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Even as Mars nearing Pluto prompts awesome regeneration and empire building notions, Venus is approaching Saturn: relationship reality check moments that may be amazingly cool and lucid OR…they could feel not so pleasant. And yes, this clarity is applying to relationships past, relationships present and relationships future. It’s not just Venus on Saturn – it’s Venus on Saturn in SCORPIO, sign of depth perception, the limbic brain and reptilian urges. Hands up who wants to knock over some shonky edifices with one swish of their almighty scaly tail already?

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54 thoughts on “Now Building

  1. Qi vamps coming out of the wood work in hordes!
    Just got a shitty guilt trippy manipulative email from an ex-friend, the one dramaticalled booted back in 2012. It sounded like an apology but when dissected proved to be nothing more than a narcissistic accusatory bitchfest.

  2. This post is everything to me today! I had an awesome moment of clarity at The Black Keys concert last night. On Wednesday night I gave my number to this attractive guy that plays in a band at a bar I go to sometimes and had met briefly two weeks prior. Just the prospect of a potential anything (I’ve had a really dry past three years romantically and what not) after so long started putting me in love zombie mode unconsciously. At the concert last night with one of my favorite songs playing, me standing there in pure bliss, standing next to my best friend and soul sister who was in equal bliss I realized it. I was starting to go love zombie and I was like” you know what? Fuq this shit. Im so happy in life all by my dam self. My is life is so freaking awesome and I built all by myself (after a really intense and trans-formative break up three years ago). If someone wants to be a part of it then they need to make it happen on their own because I’m dam good either way.” It was such an aha moment. All of these relationship lessons of the past two years (Saturn in Libra and Scorpio etc) that I just couldn’t relate to or figure out how they had anything to do with me all made sense suddenly. The solitude these past three years, the random flings, those were all the message. Revel in your independence, stop putting desperate energy into the universe on your behalf, Stop the love zombie fuqery with anyone that comes along just because have come along and stop putting up with Qi consuming nonsense. A true north node/south node lesson for me as well. ( north node in Aries, south in Libra).

    • Happy for you! Well done on your powerful and very truthful insights.

      “Revel in your independence” – love that! It should definitely be on a T-shirt. I will buy the first one!

  3. yes. saturn has its neon hi lighter out like a boss editor over your work. loving the insight though brutal, after all the neptune squares and oppositions its good to know where you stand. Thinking a lot about roots, home work and love. Empire building why and on what. All the light things.

  4. Several days ago, Anne Lamott posted on her facebook page

    “Expectations are resentments under construction.”

    — Venus – Saturn reality check

    • I’m not 100% sold on the uselessness of expectations. i get it, when you try to apply expectations to relationships and people, but not so much other life things. Not having expectations will eventually equal a boundary transgression. example: i send my kids to school and have expectations that they will learn. If they don’t learn i might be angry at the school or them, depending on who causes the problem. But why even send them to school if there is no expectation of learning? Or is that more hope than expectation?
      Also you give a friend money and ask them to get you a candy bar. They agree. They never go get it or they get it and keep the change. Expectations can be useful under some circumstances is all i am saying…

  5. hmm this conjunction is also conjunct my descendent…so far there’s been nothing in the “amazing insight” in basket, but maybe I’m just being deliberately thick…

  6. as always am translating venus as Art and Money landing in my lap, not love and relationships. so, seems fitting.

    had a really helpful conversation with a sculpture lecturer today. it really brought home to me how very little i know.. sigh. oh well thats a venus saturn in the 5th house reality check isn’t it. always harsh with my cappy moon in the mix! now if you will excuse me I am going to apply for jobs in Finance and investment. the money has to be somewhere and art ain’t it, but then again I never thought it was 😉

    • Oh no pi, don’t say that ….there is money to me made in art, there has to be…dear god, there has to beeeee!!…. My partner and i have just published two small books on his photo fine art projects. These two books are gonna be his marketing tool. They are beautifully designed and they cost a fuqing fortune to create. BUT

      • Oooops, dunno what happened there…

        (Or at least take us further away from the the rat race and more independent, preferably on a tropical isle)

        So i checked the astro chart for the “birth” of his books, and as i’m only a novice at reading astro charts, i’m not really too sure what to make of it yet, but a couple of things on the Asc stand out: transiting True Node was conjunct his natal Sun (Libra) and conjunct Asc (Lib too), while transiting Merc in 1st House was also conjunct his Sun and Asc.

