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They say Pluto transits always run on time and well, the Zap Zone kicked in again on the weekend; voila. This is awful. I know, i know…there was a grand jury, it’s complicated.  But still it seems so wrong. The footage so surreal and sad.

There is a bit of confusion – probably my fault – over the Zap Zone exact thing. It’s within one degree now until April – it has not been within one degree of the exact aspect this consistently for so long before. Hence the ramped up tone in the Horoscopes. It’s ON. But it’s exact-exact on December 14/15 and then super-intensely (with Mars and an Eclipse to stir it up) on March 16 2015.

So interesting times, getting more interesting by the day – share your thoughts on them or this latest thing here if you like.

I would like to add that we have a NEW and awesome dimension in play for these last few months of the Z.Z. – Jupiter in snazzy synch to Uranus lends itself to innovation and utopian breakthroughs. We did not have that going on the last few zaps of Uranus square Pluto.


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113 thoughts on “Super Zap

  1. Dear Mystic,

    I, like most Americans alive then, remember where I was on November 22, 1963. My kids will remember where they were on November 24, 2014. When the tear gas billowed and our President urged calm.

    Wretched times.

    My personal Zap Zone- doing good distribution for work, I got smacked in the forehead by the door- flung open by a charging dog. My hands were full so I couldn’t block it. My mum used to say , “No good deed goes unstoned.”

    Sending light to Ferguson. One woman was waving her shiny new gun around in the car; bought it out of fear of reprisals. Her boyfriend ducked -he was understandably nervous and rear ended a car- the gun discharged. She got a bullet to the head. Sorta says it all.

    Humble prediction: new wave of Freedom Riders in Ferguson.

    Off for an X-ray. Gotta make up a good story to go with the lump. Hah!

    • And I remember where I was April 29, 1992 when the Rodney King verdict was announced, and the rioting began in LA. I was in Brooklyn, NY, at the edge of Bed-Stuy, working on my thesis paintings and scared out of my wits that the flames of outrage would hit New York, and my neighborhood.

      It feels like deja vu. Still the outrageous injustice, still the fury. When will it end?

        • I don’t think they’re trying to change the world; I think they are acting out of mute outrage borne of helplessness and hopelessness.

          (I think we are of two minds here, perhaps I read you wrong)

        • I think maybe people riot because they feel powerless and don’t know how otherwise to make their outrage felt. I think it’s all very well for white people to condemn the violence, but the real violence is the police abuse of people and siccing onto people what are armed forces with war machinery bought as leftovers from the Iraq war. And people feel frustrated when that violence is papered over and whitewashed.

  2. Very interesting times. Pluto exactly squared my natal Moon-Pluto 12th house conjunction in Libra for the third and final time a couple of weeks ago, kicking off the kite in my chart too, and is now separating. It’s been an interesting few years to say the least and I don’t know anyone right now who isn’t battling _something_ big.

  3. Oh geez I was under the impression things were getting surreal… And they are. This ZZ is definitely sorting the wheat from the chaff. Ferguson. I have no words. Did the Civil War ever really end?! Seems like its still going. The black man built the USA. The white man thinks he’s entitled to bully him into submission still. White privilege is being shown up for the sickness it really is. Meanwhile the Native Americans must be heading for the hills and hopefully tending to their traditional ways in the hope of calling everyone “home”. I think all the so-called “white-bread” New World countries (USA, Australia, Canada) are having real issues about what it means to belong to the land – not the other way round. May we all find our way home… Blessings of strength and courage to everyone on Earth at this volatile time. Thanks again MM for lighting the way.

    • at the start of saturn in scorpio we had jimmy saville sex scandal and every other pedo , now at the end we get this hideous cover up and riots highlighting racial prejudice. Its zap alright but its very saturn in scorpio to me as well. You can’t get away with this kind of shit under this astro

      sending peace to people in pain, may we all move forward enlightened and confront what we hide in our shadows.

      • what about Bill Cosby!!!! 😯

        allegations of sexual abuse and rape over 30 years. Nobody believed them because if his fame and status in the industry.

        They’re all coming forward now. 12 so far.

        He used to drug them before assaulting them


        • yeah I thought that I was typing but was veryyyy tired when I posted so its not as punchy as my usual form. All very scorpio themes right now. Nothing light with Pluto and Scorpio. Judgement day for shit actions around these themes. No one is buying this shit anymore

  4. I am beyond tired of the narcissism of white privilege and supremacy. The lack of empathy astounds me. The fact that black bodies are always guilty even when proven to be stalked and hunted astounds me. I should be numb after all these years but it never ceases to amaze me. We didn’t need no zap zone for this ish to go down, it always will due to the consistent trauma of being told to be peaceful in a culture that consistently preys upon pockets of the population. Violent in every respect except when it comes to black folks. Every 28 hours a black person is murdered by a police officer – EVERY 28 HOURS. This is a constant, not a random incident. And it’s appalling.

