Ladies: In The Tradition Of Feng Shui Your Vagina

Jules Louis Machard

Ladies, in the tradition of Feng Shui Your Vagina – which i actually DO think is magic, even when you’re reading your “incantation” off a Kindle like I was during the, um, process – may i present the Secret Ceres.  As you will see from the the following exchange,  the subscriber who turned me on to this FASCINATING product thinks it is about Saturn in Sagittarius but to me it feels more like a Lilith in Virgo manifestation.

Mystic!  Saturn is going into Sagittarius and

… and this arrives in the mail.

Apparently your vagina sheds its skin, which brings to mind the image of a snake shedding its skin in reverse.

For someone who has almost no interest in this sort of thing normally the timing is too spot on not to share … Major Feng Shui action and perfect for the Venus-Uranus in Sagittarius woman … here’s to Saturn in Sagg baby!

My god you have NO idea how apt this is right now. WOW. I cannot thank you enough. You are a goddess of synchronicity. I am also Venus-Uranus…But do you think Secret Ceres IS Sagg-ish? I note also the Shakti Wand Rose Quartz, um, dildo (?) on the same site…This feels more like Lilith in Virgo to me.

I think I will do a post on this before Xmas…Give the ladies something to talk about over the hols…Holy Harlots. SO can I pls post your email – not name obviously xx

Absolutely Mystic. Delighted to be part of your conversation and glad you found the timing pertinent also: wasn’t sure if this was “over share”, but strong synchronicity is my daily reality and some things are just so gobsmackingly amusing.

I’m getting strong messages all round to shed skin, distractions and indulgences: frugal chic as the Tarot described it this morning.

This whole Ceres thing is totes NOT Sag at all, so for me it must be about what Saturn makes possible for strong Sagittarian energy (i.e. moi). I say this with Venus-Uranus and Jupiter-Neptune both conjunct in Sag. I’m getting suddenly all very organised and purposeful and patient about my play.

Is the Ceres a symbol of Saturn fucking Sagg? Very possibly. Saturn does fuq right? This vaginal regeneration process is a sort of finding-of-inner-power-and-authority, and there is something rather sex-as-sport for the Sagittarian energy to which Saturn says less frolic, more resolve. Personally I feel like this wand arriving is a Saturn is a pointed message to claim more authority, strategy and discipline on this front as a route/root (sic) to higher powers.

Big lols all around, will report back on how the Ceres situation transpires for this little vixen …LOVE the THE VENUSIAN URANIAN SAGG

So is Secret Ceres something EVERYONE knew about but me and Ms Venus-Uranus Sagg?   This is the USA site and this is the Aussie one. It’s ancient, natural, lady-bits rejuvenation.

Regular use of your Secret Ceres will detoxify your body, rebalance vaginal pH levels, increase your overall health and radiance and enhance sexual response.

Secret Ceres is made of herbal extracts, minerals and crystals.

INGREDIENTS: Punica Granatum, Dripstone, Pomegranate Seed Oil, Kaolin.
100% natural, organic, free of additives, preservatives and colours, and cruelty free.


Obviously i would not have named this thing Secret Ceres – Ceres to me is a Goddess of Grain and Mothering, not a classic sex goddess. I’d call this more like Secret Ishtar – the Babylon Everything Goddess & original Holy Harlot who got morphed into the Whore of Babylon by the biblical scribes.  Or Secret Lilith even.

Asteroid Ishtar is currently conjunct Saturn!   Would Tantric Vagina Rejuvenation/Exfoliation fall under Saturn-Ishtar or Lilith in Virgo?  WHO INVENTED THIS THING?


Image: Jules Louis Machard

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93 thoughts on “Ladies: In The Tradition Of Feng Shui Your Vagina

  1. Massive fan also. Secret Ceres is awesome. Amused by how aggro peeps are about this thing.

    My vagina had gone a bit off the rails in terms of vaginitis and it was gone basically overnight.

    I think the reason the reviews sound so fake is because people love it so much and get so thrilled by what it does that they want to rave about it for hours.

    • I’m sorry to hear your vagina was in a bad way and think it’s fab that you found something that worked for you. I’m all about the yoni and was totally open to this product. My response to lucy isn’t aggro. My point was that when someone lists at length the unique selling points of a product and makes claims about its efficacy it’s hard to believe a word they say when they sell the product on their own website and it’s also for sale on another website they’re associated with and they never make that known. Implies a conflict of interest. If lucy had been up front from the outset it would have created an opportunity for conversation and maybe more sales. I had questions but now I’ve gone cold on it and feel like it’s shonky so it’s over.

