Ask Mystic: How Does One Do Saturn In Capricorn?

Guy Bourdin Umbrella

Good morning Mystic!

I hope you’re amazing. I’m always so dumbfounded by how accurate and spot on you are. Not to mention funny, droll, wise-cracking and well-informed. In fact, when it comes to what’s going on in the world, I check you first before I check Twitter’s what’s trending, the NY Times, HuffPo, etc. Is it because you’re a day ahead?

Today’s a little messed up in the US, what Daylight Savings Time ending this am. Despite every other person in the media suggesting I sleep in, I’m up early, taking the extra hour to reflect on how I want to do things differently in the next few month — i.e. the Zap Zone — and your Daily Mystic this am reminded me of an issue I’ve been wrestling with: how to do my Saturn optimally.

I’ve got Saturn in the 5th in Capricorn. When the going gets rough, I take a 5th house / Leo approach, not unlike the Jupiter in Leo suggestions in this am’s Daily Mystic — lavish attention on my hair; take myself to a movie, the theater, a fabulous art happening, see a band or just play music really loud; find a kid to borrow and teach them amazing life lessons while having fun. But as the Zap Zone looms, I’m wondering if, perhaps, I’m missing a whole opportunity by not doing Saturn in Capricorn as well.

Which is where I’m stumped. I work for myself and I’m single so I don’t have anyone to boss around. I’m not involved in politics or a member of any committee so I can’t wrestle the reins of power from someone. List making? Uber-budgeting? Pitch a piece on creating a better system for home tasks? Research financial programs? Adjust my retirement plans? If that’s not confusing enough, my Jupiter is conjunct my Saturn which is apparently supposed to mean something though I’m not sure what. Do all of the above with one hand while feeding myself grapes with the other? Play spritely flute music? Drink freshly pressed Beaujolais Nouveau? Plan a hike wearing Vibram Five Fingers?

How does one do Saturn in Capricorn?


Dear  Bea,

You SOUND as if you are already doing your Saturn brilliantly.  And the suggestions are brilliant. F.Y.I. Jupiter on Saturn was said to be the “star” sought by the Three Wise Kings who found Jesus. When planets such as these are conjunct, they can look like one big bright star OR the “media” of the day fuqed it up and could not be bothered reporting “conjunction.”

ANYWAY so Saturn LOVES to be in Capricorn and all you need do is be wise and timely.  Saturn in Capricorn is good with time – never too early, never too late – always on time. I mean this is in a spiritual sense, as well as the obvious advantages of being punctual.  Saturn in Capricorn remembers her past lives – or at least, enough of them to be useful.

Saturn in Capricorn mentors younger people, even when she is just 17. Saturn in Capricorn seeks expert advice and then trusts it implicitly, no fuss, no flailing about wasting time whining. Saturn in Capricorn turns being insanely competent into such a thing that people secretly think you must have supernatural intervention – like you harnessed a djinn or mastered interstellar wormhole travel early in life.

Saturn in Capricorn never bothers with projecting naivety or being flustered. Saturn in Capricorn never wastes a nano-second worrying about what the haters or imitators think.  She would have “Do Tigers Lie Awake At Night Worrying About The Opinions Of Sheep?” embroidered on a throw cushion IF she had throw cushions.

Saturn in Capricorn is Saturn in EARTH and Saturn in Dignity – just as fruits take time to come forth and seeds have a pre-determined time in which to grow, Saturn in Capricorn is aligned with the rhythms of the planet. No psychic equivalent of growth enhancers here.   Saturn in Capricorn knows of the drastically enormous powers of enhanced, intense focus on a goal.

Even if you were not born with Saturn in Capricorn, you can get some of this vibe when Saturn is going through your 10th House or you have a powerful Capricorn activation in  your chart such as progressed Moon/Sun/ Ascendant into Capricorn or Pluto waking up a usually dormant Saturnine drive within.


