. Key word – proverbial. I don’t want to be like these people at ALL.

        • Where I live is not Australia but the bully mentality is very similar. Even in the media people are bullies and you feel insulted from all the general insensitivity. Especially around older generations. They are just snarky and mean.

    • Very rarely venture outside my suburb (inner city) where a village atmosphere is, and if i do go further it’s in my car as protection. My problem used to be, if coming across rude peoples was to tell them how rude & ill-mannered they were
      risking life & limb with my big mouth as retaliation, so no going out in public for me.
      This rudeness from mainstream has been percolating for the last 3 years have noticed hence my isolation from it.
      They are stressed financially, emotionally & physically.
      This is probably why the huge amount of fitness clubs to work the frustration off yet they drive 5 kms in traffic often waiting at lights, to ride a stationary bike?
      ‘Kill’ them with kindness, it’s so disarming for them and keep a smile on your face as it’s supposed to make your physiology tune into happiness, guess it’s fake it till you make.
      The mostly women who follow MM are waaay ahead in the game of life.

  5. my personal ZZ, which, starting with the end of my 13-yr marriage, middling with LZ Pluto relationship ending in death (literal, then brain (his)), and ending on me doing this dating thing (5th house Libra Pluto-NN) for the first time in my life. So. Spent the weekend with new super karmic (they ALL are, I’m now used to it, I guess? They never are-all I KNOW you, I’m all yaaaawn yep) Cappy. 48 hours of intense mutual psychoanalysis, and what I learned is that I am a vampire (yes), a bodhisattva (only if there are like 500,000 of us on the planet right now, and then I will grudgingly admit that the ego-boost thrills me), and a catalyst. He analyzed my history and found that my significant men find me in crisis, and I push them over the edge. So, the crab dies, the Aries becomes a born-again Christian, and he! He, the cappy, was like, ‘I never need sex again, you have satiated my last attachment, I will now fulfill my deepest desires and become a full Zen monk.’
    Well fuck. My Pluto sister has been hammering the message at me for a month now: we don’t get to keep any of them. Yep, feeling this to my core. And, beyond the initial conditioned Chiron conjunct mars Venus and especially moon hurt, I feel and know it to be true. And it’s SO powerful. The cappy is a literal psychopomp- he gives people permission to die, and sits with them as they do, on a not-quite-daily but at the very least weekly basis. I do the same, psychically, I guess. And it’s all because I am the Fool. I throw myself into situation recklessly, 100%, knowing that I will get hurt and possibly badly, and I do it anyway. I have no choice. It’s what I do, and I am claiming that power. I have been, am, and will continue to be a sacred whore. I’m giddy almost with this revelation… Goooooooo ZZ!!!!

    • That’s pretty amazing hdq.

      I have to ask, dear Dragon queen, maybe I missed the news..did we lose the lovely but suddenly stricken crabman after that momentous period this year? If so I am very very sorry.. xx

      Is your Capricorn friend a priest or some kind of spiritual mentor figure irl? I am curious. But you don’t need to go into more detail if that’s uncool.

      • So sweet of you to ask, pi 🙂

        No, the crab is physically alive. His brain is just gone, and, barring one of those miracle stories, he’ll never be able to live independently. I should have let him die. One of the insights of the weekend.
        And yes, the cappy is a spiritual care provider for hospice and pediatric patients. A Buddhist chaplain, more or less.

          • The short and ugly truth: he drank a vial of horse tranquilizer and was anoxic for 35 minutes. Over 15 is not supposed to be survivable. Then a 13 day coma in palliative care. A year of rehab and he can now eat and talk (sorta), but has no memories or the ability to form new ones. Also zero will to live or take pleasure in anything. Anger tho. Kataka sun and rising, Aries mars, cap NN. ZZ casualty. 🙁

            • All those cardinals. Flabbergasting. That musta been a hard road.

              (l got Kat/Asc, Aries SN CapSat- its been difficult since 2008). What about the astro of the 3 dead from Lindt?

              • Yes, you guys have been doing it rough. I suppose it’s separated the men from the boys, kat-wise. 🙁

                Can you factor personal astro into being a victim of violence? Suppose it might be interesting; also seems a bit heartless to analyze their astro 🙁

            • It occurrdd to me having KatSun /Asc with SN in Kat would be a bit of a bummer as you could so easily default to LowKat real easy. Self pity being a key thing to watchout for. Soz that it was such schiessenfest to get thru. I gotta watch my Aries SN- Fight!did anyone say fight! (to paraphrase J Cleese after being turned into newt by the witch (his real life Aqua wife) said, “l got better!”.

  6. Gem daughter sent a pix of Baby Aries sitting on Santa’s lap

    She pointed out that she did not even cry.

    Told her that Cap Moon knows how to power schmooze x

    And no, I haven’t even gone back to read any posts…Quite frankly peeps,,,I can only take so much of being beat up

    Thank you Mystic…You were not included in the non enlightened reading bunch,,x

  7. Very hectic business in Sydney. I just had my work vehicle ‘commandeered’ by four police officers. They’d just been refused a lift by a taxi! Gotta love our taxi drivers 🙂

  8. I’d been seeing someone for the past two months or so and a few days ago it all went to hell in a handbasket, and very quickly. When he stalled all of my efforts to talk through it, I walked.

    I know I did the best thing I could have done. It stings a little but otherwise I’m basically drunk on self-respect and being able to take autonomous action even in a partnership situation (Libra stellium has made this a loooong life lesson).

