The Astrology Of Delusional Fans

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I don’t know if you’re currently up-to-date with celebrity news, but earlier this month there was an epic meltdown when an actor became unexpectedly engaged. His fandom split into various factions, with one group turning into qi vampires.

The actor is Benedict Cumberbatch. He’s what I’d call Internet famous– not famous, famous. Having said that, his fans are are…. intense. I’ve seen them up close at industry event that I’ve worked, and I’ve been genuinely frightened by their behavior. (I’m a reserved Taurus rising, with my moon in the 12th house. I could be described as “aloof”).

For the better part of 2014, there were rumblings that he had a “secret girlfriend”. Due to the world we live in, fans can essentially stalk celebrities on twitter, tumblr and instagram. Many fans insisted it wasn’t possible for him to have a girlfriend because they knew enough about his movement through fan encounters to know he didn’t have a SO with him. Then the announcement came in the newspaper. Now some fans are trying to hire private investigators (!) to prove that this is all a Harvey Weinstein publicity ploy to get Benedict an Oscar nomination and win for Best Actor. (I kid you not, and I won’t even delve into the vile things they are saying about his fiancee. What I can’t get over is that they think there’s a massive conspiracy underway to get their favorite actor an Academy Award).

At first, I read these posts/theories with amusement and just rolled my eyes– Denial, it’s not just a river in Egypt! When I told a co-worker about what some fans were doing, she said, “Oh this sounds like the “Twilight” fans who think Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart aren’t only still together, but they’re married and have a baby. And there’s also a group of fans for the American series “Supernatural” who think the two male leads are in a relationship, despite the fact they’re both married with kids.

Is there anything an astrologer could pinpoint in a chart that would explain this heightened level of delusion? (and I know I’m being extremely judgmental, but this is mind-blowing to me!) I’m sure Neptune and Pluto are involved, but what would the astrology student start with? Aspects to the actor/actresses’ Sun? Their ascendant or MC? Or would you look at Neptune/Pluto aspects to the fan’s Moon, Venus or 7th house? Or is it something else entirely? Obviously, it doesn’t affect all fans, but these qi-vampire fans aren’t just teenagers. They’re also women in their 40s- with families of their own!

I want to look away, but I’m utterly fascinated by the psychological dynamic presented here. I’ve definitely had celebrity crushes and qi vampire moments, but nothing comes close to this.


Currently up to date with celebrity news? Horribly so. A live feed apparently tracks along the bottom of my brain – North Node in Gemini here.

I think some people definitely attract more mass projections than others and it’s often an outer planet on the Ascendant – Cumberbatch and Justin Bieber both have Pluto Rising, perfect for the aspiring icon. Marilyn Monroe – perhaps the ultimate in her ability to inspire beyond-rational fandom – was Neptune/Lilith Rising in Leo. Robert Pattinson is Moon Rising – it’s not an outer planet but it casts a spell on susceptible folk.

In Jungian theory, we all have an inner man (Animus) if are female and an inner woman (Anima) if we are men. And whilst the psychological ideal is to integrate this inner psychic force with one’s psyche, we tend to project it outward – celebrities who are somehow attracting a lot of anima/animus energy tend to inspire/generate a hell of a lot of devotion, compulsive obsession and all.

Other Notable People with Pluto Rising; Jay Z, Leonardo Di Caprio, Kurt Cobain, Keanu Reeves and – less compellingly but of interest for astro-fiends – George W Bush.

I also think psycho-fans other than teenagers for whom it is apparently a normal part of healthy development are probably just Love Zombies who have already run through everybody in their neighborhood. Or they’re up-sizing from “kind of not happening ever” to “wildly not happening ever.”

I also think that Benedict Cumberbatch has a GENIUS publicist & that Robert Pattinson’s allure stems largely from the character he played, they’re stalking Edward not him.


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  1. I was totally going to say this is a Pluto thing. Misappropriated Pluto energy makes everything waaaaaaaay more complex than it really is – you know, the types of wackos busy cooking up conspiracy theories when the plain old truth is smacking them right in the face in broad daylight? But nooooooo, it *has* to be way more convoluted and sinister than that!

    *massive fuqing eyeroll*

    Pluto energy is obsessive – that’s what it does. And it’s so obsessed it will go around digging up dirt if need be in order to get its “fix”. Misappropriated Pluto energy loves rolling in filth.

