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People – Win yourself a bottle of the uber-classy and ethno-botanical (read; haute hippie and no toxic ingredients) Aquarian Rose scent from Strange Invisible Perfumes.

Top Notes: Rose, Marjoram and Sandalwood. Perfect for a Proust-bender of practical fragrance magic (remember: every sorceress is a pragmatist at heart) this Mercury Retrograde.

As befitting anything with Aquarian in the name, it’s unisex. Or omni-sexual, whatever.

The winner is announced on Sunday – via the Comments – and their Aquarian Rose perfume will be sent to them on Monday. This HAS to arrive before the Eclipse/Mercury Direct.

Here are the rules: You need to be a subscriber to enter  – the rumors are true – they get all the perks around here.

Other than that, you just need to post your Aquarius rant in the comments. It can be about you as an Aquarian, your Aquarian Ex, your Aquarian past life, theories about Aquarius peeps, your Aquarius family members, tips for understanding Aquarius peeps, the top Ten Aquarius Wankers, why you wish you were an Aquarius, Aqua Slebs.  Aquarius anything.

It’s been a while since we had a good strong post on Aquarius peeps – those Zap Zoners (Kataka, Aries, Capricorn and Libra) have been getting all the attention.

Go for it and may the funniest/coolest/most poignant comment win the Aquarian Rose potion. I will pop back here to judge on Sunday!

Aquarian Roses

Top Image: Torkil Gudnason


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185 thoughts on “Win Aquarian Roses With Just Your Wit

  1. Aquarius is about the ever more valuing of a masculine man in the eyes of all women and society alike. This man is no heathen or animal

    • This is man whose flesh is only as real as the matrix surrounding him, his own fields, his acquaintances and his society. He is the dystopian nobody who we are already familiar with but we have a long way to meet because so much desire and want is made possible by the strides to get to become this society. He is what can be of humanity, he is lightweight well designed and intelligent

  2. last winter, I was both fuqing an aquarius & being courted by a double-aquarius. both artists (the first a musician, the second an actor), both heavily involved with activism & well-read on politics. both wrote me (good) poems. both quit smoking so as to have better sex with me. I chose the double-aquarius even tho I’m a katakachild, mostly because he was even weirder, open to spirituality & more into bdsm 😉

  3. I once briefly dated a multiple-conjunct Aquarian. Very creative guy, but so far “out there” that it was hard to relate. I generally dig the Aquarius vibe but he was a bit too much. I don’t think this guy was a “typical” Aquarian — he was more like a stereotypical, uber-Aquarian.

    As a sun Leo, it was good to get a “taste” of the sign opposing mine. In general, I feel more comfortable with other fire signs, or neighboring signs.

  4. As an Aquarius Sun with Aquarius Rising, Mars and Saturn and Uranus in 7th House I seem to be constantly getting entangled romantically with Aquarians, so lots of stories to tell. But one of my favourite Aquarians was a circus performer – saw him standing on top of his Kombi near my subtropical hinterland home looking kinda feral but interesting with a shaved head, dreadlock sikha and serpent tattoos. Ended up in boxing training together became friends, consummated the relationship on the UFO spaceship he had built in the middle of the bush. It ended when he forgot I was his partner and “accidentally” had sex with my nemesis because she was lonely and he felt sorry for her. We are still the best of friends.

  5. I have venus in aquarius conjunct my midheaven. And I’ve always searched for my weirdo tribe to call my own. Injustice, bigotry in any form, and closed minds are my pet peeves, so living in the Southern U.S. the inclination to chill with truly open-minded people has me thinking “the struggle is real.” lol. Working for a truly out there organization, has me meeting many big names in woo woo self help, and it’s interesting to see how writing personae conflict with actual personalities.
    It’s a social experiment which I love. and actually exactly how I treated online dating come to think of it (my fave thing that I’m quite good at enough to give advice.)

  6. I love these anecdotes SO much – i am going to hold competitions more often!

    And as Uranian energy is going to be totally AMPED Up the next nine months, it’s good to get a fierce blast of it via these stories.

    thank you guys!

    I have decided to award Aquarian Rose to THREE people as i was sending myself mad so the winners are Seabird, Sweet Sanity and Alexandra.

    Please can you peeps email me with your best mailing address for your bottles of beautiful perfume!!!

    • Oh thankyou so much!!

      That was a bit cathartic, writing that. I only let totally go of that man early this year, when I was in Paris with my new lover who is now my husband. One day I was wearing earrings my ex-husband gave me and I thought, this relationship, this new one, this is real, this man is amazing and we will be together, and my marriage is long finished and I now release it all. The earrings broke, both of them, later that day.

      Before our daughter was born my ex and I used to sit up in bed talking about names. I wanted to give her the middle name ‘Rose’, but in the end, I traded giving her any middle name at all for the right to veto his choice of family name (the first child had to have a family name).

      Anyway, thankyou for the opportunity to cathart…..

      • yes, I thought you might be experiencing some reverberations after revisiting all of that!

        Brilliant choices Mystic, and congrats to the winners, hope you enjoy your gorgeous sounding scent….let us know how it is!

  7. My niece is Aqua, Aqua rising and I have never meet a more brilliant, outrageous, stubborn child, she has never slept for an entire night uninterrupted, and she quite literally can not be disciplined or controlled in anyway. Her life is a perpetual source of amusement to herself or else. The stories are numerous and on going and the whole family watches in equal amounts of wonder and fear as to what she will do next. Her farewell is to kiss her 2 fingers as though sending a kiss then flip the bird. God love her she is 1 of a kind.

  8. I am an Aquarian sun. I go through strange gyrations when getting out of cars or opening doors because I am so used to electrocuting myself on them with static electricity seeking to ground. To the outside observer it probably looks a bit OCD that I tap door handles with the back of my hand first. The other day I shocked myself on a bathroom door at work so loudly that a coworker across the room heard the audible “Zap.” I once went to pat a kid on the head and must have amassed so much static that there was actually a visible spark that arced between my hand and the poor little dudes forehead.
    In love, obviously I am appalling Aqua. An old friend, a Sag, once came round to woo me, he stripped down to his Calvin Kleins (like most Sag’s hes comfortable running around in the altogether) and chased me around the house, pleading. I ran away because his after shave just smelt wrong. (I have a libran moon). Or he just wanted it too badly. Or something. I did a bunk. Sent him a text that was meant to say “See you next time” which then autocorrected to “See you bedtime.” Technology can be a little tetchy around me. He foregave me that, but when I then failed to drive 80km through the rain on one of his last minute whims to eat a vegetarian enchilada (not sure if there was an entendre there) he sent me a text saying “Youre dead to me.” I think he has forgiven me now, as every now and again I get sent a picture of him doing things casually in the nude, like fishing, or changeing a tyre. As saggos do.
    Believe it or not, the only men that ever managed to literally pin me down are Taurean. They are infuriating, but the only ones who ever actually managed to launch a sexual case that is impossible to say no to. I tried to woo a Leo once, but he was bipolar and disappeared interstate. I lived with an agarophobic libran for 4 years in some weird unrequited love triangle. In retrospect I think he was probably autistic. And theres the odd piscean that got away. On at least two different occasions with piscean men, nothing eventuated because I plied them liberally with the hoochie juice and they fell asleep on the couch. When will I learn.
    Obviously, I have never managed to actually shack up with an Aqua male. Its too hard when you both disappear off the planet.
    My twin Aqua sister has an Aqua husband and an Aqua only child. You get used to them using each other as excused for why they have to leave early.
    I like rose. When I was pregnant with my first baby (Yes, Taurean baby-daddy) I used to cover myself in a rose cream.

  9. “Just do it…’ Said the Aquarian to the Libran. ‘Enter that competition. The scales might just tip in your favour.’

  10. Where to begin? My 11th-12th hs stellium in Aquarius more often works as an holistic whole: stern Saturn, the traditional ruler of waterbearers of times past, his attitude softened & made more tolerant in this airy sign & house, nudges gently up to the Sun in the sign of my birthright, Venus crowned & enthroned therein. Unemotional? Undemonstrative? I think not when the heart is aflame! Am passionate & dramatic as a Lionesses lead in a daytime soap, replete with sleek hair & a glam pilot hubby loving me in our lair (*see where a Lion says “mine” an Aqua says “our”, one overlooked aspect of Aqua amour!) Venus is generous & understanding is broad – wanna fix the world’s problems? A-Q-U-A-R-I-U-S is the WORD. If brotherhood-sisterhood’s what you idealize AQUARIANS all ’round the world FRATERNIZE. Sympathy, Empathy, & Compassion – Get self an AQUARIAN – they’re ALL THE FASHION. Jupiter there is MIGHTY SIZED! So well-placed it’s REALIZED there ain’t no Jupiter more MASSIVE than an AQUARIAN Jupiter that’s NOT PASSIVE (meaning it’s active, gaseous & vocal, like a centaur waxing philosophical)…Then Mercurial Mercury, it’s known by many, the higher octave’s Uranus, his intelligence’s uncanny. You might have notice, then you may have not, this sign’s superhuman, no stepford bot! Uranian affection is widely sought; don’t believe all that noncey crap y’all bought; we’re friendly, we’re loyal, we don’t like to impose – when you confide in us secrets OUR MOUTHS WILL STAY CLOSED! These traits still have value today – we’re under dual-rulership, Saturn still holds sway.

  11. Was thinking of contributing but started to get really weighed down by my negative experiences with Aquarian men. I find the women totally bright and friendly. They connect and don’t feel smothered if you just happen to call them.

    Aqua men seem like they have always got something up their nose – like breathing the same air as you is a chore. Arrrrgh, the push-pull is a head fuq. Very fuqing controlling.

    See what I mean!

    • I have to agree with you on that. In my experience, Aqua men tend to think that they are way above everybody else. And like the cliché says, you become catnip if you ignore them. That’s ok if you are into games and role-playing. I prefer straight up simplicity in my relationships with friends. Family relationships are tricky enough – but you don’t get to choose your family.
      As for the women, I’ve known a few (friendly enough), and I’ve had a strong friendship with one for over 30 years. A friendship that has had me confounded almost every step of the way – until i realised (and had it pointed out by onlookers) that I was being completely manipulated.
      Once I started withdrawing my friendship, that’s when she started being much nicer and interested in it. But it’s too late – I’ve lost respect and now don’t really care one way or another whether we stay friends or not. I do get sad, because 30 years is a long time to have shared your life with someone. But like you say “the push-pull is a head-fuq” And yes, I whole heartedly agree with you – very fuqing controlling!