Image: Guy Bourditn


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Am doing it. Abso love that pix Mystic. Super brill and Cappy/Saturn like. Met with my lawyer today regarding the bill from the IRS. Yes, doing the dysfunctional family karma brought me to this place. Of course we never know what we are doing at the time…it’s insidious… Teacher once said that a Master knows what they are doing at all times. Well, that’s not the way I learn. I go like a lamb to the slaughter, blindfolded. First hand, let me feel the intensity of life…the good, the bad and the ugly. Hell, it was fun in the moment…the… Read more »


~I can feel the devil walking next to me…

~I can feel an angel sliding up to me~


~Not much between despair and ecstacy~

Cept, I don’t know…karma, Neptune and Pluto


Mystic! Wow! I’m super flattered that my letter is a post! (And thanks everybody for the nice comments) So much of this is resonant: Wise is definitely the goal! And yes, I’m always searching for expert advice. (In fact, an organizer friend and I recently joked about writing a book called “10 systems that will change your life”) I’m a fan — collector really — of anyone who’s been able to step back, figure it out and streamline it (As Pi pointed out, the Capricorn vibration pushes me to conserve my energy regarding the stuff I don’t want to expend… Read more »


wow I can relate to this post very much…having Saturn in 14Cappy large orb conjunction Jupiter in 4Cap in cusp of 11/12 house. needless to say my Sag 11th house Venus is at 26 Sag so both Venus and Jupiter rules by Saturn 0^0 yes to what you mentioned…”Which is where I’m stumped. I work for myself and I’m single so I don’t have anyone to boss around. I’m not involved in politics or a member of any committee so I can’t wrestle the reins of power from someone. List making? Uber-budgeting? Pitch a piece on creating a better system… Read more »


Saturn conjunct Jupiter in Capricorn, in 8th. Think Jupiter magnifies Saturnian depressions! Also, I hate time. hATE that SOB. Time and death, the only things a glib Gemini can’t negotiate and hustle, right? The only way I can achieve things is by making them huge and setting insane deadlines. This month I’m writing a novel and posting the chapters online as a serial: It’s a mystery in an indy rock setting. Death, detectives, Saturn/cap/8th. That’s how I work it, tho the teacher above sounds like a much preferable approach!


Just for fun, I am redoing the letter for myself as it is so cute: “I’ve got Saturn in the 1st in Cancer. When the going gets rough, I take a 1st house / Cancer approach, lavish attention on my food, take myself to a restaurant, a fabulous art happening, a witty comedy act; find my kids to and teach them amazing life lessons about how to handle emotion, nurture my nana in her home, revise my business plan for my child care centre ambitions.. If that’s not confusing enough, my Venus is conjunct my Saturn which is apparently supposed… Read more »


I love my saturn in cap. Keeps me grounded as I dont have much earth in my astro. I tap into it when organising events or working as stage manager. I work from home too and cappy kicks my butt to get work done by xxx time.


I have saturn in the 10th in leo and I don’t think I realized how well I blend the cap and the leo. I teach second grade, and I’m super organized. It helps me find things and get things done. I despise wasting time, especially since I don’t want work to be my life. I have art posters all over my room and I’m not an art teacher. I play John Coltrane and Yo-Yo Ma in the mornings, and Tchaikovsky when they clean out their desks. I dress a little weird for an elementary teacher too. The only thing is,… Read more »


You sound like an awesome teacher one the kids will remember all their lives. Yo yo rocks.


I agree! And why are so many teachers so conservative? Having said that I can’t think of more than one teacher who I didn’t adore (eventually) or at least respect a great deal… I think it’s great that you make the classroom stimulating, multi-sensory and fun for kids while also attuning their ears to the greats!


Wish I had you as a 2nd grade teacher Fauness. Adults are so judgey, walk tall amongst the surely adoring small people!


you’re awesome! i also wish you were my 2nd grade teacher! heck, how about for all of elementary school? all the other adults are just jealous, fer shur.


Wow, thanks!! I love my job and make it my own despite public school nonsense. I prefer a day with 7 and 8 year olds to adults any day! Maybe someday a like-minded soul will join me to keep me company in the adult realm. Until then, I have talk to back me up. Love!


Oops that last sentence was supposed to say “yall”, not talk.

virgo kathleen

Saturn in Cap is an awesome placement – as Saturn makes sense there – it’s like double Saturn power.