  2. Yup. Agree 100%
    In other news….FF asked. No.literally begged to meet me for a coffee yesterday. Eventually, I said ok but I’ve got the decorator round again LITERALLY so if you want to pop round for caffeine and some kind of face to face karmic wrap up and that’s genuinely all you want then cool. I might be a bit distracted, like Martha Stewart on speed distracted but ok.
    Then I gave him a small but distinct time window and the reply was “arse arse arse!”
    Predictably he did not show up and did not give a reason or respond to my emails asking if he was still coming as I was becoming increasingly anxious.

    Shades of April 24 2014
    Shades of this entire fuqin Saturn in Scorpio thing.
    At 2am when I couldn’t sleep I sent an email saying he owed me an explanation.

    “Story too long and complicated to explain on a physical or astral realm ”
    Was the reply.
    Cue, “bollocks to that you fuqin cyborg ” rant from me…


    Bizarrely I felt SOOOOO liberated.
    He’s “conflicted”
    I’m not.
    I am finally free.
    That was a south node Pluto thing and he’s a daddy now.
    I’m seriously chuffed as in Congratulations. And thank fuq that’s over.
    He had Pluto moon square and Neptune rising too. Moon on his ascendant …. Venus square mars etc etc.
    I said had.
    Yes I spotted that too.
    I’ve never been more genuinely thrilled to hear of a pregnancy in my life.
    Now he’ll have to watch Maleficent.

  3. Gotta be honest, I don’t “get” the whole Benedict stanning. He doesn’t do it for me creatively or aesthetically in the slightest. But if he does for others, you would think it would bring out their best not worst sides. Obsession a father fucca for trill.

    All I know is that I am bored of my stagnation. And I have lost interest in my 13 month crush. That Neptune of mine in the 7th house just popped. I always ‘know the truth’ from the beginning but sometimes I still get distracted. Why I amped up someone else when I’m the one who brings the magic both off-stage and on is disrespectful to myself. His best work was with me. My best work is consistent. At least I am out of that stagnant pond and moving onto an unknown, but I suspect fantastic new pastures where my magic can REALLY run free.

    P.S. What the hell is a Pluto rising? All I know is that my Pluto sextiles my Neptune and Pluto is in Libra in the 6th house.

  4. I don’t get it either. Or Pattison.
    But then I don’t get Beiber either.
    Sometimes I think I’m the sanest person I know. Then I hang out here for a while and I feel better about the world. :-)

  5. Imma gonna spoil this for you. Sherlock bbc season 1 was great. I can see how that might have boosted his appeal because he plays an emotionally unavailable genius solving crime. Other than being slightly weird looking, he is many a LZ’s type. Don’t watch season 2 because it is written like fan fic. Just saying.

    Also, while I admit I read fanfiction….shit I’m neptune square venus… I have NEVER understood those weird meta ones where people slash the actors. Wtf?? Characters i get because those are fake.

  6. I think this is all about Sherlock. The very first fandom scene in history was around the original Sherlock Holmes stories written by Arthur Conan-Doyle. And the intensity of that fandom carried over to the Sherlock TV series. Every bit of that show was subjected to the most intense scrutiny I’ve ever seen. For example, the last episode of the first season of Sherlock ends with Holmes faking his death jumping from the roof of St. Bart’s hospital. That was the cliffhanger, how did he do it? One fan theory was that somehow, it involved “The Magic Traffic Cone.” As Holmes is wheeled into the hospital on a gurney, someone noticed an orange traffic cone with a sign pasted to it “Slow Down.” This somehow became a mystery in and of itself. Fans had to know whether it was a prop put there by the BBC, or whether it was hospital property and was always there. So fans went to St. Bart’s to see if the cone was still there. It was. And they took photos of it. It developed its own fan sites, and the name The Magic Traffic Cone.

    But it gets even more insane. Before the second season premiere, there was a webisode that poked fun at fandom and their theories. Then the season premiere had several characters who represented various fan theories, and in fact, were actual Sherlock fan club leaders in real life. They all debated each other, while “flashbacks” of their theories were shown. So basically the produced decided to just mess with the fans. But The Magic Traffic Cone theory was too crazy to use in the show, even for trolling.

