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David Lachapelle

Mercury in synch with Pluto and Uranus IS a super intense Xmas Day, translating the Zap Zone of Uranus-square-Pluto in case we’re not getting whatever it is we are meant to be getting yet.

Thank fuq for the Moon in Aquarius. Objective, lucid, detached & HIGH on psuedo-intellectual-astro-bitch pheromones. The news is more what-the-fuqery but we will prevail.

The January scopes will be up in a few days but in the meantime, please process your seasonal experience/Saturn into Sagg/Mercury-Pluto-Uranus findings here if you like!

Oh and happy birthday Jesus, though i am still not convinced he was Capricorn.

Image: David LaChapelle – Jesus Is My Homeboy

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242 thoughts on “Your Own Private Christmas Club

  1. This Christmas day I had the privilege to spend the last few hours with our beloved and cherished old pony, Rosie….as always during her life it was her way or no way. She was a maker of crying children, bruises and no fence was ever made that could hold her but she never ran away. She was a good teacher.
    She is not our first animal (or person) to die around the xmas/new year period, in fact, we have a bit of a track record here, so I was wondering if anyone else has similar experiences or is my astro just cursed??? WTF is it with this time of year?

    • Pets come under our 6th house – I would see if you have something going on with planets in that house. Maybe check to see if Pluto is doing anything there?

    • So sorry about your beloved Rosie! What a spirited soul πŸ™‚ Would love to hear more about her.

      A couple of weeks ago I laid to rest our 5th animal family member since Thanksgiving 2013. All I can say is… Rebirth. Transformation & rebirth. Sometimes we are the teacher & other times the student. I think a wise teacher is always a student πŸ˜‰ Blessings to you x

          • Thanks for that. Sun is opp my north node, and transiting my 10th house. Nada in the 6th. I think maybe it has something to do with the solstice? Anyway, my daughter and I missed xmas lunch with the in-laws (which is good) and got to spend it quietly together, treating Rosie with her favorite things (caramel coated macadamia nuts -one for you, one for me, carrots and raisin toast) while taking turns propping her her up until the deed got done.
            We loved her lots and I hope she counted us as worthy herd members. It took her 2 years to work out how to operate a door handle, but for the last 14 years she would come to house every morning, open the back door with a flourish and whinny for her breakfast. I shall probably have to invest in an alarm clock now.

            • Wow what a clever girl! She really is part of your family. 16 years… How wonderful for all of you to have that time together. And such a perfect last day… oh my heart aches for you! Strength & peace to all of you during this time. Long live Rosie x

  2. The more numerous the comments get here, even the fussing and fighting ones– or esp the fussing and fighting ones, the more apt that Jesus pic above it all becomes. I see a great social commentary in the pic re the way women are regarded by society… Fuq all the misogynist writers and their twisted messages about women in the bible: Jesus respected women. I like to think it was because he understood how burdensome and complicated it can be for women to make their way in a patriarchal society, much like the daily realities of the poor in an elitist culture… ? *shrugs*

    I’ve been a HAZMAT crew of one over the last 24 hours, purging every possible trace of viral infestation from my abode. So glad for the waxing moon energy: without it, I don’t know that I would have had enough stamina for this endeavor. I’d like to smudge too, but our bronchials are still too tender for the smoke. So I wait.

    Just consulted the Oracle re what I need to know right now, and it said, “A new animal companion awaits you. It’s a soul connection.” So so excited πŸ˜€ Happy Saturn into Sagittarius!

    • Aw, I hope you get your animal companion. Last night I watched The Black Stallion. A cinematographer, Carroll Ballard, directed it instead of Francis Ford Coppola(apparently he didn’t have time, he produced it. TMC has a pre and post movie chat with Drew Barrymore called The Essentials).

      But the interaction of horse and boy and the cinematography is so beautiful. I got tears at the end when he wins the race and it flashes back to the beautiful scenes of the boy and horse on the beach.

      Got a gift for my youngest daughter and her husband’s dog. Said “well, I ~am~ her grandmother after all lol.

      • So awesome you remembered *all* your grandbabies, even the hairy ones πŸ™‚

        I know just the scene you’re talking about: saw that movie a long time ago, but I remember that scene… Have you seen War Horse? Omg that movie touched me beyond words…

          • The movie Divergent was on the other day.

            It’s about turning peeps into killing robots thru mind control.

            The way they find out if you are divergent (cannot be categorized or controlled) is by sending you on a mind trip that they can observe.

            If one figures out that the mind trip is not real…the reality they find themselves in (created by their own fears) is not real, they are killed.

            Really peeps, cannot emphasize enough that your freedom is through your own consciousness and connection to Source.

            Don’t worry, I’m not going to preach πŸ˜‰

    • I’m hoping Saturn square Neptune shakes millions out of their sleep walk before the Zapping commences. For one, Prez Obama just undid a whole bunch of regulations meant to protect consumers from predator banks, and there are no batteries in the smoke detectors. Just silence in pop media.

      Kind of related, I read that Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is considering a go at US presidency in 2016, on the democratic ticket. The plot thickens!

      • I used to listen to Bernie Sanders when he was a regular guest on a radio talk show. He seems to have his head screwed on straight.

        After the festivities died down, Xmas day had a rather eye opening talk with Pisces/Venus in 8th son in law (he is a financial director for a tech company out of Irvine CA that does business in Asia)..We have talked before but this time I listened more closely..

        He thinks the stock market is going to go up up up and then about 2016 it will pop. He is investing now and then will get out and buy gold. He thinks there will not be a federal government in the future but rather run by the states and a monetary transition that will be quite harrowing for many.

        In any case I’m going to do the gold thing and do silver pieces and nickels. Told him I resent having to do this crap but I have to protect myself just in case.

        (Sorry but I didn’t read the link…)

        On a brighter note, glad you are feeling better Scorp. Have a Happy New Year (All) x

        • Thank you, Sweetpea, and good to see you πŸ™‚ Hope you and your fam are well.

          Yeah, Bernie… It’s early, but I’d vote him before Hilary. Yep.

          Many tidings of comfort and joy to you xx

  3. For PC. It is easier typing in a new box.

    No, it was not personal wound. My ex and l are very amicable. No, it was as l’ve said. I felt for a little while, now there is some man bashing goin on. If l said the analogous same things about my recent femme l’d be hounded as a misogynists.
    Yet when, seeming, misandry gets called l cop flak. You’ll notice l said “seeming” bcos it may not have been intended; by you or others.

    Eg: in the “Dating the …..” the men are *****, ********* & ******** but the women are great. With statements like that how would you convince a man of the astro?

    That’s my position. I hope we can bury hatchet. And no l dont need for you to respond to my posts. I get my laughs all over the place. So apols to you PC.

    • I don’t know why you feel you have to apologize to anyone, YotC. You’ve done nothing wrong nor said anything offensive, as far as I can see. PC seems to be rather bitter and is lashing out and taking it out on one of the only males who bothers to post regularly. Her arrogance in her responses to you in this thread is ugly. Pity, because sometimes she can be amusing.

      As for misandry, it’s true that if the same things were said about women, as some women here say about men….well, let’s just say that it would get ugly. But I’d like to think that the majority of women here are intelligent, enlightened and well beyond that, and are just venting spleen….. But it’s a valid point that sometimes needs to be brought to notice.

      • Yes to your main msg. You know you’re on a winner when ppl resort to sarcasm. It’s like ‘playn the [person], not the ball’. If you can’t get some one on a valid point, go below the belt.