      • My experience of Aquarians is that they are always chasing something or someone that is out of reach, and when they finally get it/him/her – because they always do – they pull it apart and then abandon it. Moving on to the next unavailable object or person.

        • Hi, yeah look, my main experiences are with the male of the species. When I was younger, I just didn’t understand them – I am triple water with heaps of Leo – there was a major disconnect. Other people seemed to ‘get’ them but I just couldn’t.

          With this particular ‘friend’ the push-pull went on for years. Had me totally confounded too. He was interesting and interested when he wanted to be. Totally engaging and engaged, only to spit in your face (metaphorically, but once literally) the next time he (dis)connected. So hurtful.

          Secretive! Remember asking innocent questions like how’s your day been and getting a ‘why – what do you want to know for’. But he had a knack for finding out other people’s secrets. Don’t know what this is about or whether it’s Aquarian or just this particular guy.

          I feel a little sick remembering him actually.

          Another guy. Similar in that he made all the overtures towards friendship which seemed to be going along swimmingly for a few years, until about two years ago when I was cut off. Racked my brain about what I did wrong but can’t find anything. I still see him around occasionally and it’s as if there was no friendship in the first place – cordial though!

          • Ugh…. The bait, hook and disappear. Trying to figure out what we did is horrible for us!! I wish they could be upfront from the start!!

            I think they freak out the minute they realize they lost control of their independence. At least with the divorced guys!

          • One more thing about this guy. He was “trapped” (his words) into marriage by a girl who he got pregnant. Then proceeded to have numerous affairs with women who all wanted him to leave his marriage which of course he couldn’t do as that would mean he would be “trapped” by them. His wife couldn’t get rid of him. She tried everything including throwing his wardrobe of clothes on the nature strip. Truth was she loved him and was heart broken because he would push – pull her as well.

            He had the perfect situation. He used his wife as the reason he couldn’t take his other relationships any further. He used to get sick of them anyway. He’d tell me that they’d start demanding things from him.

            It’s making me giggle now.

        • This is so true, of some of them.

          The Favorite One, the one who went through dozens of women after me, playing the same old games with them- is finally settled with a Cap woman, who, even though she is PG with his child, keeps him on his toes- he never knows if she will stay or not. She is perpetually out of reach- and they live together!

        • They are also the best networkers on the planet.
          And are always looking to see how they can use you further down the track – as there’s ALWAYS some weird agenda being cooked up in their minds

  12. My sun and Venus is in Leo, my rising, moon and Mars is Aqua, but my two Aqua friends still insist I’m all Leo.. They know I’m completely envious. Aquas are the coolest !

  13. I have Aquarius rising. I think it has manifested itself in my online life. I believe it allows me to have the cool detachment that Aquarians are described as having. I am not sure if the ability to be online lets me feel like I can be the “real me,”or, I am more easily able to be the person I want to be. However, virtual reality is an Aquarians paradise. It allows us to get our techy electronic geek on while being able to view ourselves from the outside of the fishbowl. And yes, we do love our gadgetry!

  14. I’m helpless before Aqua Boy. The more he looks like Alan Cumming, the better (I imagined he must be Aquarian and guess what, Google agrees.)

    Aqua Boy can build his own computers and musical instruments and internet communities and he is cooler than anyone you’ve ever met and he is in love with the fact that you are smarter than him, and likes having a walking encyclopaedia on hand to kiss. When he makes love, he makes love to an idea and sometimes it’s a good one. The dynamic fast becomes mother and naughty son.

    I’ve had 4.5 “I love you” relationships with Aqua-types and their coldness and changeability was sexy until it was not. Their inability to commit to a dinner date was always what got me in the end. “Of course I love you,” they’d say, slightly pleading, slightly bored by having to say it. God forbid I’d wanted one to commit to more. But of course I did not: I have Aquarius on my 7th house, so kill me.

  15. My best girlfriend, after the Saggo childhood one, was an Aqua with Moon in Pisces.

    We called ourselves Lucy and Ethel…lol

  16. Kinda late to this party…. I’m Aqua Sun (in the 8th) and Aqua Mercury (9th), but not very many aspects to my Sun, just mostly the sextile to Saturn. I seem to live more through my Moon, Venus and Mars, which are more prominent in my chart and have lots of aspects.
    I think my Aqua Sun (humanitarian), Pisces Moon (empathy) and Crab rising (mother the world) have contributed to the career path I have chosen… I work in public health.

    The only Aqua I ever dated was a woman, and was the only woman I ever dated, and that was when I was 18. It was a unique situation, I’d say Aquarian/Uranian, kind of came out of the blue, unexpected, but also nothing that worthy of note, kind of a dramatic teenage love affair after it got going….

    I don’t know if it is my Aqua Sun that made me feel ‘different’ from others when I was younger. Sometimes I feel like the odd one out….but now I don’t care so much. Also living in SF, this place is a free-for-all-freak-show. No one and everyone ‘fits in’. It’s probably the best place for someone like me. I don’t look unique at all on the outside, but on the inside I very much do my own thinking and lead my very own life, very stubborn and very independent.

    Anyway, I think Seabird’s story takes the cake, here, and should win those roses!

    • Joni Mitchell has a great album called “For the Roses”..

      And I agree that Seabird’s story was a heartfelt tale of depth as only those kinds of life experiences can bring.

      But I liked yours too.

      • Flowerchild meant to include (see below) that my gf had the same Sun and Moon signature as you but Cap rising. She just HATED it, when people told her to “smile”.

        She didn’t feel like flippin’ smilin’.

        • Aw, so is, bot.

          Speakin’ of cold cig butts in the ashtray,(but at least your lips caressed them) as I posted about my Cap rising Aqua friend, you crossed my mind (Cap rising)

          In a totally affectionate way…Glad you came out to play x

          • “but at least your lips caressed them”

            LOVE that line. He has a way with words, Elvis. Virgo of course. Like Leonard Cohen and Nick Cave.

            I smiled when I read about your Cap rising friend because sometimes I don’t feel like flippin’ smilin either 🙂

              • My Kataka daughter, 8th house Sun, Scorp Rising, Sagg Moon and Sa’turn conjunct in 1st…

                Heck, you dare not even look in her direction when she was a teen and had just woken up…

                Unless you wanted to die of course lol.

                • It makes me rage when people (almost always men) tell me to smile.
                  I don’t like anyone to tell me what to do or how to feel!
                  I’m also, I suppose, a ‘feminist’ and I think when men tell women to smile it’s sexist, like we’re just there to serve them, entertain them, brighten their day, no matter how we’re feeling….hell no! It’s a form of objectification..

                  • Ha ha! I’ve heard that my whole life. Most recent was a barrista who I asked “Is there anything else you’d like me to change about my face for you right now?”

  17. I never knew the true meaning of – Sex God – until I met my Aquarian.
    So attentive.. But maybe it was his cancer moon influence and him sporting a super lean body.. 6.4″, always acting very unassuming and being a total health freak.
    Also have you noticed that they have a gift of making you feel like you already know them before you do and if you don’t see them for 10 years you can be exactly where you left off. Beyond time and space. I’ll never be over him but he certainly cured me of any heart break before.

  18. My first long term bf a 6ft 9″ Aquarian sweetheart, base player and IT man, my first true love. He taught me to drive, shared his musical world and tight knit tribe of friends and we travelled to Mexico and Guatemala together, lots of adventures and we are still in touch to this day. Really nurtured me when I was a fragile 21 yr old, he had a perceptive Piscean moon, and has always been very well loved by all his friends and family.

    I find that my broader social life always has had something to do with an significant Aquarian (my 5th house) in defining eras.
    My rock’n’roll phase, overlapped a society phase, then long outdoorsy travel/festival phase, all event managed somehow around an Aqua, or a saggy gal with Venus in Aqua.

    Even my masters supervisor was an inspiring brilliantAquarian who had heaps of time for all his students and activities (though his marriage failed in the end). They often seem have a tribe of people around probs because they so great at organising bands, or big camping trips, or glamourous social events and bringing together diverse types. I read somewhere that an Aquarian maintains friendships where they are unwittingly the centre of jealousy competition between their friends ( have actually seen this!).

    My dad was aqua moon, my stepma aqua moon, my closest gf aqua but her cap moon makes her a great advisor on practical emotional stuff.

  19. Idiosyncratic is Aquarius defined. My water-bearing Father – AKA conservative Cronos, King Lear control freak meets Albert Einsten ingenious inventor (read: mathematician) and rad revolutionary – simultaneously balances his needs for security with changing the world. Born Jan 21, he’s 76, semi-retired and running a maths business for high schools, which “will revolutionise the education system”.

    While he is busy seeking funding for his project, he hassles my brother and I to get married and have kids (he “wants more”) along with applying for a long-term visa so he can live in the Southern French countryside. He’s famously unhappy living in one of Sydney’s most prestigious beachside suburbs (water views notwithstanding), complaining that ‘the people’ are the problem. A notorious solitary soul, he’s the first (and often only) one to talk at a family outing. In fact he makes time for family almost exclusively. That and his running club.

    Despite being told at 68 the meniscus was wearing away from his patella, and if he didn’t stop running he would soon not be able to walk, he proceeded to run the a Melbourne marathon in October 2010 in under six hours. In his mind, “runners always run”.

    Lastly, not only did he marry twice and have me at the age of 47, he’s got 4 kids and 4 grandchildren around the globe and we all keep in touch with his ex wife and her new mate. We spend Christmas together as a new age unit. When I ask how he feels about it as the instigator, he tells me that there’s no reason they can’t be friends.

    Most remarkable of all, as a conservative thinking left-brainer, he never took my interest in astrology, yoga or other esoteric interests seriously. He used to tease me about looking into a crystal ball.
    Now, he is one of your most avid subscribers, texting me daily urging me to read the Aquarius scope. He’s signed up for your personal readings and starts most sentences with “Mystic says…”

    Who would’ve thought. I get asked by friends how I turned the ship around and repaired what was once a fraying relationship. I’m not sure what did it. All I know is that Aquarians walk to the beat of their own drum and don’t need to explain to anyone what it sounds like.

    • This is wonderful! What an awesome dad, I love that he taught you freedom and respect. Hello Alexandra’s dad! Kudos on your expansive thought processes despite/because of yr academic background and being open to astro etc. 😉

      • maths! it’s all maths, right? Look at Charles….

        I love it too, hello Alexandra’s Dad!

        (I wonder what he makes of us lot, probably avoids the comments 😉 )

    • I think aqua’s have a way of being so fricken stubbornly themselves, that you have no choice but to resolve, or overcome, whatever you are dealing with in order to continue the connection. I say this with full awareness that there can be a lot of .. stuff… that may not ever work itself out.

      your story about your dad reminded me of this, my parents never, ever e-v-e-r did the fights-at-the front door thing after they split up – they [after some initial crap] remained friends. truly aligned with humanitarian principles rather than the personal. grudges simply slide out of the teflon aqua universe.

