Beth Moon’s Diamond Nights

Beth Moon

As night falls over the Makgadigadi Pans, large trees stand starkly against the horizon, leafless branches reach for the light. As the sun sinks lower, the sky drains of all color until just red remains. On the opposite side of the sky, Earth’s shadow is rising, bringing a curtain of indigo and the promise of a clear night. Science and art merge as a myriad of stars burn fiercely overhead, dissolving into infinitude, and our thoughts follow.


Our relationship to the wild has always played an important role in my work. This series was inspired by two fascinating, scientific studies that connect tree growth with celestial movement and astral cycles.


This is unbelievably beautiful and cool – go here to see the whole thing, read more of Ms Moon’s erudite genius.

Substitute ‘personal growth’ with celestial movement and astral cycles and voila; psuedo-intellectual astro bitches, striving day after day to get it all ON.

Beth Moon 2

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Great piece, so beautiful and big. My favorite quote: “But the sun is only one star, and there are billions of stars that influence the Earth…”


Wow! What a beautiful example of “As above, so below.”.


These are such beautiful images! I’ve been staring at them all day….so inspiring. Thank you Mystic. …… – As David Milarch explains in the book, The Man Who Planted Trees, “Trees are solar collectors. Most people equate that with the sun’s energy. But the sun is only one star, and there are billions of stars that influence the Earth with their radiation. I believe energies inside the earth are transmuted and transmitted into the cosmos by the trees, so the trees are like antennas, senders and receivers of earth energies and stellar energies.” And this from Pablo Neruda’s “Book of… Read more »




oh yes! so lovely


Just beautiful….why wouldnt’t they repond to the pull, the ebb snd flow….trees especially that is…..something to be learned from them I think…..sounds crazy but have always known tress ‘talk’ to one another… Grandpa was a forester….in a big fire, even miles away from the fire front and with not a puff of wind he said the rushing sound was the trees unreal….they were all sending sap to ground to survive the oncoming fire…..oh, and as I have gotten a bit wiser….lol…or is that just older….at night when driving in the country, have noticed the trees auras….yeap….they have them…sometimes very beautiful… Read more »


Such beautiful images of the secret life of trees, Cher and Ankh above…
There are trees by the lake where I live that have a particular sound that one only hears when near the water and there is no one else around.

The trees in the Beth Moon image are like living fractals, organic geometry (same, on a small scale, as the succulents that I have been growing in pots and planting in garden beds)




The trees reach as far down as they reach up. I like to imagine the branching cities underground when I look at the woods.

I had a late night drive thru the countryside last night, the first in awhile. So much chatter in the dark! Drums and chanting, flying things, glittery whirls of energy. Learning how to open & close the door at will… mastering frequencies.


Completely Stunning…


Talking about a New Way – We’re making new plans!


I’ll tell you one thing, Sistahs, if we don’t, ain’t nobody else going to.
Rise Up! Rise Up!


FYI link not working mystic!

Wow so amazing!! This reminds me of the info on the Scarab beetle which navigates via the stars of the night sky.

“tree buds changed shape and size rhythmically, in regular cycles all through winter, directly correlating to the moon and planets.
The oak for example, appears to change with Mars, the Beech with Saturn and the Birch with Venus”. I always loved the Birch.


sacred geometry innit?


gr8! And fabulous article, thank you.


Ha – LOVE the birch too.

Mystic – this is AWSOME! Thank you. This is exactly what I needed to look at today.


The Baroness

All I know is that speaking aloud to the Goddess about what I feel the last 5 years have been about at their core induced ripply feelings of ‘that’s it!’ in the heart chakra. For 5 years I had no clue, now I know a part of me ‘knew’ all along – solid foundations both internally and externally. Still grapple with mind chatter and internal rants, but we’ll get there!

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