Pre Saturn In Saggo Prep

Roger Dean

Saturn in Sagg.  Saturn in Sagittarius. It even SOUNDS crazy-fresh. But hey, how much did we learn about Sex/Money/Personal Power and the Scorpio area of our astrological chart this last 26 months?

Saturn in Sagittarius will shift things fast and all those lessons will be put to genius use. Sagittarius is ‘don’t fence me in’ –  Saturn IS boundaries.

If you’re going to be busting a few barriers, it’ll be with a schedule, a strategy and most likely even a well-thought out agreement beforehand. No point blowing any of that mojo/power you scored since 2012.  Here is one example of a Pre Saturn in Sagittarius prepper.
Hi Mystic 🙂

As a Sagittarius with a Capricorn Stellium, I just know Saturn in Sag is BIG (duh) and beautiful (as the best thing in life takes effort, i find Saturn beautiful). I was pondering about what examples I could find of this expression, furthermore, i was looking for a specific thing I could do for the 6th house in which Saturn has already entered (my 6th house starting off in Scorpio but is mostly Sagittarius).

And then it dawned on me; that what i am doing is EXACTLY that.
I am going for a 2 week yoga retreat on the beach in Jamaica, followed by 3 days in Kingston just chillin’
There are 2 yoga classes daily + a meditation class, i can’t wait to work hard!!!

I am going alone, and i have so much prep to do; this is my first trip, and even more my first trip alone!
This involves for me a lot of budget planning, a lot of not spending til i get there, saving up the money for my trip, as i have paid my plane tickets and made a reservation, but the 2000$ fee has to be paid there upfront.

So yeah.. funny for i was looking for an example of Saturn in Sag acting out, when i had it right in front of ME.

Thankyou for your always helpful astrology that focuses on evolving

Much Love



Image: Roger Dean

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109 thoughts on “Pre Saturn In Saggo Prep

  1. Saturn in Scorp has been all through my 4th house, opp my Jupiter in Taurus, squaring my Leo asc and Aqua Venus (both exact just now). As I am an early Piscean he will at some point next year square my Sun-Saturn-Merc 7th house conjunction. So I guess I don’t have much choice but to ‘do my Saturn’ (before he does me lol)
    I reckon I’ve worked the 4th house stuff pretty well, this year has been all about setting foundations and simplifying. Next priorities are about getting my health on track and reaching my career potential.
    Work Xmas lunch yesterday… perhaps it was because I was sober but I had one of those ‘OMG what am I doing here’ moments. Time to make a plan for moving on.

  2. Tay Tay needs to take note. She is another Sadge with Cap Stell.
    Stop collecting famous people & start expanding your consciousness. Shake it off, innit?

  3. so funny i am a capricorn with a sag stell and i am also about to embark on my own first solo trip to india for a 2 week yoga retreat!!

  4. I broke up with my ex as Saturn hit Scorpio in my 5th house. I’ve learned so much about myself and my true needs, wants, desires since then bc it was a particularly painful break-up. Have had zero interest in men for the last 2 years, which is different for me, but I had a lot of stuff to work through, and still do. I mean, I’ve never examined myself so objectively before. I’m looking forward to Saturn in Sagg – now Im finally turning pro.

  5. Sooooo looking forward to Saturn in saggo. Sag is my 8th and 9th houses. Saturn is currently in my 8th in Scorpio. And has been transitting my 7th and opposing my toro stellium for like forever (ok about 2 yrs)

    I love to travel and haven’t had the cash to do that for 4 years. But I have been studying Art (my one true love)!

    Hoping for more freedom, travel, inspiration. And a drought breaker. ????????

  6. I think that ultimately my Saturn thru Scorpio/8th house lesson has been about getting more strategic & flexible in thought. I anticipate Saturn in Sagg to be more about actualizing.

    • And hopefully this issue I’m having as of late with being unable to succinctly form a complete thought will clear up soon. Soz.

  7. My bundle chart cannot bear another round with Saturn. I get all antsy just thinking about what’s about to go down. Libra, Scorpio, Sagg is all I’ve got … and I’m just about fried from Saturn on my Scorp Sun/Moon/Merc/Uranus (11/12th). Saturn moving to my Asc, Mars and Neptune(1st)? I hope this is the part where my superpowers finally activate.