      • that did teach me a lot about other ways to handle interpersonal sh**. I guess with warrior mars in aqua, maybe i handle conflict in a detached way too. [kill the idea not the person, lol]

  20. Not a rant, but a story, because I have nothing to rant about my first husband, now an ex. He’s the best guy ever. He’s February 11 and I’m April 20. 1979, my Leo girlfriend, gone crazy from a head on collision in her Porsche with a school bus, introduced me to him at the Rainbow in West Hollywood. She left as usual so I was stuck with him for the night. We started going out after that night. Lots of super fun times. His roommate was a well known English drummer. All his best friends were musicians, and from various parts of England, as he was from Portsmouth. Life was one party, one gig after another. He was on the road constantly with several bands as the sound engineer. I remember the first time he announced that he was going on the road w/Aerosmith without asking me first, I told him since you’d decided that on your own, I’ve decided we’re going to have an open marriage. I was 20. It worked out. He was on the road for most of his life. I’ve partied with lots of musicians. I can think of a few of them who’ve died from alcoholism. Now that I’m recalling these memories, haven’t in a long time, I’ve seen how musicians and touring can become a very hard life. I know cocaine is still popular. We are still best friends. He moved to Alabama to record and I refused to move to the south. I will leave Los Angeles for another diverse city such as San Francisco. He is a sun in aquarius, ascendant in scorpio, venus in aquarius, moon in gemini. I have had 3 other boyfriends who are very close to me with venus in aquarius. I understand aquarians and especially venus in aquarius. I get restless when I’m tied down, and not allowed to explore. My ex husband and I were completely open and honest with each other. I made sure of this because I tend to blurt out what’s on my mind. I fell in love with him the first time because he was amazing in bed, super funny, and took very good care of me.

  21. Love Humanity – Hate People

    I have more Aquarian friends than any other sun sign and when I put the above to them they usually burst out laughing cause a tint bit true

    They make fantastic friends – mine are all female and so spunky and interested and LOYAL

  22. The three men I’ve loved so far have all been blue-eyed Aquarians. My Achilles heels. It’s the sign on my DC, so it makes sense; but my Scorpio moon has a hard time with that detachment thing they do when things get a little hairy or emotional. I can’t fuqing hack it. I’d rather scream it all out on the spot so it can blow over ASAP (Aries). They want to fly off to Planet 9. It’s infuriating.

    But the heart doesn’t choose who it loves.

    My favorite, and still best friend, has a Grand Water Trine (Pisces moon, Scorpio rising and something else in Kataka) that adds a lot of emotional depth to that icy cold clear intellect.

    Interestingly, I’ve known several Aquarius/Scorpio pairings. Not sure how that works.

    One thing I’ve long noted about Aquarians: they have a very fluid relationship with “reality”. With “the truth”. The truth is whatever they want it to be at the time. One day he swears he’s leaving his wife. Then, when I’m hooked, he gazes quizzically: “I never said I was leaving my wife…?” My Scorpio moon has a razor-sharp memory. I know what he fuqing said.

    Crazy-makers, but I love them anyway.

  23. I am an Aquarian born on Valentines Day! I feel love and romance and passion is my heart-song. I have tried loving and calm and dependable (Aries – 20 great years) and Aquarius, passionate, crazy, borderline personality disorder (2 years and then another 2 years trying to get him out of my system) and then another Aquarian who I now have a Restraining Order against! Seriously! I tried a splattering of other signs inbetween, 3/5 cried on our first date. Help! I am happy, fulfilled in every other way and now just a little nervous and saying no to all potential suitors. Not dating in my industry (entertainment- full of insecurities) is not enough. I am attracting bullies or emotionally unstable men in every direction. I now have fake FB status of ‘in relationship’ and having a rest and enjoying myself, family and friends immensely! But then my heart starts to sing … And I wonder where he is and if he can hear the melody of Venus calling him to my arms. Perhaps a change in scent, might just do the trick ; )
    Yours sincerely,
    A Rose by any other name.

    • A-ha *nods knowingly*
      With you sis, I am Venus Cazimi – Sun at 7 degrees 31 minutes 15 seconds & Venus at 7 degrees 38 minutes 34 seconds Aquarius – we are romance par none, I think we invented the term (& this applies to every last one of us) there’s just nothing can beat Uranian-style glamour & poetic professions of love (that may or may not include lengthy courtships or the respectful keeping of emotional distance) Consider the magnetism of the sign! Leo’s fall over themselves to impress, a Pisces will drown in our eyes, a macho Taurean becomes even more so, & the Scorpio’s facial features WILL ACTUALLY REGISTER INTEREST.. See, we really are the most fascinating of beings, attractive, distant in a movie-star kind of way, highly intelligent & principled, beautifully mannered, interested, interesting & very observant; you didn’t notice that? The Scorpios did..

      *a bottle of this scent just made it’s way to my partners mental Christmas list, telepathically; he’s a Scorpio 😉

  24. The thing I have found with Aquas is that they are true humanitarians. Humanity is their thing. their alignment with principles and ideas and stubborn determination to understand or ruthlessly interrogate those ideas that they don’t understand or see as unjust is what might at times alienate others.

    I have to be honest, I don’t know a single aqua who lives in a bio-dome or bathes in violet light every time Aldebaran transits the Uranus nodes or whatever. My aquas are the no bullshit, no discrimination, no politicking types. Thoroughly averse to machinations and drama. To a point where it can seem a little spectrum-ish, in some cases lol. But again, if you want someone who can keep it simple, go with aqua…

    Aquas also never wish to assume they know what is going on with someone. Which is both good and bad. e.g. if I were to say to one of my personal Aqua peeps, “I can’t believe this but I just had a huge fight with boyfriend about [some shit], everything sux” , Aqua person would look a little blank and say, “oh, right. hmm.” and every / any further deconstruction of this is up to me to communicate. So it can be an emotionally isolating experience. At the same time, one realises that one must deal with one’s own stuff since ain’t no Aquarian in the universe who’s gonna get involved to share the pain. Although sometimes feeling like I have to expose every tender/sensitive card in the deck in order for the aqua microprocessor, i mean mind, to comprehend what I am trying to convey, is just really hard yards, emotionally. So I stick with water types etc if I ‘need’ such things. but this is like criticising geminis for their mouthy ways. It’s about core competencies.

    Aquas know so many people from everywhere because they truly do not give a fuq who they talk to, as long as they are talking to someone. The homeless man at the pie shop? Here’s 20 bucks. The shady guy who is always at the pub? He’s a fence, aqua has his number. The suits who lunch at the classy fine dining establishment? Aqua worked with them in a former life. they have no fame-whoring tendencies and “star-struck” does not feature in their vocabulary. Aqua sis just kind of blanks on the fame aura and talks to Famous Person X like they are someone at the pub. I think she gets a kick out of it, so she actually comes to life at Thing events because of all these people she can Officially Not Care About. Famous Person X is secretly relieved to chat to someone who doesn’t get all wierd around them, etc, bam. Famous person friend.

    anyway, i am rambling.

  25. I was an intense kid from a complicated family. It was easier to be a loner than to have a lot of friends so most people were dissuaded by the wall I placed around my personal space and time, however one guy was not deterred. He was so persistent in being my friend that the more I tried to convince him to invest his time in someone else, the harder he tried to be a part of my life. My family thought it was completely comical how he was always there despite me trying to distance myself from everyone including him. I am a Virgo and he is an Aquarius. My South Node is conjunct his Mars and Mercury within a degree and his Virgo moon is conjunct my Saturn to the minute.

    Fast forward 19 years and he still tracks me down (I am still very private) and insists that we need to be friends. Now as an adult for someone to be a friend in my book, I need to be able to trust and be able to count on the person. However, with this Aquarius whenever I attempt to fit him into my life as a friend by trying be more open or by becoming more involved/interested in his life he goes MIA. A few weeks ago, I told him that I wished the best for him but that we were not compatible as friends so I wouldn’t be available as a friend any longer. I know it sounds a bit harsh, but he drives me crazy. I can’t handle the alternating between him wanting me to let him into my life but as soon as I do, he goes missing for no apparent reason.

    Tonight I received a voice mail from him wanting to talk about business and catch up. What!

    We are mid-30’s and I have known him since we were 15 and I can attest that Aqua guys do seem to enjoy being told to go away. If someone told me they didn’t want to be friends or we were not compatible, I wouldn’t contact them a couple weeks later and act like we were besties. It feels like classic Aqua male behavior although baffling to this Virgo Sun/Taurus Moon girl.

  26. My grand passion was an Aquarian. Absolutely amazing physical and emotional connection for many years. We are both married to others now (both very happily), but are linked at a psychic level. When anything goes bad the other knows and gets in touch. no matter how long the gap.

    When an Aqua loves, they truly love. You wouldn’t want to live with one, though 😀

  27. Aquarian credentials:
    Aqua Asc, Sun, Mercury, Bast, Herodias and Mars (I’m cosmically entitled to this perfume)

    Things about Aquarians (annoying things about Aquarian)
    We love eating extremely simple foods (3 ingredients max), and can eat the same thing everyday if it’s one of their favourites, even porridge eg. I can eat a sweet potato roasted in alfoil with pesto everyday for the rest of my life, no problem.

    We love metals and jewelry, especially silver, but will rarely wear it as it makes us feel restrained or caged. But you’d better still bloody buy it for us.

    We normally have something noticeable about our hair, mostly it kind of sticks out funny from our heads eg. John Travolta.

    We always look good in grey. The Communist regime would be quite flattering for us.

    We’re very polite and always say please and thank you. We will be affronted if we don’t have this reciprocated. It’s like the only social thing we actually get, so don’t screw with it!

    We are really crap at choosing gifts. Like really, really crap.

    We don’t like being picked up of the ground in a gust of romantic impulsiveness. Save it for the movies buddy.

    We love Adventure Time, the TV show. It makes us feel normal.

      • I think the ice king character is very Aqua, unfortunately!! Please excuse all my typos, I wrote that whilst the Saggo Dude was watching the 1 year old and 4 year old around the fire he spontaneously lit in the backyard, to cook dinner on of course!