    • Really? You think this is that simple?
      Go on a trip to ferguson with your nice superficial hug a tree and make it all better ideas about equality and see how true it actually is.
      This issue now goes much deeper. Control, lack of control, poverty, ghettos, lack of role models, lack of opportunities. Many more black men die at the hands of other black men than they do at the hands of police.
      The people looting there are about as righteous as those who took part in the mob violence of the London riots.
      Yes, there is a lot of anger.
      Yes, being black still means you will be dealt with more by the police than if you were white.
      But you don’t have the full story, none of us do. Only the sensationalist crap the media agencies spew out for shock value.
      As for the woman who was waving the gun around and shot herself. Lucky she didn’t kill some innocent child nearby with her stupidity.

      • Of course it’s more complex than that. What situation isn’t?? Everything you said, plus the hydra of systemic oppression on the other side. Really, beyond the justifications of priveleged, fat, and terminally insular middle America, these complexities mean nothing. They don’t change a single fact. See Ariel’s post below. The jury. Huh.

        Also, I would argue that social media has changed the game of media sensationalism, from the eyewitnesses of the shooting to livestreams, twitter, insta etc last night. I thought the photos of Darren Wilson’s “horrific” injuries were especially telling.

      • Yes, systemic racism affects all aspects of life — even for members of the oppressing class. Doesn’t make me feel sorrier for them than the actual victims.

      • Dear Pussy-Ass Anonymous: Have you EVER experienced police brutality? I have. Injustice? I have. Seen un-armed people murdered before you? I have. So please, STFU about what you DON’T know. I KNOW first hand how the system works and it doesn’t work for the people.

  5. Mystic, I was watching the news coverage last night horrified, whilst this was happening. And I do indeed agree it’s an instance of the Zap Zone.

    I do not, however, think it’s complicated. This grand jury case lacked a prosecutor, tantamount to fixing this in Wilson’s favour. There was never going to be an indictment partly because of the racial makeup of the jury (9 white, 3 african american), they would’ve needed at least 9 votes to indict.

    No, this is a straightforward, plain and simple, legitimation of police violence against black people. And not just violence, but murder of an unarmed teen in broad daylight. There is no way Mike Brown would have been shot if he was white. This is a sad and shameful day for America and for the rest of the world.

    • I agree too Ariel that it’s an instance of the Zap Zone.
      Deeply buried stuff coming up.

      The young man should not have reached into the cop car and hit him, the cop should have shot him in the leg to stop him, not the head to kill..if that is what was necessary?

      Tearing up ones own neighborhood is a form of self destructive frustration. I can relate to that but sometimes we just need to walk away other wise we own what they are selling.

      • ~The Wheel of Karma moves automatically and keeps turning our negative responses over and over again until we introduce love~

        -Bob Fickes

        • Yeah gebera shit not really helpful here, even if it is truish. Won’t save the next black kid, and is a feel-good way of invalidating their whole experience.
          No justice no peace.

            • maybe peace isn’t always the answer, there have been times I have noticed that conflict and arguing was necessary, and that black people would have to be held to higher moral standard just so the satus quo continues is kinda messed up, to be happy and healthy that may be what you have to do, but beyond that, its not about justice in a tit for tat sort of way, its that change costs something, something has got to give, something super fucked up is stuck in the media cycle while tons of other messed up shit isn’t, its not just about this this particular case, its about the implications, the true nature being revealed. Change is hard, change is violent. I don’t think this is a time for peace or peace is the answer, the concerns being raised are legitimate, if they are not addressed then the human beings being affronted will be understandably very upset. If things continue to be fucked up, then there will be no peace, the riots are a response and if the government continues to be fucked up then it deserves the unrest it has to deal with. If peace means rampant unfairness, then there will be masses who want no part in that peace and because they have no power riots are there only avenue. Not saying you think any of the things I am hypothetically arguing against, but saying the answer is we need to be more peaceful I find philosophically suspect. There is a season to all thing, sometimes struggle and suffering and conflict is necessary.

          • Not invalidating their experience at all.

            Said that I can relate to that even if in my own way.

            People want to be angry go ahead and be angry. Noone told me I couldn’t be angry when I was but how long does one want to stay on that wheel?

            The opportunity is presenting itself to STEP OFF THE WHEEL…for any and every color..

              • I have so many planets in Libra – it has taken me so long to really see and accept this. You cannot fight your way to peace. Peace is the way. Sounds like cheesy gerba shit. Not helpful for an ego at all. But its the unchanging, undying, everlasting mother fuqing truth.

                • On a personal level, sure. Of course peace is the answer. On a societal level it just perpetuates the status quo. Id like everyone to be enlightened too. But it has to start with the oppressors, otherwise you’re just telling people to suck shit and like it.

                  • It starts with each and every person, on a personal level.

                    Both those gentlemen could have handled it another way. Jezus, I jay walk all the time. What was so big about someone walking in the street?

                    Aside from that, know that deep down the only way I will change the world is thu my own personal effort toward enlightenment. There is truly no other transformation energetically.

                    • Sure. Of course it starts within. But it can’t end there. The fact that you jaywalk all the time without fearing for your life demonstrates that you (and me, and probably most of us here) and Michael brown live in different worlds. Try to see it from the perspective of that community. Of course both men should have behaved differently, but it is absurd to not hold the adult with the training, the authority, and the gun to a higher standard. We’ll never be all one until those deemed lesser or unworthy are treated as humans, just as you would expect to be.

