Strangely Happy When The Sun Goes Down

Guy Du Maupassant

Guy De Maupassant via Sea Of Quotes

Love this. De Maupassant was a triple Leo – Sun, Mercury, North Node with Virgo Rising and Moon in Kataka.

His best known short story is probably The Neck;ace.

Note also; chart ruler = Mercury, on the North Node.

And is there an astrological correlation with day/Sun people and night/Moon people?

It would seem so basic but hey why not?

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gemini cat

I wonder if there is any connection to the position of Venus — are you a morning star or an evening star? Venus represents creativity, so an evening star person might be more creative or inspired at night, perhaps? At least this works for the people whose charts & habits I know.


I love when the Sun sinks for the day, makes me settle and sink into my glass of wine and chair. It’s always been the case that I can fall asleep in a comfy chair, no matter where I am. I’m like that with the sundown, too. Taurus Moon on an angle is what I put it down to..


multi Sagg here, Maupassant expresses it perfectly. I love that beautiful soft time of the day once the sun has gone down but there is still just enough light to see the outlines of objects, and the stars coming out….

triple sagg

yep, some people are lunar others solar . also time of birth??


i think is his moon in kataka speaking, that love of his country part is so kataka, and well they are creatures of the night after all like that 80s song from Laura Brannigan (who was also a Kataka).


Reading this at 1:11 AM local time. I’m a serious night owl, also multi-Leo, Virgo mid-heaven, no Katka.

Blood on the Tracks

I am a 11:30 to 14:15 person

Blood on the Tracks

Only kidding. Mars in Virgo/2H & Saturn in Cap/6H would NEVER EVER allow that despite my Uranian protestations.


I love seeing the sun come up blazing pink and orange over the lake across the road, and all the birds starting to call out. I love coming back from walking the dog for an hour and it’s only 8:00 and we have looked at wildflowers, met new neighbours and checked out a new street. My day is so expanded if I’m up early. Sometimes I look at the time and it’s only 10:30 or 11 am and feel relieved, as I’ve got heaps more time to do whatever it is that I’m doing. I get sleepy at around 10… Read more »


Didn’t Linda Goodman say signs are masculine day and feminine night
and vice versa. Remember Sagg was masculine day & feminine night.
I do think we can be different at different times of day.
Yogis say the earth breathes in at dawn holds it s breath at noon then exhales at dusk. It does feel releasing to do stretches at those times or sun salutations.
It is said that 3am is spooky time 🙂
Now i’m humming George Benson’s ‘give me the night’.


i’m humming “midnight at the oasis.:-).

Blood on the Tracks

I cant humm. So l sing


“I love the night – the day is OK, and the sun can be fun – but I live to see those rays slip away.” Blue Oyster Cult SO TRUE!

Year of the Phoenix

Am a late afternoon person myself – I do wake early and stay up late ish but love that golden light


When the Sun goes down and the Moon comes up
I turn into a teenage goo goo muck

Year of the Phoenix

Love it!


4:30 – 10 am is my favourite time of day. Hangover from Vipassana but I looove the deep trance you can access in the wee hours. Most people hate that time, wondering what they are doing here & why, but I love the solid introspection it provides & it seems the veil between the worlds opens up in that hour of 4:30 – 5:30am. My time for interstellar travel. I loathe with a passion 4:00 – 6:00 pm. I want to go to bed then, but cannot and requires a force of will most days to get through it gracefully.… Read more »


Argh, indifferent to the charms of midnight! I am Leo Sun/Hekate conjunct. 😉

Sparkling Leo

I’m with you about the favorite time 4:30 to 10ish.Sun Leo, Moon Aquarius, Libra rising………….what I love is getting up super early in the morning in the dark and then experiencing the day braking, the fading from black to color and I’m in love until mid morning. My favorite hours would be from 11 pm to 11 am in a differently organized world. And me too about sleeping from 4 p.m. to 6.


The world moves at night, and like the song says, I’m right there with it. I move by day, and the world is right there with me.

Unless, of course, things go to shit and then night or day makes no difference.

The Baroness

Queen of the Night. I love the silence, blackness, privacy and penetrating sensuality. I love roaming the city watching neon night, I love skinny dipping in the ocean. I like laying under the stars on the grass hearing the bats flap past. I love it all. Especially the 50 lamps on my balcony all lit up on a hot summer night like tonight 🙂


It’s the Kataka moon….Kataka’s are nocturnal creatures – I live with one and he’s the same really…lives by the light of La Luna…..


Riding my bike at night in the heat of summer. I feel like a teenager cycling to an encounter after climbing out my bedroom window to escape.


Kataka Sun, Leo Moon and Libra Rising. It feels like my cosmic parents -Sun & Moon have swapped houses or are cross-dressers.

Maybe it’s because of this that I love the night as much as the day. And i adore sunsets with their promise of magic to come and dawns for the anticipation of adventure.


ooh i love warm sunshine too much to say i prefer night over day. my favourite thing is napping in a patch of sunlight, whether it’s outside, or on the floor in the house. it recharges my batteries! i don’t like that i can’t play music loud at night. generally, night’s too quiet and i am too sleepy to really get up to much. love evening though. especially late summer evenings. sun, venus + s node leo, saggo asc, 6th house gem moon, mars in taurus… in thinking about the sun, “apollo” popped into my head. checked for him in… Read more »


luv sleeping in a patch of the sun – under a tree, inside in winter, in a hammock mmmm


hammocks! yaaaas


I love the warm sun and daytime makes me feel alive and want to get out there and live life. I have a stellium in leo so maybe thats why.


yeah! i get stoked on the idea of being in like, a 90s actif montage. roller-skating, spandex, ice cream, lots of laughing, some bombastic beats, and of course sun-drenched beaches.


Daytime naps in a patch of sun *bliss*


This resonates!


Oh I so agree with this. It must be a cat thing.

Kat the Kataka

Cancer Sun, Leo Moon, Pisces Rising
DEFINITE night person here. More alive/brain more active/able to focus on my work much better post 9pm.


Me too! Also a pisces rising.

gemini cat

Alone at night who I am makes sense. During the day, I feel so much cognitive dissonance from being surrounded by people whose values seem so different from mine. Everyone is so conservative and boring. Daytime is just dull – tedious work, tedious traffic. The quote above is right on.

Being outdoors or driving at night thrills my heart and I feel more alive. Mystery, curiosity, possibility, adventure.

Aries 3rd house Moon on South Node. Gem 5th house Sun. Born in the late evening. Chart ruler Saturn 8th house Leo conj Mars.

gemini cat

I’m more connected to others at night and like an outsider during the day.

gemini cat

There’s a Neko Case song called “Tightly” about walking at night – once I re wrote the lyrics with something different in each of the ‘covet’ lines plus some additional verses. There’s also a great song on the same album called “I Wish I Was the Moon.” (These are bluesy ballad sort of songs.)


When Virgo bloke and I (big A Aries) are working on an intense project together he will often go to bed as I get up. A 4.30/5am handover from him to me and I down tools at about 5pm when my brain stops functioning. It weirds clients out a bit to get 24 hour coverage from both of us. Oddly, we’ve never really discussed this, it just happens when things get full on.

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