        Most of the femmes on here are great; a few grate. Whoops, there l go again with my silly little puns. Rest assured, they will continue unabated

        Anyway, l’ve made my po.nt. I got Aqua Moon. Means l hate unfairness, and will call it, and l forget / forgive easily.

        • I gots the Aqua Moon too – I can understand you about the hating unfairness and calling it out, even if it gets you in armpit loads of troubles. Partly the reason why I go Anon here, bc sometimes ppl just spew venom at you when you dont say anything “wrong” at the time but they remember how much they disliked you another time… ppl’s perceptions can change and ppl themselves can reflect and change but I dont know how much others remember that in waking life, but I find most commonly that ppl like to hold you to a rigid idea after theyve deemed theyve formed a “correct” conclusion – whatever that is – and keep you in that box. My Aqua Moon detests that the most. Ppl will do all sorts of sh*t I wouldnt resort to, so yeah… Anon I am.

          But I dont share your wonderful pun ability… hehe. Wheres your Mercury at YOC?

          • “sometimes ppl just spew venom at you when you dont say anything β€œwrong” at the time but they remember how much they disliked you another time… I find most commonly that ppl like to hold you to a rigid idea after theyve deemed theyve formed a β€œcorrect” conclusion – whatever that is – and keep you in that box.”

            in the context of this conversation, this is LOL

            • Something I will agree with Prowlin’ is someone probing your wounds. And she apologized if that was the case.

              I’ll tell you something.

              Something that Prowlin’ said in a few sentences that resonated for me back when…

              She talked about how substance abuse and so forth is because someone was traumatized and had yet to process that stuff…
              that was me..

              And yet, that open wound was used as a weapon against me.

              I hope you all are proud of yourselves…those that did that to me..Yes, I was an ass at times but I was HONEST about the fuq and did not hide behind
              Anons and such.

              At the end of the day, it’s not like cyber space is gonna completely rock my world apart, but people have feelings..

            • Gem daughter burned U2’s cd because she knows how much I love them…

              This is my current fave. Are we so helpless against the tide?

            • I disagree. Everyone has some kind of wound – Chiron! Hello. If not, then something that pushes our buttons at least

            • You’re right: we all have wounds & scars. Comes with the territory of being human.

            • Umm… just to be clear here…. just in case some assumption could be going on… not all the Anons posting in this thread are just one individual. I feel like Anons in general are being given a bit of a cold shoulder by some. I can understand it seems weird and maybe it seems like hiding to you, but I have my personal reasons – none of which have to do with hiding from you guys. I feel like every comment should be judged for itself, I wont be playing any popularity contest/clique-ish things. Uber Aqua Moon here.

            • I feel exactly the same way. I want to say things pertaining to the topic. Don’t want to be a persona nor get votes nor be liked – just want to exchange POV. People too judgy and can’t separate opinion from persona – but that’s just me.I also respect the others’ choices re this.

          • I give a lot of credit to the fair minded here on this blog. Someone on the thread, above, said that some ppl say they have their stuff together and that others, almost always the others, are the ones who who have baggage! Not one person has it all together. Astro knowledgeable or not. When its ‘always’ the other person, you have to wonder…..
            Knowing your 5 personal planets and their house placements, esp ya Moon, help with knowing how you do realtionships.

            I got Uran Leo@15Β°1H & Merc Leo@19Β°2H. The house cusp is @17Β° Leo.
            This, along with my strong Uran/Aqua inf & 1HSun/RamSN are my major Yang stuff- about 33-5% of my chart.

            • The astro degree comment was meant to go here…

              Darlin’ don’t let that Aqua Moon get ya too logical now…


              And no, I won’t reply to any more comments or posts. Was my NY sign off as it was…just five days off was all..had time..

              “If you go your way and I go mine”…U2

            • I like your posts. Never understood what ppl said about you a coupl months ago. well l live in. Uranalogical world.

              HNY to U2 SP. I like Aries peeps and the prisoners policy

  4. Saturn in Sagg observations thus far:
    Zero desire for alcohol. Besides the solstice, for which red wine was required, I haven’t had a drink since the shift.
    I only want to eat Vietnamese food. Meat is so unappealing.
    Reconsidering career goals in light of megalomaniacal side. I am Jupiter, sun, and Apollo rising, Aries SN, and an oldest child. I HAVE to be the boss. How this is gonna work, I have no idea, but somehow it will.
    On that note, current role model: Father Yod.
    Theme song: Babelogue
    And lastly, I have officially crossed the Abyss. Feel it in every fibre of my being. Am now “allowed” to do serious magicks. Picking up the Goetia for realz. Wheee!

  5. Guys I’m leaving now for my very first 10 day vipassana retreat…will be in silence for the new year. Taking “stay stuck and you are fuq’d” to heart this year, wanna start out 2015 clear. Thanks for being such a supportive and rad community…it’s amazing to hear about all your journeys/evolution and share mine. Happy new year astro bitches!!!

    • Have a great time Rache.
      Was contemplating the difference between “stay stuck and you are fuq’d” versus the zen version “Let go, or be dragged”.
      As in Vipassana it is about being ok with being stuck if you are stuck. It’s more ‘seek ye not the highs nor avoid the lows but remain equanimous regardless’.
      You probs know all this anyway!
      Have a great time, hope you find you have some extra etheric muscle after! You often meet pretty interesting people at Vipassana too. Much luck and love to you Rache, happy New Year!

      • Just looking to see if anyone has done it and what their experience was. It’s not as common as reiki it seems, so just looking into it. I’m wondering how effective it is too.

        • Soul retrieval is a way of talking about things, so it’s not as specific as it sounds as lots of healing paradigms approach the same topic from different angles.
          In any case, healing is a journey, you can’t heal what you aren’t ready to face yet.
          So it is a process of shedding in a way, shedding the old skin, the pain, the fear.. Then when you get to the point of reaching out to the parts of you lost in time and space.. it’s a wonderful healing! A deep acknowledgement, release and embracing.

          This kind of work is really individual and you end up telling personal stories and they might be really pertinent to you, or just a cool story. Now I am thinking about a client of mine who had a moment in an alternate consciousness experience of deep fear while in a child’s body. Died lost. This was a really clear case of ‘soul retrieval’ as a part of her child self was roaming an area alone, separate. It had ramifications in her life today.

          But not everyone will experience this, your experience may vastly differ. And all alternate life recall is kind of a soul retrieval anyway if you think about it.

          The efficacy of the work is partly dependent on the practitioner and how skilful they are at getting the ‘splinter’ out, how able they are at guiding you to the best healing once the problem is sourced – but largely it depends on how fearlessly and lovingly you can perform on the stage the practitioner provides, as in some way, we are really healing ourselves.

          Best of luck with it, I hope you find what you are seeking, πŸ˜‰ .

          • That was a really excellent write-up, thank you Sphinx. Are you a soul retrieval shamanic practitioner?

            I was recommended a lady in case I was curious. Not sure how to tell how good one person is in terms of another, but a friend of mine saw her so I trust that.

            I’m really loving the way you worded it all though… Rolls around my mind in an interesting way. I hope I find what I’m looking for as well. Thx again xx

            • Yes, but I find the titles don’t resonate for me as I am not indigenous aboriginal. But the work is the same.

