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Reptiles ad


It’s got to be.


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107 thoughts on “Sagittarius?

  1. haha seriously so true. sag w/ sag rising and historically, i have a tendency to pick up a rabbit, hamster, or a guinea pig after having a fight with a boyfriend. then i return it the next day, because…sag

  2. Yes, definitely a Sagg. I too have 3 cats, 1 dog and 1 blue grass parrot – all rescues, except for 1 cat. I also foster kittens for the RSPCA. Finding it very difficult to let go but must. Daughter keeps reminding me that we have bills and need to eat too!! So boring!
    I wish I could go collect the geckos at least…..

    Sagg Sun, Scorp Rising, Gem moon : >

  3. You know, my cancer-toro-scorp ex would do this. He currently has a dog, three cats, a bearded dragon, rabbits, chickens, and three rescued wayward humans. These numbers are low for him, and he doesn’t have a snake for the first time in forever. Yes, I think his mindset is of the “when the going gets tough, find something new to nurture” persuasion. I find this incomprehensible.

  4. I’m really, really curious to see how Saggo’s propensity for excess and joie de vivre will be affected by the upcoming Saturn transit. 😯

    • Me too! My Saggi has already been working his butt off and begging me to book tickets to somewhere, anywhere.. Timing no good alas. I love going anywhere! I have a feeling he’s going to get a huge, very taxing contract right around Xmas. Hmm perhaps we should try squeeze in a quick spot of nude camping for his sanity!

    • Be interesting to see, and the experience will no doubt be somewhat different, generationally. The Gen Xers – or Baby Boomers – amongst us who are hitting this for the second time will face a very different experience to the Gen Y and Gen i’érs i suspect.

      The Gen Xérs will feel it more heavily, perhaps, than the baby boomers, since we have that generational Sun square Uranus/Pluto in Virgo square Chiron in Pisces thing going on. whereas many of the boomers have Uranus/Pluto in Leo – which will be trine Saturn. The Gen Yérs will have Saturn sextile their Pluto in Libra.

      Those of use for whom this is the second time round – Xérs and boomers – have also been through Neptune, Uranus AND Pluto in Sagg in our lifetimes. For several years in the late 80s, Uranus and Saturn were BOTH in Sagg, and prior to that it had been Neptune in Sagg in late 70s with a brief period when Uranus was there with Neptune in the early 80s.

      Then, of course, came Pluto a few years later. square natal Uranus/Pluto for the Gen Xérs, and square Chiron. For the boomers, their Chiron in Aqua was hit by Neptune in Aqua which opposed their Uranus/Pluto at the same time as Pluto was on their Sun

      After all that outer planet stuff, us older Saggo’s have been through the druggie/hippie/idealist (Neptune), the rebel/revolutionary/unpredictable (Uranus), Saturnian restriction and forced karmic responsibility for our choices, and Plutonian death and reinvention.

      We’ll survive. Those of us with other personal planets in Scorp (and there’d be a lot of us with Merc or Venus in Scorp at least) are probably almost looking forward to it.

      • As a baby boomer Sagg with Cap asc, Saturn in Sagg does not concern me one iota, i’m a bit done it all been there so just sit back and relax for my twilight years 🙂 Whatever wherever it was i did it first.
        Maybe wear a violet hat?Take up golf?
        Relocate to Manchu Piccu? Broome’s closer and i can take Daisy.

        Hope all copacetic with u my fellow Archer. x

        • Hi Pegs! You in a violet hat, accompanied by wonder dog – love it.

          My foil to Saturn – which is already in my first house – was to buy myself a pair of rose-coloured glasses. They don’t blur reality; they just cast it in a light that is more soothing to my Venutian ascendant, since I’m with de Maupassant on the daylight thing.

          On memory, a pair of glasses like those got me through Pluto in Sagg, on occasions. Then I lost them…didn’t have a smart retrieving dog!

          Wrote all the above and below as pep talk to the self. Contract on which I worked my butt off (hence lack of posts during the year!), ended, and am again looking for work.

          But yep, we’ll survive, and even thrive. In purple hats and rose coloured glasses x

    • Ooooh please don’t scareth me Scorpbot 🙁 why do people think we have a propensity for excess when we basically are living life full throttle? My co-workers try to purposelt dampen my joie de vivre but I tend to always bounce back as something positive comes out of the situation always.