    Unfortunately, the controversy of exactly how Holmes did it was never resolved. In the second season premiere, after trolling the fans and their theories, finally Holmes starts to tell Watson, and Watson exclaims in frustration, “I don’t CARE how you did it.” Now it was obvious that Moffat, the show-runner, really WAS just messing with the fans. It appears this will all be resolved in a special episode that will deal with the unexpected reappearance of the long-dead Moriarty in a video message. That show is scheduled for Christmas 2015. And that, once again, is Moffat messing with the fans, based on historical precedents. The original Sherlock Holmes stories by Conan-Doyle appeared as a serial in a London newspaper. At one point, Conan-Doyle killed off Holmes so he could stop writing stories. He came under the most intense pressure from fans and eventually resurrected Holmes after several years. And here is where the fandom paranoia first appears in the entire history of fandom: the fans thought Conan-Doyle only killed Holmes and stopped writing stories to troll his fans. If he cut off his fans, they’d only want the stories more intensely, and he planned to resurrect Holmes all along.

    • That’s really interesting. I got so into House, the character and people told me it’s power lay in the fact that his character was loosely based on Holmes (house / home Wilkins /Watkins / whatever). I feel like there is something so compelling about a jaded old cynic who can fix / solve every riddle but his own.

  7. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have genuinely Public astro. Pluto, ok I get that. I’m not really a Pluto-ish person afaict , but I began to understand cumberbatch’s appeal while watching the (of all things) Graham Norton show , since hey I never actually watch any tv-related anything other than animation maybe so I have never seen BC actually move, or talk. Anyway his charisma and yes levity did come across and! Omg just remembered: there wee fans who had flown across continents and oceans to be in that studio audience

    • To be clear , by tv-related anything I mean the various series that everyone in the universe follows except me (Sherlock, thrones etc) because torrent meh and also my addictive personality means I have to binge watch , ok summer now maybe I have time.
      Late night chat shows with insane hosts tho, love them to bits, another secret dream career lol

    • Is anyone else having issues logging in because I haven’t been able to for nearly 24hrs. Have emailed but no reply as yet.

      • Hi Renae – i just responded to your email- i get just under 1000 a day – your email arrived when i was asleep was attended to pretty much 1st thing in the a.m my time.

    • I agree with that talk show thing i.e. when you see an actor laughing, being droll or making fun of themselves you can say aw, they’re nice after all. Graham Norton and Alan Carr are fun to watch. I love Jimmy Fallon too for his game playing but he can sometimes talk too much in the interview.
      I’m not sure if you saw that film, Pi, called the King of Comedy. Robert De Niro’s character sets up his basement as a studio with cardboard cut outs of people whom he role plays being a show host with. Dark and funny film.

      • Never seen that jicky- might try and stumble across it. De niro talking to cardboard cutouts, now that has got my curiosity xx

  8. Timely.

    Pluto, Pluto, Pluto.

    By transit: I am observing this at this very moment in a friend’s chart. Upon Pluto touching her Ascendant, she began engaging in paranoid behavior that frankly has me concerned about her mental well-being. First it was a midnight email from her ranting that someone was trying to steal her “novel” business ideas. Trust me, they were not novel, and certainly no one was trying to steal them. Then came her announcing that she had withdrawn her 5-year old daughter from school because she was afraid the school was susceptible to a mass-shooting attack. She says she will home-school her daughter, but has yet to come up with a plan whereby she would actually be able to carry this out.

    Pluto natally on the Ascendant: Saw this recently too. Struck by a comment this woman said to me. She said that her mother was on the way to abortion clinic to abort her when she changed her mind and decided instead to follow through with the pregnancy. She said that this has always greatly disturbed her, knowing that she’d come so close to not being.

    The fear of being snuffed out. Who wouldn’t be paranoid and be compelled to take extreme action to prevent their seemingly all-too-real threat of demise?

    Delusional, yes.

  9. Pluto Rising does attract the lunatics aka Fanatics. Fan is short for fanatic, lest we forgot it’s origins.
    I work with musicians and this is a real albeit frighting not cute/crush kinda thing.
    I have Pluto Rising and I’ve attracted very serious stalkers in my life. I have no idea what draws them.
    Women stalkers aka fans can just as serious and determined as male stalkers.
    Love Zombies are a real frightening thing…don’t be one.

    • yeah. yeah. No one grows up hoping they’ll be a LZ any more than anyone grows up and wishes to become a heroin addict. It happens. People deal with it or not.

  10. The never-ending question of what causes someone to become a Love Zombie in the first place?
    I blame highly addictive personality disorders and affiliated Neptune.