                    • Yes, it does end there. Walk away. Brown apparently was not fearing for his life either. Your points are well taken hdq and I do see the other view.

              • to be fair, saying just let me be kind of proves how messed up it is, you can ask to be left alone, but the people actually being fucked over don’t have the option, they are regularly dealing with this and can’t opt out or ask to be left alone and not be told about fucked up shit, its something they have to deal with all the time

                • I see your point David but for one thing, I am a woman and in my day a damn good looking woman…I DIDN’T HAVE ANY CHOICE either as to how men reacted to me and their being a predator to me, but after several disillionsments, etc, the power does reside with me


                  That was the whole reason to the disillusionment.

                  Everything else becomes an excuse. It’s a tough stance I know but that’s the way it’s gotta be if you are going to manifest the God within.

                  Otherwise we are just fuqin cry babies.

                  But all well put David. I admire that.

                  When I was put down prior because I disagreed with Dan Millman regarding every turn of coming to consciousness had to be painful…no it doesn’t. It is only because of our misuse of what we have been given and thus now we have to work thru the crap “to come to consciousness”..

                  • Isn’t that a false dilemma? Can’t you choose to not be victim and take matters in to your own hands but also see how fucked up things are, aren’t there some people who that might be the same process?

                    • Babe, that is the whole point to the disiilluison ment.
                      that is the learning process…

                      And now back to my music. Tonight, .38 Specail And Fantasy Gril…no was not calculated…Think cuz I seen a pix of my baby girl Aries now 8mos old.

                    • “Gril” 😆

                      Yeah honey “hold on to me”

                      You know as Aries I sometimes squidge on the non violence…

                      Me and her gonna have to kick some arse eventually


                    • What to do when your Aries granddaughter also has South Node in Aries?

                      Be more Medusa like…Spiritual Warrior or simply take no prisoners

                      Yeah,no time for that shiz..


                  • like, its not a zer sum thing, you can improve and stuff and also realize how you are being wronged, dwelling is bad for the soul, but its not some binary thing

    • You get it. AND you have the cajones to post under an actual profile versus hide behind troll anonymity.

      I am sick and tired of seeing members of OUR American community brutalized and murdered by police and the police getting away with it most of the time. Within 6 months 6 unarmed black men were shot dead back in my old neighborhood. I had LAPD turn up to my apartment seeking someone in the complex and nearly attacking ME – the officers partner had to diffuse the officer saying they were reading into things that were not happening. If half the people in retail shouldn’t be working there due to lack of customer service skills, WHY would people assume that ALL police are well-adjusted and have crisis management skills? They don’t. Despite what the cop sympathisizers state, most police will never have to draw their gun during their tenure in the force. Yet civilians are killed by police. EVERY 28 hours a black person is murdered by a police officer somewhere in the US. The system is sick, it is twisted. I am tired and in fear for all the black children I know back home because I see how they are treated.

  6. MB was shot during the Aquarius Supermoon. America has its moon in Aquarius, and st. Louis is also an Aquarius sun city.

  7. How long till Ellie pipes up to tell us that it’s all obama’s fault and black people deserve it?
    (Tip: please don’t.)
    Burn baby burn

  8. in response to some sentiments above,
    I find the general we need to stop the cylce of anger or stop letting things upset us or whatever being evinced above distasteful. You don’t have to live your life angry, no one is asking you to devote your life to fighting these causes or immersing yourselves in what is fucked up that is going on and doing something about it , but fucked up things are going on, and the people really actually being fucked over don’t have the option to just not read the news for two weeks like some fucking fad diet, that fucked up shit is where they live, is happening to them. So when you, from a marginally safer place then those people, take it a step further that the healthiest decision for you is also what would be healthy for them is kind of messed up. You guys talk about qi vamps or whatever a ton, but some people don’t have the option to cut people out of their life, some people have systems they can’t escape fucking them over. This isn’t just another oh two sides to the story, this is some really messed up stuff. This cop is like 6 5, he shot an unarmed man 10 times, various witnesses have contradictory testimonies (the one collaborating the cops story didn’t get the color of the car right), the cop himself has widely widely inconsistent testimonies that have not been challenged once, and on top of all that he didn’t even go on trial. This was not a trial, it was to decide weather to take it to trial, its a legal formality so the state can do whatever it wants however fucked up it is. The photos of the cop taken the day after are described legally as him being “severely beaten” and he looks completely totally fine(look up the photos yourself), and it this was a domestic abuse case you bet your ass nothing would get done if she looked like that. And in his testimony he says after being punched twice he thought the third would kill him, and later didn’t even think he needed medical attention. When white kids shoot up entire rooms of people, they are taken alive and portrayed as tragic figures that needed help and the system failed them and we need better systems to handle mental health, when a black teenager who probably didn’t do anything wrong and at the very least this warrants an investigation and tons of people jump to try to normalize it and he doesn’t get taken alive or seen as tragic he gets shot in the street and all the media pays attention to is the few assholes who caught cars on fire and looted. Not to mention all the myriad incompetencies of the police handling these riots, on live telivision using throwing tear gas at people trying to carry a body to get medical help and blah blah blah.
    Its not nothing, and its not going away, and its not weird people are upset, and the answer isn’t to opt out or to not be upset. I’m not saying you should focus on what’s fucked up, and I am definitely not saying this all people should focus on(you can see how messed up things are and still be happy healthy and choose love yet fight the good fight or at least be aware), but to respond to other people or the situation in general as a cycle of anger or just the media trying to rile people up and we should all just not pay attention, I don’t quit agree with that. History is happening, its bloody and messy and necessary, the world get better through struggle through suffering, it has to. This is humanity sorting itself out, this is humanity processing things, its messy, the world doesn’t get better through tons of people magically becoming more enlightened, it becomes better because people fought for it to be better. People are fighting that fight right now, maybe it would be healthier for them to also be happy and not make this struggle their whole life or identity, but some of them have to fight this fight and I find it distasteful when people respond to that with some weird abstract wishing for humanity to just be better. Its people, its masses, its uninformed low information voters, its poor people and proles and people stuck in systems not of their own making trying to process and deal with this the best they can that moves stuff. People don’t just get better, societies change slowly and through struggle, and it takes the messy machinations of the people to do that. Something very very fucked up is going on, and