I have Saturn in 5th house but in Saggitarius and it squares my Sun and Mars in Virgo. I still have a hard time wrapping my mind around Saturn in Sagg since it seems like it’d be totally out of its element there. Also in the 5th house. Earth in such a fire-y placement. Help??


I don’t know about anyone else but I am not sure that we would see Capricorn in those kinds of tasks. Maybe the budgeting or long-term planning. Caps who I know and love are charismatic but not full of themselves, and tend to have a Virgo-like way of organising / awareness of their physical environment in terms of what is useful, what works, the right tool for the right job. This extends to an awareness of human agency too. Imo. Other writing about capricorns talks about the inherent conservatism in the main sense of the word, like an ecological sense… Read more »


That not thY!


Sorry I meant some of lovely Be a’s perceptions not mm’s added comments.but upon re reading there is some stuff I agree with


Wow, that is so interesting about the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction being the “star.”

I have Jupiter con. Saturn in Libra (7th house) and I’ve always been a little perplexed about how to interpret those planets together. Interesting stuff, Mystic, thanks!


I have the exact same thing! I wish I had more insight to lend, but to me it seems that Saturn and Jupiter would largely cancel each other out, or create an effect where something that seems like it should be easy is inexplicably hard, or vice versa.


Saturn in the 10th and that’s my Pisces. Sometimes I think that’s a challenging position but I’ve managed more career reinvention than I’d imagined possible despite some delusion along the way. Maybe I’ve just gotten used to working the vibe and maybe my Mars/Cap might actually help with the grit of grounding stuff. Not sure whether the Neptune (7th) Saturn trine is a help perse. I’m certainly adept at dreaming up a new beginning and going for it but can vague out on deets sometimes.



I have Saturn in Cap in my 7th. It took a long time to understand it as being a positive in that position. When I think of a few I’ll get back to you. 🙂


Ha ha ha ! Thanks davidl that would be very much appreciated 🙂 Does it in some way explain why I seem to be essentially a solo traveler in this life?

Prince Stolas

I’d have to say it’s a bit true. I kept reading that saturn in the 7th is supposed marry later in life. most astrolgers just mean after 30. I’d like to marry sometime in this life time. But i suppose that doesn’t mean i can marry just in time to drop dead the next day. :). That would technically fulfill that. I’ve also read we are likely to marry out of duty too.


What you say rang a very old bell from a reading I had done long ago in my early 20s. That referred to an age which I couldn’t even imagine then – probably around about now!! Marrying for duty does not seem even remotely possible! Am waiting with bated breath for David’s positive thoughts!!


I have Saturn in Capricorn in the 7th house almost exactly opposite my sun in Kataka in the 1st house.(about 1 degree difference). What does it all mean???!!


Cafeastrology has gd description. I have same opposition. You feel acutely like others do better than you esp as its a CancerSun/CapSat opp. Also feeling inadequate maybe an issue. Prob till Saturn your first return and even after. Look to natal trines that may compensate.

Gee, Astro can explain so much


Thank you, I will think about that and how it might apply to me. I am heading into my second Saturn return!!!


Cap rising 3º
Sun and Neptune in natal 10th house.
Progressed sun in Cap 4º 😀

I was so ambitious in my 20s and 30s but somewhere along the way it faded. Then when Saturn in Scorp hit my 10th house **bang** it returned big time

Love Saturn. Taken me a long time to appreciate it though.


so your progressed Sun has been on your AC, that sounds nice!


yeah it’s been pretty cool. Especially this year. 🙂

I never really paid much attention to Prog charts but I was feeling so Cappy I looked it up. I assumed it was Pluto on my asc but the prog Sun makes sense. Gives me extra GRIT! I love that word. 😀

Prog asc is Pisces. Nice for the art


True GRIT! did you see the Coen brothers version? I loved that.

yeh, I’m feeling Cappy too, prog Moon there, and with Saturn in our corner, and with Pluto in Cap, etc, on top of our progressions, it’s no wonder!

Sun will meet Saturn on my Dc next week, wonder what that might bring? More insights no doubt! lol 😯


Any Coen bros film is great




yes, of course Calypso. Huge fan of Coen brothers. Really loved No Country for Old Men and Fargo. And the rest.