    • Sometimes transits can cause ordinary people to become LZ. Other times it is in your natal chart. I have Neptune square Venus which is a huge LZ aspect.

      • I have Venus TRINE Neptune, and still was plagued by LZ-dom in my 20s.

        Some things are not due to astrology, but psychology, attitude + other factors.

        Don’t forget society’s role. When you’re younger, you tend to believe the Cinderella myths, and tend to put up with more $&@# ‘because you love him’. And love conquers all, right? :)

        I actually typed ‘lice’ there at first. Yes, lice conquer all.

    • sometimes it’s triggered by synastry, but usually the proclivity shows in the natal first.

  11. Yes! the UK cumber fan base is a scary mob of beatlemania. I feel for Benedict, he seems like a really genuine guy (cancerian?) and I think he’s a great actor but half the appeal seems to be his uber britishness and awkwardness/shyness slash strong moral centre (and perhaps pluto rising) that has fans delusional in thinking the “know him”. He’s kind of obtainable and his interviews are personable and warm. He looks like the kind of nice indie well educated but not confronting boyfriend they all dream of having. No wonder he hid his poor fiancé.

    • Also, Uk more than anywhere I have been has this habit of seeing people on TV and really believing they know them. Maybe its all the soaps styled on real life and the culture to be all like, I can’t believe blah said that on corrie/hollyoaks. Whatever it is, its genuinely acceptable there to have a kind of heightened sense of ownership and opinion about what happens with people who appear on the television.

      • Lol!
        I think it’s the crappy lighting…
        This is the land where mediocrity is celebrated and we aspire to the opposite of the American dream. If Britney Spears represents the American dream then whichever current orange, botoxed, tooth whitened – just lost 3 stones celebrity is hip, the one with the best bullying or divorce horror/agony angst story wins.
        In Britain we like to feel the comfort of eating chocolate on the sofa, wearing ugg boots in public and that fame or accidental celebrity could “appen to us any minute” …..lets go get a lottery ticket cuz you gotta be in it ta win it. Innit?

  12. This post explained in a nutshell why I hate participating in most fandoms. People need to get fucking lives and not to mention, that Cumberbatch Guy is not even cute. smh

    • I thought the same thing looking at this photo. But then I watched a youtube interview of him on a Graham Norton show. I can see the appeal now.

      Though, yes, you are absolutely right, fandom is pretty weird and I totally don’t get the total loss of reality as outlined in the original email to Mystic. Pretty weird. All I can think is that people are kind of losing their minds more at the moment. Or they are being undone quicker.
      These deep insecurities and/or deep desires were more repressed, now it seems as though people are having trouble containing them in any fashion, and are purging at every level. The only good thing I can think is that hopefully once it has been purged and out of their system, they can reach some kind of balance and freedom.

      • To clarify: I don’t actually hate fandom wholesale; it’s just hard for me to participate when people blur the distinction between ‘real’ and ‘make believe’. Like I stopped being an active part of fandoms such as Supernatural when shippers went haywire, female characters and the actors’ wives started getting hate and death threats in real life. That’s also the same reason I dipped out of Merlin before it ended. Other than that, fandom could be great but as with any other neptunian concept ppl start blurring the lines and boundaries.

  13. I was heavily involved in fandoms like these as a teen and in my early 20s. For basically six years, that was my life. It was a form of escapism because I was depressed and wasn’t adjusting well. I didn’t want to grow up, so I’d escape into the Harry Potter universe, etc.

    My theory is that the more obsessive fans have a strong Neptune in their chart (or a lot of planets in Pisces). I have Neptune conjunct Moon. It’s square my Mars conjunct sun. It’s sextile my Pluto. etc. I have a very strong imagination and love fantasy. I have never tried hard drugs or gotten addicted to alcohol – for me it was fandom. Now I’m aware of this obsessive tendency of mine and I try to channel it into healthy things. Luckily I have a lot of earth in my chart that finally brought me back to earth.

    Let me tell you, fandom is as addictive as any drug. It can be really hard to get out of. And when you’re in it, it quickly becomes ALL you think about. For YEARS, I called “real life” “RL” and barely thought of it. I poured all my free time, creativity, and energy into my addiction. I never got delusional about actors because I was into fandoms that didn’t involve real people so much: anime and HP. (Yes, there were Harry Potter movies, but the books trumped them.)