              Glad you have someone you like to check it out with that sounds good.
              I would add as a practitioner that one session is rarely going to get you where you want to be, so if you like this woman’s work and you feel confident with them go back again.
              Repairing an energy field is not like surgery, it’s more like getting a massage and moving the energy from where it has been to a new configuration can take a few sessions.
              Sorry, that’s one thing I have to explain to clients who immediately get suss as they worry it’s about the money, but it isn’t, it’s just that shedding isn’t about ripping off the wrapping iykwim, that would be poor work done & I always just want the best for the client and be sure the work done is solid. πŸ˜‰

            • Yes, but sometimes there are other considerations. Like you may have made a commitment to someone extends to other lifetimes. Maybe this lifetime is all clear, it’s not going anywhere, cords are cut, but next time you will try again. In that sense, they may be ‘around’ your energy field. So to qualify, I just have to say you need to see the history of the relationship on broader terms, as in your soul’s development, your karma, your commitments that made elsewhere don’t always translate well here to this dimension. Again, there are so many flavours to healing and what that means for you is so personal… πŸ™‚ But if you are having trouble cutting cords on your own, I recommend looking into this option for sure.

            • Sorry, I just hang out here for astro fun! I am happy to share info of course, but I like to keep my worlds apart, partly as I write lots of personal stuff here. Thanks for the vote of confidence tho. πŸ˜‰

            • in true Scorp moon fashion πŸ™‚

              I’m terrified of this new personal page thingy Mystic has planned for the site.
              You won’t be seeing my profile on here. 😯

              I share way to much too. Saggo moon can’t shut up. Scorp sun is constantly aghast. LOL

            • Oh what a shame – don’t really know much about you anyhow through here, not very regular and can’t keep track of everyone neither. I can respect that though. Thanks anyway πŸ™‚

  6. Diet – going well. Feel like I’ve hit another layer of healing my gut. Intense cravings but emotions under better control.

    Been super lazy all week. was supposed to finish a couple of applications. I have lost the momentum I had when I was still at work and had better routine. Aiming to get it done and emailed to the contact who has offered to check through my application by Monday.

    The Uranus-Pluto thing that was supposed to be massive this Dec was absolutely nothing. No arguments, no love, no communication or anything. Ok apart from someone approaching me who I’m not even interested is maybe the Uranus direct in 7th house the only thing I feel is lazy lol. So I guess apart from Mercury retrograde that affects me when it comes around since I have a stellium in Virgo but now I feel that the Zap Zone is less about others and how I relate to them and more about my independence. I’ve had to learn to stand up for myself since 2012 and guard myself energetically. Now this zap zap and the one in April feels like it’s more for me. The zap zone wants to make sure that I’ve learnt the lesson well.

    Seeing how dec has gone – I don’t believe that anything BIG will happen for me in April. not in terms of relationships anyway. All the forecasts for Libra have been about past loves (Jan retrograde) but I think it’s not best for me to dwell too much into it. Just do my thing and if the Leo is still interested (I know he is but wont approach) he’ll come otherwise I can let go with grace. I have really enjoyed focusing on myself and the returns have been great so I want to keep tasting this success.

    Any virgo suns, libra rising, sagg moons want to chime in with what has been going on for them under these skies?


    • I can only comment as a Sagg mooner – there’s a pileup of planets in my 7th at the moment and I have decided to remain happily single and remove myself from any dating pools once and for all. I have realised that I really am happily single and toe-dips into relationship territory only reinforce what a time and energy suck romantic relationships actually are – with the time and energy being sucked going in one direction – from me to them.

      At my age (early 40s) the dating pool appears to be limited to men with an incredible amount of emotional baggage that they have not acknowledged or addressed. They have not let go of their first marriage in one way or another, despite the self perpetuated delusion that they are “over it”. A quick probe quickly reveals resentment towards the ex, resentment over maintenance payments, resentment over how the ex crushed their poor fragile little self esteem and a whole pile of ridiculously judgemental and shallow attitudes towards women. I abruptly ended a brief interlude with a multiple Sagg/Scorp on account of issues mentioned above and his moody, self absorbed narcissism which was both tedious and boring. Seriously I just could not be bothered spending one nanosecond longer with this person, deciding that I would prefer to spend my spare time alone or with people who have some capacity for honest self reflection.

      Luckily I have an excellent pool of friend peeps to spend time with and work/study areas are all going exceptionally well. I have nothing to complain about and am really happy with my choice. πŸ™‚

      • haha, helloooooo Saturn in your Moon sign? πŸ˜‰

        this sounds just like where I got to during the recent Saturn in Scorp sojourn. I’ll make time for something extraordinary if it comes along….

        • hehehe – true dat. πŸ˜‰

          Although it has only just entered the early degrees of Sag and my moon is at the tail end of it (bordering on the end of 6th/start of 7th house). But already it DOES feel like I’m applying a rational, cost-benefit analysis to all things pertaining to my emotional health, nurturance and stability.

          • Moon in sagg 0 degrees 3rd house So my moon is right at the start. cost benefit analysis sounds familiar.

            Also my mother went for an endoscopy the day Saturn went into sagg. Linked? lol

            3rd house – siblings = my bossy younger sister. But Saturn didn’t need to go into sagg to remind me of what she’s like πŸ™‚

          • Hang in there Prowln! I just got done with Saturn transhitting all over my moon and it was an intense and bitter transit for me. I got immensely ill and felt like I would never appreciate love again. I can’t say anything has shifted in the physical world, but things look brighter in my mind.

            • Yes I’ve been reading of your struggles PS! Actually, despite all kinds of accusations that I’m bitter and twisted about men, I feel accepting and empowered by my decision to stop looking – perhaps that didn’t come across in my original comment. It’s freeing to realise that this is not where I’m at right now (relationship seeking) and so I don’t have to expend any more time on something I’m not that interested in and that I don’t particularly enjoy (especially dating).

              For me it’s been a journey of realising that I seek a deeper connection, a spiritual one if you like. The guys I have dated don’t want to go that deep, or are not capable of it right now. They seek what I call a recreational girlfriend. Someone to hang with, socialise with, dinners, movies etc and of course have sex with. Nothing too challenging. This leaves me cold – thanks Pluto traversing my 7th & 8th house for all eternity. All my relationships these days – friends, colleagues, even acquaintances – are actively on a spiritual path and the connections run deep. The conversations are … well not for the feint of heart. My particular path is tied up with community service, mental health and reforming ideas around community attitudes and beliefs towards mental health issues. It’s an absorbing and fulfilling path. A potential partner needs to be on board with that otherwise we’re just not going to be able to relate to each other.

              Plus between 3 units of study per semester, two jobs, running a household, volunteer work, gym and hanging with my cat – who has time for dating! πŸ˜‰

            • “a recreational girlfriend”

              Ah, yes. That’s what I was to my ex. I was very unhappy and bored despite the good bedwork, but that wasn’t and isn’t enough to sustain me.

              I have natal Pluto/Mars and Uranus in 8th house and Psyche in Scorp.

              I want something deep and spiritual or nothing!

              Mystic’s soul mating guide for Psyche in Scorp advises not to even bother with anything casual.

        • Yes! Exactly where I found myself after Saturn visited Libra, home of my moon & also my 7th house. So very glad for that transit.

      • Haha… oh I so hear your Prowln!! πŸ˜€

        I’ve come to the same realisation myself. Not even going to get into my story, suffice to say I am exhausted and that was BEFORE the date and I just couldn’t even be bothered meeting him. What a waste of my time!!!!

        Saggo moon 7ΒΊ in 11th house.

