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Steven Meisel

When Saturn slides into Sagittarius on Christmas Eve, it will be the collision of opposites: the planet of time, limitations and criticism, entering the party-loving sign of travel and philosophy. But what does this mean for our style?

Globally, I think we’ll see a shift in establishing and emerging fashion cities’ spheres of influence. So classic fashion capitals, like Paris, London and Milan will be fighting to prove they are still at the forefront of style. At the same time, other cities, with cheaper rent and design savvy populations, will be doing their utmost to convince the world that they deserve to dethrone the old giants. We’ll probably see the definition of a fashion city come into question. Is it where elite designers show their collections to celebrities, or where a stylish, daring young crowd live and create?

But talking of elite designers, their Spring Summer 2015 collections, suggest that they want to herald Saturn in Sagg with a full-on, hippy, world traveller vibe. There are denim lace up mini-dresses at Gucci, psychedelic prints at Pucci and Valentino, and fur boleros at YSL. Ordinarily, Sagg would welcome this free spirited look with open arms. But what about a newly Saturnised Sagg? Given that Saturn is the planet of nailing your colours to the mast, I think this could go one of two ways… Sagg Type A will ride with the folky look, because it feels authentically her. She will give more thought to her bangle collection, which is now for posterity, not novelty.

Sagg Type B on the other hand, who has truly felt Saturn’s iron grip, will reject 70s style whimsy faster than Mega Sagg Taylor Swift. It will feel too vague, not structured enough. She’ll still love flame tones and blue denim, but will gravitate towards favour sleeker tailoring, and in extreme cases, may even take the scissors to her waist-length ponytail. If she misses it, will grow back by the end of her long Saturn transit.

Whether you are Sagg Type A, or B, or have Saturn in Sagittarius, and are about to go through your Saturn Return, the next couple of years will be about defining who you are, both in terms of your goals and image. When I asked a Libra friend who is coming to the tail end of her magical Saturn Return for some advice, she simply said ‘Be very clear about what you want.’ While you’re identifying your dearest hopes and dreams, some items in your wardrobe will inevitably appear from a past order of wishes; so, you guessed it, have a clear out . I’d recommend getting rid of old, ill-fitting, non-relevant clothes, so that you only have stuff that you can and want to wear. If there are a few unwearable treasures that you want to keep, consider archiving them in a separate storage space, because it will be difficult to move forward while the past is staring you in the face.

Finally, Saturn trippers should beware of ring-envy. You may suddenly have the desire to stack your fingers with rings commemorating all sorts of rites of passage. Fine, but don’t rush into anything! You have a couple of years to figure out which ones are worth marking.

 Katerina Pantelides is a dress historian and writer living in London. A Libra with Neptune rising, she is interested in the relationship between fashion, beauty and the occult.

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Image; Steven Meisel – Vogue Italia – December 2014

43 thoughts on “The Libra Dress Historian on Saturn In Sagittarius Fashion

  1. Wow. Just wow. Suddenly I had the uncontrollable urge to rip through my tee shirts. Actually I wanted to dump all of my clothes on the bed and rip through the entire collection which wasn’t possible because 1) had to pack for a trip and 2) had to be a dinner party in a few hours. So all I did was go through my tee shirts ruthlessly. Have a tall bag to donate and another bag for trash.

    And I am not even a Sagg!

  2. Since July I have donated well over 30 bags to Good Will. I have one bag I am slowly selling online (I can get money for it, lol) but I am about to go through my closet ONE LAST time and TRULY let go of what I don’t wear. I don’t wear the bright colors. I don’t wear the casual stuff. When I lived in Los Angeles I was a FIEND for jeweled sandals and stocked up like crazy but since moving to Sydney the only jeweled sandals I wear are my scorpion and seahorses – everything else is whatever. I keep a few ‘flowy’ things around but I outgrew boho in 2002 when I left Vancouver and the cities epic vintage leather pieces. I’ve fully come into my style the last 3 years which is black and gold, very simple, but usually with a dramatic twist. My aesthetic leans towards gothic couture at the equestrian riding stables galloping to the underground BDSM voudon club in the swampy bayou. So, fitted riding pants with sleek boots and Victorian era (or bondage club) tops or coats. I also have a thing for dramatic hats and sterling silver walking canes. Crocodile textures. Black nail polish with gold strips on the tips or blood red dripping from my talons or lips. No hair out – distracting. High ponytails which show off the silhouette or chignons to show off the angles in the face. As much as I love my beaded earrings and flowers-in-glass items from Mexico truthfully I never wear them. Even to the beach it’s the snakeprint Cavalli one-piece with the snake head between the breasts :0

    • sleek, may I ask your Sun and Rising sign?
      talons dripping in blood red, yes I can get into that too.