  28. Aquarian love and life long loss
    My first love was an Aquarian. He died at 23 in the act of helping someone else-he was that kind of guy.
    He was very attractive, popular with everyone and had beautiful soulful eyes. We had known each other since we were nine always intrigued by each other but finally becoming an item at fifteen. I could share my deepest angsty teenage thoughts with him and he would understand. He indulged my need to push boundaries but always, always protected me from the consequences of my misdeeds. He loved the colour blue and was always singing Elton John’s “Baby’s Got Blue Eyes” to me”.
    Eventually my need for adventure saw me leave him behind but he always stayed a part of my life and a part of me always loved him. His death is etched into my persona, the loss is still tangible 25 years later. Whenever I am in the city where we grew up I visit his grave and eventually when I had a son I gave him two middle names after my Aquarian ( I have a very understanding husband).
    They say Aquarians are visionary and can change the world but sometimes the world they change is relatively small, restricted to a few people. Nevertheless, their impact is life changing and lasting.

  29. While my Uranus opposition was active I met a number of Aquarians.

    I met and fell for an Aqua and his intellect online. His profile opened with the warning that he was “NOT interested in a relationship, that people drifted into and out of each others lives….etc.” But we were so simpatico. He lived near me but was away for work, so we skyped 6 delirious nights running at the end of which my Toro/Scorp/Libra bits were all SURE this could not NOT culminate in the most glorious and committed union, our compatibility could not be denied, etc and he was smitten with the power to make me smile with the gift of his words and declared his desire to do so every day for the rest of my life, which sounded pretty good to me.

    It was the last time I heard from him 😯

  30. There is this Aqua being whose uranian energy I lived with several years back. He drifts in and out of town as Aquas do. The other day I arrive home and as I enter the front door and look over to the empty lounge I suddenly think of him, as if his image had been zapped into my mind. Then I sit down at the table to have a glass of water, and the Guardian Weekly from a few weeks back is open at the crossword. I’d filled about 75% a fortnight back but given up. And now, I see someone has filled in the blanks. Lo and behold, guess whose handwriting it is? Yep, aqua-man/being. That’s how he announces his presence people.
    He’d come around while I was at work and lunched with my mutual friends/housemates while I was out, then he appeared, stayed for dinner, charmed us with his eloquence, humbly revealed tales of starting up his own Refugee Legal Clinic, being on the Board of Young Peoples Legal Society, effectively being a social hero in his spare time as well as recounting his adventures in fermented food, finishing a bottle of wine, and then he was gone again.

  31. Future Tense

    My housemate to me last week: “If I had heaps of money Zo I would hire you as a consultant just to keep me up to date with the latest trends and stuff…”

    Other housemate: “Yeah, how to you know all this? Where are you getting this information?”

    Obviously Mystic, I read a lot of cool blogs written by wonderful, visionary women (!). I tell my housemates this. I also mention I have Aquarius rising and a solid relationship with Mercury.

    Later in the day I take my Mum out for coffee at the new café near my house. “Ah, thank god somewhere in Adelaide where I can finally get a red espresso (rooibos coffee) ” she says. Mum has Aquarius rising too. At 19 I realised that she has always been 30 years ahead of everyone else and she’s often impatient for the rest of the world to catch up.

    I tell her about my convo with the housemates. She says she gets this comment too and laughing adds, “Well, who are these people NOT to know this stuff? How are they not picking up? It’s osmosis right?”

    This makes us think of my Grandmother, her mother, who passed away five years ago. We used to call her a white witch. I realise I’ve never looked at her birth chart but I’ll bet anyone a Phoenix Consult that Aquarius would be in there.

    Gran was “up with it” and open to new trends in health, psychology and attitude more than anyone I knew. Mum and I reflect on how incredible this was given that she lived her adult life in a remote farming community with barely any good TV reception, let alone access to magazines or progressive media.

    Gran knew there was something wrong with her years before the doctors finally diagnosed her with bowl cancer. We used to bring her food from the city: organic vegetables in cold packs, special powders and elixirs, health foods from the store I worked in.

    The hardest thing about Gran passing away was that she was still so interested in the world. It was like she knew there were big changes afoot and she wanted to stick around to see them.

    In the midst of my grief this it used to really upset me. I wished she were still here so I could tell her about things, little things, like Tumblr, or the new holistic physio I met, or how everyone has gone mental for coconut products or Deepak Chopra’s online meditation resources…

    These days though, I like to think that Gran is still “up there watching down” as they say, and that she’s enjoying, as much as Mum and I are, the new Age of Aquarius as it begins to flow and work in the world.

    • of course she is! 🙂

      my son is Aquarian. we were talking recently after my own Gran died at 103 about whether it would be good to live that long, with less health, mobility, independence, etc. He said with real longing, yeah, I know all those things are difficult but I just wanna see all the new things that are invented….

      lovely quality, and a nice indication of a strong life positive bent which isn’t always clear from the cool Aqua x

      • my aqua dad was the same. early adopter , always interested in everything, absolutely no interest in getting old. 100% involved human being until his last day. x

  32. Me, aqua sun: I want to go to this thing next month, it’s experiential performance, volunteers produce a replica of a real-life situation and the punters get taken through it like it’s actually happening, but not like going to the shops, more like robbing a bank and there’s opera and the whole thing is crowd-funded, want to go?

    Aqua-rising husband: How can I know what I want to do next month? How can I know??

  33. My Aqua peeps story began in my twenties with a search for soul mates, lovers, friends, even co-workers, who channelled the aqua vibe. As a Leo with Kataka rising and moon – and limited astro knowledge – I thought we’d hit it off. Alas, I attracted Kataka and Leo men IN THE EXTREME and a range of fem friends; Geminis, Virgoans, Librans and Sagies.

    In my thirties, the closest I got was a friendship with a Capricorn who called herself a Capriquarious, due to being born in late Jan. When she wasn’t overachieving in the corporate world, my new bestie was chilled flow. Creative and loving, we are still the greatest of friends a decade later – though I realise now, she probably has more of a Picean/ Neptunian flow going.

    Then, two years ago, I discovered a Aqua girl at work! It took decades but I have an Aqua friend: she sings, walks in nature, connects to everyone with the most insightful and emotionally aware questions and is a joy with which to share life. But the happy ending of this story is not our friendship. Just recently, Aqua joy had a baby daughter, a little Leo cub born when the full moon was in Aquarius. I imagine their growing connection to be what I spent twenty years seeking… and I look forward to beholding it.

  34. I am currently attempting to make my own perfumes…it’s an obssession…I am picking the flowers from my garden and have currently ruined quite a few batches…

    OK Aquarian stories….

    The Australian Aquarian who met a girl on Tinder in Peru and decided he was in love with her and started pricing plane tickets. When she suggested he Skype her he immediately lost interest (invading his space).

    • LOL! Love it! So spot on…different logic, thought process…….yes,removed – yet in their knowing denial of a romantic situation’s ultimately fatal outcome, has more sense of the romantic than a LZ Pisces. Can be so stubborn, that I think it’s a form of self-flagellation and that they’re addicted to it…. infuriating to watch. Nothing you can do about it.

  35. Aquarians:
    On a scale of “Don’t Care” to “Have we met?” , describe how you feel when a friend or loved one tells you about a complex interpersonal issue that they are facing.

    You are given the choice to talk to a friend who is experiencing a bad breakup, and a chance to talk to the head of research at MIT’s department of theoretical physics.
    Describe what you learnt from the MIT meeting.

    Your child or a friend appears to need or expect something from you that requires empathy or some kind of soothing words. You feel:
    (a) irritated
    (b) confused
    (c) nonplussed
    (d) nothing.

    This child/friend then mentions that their situation (and that of their cohort) derives from a systemic failure of a large corporation that appears to be too closely linked to a member of parliament who is not serving the electorate that democratically elected him/her. You:
    (a) phone your contacts in Corporate-Watch Institute to find out what is going on.
    (b) Doorstop the MP and demand action. You hand them a petition with 120,000 signatures.
    (c) Develop an app that can do exactly what the system was supposed to do but isn’t. You offer it for $0.99 on all platforms and wake up the next morning a multi-millionaire. You use the profits to fund legal cases that challenge corruption.
    (d) Open your doors to everyone experiencing the same issue and develop a manifesto for alternative ways to act. You hand your child/friend a microphone and tell them they need to learn to speak up in the face of corporate lies, and now is a good time to start.

    • pi nails it…. yes … personal empathy isn’t really my forte, why can’t people SEE that their problems are just part of larger spider webs of stuff happening and their own makeup (if they just used astrology, they would be able to work with this stuff so much more).

      Way for me to be as empathetic as I can be is basically to keep my mouth shut as much as possible, and offer practical help. But don’t expect me to be patient listening to you go round the same mental loop for the nth time. That’s when I figure you need personal space to figure yourself out.

      maybe sounds harsh?? aqua rising with aqua mother and her mother aqua as well…. so this is generational

      • inter-generational, I meant —- but love the way this is phrased and so perfectly describes it.

        Worst thing is: we know we are “supposed” to be empathetic (esp if you are a female)., it just is NOT that natural. And especially if you can see the problems / fault lines coming for way before they actually happen…

      • yes i have had to learn how to manage aqua energy in my circle. It’s a bit hard for a fishy sometimes, but other times the aqua detachment is a blessing.
        All of my data is empirical – I have three aquas, or aqua risings / uranuan types to study at close quarters..

  36. So a couple of days ago I changed my FB background to this rose image .. Ah always in sync with your images .. I am wearing Bulgarian rose oil every day ( got only a small bottle left though!) .. I am half Bulgarian .. My mum and both brothers are Aquarius and just spend a bonding cleaning session with my Aquarian flatmate who must have some Virgo somewhere in there and who did the best thorough job ever!!!! ..and then there is your rose Aquarius post with my FB background visual.. Surely this little Aries needs to have the perfume! It’s gotta be mine … Eclipse in Aries on Uranus and Capricorn rising me NEEDS this now 🙂 .. Also Saturn into my sag moon soon .. It’s got to be me winning this lovely bottle of joy! Love and lots of colour red to all out there .. Cos colour of 2014 is red I decided 🙂 World peace and XO ps all aquariusses I know are different from each other .. Like totally different lol

  37. Off topic but this has been maybe the most intense, surreal, and synchronicity-laden day of my entire life. It coincided with Uranus on my NN. I laughed at it, challenged it, didn’t expect anything. Expected to be let down. Went to yoga this morning feeling rad and content with things as they were.

    Astrology is fucking real. I’m pitching the biggest VC in town/the world with someone who WORKS FOR THEM co-pitching and through a random chain of events and connections building from April…when I Mars on my NN direct and wrote in my journal extensively about this idea, made the deck, everything. Then forgot/didn’t take it/myself seriously. Even if it doesn’t work out major connections and dialogues have been formed in the last week, it’s truly insane.