    I’m gearing up for a silent meditation retreat that I know is going to push me to my limit. Preparing to go radio silent from everyone I know for ten days is a little bit intense. I’m starting to realize exactly what I’m taking on. I’m scared but I feel strong and brave, too. This is an experience I’m ready to have.

    Of course I wonder how much of my relationship implosion is due to me wanting a fresh slate before I do the retreat. I did push things a little. He did respond in a way I know I cannot and will not sign up for in a serious partnership. But you know what, I did what I did. I didn’t sit around waiting for someone else to do it for me because I was too scared of making any purposeful impact on a situation. I’m not perfect and I will not try to be for anyone. Most people aren’t going to want to roll with me on all of my stuff and I can’t expect them to simply because we’re spending time together/sweet on each other. I just have to keep moving towards myself and trust that this is worth it, that this is its own prize.

    I’m scared about a lot of things right now but it is a very honest sort of fear. I can work with this.

      • Nothing ‘sweet’ about this. Vile, yes, vile.

        I wondered about the symbolism of a sweet place and then also heard that it was a botch, that this person was heading somewhere else.

        Gosh how lives can be turned upside down in an instant.

    • This is so wrong! I watched the recent amazing YouTube social experiment video about Australians attitude to Muslims and race hate and was so encouraged by the response from the average person in the street, Sydney streets, and people were so against the racialist rants (by actors) it brought tears to my eyes

  9. Nothing happened. Just teeny internal shift maybe. Feeling tired though. Had applied to a think tank for a job that I really really wanted and turns out that co-intern also applied for it without telling me (i don’t mind but we’re friends no?) she got the interview and i didn’t. They said they wanted language skills and i have them and she doesn’t so something feels weird. Been moping around waiting for the invite to interview but none came. Trying to convince myself its all for the best but the rejection still stings. Lool.m

  10. Jesus, Syd CBD in lockdown, hostage situation. That’s a zap zone eruption if ever there was one. What’s with the poor chocolate shop for location choice?! Hoping this resolves peacefully

  11. Wow… zappity zap zap. What a weekend. Zap is direct-hitting my moon-Lilith conj in Cap 5th.
    Missed out on a major professional award which sent me into a massive psycho meltdown that I didn’t even realise was bubbling. Took out all my anger on the Weatherbeaten Virgo (yes he’s still around ) who called me on it and pointed out my anger was all about my ex husband’s lack of support for my professional ambitions. Cue more psycho meltdown about everything – the transition to my ‘new life’, grief, loss, anger, the ex, etc etc. Got back in touch with a former mentor who is connected to the award I missed out on, and managed to get some awesome feedback about my performance, so much so that it’s reaffirmed my commitment to making this thing happen.
    I took responsibility and ‘womaned up’ to apologise to WBV for my behaviour, resulting in a really significant convo about how we communicate, what we’ll do in the future etc. Plus he revealed some professional ambitions of his own he’s never talked about before, which are quite aligned with mine and could well lead to a collaboration.

    Fuq me. No wonder I’m emotionally ragged. Today’s job is to find a yoga/meditation class in my new neighbourhood.

    • Yes, lack of support from a partner IS a big deal. Never again will i go through that. I consider it a deal breaker now! A man who thinks my job is “crazy” or “not real” and is not backing it up will not be considered anymore. I in fact desire power couplings when i never used to be interested in such a thing.

    • Wow chrysalis whatta 48 hours.

      Glad the wbv took it in his stride (it sounds like)

      Also down with Stolas opinion of those types who demean our ambitions or other goals: kick ’em to the kerb! That relationship needs some termite treatment. I skipped a semester of study a few years ago to “spend more time with” the neptunian toro. That was a 6 month sacrifice that was a complete waste of time. We existed on different planets, as far as goals and ambitipns went. (He told me one or twice that he wanted to own a brothel. He had north node and mc in Scorpio I guess. Whatever makes you happy, sugar, but I probably won’t stick around for that effort)
      Anyway where was I… Oh yeah. They just criticise or try and control what they don’t understand.

      • Realising my “lack of support” for then b/f’s lofty ambitions more stemmed fr the fact that he just wanted a houseful of women he could shag whenever he wanted. God he was a slime

    • Indeed. I had an interview in the CBD scheduled for today, but the recruitment agent who lined up the interview rang to say, don’t go, I’ll reschedule it for you. She and her colleagues work quite near Martln Place and are presently not allowed to leave their building.
      Have been into the coffee shop where hostages are being held many times. Do so hope all of them (10 staff + customers) caught up in it come out of this ok.

      • Just caught this on news at post office, feeling vaguely suspicious that this national high alert situation demanded the postponement of some controversial budget announcement that J.Hocks was about to make. Re :Arabic flag hanging out the window of cafe. Muggles in the post office all saying ‘just ship ’em all out.’

        Our illustrious PM probably taking full advantage of the opportunity to radiate heroic benignity in an attempt to bolster up landsliding public opinion.

        Which doesn’t help the poor folk caught up inside 🙁
        Zaaap *crescendo of thunder *black smoke

        • Yes, I noted that the US are very happy to be on high alert (so they can go invade another middle eastern oil rich/poppy rich country for another WMD goose chase or some such?).

          Meanwhile I just dropped off a Latin friend at the airport who has been delayed every flight in the last year because of his looks, even threatened in the Thai airport. They smugly asserted that they were just acting as dictated by the Aust. authorities.

          He didn’t have time to shave this morning and is on his way to Sydney.. :-/ . You don’t have to be muslim to be a target of this situation.

  12. I wonder if this exact hit is why I arrived back at work after a long weekend and want to tell most (not all) people here to go f*ck themselves. Tired of so many being dependent on me – they need to lift their game so they can figure sh*t out for themselves! Time to push back.