      • People always think I’m a Leo or Scorpio but I’m actually a five planet (Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Chiron) Taurean with a Gemini Rising.

        Taureans are a LOT more edgier than people give us credit for. Where someone like Madonna will have her tongue sticking out and she prances around, the Janet Jackson’s and Jean Paul Gaultier’s and Tom of Finland’s and Grace Jones weild the whip behind them because we know it’s all about the penetrating eye fuck before ANYTHING physical goes down. Penetrators. We are deep, long-lasting, sensual, kinky Mavericks. We are def some of the most flamboyant people. Def some of the genuinely kinkiest, too. But only with those we trust and love ;P

        • Being a Taurus, I wholeheartedly agree. To my friends, my super power is flirting. I’ve won bets by getting a guy across the room in a large event party to come over and then ask me out. It truly is ” it’s all about the penetrating eye fuck” as you say. lol My poor friends never could figure it out and I usually got the guy.

          • You know? My former acting teacher used to say ‘Barely anyone can pull off a true seduction scene, but you can do it in your sleep.’ Anytime he needed an example, he would pull me up and I would work that mojo we know all too well. I kept telling these young ‘uns ‘seduction starts between the ears’. It’s getting into someone’s mind, and the eyes are so expressive and stirring. I won’t lie, I love the power of it. But I also value it so I never abuse it nor use others sexually. It’s reciprocal or bust! ;P

            • The eye thing. My 11 year old boy has large almond shaped baby blues. That matched with darker toned skIn and hair. I see women and girls of all ages just get hypnotized.
              I can assure you there is no seduction thoughts going on behind those eyes. He is a total sociopath with the looks of an angel.i fear for women when he passes puberty.

  3. Cool point about Saturn in Saggo. Saturn will be out of Saggo by September, but that’s when the Conde Nast school (yes, SCHOOL) launches in Shanghai. The next eight months are prep for the team there.

    They’re starting the school because there’s only one fashion design institute in China and they’d like to encourage that industry for obvious reasons. So Vogue, GQ, Architecture Digest, etc., are getting into the biz of classes.

    Shanghai as new fashion capital? Lagerfeld has launched collections on the Great Wall and some of the greats (Jimmy Choo, Vera Wang, etc.) are Asian. Maybe a shift to Eastern style in the same way that everyone’s into yoga and Eastern philosophies?

    Maybe part of the fashion will be that yoga pants are suddenly socially acceptable at the office. All the confident kids wear what they want anyway, even if people hate on it. Or rather, especially when.

    • Hey there Suddenly Leo,

      Saturn Retrogrades to Scorpio from mid June 2015 until mid Sept 2015.

      From Sept 2015 it’s back in Sagittarius until mid Dec 2017. Plenty of time for the school to get well and truly ensconced in Shanghai. 🙂

  4. “Whether you are Sagg Type A, or B, or have Saturn in Sagittarius, and are about to go through your Saturn Return, the next couple of years will be about defining who you are, both in terms of your goals and image.”

    Ooh, I like this. I fall into C. I’ve been trying to re-work my wardrobe for a while. It’s been challenging especially given that my clothing budget has basically dried up, haha. (I’m planning to shop second hand next year when possible). I’ve gotten rid of bags and bags of stuff this past year – and my wardrobe wasn’t that big to begin with. And I know I can get rid of at least another bag and not miss it. I like the idea of having a lean wardrobe filled with stuff I actually wear.

    I never considered fashion or style that important until recently. But this past year I’ve realized that your style is an extension of who you are…it allows you to express yourself and say who you are. I don’t disregard it any more and at the same time I try to stay away from trends. I just don’t like boyfriend or distressed jeans for example.

    I just can’t get into either the bohemian / 70s style or the sleek minimalism trend. You know, skinny models wearing sleek, dramatic black-and-white pieces. To me that look just is not natural at all. Like not applicable to every day life. My style is more like: button-up shirts, oxford shoes, skinny jeans, floral patterns, polka dots, stripes, sweaters, a-line skirts, etc. In blues, maroon, jewel tones, grey, etc. A very classic and kind of librarian look to me. (I’m Virgo, Cap moon, Cancer rising)

  5. Not sure, I think I think I’m both but leaning to B. I’m starting to embrace my genderqueerness, so I’m more inclined to dressing more androgynous. I really do need a new wardrobe,

  6. It may be too early to call it but I won’t ditch some of my fab elements of boho which I wouldn’t call quintessential anyway. They’re not all unstructured and pieces do blend (if you have the eye and can pull it off…eg height req’s for some stuff.. which I have) rather well with some more modern or alternative styles.