      • Yes to valuing yourself and your single life — friends, career, interests, loved ones. That is what has kept me going. Plus of course art. I would like a relationship, a lover and companion, but it has to be on my terms and enhance my life, not detract from it. I am accused of being ‘selfish’ or ‘too fussy’ but too bad. Can’t see the point of being with a man just to have a man. And no, I’m not gay. I sometimes wish I was! lol

        • You will just have to trust me… Being a gay woman is worse!
          Most lesbians want to look and act like men. Then of course we come with society defined baggage.
          If there was a choice.. I would be straight.
          I think the issue is, most people are not prepared to do the work it takes to be a responsible loving multiverse being.
          Living by universal law takes tremendous courage, strength and let’s be honest a frequently necessary solitary life..
          I’m currently ???? on vibrational level 5-7 half cut, breatharion expressed by bees latte…????.spiritual test = persecution

          Perhaps it’s not the time for partnership?? Perhaps we need to focus on living and loving ourselves so we can sort this planet?

          Anyway in a round about way I’m agreeing … The thought of some half arsed indiv going anywhere near my body gives me the creeps.

      • I do miss sex and physical affection, but I’m not prepared to put time and energy into a relationship unless I’m valued and respected by a partner, who is also willing to put in time and energy. As my gran once said to me ‘Getting married and having children isn’t the pinnacle of achievement’. Not wanting to dis anyone, but I wish the almighty pressure to be partnered (and this also affects men) would go away and we would be seen as humans in our own right πŸ˜‰

        • i’m still traumatised by the last guy I dated who didn’t respect my time and I have so very little of it these days being so focused on my art degree. You know how it is – we need lots of solo time and I haven’t met anyone who has his own life or even capable of being alone. I don’t want someone to cling to me like a barnacle. It’s suffocating, It would be nice to have a lover but it’s so time consuming and energy draining.

          A guy I nearly went on date with said I was hard work – why? because I have principals and standards!! And because they couldn’t be arsed putting in ANY fuqing effort to communicate, to be on time, to listen OR to work on themselves. It’s exasperating!!!

          I think the self aware gals like us here find it harder to meet our match. Lucky we enjoy our own space. πŸ™‚

        • I love your grandma for saying that πŸ™‚

          And I second your take on society’s view that partnership is the be-all & end-all.

          It’s not.

          I don’t want kids (it’s just not for me), and I doubt more & more if I would be able to ever be married, purely because I love my space & doing my own thing SO MUCH.

          Regardless of our choices, I think it’s important that we know ourselves very well – as Pi said, self awareness is incredible, even if it shows you you are different from that which mainstream society expects.

          “To conform is to give in.” – Jean Paul Gaultier

          • me too Lady L. Have never wanted kids never been married, never lived with anyone either and just starting to realise maybe I just can’t. I love my own space way too much!!!!
            Sure a partner would be nice but dating requires effort and I couldn’t be bothered and after so many disappointments I just can’t go there anymore.

            Bit disappointed that Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton have split after 13 years. I thought their living in separate houses situ the ideal living situation

            • I know! I found that (HBC and TB splitting) sad too. They seemed very well suited, and liked their model of space within a relationship! πŸ™

      • Self awareness is so hot. I can’t stand being involved with men who have not deeply reflected on their position in life and taken a productive, progressive and constructive view on themselves and others. Of course we all have blind spots but that does not mean living blindly. Better to light a candle than curse the dark as they say.
        Hugs prowln x

      • This!!!! This is so how I am feeling about guys at the moment. I do know I myself have a ‘broken picker’ and I have my own issues to look at as I always pick unavailable guys. Alrhough I think my eyes are more open now and I see the bullsh*t quicker.

        In my experience this seems especially true of the creative types. It’s like they want to date someone who looks like they stepped out of Frankie magazine and want this jetsetting hipster job cool looks amazing on social media lifestyle.

        I am torn between wanting a ‘big’ life too and being happy with what is while dabbling in my interests.

        There is guy at work who I had a crush onand thought he was interested but no wait he finally mentioned he was in relationship. And now kid on the way. But has now asked me to hang out. The more I get to know him the more he sounds like the guys you mention here. Maybe we can be pals and I can give him some advice before he effs things up for himself (don’t want to rescue or anything though, now backing away from situation).

        • kid on the way sometimes makes ppl look in a panic towards other horizons….I think you’re smart to be circumspect Porkchop. good luck, eyes on the prize (you!) x

          • Yes i think the situation has got him panicking a bit. He could be chatting up 10 other chicks too. I feel dumb for being an LZ for a while but I have been single for almost 6 years with not many crushes. Head is back on straight now. I read a good mantra
            the other day ‘om grow up’ lol.

            • haha, that’s good πŸ™‚ the astro version could be ‘om do Saturn’ πŸ˜‰

              i don’t think you were dumb, you just didn’t know he was attached at first, which in itself could be an indicator of his comfort with that commitment.

              I’ve been single over 6 years but I’ve been doing similar work to you, and I think it’s important to make those breakthroughs before you go back into the fray. stuff like this has to happen to give us practice, or reference points.

              It’s interesting how unavailability sometimes gives us an opportunity to practice with healthy specimens, if we are those who have a broken picker, or a history of picking broken men. I think I’m past that now, but have to learn to be open to the available.

              When I have time πŸ™‚

            • Yes has been good practice and a good learning experience in a lot
              of ways… And it goes to show that some people look like their lives are cool and perfect on the surface but everyone has baggage and stuff. I thought he seemed like he was way more on top of things than me when I met him but don’t think that’s the case now…

    • Sheesh.
      I think (sorry) that most of what you guys have written is about your awareness of what rocks ya boat; of ya make up. Us PIABS (& l am one- MM said so) have a great headstart over da muggles. There is much [mostly] clarity amongst siblingship on this site.

      Some, of us, don’t exercise patience; maybe too much Fire or Air. Some have Sun/Venus Sq Neptune or the Moon in 4/5/7/8th houses. This can be a prob if you have lots Water (I have and l admit it). These, and other placements, cause some LZ, etc issues. Are we on top of ALL the issues ALL of the time?

      We all have to work with what we’ve got and take the haute, not haughty, road. I got Moon in 7th as well as most of my planets in Yin houses. I yearn a partner and security. I made something out of not much with a Femme (29Β°46′ Libra & her cjunct VenMars in Scorp favourable to mine in Vir) but that was not enough to overcome the discordancy between our Suns and Moons – hers Cap/mine Aqua. Mystic says my boat [possibly] comes in next year. My lesson? I gotta learn patience and work WITH the energy. Thats a lesson (Sun on 1H and Aries SN) right there.

      In case anyone thinks l am replying, specifically, to them; lm not. Otherwise l’d address em straight up!

      What l really wanta say is that ppl are at different levels of personal awareness. And to the uninitiated the tone about dating, sometimes, on some posts, could be, could; misconstrued negatively.

      Shoot me now

      • Christ what a load of incoherent waffle. Why don’t you just get to the point and say what you mean instead of tap dancing around like a Kat on a hot tin roof. πŸ˜›

        Clearly you were offended by the “tone” of some of these posts, so why don’t you just own it. The thing I can’t quite determine is what you were offended by? How does taking a rational choice approach to how one decides to invest their emotional energy equate to being haughty for example? And what is this patience you speak of? How is it helpful to apply patience when dealing with others who refuse to sort their own baggage and expect you to do their emotional homework for them?

        And in terms of offending some “uninitiated muggle” … well fuck me, that’s why I actually post on this blog rather than Better Homes & Gardens. If someone is offended by me sharing how my personal choices fit with current astrological influences – that’s their problem, not mine.