  38. I’ve never knowingly dated an Aqua…but I do have Venus in Aquarius. If she had a theme song it would be, ‘How Can I Miss You if You Don’t Go Away?’
    I also have a weakness for old roses for which I can offer no astrological explanation. My bed linen is a chintzy Laura Ashley rose, my jarmies are Peter Alexander chintzy rose. The Weatherbeaten Virgo used to joke that if I lay very still in bed I would be completely invisible.

  39. Lots of people here seem to have totally deep issues with insanely over sexed crazily fuqed up Aquarian men…. Counting my lucky stars (and my 6 planet stellium in libra 12th house) that my man is a Libra… albeit on with Gemini Rising (doubly airy)… Aquarians surround me, inform me and reflect me… there is no earth in my life! There’s my sister, my father in law, two of my very best friends…make that three. Of them, 2 are professional performance faeries and one is a witch. Yes we fly. (I am both) Wow. I see them as the mirror of the conscious evolution in the world, no matter what their stand in life, muggle or magical, they are highly tuned receptors of weirding, the vanguard of the new paradigm. It’s like they are the mirror and that mirror is cracked, everything is broken, why why why – or warped, don’t look don’t look… or a rainbow prism, refracting the light into rainbows to blot out whatever does not sparkle. They are dealing with that whichever way they can best. I have never known anyone for deranged, zoomed in, OCD focus as an Aquarian. Much worse than Virgos. They will Even when you think they have, in the background they are quietly screening out whatever does not apply to the current quo of them… Whatever. Just don’t piss them off. You will get the death stare. Don’t try and stare back, if you value your eyeballs…

  40. Based on a short list survey: My father who thought he was the next Freud, the first man I lived with, delinquent to world famous business environmentalist, my ex-husband never did get what planet he was from but he sure knew every street, stone, event in Ancient Rome, and myself with moon in Aquarius, a mermaid incarnate from many galaxies away….I’d have to encapsulate this energy to be the essence of Deviant Roses.

  41. I’m UBER AQUA Stellium in the First. I do it my way. I wear a uniform – black black and more black everyday. I’m ahead of my time and march to my own beat (often gets me into trouble along with my Saggo moon mouth). I have worn the same scent for 20 odd years. My Pisces Sun loves the name of this one. Maybe its time for a …change…

  42. I once knew a double Aquarian
    Who considered himself Libertarian
    But upon proposition
    He withdrew his position
    And proceeded to woo a librarian

  43. The first things I ever read about astrology as a child were Linda Goodman’s books — Linda Goodman LOVES her an Aquarius, yes she does. Me, I’m a Pisces sun, and I think she must have been done wrong by more than one Fish, because she hates us.

    I used to read them obsessively, while at the same time the terrible things she said about my kind gnawed at my low self-esteem….

    Now that I’ve done my chart, I’ve learned that I may be Pisces sun, but I’m Aqua moon and Aqua rising – and that explains quite a lot. (I like to call it Fish Flake.)

    My worst Aquarian experience was my first long-term live-in partner. I tried to get rid of him by moving to another city, but he played on my feelings by growing critically depressed, sending long, badly-spelled letters, and eventually being hospitalized with bleeding ulcers. Together, we were vile. We were mutually emotionally abusive; he confined and stunted me and convinced me I was too fragile and incapable for any number of things. And yet, terrible though it was, he wouldn’t let go of me, and by the time he was done, I was sure I’d collapse into a pile of helpless nothing without him.

    He was an Aquarius. With — a Pisces moon. We were like each other’s evil mirrors. If I could change any ONE thing in my life, I would have put my foot down and never let that man live with me.

  44. I”m struggling to articulate what I really think here. I’ll dance to the idea via Siousie and the Banshees, perhaps host a wine orgy with my fellow 49 year old girlfriends, perhaps do some improv games with them that satirize the Real Housewives Attention Whoring For Fun and Profit (be sure to post to youtube!) and play with my teenager’s purple gel eyeliner, fake lashes and spray tan a bit. I don’t know. Its fun until it isn’t.

    Then again, I might post a rant, egged on by my friendly Angry Wino Housewife friends as we confess that we are up to “here” with raising our autistic children while wiping the arses of our “greatest generation” parents who are too damn cheap to spend money on proper at home nursing care, only to realize that when we need medicare it will all be gone for us in a mere 10 years. Maybe that will go viral and a movement is born – not like our previous generation who felt that showing up with a sign is proof that we are part of a movement…no….that’s the old way…..doesn’t work anymore….but by raising thousands of dollars via crowdfunding, creating viral marketing campaigns like the ice bucket challenge and podcasting our voices to find justice for our future selves. And maybe by just being a little weird, touched by fed up anger and a shitload of purple eyeliner we might find some more justice to spread around the world. For.everyone.

    I’ll have to think about that, says the 2 degree Juno in Aqua, 3 degree Aqua rising, 5 degree Aqua Pallas Athena, 11 degree Bitch Goddess Lillith in Aqua in the FIRST HOUSE with 21 Degree Libra Sun in 8th and 13 degree Gemini Moon in 4th. I must say with all this air sometimes its hard to breathe…”better get that Vino” says Neptune in Scorpio! “Its a lot easier to deal with the wine” says Saturn weeping in Pisces. Mars and Venus are getting it on in Sagitarius and Pluto in Virgo just likes to watch. Yes, my chart is kinky bondage mutable grand cross…but at least I don’t bore my husband. He’s a Capricorn rising…he likes to watch too!

  45. My North Node is Aquarius (8th house) — thought my sun, mercury, Venus and Mars are all in Leo with my south node. So I always felt comfortable performing, was always drawn to the stage–playing music, acting–I was a theater major in college until I suddenly dropped out (spring 2011) and became involved with a local activist group–eventually participating in the occupy movement (I am a cancer rising–I mostly cooked and provided food/hot beverages)

    Around that time I decided to learn how to be an expert at pouring beverages (water-bearer style).

    And now, of all things, I co-founded a website development business (aqua techno). (My partner’s rising is aqua–he is, among other things–very sensitive to temperature, and had literally heard conversations I was having miles away from him)

    My ex had an aqua sun. He is 6’9–taller than anybody else in his family–and although he quite wide and bulky, his legs are very long, slender and graceful. He is also covered head to toe in freckles, I could basically scry by staring at the patterns on his (huge) back. Before he went bald his hair was frizzy like mad scientist hair–doc brown esqe

    He was into hallucinogens, aliens, past lives, outer space, cryogenic freezing, conspiracy theories–and the future. He was convinced he was born in the wrong era–either wanting to live in the future or as a Viking explorer. He was also a sometimes drug dealer–something I find often common among Aquarians.

    One time, I was making a video for a production of the vagina monologues and I asked him what his favorite word for vagina was, and what his vagina would wear (questions playing off of the intro monologue of the play) –his answers were “Snizz–because of the z’s” and “a dress made out of lazers.”

    He was also into semi-public sex–not sure if that is an aqua trait though. 🙂

    • He wanted to go into space–and he also wanted to be a primatologist. He made up a story when I met him that he had it in his will to be cryogenically frozen and had already paid for the service.

      After we broke up, I met a hypnotherapist who does past-life regression work–and I referred him to her. He never told me what happened during their session–he did tell me though that he didn’t understand it until he had a near death experience (where he was literally dead for a short time–Hearing that definitely influenced my feeling about past-lives)

  46. I met him in a market on the wrong side of Istanbul. He was an African man (an Aquarian as it turned out, or this story would not be in context) and I had only been living there for two weeks. I thought he might know where there was a reggae club, and asked him, for some reason, in bad French. He did know. We spoke in bad French for many minutes. At the end, he said in heavily-accented English, “You are an English speaker.”

    He knew a lot. He taught me a lot. We lived together in the underground of Istanbul for he was illegal there, and I learnt things I could never have learnt elsewhere, things which have been vitally important for my life. He always wore three sets of clothing if you are illegal and black in Turkey, so that if you are arrested and put into jail, you won’t have to wear the same clothes every day. He disappeared three times whilst we were together – each time his friends found him in jail and bribed his way out. He had never finished school, but he could read people like a book. He was never wrong. And he could manage people like nobody I have ever seen. His daughter has inherited those traits, along with his incredible cheekbones and his patience and fortitude. In 2009 I took her to Istanbul and showed her where I met her father and where he used to stand in the snow, selling watches, and where he was arrested. She was too young to understand then, only 6, but I had to, for me. He said “When I was in Africa I thought the outside world must be so much richer than us. Now I see they are not.” I asked him why he didn’t go home and he said that he no longer could, because he had no money and everybody would scorn him. He accepted this. He still accepts this, although the bitterness has long ago crept in. I see this on the rare occasions I see him, once a year maybe, now.

    One day, soon after I met him, before we lived together, I went to his house and there was a party. It was a farewell party. For him and his best friend. Who were leaving illegally to Italy via a people-smuggler the following morning. I burst into tears. I would never see him again. “No, no, don’t cry Sweetheart, not me, I’m not going, just my friend. I’ll go later.” It was months before I realised that he had pulled out. For me. His friend has been living in Italy for the past 14 years.

    He had a huge compassion for humanity. Before he met me, he brought home a Ukrainian girl he had also met in the market. She had been married to a Turkish man, who beat her and took their baby from her and gave it to his mother to raise. Left with no alternative, she had turned to prostitution. When it became apparent that she would have to keep with this profession in Turkey, he saved all his money from selling fake watches in the street for two months and bought her a bus ticket home without telling her. The day before, he asked her what she most wanted to take home to her mother. She replied “A sack of rice”, which he promptly bought and gave to her at the bus station before putting her on the bus and telling her not to come back. He recounted this in wonderment; “I never knew there were people poorer than us until I met her.” He kept a photo of her and her baby, despite my protests, because he said he wanted to remember her. She wasn’t in the slightest bit pretty, but I was still jealous.

    He told me where in the Covered Markets you could buy heroin, or a bear, or a six-year-old girl. He told me so that I didn’t actually go there. He told me not to learn Turkish because then I would understand what they said about us. I didn’t listen and he was right. He read to me, “Les Miserables”, in French, because it was his favourite book. We lived in an area of Istanbul so poor that in the coldest winter for 26 years we had no heating or hot water and ended up sleeping on top of each other both wearing his coat and the rugs from the floor whilst the thick snow banked up outside. He said “We will always be together because now we’ve shared a coat.” If he had something I wanted and I asked where he’d got it, or if he’d been out and I asked him where, he’d say “Quelque part – somewhere.” But he almost always gave me the thing I asked for, without comment. He had so many mobile phones, and they were always breaking. He smoked incessantly, to keep warm he said. One day at a friend’s house I saw two pigeons on the roof of a neighbouring house, a black one and a white one. If the white one stays, I will stay, I thought. The white one flew away.