    • What advertorial alert said. Maybe this did work beautifully for you personally, but there are so many sketchy things about the way this product is being marketed, from the implicit body-shaming messages to the pseudo-scientific claims of heavily-invested “reviewers” like @lucy …to the (apparently) drastically over-inflated price, to the company’s reluctance to address disturbing complaints about problems with the product …
      Thanks but no thanks.

      • @ cancira, i shared the sacred sexuality perspective on friction sex, if you are not familiar with it, then that would make you naive, not me. i wasn’t implying it was the only way to have sex. i’m just trying to say that it’s a long standing tradition with an alternative viewpoint to offer us, even though friction sex may be the norm, it is not all there is. likewise, if you think 100% of women are self lubricating 100% of the time, that’s also naive. (when i read the judgement in your post i was reminded of the adage, one finger pointing at me, and three fingers pointing back at you.) people can have sex any way that makes them happy! it’s awesome for you that all your sexual experiences have been 100% positive, but that’s not the case for every woman out there, plus there are other reasons why a woman may not self lubricate, hormones, medicines, menopause, breastfeeding, for example. women rave about the product because it does what it says. yes, one should take some care with the product and use it as directed, it’s really not very complicated though, in, wait a few minutes, out. i don’t know where you get the body shaming messages from, that’s not where i’m coming from at all, but simply empathising with and supporting women who do have conditions which makes them uncomfortable to enjoy sexual intimacy. i don’t know how to make it any clearer. some women feel that their vaginas are loose after childbirth, this product helps them feel better. it’s neither my issue nor my belief that they need to change that. in fact it saddens me slightly if that is how they feel, but i don’t see what’s wrong with them having an all natural, harmless (use as directed) product that makes them feel better. yes vaginal toning exercises would be the best way to handle that, but not all women will make that commitment. fair point? in my view, the best thing about the secret ceres is the speed with which it clears up pH imbalances and thrush, which women can suffer from, some women suffer from these conditions repetitively, have not been able to clear it up, and this can seriously impact their sexual self confidence. of course i advocate that they look at their diet as well. and yes, it’s also good for the radiance of the skin, i really like that about it too. no way am i saying that women’s natural odour is something to be ashamed of, what i am saying is that women can feel shamed or embarrassed when that odour gets out of whack.

        thank you for the lesson @advetorial alert, @anonymous, in getting used to having a public persona, i learnt it here and now! I’m sorry. i was shy and made a bad judgement call. i fucked up, ok, we’re all learning. i wasn’t trying to be deceptive, i really didn’t know which way to comment, and like you, anonymous, i also prefer to remain ‘anonymous’ sometimes. if you knew my chart, you’d find my private nature reflected in it. maybe it also has idiot written in it somewhere too. i guess i was trying to protect myself from the aggression and projection so common online, but failed spectacularly. it won’t happen again. regardless, I related my own experience honestly, and those of my friends who have used it, purposely steering away from quoting testimonials i have received, all of which have been overjoyed. just because someone sells something doesn’t mean they are trying to exploit people. i sell the product because i believe in it, because it does what it says it does. please don’t blame mystic, it was my mistake, and this is my public apology. i stand by my description of the product and my personal account of the results of using it.

        and as an aside, here is a product i don’t sell, which readers may also find fascinating or be highly critical and suspicious of because it too has incredible testimonials. check out anna’s wild yam cream. i don’t know her. i don’t get money for it. mystic doesn’t either. i just think women should know about it in case they need it.

  2. I’m disappointed because my mind was open to this. I would be more inclined to believe what you were saying if you’d made it known that you sell the product on your website and have a connection with the website mystic links to. I was interested in the product and having someone who knows it well and was honest about how, that would have been fine, but now it just seems a bit dodgy. Possibly smelling like tuna.

    • Exactly my point when i just wrote BS. This rant @lucy, was so obviously an advertorial that I don’t even think it warranted any other sort of explanation – it is self evident.
      I love reading this blog, but if it’s going to be used by people selling their own useless, expensive and very misleading products, then it is very disappointing, Mystic.

      • 🙂 I’m still open to the concept so I don’t think I’d go so far as to say it’s useless, who can tell? But @lucy’s approach means I don’t really trust this particular one now.