        While over in the 5th house where his natal Saturn and Chiron reside, he has Chiron conjunct his Chiron (1º) and transiting Neptune conjunct his Saturn.

        Apparently, if you have Saturn in the 5th house and you are an artist, you do it the hard way – no rich sponsors nor mentors for these artistes….so true so far. But hopin these books will work their magic

    • It’s a loooong haul to make money from art, but it does happen, eg Tasmanian artist Phillip Wolfhagen, (still can’t work out how to make links on IPad, sorry :/ look at clip Illumination the art of Phillip Wolfhagen) his canvases go for $60 grand, and there is a waiting list.

      But you have to keep at it for years, I remember seeing his work around 20 years ago. And i was at art school with Ben Quilty and a few other notables from Sydney scene, and there is no prescribed path except to keep working at it and entering prizes, which is why many don’t keep at it because after a while, you get tired of having no money, no way of getting a bank loan etc etc.

      Llike myself, I stopped doing it everyday for 10 years and took up teaching, which has been financially a lifesaver, and surprisingly, the only ‘normal job’ I’ve ever enjoyed. It’s certainly not boring, and the days pass quickly.
      Teaching does however, consume the creative mind with the demands of students, institutions, workplace politics which are the antithesis of the headspace you need to be able to act on inspiration. think that was why I was single for so many years, because having a ‘husband and family’ as well would have consumed any creative energy I had left!!

      Recently have taken up my practice again with a view to the future, and the momentum slowly building. I would say to my students, always have something up your sleeve to make a living while you work your art consistently. It’s obvs not an easy process to balance the demands of everyday living, but I won’t let up because it makes me really happy

  7. Since I have been living with Saturn crushing my Moon for the last, I dunno YEAR, Venus is welcome to set up shop there too.
    I mean it can’t get worse can it? CAN it?

    • oh, I just notice that Pluto is stationing exactly opposite my natal Saturn •chews fingernails*.

      It’s this Taurus Moon. It should be renamed Godzilla Moon.

      Hm, let’s see, checklist of things to knock off or over:
      * shonky democratic government system with their stoopid debt driven economic system & media/blackmarket/weapons/drugs/banking stranglehold.
      * a couple kilos
      * .. oh, it’s wine o’clock..

      • How’s Saturn on Moon, Sphinx? My father is going to go through it and I’m hoping he will be ok… Things have not been easy for him for quite awhile.

        • It sucks pretty bad but not as bad as over your venus, which is over my MC. You feel shitty and worthless for no reason, nothing helps not even a cute guy winking at you. you develop serious debilitating illness and almost die, if you are me. The last time Saturn was in the same place, i survived a suicide attempt. My moon is in the 12th house so ymmv.

          I can’t wait for that POS to move on, but he’s just going to run over my ASC so i wonder how crappy that will be?

  8. I’m reading “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus”. Haha.

    All hetero-normative limitations aside, it’s actually a very insightful read. There’s me doing that Saturn/Venus homework…

    • I find that book incredibly sexist. It’s as if John Gray lives in an 1850s wonderland. Not wonderland as in magical, but wonderland as in lost the plot.

      To be honest, I think that book damages relationships, not to mention hurtful to (especially) women. Hurtful to men too, as it teaches (and reveres) outdated, boxed-in gender stereotypes.

      I recycled my copy years ago – wood pulp is its only practical romantic destiny.

  9. Oooooh yeah, feel like my dirty dark coal is either gonna combust or turn into a diamond. Each breakthrough followed by a deeper issue. Muggle family caring but trying to find intellectual solutions to emotional questions. Feel nostalgia for the life I need to live. The trappings are powerful, beastly, jabberwocky bred. Have sword, willing to swing it. Even if I do get RSI.Better than soulache. Good luck whatever your battle may be. Gotta be warrior queen, when I wanna be fluffbunny.

  10. godzilla is def a girl. she lays eggs.

    Weird times. Parent problems.
    An idiot Libra LZing over me. i will have to talk to this one. The one guy who actually likes me back in a long time, and i can’t stand his needy ass. The worst part is that he is actually good looking. Erg. I want to godzilla stomp everything.