    Relevant link

    • woops sorry, it got weirdly cut off
      whatever, something messed up is going on and all this conflict needs to happen, sorry for the long winded rant, and not saying you guys even fall in to what I am arguing against, I just see this sentiment a lot, its fine if you don’t want to pay attention it, that’s your call, but its happening and it needs to happen. This general new agey why can’t we all just get along and be above this type opinions are just something I always see, I don’t really think that has ever been the correct response, I am a history buff and that just doesn’t seem to me how reality actually moves.

      • I think you make some great points, and my mind throughly agrees with you.
        In the end though I have to ask myself what can I personally do about it? These are events on the other side of the world to me and I don’t claim to even begin to understand what it is like over there.
        It might sound new-agey, but the only thing I can think of doing is staying in my heart and being the peace that I am.
        This also might sound new agey, but scientists have demonstrated that one person able to reside in their heart space is able to affect those around them and bring them into that same resonance.
        Take care

      • Preach, DavidL!

        My teens and I were in a small town, at night, having rescued my eldest with car trouble.

        The kids wanted snacks- of course. The one store open was a 7/11.
        Emerging from the car, one teen broke into a loud shriek. I shot my son a look.

        My heart was pounding. Because this crazy kid wears dreds and is a husky sized, African American. I was terrified that the store clerk would call the trigger fingered, small town police. This was before Ferguson but after Trayvon.

        I pictured throwing myself in front of him to be a human shield.

        I shadowed the kids in the store, so the clerk would know I was watching. And when we got in the car, oh the relief.

        Months later, I told my sons why I was upset. This young man doesn’t have the luxury of letting loose in a small white town on a summer night.

        While I personally pray for peace and change, being a rosy eyed Libran, I cannot blame anyone for the gauntlet thrown down. What have they to lose?

        Some anarchists agitate mightily and encourage chaos. They hate everyone. Saw them in DC too. Chic masks. Neptune, anyone? Food/clothes for the homeless and conspiracy theories. Chock full of venom.

        Our prez could make an amazing speech from Ferguson. But the supremacists are determined to foment his destruction and demise. They will dis him with their last breath. He dared to aspire and win- changed the game. A man they’d like to call “boy”.

        Hey- are we having good thoughts for Thich Naht Hanh? Speaking of amazing humans- he needs good energy and prayers. has progress posts.

        Peace to all of us in this ZZ corner.

    • What I find distasteful is the idea that being for peace means somehow being ignorant, or indifferent to suffering or that peace, true peace, is equated to a fad fucking diet.

      “I refuse to accept the view that mankind is so tragically bound to the starless midnight of racism and war that the bright daybreak of peace and brotherhood can never become a reality… I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word.”
      Martin Luther King, Jr.

      But what did that thinking ever change, right?

      • “You deplore the demonstrations taking place in Birmingham. But your statement, I am sorry to say, fails to express a similar concern for the conditions that brought about the demonstrations. I am sure that none of you would want to rest content with the superficial kind of social analysis that deals merely with effects and does not grapple with underlying causes. It is unfortunate that demonstrations are taking place in Birmingham, but it is even more unfortunate that the city’s white power structure left the Negro community with no alternative.”

        – MLK, “Letter from Birmingham Jail”

        I have a feeling if I respond it will get weird and we won’t actually end up disagreeing but just talking at each other, if what you meant wasn’t what I was talking about then I misinterpreted up above(and anyone else I am vaguely but not specifically referring to above)with what people usually mean when their response for this is we need more peace, I wouldn’t be surprised if its not, most people use that as more of a we shouldn’t be talking about this or to whatever, which sometimes is warranted its annoying if its always brought up for example. If this post is about ferguson stuff though, or when it is being discussed of its own accord this weird kick back people have about keeping it positive instead for example doesn’t really do it justice. I even said you can choose to prioritize whatever you want and also know things, they aren’t mutually exclusive. Sorry if I was being glib 12hv.