    We got married, even though he was illegal, we got legally married in Turkey. The economic crash happened. Overnight, the price of basic staples doubled. For the poor of Turkey, of which he was one, this was a catastrophe. Somehow, even though I was a poor student and he had forged his passport, I got him here to Australia, after visiting his family with him in West Africa. He didn’t want to come. It was me that convinced him.

    He was here two days and had a job. He spoke hardly any English and had never used an ATM, and at night we would sit up and I would teach him the names of things he needed for the following day. Too quickly, I fell pregnant. I went and sat on a swing in the park and cried and cried and cried because I knew what was coming. Cracks appeared. He was asked too much too soon and I had no way to take the weight from him. In Istanbul he had been autonomous and could send money home. All of a sudden, here he was in a first-world country, poorer than ever. A year after the baby was born we took it back to West Africa, and there, under the weight of expectations from extended family, he cracked and we fought savagely, under our breathe so as not to wake the baby or the 12 people we lived with. There were moments of grace, in St Louis, or south, on the beach. In a fantastical hotel covered in shells in a remote resort on the off-season we stayed, and held hands on the beach with out little daughter toddling beside us. In the afternoon, he jumped up from the bed we were lying on together, with the sea breeze coming through the window, jumped up and packed his bag and said “I have had enough”, and left. All night, as the moon rose, bats flitted across the window and the sea sighed and our daughter sobbed “Dada dada dada dada.”

    I won’t go on. I learnt, as I said, more than I ever learnt from anyone from this man, Aquarian to the max, loyal to everyone but not to individuals. His daughter is indifferent to him. He has forgotten her birthday again this year, and she is not so forgiving at 11 as she was at 6. I cannot tell her what I owe him, because, apart from herself, it is intangible. Next year we will move to West Africa for some time and I hope, there, she will understand for herself what incredible pressures he carries, the reality of the people he supports, the reason for his determination, and for his madness. I don’t forgive him for his treatment of us, but I understand.

    I would not be who I am without having been married to this man. He changed my life absolutely, and when he left, he took everything from me and it was years before I could stand again. He was a remarkable man when I met him, a paradox, an incredibly rare human – now, I do not know him and we communicate by texts. I think he has lost hope though. He still works on the streets, for a well-known NGO in Sydney. Maybe you will look at the next street collector you see in a different way after this. People are not what they always seem on the outside. All I can say is that we once loved each other in a place and time that was extraordinary, and that place and time exist still, although they are not with us today.

    • I’m breathless after reading this…. such a beautiful story. Winner for sure.
      Seabird, you’re a writer. I know you do other creative practice but please, put more words on paper for the world xx

      • Aw geeze *blush* thanks!

        I wanted to add one further anecdote which just shows what an Aquarian my ex-husband was and probably still is.

        When we went back to West Africa, all his distant family came to visit me, one by one, for weeks. In a nation known for the drop-dead beauty of its statuesque women, one afternoon the most beautiful of them all turned up to lunch. She was so beautiful I could hardly look at her, she had the cafe-au-lait skin and very delicate features common to my husband’s ethnic group, and the beautiful proportions of a goddess. She was so beautiful she radiated light and in addition she was exceptionally sweet, although we had no language in common; she was from the deep country and didn’t speak French, my wolof was limited to saying vert prosaic things.

        When she left I asked my hubsand, in awe, ‘who was that woman?” “oh”, he replied, “That was my promised wife. We were betrothed to each other when we were very young.” My heart went thud – “So…..” “Oh, no, don’t worry, she’s now the second wife of my cousin.” When I asked why he had not married this unearthly and lovely apparition he said, “I was not ready. I needed to see the world. She’s better off with my cousin. He gave her babies and a house and that’s what she wanted. I wanted the world.”

      • Seabird, I was on my phone at work when I gave my one-word answer, so I would like to elaborate, and echo what Chrysalis said: please write, and write, and write. You have a gift, and the world needs it.

    • Wow, seabirdy. That is a complex and beautifully written history.

      “loyal to everyone but not to individuals” is exactly how I would describe aqua, aqua risings etc.

      • That’s how I find them too. I get on extremely well with Aquarians, I have an Aqua moon and a Gemini Sun. One of my oldest and closest friends is an Aqua. They are somehow egoless creatures, but can be ego-filled. Is it possible to have an ego which belongs to the world at large? They are certainly magical animals, but not unicornly magical. They are just out of reach, always, and some people mistake it for coldness, but they are full to the brim with a compassion for humanity, which sometimes does not translate so well to their own family and loved ones. But when it does….they are exceptional creatures.

    • this is so extraordinary Seabird, a wonderful being, experience, connection, love, gift and story. thank you for sharing and good luck!

    • Wow, one of the most unique and heart breaking stories I’ve ever heard! Thanks for sharing your experience with us and, yes, I think you should win the roses, too!

    • Crying. Did not expect that. That story for me epitomizes the beauty and wounding of the Aquarian archetype finding itself in today’s world, trying to manifest itself consciously now after so many years of not having direct avenues for expression. So gracious. So worldly. So devastatingly, sometimes, because you can’t save the world without knowing how to save yourself, and that is the piece we have been missing for so long.

      Thank you for the exquisite gift of your story.

    • Oh, wow, Seabird. That is one of the most beautifully written, poignant stories I have ever read. Oh. I will be thinking of this for a long time.
      And yes, you must write.
      Thank you for sharing x

      • Everything everyone said above and more!

        Thank you for sharing your story, you write beautifully. Felt the weight of each word in my soul.

  47. Now that you guys have had a sampling of how revolting Aqua men experiences are, I’d like to tell you a bit about my experience.

    I’m an Aqua Moon, which means no matter how revolting an Aqua man is, I have this Moon in the 8th, so = I am alien breast milk drenched, hentai tentacle enrobed, Aqua magnet chick. Apparently the 8th house aspect just totally turns this to the sexual end of things in my experience. It makes me attract really perverted, kinky Aquarians or perverted, kinky weirdos in general. Ive found a lot of wayward Scorpios tend to fit the latter.
    This may sound exciting but really it’s just a pain in the ass.

    I’ve had men try really, really hard at hitting on me while: picking up rolls of washi tape(being wrapped in tape doesn’t turn me on, sorry), bore holes through my head while staring intensely as I drank my can of mystery liquid(no, I did not say it was jizz, I said juice), changed the group convo from childhood memories to openness to having sex on tape (uhh, we barely met, like, 40 minutes ago?).

    Comic Con events tire me. Aquas can suck energy from their eyeballs, they’re so mental they can do you in 6 positions in 3.5 seconds as you walk away.

    If I need an ego boost I take a trip to my local video game store.

    I’ve learned the hard way you don’t EVER go online chatting if you’re an 8th house Aqua moon. They will find you. Then stalk you. Then, you know, the usual 6 positions in 3.5 seconds thing.

    One time I was waiting in line for a gothic ball type event. Of course who walks up but an Aqua male that proceeded to tell me about his sexual preferences, entire life scenario, how he is best friends with a psychic vampire, and proudly showed me pics of his “hips” when donning a corset. I think I saw more than hips though. I dunno I was trying to figure out what planet I was on.

    My last ex was an Aqua who named his TV after a famous porn star who takes it in the back. He road tripped halfway across the country to find a job, but he HAD to bring his 60-inch pornstar TV with him; Somehow he fit that in his VW Golf. He didn’t find a job because he never actually left his room (mentally interviewing for jobs?) but, of course, you know, he found me… Little ‘ole 8th house Aqua moon me.

    It’s like I have this Aqua radio transmitter attached to my field, they just teleport to me. So yeah, to this day, I know when I get a guy that beelines his way to me… Aqua Alert! Let the games begin.

    • hahahahahaha
      this is great
      at least the pattern is obv right?
      I have a libran moon but I don’t see libran guys (or gals) tripping over themselves to get at me… (my libran moon gets offended about things like this XD my sagg sun thinks it’s hilarious)

  48. I was close friends with a young Aquarian man once… He was excellently intuitive on any instrument—guitar and piano especially. The music lyrics he wrote were an eerie blend of emotional and philosophical. He could stay up into the early hours of the morning discussing philosophy, numerology, metaphysics, spirituality, and all variety of things in the intellectual realm. He was addicted to psychological/spiritual breakthroughs and eureka moments but always seemed to end back at the same questions and dilemmas even after great progress. He strongly believed that the whole world was unreal and he was just dreaming, or trapped in some fake reality a’la the Matrix movie. This distressed and depressed him. He constantly questioned his own emotions and state of existence. He believed in humanity’s destiny to enhance itself, yet doubted that anything like that would ever actually come about. Conspiracy theories were to be taken seriously and all of them were possible if not definitely true. Arguing with him was always amicable and progressive, as he was always ready to alter and amend his beliefs.

    He was calm and shy, never paranoid or energetic except in his head. He had mad synchronicity and manifesting skills but was stuck in the pattern of believing it was impossible to be happy or for things to go right in life—everything had to fall apart at some point. He was convinced he would never be able to make or own a lot of money. Distinctly loyal and caring, but jealous and secretly suspicious. He had trouble staying in one spot/lifestyle/job and seemed to change these up as often as he changed his world view. He was never comfortable with meaning-of-life answers for more one day.

    He drifted off to some wild place and we ran out of touch. Once or twice a year I would receive a one page long message on Facebook about some existential dilemma he was facing, and before I had time to respond he’d have already messaged me pages 2 and 3 explaining the details of his own answer/revelation that had immediately sprung up in his mind.

    • This guy sounds exactly like me, it’s eerie. “He was addicted to psychological/spiritual breakthroughs and eureka moments but always seemed to end back at the same questions and dilemmas even after great progress. ” especially. I have a tagline to my whole life — “I don’t chase highs, I chase epiphanies.” I live for brain orgasms. And yes, I always come back to those same questions…but I come back to them from a new vantage point. 😉 I’ve come to learn that I love the process of it so much that I don’t actually care if I ever get to knowing “everything” or maybe anything at all!

      • Your last statement there R is the point I suspected he would get to in his life…and be able to revel in the process of it and not worry so much about needing a fixed point! He had an interesting spiral in this thinking…upward-trajectory and yet also in some way back where he started.

      • Wow, yes this explains my aqua best friend to a tee! She has always been obsessed with epiphany, revelation, inspiration to the point where she almost seems to organize her life and lovers around those moments. I chalked it up to her being a genius artist, but am realizing how Uranian it is, too.