      • Sorry but WHO sells the product on their website? I don’t do any advertorial and there are not any advertisements on this site. It is supported by my subscribers.

        I post about things i find interesting – the exchange in the post above is exactly it happened – me going basically wtf wow, i have never heard of this thing + i am a sucker for anything with a goddess/mythological ref and it seemed So Lilith in Virgo.

        I get offered excellent money every day – sometimes several times a day – to do promoted posts, run ads etc – i say no to all of them. Even the Strange Invisible Perfume reviews are my way of being able to offer cool prizes,

        The blog topics follow nothing but my whimsical ideas of what’s now and cosmically relevant. I am not a part of ANY sort of affiliate sales or whatever it is you are implying.

        if i have to 2nd guess everything i post in case someone will think i am endorsing it, there will be a LOT less blog posts in the future.

        As for people commenting – IF you have a commercial interest in something you are talking about, it would be polite to declare it.

        eg: i sell Mercury Retrograde Aura Spray so i naturally think it is a good idea.

        • I’m not the ‘BS’ poster saying you are endorsing advertorialising but @lucy IS an advertorial. Click on gravatar, see name, google name, voila! I suspect that’s why circe baby’s gravatar profile has been deleted.

            • I think what advertorial alert and anonymous are saying is that if you hover over “lucy”‘s gravatar name you’ll see it listed as Bella Tantra. Google that name and you find FB and web links to a tantric practitioner that sells Secret Ceres on her website. Hence why it is a subtle, but somewhat manipulative attempt to promote this product via the writing of an “advertorial” type posting under the guise of a genuine user experience.

        • I’m massive fan of this site and its postings on cultural products and events (artworks, fashion, jewelry, perfume, oddball furniture, quotations/interviews from celebs … and even this sketchy thing … Yay!) whether they are overtly commercial or no — because it’s celebratory and interesting, and I love the opportunity to analyze/discuss these things in a symbolic way.

          This blog works with items/products/images in a way that makes astrological principles concrete and applicable.

          So MM please don’t stop with the whimsical/intuitive/curious items posts!

          I think this discussion got sidetracked from astrological symbolism by (partly) a reaction to possibly shady marketing practices and (partly) the massive and hugely emotional issue of public attitudes toward women’s bodies and sexuality.

          But if that could be put aside, this weirdo item IS a great opportunity to consider what Ceres currently symbolizes and where this item fits in the zodiac. (Personally I read it as Virgoan health-fetishist, scrubbed-clean, pristine — with a twinge of the submerged-sex kinky side of Virgo since its so dildo-y — but I see the sales pitch (feat. testimonials) as being on the dark/puritannical/controlling side of Virgo, plus a bit superficially Libran body-beautiful).

          • Yes– I’m not sure how your post about a interesting product was turned into an attack of a woman’s website that is VERY sex positive!! Based on the comments above, I don’t think many of the posters even bothered to watch some of her videos or read her articles.. What gives? Mystic thank you for connecting me to this girls website. I love her and her products. I don’t know what the f people have gone off the deep end on this one. I am of the anonymous posters who purchased the wand (ceres) for perimenopausal reasons – and it is working.

  3. Everyone has a slightly — possibly drastically — different experience of sex. @lucy, I find your comments (and the assumptions they make) somewhat naive, possibly arrogant, and rather dismissive of that diversity.

    One small example: I’ve been pretty in touch with both the interior and the exterior of my vagina since I was prepubescent — and despite some pretty vigorous and/or frequent activity at times, I can’t recall any point at which I developed interior “calluses” from having sex.

    We self-lubricate in there, no?

    (The only parts of my body on which I get calluses are my hands and feet. If they got as wet as the interior of my vag, I wouldn’t have calluses there either, but I also wouldn’t be able to, say, walk up a flight of stairs without slipping out of my shoes, or hold onto the overhead rail on a bus.)

    I am all for developing holistic health care for the body, retrieving traditional/herbal medicines, etc … AND I totally think the vagina is one of the most neglected/understudied aspects of traditional “Western”/pharmaceutical healthcare. But one of the excellent things about alternative health practices (Chinese medicine e.g.) is that they pay such close attention to individual physiology and psyche.

    I am seriously dubious about the “miracle-cure” marketing style and the one-for-all thinking surrounding this product — including @lucy’s report. What is being “shed” exactly by using this device, and why, and whether that is beneficial — and for which women — for what reasons — is clearly not understood, and, thank you, I am not putting anything up there that has a chance of “fusing with the delicate tissues”.