    Uranus in my 11th sq Pluto in the 8th. Not making any strong aspects to anything in my natal chart.

  13. It’s been a long Saturn transit… over my Chiron, Sun, & Merc, and square my 8th house stellium. Now over my Pluto. But it’s been a productive one, as most Saturn transits are. Reworked my diet, my wardrobe, my friends- got rid of the Qi vampires. Got some therapy for some long-held issues that I’ve seriously been needing.

    I’m looking forward to Saturn moving into Sag. It’s a shame because people my age seem to have it so easy, so carefree. They don’t get what I’m stressing about.

    Ugh, I’m pretty sure this repulsive guy (rude, loud, no class, not intelligent, not creative, reeks of desperation) in my workplace has a crush, and I’m hoping he won’t make a move since Pluto is right on my DC. I’ve made it clear to him that I hold little interest aside from cordial professionalism but he doesn’t seem to get the hint.

    I just got rejected from one of my dream colleges… the blow hurts. One the other hand, two of my acquaintances did and it’s the talk of the town. I guess I deserve it because I’ve been letting Neptune take over my life. But still. I didn’t tell anyone I applied though so at least my humiliation is private.

    Yeah, so I’m not really up to romancing right now. But the rejection was a huge wake-up call. I think I know what to do now.

    • The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!

      Hopefully Saturn’s “efficiency” tendencies doesn’t mean economies with the truth, or ditching other truths for “one and only” beliefs/truths .. hello, belief-system reckonings.

      • Yes Pi Saturn’s the Great Teacher. What we (I) don’t want is anyone’s personal truth knocking me on the head as more interested in Universal ones i.e.: what’s true for everybody.
        And yes, it is just’ belief systems’ which is a bit of an oxymoron to me.
        Hope Saturn’s journey doesn’t piss on FUN though 🙂

      • Yes, indeed, pi.
        It will be interesting given the Saturn in Sagg square to Neptune in Pisces early in the transit and then to Chiron- Neptune in Pisces so much about boundaries/fantasies/illusions dissolving; Chiron in Pisces so much about the raw wounds that are exposed by this.
        Saturn in Sagg, the sign of the seeker/scholar – serious searching for some kind of structure or belief system or optimism to hold on to as a salve to the Neptunianian dissolution/wound?
        Serious re-examination of belief systems or willingness to stand up publicly (Saturn) and speak out (Sagg) re the need for tolerance/understanding of those with other beliefs (Sagg)? eg. – the interfaith service at Lakemba last night/the I’ll walk with you campaign/the you tube experiment that saw many Australians speak out when they saw muslims being abused on the street?
        Or rigid adherence to a dogmatic my-way-or-the-highway (Saturn) belief system (Sagg) causing denial (Neptune) of the basic humanity of those who don’t share it, given a wound (Chiron) that is being compensated for and thereby wounding others?
        Or most likely, all of the above.

  14. My current love interest lost his beloved grandmother last Sunday and I want to be able to give my condolences. I sent him word through a mutual friend. I have been having tension headaches that go away when I am distracted doing something different. Working on crafting my sister’s Christmas gift and trying to declutter my apartment. I feel more willing to let go of old things, especially if it’s things that remind me of people I have to put behind me. I need to make space for my new bike and sewing machine. I get so nervous because I really want to make space and I hope I can do it all swiftly and efficiently. Want to start exercising more to be ready for that long Venus in Leo next year. I want to be inspired and create! Ignoring the haters.

    • The same day he appeared on national TV! I’m sure he’s going through such a tough moment, the doll 🙁 He really loved his grandma.

  15. Thank the universe for Sagg. its helped me stay strong and on course for my epic trip with he SO. But time for rad candour with the mechanic who has had my van for 6 weeks!!!!!! now its the last week before they all shut down for Xmas and Im going to demand it back today so i can go elsewhere.
    Action time is now!
    Also been on a mission to lay low and save dollars for the trip. On track there too. Made lists and lists and lists which are working well too.

  16. Things have been strange, way too many friends freaking out over nothing. Self created bs dramas.
    It’s draining me.
    Having to deal with several friend’s love zombie-ing over unavailable men, no matter what advice I give they do not heed me.
    I think it’s time I unload some toxic shit, declutter and get some distance from others for a while.
    I just pulled The High Priestess in my 11th House in a tarot reading.
    “Do not settle with low-end friends and Qi vamping leisure/social activity.”

  17. Wowee! Weeell you asked! I’ve hinted at stuff here in various posts being new and not wanting to bang on, but clearly I am not alone in this.. so here goes.. (thanks in advance xo)

    I want to work the Astro out on this for the exercise but that’s for another time!
    I am Libra mars & sun, Aquarius moon, scorp Venus with about 3 other planets hanging out in scorp (8th house i think) And fairly new to the charts

    I have lived where I am for the past 13 years and only now am actually looking at leaving, something I could never envisage before.

    Met my long term older Cap partner here and about 3 years later he lost his father & brother plus we got engaged but I freaked. Relationship has been somewhat volatile (I’m glossing over details) Since 2012 (I think) he had a workplace injury (among other previous weird health issues), consequent court case and was made redundant (kinda twice). We had to move house twice in the last 18 months and we now live apart as of April this year (ta ZZ!)