  11. Having uncomfortable time – something is off with inner ear after virus so home from work for two days feeling dizzy – doing affirmations and looking at metaphysical. Trying to unhook energetically/mental from sleezy selfish liar Scorp. He is just ignoring me despite my closure email this morning – I just go batshite inside when I am ignored. Feels really bad and I find it so hard to understand why someone can’t just say ‘had a great time, have a nice life’ it is confusing to be ignored. Maybe that’s why the dizziness I just don’t understand and deep down I am like angry vengeful goddess – pissed off.

    • Sometimes i write closure emails and never send them. I burn them. It gives me peace of mind even if the other person doesn’t see them.

      • I like that idea – had a burning last night wrote down all the things I wanted to release including that person. It’s not shifting for some reason.

    • try thinking that people, things, messages, don’t automatically require any kind of response. or think about sending things out without expectation. I find requiring a response gives your power to the other person, so you can empower yourself by feeling that your own action is adequate to your needs. you’ve done what you need to do for you. whatever happens after that is….whatevs good luck 🙂

      • Thank you – got a surprise reply today once I totally let go of any expectations and just let it be. x

  12. nice quote I saw yesterday online:

    “the problem with putting other people first,
    is that it teaches them that you come second”.

  13. What about relationships with parents? Mine with them is undergoing some serious internal strain right now. I live with them & am feeling frustrated about their homophobia & non-acceptance of sexual diversity. It’s the same-old, same-old, feeling controlled by their conservatism when I am a REBEL pattern again. I really struggle to feel like I fit with my family sometimes, & this is one of many reasons why – I do not see the world or life the way they do.

    • Oh, & I’ve got Pluto in Scorp in the 4th conjunct the IC of course, so I guess this (otherwise beautiful) Full Moon is illuminating that.

      • My entire family life got restructured with Pluto-IC transit (parents divorced, sister died, birthed my daughter, got divorced myself). Trust the process. Its Pluto. You’ve got no choice anyway. Authenticity or death. Move?

    • Def having parent problems here. Mostly about boundaries and how i have to defend so aggressively. Scorp moon in the 12th, saggo asc.

    • My mother is acting up lately (Cap moon, Scorpio stellium square Leo 1st house stellium, Libra sun). I think she’s trying to reassert a parental role after behaving like the child for the past few years, but in a way that is boundary crossing to me. Although she has always been boundary crossing to me, so nothing new there.

    • Hey man! im temporary living with my parents because i wanted to do some closure about those things you mention, and even they mind they’re own bussiness its terribly frustrating when they pretend i’m not gay or just casually mention a shrink. BUT, and even if i don’t have Pluto in the 4th like you, i’ve discovered (and Mercury Retrograde helped me there) that the more i work in my self esteem issues, the easier it becomes to deal with the family crap. I swear it works, focus a lot on your own evolution and inner peace really helps with dealing with the criticism from the family. Ypu should read Alejandro Jodorosky’s books, he’s all about healing family trauma.

      “Slowly i become the father that i always wanted to have”

      He’s awesome.

      Good luck mate

  14. I have been one pissy scorp bitch all day. Need to wake up refreshed and not willing to put up with any BS ever again tomorrow.

  15. *raises hand* ME!

    My Venus at 6 Cap, just transited over by Mars at 8 Cap, Pluto just inside my 7th house at 11 Cap — my Descendant is 10 Cap.
    Transiting Venus and Saturn are in my 5th house, with Saturn being very close to my natal Neptune at 26 Scorpio. God, if I could finally break through my tendency to have self-destroying romantic illusions/delusions, that would be the liberation of my lifetime.. I cannot stand it one minute longer the way I do relationships, I always get drained of all my power, as if relationships were kryptonite to me, no matter what I do, and how aware and conscious of it I try to be.

    It’s time!

    I have an appointment tomorrow with a therapist that focuses on working through relationship patterns and the word ‘Transform’ is part of the name of her business. How fitting for the Scorpio energy?
    We already talked about attachment theory in the intro session and already got some good insights there… I need this help right now and I’m glad I reached out for it. I need to do self-care more than anything right now.

    • You sound like you’re exactly where I’m at and suffering the same patterns/situations, the power draining is my biggest issue, I change and become someone very weak no matter what I do to try and stop it. Very frustrating. I just started therapy too, building up slowly to have EMDR. Been pushed to this point by Pluto amongst other things but it feels exciting to think things could change drastically if I’m open to it. Good luck, really hope it works for you.

      • Thanks! I hope the therapy you’re doing makes a strong positive change for you too!
        EMDR is cool! I’m also going to be learning a somatic trauma release technique called TIPI.