        • Its horrific what’s happened and what is happening. But just as you get sick of the light and rainbows talk, I get sick of the anger and righteous indignation from armchair revolutionaries. Because our society needs to change. Me. You. Every individual. Period. This shit is unacceptable. And being angry and righteous about it isn’t enough (bravo!). Same as wishing for a better vibe isn’t enough.

          If you really follow and embrace what peace is about, its about balanced response. Patience. Following through. Its about a way of responding. It isn’t a non-response and it certainly isn’t ignorant or indifferent to suffering. It isn’t a dismissal of suffering. Its diving into the suffering, not just saying “oh, wow, suffering shouldn’t fucking exist” in an angry tone or with spiritual egoism – same shit. I can’t even explain that shit here and now. Suffice to say, I’m sick of the hate, judgment and anger. What’s new about that? That is the same as it ever was. Injustice wasn’t born this summer. How do we fix it? Really? One cop isn’t the whole of the problem. Burning and looting isn’t the whole of the solution. At some point, hippy as it may be, hearts and minds really DO need to change.

          But, yeah, I think we are agreeing with each other. And I am so tired from today. I almost didn’t respond to this. But peace is so important for our world. And it takes everything. It IS fucking heroic. People don’t always just say “hey, be at peace.” People die for it. Over and over and over again.

          • I think I was talking about a general thing and got glib, and I feel like I upset you and I’m sorry if I did. I think what your thinking of peace and what I usually think of the word as are two different things. Its obviously really important to you and I had no idea I was gonna upset you that much. I think maybe you are talking about love or something like that, or at least what I think of it. To me peace is just a state, or a vibe, like being agreeable or peaceful. But sometimes that state is entirely the wrong thing, sometimes things have to get worse before they get better, sometimes peace just means keeping the a status quo that is fucking over a ton of people.
            One of the protest signs from the other day read “Your “peace” is deadly” and that really struck me, a lot of gov officials are calling for peace and I guess I was responding to that.
            You are right, hearts and minds do need to change and I think that’s what this is about. War is politics with bloodshed, and politics is war without. In the war for hearts and minds this is the battlefield right here. And the battlefield for hearts and minds is just as messy and ugly as any battlefield. This actually isn’t about one cop or one city, its something multiple protest cities are latching on to to raise general concerns. I read something recently re this that kind of seems to fit to me. Political scandals are false on the facts but true on narrative. Al gore didn’t actually say he invented the internet but he was supposedly an arrogant prick. Maybe this black teen did do something kind of messed up (still not enough to get shot) but the fact that we have a police problem is something to latch on to. And that’s how this works, thats how the politics of it advances. Things actually do have to be dumbed down enough to be digested, things do have to have this one particular court case to serve as a catalyst. That is exactly how the masses end up being mobilized.

            Where we disagree, I don’t think this is a time for balanced response or patience, I think sometimes there are times for things to get like this, sometimes that is exactly what is necessary. It sucks that there are terrible people who would take advantage of the situation and burn a ton of shit, but there are tons of white riots over fucking sports games or joe paterno being fired or stupid college shit where they burned tons of things and flipped a bunch of cars and it didn’t even get much media play. You don’t think every once in a while with such legitimate exasperated concerns its going to veer off in to something messed up every once in a while? It gets that way over fucking sports games and pumpkin festivals(pumpkin festival riot). Holding them to a higher moral standard when they are actually trying to do something about this doesn’t seem fair to me. It isn’t protesters fault there are anarchic assholes waiting to destroy everything. Those people don’t even have anything to do with this as I see it, so much as they have to do with crowds of people that are angry.

            Its war,protests and riots do accomplish things, they aren’t some nasty thing to be transcended by some how spontaneously raising the discourse. If things are going to change, it WILL get messy and it WILL be unbalanced at first(what initially repressed process doesn’t first come out like that) and when the response to that is we shouldn’t be so low or violent or whatever I don’t think that’s quite right. If you learn a new skill, at first you are fucking terrible, if you start voicing a previously repressed part of yourself you end up taking it too far for a bit. But the steps forward are more important then that.

            Mass protests are the currency for exactly the kind of change we need, heck in history after civil right stuff there where a TON of white riots against civil rights laws that actually did work in whatever particular city, in certain ways things stayed segregated or pseudo old guards were re instigated in response to those riots. Saying protests or riots don’t work is like saying war doesn’t work, you can have things like the geneva convention or have a stance that war brings out the worst in us and should be avoided, but you can’t say it doesn’t do anything. If you invade a country and capture it, thats something. If you declare war on nazis, thats something. War crimes will happen, and the psychopaths and violence enthusiasts will come out to play, but war can accomplish goals (even if most modern wars now are super fucked up and don’t prove this point). Protests can get things done, that’s how the civil rights thing happened, riots can get things done. My opinion is this is exactly what needs to happen however unfortunate and messy this plays out. I don’t quit know that we disagree that much. Sure, in this war, questionable tactics will be adopted, people will use it as an excuse to be judgy and ugly and see humanity as fucked up, but that’s the nature of the beast. I think what is more important is that this happens, not that this happens but better. When you or others say things like that, it makes me feel like your saying if it isn’t meeting a certain standard it won’t work and shouldn’t even happen. I disagree with that, what is more important to me is that something is done, that people are mobilized. But that disagreement doesn’t have to lend itself to you thinking I am saying you are ignorant or insensitive or thinking I am an armchair revolutionary. The government will get away with doing as little as possible, things have to reach a fever pitch before anything like the people’s will gets done. To me, we wouldn’t have had the new deal without all the anarchists, communists and fever pitched enraged masses literally actually considering revolution. We wouldn’t have had civil rights without mlk and malcolm x and black panthers and all of them. First you have the mass unrest, then you get the mandate of heaven, to me that is just how it works. I am sorry how ugly that is and that this is bringing out the worst in people and pitting people against one another. I just honestly don’t see hearts and minds being captured without a fight, without it getting really messy.