  4. I just deleted a comment from “Anonymous” – not because i don’t tolerate dissenting views and a fair exchange of them BUT because “total b.s.” in response to someone who has taken their time to express an opinion is not really adequate. If you want to disagree with another commenter, do it politely please people!

  5. OK, as a Virgo I just have to put in my 2c worth….

    I like the idea but NO. Vaginal ph is very easily upset–soaps, cleansig products–all v. bad. The vagina is self cleansing–there is natural bacteria that does the job for us, introduce a cleaning product and you kill the bacteria and get all sorts of problems.

    The main ingredient appears to be pomegranate (which they’ve listed twice–once as scientific name and once as common–trying to be fancy?)….very mythological, but I’ve not heard any evidence that pomegranate helps your lady bits–you’d probably be better off eating it.

    It’s also made of dripstone–i.e. limestone–a very alkaline substance–which would reduce the acidity of your pH (maybe)….which could be a problem if your pH was too alkaline. And it contains white clay (kaolin).

    It might help in cases of over acidic pH….but the vagina does NOT need exfoliating.

    If you want to tighten your vaginal muscles you can get kegel-ball type things, and if your pH is out of wack just leave you vag ALONE for a while (no soap, no water, nothing) and take some good probiotics.

    If you suffer from Candida btw, best solution is to shower/bathe a bit less and spray on a (strained) infusion of Pao d’arco bark.

  6. Continually renegotiating matters with Lady Vag and putting love into yourself is very sensible. There are not a lot of options out there, so Secret Ceres kinda fills a gap in the market for magic wands.

    For me this really is about Feng Shui and letting go, ultimately, and the quest for a thriving, well-loved body on the level beyond “fresh fruit” and “It’s okay to be a slut!” and “P.S. don’t fuq crazy”.

    Lady Vag goes to the ashram / fascialist / energy clearer. Except you get quite emotional and it wakes you up in the night, like the time I had a ten day Yagya (a few dozen pundits chanting for me in the himalayas), and there is real dead skin coming out of you.

    Pilates and yoga and meditation and Vaginal Feng Shui for me are increasingly about my experience of myself in a loving, thriving, powerful, focused way, and so I’m actually motivated to engage with them because they are real tools for power at that level.

    And I just love the idea of a core of feminine power residing in the vagina! I’m feeling that. Time to stoke that inner fire.

  7. I get that you’re trying to make the Ceres name work, and maybe it’s just my raging bitch mood, but it really feels like you’re saying the same ol’ motherhood=good vagina/sex for pleasure=bad vagina. I assure you, we are quite slut-friendly and not shamey around here.

  8. I found this product before – one of MMs regular commenters posted about it in another thread awhile back – and I have to say I found more concerns coming up for me outweighing the positives.

    I think the vagina is self-cleansing and although smudging it makes sense to me for the energetic purposes, I don’t know how I feel about sticking something up your hoo-ha to make it do something it does naturally? I dunno maybe I don’t know what Im talking about but I don’t need to pay them over a hundred bucks for something that I don’t need. I think this appeals a lot to womens vanity and appeasing a male – both very fragile things not worth chasing all the time… Especially if there can be bad side effects.

    • Do not appease males. Speaking as one, l don’t need appeasing.

      As for main subject, drink the pineapple concoction instead. Also good for digesting proteins.

      • It’s funny but it seems you responded to my post as if I was appeasing males and I wanted advice on making my fluids sweeter – I did neither. If I did imply this somewhere could you kindly show me where?

        • I was confirming what you said to the general readership. No inference was made to you specifically; l was posting to the blog, in a general manner, in support of what you were saying.

          • After I hit 40, I started the early stages of perimenopause ( the women in my family start in their early 40s and are done and in menopause by 50). I eat clean – no sugar, no carbs, no dairy. The last 8 months my joni has been parched even with “natural” estrogen/progesterone creams. To be more detailed, when it is parched down there, there is a bit of a mild stink as there is no moisture and pH is off. I purchased this wand per MM’s post and noticed an IMMEDIATE difference after the 2nd use. I’m sold. And I’m also sold on some of the girl’s videos.. watch her “How to eat pussy ” video.. the girl knows what she is talking about.. I wish all men watched this video.