  49. My boyfriend the double aquarian, lives in a house with four housemates. In true aqua fashion they are all friends and all air signs. There is the married aquarius couple, a psychologist and an aspiring meta-physicist who used to work in IT. The next two a Gemini psychologist and her Libran boyfriend who also works with computers. They have a room in the house (next to the kitchen) dedicated to their computers/servers/3D model scanners.

    Every fortnight my boyfriend and the aspiring meta-physicist invite a mentor over and have lengthy talks about philosophy, theology and “how do we know for sure?”…”what is the first cause?”. It does my head in, because I am a Taurus and I believe in feeling and sensory things, food and the goddess.

    I often am at a lost to explain to the boyfriend the difference between being a feeler vs a thinker.
    Anyway, I love him. Even though I am super earthy, I attract air signs like a vaccuum. I suppose having your sun, mercury and jupiter as eleventh house placements has something to do with it. Oh and a gemini rising!

    They are all kooks, but I love them!

  50. Well lets see. I once moved cross country with the wild Aquarius male. He was always on about entities and aliens and colonics to rid our vessels of them. We fasted on our own urine and did colonics 2-3 times day and meditated for several hours at a time everyday for 2 weeks straight. I was skin and bones by the time I decided I needed to eat. I was really seeing stuff by that time. I really loved it actually, we were so out there. He called me not too long along ago. He was totally living off the grid in northern cali somewhere and would rent a hotel room every two weeks to shower and clean off the burn smell from his bon fire. Id love to get together again someday in the future. Saturn return here so now is just not the best timing.

    • I forgot to add that he was a brilliant pianist. I used to lay down under the piano, close my eyes and cry. It was that beautiful. He totally channeled music from another galaxy.

  51. Men with Leo sun and Aquarius moon come off as wildly romantic and insanely sexy but then you realize they just want to think and talk about being wildly romantic and insanely sexy and brilliantly inspiring…with the whole world. And then they trample my sensitive introverted Taurus rising/Scorpio heart.

  52. Every “walks into a bar” joke is an Aquarian.

    “An Aquarian walks into a bar with a priest, a rabbi, and a contortionist from Burma…”

    “An Aquarius walks into a bar wearing ruby slippers, a pirate hat, and a living snake belt…”

    “An Aquarius walks into a bar and asks how many of us to screw in a day-glo lightbulb. All of us! And he buys several rounds for the house.”

  53. When she was 14 she accidentally became VERY myspace/tumblr famous (she was even in a few trendy magazines) when she started creating songs all about how she was a mermaid on a sampler in her bedroom. They’re actually pretty amazing, although she never talks about it.

  54. The first day I met my Aquarian friend was when we and some pals were going to a flat viewing. We were late, and were taking our chances crossing the busy road, sometimes four lanes wide. I looked down, only to realise my Aquarian acquaintance, who I’d met 5 minutes ago was barefoot. It was a grey and drizzly day in October, in a particularly dirty part of South London. I questioned her on why she wasn’t wearing any shoes. She replied with, as if it were the most normal thing in the world, “Oh, I didn’t like them, so I threw them away.”

    • She also has a knack for coming up with sayings or phrases that, three months later, you hear everyone saying. She has a crazy way of speaking that you can’t help but copy. (Sun/Merc Aqua 3rd House.)

  55. high hopes this delicious-sounding concoction will help to support me in propelling AWAY from lo-leo tendencies brought about by south node so lovingly placed in the same sign as my sun. i can be a humanitarian AND a queen, damnit!

  56. As a moon in Aqua conj Pisces Sun, with a middle name of ROSE (though “pragmatic sorceress” should really be my middle name, or just tattooed on my chest) this sounds like it was MADE for me.

    As I mentioned in the “Aquarius No More,” post, I, too, thought I was an Aqua until I got a chart done. Rather hilariously, my MOTHER was bummed when she found out I was actually a Pisces. Former pseudo hippie that she was (she was in it for the clothes, not for the free love or the communes, heavens no!) she was over the moon when she gave birth to a little Aqua girl that she imagined would run the world or crusade for human rights and injustice or something. But, lo, I turned out to be a Pisces, like her father, whom she adored and remembered fondly as doting and a musician and hard working, but also remembered being a moony-eyed dreamer who would stay up late by himself watching films and pining for Vivien Leigh and wishing he was a cowboy. She even said to me “you don’t want to be a Pisces, they’re weird!” Hahahaha. Shows how little she actually knows about astrology!

    I generally love how my Aqua moon and Pisces sun are in conversation with each other, though sometimes Aqua moon can get a bit impatient with Piscean melancholy and sensitivity and can be a bit of a bully. In its low form, the combo and conjunction can make me super indulgent and insistent on the importance of my own feelings, but intolerant of or trying to invalidate the justifications of the feelings of others. When it works, though, it keeps my sensitivity to the world from overwhelming me, and allows me to be balanced AND compassionate with myself and other people, making me, a pretty rad advice giver and person to go to when feeling down or in times of trouble, as long as I’m not directly involved in the issue.

  57. Oh. My. Stars. Mystic, you prompted me to mine the treasure trove of angsty bad poetry from the fallout of Mr. Aquarian SunMoon (Sun opp mine in Leo, Moon sitting on my south noden his ASC on my Uranus, and this is while Uranus was zeroing in on my DESC — we’re talking 0-1° orbs y’all!). We met on the winter solstice in the torchlight during a weird mutual friend’s weird solstice ritual. I was/am convinced it was recognition of past-life love at first sight for us both. We each had to leave the following morning to go away for the holidays. No names or numbers exchanged because, it’s a small neighborhood and seriously, when you’re soulmates, do we really need to exchange contact details?? Sure enough we met by chance on a crowded train back to town two weeks later, our holidays over. Details exchanged, a date arranged and blissfully enjoyed, a perfect kiss good night, and then… a whole lot of “I don’t know.” Our next meeting was “I like you but let’s take it slow.” Then came, “let’s not kiss. But I still like you.” Then came me saying goodbye, which prompted him to make overtures, which prompted me to return.

    Ahhhhhhh, I cannot even tell the rest of this sad back and forth. Mystic! It was textbook Love Zombie. So sad that I knew this and still couldn’t detach. Or I could detach for a week but all he needed to do was flash a pained smile or minute token of interest. There’s was no telling him no twice.

    FInally, I gathered my guts together and asked him point blank: are you attracted to me and do we have a future? Turns out straightforwardness is the antidote to a Uranian love spell. A month of silence was his response. I was cured. When he came around again with his same old bag of Uranian wonderdust, I was onto the next one, a Capricorn with a me-fetish. Thank you so much for reminding me of how far I’ve come!

    • Sorry, I just looked up the other planets on the day we met, the solstice — and of course Venus was at 0° Aquarius, conjunct his moon and my south node. Let me stop before I go through a whole nother YEAR of garbage with this dude. xx

  58. Not sure if I have a cool Aquarian story, but I may have to track down this scent for my Leo reinvention that is in the behind the scenes, dress rehearsal stages! It might just be the olfactory theme I need to power through these next few months! I do have a sexy beast of an Aquarian chasing me right now so that’s something. He is powerful and gorgeous but to be honest his orgasms are just TOO Intense – the first time it happened I almost curled into a ball and died of fright. That’s something for a Leo. Truth be told, they were epic and fantastic to watch but honestly too distracting and all consuming for me right now. I have an Empire to build – from scratch after separation and two kits to raise. Bedroom acrobatics to keep the beast fed are too time & attention expensive right now as I plot world domination! We’ll see what happens after I plant the flag – but I have to agree the less attention I give to it the more persistent and sexier he gets. Hmmm…. Good luck to all the Aquarian Roses out there!

  59. I have a haunting history with Aquarians. There are four Aquarian men in my past (two actual boyfriends; two more dalliances) – it is possibly worth noting that my brother, a Gemini, is also heavily Aquarian.

    I met the most recent Aquarian the night before Valentine’s day at a performance art warehouse party in Brooklyn. Although I have almost no innate sympathy with or understanding of the Aquarian psyche (myself a Kataka sun/moon with Pisces ascendant), I seem to have sensors for their presence that make my hair stand on end the moment they enter a room. That’s how it was when this particular dark stranger entered that night. From the moment I saw him, I felt our karma at play. We kissed hard after midnight, making us ostensible Valentines.

    Two days later, I wrote this journal entry (it’s a bit long – consider yourself warned):
    Last night, I boarded the train on my way to Soho to eat dinner at Jamie’s. As the train rolled past its few stops in Queens, I selected my musical diversion for the ride – Portishead’s ‘Dummy.’ Its first eerie notes began to play. Sitting across from me were three young people – a girl (around twenty-two or twenty-three years old, perhaps) and two similarly-aged boys, both sitting to her left. She was holding hands with the boy sitting in the middle, but he was talking animatedly to the boy next to him, ignoring her completely but for the small fleshy link between them. At one point he pulled his hand away, and her face took on the momentary appearance of one grievously wronged, bouncing immediately back like a rubber band to only a mildly indignant neutral. I wanted to tell her that her earrings looked alarmingly like swastikas, but didn’t want to be rude. She had a thin veneer on her face – one of pride, and of foolish false-uncaring, the kind of which I’ve known all too intimately. To feign disinterest in order to perhaps lure your mark in just a little bit closer – to try and establish a sense of comfort and ease in your own carefully-constructed indifference, which barely closes its seams over the manic grasping that roils beneath the surface.

    They disembarked at Lexington Avenue, while I continued to Prince Street and, as I arrived at Jamie’s door, I paused my music mid-album and climbed the several flights of stairs to her apartment.

    Many hours later (the time of night at which no good can come, as they say), I boarded the train at Prince Street and headed uptown to my home in Queens. I decided, as I was boarding, to resume the Portishead album where I had left off – midway through the album on the song ‘It’s a Fire,’ which I had listened to earlier but wanted to hear again. At Union Square, the very same three people from the earlier train boarded through the door directly across from me. The girl, whom I had keenly observed several hours prior, sat down directly next to me. The first thing I noticed was the cloying scent of some floral odor that seemed to be emanating from her body. At first, I felt certain that it reminded me of my grandmother – of some perfume or powder, balm or cream that she once wore – regardless, it reminded me of my childhood in a far-off sort of way. Some minutes later, I realized through my beer-addled brainwaves that the scent was that of rose, and that I am the only person in my family – at least to my knowledge – who has ever liked the smell of the stuff.