    I was pretty stuck home and job and probably relationship and the move etc started to unstick it. I never thought I could handle so much, given I’d not really been asked to handle much before. Little did I know what was coming! 2008 had seen a bolt in the blue love situation with a virgo that confused the crap out of me but decided to stay with cap. Practicalities n all.. Regardless this seemed to open up something and I got some counselling, started painting for the first time since school, got serious on exercise, including 4 boot camps in the first year and lots of socialising/networking. Painting led to photography and that was in 2012 with my first “proper” camera and joining a camera club here (sorry for the rambling back story)

    So 2013 I found out my 8 year management job was ending Sept this year (had just moved for the second time and cap was working casually but soon to be jobless again) Various opportunities/networks being what they were I would meet with my secret garden buddies, read MM in the weekend aus and say things like “my cauldron is bubbling and things are coming out of it” hehe! waiting to see what opportunities would arise. I also applied for an abn and photographed my first wedding.

    I’d avoided all possible run ins with virgo apart from a handful of fraught (on my part) unavoidables so i thought I’d go up at Christmas thinking if we talked (we hadn’t, in 6 years!) it would finish the unfinished. Boy was I wrong. Jan/Feb saw me convinced we were it, I was going to stay here and cap would go and it would all be peachy. Boy was i wrong!! Still (and maybe this is his purpose) I registered a business name, bought a domain name and was asked to come across to photography as my full time job. To start in Sept this year!

    March Virgo stopped talking to me, April cap left (he’d also had zero funds since Jan plus probable depression) and I got back here to be on my own ever since. Job to wind up, rent to pay, also broke my phone. Little to no motivation on the basics (cleaning etc) Surprised myself with my gross science experiments ha.

    You know those movies where the guy loses job, girl, home etc then ends up injured in some way.. Oh yeah, me! I dislocated my elbow in May in an accident and guess who my friend gets to take me to the hospital the next day. Yup, Virgo. hadn’t talked/seen since march apart from a short written note in answer to a question of his when my phone was busted (yah super romantic game playing)- it had gotten frenetic and he was waiting for cap to that was awkward to say the least but I was pretty focused on my elbow and didn’t know what to say anyway. Haven’t really been in touch since apart from no forget it soon after the elbow and a booty call text in July. Back to avoiding encounters by hiding in bushes and high alert awareness. Still complete unfinished business with unsaid intensity (at times and prob only from me..) meanwhile cap is hassling me about leaving here, I’m committed to job till Sept then photog job for 3 months. Which brings us to now.

    I am flying out tomorrow for unprecedented 5 week holiday including a week with cap, we never really broke up.. Rest with family for first Christmas in 13 years. Back here for 2 months then pack up overpriced tiny unit, and off to an unknown city with no job hehe. Camera gypsy me! Forced change?? Oh yeah!!

    Virgo?? Dunno. Considered text, letter just unsure 100%. I’m not being chased so maybe that’s the hint/clue. Cap can be super sweet at times and it’s no rent (lives with/looks after mum..that will have its own challenges) in a dynamic city with heaps right up my alley (anything visual – fashion, photog, art, performance, tv, film..etc) a burgeoning network and a chance to indulge my blockhead fantasies (he is renovating the house). We will see. I’m back here in Aug for 3 months crazy time but will live cheaper/better than this hot pricey dog box.

    So yeah, that’s me.. its been an interesting year!! Jobs/work falling away, signs/connections pushing me one way.. Stay stuck and you are fuqed.. Most definitely xx

  18. The Zap Zone hasn’t been too bad to me…another break up with an unavailable dumb ass. I have now spun this into a total renovation of my romantic life. Revolution now!

    Uranus transiting the 5th…

  19. Another direct hit of Pluto and Uranus on my Venus, square and opposition respectively. SO OVER IT NOW thanks. I get it, got it, good and the hard way, now I’d like it to be done because exhausted and sad.

  20. Weirdly got woken up from noise in a dream of a gas burner on my stove lighting with a resolute pouff! It felt really powerful like a symbol of just bursting into life – action or success? Does anyone know symbolism – I thought as was my stove it was a message of abundance or go ahead. Did not feel like an explosion but was loud enough I woke up! It was definitely one of those message dreams that I am supposed to pay attention to… Ideas anyone?

    • Ace of Wands. Potential ignited, all action. Jupiter in Leo (gas & fire?) Uranus direct in Aries? Mars in Aqua? Fired up. Ready set Go! 🙂

      • Yep, and fengshui-wise, housewitchery suggests cleaning the stove for money mojo. The heart/engine centre of the home in Chinese tradition.

        • Really? Coincidently bought Mr Muscle oven cleaner a couple of days ago, shall be diligent whilst cleaning it whilst manta-ing 🙂
          Thanx Ronnie.

          • We are getting our new oven installed tomorrow AND the plumber is coming to fix a burst pipe in our yard as well…. hurray for fengshui fixits!!!

            Fired up and ready all right!

            (So sick of not having a working oven)

  21. Saturn thru Scorpio/my 8th house has been Efficiency+. I eagerly await his timely juju over my NN-Neptune & MC in Sagg…

    I feel fortunate to have had Saturn thru Scorpio in conjunction with the Zap Zone. How efficient is that?! Way more bang for my buck, so much more deep & abiding than either celestial event by itself. Greater than the sum of its parts.

    • That’s a great way to look at it. I’ve been working Saturn so hard that the Zap Zone has seemed like background. But looking back to 2012 to the present, I can see how it’s accelerated so many things that otherwise might have taken longer to evolve.

      One thing’s for sure: This energy is not for slacking. You have to have your ducks in a row and be across your life on multiple levels or you’ll feel the zap.