            PS – The wand last 12 months so price really is not bad. Don’t really understand how or what it is made of…

    • Interesting .. without doing any further research beyond this read I’d say some further research would definitely be well worth the time spent before deeming this product any kind of solution to any kind of ‘problem’


      • My thoughts exactly. I’m all for new realizations in healthcare — and I DO think the day-to-day health of the vagina is (obv.) a drastically neglected/understudied area which can definitely benefit from the understandings of holistic/herbal/traditional medicine … But all that said, the way this product is being marketed seems deeply shady, and the negative/dangerous effects mentioned sound positively horrendous and don’t seem to have been accounted for.

  9. So, in researching this, it looks like it is the western branding of an Indonesian thing called a jamu stick. $8 vs $111…
    Of course there are different qualities, I guess? The reviews sound great (besides the ‘it broke inside me and I spent 5hrs in the ER’ ones) though!

    Agree with Ceres WTF. Nothing about this is remotely Ceres.
    OMG Saturn is in Sagg officially and I’m already soooooooo grumpy.

  10. I agree with Mystic; I have a Virgo Lilith at 0 degrees in the 6th house, and this is something definitely up my alley (no pun intended)!

  11. First of all, Mystic, have I told you lately that I love you?

    This is seriously the best blog ever.

    Anyway…I am very intrigued by this (and am also Venus/Uranus Saggo conjunct), at least about it’s “tightening” capabilities…

    But it is very true that you can change your smell by changing the food you eat…pretty much instantly. Lots of fruit, cut down on the sugar and meat, and voila. Good advice for anyone, vagina or no!

    I don’t think it’s a vagina war per se…not anymore than bathing being a body war ( I like the smell of sweat as much as any Venus in Saggo but there’s a certain threshold). I think an unhealthy diet yields an unhealthy smell from many places in your body…

    All the same, I would try this. What’s wrong with a little technology to gain a competitor’s edge or give yourself a little extra self care?

    And yes. I do feel like sex is sport. A very fun sport.

  12. Love the packaging. I’d never use that, but I enjoy knowing it exists.

    Reminds me of that great part from Even Cowgirls Get the Blues: “not one of these pussies has been washed in a WEEK!”

  13. An intriguing typo/auto correct

    Peadant Tantric Expert:
    Someone who is fussy about who they f**k around with. Definitely not a Sagg!

  14. I’m sorry I’m sure I am very juvenile but I laughed my head off when I read this. I mean, “at the root level”? I think I am too much of a bogan to take it seriously. I was reading it at work and was terrified the further down I scrolled, the closer the IT police would get to storming in and escorting me from the building.
    I do wonder if it is playing on women’s insecurities about ‘odour’.
    Clay in one’s vadge? I can feel the burn just thinking about it. I would rather try an ointment or herbal supplement with these ingredients IF I had a problem to start with. I certainly wouldn’t want to risk ending up in the Emergency Department over the festive season if I was having trouble with, erm, removal. My secret Ceres no secret anymore 🙂

  15. 1. Ceres is most definitely NOT the symbol of Saturn fuqing Sagg. I have Pluto conjunct Ceres in Virgo square Sagg Sun and opposite Jupiter (exact), natally. I know from Saturn and Pluto transits past, that Pluto might fuq me (and Ceres) but Saturn never will.

    2. Saturn does not fuq Sagg; Sagg fuq’s Saturn.

    Evidence? It is written, in mythology, my friends. After all, it was (and excuse me if I mix up/simplify the roman and the greek mythology here) Jupiter/Zeus (god of Sagg) who DEPOSED Saturn – Saturn the asshole who’d eaten his own kids to prevent them usurping his power. He learned enough wiles from Saturn to develop/put in action a plan that worked in overthrowing the old tyrant, and then Zeus let those kids free, and ruled, as a far more benevolent (if rather promiscuous) head-of-the-gods. Ok, so don’t ask Juno to give him a reference, but still – the point stands.

    Sagg fuqs Saturn by beating him at his own game. Or at least, that is MY mantra for the next 2.4 years. Period.