    The boy she’d been holding hands with earlier was drunk and lolling against a pole in front of the sliding subway doors. The girl was amused, seemingly, that he had reached such a state. Two others had joined their party since our earlier encounter and they, along with the third original boy, were huddled in a corner, talking quietly. At one point, the drunk boy wandered down the middle of the car and, I presume, found a seat in which to collapse. The girl remained seated next to me momentarily before getting up to join her friends in conversation, glancing down the car at the boy who was, no doubt, passed out wherever he had landed. Soon enough, however, the girl and her female friend wandered down the car after him, and eventually I detrained at my stop. As I walked down the stairs toward home, out rang the last words of the album in my ears:

    “I’m so tired of playing – playing with this bow and arrow. Gonna give my heart away – leave it to the other girls to play…”

    I smirked, took out my earbuds, pulled my collar tight around my neck, and walked into the cold night.

  60. As y’all know, I’m an Aquarius. Feeling “weird” or somehow “different” and relating to the Aquarius archetype was what initially attracted me to astrology in high school.. Obviously now it has been taken to a whole new level and I understand myself beyond just being Aquarius and that with astrology is essentially the sum of the parts adding up to something completely unique, with certain notes like the sun and rising sign or significant aspects setting the overall tone (like in perfume! — basenotes, top notes, etc.) which in turn appeals to/is experienced differently by each individual (sorry, Cancer men and white musk — I just can’t do it anymore).

    In a way this very idea is sort of what Aquarians are all about. We can detachedly analyze information in a precise way but it always comes back to integrating it with the holistic view. We are like hypercubes. In fact, I think that the reason there are so many genius Aqua scientists is that because of this detachment and craving to have that hypercube vantage point we are NOT attached to any one idea and WANT to be proven wrong IF it gives us more accurate information to integrate into the model and proceed with analysis.

    I spend most of my free, non-working time at my desk researching because I can’t afford grad school right now but want to be prepared for when I can. My idea of Burning Man is the SAND14 conference coming up later this month. My Virgo sister walked up behind me when I was working, took a peek at my desktop, got scared by the clutter and mess of symbols in the window and walked away — literally shaking her head while laughing and muttering “fuqing Aquarius, man…I’m just thinking about the sushi I want to get in 20 minutes and you’re thinking about, like….actually what the hell ARE you thinking about? Never mind, never mind.”

    I’ve got great Aqua-radar now and can often sense when someone I am about to Google is an Aqua (latest example of this — “Frank P. Ramsey”)…it’s a subtle thing that’s hard to pin. Take the a case study of guess-the-Aqua troubled celebrity out of the specimens a) Amanda Bynes, b) Lindsay Lohan, and c) Paris Hilton. Lohan’s emotional outbursts and sloppy stalking? No way. Amanda Bynes might seem eccentric but she’s got too much Martian exhibitionistic and impulsive tendencies. If you answered c), Paris Hilton, you are correct! She’s an ice queen to the max and does not give a shit what you think, demonstrated by the fact that she does she have a need to tell you that. Despite the fact that she was a hugely popular socialite type and thrived off the attention, do we actually know anything about Paris beyond her persona? No, we do not.

    • “we are NOT attached to any one idea and WANT to be proven wrong IF it gives us more accurate information to integrate into the model and proceed with analysis.”

      Oh hell yeah! I thought that was my Libra stellium waffling, but I SO get this.

  61. Ah, Aquarians! How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

    Some years ago when I started studying astrology more deeply than reading the daily astrology blip in the local rag, it occurred to me that 3 out of 4 of the loves of my life are Aquarians. All born, in fact within two weeks of each other in February (one on Valentine’s Day, which he made a HUGE deal of). Coincidence? Synchronicity?

    Why, why, why, I ask myself. What could possibly be the attraction? I’m a Cap w/Virgo rising, I’m grounded. They float. I’m practical. They are…just not. I like a plan. They thrive on NOT having a plan.

    One taught me the beauty and magic of the Colorado Rockies, another opened my mind to the world at large and the beauty you can find in any individual if you just look, and the third taught me that, yeah, it’s okay to let go, eat, drink, laugh, love and dance (plan optional).

    You say opposites attract? That is seriously opposite. Our point of connection, I surmise, must be my Sag moon. So at the bottom of my stoic little heart lies a satyr or a wood fairy who just longs to let her wings ride the thermals of life. And yes, I think they did that for me. 🙂

    • We’ve got a lot in common Seagoat. I cap sun, moon and lib rising, merc in Acquarias.

      I love Acquarians. Gave birth to one (now a cool dj), my best female friend is one (we been mates since school days), and I spent years in love with one without knowing it, until he told me…

  62. Wow this scent sounds so amazing, my Libra moon is aflutter!

    So as a 12th house Lilith in Aquarius with a Scorp rose garden in my 8th, I just ordered some 🙂 I never wait if I don’t have to lol.

  63. I luv you Mystic but I would NOT want to be you. There are SO many peeps here that will have a great rant to win this Mercury miracle dust.

    Good Luck all! I am too methodical to even comment having a sun in Virgo. I wish I had the type of creativity to throw you all off! LOL! I will enjoy the show from the sidelines!


  64. WTF, I need this because:
    1) I recently changed my last name to Rose. Its always been my middle name. I’m just two names now because why did I ever need some dude’s name – husband or father – appended to mine?
    2) My progressed Moon and IC are in Aquarius
    3) My progressed AC, Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars are conjunct Uranus.
    4) I used to love perfume, now when I try to wear one I feel a chemical reaction like I’ve been poisoned. Maybe this could be the thing?

    I’m going to have to think about this more. There must be more reasons….

    • ” I’m just two names now because why did I ever need some dude’s name – husband or father – appended to mine?” Very honorary aquarian. 😀

      I am the same with perfume but I’ve found that most of the stuff out there is made with garbage and smells like alcohol as I become more sensitive to chemicals. That’s another reason why I love Creed, it is expensive as fuq and I’ve only received full bottles as gifts but the quality is top notch and you don’t get that nasty, chemical alcohol stench. Estée Lauder owned lines are crap.

      You may like perfume oil? There’s no alcohol in it and you only need a tiny bit. Swiss Arabian is a good brand and pretty affordable.

      • Thanks for the tips – I’ll try them. Mystic did write about a woman doing oils and I bought the sampler but didn’t love any of the scents. Then, when she wrote about Gary the perfume guy, I tried buy some Prada crap that makes me itch.

        I also have Lilith in 5th house Aquarius opposite my 11th house Leo Moon. But, yeah, I’m pretty Aquarian by progression.

  65. Where do I begin…lol.
    Gonna ruminate and will return. 😀 The fragrance looks divine…I like Rosabotanica by Balenciaga but am not in LOVE with it and have been on the hunt for a non-sweet, non-grandma rose scent. May purchase if I don’t win.

    I adore unisex scents. My last two perfume purchases were small sizes of Creed’s Virgin Island Water and Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanille.

  66. Ok this is a bit freaky … there’s an Aqua chasing me a bit right now and he sent me a dozen (virtual) roses the other day. This is basically after ignoring him completely for two weeks hoping that he’ll forget about it and move on … just goes to show that the “treat them like they don’t even exist” adage really does seem to work as an aphrodisiac for the average Aqua male.

    My second Aqua story is about the guy I hooked up with very briefly a few weeks after the split with the Leo. So he was actually a Cap but had like every planet in Aqua – so it counts. Anyway he’s only 32 and we were supposed to be like sexual napalm or whatever but the only napalm going down was shock at the size of his ….. like geezus!! I wonder if there’s an astro indicator for such ermm largesse? 😉 … anyway he lasted two minutes tops. What a waste. 🙄

    • Aquarius can’t be ignored. If you’re being polite, he still thinks he has a shot. He lives in his head, fantasies.
      Be direct and absolutely clear that its a no-go. You’ll save both of yourselves a lot of stress.

      Star Signs arguably don’t really affect genitals as much as genetics; Sexual prowess, also.

      • I’m Aquarius and I’m attracting Taureans (for my humanity), or Leos (for my witty charms), or Aries’ because I’m elusive but encouraging.

    • Honey, you’ve just summarized my ex-Aqua story. First of all, ignorations are like catnip to our Aquarians. It’s not so much treat ’em mean as the fact that going off planet synchs up with their normal orbital patterns..which are of course, abnormal by everyone else’s standards. Ergo your absence is basically as if you’ve just commenced formal courtship protocols.

      The ex-Aqua was also ginormous to the point it had me researching priapism, it was the penis that simply would not end. I know that sounds somewhat exciting but not really. Not when you’re employing muscle relaxants as such.

      Once it was clear there was no real connection (at least to me), ex-Aqua moved on to many, many other lovers – but the last one he had was a former porn star named Jenteal who found the usual twice a year random text ex-Aqua sent me, lost it in a fit of jealousy then decided to stalk me. THAT in turn led to the Aqua deciding I was The One, I’m talking leaving notes on my car, welcome mat, garage door, mailbox while I wasn’t home, flowers, messages etc.

      He had UNCANNY Uranian intuition. I’m talking he’d call me the second my flight landed from an overseas trip when I never even told anyone I was out of town. That sort of shit.

      This was like the MOST dedicated he’d ever been..the more I avoided, the more he dug his heels in. His ex stalking me happened over two years… during which he apparently vacillated between her and supposedly me (so he says, I wasn’t there which I guess made me ideal). It even drove him to the point of amazing confessional about therapy he underwent, all the growth he accomplished over the years etc.. all while I looked at him incredulously.

      And I WAS direct, saying things like, “you know it’s never like that between us”, “we’re not the right fit”, etc.. but it all finally ended when I got the cops involved due to his ex and said, “Sorry, the police officers that took my report have advised I’m not to speak to you at all till they decide what to do with the case.”

      This was my experience with Aqua Men. And I can’t say it’s a one time thing because my Aqua Maddie brother is exactly the same.

      Aqua Women on the other hand are just IMO, fabulous and full of articulate wisdom. They can be a pain when they’re younger (mainly as they have many causes they wish to argue/advocate for and it makes it hard to just hang out) but they really do perfect with age – like gracious wisdom with logic. I’m still baffled as to why my experience with Aqua women contrast so differently to that of men. I mean, maybe they’re on the wrong side of Uranus???

        • I know right.. this Aquarian woman once contemplated pushing an Aquarian male over a very high cliff in the flinders ranges.circa mid nineties …the days when friends with benefits didn’t exist ..lesson ; don’t take your love to a high cliff unless it’s with a bottle of expensive wine ..suffice to say I didn’t and am glad about that .????

      • Wow your story sounds way more exciting than mine. Maybe if I did agree to a faceless five minute coffee with the Aqua it would be interpreted as a marriage proposal and I could get manically stalked for two years … on the other hand. Pass.

        Yeah Aquarians…. I quite like them just as people. They’re usually interesting. But no chemistry for anything more than friendship.

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