      • Ooh yes. And patience, & faith in the process. I think it was The Baroness the other day who said something about, “Hey I haven’t been slacking: I’ve been downloading useful shiz,” and that really called to my mind the idea of nixing negative self-talk & having faith in this process. Because I have had countless occasions of physically forced “slacking” over these last two years, but even when I couldn’t move about I used my time well. It all adds up, all of it counts toward our evolution 😉

  22. I feel more uranian than I ever have before. My natal uranus is on my ascendant in scorpio, so I guess it has been my big secret. Transiting uranus is opposite my natal pluto… is this normal or am I getting double zapped? Oh I also have had uranus sitting right on my south node for a while now. Not entirely sure what that does, shock my past existences into the now and then out again?

    Unfortunately, and against all sound advice, my neptune has been going lower. It’s natally conjunct my moon. It’s a struggle. Sometimes I think I stay up too late to avoid the crazy dreams. I would love to see a new blog on neptune because I only started here this past summer and no one is gonna write back if I start commenting on older posts.

    • lol i have a bit of a habit of staying up late to avoid the dreams too. BUT as my tcm doctor said – bed BEFORE 11 to stay healthy……urghhh so hard

    • That does sound pretty double zappy. Somewhere here i read Uranus sth node is opportunity to sudden-release from deep past, change-shift old habits ways of being.
      Neptune moon natally, wow. Could you find a way to develop this in a more structured way that will help you to handle dreaming, etc? Eg courses or a workshop, a spiritually wise mentor, and so on.

      I don’t have neptunian dreams but I have my own version of /understand the up-late-to-avoid something. In my case I think I finally worked out that I was (am) anaesthetising myself with fatigue.

      Are your dreams disturbing? Or is it just hard work.. xxx

      • My dreams are not particularly disturbing, but they can be sometimes. I have weird dreams and can also connect to people in them, which can actually be nice sometimes. I never thought of getting help with them, but my husband always bugs me to go to sleep earlier and send me links to articles about how awful sleep deprivation is if that counts. I think it’s just my form of self-sabotage and numbing myself, as I am uber sensitive. Moon & Neptune are in 1 degree in Sag 2H. I think I need a Neptune self-help group, haha.

        Thx Pi. I love it when you comment! xx

        • What a totally nice thing to say fauness xx

          Ok so you are about to have Saturn transit over your moon/Neptune duo. This could feel like hard freaking work, unless… maybe it could be amazing if you sign up for it willingly, or at least be ready to be whacked by a few big waves? Snorkel and fins at the ready.. it’s calmer down below ..

          I remember my moon Neptune transit, I swear I was living in a parallel dimension. Weird. But a bit lonely (I was 20 and a bit lost)

          I hope you and morpheus find some mutually agreeable terms xox

  23. I had a dream that I had my own personal elevator last night. Sounds like a good omen. And everyone is like “cool” to what I say and its seems like I have everything together and I guess I do but I’m not feeling it inside. I feel anxious and angry about the partnerships I don’t have. I have changed jobs 3 times since 2012 and wish Uranus in the 7th would bring me a partner and some sex with all that change. But, I really need to let go of my fight with [enter your word of choice here for God/Universe/Source/Self/etc] over that because what’s mine is mine and it can’t escape me. I realized any romantic idea really throws me off my spiritual discipline of independence, acceptance, and grace. Like, my mind remains fixated on the Taurus – who explained he is like a butterfly and, apparently, is in capable of respecting my time. So, I let go outwardly. I can’t “win” with someone who has bad borders. I can’t be someone else’s self esteem. I’ve learned that lesson. I will walk my talk, like it or not. Still feels like shit and my mental goes off the charts about it. Anyway, going to meditate today and hope for a sudden flash of deep, deep, don’t give a fuq to overtake me.

    • Hi there 12 v, this struck a chord with me:
      ” I realized any romantic idea really throws me off my spiritual discipline of independence, acceptance, and grace”
      Like you catch yourself slippy sliding down too-familiar fantasy pathways and/or leaving aside certain agreements you have made with yourself, about what feels strong and sound for you&your heart?
      If it’s that sort of thing, or even if not, yes I think I know that place too. The fact at the moment is that you’re recognising it.
      The yummy (sun sign unknown) art guy I met totally pinged all my love-tastic buttons, ok so this was not even as involved as your toro for me it was all imagination, so I was in LZ territory, but! Because I knew this, I could have this bizarre kind of transcendent crush where I knew I was totally in control of my lucid dreaming?!.. so I could ‘rise above’ and consciously place my heart’s wellbeing at the centre of my thoughts, beliefs and actions, while still getting high on this totally scrumptious connection that I felt. When I felt myself being swept down the storm-drain of emotion, or energetically spending way too much time in this guy’s space, that’s the exact point where I would go ok pi, stop, you need to give space and get perspective here, you know *this* territory and to continue like this will get you nowhere. So I consciously imagined light and freedom / joy into the space between me and that guy. It allowed me to wish him well but also to save myself from myself, and also my stability sort of stayed within me, I could still be happy and chat to him irl, and (just barely LOL) keep a grip so to let him be whoever he was.

      Re reading your comment I am not sure this aligns with what you are trying to express though. It sounds like you are feeling sad and disappointed that the situation with this young(?) toro is not playing out on a way where you feel you can relate in a balanced, grown up way to the r’ship because of his own (unbalanced, un grown up?) way of same.

      I hope the sense of “ach, it is what it is.. and we are free to do what we wanna do, any old time” arrives in a meaningful way for you (the stone roses just slipped into my mind)


      • At the same time (further thoughts): I mean, you have Venus in Virgo? Like, it is inherent in this placement to want to improve, amend, make more xlnt, the object of your affections. Virgo System-Vision (TM) sees the bugs and the rattles and goes a bit mental when she can’t grab the spanner and just fix it? Maybe.