            • War may seem necessary and exciting in the mind, but in real life it’s horror, grief, and the ruin of lives. Look at the photos coming out from Syria or the West Bank every day. Would you want to live through that?

              The US is deeply divided and the convenient “red and blue” maps don’t show you that people with totally different world views live on the same street. Police departments are equipped like an army. Every right wing nut has a cabinet full of guns and is just waiting for civil war to start.

              Peaceful action is the only acceptable action.

              • Wasn’t saying we should go to war or revolt, and if we protest I hope it is peaceful as possible I hope that goes without saying, and to be fair cops are pointing guns at people and using stuff outlawed in war, I think its the cops who should be more peaceful, sometimes protests will get out of hand, it happens

    • Well said david5379. What people fail to realise is that poverty and suppression is violence too. Any government who not only allows it to proliferate but takes an active part in inducing it, by its corruption – is committing violence – and any society who lets this happen, is also committing violence.

      This lies uneasily with the comfortable masses. This deep guilt they have leads them to believe in delusional ideas about what constitutes morality. It’s obviously going to be a morality that is not going to destroy or interrupt their world.

      None of the freedom or civil liberties we have anywhere in the world came through peaceful means – EVER – this is telling of the human race. And in case some brings up Gandhi – the reason Gandhi succeeded in his peaceful way is because he knew very well, that Britain at that stage of the game, was not going to react to peaceful demos with force. It would have been a very different story if he had tried the peaceful tactic at the height and arrogance of the British Empire.

      We are living on planet Earth – a physical and biological fact. It is a material world. We need sustenance – physical sustenance – for a physical life in a physical planet – regardless of what some new agers would have us believe.

      People can’t focus on their spiritual needs (like people on this blog can do) if they are living a life of poverty, misery and with constant fear from a bullying police force who is there to make sure they stay in their place.
      No amount of praying and good wishes is going to help poor repressed peoples.
      War and revolutions is part of the physical life – otherwise we would be in another dimension – we are not – and we certainly won’t transcend this one if we can’t even understand it.

      • Pls excuse some of the grammar – v.tired.

        I’d like to add that We as a collective, have chosen our governments and institutions. We as a collective, have also turned a blind eye to many of the rotten deals our governments have made either by using or mis-using said institutions. As long as most of us are comfortable, we are willing to turn a blind eye. But the day of reckoning – sooner or later does come around. If we as a society impose violence or allow violence to be done to others, this will come back as violence. *Cause and effect.* There’s nothing more sobering (some like to say spiritual) than contemplating and understanding those 3 words.

      • So conflict isn’t a problem when it’s the solution to your problem and spirituality is only for the rich?

        Ha fuqing ha.

        • Riots are destroying local businesses. How’s that hurt the police? We have so many resources to use peacefully. Social media, cameras, etc. Like, a high school in Oklahoma where a boy was able to record a confession from the serial rapist using his phone and the community organized peaceful protests in response with reasonable demands to change the school rules that lead to the victims being bullied and the rapist going unpunished. What’s a bunch of burning and looting going to do but reinforce racial stereotypes?

          Also, if you think “spirituality” is only available to a certain social class you are fuqing clueless. Everyone gets a soul and the right and ability to use it. The more you wake up, the more you realize ever experience is “spiritual” not just fuqing special occasions and meals and smells and bullshit.

          So done with the stupid angry righteousness. I think its racist to sit back and say “Yay! Riots!” WTF is anyone here happy about the angry doing to change it? How about step back and recognize the helplessness, show a little vulnerability, a little “I don’t know…what can we do?” And maybe work it out. But…that would be more than a rant response and who has the attention span? And it would require realizing you are one with the victims, and in no way morally superior just because you’re angry.