    Anyway, it’s a very thin line between ‘a bit obsessed’ to ‘delusional’. You fall into the rabbit hole and can’t get out of Wonderland. When you’re in that environment, other people are just as addicted as you are and you feed off each other. Every sentence of the book / show is analyzed for subtext. People write well-researched 10,000 word essays on ‘conspiracy theories’. People write 200,000 word fanfics (stories) that take place in that universe. It’s a wild and creative environment that’s so divorced from reality.

    I’m just sharing my experiences with this. It’s a different world. I have managed to escape.

    • Its interesting. I’m pretty Neptunian and what you described is kind of how I lived after my spiritual awakening. I let it divide the world into the spiritual and the “real” I guess you’d say. Escapism comes in many forms, is all I’m saying. The community involvement and separation from reality sounds same as any religion.

      • Yeah – religion is a good word for it – a very fanatical and unhealthy religion though. The characters / actors are the gods. They transcend everything.

        I feel funny when I look back on my time in fandom, as I was a completely different person. I’ve managed to forget a lot of it, compartmentalize. Basically everyone who was heavily involved in fandom was dissatisfied with their lives. Most of my fandom friends had mental health issues. At the very least the obsessive fans are bored and have too much time on their hands.

        Fandom isn’t all bad. It was very fun. I made many friends. It changed me completely and made me a more open and accepting person. Maybe fandom is even a healthy outlet compared to more hardcore addictions. But now I can’t even casually get into fandom, beyond simply watching and enjoying a show. I think most people outgrow fandom.

        • I don’t think it’s all bad either; I love reading metas that explore different theories about shows or books (it’s the virgo moon in me LOL ) and most fan fiction is harmless. I think what’s spoiled it for me is when people cross that line between fiction and real life. Like when ppl stalk Benedict Cumberbatch or when the wives of the actors on Supernatural get so much hate because psychos “ship”!the actors together. I agree there’s Neptune involved here.

          • Yeah, there’s nothing wrong with dabbling in fandom. I think it’s natural. A good series presents a fully realized world and the fans want a turn playing around in that world – being the creator themselves. Asking what if? Playing out different scenerios in fanfiction, meta, rpgs. It’s really creative and fun.

            I think some people are more prone to get really sucked in and lose their heads. It’s okay to say “ha! what if the actors were actually together?” as long as you remember that that’s a silly notion and not FACT.

            But yeah, despite what I’ve written here, I think in small doses, fandom is a beautiful thing.

            • Yes, have taught kids who are into manga and role playing. They seem to have so much fun making costumes for Comic Con etc. and then there are the medieval re -enactors at uni.

              My young cousin posts about BC on fb all the time. And a childhood friend went to see Star Wars nearly 20 times, was in love with Luke Skywalker.
              They’re definitely a certain type, often bookish,very neptunian.

            • Neptune conj Saturn 5th house here. I can get a bit fannish, but have never had a problem distinguishing the fannish life from “real life”. Was heavily involved in Trek fandom for a few years, “real life” got in the way and for nearly a decade I could barely keep up with the TV series, let alone fan activities. I think there still might be a few unwatched episodes in the DVD slush pile. These days, my fan activities consist of watching, and sometimes making comments on message boards and blogs. I think the obsessive type of fandom is something everyone goes through in early adolescence, and normally it becomes a healthy hobby activity; those who turn into stalker-types possibly never got it out of their systems when younger. Not sure than Neptune is always involved; apart from my own experience, the only person I have ever known who had stalker-tendencies (unsuccessful, thank heavens) had no strong Neptune/Pisces influences, but did have Sun op. Saturn in a chart otherwise loaded with soft aspects. Just sayin’.

    • Met these lovely gents once that were, it turns out, the subject of much ‘shipping’.
      Me: Erhm shipping ? You going somewhere..?.. what’s that about ?
      They said something along the lines of ‘fiction about so & so / what’s his name’.
      Me: Ohhh I get it… horror stories (slash), ok.
      They of course, laughed at my naiveté.
      With some gesturing and eyebrow emphasis, I finally got what they were getting at. Heh. So not my thing.
      I do love seeing how the creative spirit manifests via the natal though, fascinating.