You’ll have to report on Saturn /DC transit. I usually ignore my DC – it’s in Cancer. My Saggo moon doesn’t want to know about it. LOL.
Isn’t all past life stuff?

That said, Jupiter on my DC was just awful. Icky. Ugh. But I think it had to do with Jupes transiting my 7th house. Funny I was dating a Katakan at the time.


lol, those pesky Katakans 😉

DC is past life? aaaaah, that would make a LOAD of sense, and also make me less interested 🙂

However, I do think it will be a good marking point of the Saturn into Scorp 2012 palaver (aka love affair) and how far I’ve come xx to you


Also have Saturn in Cap, in the 1st. Have been accused of being an “old soul” – always been mature beyond my years, do remember past lives, trying to move past being tied to the clock.


i have been described as an old soul so many times, too! it’s interesting also having uranus with saturn in my 1st, though.


Wow. I am a lot of those things. Sun Capricorn, Saturn in Libra so 10th House. I’ve looked after and mentored people from a young age, I’m good at organizing things and it used to really piss my old boss off when I would refuse to get flustered about something going wrong organizing an event (she called it ‘being flippant’, I call it ‘I work better when I’m not agonizing over everything’).


Me too avista .being accused of not taking something seriously when I am so uber organized and already 5 steps ahead.


I have Saturn in 4th house in Capricorn. My 4th is loaded so it has been a big focal point for me. The point that stuck out the most to me was about rhythm. I do have a somewhat instinctive sense of time/rhythms. I can pretty much know, sometimes to the minute, what time it is. How long I have been somewhere, etc. Overall rhythms of the world at large, are near instinctive. The biggest trouble I have is when I get lost and seem to be in a rhythm of lateness! Anyone else have that happen?

Aries girl

thank you Bea and MM for this posts, you couldn’t have come at a better time

I have Saturn in Cap in the 10th conjunction my moon transiting Pluto – if it wasn’t so full on it would be almost funny? Yes aanyway…

Starting a new business from scratch and working the advertising/marketing/social media side of things but stumped and ideas are going a million miles an hour but not in a good way – I’m off to get expert advice
Thanks MM XX Ya lovely son of a gun you

Blood on the Tracks

I got Sat in 2° Cap (squashed hat???) 6H. The third paragraph n parts of the fourth are so true. As a HS (recently shafted) teacher l find l naturally gravitate to mentoring kids re work n sport. Incompetence is somethn l have trouble dealing with; esp other ppl’s!!! Give me the unadulterated truth not some artsy fartsy dweeby twaddle obsfucation where you cant say what you mean! That and my Uranian influences conspire against me because l cant help saying, in the staff mtgs, what others are thinkn. FFS, l even fell asleep next to the boss in a… Read more »


That’s awesome well done i hear you.


Nicest description of my Saturn in Capricorn ever! In the 11th opposite my 5th house Sun. These days he is very useful to me, spent years fighting it. 🙂


first of all – i LOVED reading that letter! bea, you have a way with words!
thank you for making me feel better about saturn, mm. i am getting all excited about the possibilities now, especially with this being in my first house. thinking on it, i do vibe this general-haute aura on reeeally good days.


Brilliant analysis! No one gets Saturn like Mystic.

I think us Scorpios have been able to access this energy the past two years, with Saturn being in mutual reception to Pluto in Capricorn.

My Progressed Sun has been in Cap and will be there forever, so I’m adopting this post as my manifesto.


y-y-yes! and my progressed Moon is in Cap and accessing this energy (which i have natally in 12th) is really the only story in town for me in the last year or so.


Have to say I agree with Bea’s intro – awesomenessness your name is Mystic!

And umm question. I have Saturn at 0 degree Capricorn (based on the latest best guesstimate of my dear old mama about the time of my unscheduled arrival on this planet this time round…) but anyway assuming that is how it was placed, does having the task master at 0 Cap change anything of that wonderful spiel you whipped out in response to Bea?


could give it extra strength?

Viva Eva

Isn’t it a joy to read : ) alwyas gets my day off to a good start. Being a Capricorn I love the Saturn but mine is in Pisces and opposite my Pluto. . . . maybe not such a good aspect?

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