        I wonder if part of it all is social conditioning, gender role conditioning or something, not just individual psyche stuff, that affects being in a relationship. I’ve always felt stronger on my own than in a relationship with a man, and I’ve heard so many other women I’ve known say that, and then you read articles about it, so it’s definitely ‘a thing’, not unique to me alone!
        What I want to know is how some women seemed to have escaped getting conditioned to this pattern……..lucky them!
        I guess they have good self-esteem and a strong sense of their own identity…..again, lucky them!

        I feel like, psychologically, I’ve barely been making it through life. I’ve been aware of feeling damaged, not strong enough for this life, ever since I was a very young child and now I’ll be 50 in just a few years. I guess it’s an accomplishment to have hung in there all these years. I’m not enjoying my tour of Earth, I must say, except that I enjoy the natural world, plants, animals and music…. everyday life and other humans, well, none of that ever felt right…

        Ok now, let’s see if we can heal and get strong….give it one last go!

        • Good luck Flowerchild and Charley! I’m in a similar place. Pluto has been transiting my Libra 13 Venus seemingly forever and activating my loose natal Venus-7Pluto conjunction. I’ve always been drawn to transformation through relationships and having an absent father doesn’t exactly set you up for chug-along happy partnering -sadly. On a good day, I see it as my dharma, or my lot in this life. On a bad day, I can feel fragile and as you say damaged to the degree that I wonder if what the point is, if I ever can change. Lack of hope is a dark place.

          This year I have been like a moth to the flame of a very Plutonic watery person (Cancer Sun, Pisces Moon) and it’s been slo-mo ZZ activated stuff – OR is it just love zombie shit?! The suspense could drive you mad. When my self-esteem dials low, I feel that yeah of course it’s LZ – and I wonder why / how even with awareness I am in the same “relationship” place. When the dial is higher, I am empowered and see how my reflections this year have led me to understand my murkier motivations in relationships (ego gratifications like attention, control etc) whatever the actual ‘love outcome’ is. It’s like a teacher-student thing.

          I have been reflecting on getting counselling too. I am finding going on dates with other people (can’t wait around if I’m not gonna be a LZ lol) to be excruciating. I’m so deeply introverted atm (have been since the start of Libra retro last Dec) and feel as though I am still only part-way through a metamorphosis. Trying to make easy conversation or light of relationship past, is just SO HARD. And I’m not sure my heart is really (at all?) into dating tbh. Anyone got any tips? Argh – not like me ot feel lonely. I like my own company. But just now, I am fearing that it might lead me back into the depressive hole I left behind in my early 20s.

          • hello LF, sounds similar to my sit – Libra Venus at 12, so also enjoying the Pluto square 😯 In the last few days I have started watching Pluto move along at 7 mins a day….can’t wait for this one to be over.

            For me, transformation in how I love has required a lot of healing and letting go of past stuff. I have been more introverted and solo than usual too. I haven’t been interested in romance. I’m going with it. I couldn’t have done that work that I have if I’d been out on dates, it was inner work with some triggers/lessons provided to me by people close to me (my son mostly) and time to reflect and integrate, time to go slow.

            I have come to a clear sense what the lesson was for me, although I am also going to clear the square a little before you – I know your situation is different but I suppose what i wanted to say to you is just let it be, whatever it is for you. If you’re not enjoying dating, don’t do it. If you’re feeling introverted, let yourself spend time alone. If you’re feeling lonely, maybe try meditation? There are always people here, and we enjoy your company. Try the counselling, why not? Whatever you do, I think the tip is leave the intellectual zone and open your heart. All the best x

            • Lovely Calypso – thank you so much for your kind and compassionate reply. Re going slow and your advice to let myself – that is right on the money. It’s hard to let myself off that hook of needing to feel like I am constantly making progress. But so often, as you say, most of the inner work is done at a time when it looks entirely still on the surface. I am going with the winter feeling. Letting myself be stiller than usual, so that the inner work can happen. Old grief is coming up and very old inherited family dreams. Seeing the conditioning and trying to imagine my own vision for my future values.

              Thank you so much for your care and kindness. I hope that this month has been good to you so far too. This dark moon is a humdinger huh? I look forward to catching you on another thread. So sorry about my tardy reply – been going slow lol x

  16. This Taurus just wants to graze on quality…grass. Yes, that’s the word – grass. Male, Clark-Kentish looking grass. Guess I’m horny no matter the astro weather *wanders over to the shaded area*

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