        • I will answer each paragraph on separate post. I only got access to a mobile atm.
          1st one
          Plainly l erred on side of not wanting to sound antagonistic. In person, l am much more bolshie.
          In such a forum
          its good to use decorum

          • Yes you are very bolshie, Katman, even without the “in person” part. It comes through. Sometimes I think you are focused so hard on what you feel are your yin bits, when in fact, 1. You have some very yang placements in your chart; but really, most importantly,

            2. Water can be (is?) one of the most yang forces on the planet! How the moon commands the oceans, the way a tsunami levels a city in one swipe, or a river effortlessly erodes rock. I know I know, all the time we hear, “Water is yin,” but as a woman with a chart that’s 80% water & without any Earth placements, I say that yin is only half the story ppl when it comes to Water…

            But I digress! What I mean to say in my reply to your comment is that I liked your insightful, authentic, “I am… bolshie.” Good for you πŸ™‚

            • I’ say that a majority of people on this site are “bolshie”. Especially those that accuse others of being “bolshie”.

            • Who said bolshie is bad? Read it again, without defensiveness. If I wasn’t bolshie I would have been dead & buried a long time ago. Problems come when we’ve yet to know ourselves entirely, or try to present as only half-ourself. Of course, it’s a life-long process– i’ll give you that. And yes, I’m bolshie as fuq. Bolshie is not bad: like anything, it’s all in how you use your power.

            • Water is bolshie. That was what– oh forget it lol. Bolshie me has other shit to do. You’re on your own.

            • And not only do I think you are bolshie – I think that you are fabulous!
              Peace, sister. There’s others that are bolshie and arrogant. You ain’t got none of that. You are a ray of sunshine. πŸ™‚

            • I did misread you! So Sorry: I mistook you for someone else :/ My own moment of defensiveness– touche! πŸ˜› #bolshiemaniaforlife xx

            • Wait– did I misread you? Cheezus I’m so confused. Apologies if I did. Lots of yang energy in the air & seriously I need to make good use of it & get some shit done.

            • Phew – I’m glad we sorted that out. πŸ™‚ Loved your take on water energy btw – awsome force.
              Yin and Yang forces are both equally as devastating and destructive as they are life-giving.

        • Para 2:
          “……appears to be limited to men…..”
          Sweeping statement weakens ya argument. It cant be that (all?) your experiences with men is as bad as you report. Maybe you need to go fishing in another river? The general tone of your interaction with men is dispiriting. Ypu’d go along way back to find a positive entry from you on the matter

          • I’m happily single. That’s my choice. I don’t need to broaden my dating pool because I’ve realised I don’t actually want a relationship of that sort.

            For the record there are lots of awesome men in my life, but most of them are a lot younger than me, connected to work and various other volunteer organisations I belong to. At this time I don’t wish to muddy the waters.

            • Was listening to Adyashanti video where he said you shouldn’t ask what makes you enlightened, but rather what makes you UNenlightened. Romance unenlightens me.

          • Just show me this ‘other river’ you speak of… have tried lots of dating sites over the past 10 years… have gone to various meetups for stuff I’m interested in… still rarely meet a man I relate to who likes me, and is single… as one gets older ppl are mostly partnered, happily or *not* Have read so much dating advice etc. and reflected on this so much that I’ve opted out. If you’re trying to defend men, you don’t need to, I don’t hate men, I know lots of great men and have some amazing guys for friends. And I’m not ‘too fussy’ I just refuse to settle. Not interested in following the sheep and conforming to someone else’s idea of what my life should look like.

            • You, GY, are an even handed commenter. The river comment was specifically in response to PC.

        • Para 3:
          You sound condescending in negative manner to ppl who dont know what we know re the Astro. You can condescend in magnanimous manner. Try it.

            • LOL there is something so perfect & the everything in a plain old “No.” Love it.

          • ps. I find your posts, your tone and your writing style incredibly irritating as well. Which is why I don’t engage with you often. Perhaps you could try not engaging with me if what I say doesn’t resonate with you.

            • Follow the posts. you engaged me. I spoke generally. No reference was given to you (or anyone else) & not just to todays post.

          • NB: some unitiated go on this site. And some would find the tone, of your entries (for example), arrogant.

            You can howl me down but there would be tacit agreement, from some on here, with me. And yes some wouldn’t.
            As S Wright might say
            “They who throw mud, lose ground”

            • I just think you’ve got the shits because I don’t pay you the attention that you are always desperately seeking …

            • I would happily talk to you but l feel you are antagonistic to me. if you want to respond to me fine. I just ask that you be measured and nuanced. Ta YoC

            • Upon reflection it looks to me like something I said unintentionally poked at an open wound. Others seemed to get what I was saying, hence my confusion as to your reaction. It seemed as if you were taking it personally when I was not being personal at all. But getting open wounds poked is unpleasant so I apologise if what I said caused you any pain.

      • I am skipping all the other replies to Katman as there seems to be some kind of argument developing, and say my 2c which is: ‘re the last para, I agree with you. a 23 yr old reading this would be at a vastly VASTLY different position to someone ~20 years older who has been in the ring a few times and has given and taken their share of KO’s (hopefully not actual KO’s).

        As for me I did that “all men who are like *this* ” generalisation up there which is prob quite blah for someone else to read (sorry for blah-ness) but yeah it’s true for me I guess. Some stuff is not negotiable, for me, these days. Sadly. Blah.

        • I didn’t find it generalizing, just a report of her experiences in dating middle-aged men. Same goes for you. There’s nothing to debate or apologize for when it comes to our experiences: they are what they are.

          • Exactly! I took offence to the comment by Katman that Prowlin’s comments (or mine for that matter) could be “misconstrued negatively”

            Well, Yes! They ARE negative because that’s what my experiences HAVE been and I’m not going to sugar coat that.
            Nor do I want to waste any more of my time having them. I’ve had positives too but they are few and far in-between or fleeting.
            “You’ve got to accentuate the positive
            eliminate the negative” πŸ˜€

            • This responding is hard bcos atm lm gettin over a 4 day migraine and typing on an old S2.

              Scorpbot, your posts have consistentency about them. Tho they broach negative issues they are constructive in their assessment. I have read your posts, over the past yr that lve been on here, & applied your advice.
              The patience l refer to is to wait it out to find a partner (if you happen to be looking for someone- l speak generally). Definitely not wait it out once its clear there is no give n take from other party. I was not meaning that.

            • I’ve been patient enough Kat.
              2008 was the last time I was truly in love with someone wonderful and where it was reciprocated.
              Since then it’s been lots of crushes and brief meaningless and sometimes meaningful encounters that go nowhere but not unusual for someone like me with Pluto / Uranus / Mars in Virgo in 8th and Uranus square my saggo moon. That’s how my astro rolls. Happy to have a fling – but even finding that is hard work and I I’m fussy about those too.
              I need to be with some intelligent otherwise I lose interest.

              Oh well. Back to my art

            • They have to be good looking as well.

              I have a shallow Venus in Libra. It’s the fly in my ointment

            • *correction – not 2008 but 1998!!!!!!

              2008 was when Mystic predicted my ship would come in – Pluto Cap on my Asc.

              The ship must have disappeared in the Bermuda triangle. LOL

            • Dunno what to say to that. my first post was not singling anyone out. I just have been thinking how some of the things said lately, dating wise, were a little unhinged. It got me thinking that muggles, who could be persuaded by astrology, might be turned off. I usually like to post quirky lighthearted stuff but will venture into deeper subjects. l will say it: some of it misandristic, whilst some is legitimate.