          • A bunch of riots having nothing to do with social movements that no one cared about

            on riots

            So, when they riot its wrong because jeez why would they riot its “just one cop, just one case” but not oh its just a few looters or a few cars or a few properties? If it’s just one cop or one instance to you as far as the system goes and the response to that, then why isn’t it still just individuals in this case, why is it collective all of a sudden when they are bunch of potesteres who actually don’t want violence of any sort? What about all the people who help rebuild or clean up the streets afterward that are actually out there and not getting much media takeaway why isn’t that the view of “them”. Its one thing to condemn the messed up stuff a few individuals do, its another thing to say that is the worst thing happening right now (its not), and another thing still to characterize this whole massive unrest on the messed up stuff a few people do. People rioted, it happens. What is messed up is how come this got announced at night? They could have easily scheduled the announcement and verdict in the morning based on when they actually knew it, they deliberately waited till night time? So all the old people, students, and employed wouldn’t show up to a peaceful protest and raise issues all day, no, they wait till night time, point guns at people, shoot bean bag bullets out in to crowds, throw pepper spray at wounded people seeking medical attention. But no, that’s not the violence and lack of peace to be condemned by people, its a few asshole looters. People being overly righteous to you is the problem, being overly negative about the system, that’s the problem? People are always being self righteous assholes on both sides of most things, I don’t see how that should be the takeaway or how that should be how this movement should be characterized. Also there is a recall election they are attempting too, plenty of ferguson protests where peaceful, and plenty of would be riots where previously stopped in ferguson by random good semeratins protecting businesses, but we didn’t hear about any of that. The fact this is being characterized as negative by the media, and that the that is the takeaway of a lot of people, I think that is kind of messed up.

            • also, I haven’t jumped to that because I know you better, but every other person I have encountered saying the same thing and they are all white and its usually the takeaway that they are more upset property is being destroyed then that lives are being lost.

              Here is an example of riots that worked in history albeit for messed up cause,

              and there where tons of peaceful protests that didn’t make the news, over similar travesties, but all of a sudden its a riot, and all of a sudden everyone is talking, not saying it is right or violence is right, but saying it doesn’t work or hasn’t been making ferguson more effective and getting people talking isn’t quite true either. Peaceful protests for Crawford, riots for Brown, which one actually got peoples attention and which one are we talking about?

              • Agree with your comments, David, thanks for having the guts to spell out that those who are in power do not hand over power peacefully. They have to be dragged kicking and screaming to a new world and often it ain’t pretty.

              • again, yes. reminds me of the Israeli I talked to when rockets being fired out of Gaza in 2012 cause shutdowns in Tel Aviv over 3 days – “no state can accept the closing down of the economy” blah blah fuqing blah

                a cake shop….really? the costs will be shared in some ways. she is another victim of the consequences of a corrupt state, of systemic violence and privilege, yes, of the history of the violence of slavery and it’s legacies.

                also, it is right to focus on the transatlantic trade in this context but, remember, slavery continues and is a bigger problem today than it has been in any other time in history, just not in your backyard.

          • Conflict is a result of a problem caused by a wrong doing – which in the instance of Ferguson, goes way back in time – well before the policeman killed a black man. I think that you are so angry that you haven’t even bothered to actually understand what I wrote. I am really bored, is what it is, with people appropriating *common sense* and calling it spirituality and sit on that righteous cloud just like every other religion does. Why don’t we call it humanity? Because that’s what it will take – humans helping humans?
            All it takes is to recognize cause and effect – you can dress it up as karma or whatever spiritual vogue is floating about. The thing is, that no matter how much you would like every moment to be a spiritual moment – guess what? it’s also a human moment and we have to embrace and come to terms with that. If you do something wrong to someone else – directly or by passively permitting your government to do so – that wrong will in the end become a wrong for everyone – as is always shown historically – the longer you leave something to brew the more of a problem it becomes. We have conflict all over the planet because humans have been wronging each other since there’s been humans. And even though we are faced with conflict every day in smaller or greater measures – we still haven’t figured out the most basic law. Cause and effect.

            • Explain your cause and effect philosophy to the woman who’s cake shop was destroyed.

              Where’s “cause and effect” justice in this world when we don’t even have a body count of the women, men, and children tortured and killed on account of slavery, building the world economy we still enjoy. You think change is going to happen outside your life? Where’s the justice? Where are reparations?

              And what about rape and abuse victims of both genders. Why don’t you care about the cause and effect there of being abused and living a life of PTSD and an inability to have intimacy in your life while your abuser gets celebrated?

              What about Palestine where people grow up, essentially, in prison and where the only culture left to celebrate is death?

              Start having compassion for more than the latest headline and explain the cause and effect to me. Because all I see is greed gets greed, conflict gets conflict, and stupid gets stupid.

              • You are just proving everything that i have said.
                The greed that you mention, used slavery as a means to enrichment and power. Slavery is wrong. America was built on slave labour. It was a wrong inflicted on people for a long time to benefit other people. It’s consequences are still here with us in the form of violence. And just as you say, greed gets greed – violence gets violence. It is horrible. But it exists because of a wrong doing to another being/people. It is a symptom – an effect.

                And just as there is a personal consequence (personal karma if you like) there is a collective consequence – and there is always the risk that you – as a willing citizen of an unjust system, will be affected directly by its causes/actions – like the woman whose cake-shop was vandalized. That is the risk that we all take when we form part of that system.
                Again – Palestine – you are proving my point….maybe we are violently agreeing with each other.
                As for putting myself in somebody elses shoes? I see plenty of the effects of the action or non action that our society has turned a blind eye to in the couple of shelters I work at.
                As for change? How can there be change if we don’t take responsibility for our and our society’s actions?
                I don’t give a shi* about the next life – I’m living here – don’t care that I may have ten zillion parallel lives all happening at once. I would love that this place – the here and now – would be a fair place. But until we are wronging each other – there will always be violence – that seems to be the deal for being part of this world.