      • not trying to scare anyone just curious.

        Excess when associating it with Saggos means boundless enthusiasm and unstoppable energy. To me anyway.

        I have Saggo moon so I can relate. Add Scorp drive to the mix and I don’t know when to stop sometimes. Who can stop fire?

        But with a Cap rising i tend to have a “realist” outlook on life and don’t always bounce back so easily like the Saggo suns. Saturn restricts and tends to put a dampener on things, hence my wondering how Saggos will deal with it.

        Saturn demands you do the work or suffer the consequences. So there’s nothing to worry about if you behave 🙂

          • How it all pans out depends on Saggo’s NOT thinking about it in terms of ‘behaving’.

            You Cap ascendants can ‘behave’ all you like, but if I know anything about my brethren, it is that that is totally the wrong psychology for Sagg.

            Behaving sounds so fuqing puniitive, so paternal, socially (rather than soul) determined, and for Sagg, simply incites self-destructive rebellion.

            Sagg can get disciplined only if they believe in the cause; only if whatever Saturn calls them to do fuels a need to understand, teach or change the world, or to use their minds to harness their own physical power to great ends; or, if whatever the mission is, it promises the lure of greater freedom IN THE END.

            Sagg, like al the fire signs, needs to mythologise transits like these – to see them in terms of a worthwhile quest, rather than “behaving”. You know, go through hell to throw the ring into Mount Doom, free Willy, ensure girls get education, do our Australian cricket team proud (Phil Hughes – Sun/Merc Sagg), or whatever. We relate to that far better than a directive to “behave”.

            Ist house Sagg Sun square 10th house Uranus Pluto square 4th house Jupiter Chiron.

            • oh settle down! LOL.
              Perhaps I should have said “nothing to worry about if you do the WORK Saturn requires”
              Whatever that may be for you, Saggos or anyone else having a Saturn transit.

              It was just a turn of phrase not meant to be taken literally or in a punitive sense – although Saturn can be definitely be that.

              • Lol, “oh, settle down”?
                Clearly you need Mars off your Asc, and Saturn out of Scorp, so you can let go of the endless need to behave, and let us Saggo’s teach the class.
                We can, you know x


              go to “extended charts” enter your deets and select “natal chart and transits The green symbols on the outside of the chart are the planets transiting.

      • 😯
        So a Toro with Cancer moon and Scorp rising, Mars in Sagg 6th house,Ceres/Merc on the Asc., NN in Cancer conjunct the moon, Neptune in Virgo in the 7th House, Venus in Aries (impulsive shopping) and Saturn in Capricorn.. and Jupiter in Leo. Yes, I am sure that’s it.

  5. Felt the Saggo vibe today.

    Early am…before the sun came up, was International Velvet with Tatum O’Neal..Simply could not do the laundry until I knew she nailed the Olympics for the UK..And a bit of a tear jerker…

    Then Lassie…Aw, so sweet

    And now, Black Stallion…

    What the heck is going on?

    Sagg peeps, Sagg, eh? 🙂

  6. My dad is the ultimate Sag – born 12/7. He typically cleans, gets rid of crap (feng shui’s his space) remodels then bails and moves to a different country.

    I’m a toro – not really into hording. I suspect cancer or aqua IMO ….

  7. No way, as a multiple Sadge I know when they go through a painful breakup they get drunk and decide to either move countries OR, failing that extended travel, OR failing that, enrol in some extreme rock climbing/ skydiving/ yoga course in another state and I speak from experience here. Those reptiles sound so Scorpy to me.

  8. As much as i love reptiles and have had many rodents as pets, they don’t belong in glass aquariums in which they are normally housed.
    Love my geckos on the ceiling and up the walls in the tropics, especially when they shit on my typewriter and take a bite out of every papaya, banana and mango in the fruit bowl, then chases each other making little kiss kiss sounds.
    Wouldn’t man that needs help be a Scorpio with a bit of compulsive repartition disorder?
    Also Saggs’ like their mammals and animals in the wild usually not caged.

    • So agree Pegasus, no way would Sadges load up on reptiles , I mean where to put them when you go away? And would Sadges live with people who would be freaked out by that? Scorp for sure

      • Haha. I loved freaking people out when I had my snake. I had a friend visit once who refused to come in when I told her about my new pet.