          • Hi A8.0.
            I got 7 planets in Yin signs + KatAsc & 3 in Yang + Aries SN. Also 7 Yin in houses & 4 Yang counting nodes. Having said that Uranus is a prominent planet in my chart being in the house of Aries along with my Sun. Plus the ‘handle’ in my bucket chart being in Aquarius. My Leo ‘look at me’ Merc/Uran conjunction is hard for some to cop. I do try to tone it down. But hey, its flavoured Leo!

            There were some ststements above, that did not have qualifiers in them. This leaves the statement open to beong thought of as a generalised statement.
            I have read things on here, that if the sex was reversed, there would be, justifiably, outrage.
            Something about gooses and ganders.

            • Well all I can see is what’s in front of me here on thjs thread & I don’t get what’s got your knickers in a bunch. So I’m putting on my jaded baggage carrying middle-aged man specs & giving it ankther go…..oh there it is! Oh u poor dears victimized by these cruel haughty entitled women πŸ™ what can I do to make it better? Shall I cook your favorite meal? Wash your socks? Draw you a bath & put your favorite show on the tellie? There there it’s nkt u it’s them. If they were nice they’d all be married by now of course but there’s only so much to go around of a catch like u sensitive men. I’m so lucky πŸ™‚ can I massage ur feet?

            • At least l name myself. my speln is bcos when l type here all the letters are on top of each other. Jealous of the spelln? l dont think u r! But.l bet ya jealous of the wordplay. That’ll getya fired up!!!

      • “ppl are at different levels of personal awareness”

        yeah we all know YoC but that doesn’t mean having to wait around patiently for someone to catch up and become a crazy person in the process. Especially when they don’t meet you half way. Takes TWO to do the work.
        If someone is wearing down your self esteem, fuq being patient. It’s time to get outta there. I am not waiting around for someone to reach my level or bring me down to theirs when they would be better off with someone else on THEIR level!

      • Guys!!! Let it go!!! You are arguing on a blog!! Go enjoy your lives! In the real world! Neither of you gain anything from continuing this any further!! come on.
        with respect,
        Pi xo

        • I’ll be countn on you for your geograhical assistance, O, Captain Adventura.

          It wont be for lack of tryn to work with the NRG!

        • Oops was that Scorpbot and the boats or whatever floats.

          That was a seriously weird discussion from my ancient perspective. It was also about sexual tensions and some erroneous blasΓ© blame laying towards each other in this time of peace and goodwill toward Mankind.
          Opinions damn Opinions.
          Lucky i’m a Mutable.
          Everybody go drink some French’s the answer to any questions.
          Have found new label LENOBLE Brut cuvee intense, how Moet used to taste before it wasn’t worth the money for the fizz.
          Watch those bubbles rise in the flute with Heavenly Adagios playing, featuring Debussy, Bach Mozart.
          Thus spake Pegasus.

          • That’s definitely where I was when my ship came in. I hate the water! Prefer flying!!!! πŸ˜€

            Re opinions – I’m a Scorp with Merc Scorp. Can’t help it. I’d keep them to myself if I didn’t have a Saggo moon.

  7. Thanks to the smart and compassionate peeps for the Taurus advice above. Responding down here because today is totally different.

    I got my first paycheck from the new job for Christmas. Got my first-ever signing bonus too. I just sat down and did my bills and forecasted out and I’m crying in gratitude and this amazing, quiet sense of grace. Just magic that I could go through the whirlwind, keeping tabs on every mistake I made, and come out landing on my feet like this, facing the sun. Literally, out of the dark and into the light. My last house was so dark. I love my new home. And I am in a life that overall I can afford. I can take care of my family. I’m uselessly crying in gratitude over that right now. Ha ha! Thanks, Saturn. That second house transit really did me right in the end.

    And that grace, I am sure its there in each individual’s life, carrying them forward in their own way. Maybe not the story of finance like mine, but something. I keep trying to turn finance into a love story, but its the story of my independence. Life really does live us in the end and there is such grace in that.

  8. With this year’s hard work I bought the things I set out to get. Delivered at my door on Xmas Eve. A very famous guitarist of a very famous band shared a video I uploaded. I had dinner with my dad and gave him presents. Very accomplished on the outside, very sad and empty on the inside. My little sister is forced to spend the holidays broke where the in-laws constantly belittle her and I miss her terribly and wish I could get her out of that mess. And my unrequited love that makes me feel lonelier. Went to a show to feel defiantly alive and festive but it just wasn’t real and I took a cab home.

  9. I feel like I am having the last of something beaten out of me, I’m really tired, and have just been cooped up holiday wise. I have had like no alone time and crappy sleep for a few days straight. Its to the point that I am realizing that maybe I really am a slight misanthrope at heart. I don’t even know if I really do like people anymore or if I just hold myself to the ideal that I should like all people when really that isn’t the case at all. Maybe I should stop pressuring myself against some nameless ideal of being friendly to all people and realize I am just kind of a bit more on the recluse side. It doesn’t mean I can’t or wont improve socially. Its just something else, I feel like I have been aiming for something that maybe I don’t even want. Maybe I just want to be mostly left alone. Maybe I don’t even really like people. Also, I spend time and energy out of obligation, out of duty, I wasn’t aware of that. But I do that all the time, I give in and hang out with people. Maybe what I really want is to actually have more alone time or something.

    ANYWAYS. Merry christmas you guys. Something is in the air, something has been broken down completely and I can feel it at all times and in all situations. Something has run out, hope you guys are dealing well with it. Its been amusing to notice in myself that I just have run out of certain things and things I had disdain for feeling freely just have been running over and I just deal with people and don’t care. Not in a bad or unfriendly way. Good luck you guys, keep your cool and keep fightin.

    • Realizing you are truly an introvert is empowering: you must steal yourself away regularly from the external people & goings on to nourish & replenish yourself. Forcing yourself to act like an extrovert, to be like the extroverts around you, will only fry your circuits. Extroverts need the interactions with others to recharge; introverts need the opposite. Do you & you will find your beautiful spirit renewed, again & again πŸ™‚

      Merry Christmas xx Wishing you the respite & solace you seek, david.

      • My problem at the party last night had to do with this issue. There were a lot of people younger than me and I had no friends there and getting to socialize was becoming increasingly difficult. I was only making conversation with the DJ and I could not dance. I started a new medication and I couldn’t drink and there was this girl that I couldn’t stand just being all out there getting on the stage and dancing in just being the total opposite of me and it became overwhelming being lonely there in the middle of all these people. That’s why I left, I don’t consider myself completely introverted but sometimes I don’t get energy from people I get energy from certain people and I feel like I don’t communicate and it makes me feel sad when there’s no connection there.

  10. The ex’s significant other suggested to one of the teenagers a few weeks ago that she had to choose which parent to spend Christmas with. So there we were, all sitting together at Christmas dinner: me, the teenagers, the ex, his SO, and other happy family members. I had a lovely time.

  11. Jesus was way more Sagittarian IMHO. I dont know what to make of this Mercury Pluto shnazz – with Pluto squaring Uranus on top of my Venus, or Saturn in Saggi on my Ascendant – all is eerily quiet although I did have a Uranian run into an ex – almostsomething which was unexpected, but hardly thrilling. Its like I have lost all interest in the opposite sex since the Cancer went MIA in October. I guess I am really doing Saturn right now. Yawn.

