The Libra Dress Historian; Muted By Black?

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Liz Berube

Dear Libra Dress Historian,

I am definitely far from an expert on astrology, so maybe this is due to all of my other planets and signs, but I keep reading about how Scorpios are all about the black and dark colours and I am SO not like that.

I actually hate wearing black, it is by far my least favorite color to wear and when shopping with friends or doing clothes exchanges, I find myself saying pretty often, “No– that’s black,” when people suggest clothes for me.

Part of this is that I just feel really weird when I do wear black. It’s hard to describe, but sort of like a weird energetic pull– Almost like the black mutes me. I feel kind of dreary and taken away from.

Am I the only Scorpio who feels this way? Could this be due to other signs in my chart? Is it possible that our sun sign isn’t what determines our fashion sense?  I am also Taurus Rising with Moon in Virgo and Venus in Capricorn.

Or are Scorpios just sorely misunderstood?

Much thanks!

Neon Scorpio

Dear Neon Scorpio,

Thanks for your letter. You’re right, fashion sense isn’t determined by Sun Sign alone, and not all Scorpios wear black. Your birth chart holds several clues as to why you have an aversion to the color.

First of all, your ascendant (or Rising Sign) that determines your appearance and disposition is in the opposite sign of Taurus. Taurus, the placid bovine of the zodiac, is an Earth Sign, ruled by Venus, goddess of love and beauty. Rich natural colours and textures and recognisable floral scents (especially rose) are your inspirations. You are probably drawn to vegetal hues of green, pink and brown. Overly Plutonic shades of black, stark white and maroon feel too harsh for your Venusian ascendant, almost as though they wear you rather than the other way round. A true terrestrial Venusian, you prefer to appear lush and healthy, with glossy hair, bright lips and cheeks, rather than Gothic and otherworldly.

Secondly, your Moon, which influences your comfort zone, is in the fellow Earth Sign of Virgo. Lunar Virgins lust after the clean and natural. According to Mystic Medusa’s Luna Luxe guide, blue (of any shade) will be a better neutral for you than black, which is too obscure and synthetic for your clean conscience. Soft whites and dove greys also good options. Add light reflecting clear quartz jewellery for some purist sparkle!

Still another Earth influence on your style is your Venus in Capricorn. Your Venus sign shapes your sense of beauty and femininity, and ladies with a Capricorn Venus want to appear timeless and exclusive. The combination of Scorpio Sun and Capricorn Venus might draw some folks towards midnight shades, but for you it manifests in sleek tailoring and luxurious natural fabrics in rich colours.

Your Scorpio style icon is the 1950s actress and Princess Grace Kelly. Kelly had all the mystique and sex appeal of a Scorpio, but rarely wore black. Instead she favoured immaculately cut, light or jewel-toned clothing in lush fabrics. Her bright, regal garments were an ingenious, Scorpionic foil for her cunning and sophistication. It’s true that Scorpios are complex and underworld-deep, but not all of them want to appear that way.

See also the earlier piece on the fashion-cultural influence of black.

The Libra Dress Historian


Image: Liz Berube

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42 thoughts on “The Libra Dress Historian; Muted By Black?

  1. Interesting stuff, here. I have Leo Sun (and Mercury, Mars, Pluto and Ceres), but rarely wear the stereotypical Leo colors- you know, bright red, gold, yellow, etc. I actually dislike orange and many yellows. ASC (and Venus) is Cancer, Moon is Aqua; my favorite color is blue, especially sapphire blue, and my favorite color combination is white and blue. The wedding dress I once drooled over was a Victorian style white gown with light blue trim; many years later, I had a similar reaction to a white with blue trim dress on the cover of a magazine. What made this really interesting (besides the fact that I had been married for 35+ years by then) is that the later gown was strapless, and I normally hate strapless. It was all in the colors.

  2. gad, I manage to feel bland and/or tacky in whatever colour or non-colour I wear. What IS the astro on that?? chiron and saturn both square my ASC so maybe that’s what’s up. I have venus in saggo conj uranus so my internal style is eclectic to say the least. Externally, i tend to recede into the background with my pisces rising + asc squares & generally feel like I’ve worn the wrong thing, whatever it happens to be.

    at least I’m finally over buying half my clothes for a potential persona I might feel inclined to embody on a whim, meanwhile wearing mostly brown, olive green and grey (prog. toro rising?). I can only dress in super-comfortable clothes as well — nothing overly structured, synthetic or trying. Fashion / self-img woes!

  3. interesting indeed – I LUUURVE black – it’s the only non-colour I do – and I also have a venus in cap – love simple classical black -l sometimes a touch of neutral/gray – .But i am piscean – so love the way black makes me meld into the nothingness also – can’t even imagine how one can have an aversion to black – Laugh about this with my libran friend whose wardrobe is so full of colour florals flounce and matcing bits it’s hysterically Libran!! she offered to lend me an outfit for Melbourne cup – I ended up wearing a black suit! OMG – how venus in cap in the 10th is that!!