        • Yeah, part of it *is* my love language. I’d really like to have someone to love and dote on like that. And I do – a kid and 4 pets. But I carry that romantic lack into every day and it sucks. I need to gtf over it, and don’t know how.

        • You know what it is? Its the story that gives me pain, not the reality. And the story could be about how I am failing to get my dog to crap regularly or something, but I don’t obsess over that. I obsess over romantic connections. Venus in 12th Virgo square Neptune in Sag, and opposite Jupiter in Pisces, which are all being transited by Neptune chiron. Like, no matter how good it is its not it

          • Dear 12th HV,

            What you’ve written meant a lot to me. im not always good at articulating how i’m feeling or what is going on with me. I obsess over romantic connections. Totally me too. we share similiar astro and same things are transiting my natal chart too.
            Lately, ive been feeling like i met the leo dude in my past life or i keep getting this strong sense that i’ve met him/heard of him before. It’s hard to explain but since the zz been amping up it is intensifying which isn’t helping with the obsessiveness. I really hope saturn in sagg clears the way and brings to light what is hidden.
            I have saggo moon so love independence but still need to practise acceptence/grace – essentially letting the story unfold by itself.
            Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I often wait to find your comments because you best articulate what is going on with me.
            love and fluff xxx

      • Yeah, I am disappointed with the Toro situation and I’m sure his maturity has something to do with it, but the problem for me is my own long-term pattern of finding dudes I have this amazing energy connection with and having the relationship part of that connection ignored or rejected. That’s my fight with God right now, so to speak. Everything is good in my life, but I am holding that conflict, like “Why, God, do you keep putting these fixer uppers in my path?” I mean, the Toro looked at me last time I saw him and said he could see spending his whole life with me when he closes his eyes and I’m like the best thing in the world and I KNEW he was going to shut down moments later, and he did. At least I got better at the “I know he’s not following up on any of the shit he’s saying right now so don’t lz out” radar. As far as the argument with God, its like “I know you would have fixed him already, were that the way things worked around here. He is not mine to fix. He is who he is. But, FFS, Can’t you help me cross paths with someone who wants to turn to me and say yes?” The story in my head is rejection, rejection, rejection. And no one sees all that rejection but me. It cuts. Finding the Toro online felt like finding a needle in a haystack and the fucking needle has no eye in it. So, for now, online dating is done for me. But, its not even about him. Its him and the Sag and my ex-husband, and even psycho Pisces who – as soon as I asked for respect – cut and run. I’ve even gotten OK with being single. I’m strong and I like having space and freedom. But when I meet someone I connect to on the soul level like a magnet, its hard to let it go mentally. So, I have to work on that. I have to get rid of the story of rejection and just let it be what it is. Its just so much mental turmoil and churn over it right now. Bit of a ramble there.

        • Its like, holding on to the story of what the Taurus said or did now is holding onto the conflict. He’s said he doesn’t want anything serious and is disrespectful to my time. Done, right? FFS. Churn, churn, churn. I’m sick of putting myself through the washing machine.

        • Ouch 🙁
          Not a ramble imo, is v clear. Neptune Chiron is like walking into a darkened room and being given a Chinese burn every 2 minutes by persons unknown. You have no idea what is going on all you know is that it sux and you want it to stop. Sorry weird analogy but hey.

          Yes of course you develop the connection with these people, and it stays… I get that.. I wish I Cld share insight about the patterns.
          Maybe we are all fixer-uppers in our own ways, and those ways change in that persons own time, and the trick is to meet the person whose fixing-up we can live with (/ are content to live with) as it is. The roof leaks but we know where to put the bucket, that sort of thing

          • Yes it is true we are all fixer uppers, but there is a diff between a house that needs some new paint and a house that looks condemned. I keep getting the ones that should be condemned and it is perfectly ok they go to that demolition pit in the sky. Who cares if it’s historic. Dynamite it.

        • OMG you need to start reading !!!! Urgentismo!

          I’ve been on a similar track…rejection…no commitment, fixer uppers, etc. This blog REALLY sorted me out.

          Yes to getting rid of the rejection story, but most of all about taking control of your situations and making it all about you from the get go.

          I liken these false starts (and yes, some of them were such beautiful, deep connections) to a car that I really like.

          Yeah, so the car is fucking awesome and then you find out that it can only drive a 100 miles and then it’s going to break down.

          Is that what YOU really want? What if it breaks down at some crucial moment when you really need it the most?

          Do you want a pleasure cruise that’s a dead end or do you want a long haul trucker?

          YOU are the buyer. It’s about what YOU want.

          I’ve also learned from this blog what it actually means to value yourself. I was surprised to learn it had nothing to do with whether I was as perfect as I wanted to be or how good my ego was doing.

          I place the value on myself by accepting nothing less than what a valuable person receives.

          I treat myself how I want to be treated and that projects “high value” to the universe.

          The fucktards CANNOT go near a person like this- they have nothing to work with.

          Oh and so much more…jeez I could go on. I’m kind of staging a romantic revolution right now with Uranus transiting my 5th. It’s a million miles a minute quantum leaps into a whole other world.

          • Thanks! Baggagereclaim is awesome!
            I know its my attitude. Me-first is really new for me. I keep trying to make it about someone else.

            • I spent some heavy time with around this time last year and found it really helpful. I can relate to all you are saying about a difficult-to-shake mindset of lack, and trying to change that story, and trying to keep yourself in focus. I don’t have any answers but one of the things that helped me was talking about it and realizing it wasn’t this doomed, chronic, uniquely awful situation. I think everyone feels like this to some extent when they’re looking for their person and it’s taking awhile. It sucks but you’re not alone and you’re doing yourself an amazing service by sorting yourself out and remaining as open as possible. You don’t get any awards in the real world for doing this type of work but it is work and it does matter and I very much believe it is worth it.