        I used to work with a Scorp guy who had a snake and several frogs too.

        And two other guys – a Toro and an Aqua.

        My Scorp boss use to breed and hand rear parrots. He’d bring them to work to feed them and everyone would take turns working away with a baby parrot sitting on their shoulder or head. So much fun 😀

        • Yep. again, Sagg husband also objects to domestic pets – my reasons as stated above is that I hate to be tied to the house by care of them, his reasons are that animals should be free and not living in human houses. This seems very unsadge to me – and I stick with my Capricorn or Aries gone wrong call.

    • I am a 6th house sadge Neptune, 9th house Pisces Sun, I cant do pets. It is largely due to my relatively itinerant life to date: also the responsibility and settled-ness required to support a thriving critter. Yes to freedom for our feathered and furry friends. Maybe one day when I own my 20 hectares somewhere.

      • I mean, I adore animals. I care for friends pets with dedication as though they were their children (often they are, the fur kids)
        But knowing how much I respect our animal brethren means that I could never just flippantly adopt a thing without thinking through the implications (cap moon I guess)

  9. This should be submitted for ‘Best of Craigslist’, for sure! Made me laugh!

    Yeah, I’m thinking some combination of Crab and Scorpio energy and moon placement as significant. Is it 6th house to do with pets?

    Sounds like the person is keeping five of the reptiles, though. Glad I’m not their housemate!

      • Luv luv luv snakes for their beauty, movement, colouring, but captivity for them is super sad.

        Have you seen the torture they put these amazing creatures through in Indonesia to make bags & belts?
        Horrific. Nuf said.

        • No animals seem to be treated well on this planet, eh? 🙁

          Anyway, I thought snakes were another symbol for Scorpio, like it’s the eagle, the Phoenix, the snake, or the scorpion, itself.

          Will be interesting if we can find out if these animals got re-homed.

          • bit if a cliche but I have an eagle and snake tattoo.

            The eagle is in the process of removal. It’s on my shoulder and I don’t want it anymore.
            Snake is on my hip. That can stay. Nobody is gonna see that.

      • Had a friend with a python. Cleanly kept. There was always a subtle, yet distinct wet earthy reptilian stench clinging to the atmosphere of the house.

        • True there is def. a reptile smell but it is not worse than any other animal this Libra has kept. And I’ve kept quite a few from ferrets to skunks to emus to sugar gliders. They all have their own smells.

          • Yes, you’re right about every animal smelling. I too have had animal friends staying over the years and grew up in a farm. But there was just something about the python smell that disturbed me – the smell would permeate my very being and I found it hard to shake it off, even when not in the house.
            Maybe its because I’m a Pig and snakes are my natural enemy? I don’t hate snakes – but I respect them.

  10. I dont think it would be Sagg. Sagg doesnt like to accumulate and horde something to maintain, though the excess part rings true.

    Agree with Mars in Sagg as mentioned above(Excess in action), and also the Kataka(collecting, caring, etc) as mentioned above. I am thinking Gem to account for getting the different varieties, all under a difficult Saturn in Scorpio transit.

    • Yeah…I think dogs (or horses, if affordable) are more the Saggo go-to. My mom is Saggo rising and seemed to acquire a puppy nearly every time something went wrong in her life.

      I’m Venus in Saggo and acquired a dog as soon as life permitted. Dog=travel buddy, my best friend, always ready for an adventure.

      Reptiles seem so Gemini to me…unemotional, surrounded by the need for loads of information, and completely detachment-friendly.

      Plus the Gemini can acquire multiple books about them, and, as I mentioned with my brother’s case, can provide the perfect arena to chat endlessly (read:tiresomely) about a specific topic that you probably don’t know anything about.

      • I also associate reptiles with emotional detachment. I think they require a kind of Uranian space. I don’t think Saggo – Saggo’s not doing cages. Someone with Aqua/Uranian Air attributes, and some bad Neptune 6th house aspect.

          • Quite Geminian Gemini with Aqua moon.