    • Tell me about it!

      I’m in the same boat…. LibraScorpaSaggiCorn.

      First a life long Pluto transit and now a round of Saturn…but really I think Saturn will be easier!

  8. My Mom the Scorpio/Sag:

    This has been her week…

    car accident (she’s physically okay)
    sprained ankle from a fall at a grand-niece’s concert
    caught a cold
    fell again at car place, just not looking where she was going
    rental car had dead battery and stalled out
    now, as I write this, the squirrel man (inspecting her attic for signs of squirrels that she is convinced live in attic–but they don’t really…) is cleaning up her front hall as he just stuck his foot completely through her atrium ceiling. She is white as a sheet. I think Saturn can’t leave her sign fast enough.

      • Thanks. And yes, she is what Tolle would describe as bound up in her thoughts to the point that her thoughts cloud her vision and–frankly–drive her to the point of “crazy”. I wish I knew how to help her. I’ve mentioned that she seems to spend a great deal of her time worrying and try to remind her to relax but this is irritating for her. So I walk a fine line to try to support her where and when I can.

    • Saggs are famous for falling over. We got a TV presenter in Australia famous for being clumsy with her words and 2 others are the only 2 ppl I’ve seen on TV, standing, fall over.

        • Lisa Wilkinson. She says the most obvious things and then becomes the clunkmeister. On the other hand Karl is just a goose. Ch 9 is a sheltered workshop

      • Yep. My mom could completely be still and fall over seemingly for no reason. At the theatre it seemed that way. Plus, I was gripping her arm and she had been gripping me but she just let go and went over almost in slow motion.

    • Yes, my stellium scorp mum had a car crash and lost her personality. Probably the most careless thing she could have lost, her body is intact but her soul wanders grey fields.

      I am hoping that Saturn considers her time up and that she will realise her chains are actually bracelets.

  9. Saturn is headed towards my moon neptune conjunction and its freaking me out a little. Not exact till November, but still. Thank goodness I found Mystic over the Summer and recently got my astro passages done.

  10. Saturn has entered my first house where it shall remain for most of it’s time in Saggo…I must say I rather like it.

    It’s edging in on my Venus as we speak and she could use a cold shower. I have been reading every possible bit of material on cleaning up my crap relationship problems and also starting to hone in on my values and my approach to money.

    Yeah…Saturn through my 12th house was useful but I am ready for some achievements the world can actually see. It’s been wayyy to internal the last couple years.

  11. So saturn in sag is about yoga retreats in Jamaica? Lol

    How about squaring Neptune? Or religion-beliefs-ideals being questioned? Just find “yay, I’m doing yoga on vacation” silly advice.

    • Dunno, body-discipline and a health regime reset sounds like not a bad way to start. Although I see your point, transits like this are like deep tissue massages , there are muscles and sore /stuff spots we never even knew existed within us.. until the thumbs get in between the surface muscles and crunch them all out.

      Me and my analogies

  12. Totally didn’t say how amazing LIVE FROM JUPITER’s trip sounds!!! Omg… Two weeks of bliss in the Caribbean…get me there! You have inspired my Saturn in sadge era 🙂 xx

    I was wondering…is there any chance… Just the slightest possibility… That Saturn in saggitarius could actually be… Just a bit…(Shhhh) .. *fun*??

  13. My gosh, that Jamaican yoga retreat sounds AWESOME!! Where do I sign up? 😉

    I’ve got Sagg Asc and was kind of dreading this Saturn transit after the Hell from Hell that was Saturn in Libra – and, now that it’s almost over, think I may even (don’t shoot me) MISS Saturn in Scorp? I LOVE this emphasis on elucidating power plays. In this transit I have kicked out a boundary overstepping psychologically coercive boyfriend and got rid of more phony boundary overstepping associates than I care to think of. 2013 was the year of wtf is up with folks??! And now I know – it was lovely Saturn working his/her magic through power play. And for this Libran – not a moment too soon to be learning how to spot a Qi vamp a mile off and to learn how to maintain boundaries. Yes! (phew)