  14. It’s interesting because I get that genre fiction has a very particular kind of fan (I am one). Typically we’ve spent a lot of time in our youth reading (books! comics!), watching and devouring everything within our particular set of interests. I think genre consumers are much more invested in the imaginative world than, say, a Justin Bieber fan – though they have hormone fuelled intensity- or someone who only reads Man Booker prize winners. Plus intelligent, emotionally unavailable (to quote Prince stolas) protagonists or antagonists are the ultimate challenge. What I don’t get though is transitioning to having a character crush to having a crush on the actor who plays them. I get the difference between fantasy and reality. There’s a line. Though I get that it is hard to tell the difference when faced with such greats as Tobias Fünke.

  15. Brandon, Elvis, Dean must have this too. I have never understood the massive adoration for people who are seemingly more attractive than artistically imbued. Give me Patti Smith or Kate Bush anyday.

    • Brando, Elvis and Dean were all deeply gifted individuals, especially Brando. They literally changed the game within their respective crafts. Patti and Kate are uber talented as well.

      • Brando and Elvis descended into bloated caricature. Dean did not get the chance; but he did lend his coat to the jester who sang for the king and queen.

        Whereas Bush and Smith ( l always forget to mention Bjork) have maintained an authentic candle all these years. And that otger bloke l bang on about.

        • Otger *other*

          In fact, Otger the Other. (he fought the catholic hordes maintaining a pure Sverige)

  16. I love this discussion! Totally onside with MM’s idea that the rising aspect of the star involved is what inspires/cultivates fandom … also with notion that Pluto drives the rabid obsession within the fan.

    Fascinating also: I don’t fall in love with celebrities generally, BUT Benedict Cumberbatch is, without question, my hottest/most fascinating celebrity ever, and I’m amazed how many MM readers commented that they find him, like, not at all appealing.

  17. My husband has Pluto in the 1st and Moon on the Asc both in Scorpio. A couple of years before we met I dreamt of him (our moons conjunct), exactly as he is but with a sudden mob of girls running after him, so we had to set a secret rendezvous location. I thought this guy was probably famous at least amongst the ladies somehow.

    He’s very handsome and did have a nice collection of girls after him but he was very picky, though I fear what is to come after reading this, since he’s already on contract with a youtube partner for his vegan recipe videos and just did a local magazine cover.

  18. Don’t at ALL get the swoon over Ben Cumber….!!! Excellent in Sherlock series but tons of credit must be given the writing and the director. But Ben as a heartthrob?! No way IMO. Quite a different matter tho’ when it comes to Jon Hamm. Yummy man. Healthy (no dirt on him anywhere), intelligent and grounded – apart from being gorgeous.

    • I developed a disturbing crush on Benedict when he played a pedophile in Atonement many years ago, of course not because of his character! He has a distinctive appeal, I actually never thought it would become global like this. But I guess when you portray an actor in a sexy role that is bound to happen.

  19. “Currently up to date with celebrity news? Horribly so. A live feed apparently tracks along the bottom of my brain – North Node in Gemini here”

    LOL!! Genius Mystic!!! 😀 As a fellow Gem North Noder i relate.

  20. I just watched the first episode last night & loved it! I was a huge Sherlock fan in my teens – the books.. I loved mystery books but Sherlock was the Best. Went from trixie Belsen to Nancy Drew & the Hardy Boys to Agatha Christie and finally found Sherlock… What a genius mind!! Ok, I guess the author should have some credit 😉

  21. Girls love a posh boy. Especially if he seems affable and above all, available. It’s a class thing and it’s not just about him, but about the whole status thang that he represents. He’s a modern day Prince Charming and he’s gonna elevate you to a brighter world. ….It’s an intoxicating dream that can turn toxic.

  22. I like Benedict but he is such a ham off the bone. His parents played his parents in Sherlock and it was so apparent that, “yah, dahling, we are ACK-torrrs”.
    But he also seems like are really nice guy, very smart and quite subtle. A librarian’s dream – aren’t librarians Virgos? He is a Cancer after all, it is a nice sextile of Yin-ness.

  23. Thanks for answering my questions. Much appreciated. Going into this discussion, I thought a strong Neptune was at play (the seeming delusion aspect of the love zombies- who now feel that they’ve been ‘misled’), but it makes sense to me that its a strong Pluto is what I’m observing.

    I never would have suspected a Pluto (or Libra rising), so I learned something there. (Thanks for the other examples as well!)

    I really do feel bad for celebrities when they have to deal with this. I also don’t think fandoms are bad in and of themselves. But for me, there’s a fine line when it comes to being an appreciative fan, and once it’s crossed I run in the other direction.