  12. Seen on FB: stop using my sons birth as an excuse for rampant capitalism and follow his example. Care for the poor.
    Signed God

    Love it!
    Got through Xmas day without any fights although mother was driving me up the wall. Looking forward to new year! Peace and blessings to all.

    • LOve it Yogi, ain’t it the truth. Xmas does not turn me on at all BUT was invited to friend of friend’s place that had the most delicious lush array of seafood the quality like i haven’t seen before topped with bottles of bubbles.
      Oysters & Champagne….thought i had died and gone to heaven. Ocean heaven!

      Hope you had a sweet day with loved up ones.x

      • Yum, sounds lovely Pegs! Yes the food and drink was good, ate too much then had to have a lie down. Traditional xmas stuff. Now relaxing which is good πŸ˜‰

    • Congrats on your triumph, Gemyogi! Xmas can be such a magical time of year πŸ˜‰ Peace & blessings to you x

  13. I once read, somewhere, that Jesus was born on 29 September, which struck me because that is my birthday (no, NO, no messianic delusions on my part, fear not). I can’t remember what the basis was for that postulation, but… there ya go.

    Anyway, it seems fairly obvious that the church conveniently ‘birthed’ good ole JC on that day cause it suited their ripping off of yet another pagan festival. He could have been born any time. Just saying πŸ™‚

    Season’s Greetings to all in Mystic Land. XXX

  14. multiple Cap from Melbourne, driving around Sydney in a rainstorm completely lost, couldn’t read the road map coz the print too small for 53 year old eyes, going round and round in circles, no bearings because I don’t know Sydney at all. Meanwhile, a beautiful fleur libre passing away as we speak. She asked me to take care of her carer when the time came. I’m honoring that promise. But there are frictions rife between the two ladies in her life. It seemed impossible for this Cap to galvanize them, Its such a sensitive time for everybody and there is no script for this. Yes, it lead to a minor melt down, finally on my part. Now they are having dinner together after their long day in the hospice. And, I did find my way through Sydney afterall…I don’t know which is the bigger miracle! It’s a sad chaotic time, but love abides xxx

  15. I got my (Virgo) eureka flash—when I FINALLY stopped thinking about it….it was a bunch of advice at the back of a book I’d been reading all year and finally finished in a moment of ‘whatever’…..BINGO, it was ALLLLL there! The scopes never fail to deliver.

  16. Ooh, I feel your pain re Neptune square Saturn, you write it so well. Hope it passes/is transcended soon, as all things are eventually?

  17. I was really hoping Uranus direct would be hot love action (Uranus transiting my 7th) but it was a poor-me message from the Pisces that turned into hate mail as soon as I responded with “I’m glad you left. My life is better without you in it.” I fuqing hate that dude. I try to be all peace and love, but he disgusts me. Everything about him – there is no point where he has empathy for others or guilt or shame about himself. I hope he disappears.

    I forced a confrontation with Taurus that went about as poorly as I expected it to. WTF is wrong with me? I have so much going right in my life – my amazing daughter, interest rates dropped so I can refi and save, good credit, great job, why the fuq do I focus on what’s going wrong and out of my control? This is my Saturn third house transit question. I need to go on a diet, exercise, nail down my thoughts and my time. But all I want is a family (Saturn will cross my IC before leave Sag). I want a full table. A place to share. I have my daughter, thank God. Do I sound ungrateful? I feel ungrateful and astonished by my success at the same time. I am so sick of being alone but feel someone destined to be alone, like a leader must be in some sense, even in a crowd. I hate it.

    I had a dream some dude I couldn’t see was tattooing a 7 sideways on my arm. So frustrated because its prime, the number of the virgin – am I destined to never fuq?!? Cause it feels that way. I posted the dream to FB and Uranian Scorp replied he was having the opposite dream – tattooing a sideways seven on someone he couldn’t see. He is in town, doing tattoos, but I just had one done. Last time I had a tattoo done because I saw it in a dream, I ended up paying to have it removed. I have found my visions to be unreliable distractions. Its heartbreaking to say that. Neptune square Saturn, much?

    ffs, my mind is just running me right now. Soz for the rant

    • With the exes, it is just better to not engage and stay silent. Don’t reply to emails, texts etc. The only one who can give you closure is you. It is so easy to get sucked in! I had to go cold turkey as when we were in touch I was always comparing myself to mine and making myself feel like shit. I don’t believe in being all peace and love either – I have Venus in the 8th square Pluto in the 5th. It’s important to feel all feelings, including rage, etc. I would never physically hurt anyone or say out loud the hateful thoughts but I am also not a Buddha or a saint. I’d rather feel pissed and deal with the feelings than suppress them. And they’ve mellowed over time and I can understand why things went the way they did.

      I often gocus on what’s goung wrong and I don’t think I am a drama queen or a chaos addict, but I come from a very very dysfunctional family and I think I am not used to feeling that everything is okay in my life.

      You don’t sound ungrateful. This is a tough time of year, tough time to be single, and really, tough time for relationships too, and brings up lots of stuff. Lots of hugs and treat yourself well.

      • I normally don’t respond to him, but he’s been sending me messages for months now and I want him to understand I am not responding because I don’t care about him any longer. He said he won’t contact me any more and I hope that’s true but suspect he’ll be back in spring. This is the downside to knowing astrology. The last zz in April was sorting breaking up with him, Uranus direct is hearing crap from him, so my romance stars for spring are kind of slatted the be the same?? It sucks. Its like borders, borders, borders all the time. You know, maybe he is here to push me to accept my born again virginity. Because if breakups are like this, its not worth the fuq.

        • I think I have a ‘broken picker’ and this will be something I work on in therapy soon. I pick unavailable guys. Like I am a love addict and they are love avoidants (like the pia melody book).

    • It is as simple and as hard as just switching off that channel in your mind. It doesn’t have to be switched on. It’s the annoying, whingry friend telling you life is shitty and lame and awful and nothing good ever happens when, if you look around you, on basis of factual evidence, your life is in fact perfectly ok. You’re doing your thing, other people are doing their thing. Choose happiness. Why worry when you can not worry? Not wanting, not lacking, not ruminating.

      Like a Buddha thing I read recently:


    • Heya 12th πŸ™‚ don’t go getting yourself in the vibe of making yourself feel bad because you have feelings that contradict other feelings or how you see (or think you should see) yourself. Tis the season… Capricorn is loaded, Aqua has the Moon and Mars and Uranus in Aries = give yourself a break. Feel what you have to and let it flow through and not linger.

      I had a day that went from looking good to ok to not so then back to ok .. got a smidge of good and then went nup! Consequently I bailed on a 3 hour late night drive country on roads that were wet and foggy (that I’d recently gone through flooded some weeks ago) with a dead gps, some guesswork, faith, all my gear that isn’t stored and a mixed bago of conflicting emotions.

      Feel them and let them flow through and not linger. They don’t define you if they don’t become you.

      Centaurus x

      • Thanks. I’m totally pissed at myself for being hung up on this baby Taurus. I keep getting in an anxiety loop. Its horrible. Those are the feelings I am processing. Not my highest evolutionary point. lol

        Having a house party tonight with people from way back in the day, like, last-time-I-had-a-Saturn-3rd -house-transit back in the day – way back. Uranian Scorp is supposed to be coming. I’m nervous he’s going to try to fuq me. Its funny how I want things, then with delays I realize I don’t want them, then I get them. We’ll see. He’s in an open relationship. I don’t do open relationships.

        I don’t know what the deal is with me and the Taurus. But I know, I’ve been stuck before. And I get unstuck and think wtf was I thinking? x

        • Trust yourself 12th… your divine self, your wise self.. whatever you call that part of yourself who knows you can get in the mix, feel what you feel and still be ok in your core.