    But now – Sagg. I’ve been getting a-itchy all autumn re my schedules and budgets and basically sudden amp in inability to get shizz done in the schedule my mind thinks I ought to be. So.. it struck me too the other week that, dang it, my intuition’s in tune and I’m prepping my Saturn in Sagg checklist. I have already got the tweaks to my daily routine and exercise routine planned to plug efficiency gaps and budgeting needs the same structure – new files are being planned as we speak. (Virgo moon is in heaven lol)

    But I have a pressing Q after reading the MM daily email just now – Venus-Pluto etc sexy powerful undertone to long-running but still nascent romance FITS. We are seeing each other tmrw night, in a crowd of people. How to play the sexy understated but most definitely TUGGING vibe, without losing dark moon / dark equinox, Saturn etc mojo? I need to KEEP IN my Qi, right? So.. has anyone got any advice/thoughts, please? Otherwise, I may go for a restrained smouldering looks vibe? Help? 🙂

    • Long running but still nascent? Isn’t that a relationship oxymoron?

      Sorry…i’m having a bit of my own love revolution here and just ended my long running but nascent dalliance realizing that it was never actually going to bloom.

      NOT saying that’s necessarily your deal but one thing I’ve learned is it’s actually all about you…NOT him.

      Perhaps instead of tugging (which should be a natural consequence of your sexy self assured vibe) you can think of him as auditioning…after all, you are the prize, and he better be damn good to be playing the role of your significant other.

      Stay chill, stay real…remember as long as you feel sexy that’s the most important thing. If he doesn’t see it/feel it than there’s no reason putting an ounce more effort!

      Best wishes! xo

      • Yes I like the sound of your advice. Cheers chick! Yes – all about my attitude and journey. A major healing journey. Wishing you heart strengthening and balm too.

  14. Well, I has entered my 11th house… and I seem to have lost one fairweather friend -> due to me putting limits on the amount of shoddy behaviour I’m prepared to tolerate!

    Room (and renewed appreciation!) for some solid & enduring friendships instead!

    Look at me with the Saturn keywords 🙂

    • Saturn has moved into my 11th house too. My Saggo moon lives there.

      I wouldn’t be too concerned with losing fairweather friends.

      I HAVE been thinking an awful lot about the meaning of friendships and boundaries etc. since my Cancer ex has tried twice to friend me on facebook and I’m just not interested in being friends – ESPECIALLY on facebook! and especially since he collects exes 😯

      Nobody gets automatic entry into my exclusive friendship club just cos we dated!!

      • Agree!! Just defriended the Pisces dude… Blocking too. We have this block each other connection.

        I will not let any guy I am interested in be my friend on Facebook!! It is horrible for new relationships!! LZ encouragement.

  15. Jealous… (1) going to Jamaica (2) the Yoga marathon. I wish I liked Yoga!!

    Enjoy!! Nice example to share for us novice astrologers!!


  16. As Saturn prepares to enter Sag, I am both excited and trepidatious. I have my Sun in Sag conj Neptune. However, Jupiter is transiting my Leo ascendant. So do I activate my awesome through discipline, restraint and sober assessment; or through optimism and expansiveness? I would love the insights of those who have experienced the same push- pull. Hoping to not just survive but prosper xxx

    • Saturn isn’t necessarily sober assessment. It’s wily, cunning assessment. But restrained like a poker face. Saturn can maintain a poker face and play awesome poker.

  17. “when someone reveals themselves to you, believe them”

    Yes but sometimes when I’m all glutened up and I can’t explain what is going on with me to the individual because of my health problems – and I am being spacey/grumpy/in pain/ rude/ emotional/aggressive should they believe the “self” I have presented here when I know that the above isn’t me? I’ve not revealed myself because what you are seeing is one person in immense pain acting out emotionally.

    How does the above work when its brief encounters and not with someone who knows you/your background?

    • I’ll give you an excellent eg of a brief encounter.

