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Jane Birkin Roller Skates

Voila the Weekly Horoscopes from November 15 are posted and you will notice the tone beginning to shift as we zoom toward a fresh vibe. YES the Zap Zone that we are all familiar with by now (it’s only been going on since 2012 or – arguably – when Pluto hit Capricorn and the Lehman Bros collapsed, high on their own supply of hubris and fuq knows what else.

But it’s also Saturn soon in Saggo, Mars into Aquarius, a Pluto-Chiron sextile till Feb for massive and strangely easy soul growth. Heaps of new schizz en route and i would like to think the Weeklies reflect that.

Also…the Daily Mystic e-mail for Thursday will feature a rant re the strange Time Godly Saturnine Synchronicity starting to happen around about now. So surreal but so useful if you know it’s going down.

Image: Jane Birkin – Super SeventiesMercury, Lilith, Midheaven, Sun + Mars in Sagittarius – it’s like she has made a career out of being haute Sagittarius – F.y.i. to astro-fiends, that is Lilith EXACT on her Midheaven.Β  Moon in Virgo, Aqua Rising and Uranus on North Node in Gemini.

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42 thoughts on “Weekly Horoscopes & Time Godly Weirdness

  1. wtf over last last 2 days….
    Yesterday at 8am Im approached and verbaled into moving my car becauae Im taking up a spot outside a business F*** off i did not say but moved my car 6ft back only.
    Get to work and have to deal with a drunk student in my class which sets off another student into tears. he leaves quietly thank universe but lots of tensions as to whether he will turn up next day. Today he doesn’t show thank you universe. On way home from work I watch see a guy lay down in front of a tram. No shit…. Tram stops ,idiot gets off and starts ranting. Tram driver does notihng and idiot wanders off down the track then off to where ever idiots live.
    all this in 30 hours. crazy. i go for long beach walk to calm down.

  2. Little Kataka 6yr old this morning asked for a short sleeved shirt.
    I suggested we trawl the laundry – Little Kataka (who has Mars in Virgo) wrinkled his nose in distress.

    As we went outsidenthere on the hills hoist was a shirt pegged up – clean and dry in the sun!

    Little Kataka (who has Moon in Libra) inhaled deeply and beamed as he put on his shirt saying, “I feel like the son of God!”.
    😯 πŸ˜€

    • Your son sounds like he comes from the same planet as son kid. Cancer’s are VERY quiet diva’s, especially the males. When they’re crabby, Goddess save us all (I put him in water, it usually does the trick). But when they shine, boy, they are glorious πŸ™‚ <3

      • It’s true! Kataka boy came home from school yesterday, furious that he didn’t get to show his home made spaceship for show-and-tell – and he has never done show-and-tell before because he didn’t feel like it before – so you know, especially UNFAIR.
        He was a bubbling pot of six year old moody fury. Took him to the pool, whups, forgot goggles, remonstrating at me for forgetting them, refusing to get changed, then to enter the pool.
        10 mins later he was swimming about laughing and happy and relaxed, a different kid altogether.

  3. Weird. In amongst all my Mars-Pluto evolution-o-rama I have been having the most terrible grief pains for my former lover. I yearn, I ache for him. I give myself the usual sensible talking-to, I continue to ‘fetch wood and carry water’, but the truth is I am afraid my heart just stopped at him and I’ll never be able to love anyone else. After all this time I still miss him so much. I feel so lame admitting that. I’m pretty sure everyone in my life already knows it but they are too kind to call me on it.

    • You’ll be OK. Trust the process. Don’t be too harsh on yourself. And don’t act out on it. Just trust the process.

    • Hey Chrys,

      totally understand what you are saying and think 12th H has the right advise……

      am also struggling with a magnetic pull to someone who is not ever going to be mine and doing my best to do nothing

    • Yeah thanks guys I’m sure I’ll be ok….. I’m seeing it as the last residue of the old life going through the final rinse/spin cycle. My first quiet day since the move and I’ve pretty much been sitting on the couch shivering and crying the whole day. Not about him but about the whole thing – four years of hell has come to an end, and I survived.

      • Four years in hell and you survived! Focus on that Chrysalis. It reminds me of that storm quote ‘you’ll never be the same person you were before’ I will post it when I find it.

        Feeling sad about an old relationship is natural. But looking forward and allowing change and new stuff to come in can be exciting and refreshing. I’ve recently had some shifts where I’ve realised I actually *can choose to change the way I do things, even in some small ways, and that gives me hope.

        I salute you!

    • I am there too. I don’t ‘love zombie’ but I am still sad and miss him so much. Its not lame, everyone gets through grief at a different pace, its good that you loved so deeply, don’t call yourself things like lame, be gentle. You might love him forever and keep him in your heart but the awful pain will lessen over time and its highly unlikely you wont love again.

  4. Spent the last couple of hours searching for some info on life with saturn in sagg. Saturn in scorpio has been long hard slog through ith no respite.
    When it hit back in 2012 my finances changed over night, an up to then small business suffered unexplainable drop in sales which i am praying will turn back around on christmas eve. Interestingly i had put the business on the market one month before but have been unable to sell it – i suppose when i am next asked why the 20% i can now say it happened when saturn came to town.
    I have saturned every aspect of this business and my part in it but still it hangs around
    Fingers crossed saturn in sagg heralds some movement cause there is not enough st johnwart to get me through this

  5. On the topic of the daily, last time Saturn was in Scorpio (my 2nd house and 3rd house ruler) I was in grade school and some frenemies sent and envoy to tell me there were some things I needed to change about myself if I wanted to hang out with them. I told her to fuq off and dumped the entire social network I’d built through elementary school (born with first house Pluto). Recently, someone from that time came back into my life to say she always thought I was so happy-go-lucky and fun to be around back then. Weird. Never had anyone describe me that way before. loling at the patterns. Like clockwork.

  6. Interesting. I have been in such a bizarre head space of late. And way too sleep deprived which has made me nap excessively which hasn’t helped. I woke up feeling ‘normal’ today for the first time in over a month, bring on the fresh vibes!

  7. Could the Saturn time weirding bring dreams? Fall always makes me reminiscent anyway, but last night I had a REALLY intense dream about a former love.

    I hadn’t really considered recurring dreams being linked to planetary movement before, but your email has me thinking now …

    • YES! This is happening to me! I feel like the transits are playing out in my dreams. Which I guess is nice and safe. The first night, I had a super Mars dream where I chucked the biggest Tantrum. I hated how I acted. I also did some Saturn when I made amends and forgave my father.

      Then this morning I had a dream a friend had written horrible things about me, and I distinctly had a lucid moment where I said, “Mercury went into Scorpio!” That’s why all these awful words sting. I also made amends with a past boyfriend I had felt guilty about, who was forgiving.

      Followed by an awful bit where a tankful full of sea creatures I caught, saw 3 crabs become my dinner and they were half dead, so I had to kill them before eating them. Super strange.

    • I’ve been having crazy long dreams every night. I thought it was just because I quit the dream weed. Also, been waking up at 2 or 3am every night. Last night’s dream I was volunteering at a school and helping kids finish an art project by glazing their pictures. And the kids kept telling me I was using the wrong glaze but I thought “it looks fine, what’s the difference?” Obviously, I’m not seeing things too clearly.

    • Me too dreams galore.

      Last night I dreamt that I was helping a lady from my past by painting her house. She handed me a tub of ice cream to point with. I noticed some holes in the structure so I filled them with the ice cream, which now became more putty-like. Very confused about this one.

  8. ah yes the lace dress, basket-as-bag, legs 11 i try to hate her [the sort of contrived engfrench accent ] but she is just so damn … saggi

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