            • Aha. It is indeedmost definitely about you. Not in a “do my bidding” way. But a “is this personat a place within themselves where they are likely to be able to meet my needs in a relationship in a way that I might also do my best to meet theirs” assuming fairness and reasonableness. If the facts and evidence do not stack up early, a compassionate abandonment may be your best option

        • I am one of those people who feels that everytime you have to hold yourself back with…don’t LZ on this one…don’t LZ on this one…it just kills your ability to love in general. Eventually done enough times will make you a jaded person who doesn’t believe in love because you are always holding yourself back.
          But yeah i feel you because i’m in the LZ club, life long member.

          • Yes. There is a difference between exercising some restraint early in a situation where there is a mutual attraction, to allow the other person room to be/move/see (likewise they you), and hankering after a figment that is never going to happen.

            • Very true. But how often do you find out that a poss love prospect is a dud by like 2nd or 3rd or 4th date before you’ve had sex? Very often these duds don’t reveal themselves u til you are way invested. But yeah if only people showed their hand early a lot could be salvaged. The one who cares the least has the most control over the relationship.

  24. So, I see and read all this stuff on the zap zone squares, and my chart has a heap of squares and I wonder if this means I am destined to be an agent for change? I seem to have been a lightening rod often – sometimes even unintentionally though often I force change if I find the status quo rediculous. Um, high count for Plutonian too. Anyone else?

    • I think everyone is an agent for change. Even if you were identified as such, it wouldn’t put you more in control of the situation. Like, sometimes I find myself saying things and I know its going to have consequences I don’t want personally, but I also feel compelled to speak clearly and after its like “man, Universe used me.” So be it. And maybe that’s all just ego-talk anyway. Only thing you can know is that you are you and must be the most authentic you possible. There’s no score outside yourself on that.

      • The universe used me – perfect description! I’ve been told a couple of times now where organisations that have raised my ire and therefore my need to move the deck chairs later talk about systems pre me and post me. However, sometimes this urge to ‘set the bastards straight and on the path to honesty’ has cost me dearly in my 40’s. Sometimes a suggestion has galloped off in a direction I had not anticipated and I’m dragged, along for a ride I didn’t expect!

  25. My first return of Saturn is also this xmas evening. My body has gone crazy at this point, I barely sleep and when I do it’s at very irregular times (if I sleep at all). My return will last up untill 20 dec 2017 so it bodes an interesting 3 years to come. I was turning super darkside following my mars-scorpio instincts up untill May this year when I started excersizing a couple of times a week to get my body shaped up a bit more. I also explored the world of psychology and the occult the last 2 years and tried to combine them.
    So on the one hand I guess my intuition guided me to explore my darker fantasies before I make my first return, and I know how to control my energies in physical excersize. On the other hand…i’m pretty confused by my life at this moment, which I don’t mind, but my habits used to be to know every possible future outcome. Now I don’t.

    • Well the big Uranian influence is that you (one) can’t know every possible outcome!

      Just trust yourself to be able to meet most contingencies 🙂
      It certainly helps if your body is fit.
      At beginning of zap era, I went through a year where I was barely sleeping, traces of dreams etc. in retrospect I think my body was recharging, and re configuring.

      • I will definately keep my body healthy! I guess that’s it then, Uranus I didn’t thought of it i’m quite new haha.
        I skipped a night sleep so I would sleep well this night and it worked, it’s monday morning over here and i’m ready for this day 🙂 thank you Zap Zone ^_^.
        Thanx for your reply!

  26. Is this good astro for ex’s getting in touch? 2 ex’s, sendin nothing but emojis…. Whaaaaat am I meant to do with that? am I meant to find it cute?

  27. Late 2012 was when I began my new path. All was going so well. Than in November 2013 something major happened and affected EVERYTHING. Than this past April and September I made major decisions and the last 2 months I have been aligning everything so I can commit 1000 percent more to my path. I am hoping all the chaos of the last 12 months are a thing of the past. Every Tarot reading says so but damn, it’s hard to let go of subconscious ish when externals have hammered those anxieties into you.

    I am also more than ready for Saturn to leave Taurus. It has been loooong. Enjoyed a crush but let it go as no point pining over those who make no moves. I am ready for a whole new life. Cleaned the house, cleaning the heart and mind. Bring on the future. I suspect, and the cards confirm, abundance is pouring in and life is going to better than I expect on every level. Awesome – I’ve paid my dues and I am overdue and beyond worth it! <3

  28. Wow! Mystic you have so perfectly summed up my situation with this last bit…’some of us may also be surprised by how much Saturn in Sagittarius (from Xmas Eve) could be super-candor right after the long brewing of Saturn in Scorpio. Also…it’s like an arrow being drawn right back, to be let rip with Saturn into Saggo/ Uranus Direct in less than ten days.’

    I’ve been waiting more than a year to find a way to tell someone how I feel about him, and I suspect he’s also waiting for the ‘opportune moment’. It’s an insanely complicated situation. He’s Aquarius; I’m hoping something will ‘give’ when Uranus goes direct. And yes, the whole Saturn in Scorp about to go into Sag thing really does feel like a dam is fit to burst. I don’t know how it’s all going to go down, but I’m so frikking ready for this situation to change. Over it, big time! Feeling the intensity massively right now.

    • Oh and I should have mentioned that Pluto has been sitting right on his Venus (at 12 Cap) for ages now, so the ZZ must be affecting him big time!