      When I was in bed with this guy I was love zombie-ing over he said “I’m not a safe bet”

      I ignored the comment or didn’t want to believe him. Needless to say it didn’t last long or even take off and his words echoed in my mind long after.
      He revealed himself t

      • Yes I think anon has it.

        Shifting moods and a frayed temper from short term circumstances strikes me as one thing , but sometimes there is something a bit deeper about how someone responds to the world which goes ‘ping!’ In our hearts/minds. It depends what’s relevant for us personally I guess. X

  18. Saturn in Sag will tour my 6th house. It’s not there yet, though. I think my 6th house cusp is 4 degrees Sag.

    Anyway….on this coming Monday, the 22nd, I am having that uterine fibroid removed in the hospital and I’m really nervous about it. I’m scared that something will go wrong and that I would have ongoing complications. I’m just very wary of medical procedures and feeling very worried. I’m also concerned about the anaesthesia. I’ve only experienced that a couple times, and it was disturbing to me when I woke from it. I am kind of a control freak about my body and so that level of loss of control/surrender makes me uncomfortable.

    I’m trying to relax about all this and trust, and do visualizations, and looking forward to the hoped positive results of this, which is the reason I’m doing it in the first place, to get relief, but…….. underneath it all, I have a lot of fear.

    I’ve got to pray, because I don’t have a lot of support..

    • Of course you are nervous, flowerchild…I’m feeling for you here.

      Am a bit of a control freak too (lol, Scorp asc), but have found a way to put that to good use, in situations like this where for the most part, I have to surrender e.g. One thing you can do is ask the anaesthetist (I mean, ask him/her before he says count back from ten) to affirm to your subconscious that operation is a success the minute you are “under”. Your conscious fear/mind won’t be able to resist that affirmation.

      Re the one serious op I have had, and a really, really serious one that my mum had, I gave those who would be in the op theatre strict instructions about this beforehand (read: I said you probably think I am a loony, but look my in the eye and promise me you will do this thing for me anyway!!!).

      I also made sure I was there as mum was still barely conscious after being wheeled out of the recovery room, and told her that she was going to break hospital records for recovery and never have same problem (bowel cancer, which her own mum died of!) again. She did break hospital records for recovery, and is a very healthy 85, almost 20 years later.

      I can’t claim it was my control freakery – nor even the affirmations while I/mum were under – that helped the outcome, but it sure gave me a sense of a teensy bit of control over the process. And I’d read enough to believe it would work. That helped me trust.

      Is there anyone who can be there as you come out of theatre who’d be willing to do that for you? If not, you could also ask the surgical nurse beforehand, to get orderlies or whomever to do this as they wheel you to the recovery room.

      Will send healing thoughts your way on Monday. Every bit has to help, right? 🙂

    • Hello lovely flowerchild,
      I understand your fearfulness. Hospital stuff is intense. Think of this though: you haven’t even had the operation babe. Worrying is actually going to do exactly zero for you.
      What can you do ahead of time that would make you feel better? Worrying and fear is not one of those things, I bet. I just want to give you a big squeezy hug and say you will feel better once the thing is out, and it is a bit of an uncomfortable process with some mental dealing and physical belong to do but just think!! In 5 days time you will be home and on the mend beautiful! Xx done and dusted. This is all you can work with. I’ll send you lots of supportive thoughts on monday. And I just love If’s solutipn.ta

      Where is scorporation..? She is the master of strong thinking…. Scorpy?

    • Scorpio is about regeneration and reproduction and elimination. Having the operation on the day Saturn leaves Scorpio tells me that Saturn is leaving his gift at your door. Think about it.

      take care,
      big hug

    • Hello again, flowerchild 🙂 Yes, it’s getting almost time now…

      Sounds like you’ve been working hard & doing all the right things since you broached this subject here last. So glad you are practicing the visualizations! Also, very proactive of you to reach out for support/share your stress. Writing is good too, always. If you haven’t gotten that book I mentioned, there’s still time.

      Can you write out your deepest fears & read the list aloud to yourself? Better yet, audio record it, so you can listen to it? Might sound like a weird idea, but I think it could prove liberating.