  4. I loved black since I was very young child. I wanted to dress like Elvis or Fonzie in black leather jackets.
    I didn’t know I had Scorpio Rising until my college days (slow to dig deeper in astro).
    Having a Virgo sun, I just didn’t like navy or earth tones recommended for me. I love nature but look really unhealthy in some muted shades of green and brown or tan.

  5. I mainly wear black and denim. Somehow, I end up with a few navy things although usually I hate navy. I don’t know how that happens — where is my mind on the days I pick out something navy?

    I’d like to have a few things in purple or ruby red but they are never in a cut I’d wear (except for underthings). Occasionally I really want to wear hot pink, which is the most flattering to me but also rarely in a cut I like. I prefer styles that are basic/ casual/androgynous, a bit edgy, and a bit feminine with some lace or ruching. I hate most dresses, but there are certain kinds of skirts I really like. The abstract patterns I might wear can only be found on horribly unflattering and expensive avant-garde type clothes.

    Capricorn ASC, Aries Moon, Cancer Venus.

    • All this is theoretical these days due to budget. Plus depression and Jupiter on the descendant mean I don’t put much effort into getting dressed. ;-/

  6. It’s weird, sometimes I wonder if I am turning Scorpio in my sartorial choices , at least if we go with the all black thing. I normally agree with Neon Scorpio, my opinion being that I feel all black is bad for my aura. Some days I will not even wear a stitch of black because I just don’t want it near me. But art and city life and the “quietness” of black at the moment appeals more, sometimes. A very sensitive friend once gazed at me wearing a black top and commented that it ‘grounded ‘ me, which was interesting feedback.
    With the mention of neon in neon scorps name, is she perhaps a Sun-Uranus scorp? Is her MC in aqua… Could this play a part?

  7. Being a Melbournite, much of my wardrobe is black. But some days are black days and some days are not. Since falling pregnant, I don’t wear black at all – when I had to articulate why to someone I realised that I felt the black colour blocked the universe’s vibrational energies from the baby, and I subconciously throught the baby needed to feel those energies. Is that a bit too woo-woo? Anyway, that’s what i thought. But i do like black for evening wear. Being an incredibly paled-skinned blonde, when I put on full black attire, eyeshadow and red lipstick, I do totally stand out from the crowd.

    • Yes, mid winter Melbourne can look like Tehran. In the late 90s city workers at peak hour were like a sea of black.
      I remember my first visit to Chicago in the late 80s. Office workers wearing beige overcoats and runners. Seemed so hive like to an Aussie.

  8. I totally relate. I have stereotypical Scorpy love for black, but a very strong aversion to blue. Except denim. For some reason denim is not blue. At least not until it fades to a very definite shade. I can’t explain it.
    I’ve decided it’s hereditary – from my dad’s side. My grandmother, dad and aunt all dislike blue. My aunt said the same thing about denim, unprompted one Xmas. I will not countenance murmers of it being learned behaviour.
    My mum is a redhead, so loves blue, and when I was younger I’d wear it, but the older I get the weirder it feels. I have nothing blue in my wardrobe these days and can only tolerate the palest of shades in my house.
    I once had a flatmate bring an Ikea blue armchair into the house (wrong on so many levels), and I found myself sitting in it quite often just so I didn’t have to look at it.

    • I wondered Adminiscorp if such an aversion had something to do with a past life, so googled ”slaves in the past who wore blue” … such a reaction has to have stemmed from something deep seeded from somewhere was my train of thought …

      And came across this

      Maybe somewhere in the past, you and your fam worked on indigo plantations ? Or i could have spent way too long hanging out with my old Saggie Mentor – the past life Regressor !!

      • That’s fascinating! It never occurrred to me that it could be a past life thing, but it could make totally sense. Have had no experience with past life regression, but love the idea of it.

        • I also hate blue, except for denim, but it’s simple enough – my mother forced me into it when I was a child and teen and she bought all my clothes, and refused to buy me black. (I was asking for black by the time I was twelve or so.)

          “Blue looks so nice with your eyes! Black is too dark for children. Have some navy.”

          The only blue I’ll touch now is that intense cobalt colour. And navy! Why is navy even a thing? Nothing’s more depressing than finding EXACTLY the basic I want and then learning it only comes in navy rather than black.

      • Hmmm, interesting. Blue is also common in uniforms.
        I wonder why they picked blue for police etc . Is that just australia ? Blue uniforms were common in European soldiers of the past .
        I love indigo but it’s also hard to wear, except if your wearing a full length kaftan. 🙂

  9. As long as black is not worn with white tennis shoes I’m all for it. I remember a phase where people dressed like Charlie Chaplin and wore white tennis shoes. Please don’t, I get Dianne Keaton / Woody Allen flashbacks from the 80s and it isn’t good.

      • Short trousers are already all over the place. I think it’s Thom Brown’s fault.

        I’ve got no Scorp anywhere in my chart and I love wearing black. Black and grey, and almost no prints; I would wear Japanese-style block prints if I could find them, but I rarely do. I won’t touch a floral. I’m trying to empty my closet of all of the random bits in it that aren’t black. And my hair is bleached bone white.