    • Yes and the X factor, Uranus in Aries the spayed father sky just might have got his balls back. 🙂
      Uranus fathered Kronos/Saturn and let’s just say he was a great disappointment to his father. As it stands Saturn is the opportunist upstart here.
      What I’m waiting to see is whether the emasculated original father in the sky, Uranus, the partner of Gaia/ Mother Earth, can return to defeat Saturn, and Jupiter.
      To me Jupiter has led us to excess he’s like an 80’s marketing director with a huge expense acct a Porsche and yep, a pony tail. While Saturn is the brains of the operation. The slave lord, keeping 2 sets of books while maintaining control of all sentient beings via the hypnotic 12/60 beat.
      You guys talk a lot about the return of the goddess, but she’s been here all the time and is suffering greatly from the actions of Saturn and Jupiter. It’s the original father sky that we are missing !
      The male god we are familiar with is a usurper, the love child of Saturn and Jupiter. The Demiurge is what the Gnostics called him.
      The earth needs it’s real father back soon or we will fall further down the cracks of the encroaching machine world.
      Where there will be no value in maintaining human life or human ideals other than our production output v calorie intake

      • Merry xmas Dave!
        But….that’s a very partial take on the story.
        You’re forgetting that Uranus was a total asshole who, like Cronos, hated kids because he couldnt bear competition – he basically passed on his cruety to his youngest son. He caused Gaia a great deal of pain, too, banishing the first children she bore him to Tartarus, and shoving the Titan’s back into her womb, trying to ensure they would never see the light.
        Gaia suffered greatly at the actions of Uranus, too – so came to hate him so much that she forged the sickle that Saturn used to castrate Daddy.
        And his performance, stationary over the past ten days, has been pretty ugly, as far as I can see! Give me excessive benevolence any day.

        • “To me Jupiter has led us to excess he’s like an 80’s marketing director with a huge expense acct a Porsche and yep, a pony tail.”

          THAT is pure platinum, davidl!

  16. Why wouldn’t the vageena (Bruno) shed it’s skin ? The rest of the body does ?
    I probably missed the whole story by skimming but what am I missing ?
    I’d say hormone levels and hence medications that fuq with hormone levels such as the pill probably are the maker or breaker of vageena health. That and the chemistry match of sexual partners.
    But I suppose this treatment ain’t going to hurt, so resurface away ladies.
    I’ll add an old superstition here.
    In Judaism no sex is allowed during the period. The health reason is explained as a protection for women. It is believed that during the period a woman’s vageena is extremely ‘absorbent’ not only physically but psychically, to the point where the karma of the male can be transferred , taken on. This same theory is present in many old traditions and some add that sex at any time of the month can lead to karma transfer. I’ve read a tantric solution to this energy transfer. Once the man has ejaculated, the female should not allow him to stay in too long. It is this time when the head of the penis can absorb too much of the females vital essences.

    • What does one do if one has slept years with an abusive person… ie someone with wacked up karma and qi? Is there some sort of magical mystical judaism ting for that?

    • Hmm this is interesting. Do you, or anyone else reading this think it is true? If so… its really sad bc I bet there are a lot of unaware women walking around with fuqed up karma and also, why is it that only the woman is taking on the mans karma?! Pffffft 😛 There’s gotta be more of an exchange on mans part too, methinks.

    • I absolutely believe in the karmic transfer. I think it happens to a degree every time a physical barrier (condom, etc) isn’t present, but especially, undeniably so when blood is present. There’s no right or wrong here, just another reason to be ultra-conscious about who you share fluids with…
      (I had a flash about sex workers mid-writing this and am now mired in sadness and heaviness for our suffering sisters and brothers 🙁 )

      • if you believe in karmic transfer then why do you celebrate being a whore? And I’m not being judgey either but why bang on about it all the time. Who cares?? Do you want a badge for it or something.

        • I assure you, if I was a whore, I would celebrate it.
          Hail Babalon.
          However, I don’t think that sleeping with – ready for this – 5 guys in the last year quite qualifies me for whoredom. Quick, cross and uncross those legs! Whew, is it steamy in here??
          Nope, it’s not.
          I talk because I find men interesting, and they even sometimes relate to *gasp* astrology! Also I’m a Gemini mercury-Lilith and sun and Jupiter rising, so the likelihood that I will cease to talk is fairly small. Deal with it or not. Mwah buhbye now.

      • Im not the same Anonymous that posted below – but I have a question hdq: how do you deal with being with more than a couple men and deal with karmic transfer? Is there a way to undo/un-work it?

        And no, nothing wrong with being a “whore”… we all do what we need to do. Im just curious how you deal with the repurcussion of it all after the fact.