      • Also, taking a big time out from the whole thing could be really good too. A diversion over the weekend. Movie marathon, art museum, engrossing novel, whatevs to help pass the time & give your brain a break. xx

        • It’s time to still your mind.

          Whenever you start to worry, say “Stop!” out loud. Then redirect your mind to your visualizations: anesthetic is peaceful & pleasing, op is successful, recovery is quick & uncomplicated, your team are geniuses, your body is genius, etc. Again, saying these out loud is super potent.

          “Stop!” & redirect, 100x/day if need be.

          A pic you find calming (or empowering) can be a good visual aid too: you can call it to mind when you redirect yourself. And when you pray 😉

    • Sending good wishes… I sense the freedom of Sagittarius after it is removed, not a looming problem. Get one of those MP3 positive affirmations for pre-surgery things so that you use the power of the placebo to help you heal.

      • Wow! Thank you, thank you, thank you, everyone for your kind wishes and your super helpful suggestions and support! I will take everything to heart….. I wish I could print this all out and take it with me to the hospital!

        I will just read everyone’s thoughts and suggestions again and again over the weekend, and I am going to find a pre-surgery affirmation online and work with it over the weekend.

        Sorry for my late reply, trying to get stuff done in advance of the procedure, like laundry and getting lots of food in for next week in case I’m not able to make it out of the house for a few days….

        You all have helped me feel less alone in this, and I take that as a vital gift…….very grateful, and thank you all again! Happy Holidays!

        • All went well!!! Thanks again for your support, everyone!

          I wrote down your affirmations, AnkhRising8.0, and brought them with me to the hospital. Thank you! Those helped a lot!

          All systems go for the new year!

  19. As I type these words,

    Saturn is on my natal Jupiter+Neptune conjunction AND is opposing my natal Saturn+Venus conjunction.

    All that action is covering 2nd +3rd Houses AND 8th + 9th Houses.

    My Cap Moon is fanning itself with glee.


  20. Two years and two months of Saturn in the 7th lessons. I learned without a doubt that I have BIG power within BIG uber sensual vibes. I reconnected with my inner hypnotic Goddess and boy, was it fun watching the power I have over others in the creative sphere (I am an artist).

    I have come to realize the last 5 years was about moi creating strong, rock solid foundations both within and without (in home, family, creativity). In the last two years I learned what REALLY turns me on (like, what makes me insatiably hungry and horny). I learned pacing. I learned not to lower my standards or qi stalk someone’s vibes like I did when I was a teenager. I learned to let go (and just listen to my obsessive thoughts but not ACT on them). I learned that I don’t have to rush – sure, like is an adventure but most hearts need time to settle into romantic. sexy situations and that’s A-Okay. I REALLY connected to how powerful my passion and sensuality is and the effect is can have. I choose NOT to abuse that power. I suspect within the next 4 months a major love story is going down so I’m just rolling on, doing me the best I can and trusting I know a diamond when I see one.

    Salud, Saturn in Scorpio. God it felt long. Tedious. Could be frustrating. But it also showed me where I came from and what I have become and it’s a beautiful evolution. Cool, now let’s get it on with some major grown and sexy vibrations rooted in fun, sensuality, and reciprocal sexual true love friendship 🙂

    • “and boy, was it fun watching the power I have over others in the creative sphere…”

      OMG. The arrogance!!! 😯

      You’re a wanker

      • OMG like being an anonymous troll is NOT the most douchiest thing! Lighten up and enjoy language a bit more, idiot. We can’t all be faux spiritual posers!

        • No. Thinking you’re better than everyone is the douchiest thing ever!
          Faux spiritual posers! Ha. Why don’t you look in the mirror love.
          And while you’re at it, meditate on the difference between confidence and arrogance.

          • Obviously you have never experienced personal power and don’t know how to understand it without jealous envy. Once experienced-whether it be sexual, financial or just plain charisma, your life direction changes because you perceive yourself and others differently. You’re in the wrong place sweetheart if you’re looking for avenues in expressing self loathing.

        • Oh that old chestnut – that if you point out an unattractive quality in a person then you’re jealous. Pffft I have nothing to be jealous about. I just don’t gloat or boast about my personal power.