        I wonder if that’s my Aquarius talking. Do Aquarians like black? Pisces are supposed to be all about the flowy romantic – I did that in my twenties, Goth ahoy and lots of amber, but still a great deal of black (with purple and green).

        My Scorpio ex was legendary in school for wearing all black, spending his days in the sculpture studio (he was an art student) and somehow emerging spotless.

  10. NODES>>>>>> I feel the north node pulls us, so would influence style.
    Ascendant seems more apt for some things than sun, but sometimes relate to my north node more than anything else.

  11. My Scorpio best friend is all about grey. I suspect she does her cap moon, as everything is impeccably classic and only grey, black, navy, and white. I have seen her accessorize with red a few times. She certainly does NOT do her Leo rising or sag Venus, not one teensy bit.
    I must confess that my own style confuses me astrologically. Sun moon rising Venus puke. Patterns, florals, colors, yellow?!?!? I’ll take the slow painful death behind door number two instead please.

  12. Heh heh…this tickles me because I’m a Sun/Moon Libra and I dress and feel most comfortable in lots of black or dark clothes especially sexy ones…cuz I’m (you guessed it) Scorp rising!

    I have Venus/Uranus in Sagg 1st house which adds a weird/casual vibe to everything. Yes I do tomboy, futuristic, old timey, punk, hip hop, whatever. But even so…most of it is black!

    But when I go Libra, and sometimes I do…it’s all about the (extremely tasteful) floral prints and subtle flowery scents.

      • ME TOO x2!

        I have an entire Pinterest folder devoted to floral prints. I don’t wear them too often (because they don’t really go with black) but allll my bed linens are flowery. And that whole William Morris/Liberty style of floral print also speaks loud and clear to me.

        I have a Gem moon too, though, so I like super urban 80s flower prints too. I can’t even think of a good example of this but I know it when I see it.

        • Yes!! William Morris…. ***SWOON***** !!!

          Marimekko? Florence Broadhurst? Not to wear but appreciate the designs. They seem very Gem to me. I know a Gem sun / Cancer rising girl who loves to wear 60’s vintage clothes.

          I love peacock feathers too. I used to make my own clothes back in the day before the digital age when I had time to spare. I made a short-sleeved shirt out of a Liberty print of peacock feathers. GUTTED I no longer have it. 🙁

          • Ooh, good point, especially the Marimekko = gemini thing.
            I’m also obsessed with peacocks and peacock feather patterns. Love me some jewel tones, though the Scorp moon just ADORES (and has major wardrobe influence) black and rich, deep violets. Uber-dramatic, doncherknow?

  13. Venus in Cap like timeless and exclusive. Yes.
    Scorpio mother never wore black except in a lace cocktail dress.
    Prefer earth colours so that’s my Cap rising & Venus then i guess.

    What a wonderful summary Libran Dress Historian.Just fascinating Blossom 🙂

  14. This is really interesting! I relate. I’m a Virgo with Capricorn moon. Venus in Virgo. My sun’s in the 2nd house, and clearly I’ve got plenty of Earth. (Also, I’m Cancer rising). I like black clothes aesthetically, on other people – a good pair of black skinny jeans can look fantastic. And I appreciate how classy an all-black outfit can look. But when I wear black myself, I hate it. It is super dreary, like I’m going to a funeral. I always seem to own too many black clothes, and I don’t like wearing more than one black item – a black shirt with black shoes…ick!

    I don’t like colors that are too bright, either. I am drawn to more muted tones, and jewel tones (they look nice with my skin). I love blue too, whether it’s a navy sweater or a good pair of jeans. I’m still working on my style, but I want to appear really put together yet not trying too hard, if that makes sense.

    This is pretty laughable, but I like putting my clothing budget, wishlist and purchases into a spreadsheet…I know, I’m a Capricorn moon stereotype here…but it’s nice being organized, ha.

  15. ~It’s true that Scorpios are complex and underworld-deep, but not all of them want to appear that way~

    Imagine this is true according to what Scorpbot and some others have said here…Cap Risings and Sagg Moons…

    Do have a pair of black scrubs I intersperse with dark blue….Cap Moon in 8th.

    Yrs ago, Pisces Sun/Cap Moon manager said “I think of you as going home at night and unzipping yourself and becoming someone else”…How did she know that’s what my Mars/Gem rising did?

    Or the young ladies I took on a tour in my golf cart “are you a prophetess?”

    Listening to Eddie Money “Gimme Some Water”…

    • Upon checking, there it goes again…my fave musical artists having Cap Moon…in his case Aries Sun too…

      He is near exact my granddaughter’s degrees..

      He is Kataka rising so suppose he got plenty of water… 🙂

  16. Interesting! I’m a Scorpio who only recently started wearing black, people always, always say to me ‘oh you wear so much black’ but until very recently all I had in my wardrobe were a couple of black coats. I obviously project Scorpio/Plutonic darkness even when I’m dressed entirely in pale, muted, cream, beige, brown shades which I wore exclusively for years. None of my clothing choices really align with my Aries rising either, I always feel like I dress for my four planets in Libra. Anyway, I’m wearing a lot of black right now, I suddenly felt like I really needed it.

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