        • Well condoms IMO really do block it. So that narrows it waaaaay down.
          But then, you enter into it knowingly, willingly, with responsibility. Own the karma. Love under will.
          (I think my 12th house lack of self permeable fluidly occupied-ness has something to do with it too tbh)

        • Karmic transfer can happen outside of sex so IMHO condoms do not block it. Yogis have died taking on the karma of their students and they never had sex with all of them. But sex is the most common way it is transferred.

          I would start by cutting aka cords that you don’t want. Set clear boundaries. Cleanse yourself spiritually. etc…

          • Thanks for this. I was interested in how this can happen outside of sex too bc I feel like that can certainly happen as well. Thanks xx

  17. This may be ok but I fear it’s more of the vagina wars – i.e. vaginas are somehow smelly, dirty, need exfoliating and douching and so on and need to be controlled and cleaned up. A healthy vagina will self clean and women might be better to do pelvic floor exercise and so on if they are worried about tightness. If there’s an actual issue with someone’s vagina maybe this product could help but healthy women shouldn’t need its cleansing properties. The dildo properties might helpful for all women but if it’s a sex toy you want, use a sex toy and not a “health product”.

    • I think I agree with this. It seems more in the realm of “vagina shaming” it’s very delicate skin in there, I am not sure I would want something that would make it peel??

      … I mean that first review comment, …. You husband buys you this thing?! I hope she reciprocated by buying him a penis enlarger?!?! “And the tuna smell was gone” Omfg

      Last I heard, living a healthy lifestyle with plenty of fresh food and exercise might help even more. Applies to men too, if you know what I am saying. Less greasy pizza and sausage rolls, more salad sandwiches and apples.

      • Word, guys. My mom told me when I was younger that women in her family had gotten into a permanent yo-yo/jacked up their pH balance by using douches and vaginal “hygeine” products.

        Pi, your metaphor is gold. And so true.

      • Want to change your ummm … odour? Quit alcohol, sugar and wheat. You’ll also get other multiple health benefits. Too hard? Oh ok feng shui yer vag I guess … my guess though? Totes placebo.

        • The feng thing sounds cool though, as a yoni ritual. I am all for the light of the moon, salt water, smoke etc for object (ok or body part) ritual elements etc

          • Gawd I’ve got enough rituals in my life … there’s the dying the grey roots out of my hair ritual every month, and the wax the muff ritual every six weeks and the leg shaving ritual and the bronzing legs with organic sunless tanner ritual … just to name a few.

            • You should be glad to know pubes are coming back into fashion. All those people who made fun of Paltrow’s 70’s vibe downstairs are reconsidering. :p

              • I’m a muff waxing convert after years of resistance!!! Just a general tidyup tho … no “all bare” for moi. I’m a laydeeee not a child 😉

            • Wow…far more dedication to me. I clean up the bikini line and that and shave the legs rarely…LOL. Letting the grays be. One nice thing in aging is I have far less leg hair, it is thinner and lighter, and takes longer to grow back.

        • That’s right I have heard that! There is a fabulous fruit shake in my hood, it’s basically a cup of fresh chopped pineapple, a small fistful of lemon chopped (including peel so make sure isorganic), about half a tsp of cayenne and a couple of ice cubes. Maybe some fresh turmeric. Whizz it up in a blender until it is a smoothie-consistency. It is super intense but incredibly addictive. If the pineapple is perfectly ripe rather than underripe, that is better. Tastebud eplosion!

    • I think for someone that has Ph imbalances and constantly battles with these kinds of issues its a little ray of hope lol. Natural shedding and regeneration doesn’t come as easy to some haha.

  18. I love that it’s going to majik up my vag and deal with pesky pimples (maybe pimples first, vjayjay second).

    Oh and I can drink it as well. It’s a multi function polis in a stick.

    And they tested it on men with much success. Is there anything it can’t do?!?

  19. Actual comment from the website: “I think it made me feel more confident down there..of course didnt work miracles but what will after 4 kids 😉 i would definitely buy more! I felt fresh and tighter. It is part of my beauty routine.”

    Solid Gold.

  20. Whoaaaa the reviews are pretty crazy! I probably wouldn’t be interested in it if I heard about it in passing (especially at that price) but now I am curious.

    Just noticed that he Sun was conjunct my natal Venus in Cap today. Had a hilarious and fun shift with someone that has become a bit of a workplace crush. But, it’s work…and I’m shy…and I think everyone has a crush on him. 🙂

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