          Would a person with financial power boast about how much $$ to a person struggling “nah nah nah, I got more $$$ than you”
          It’s vile!!

          And arrogance is NOT charismatic!

      • hmmm you’re a tad off the mark anon. It’s a bit hard to reflect on personal power without actually reflecting on personal power. I just took it that the power The Baroness bespoke (I like how this comment is evolving) was closer to the surge artists get when they know they’ve created something evocative.

  21. Just finishing up with Saturn opposing my sun for the past 2 + years. lessons and successes:

    Career: amazing! found the job of my dreams, and working my tail off- getting paid well and great recognition

    Love: OMG. drought and lost all confidence in the dating arena. prob averaging 1-2 dates per year. havent been laid in over 1 year. dont even know what to say about that, but … oh well? no more love zombies, going after taken/non avail men … but i have zero going on overall.

    Family: worked on improving family relations – check

    Money: way better at budgeting and being more responsible. not perfect. but better.

    Health: all good but exhausted.

    I remember Saturn in my sun sign in 2000. WAY diff compared to this run. (better IMO)

  22. Well we might have some similarities. Saggi with Cap stellium but I’m a 7th houser and Scorp is my 6th and 7th but mostly 6th. Sag is partially 6th.

    My time over the last month and a half has seen me quit a job, pack up a house, move 2000kms and now currently living like a nomad until the new year. All of my stable structures (yes, the ones that appeal to my Cap moon and Toro ascendant) are gone and I’m now transient, drifting and getting a handle on my Saggi free wheeling aspects. Feeling a mix of lots of things right now and know that it’s just going to be whatever it is until the new year. Cranking up the reinvention vibe again but these last degrees of Saturn/Scorp and that Uranus/Pluto square presenting some hard corners that are insisting I skill up and relax and trust the ride.

    Centaurus 🙂

    • Oh but I do have the pip card so to speak with Mars in Cap and Venus too (plus the current transit) so…no matter which way the winds been blowing (and boy has it!) I reckon I got this 😉


  23. Saturn in Scorp:
    Boundaries. Check. Hard work-scheduled to the max. Check. Suck it up and get ‘er done. Check. Massive did-not-come easily-professional growth. Check.

    Saturn in Sag= Bring on some fun!

    My whole office seems to be loosening up from the freaky somehow. Still working hard, just not as scared.

  24. I have Saturn in Sagg natally- my Saturn return isn’t for a while though. I also have uranus in Sagg. this is all in my 5th house and squares some of my virgo planets. So I’ve been trying to understand Saturn in Sagg for a while now and what it means for me…how to work with this placement which just seems like an oxymoron.

    I am very creative but I have to work hard for it. For many years I doubted and squashed my creative ability. I just lacked confidence. Yet time and circumstances has brought me back to it. I am in school for graphic design. I have to be disciplined and have structure – work hard at it. Saturn is my teacher and I am slowly letting it counsel me. Saturn squaring my sun and Mars natally makes it all more difficult yet important.

    • I have Saturn in Sag natally too, in the 7th, at 12 degrees (this will be my second saturn return). I have to say it has baffled and challenged me to understand saturn in sag. As Mystic points out, it just seems like a stalemate of yearning for freedom and feeling so bound and limited. Saturn is really strong in my chart (moon in Cap, midheaven Cap, saturn trine uranus in the 4th) and I just can’t get my brain or heart or soul around the Saturn in Sag piece of it.

      That said….thank goddess that it’s out of my 6th house and almost out of Scorpio. The past three years of 6th house Saturn has left me exhausted (and in serious need of a beauty makeover – let me please be able to afford perfume again and not pour all my money into dental appointments!).

      • Good to know I’m not alone and I know exactly what you mean. Even though I try to make sense of Saturn in Sagg I don’t get it intellectually. How can Saturn function in a sign like Sagg? Saturn creates boundaries where Sagg hates them.