  9. Wow. It’s just like the riots in London in 2011. Common sense by all parties has gone out the window. Wasn’t that the first zap of the zap zone?

    I didn’t get to see the news last night but I’ll bet there wasn’t too much on it being broadcast. It’s why I don’t bother to watch the news much any more, there is no ‘news’, just celebrity drivel. If I had the time later in the evening and was able to compete with my total slob of a husband slouched in front of the TV with rum in hand, I’d watch the SBS news. It seems to be the only source of unbiased broadcasting lately. ABC has become rediculous in it’s political slant and is no longer a credible source of information.

    I wonder what else is happening in the world at this level of violence?

  10. The system is corrupt. Not just areas of it, all of it.

    These scandals and problems and the civil unrest that is resulting are partly because we have more information along with less opportunity for employment/more poverty.
    The youth unemployment rates are staggering.
    So next move is to control the content of the internet – the source of alternative information. Do you know anyone under 30 who buys the newspaper? Ha.
    First thing the dictator does is take over the media and the schools.

    Meanwhile in The Biggest Mining Town on Earth aka “Down Under”, it would be convenient to encourage racism.

    The cutting funding to remote communities could be called racist, so could the moves to deny Heritage Status to sacred sites like Uluru.
    Also ‘racist’ is the lack of 1st Nation history/ true stories of the Invasion.
    Or maybe, all this reveals is not racism, so much as that the govn’t is well aware they don’t want joe public to appreciate that the oldest continuous culture on the planet is still HERE.

    Because then they won’t be able to continue the plunder and rape by miners of this country, benefiting those at the top.

    (Thx Gillard for repealing the mining tax while we are at it..).

    To quote Marge from Fargo: “And for what? For a little bit of money. There’s more to life than a little money, you know. Don’tcha know that?”
    Pluto in Capricorn, Saturn in Scorpio, yep.

    I hope we start to see a change for the better a la Jupiter/Uranus snazzy upbeat solutions. Or they will burn it all down.

    • Nice rant 🙂
      And did you see that the whistleblower Freya Newman, who reported on the PMs daughter getting a ‘scholarship’ was thankfully not prosecuted for leaking the documents.
      Why isn’t he being questioned on raking in the ‘benefits’ while at the same time cutting education for everyone else??

      So much pressure that the right wing is putting on society in Australia, so many people I know loathe Abbott and what he stands for. But I still get surprised when some fascist pipes up in a pro lib rant, I just wonder how we can be living in the same universe.
      Sometimes I wonder what would be the match to the tinder box over here?

      • Like, why can the evil -powers-that-be just keep doing and doing things that we do not agree with, and we just have to sit and watch?

  11. HELP HELP HELP – I need to know why for the past 3848749404929389 weeks things are not shifting for me. I dont want to ramble but sh#t has been beyond all levels of cr@p. I was born on September 30 1982 at 4am. If I’m doing this right my moon is in Aquarius and my rising is Virgo. Will I get a break soon? I just want to settle down and make all that happen. Advice will be GREATLY appreciated!!

    • Not looking at any charts but if you are earlyish Virgo and Virgo rising you have Chiron and Neptune currently transiting opposite your Sun and somewhere around your descendant = “other people” and primary relationships. These are long /slow /hard to grasp or perceive changes. Read up on that to see if feels relevant. Saturn squaring your Sun soon too
      Love pi x
      P.s. I am not the anonymous posting above. Ftr.

        • How will I know if I’m late Virgo rising? I feel hysterical reading this like sh#t ain’t ever going to change. I have had years of this. I want to give up on life.

          • Please don’t. This time next year is going to look very different. That is a fact.

            I’ve had three years of crap and then shit just got real-real; but I tell you what- there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. I can feel it although I can’t see it yet. Believe it.

            Love to you.

  12. Maybe there is only one positive out of this sitch, but it is a HUGE one; people are protesting on the streets. For once apathy doesn’t win the day,.,.

  13. One of the things I’ve had to do since moving to North Cyprus is revise my beliefs and attitudes about peace and non-violence. My husband served here in the British Army and told me some of the atrocities carried out by Greek-Cypriots against other Greek-Cypriots and against Turkish-Cypriots. From 1963 to 1974 Greek-Cypriots carried out massacres of Turkish-Cypriots until a coup in 1974, aided and abetted by the Greek generals – a coup which unleashed a civil war in the south and even more massacres of Turkish-Cypriots. Britain and Greece refused to act and in the end the Turkish government intervened to save Turkish-Cypriots from annihilation. What were Turkish-Cypriots supposed to do in the face of this violence? The aim was to drive them from Cyprus or annihilate Turkish-Cypriots completely. This has been obscured by Greece, the UK and the EU but, having found out this history, peace and goodwill meant nothing. The T-C’s had to defend themselves to survive. So while I believe love is a powerful force, I also have reluctantly come to the conclusion that people have the right to defend themselves against violence. We in the West haven’t really had to put up our desire for peace and non-violence in a situation which would mean our survival. So I think we have to accept that sometimes peace and non-violence aren’t solutions, not if there is overwhelming violence and the right of someone to stand up, fight and resist that violence.

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