      • Interesting that your crush is an Aquarius with Venus in Capricorn. My former crush had the same planets. Lawd, I hope it wasn’t the same person – LMAO!!! ;P <3

        • I had a crush on my Aquarian for nearly 14 months. A tonne of unsaid strong vibes between he and I, too. If it’s NOT the same human, in sync much? ;P <3

    • I’ve had Pluto on my Venus and DC for awhile, I too sense someone has had long-held secret feelings for me in a complicated situation, and that something will give soon – At least all my horoscopes say so.

      I feel like I am like your Aqua guy in the moment. If I may ask, why haven’t you said anything earlier?

      If our situations are anything alike on an emotional/mental level – he’s known about it and has waited a long time for this moment. Good luck with everything.

      • Thanks for the good luck wishes Anonymous, I can use all of that that I can get in this situation.

        As to why I haven’t said anything… fear I guess, on so many levels.

        I feel so connected to this guy, we are great friends, but there is a huge age difference (I’m way older) and I’ve got all the attendant ‘how could he possibly find me attractive?,’ ‘you are totally delusional’ self talk going on. My gut/heart tell me one thing, my head another, and other ongoing situations in my life mean I’m not ‘free’ to be with him, not in a conventional, socially acceptable sense. So I’m afraid of the fallout if something were to happen, and I’m also scared stupid of messing up a great friendship if I’m reading him all wrong. Fear sux.

        • I’m hearing you LexieL! And I think we’ve talked about this before. You shared the Saturn opposition in synastry article didn’t you? I found my print-out of it the other week and was reading it, so good.

          I’m in such a similar situation, same reasons, same self-talk! I really am hearing you and sympathising! How I have grown in patience and strength through it this year though. Mars forever in Libra was frustrating but exactly the schooling I needed. I found July-September hard but the eclipses began shifting stuff internally for me and things have been beginning almost imperceptibly to move recently. How about for you?

          Funnily enough it’s ZZ centraal here too. April’s hit was on my 13 Libra Venus (which is, yes, under a lengthy Pluto transit & he’s heavily Plutonian). But, similar to your guy, he has several planets straight under Pluto now, so he’s also being zapped. Which comforts me slightly when I feel like I may be losing the plot 😉

          Interesting times ahead. But you know, I’m in no mood to rush anymore. I’m just enjoying taking things slow 🙂 Best of luck to you LexieL! X

          • Hi LotusFlower, soooo good to know I’m not alone! 🙂

            I don’t recall talking about this before but anything’s possible given my current state of mind!

            Yes, Mars through Libra, what an epic thing that was, and I too have had to employ more patience that ever before. I am not, by nature, particularly patient, but it seems to me the slowly slowly approach is the only one this time. Highly unusual for me!

            I don’t know about things shifting with the eclipses. hard to say, I’ve felt stuck in a rut for months now, but, as you say lately… something is definitely moving. Roll on 2015 is all I can say (I told you I wasn’t patient 😉 ).

            Best of luck to you too LotusFlower, and Anonymous! X

            • Was it you who posted the Saturn opp Saturn article last summer?? It must have been – otherwise there’s a third person out here in the same sitch!

              So glad things are moving for you too. Are you getting past the ‘not attractive’ thoughts? Think Vivienne Westwood, Tilda Swinton, Sam Taylor-Wood – all powerful creative women with much younger men. Older women are ATTRACTIVE to open-minded younger men. In some situations, I just don’t think it even matters. Or even it’s BETTER if the woman is older?

              For me a major part of this blitz of the ZZ has been a 3rd eye/vision clearing thing. So it has been about really really clearing the mind (inane chatter & tbh endless negative thoughts), so that the truth of the heart – which knows what reality is – can shine through.

              Think about that for a second. If the heart knows, and you are feeling this in your heart?… I’m just saying – try applying a no mind or an I don’t know mind to it and let the heart lead the way.

              The Power Path’s November & December monthly forecasts were key to putting that thought in my mind, but it only just dropped in the past couple of days.

              Putting it into practice (no mind – wtf!!?) is kind of insanely easy & hard all at the same time. So not used to it – “what, it would be better if I did NOT worry!?” – but wow, so amazing if it really is true that allowing life to be magical really is the best way to let it unfold wonderfully. (My Virgo moon trembles at the lack of control, my Neptune rising LOOOOVES it!!)

              Blessings on you & your process. Glad I am not alone too! X

    • I am almost certain that I didn’t post anything about Saturn oppositions in synastry. I’m very curious to know about it though. So LotusFlower, you reckon there’s another of us out there in Mystic Land with this little (not so little really) conundrum? Very interesting. I hope she pops up 🙂

      Thanks so much for your inspirational feedback on older women/younger men. I was aware of Tilda (love, love, looooove that woman) and of Sam Taylor-Wood. Interestingly, I had forgotten all about her, so I Googled the name and I now recall that her story actually inspired me to think that what’s happening in my life isn’t completely unrealistic, especially since the ages of those involved are almost the same. Wow! That was a while ago, thanks for the reminder! Brilliant. I loved that movie too, will have to watch it again.

      The ‘not attractive’ thoughts wax and wane. And you’re right, I don’t think it does matter. It’s really about soul connection, so what is age? Meaningless really.

      The third eye clearing thing sounds interesting! And as for no mind, ooooh, what an appealing thought. I might just have to try that.

      Thanks so much for your invaluable feedback; it is truly appreciated 🙂 I’m keen to hear how everything goes for you; please keep in touch and all the very very very best to you LotusFlower XXXXXXX

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