    I only have one bag which I use for daily getting around, quality and versatile style and I don’t do bangles.

    I have a colour/tone/texture blending and contrasting (the latter not limited to items but also to situations) skill which functions well in type A or B or even C categories but is 3 enough? Now I’m just taking the piss… each person’s style is a unique journey to discover and rock and as we change so can a style. Saturn may express himself differently during this transit… it also may depend on the houses.

    As you can see I won’t even entertain the idea of being told what to wear lol. If there is to be any further changes to my current upgraded/culled attire I shall figure that out for myself. I never go with trends perse.

    Centaurus 🙂

  7. How about ink (not finger armor) to commemorate rites of passage? I’m feeling a pull in that direction…

    (North Node-Neptune in Sagg/9th house & MC; Jupiter rising)

  8. Have a pair of torn jeans and I have irresistible urge to patch, bead, and embroider a la 1972. Tried to get rid of a very old jean jacket and couldn’t let it go. There Will Be Beads.

    • Also that great Joni Mitchell song The Boho Dance has been in my head for days:

      “Nothing is capsulized in me
      On either side of town
      The streets were never really mine
      Not mine, not mine these glamour gowns”

      • You can see a sample of my bead embroidery in the banner on my twitter profile page – @artcraftculture

  9. Sag type A here.
    Always have and always will rock the bohemian look, that will never change regardless of saturn.
    Last year in the spring I participated in an online purge called ’30 Bags in 30 Days’ it was great to commiserate with others and get tips on what to get rid of, organization and all that. You can probably still Google it and do it on your own. I would definitely participate again, it feels so good to lighten ones load!

  10. Ok yes, but woah, Tay Tay ” Mega Sagg “??

    Taylor is far more Capricorn than Saggi – she has Uranus, Ascendant, Mercury, Neptune AND Saturn in Capricorn.

    It’s a total outer/inner planet party and I think she is just nominally Saggi, I mean just enough to float her ambition without coming across as a total hard-nosed., cold blooded princess.

  11. Multi-Sagg, including Saturn coming up for my Saturn return and sort of pumped (likely naïve…)

    First up: flame length colours, blue denim and waist-length ponytail – how did you know?? (Also, that awkward moment where you realise you’re an astro cliché…)

    Honestly though, I’m doing both A and B. I need a new work blazer to boss up my wardrobe more and a new pair of jeans. I shrank my old ones in the dryer and I feel lost without a pair that fit really well.

    Probably won’t cut my hair. Because reasons.

  12. I have also done a MASSIVE clean out of clothes, HUGE – and today it has been books… bye bye books that are outdated outmoded and out- me’d. Two bags are out and there will be more!

    Weird thing though, I feel really emotional and teary and nostalgic about something undefined – possibly the ‘release’? I am not even premenstrual.

  13. yes! Two weeks ago I started to feel the movement of Saturn into Sagittarius. It’s about to cross over my MC and will soon join my natal Saturn – my first return! this meant that I got the inclination to suddenly chop my hair off warrior style and I bleach the tips so that we had a look-alike an electrified bow home op radiating power and strategic elegance. I also did away with all my flowery boho dresses imbued with patterns ( I am a Gemini sun mercury Venus with moon in Cancer…). for the last three months I’ve been putting in a lot of work into my physical body vigorously exercising and weightlifting something I’ve never done before in my life but realize deep within me that the key to the rest of my life rests with and building myself as a
    warrior of love and justice, not just some flower child that might make others thing I have no backbone. as for fashion this post is very refreshing and it is very hilarious – I’ve been stocking up on pleather pants, high waisted black and white tailored pants, matte and abstract cut out crop tops that show off my newly muscled arms. I feel like when I’m showing off to the world is my prowess and I believe that this next transition of Saturn really will call upon me going out into the world of the assertive person that’s in my heart to continue to do the work that I know I need to complete in this lifetime. Clothes to me are like armor do you need to be simple but send a very threatening and clear message that I am not to be messed with and I am to be revered! Black and gold accents, gold Matt collars, pants and type foods that really show off the legs accentuating height and the ability to go really far distances… my favorite inspirations to look at right now are folks who are designing body armor such as chroman and Alexander Wang’s latest line for H&M looks like bondage gear Meetze box ignoring really appeals to me

    • so sorry for all the random typos I’m testing out the new talk to type feature on my phone in this spirit of uranis direct!