          Not knowing or oscillating is a great way to stay stuck I’ve found personally. I usually try to call it one way or the other and stick with that feeling/truth… irrespective of wanting it to be something else or liking/not liking. It’s a better launch pad to one destination or another but the swing just goes back and forth crossing over the centre for a glimpse of truth and disappearing so the swing becomes important because it creates the illusion of glimpsing the truth but in fact it is the illusion.

          Is ok if you do. Is ok if you don’t. You are good either way too πŸ™‚

          My only disclaimer to all this is to be clear there is no energy projection incoming that is confusing. Sift what is your confusion v his confusion and then work only with yours.

          House party sounds fun.. or interesting… both? Enjoy catching up with everyone!

          Centaurus x

          • “My only disclaimer to all this is to be clear there is no energy projection incoming that is confusing. Sift what is your confusion v his confusion and then work only with yours.”

            That’s really hard right now. He was abandoned by his Mom and there is a moment with him that is TOTAL huge anxiety panic attack and its like it goes on for YEARS. I just want mine. I had a dream about it. I was scared to get out of the basement and see the higher levels of this thing. I’m tired of wading through the psyche of another. Does it really work that way? Pffft. I’m so not enlightened. πŸ™

            • Yeah that stuff can get hard to wade through for sure… when fog rises or patterns collide et al.

              Asking yourself what your investment in this is and then owning it and loving yourself irrespective of what you might find might be empowering. We can love authentically without attachment and it’s a pretty good space, expectation drops, fixing drops, neg beliefs drop but like all things in life they may surface again so perhaps what is he teaching you is another way to review.

              Monkey mind destroys all the effort toward insight… it’s just it’s JD, nothing personal πŸ™‚

              Don’t give me you’re not all that enlightened.. you’ve just temporarily lost sight of your path out of the forest is all and what does one do when that happens… they trust themselves and walk by the light of their own lantern… in faith.

              Sending you a hug xo


  18. Loving this holiday season but feeling weird about a love thing. Guy from work friendly, possibly flirty. Not upfront about having gf. Eventually find out. That’s fine, we can be friends, right? I tell myself this. We have common interests and I have fun chatting with him. Communication between us dies down for a bit then restarts (he restarts). Has suggested we hang out outside of work soon, go to a gallery (common interest). Maybe he won’t follow through (do I really even want to go?!) The thing is, at this point in my life I am happy with my single status and really don’t want a bf. And the more I get to know him the less entertaining and interesting I find him. And I would never want to have an affair. But I have gotten sucked into this and the attention and am kicking myself as feeling a bit wounded and stupid. Maybe he is off getting engaged during the holidays? I guess at least I can feel when old stuff is being triggered and then do some self-analysis. I don’t need some lame midlife crisis having guy to like me! I have Sun/Neptune conjunction in the 7th and old love zombie habits die hard.

    • And energetically he reminds me of my old serious bf and I get the feeling although we get along well as friends we wouldn’t be a good match for a romantic relationship.

      • Good old Neptune… I have a moon neptune conjunction and I get your love zombie issues. Sounds like you have good perspective, ride it out!

        I also think there should be a neptune support group, haha. We could start one.

        • I think deep down I can see what’s going on and isn’t interested but there is still a small part of me that likes the attention. No good can likely come of this though. Will just be professional and that’s all back at work.

      • Intuitively I think it is not a very good situation but then I wonder if I am being silly and that he only wants to be pals and has never had any crushy feelings…

  19. Word to the Aqueerias vibes, Word to the ?Z Z results not process, Word to Yayzeus (not Kanye) being on the cusp of Pisces & Aries ( alpha & the omega??), not Saturn-driven wood worker πŸ˜‰
    Stoked to visit someone else’s house for Ex-mass and see that forced communication and ripe dysfunction doesn’t just happen in my family ( to quote Jean-Paul Satre ala No Exit : Hell is other people . Feliz Navidad or whatever that means X

      • Spanish for Happy Xmas.

        I love a yarn. I like to weave in some purls. Some say lm bit of a knitwit.

        Xmas leaves me cold. I had German stepvater who beat us mercilessly, severely over 11yrs. We would get smashed from one side of the room to the other. But xmas seemed to be reserved for special vindictiveness. One xmas (in Adelaide) it was 42Β°C and we were invited to inspect the paintwork and skirtings bcos it was not snowing; or at least thats what we thought it was over.
        “Auch! Gott in himmel” if you did not wear your lederhosen in the prescibed manner auf der Fuhrer!!! Only thing of his astro l know was he was Aqua. Plus he was bi and had a string of toyboys down the road.

        So l renounced all celebrations at age 14. I buy presents for kids but l dont get anything for adults.

        I got Neptune(S) in Scorp in 4H.

        Xmas is just an invention of religious man.

        I got better. Understanding my astro make up with help from you guys is much appreciated

        • Not a fan of xmas myself, to say the least. My favourite xmas greeting is “Bones Festes” (in Catalan) pronounced in English. It’s more in tune with my feelings towards this season (festering family issues).

          That is one heavy scene you had with step farter… Neptune in Scorp 4th H sounds like a challenge if it goes via the low route fer sure….lederhosen (really?)

          I’ve got Chiron in Aquarius in 4th H. Everything challenging to do with this placement (unconventional and difficult family home, estrangement from birth parents) is true in my case. And Chiron opposes the stellium in the 10th H. So this whole family dynamic/heritage/karma is the constant thorn in my side. Xmas is a constant reminder of this thorn.

          But aside from that, I dislike everything about xmas – from the way it appropriated pagan festivals, to the mass commercialization of it and the pain that it causes so many people that don’t live in that cozy family environment sold to us as the norm.

          And yes, most definitely – understanding more of my astro has really given me lots more strength and peace…and as Albert Einstein said “Peace….can only be achieved by understanding”.
          *lifts glass and toasts astrology and PIABS*

          • I got Chiron in Aqua in 8th haus opposing my mostly Virgo 2H St. Your Chiron in Aqua prob sits funny in Haus of Crab.

            My 4H Scorp placement of Nep -All water. Of course as a clueless kid what can you do. Yep, lederhosen for Sunday school for 9 yrs. I said to him one day l dont want to go to hypercritical (mostly his hypocrisy) church. He said ok; l never went anymore as a teen. He left the same day Gough was sacked! Never spoke to him again.

            On celebration of xmas Bible doesnt say anything about celebratn JCs bday. All a bs con by bs artists

  20. Yay Aqua Moon! Made efforts to amp the good vibes today.
    I feel like if I am in balance, I have a lot of influence over whether a good mood prevails in my house. It’s a lot of responsbilitiy. I am not always responsible. πŸ™‚

  21. Mindful of the astro weather and with a hint of a summertime flu, I took the opportunity to bail from the first half of usual xmas day activities and extract myself from the usual divorced parents angst. Nicest Christmas I have had in nearly 20 years. πŸ™‚ Salad, chicken, sparkling wine and archiving my journal, mining for pattern recognition and insights as I go. A much nicer way to spend the day!

  22. Mystic put that keyboard down! I thought you were having some time off πŸ˜›

    Forewarned my n&d about merc pluto today. An aqua was unexpectedly zapped by maybe that, but all *seems* ok at the moment..

  23. Blessings for the season Mystic. It’s been another great year hanging out here in between fast track evolution. Enjoy some chill time.

    Centaurus x

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