        Interestingly I have a Cap moon too and my Saturn is pretty strong too. And it’s just ridiculous how many times I moved when Saturn was in my 4th house Scorpio…

        • Yes, when astrologers say “do your Saturn,” I just wail. How? I honestly don’t know. I do know that when Pluto hit my descendant, 20 years ago, the most important relationship of my life ended and I’ve been pretty much alone ever since. So maybe Saturn will bring me a silver fox on a motorcycle for my dotage?

          You’re Virgo, and I have a 6th house stellium, and we both have that Cap moon – not an easy ride. Let’s be fabulous Leos in our next lives, with some shiny moon sign too.

          • Saturn does you, you don’t do Saturn 🙂 maybe a guide is that where you’re feeling constantly harassed or under the pump about something, or something just seems like a constant battle, that’s Saturn telling you to dig deeper, ask yourself (and some wise friend/s) some new questions about how you are actually operating in that situation. then act on the answer. If. The answer involves “cleaning up your act”, doing some kind of skills development in that area, being more responsive/respectful of yourself/others, improved accountability, that is saturn ish kind of things, in day to day life, as far as I can tell at least.

          • Lol, that’d be great. The moon somewhere where it does better, like in Taurus maybe …and a nice strong Jupiter, with plenty of trines. ha! If only.

        • Hmm. saggitarius isn’t all tanned babes in cutoff denim swinging a duffel bag into the overhead locker before flopping down to “archipelago weekly” behind a pair of cool sunglasses =.=

          Sag is also the sign of legal principles, international issues, religious beliefs, Philosophy, magistrates, shipping, publishing and knowledge systems, your postgraduate study, further education, … That sort of thing, as far as I remember… Lots for Saturn to whip into shape !

  25. Well something’s gone woo in the ether … payroll stuffed up my salary (helloooo I’ve been there, what – a year??!) and my washing machine stopped working. I’m going back to bed …

  26. Wow Mystic, right on point again. Just found out an account of mine has been compromised, got an email update of my recent activity and I know I haven’t been to some of the pages it’s been showing. Boundaries, yes. This is déjà vu for me, I think there is someone that has been hacking my stuff on and off for awhile. Not sure what to do about it except perhaps private investigator route, but for some reason I’m wary of that too a bit. Any tips from peeps here would be appreciated.

  27. I find Saturn to be beautiful and I do love a good Saturn transit.

    Saturn is about to be bang on my MC in Sag and will eventually cross my natal Uranus and then back to its origins (I’m having my first Saturn return now). All 10th house. It will end in the 11th.

    I know it will all have to do with travel and bringing my love for my job to other countries that need the educational and therapeutic services I provide in New York. Japan has been making itself a big destination: at this rate, the synchronicty surrounding Japan (it’s been 10 years exactly since I’ve been) is hilariously scary

    Today the US lifted the embargo against my motherland, Cuba. What better kick off to traveling and destiny than this?

    Arts healing, deepining my Reiki practice, and serving others in different countries, bring it.

    • That is HUGE about US lifting the embargo on Cuba – this must be amazing news for you! Barriers being lifted already as Saturn approaching Sag. Very happy for you (always wanted to go to Cuba).

      Enjoy your Saturn return – looks like you are anyway. I LOVED my Saturn return – though I didn’t know i was doing it at the time – as I didn’t have the benefit of astro guidance back then. But so many positive changes can be done at this time, so grab ’em while you can. 🙂

  28. Saturn is fricking WHERE???? On ME??? No really I swear I’ve been paying attention but I guess in denial. Boundaries are good. Restraint not so much. Right?
    Sun Sag, 6th house. Cancer rise & moon. Youre right, I learned ALOT about sex/power the last couple years. Money? Maybe. Time to get serious about it.
    Oh wow. Ok. I can do this. Ahem.

  29. Still trying to figure out Saturn in Scorp, mine is in Leo (2nd) and I think we came a long way baby, sooo looking forward to this coming liberation!!

    To add to my musings, I am not kidding – I literrally just got a work email that said

    “After a successful December release, we are currently refreshing all Jupiter test environments. Please ensure you process in those environments today. Once refreshed we will deploy January release of Jupiter…..”

    Ok then!!!

    (An IT thing that I dont quite understand but… Ok then!!!)

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