  14. I’m feeling the fashion shift already and I think it will be about refusing to b boxed in—daring and bold, we will wear vastly different styles depending on our mood and not shy away from true expression and fabulousness. It’s about being brave and bold. Not novelty–just pure, head-on fabulousness and quality. Purposeful expression. But yes, absoutely no room for inauthenticuty–if we’re not ‘feeling’ a look, then it does not get worn. No-fear fashion.

  15. Saturn took care of my wardrobe when it hit my Libra stellium a few years ago. I wasn’t the boho type of Sag to begin with, but my capsule wardrobe game has been tight for years now.

  16. Funny because back in 2007 I used to be wearing all sorts of rings on my fingers, even started making them. I guess my Saturn vibes were pretty strong at the time.

  17. Hmmm Saturn off my moon and Nep in my Scorpy 3rd – Saturn then on my Mars in Sag 4th….?

  18. Hopefully Saturn in saggitarius will eschew the wasteful slaughter of our animal friends just so some drip can drape its furry pelt over her underfed frame. I would like to see more anti-fur campaigns with Saturn in sagg. Have you ever seen a raccoon-dog being peeled of its skin, alive? I have. The video is on the Humane Society website.

    • Their still-alive, sensate, twitching, bleeding, skinless bodies are dumped on an ever growing pile. Enjoy your fur coat! Because they aren’t.

    • Same with snakes and not a great experience for angora rabbits either Pi. With you 100% and do what I can to shake the general passivity, lack of regard or action into collective action but it’s all too far removed that it’s often not seen as reality, compared to… well.. I’ll keep it short. It is xmas after all but I felt compelled to chime in on this one.

      Centaurus x

  19. I’m one of those Venus-Uranus-Saturn in Saggs coming up on a Saturn return. The owner of the studio I work at just did a 21 day “challenge” in finishing projects and clearing out clutter. I got rid of probably 1/3 of my possessions (and I don’t have too much stuff at all; clothes, books, beauty supplies) and was happy to re-home some beautiful pieces to people who suited or fit them better than myself. Growing up I experienced vivid anthropomorphization of inanimate objects and so throwing out anything felt painful…but living out of a backpack for a couple of years changed me. Pruning possessions makes way for new things and helps me combat Taurean stagnancy.

    Besides — what I’ve realized in a next-level way this year is that it’s really only about healthy skin, hair, and posture. The next layer of looking good = quality staples mixed with last-you-a-lifetime shoes, purse(s), and (optionally) jewelry that have more flair than the aforementioned staples. You don’t need a lot of it. I don’t have a lot of money but I’ve learned to only buy things I am completely in love with…and to see my wardrobe as a holistic unit.

    Re: ring envy… I am feeling the precursor to this. I was never one for jewelry but lately I’ve been noting when I see women with beautiful manicures and rings…

    • Used to anthromorphise things about me as a child also, yr comment sparked a memory! I was actually scared of my teddy bear. I evaded contact with fluffy toys do as not to develop relationships I couldn’t handle, lol. Kind of a tulku wariness I see now. Never minded being rid of most things because of it, it must be a positive you could enjoy your things I think. Maybe that’s a positive Taurean quality, ability to enjoy and feel confident around the material world.

  20. So timely as Im working my road trip wardrobe. Flowy , short and funky. Pink hat, mmm bangles ? will see if i can fit in. I have hung virgoesque storage pockets about so should be cool.

  21. I feel that the multiple saggitarius sartorial options is what saggies would appreciate, given their mutable status. My fave ultrasadge even outdoes me in the wearable-trinkets stakes, and that is saying something. To see her curate down her ornament collection… Could be tough. But she has Venus in Scorpio. I guess that’s either keep it forever or forget you ever owned it?

  22. So, today/tomorrow is the beginning of my first Saturn return! I’m a little hyped. Found a nice track to go with it Dark Horses – Saturn Returns!

    I’m celebrating !

  23. Wow. I have been clearing out the wardrobe – getting more ‘grown up’ stuff. Clearing the decks. In prep for saturn in Sagg? It’s like when I was heavily pregnant and scrubbed the kitchen floor. With a toothbrush. (Gave birth a couple of days later). And I’ve got serious ring envy at the moment. I’m thinking of enrolling in a ring making course at my local arts centre. I want a bezel set amethyst (for strength) in silver. Yes, I’m thoughtful. Yes, I’ll wait and see. But I feel a big change coming on. And, btw, Mystic your MP3 on Sagg for 2015 is the most positive rant on saturn in Sagg that I’ve heard. Many, many thanks, and blessings. I am not so freaked out now – just sanguine, and getting ready to work to get my awesome on xx