            Adore reptiles, and I think my totems are snakes and water dragons. But I don’t believe they are cold – they are a very aqua moon thing as well. They are so precise and so alarmingly alien in their movements – their beauty is jewel-like and nothing they do is wasted. A newborn water dragon has no fear and is a 3 cm perfect replica of a full-grown meter-long dragon. They are astonishing. I don’t think reptiles are cold at all, just very ancient and they live in another time frame and another reality. I can see why many indigenous peoples worship both snakes and crocodiles. In many parts of the world, the snake is a symbol of fertility. Before I had confirmed both my pregnancies I dreamt of snakes, which is a sure sign, where my partner comes from. Reptiles don’t care about you because they live in a world where you don’t matter. That’s not coldness, that’s just fact.

            • I understand what you are saying, but as an owner of an Aqua Moon, I cant say I completely agree. I respect reptiles but I wont own/care for one.

              IMO reptiles are more Gemini than Aqua. You gotta remember Aqua has that “humanity” component, where its very detached, but always looking at the bigger “humane” picture. I think Gemini is more unconcerned about the humanity factor and is about pure mathematical analytics/calculation, hence my guess as to why this strikes me as someone with Gemini…

              • Nope, gotta disagree with you there. As both a Gem with an aqua moon I think looking after animals full-stop is very un-gem, and I never said I would want to own one. I don’t want to own anything. I only have a cat under duress from my Libran daughter. Geminis are not cold or mathematical, we are exceptionally warm creatures – birds are very Geminian and yet birds are warm-blooded flying reptiles (and not all reptiles are cold-blooded). I really don’t like domestic animals full stop unless they are useful, like chickens, but I’d prefer someone else to take care of them. You can’t take pets anywhere, unlike kids, who you can teach to be great little critters (or they teach themselves) I think it is my aqua moon the reptiles are attracted to.

                Personally, I think this a Capricorn gone wrong, or an Aries.

                • I think you might have misunderstood what I wrote. I never said Gem had anything to do with looking after animals.

                  What I *did* say was that I saw Gemini as something that was more analytical/calculated, vs what I perceived as Aqua that had those same aspects, but it is pulled together by a humanity type component, which is in my opinion, the main difference between the two signs.
                  Thus, I feel the person in question had a strong Gemini component, not necessarily that this person *was* a Gemini.

                  And I have to disagree with you: Gemini’s in my experience in dating, friendships, relationships, work relationships, etc., do NOT come off warm blooded. They have the facade but their true natures I cant say I agree. You can agree or disagree with what I say but that has been my personal experience and that of people I know. IMO reptiles are strongly more Gem than Aqua. If reptiles had a streak of helping humanity/their greater collective in some way – not just the individual, as reptiles and Geminis already do – then yes I would re-consider my stance. But they dont.

            • I love this and alltrue.I admirereptiles. I know a Taurus, Venus in Gemini, conjunct my ascendant haha, and mars in aqua. He is the snake and lizard king, handling taipans is one of the things he most loves. Pluto in scorp generation, he hasthat sex/death thing pulsing away beneath the surface but he is also very peaceful.

          • I have Gem North Node in 6th. I had a pet snake in my 20’s 🙂

            My dream pet would be a chameleon – ADORE!!!

            I love birds too.

  11. My younger brother did this exact thing during a breakup. Except he didn’t name them all Amanda.

    He’s a Cancer, Cancer rising also, so he needed lots of things to take care of…

    With his Moon in Capricorn he needed something to take care of that had some kind of status symbol behind it, and you know how dudes with reptiles are…they always think they’re so cool for having a snake.

    And finally, with his Mercury in Gemini, he needed something he could spew endless facts about or at the very least start conversations with strangers about.

    That’s my breakdown…

    Maybe this WAS my brother? lol

  12. ‘difficult breakup’ makes me instantly think of “during emotional stress, we turn to our moon sign” … maybe jupiter transit through 4th house? moon in saggi (pisces, gemini) 6th? uranus transit over 4th house sagg moon, normally less activated for other astro reasons?\?

    • Nah, no way. Not Saggo moon. If one is doing their Sagg moon they’d get moving… a holiday escape or something.

      I’d say reptile man has a Taurus moon or rising

      • I have sun, moon, venus in Sag – literally the LAST thing I can imagine wanting to do during heartbreak/any kind of emotional distress is take on sudden dramatic responsibility for a bunch of life forms. I feel claustrophobic just reading this post.

      • If it helps -I have virgo moon in 9th & virgo jupiter conjunct pluto & mars in 10th – I have loads of animals – responsibilty & freedom ( and so much paperwork & mud!) -our saggi side isn’t always obvious 🙂

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