Stevie Neptune

Stevie Wonder

WOW. This beautiful haute hippie image from Super Seventies popped up on my Tumblr feed and i was struck anew by the perpetual cool of Stevie Wonder.

You know, due to issues at his birth, he was born without sight and he certainly was not advantaged in other ways – apart from by his ludicrous talent. He’s managed to craft and maintain the most awesome career – he seems to just brazenly embody semper fidelis – keep the faith.

Anyway he is TAURUS – Sun conjunct Mercury – with Neptune Rising (the Shaman) in Libra and Moon-Venus-North Node in Aries. The pioneer. Fuq knows how many people this dude has inspired over the years but he is is about to have Uranus over his Aries Moon so hopefully he will pull off some sort of Zap Zoned Uranian genius.

Speaking of Zap Zone – how radical is it that the Vatican is even talking about softening its stance on divorcees & gays?

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The radio station I listen to accidentally played ‘I just called to say I love you’ twice. The lyrics are about the song have alot to do with the incidence of nothing to love, I especially liked his references to Virgo Sun and harvest moons.


I love Stevie, I don’t even want to mention the vatican in the same sentence, but here I am.
The vatican is just trying to keep in business and relevant, they can fall apart and give their money away to the victims of their cult as far as I am concerned.

Stevie is summer time and sadness and sweetness and warmth all wrapped up into one delicious chocolatey musical delight.

Year of the Phoenix

Love love love Stevie!

Was a little mod chick in the 80’s living on a heavy diet if Motown and Stax…still live on it. Stevie has a rare beauty and purity with real compassion that is timeless

Re the Vatican – as a recovering Catholic and a feminist I find everything about it abhorrent and disgusting. Frances I hope might bring some humanity into its actions but there is so much damage done.


Love Stevie. When I was a teen in Oz 70s, listening to the usual stuff he somehow woke me up to my heart. He gave us a view, a mood of Afro American life I hadn’t felt before.


Innervisions is my favourite album – soulful, gritty and sweet all in one package. How I wish he was touring in Oz…


😯 I, like most here are inspired by the music of Stevie Wonder & my parents were big fans which meant I was exposed from a young age. I have Neptune conjunct MC (Pisces Rising) & find I can’t listen to music sometimes. I haven’t listened to anything much over the last few months until Saturday when I heard this song. I have been playing it ever since, it’s on some kind of neural pathway loop for me. I’m also sick with the horrible fluey thingy that’s been going round, so it’s been cool to sit back & listen to… Read more »



The Vatican softening its stance on divorces & gay people is so completely out of this world, do we even realise it?!?! Incredible! 😯

Elixir of life

Stevie is taking his 1976 album Songs in the Key of Life LIVE on the road! Pure bliss!

Molly Blue Dawn

Stevie Wonder is featured in the new giant, celebrity-filled charity single/video for the BBC’s Children In Need Campaign:


Stevie! I love this man…


But still no acknowledgement about witch burning….balance is balance.


and corporate discussion of sovereignty is so 20th century…but alas men dressed like tampons still seem to entertain the masses.

12th house virgo

Odd synchronicity – apparently there are truthers who think Stevie isn’t blind. This came up on my FB feed this morning:

Amanda aka AbsintheDragonfly

I love this clip of him on Sesame Street 😀


Thanks for posting. Love this:)


he is such a beautiful human


Thanks for this. Just beautiful.


That big cheesy grin and The Funk is surely am Aries (any stellium) hallmark…
Love that man
I guess if you’re born blind you just work with it..
Thank the gods above that someone showed him music


Vatican perhaps finally sees that it must: Adapt or it will die….

There is superstition. Stevie Wonders music always makes me smile.

Amanda aka AbsintheDragonfly

I wondered that too, about the Vatican. Stay stuck and you are fuqed.


Beyond faith in god, like any religion, it preaches contradictory and facetious messages. You’re female, dirt poor… Contraception is a sin so just keep popping out those kids. Once you’re married of course. That fixes everything. Coming from a bunch of men who have vowed to have no relations with women.
If faith came without human rules we’d be ok.

Amanda aka AbsintheDragonfly

Originally I think (don’t quote me though) priests et all were allowed to be married, etc, and there were even female church rulers, but somewhere along the line that changed. Power was consolidated within the men’s hands.

I have read that the current pope refuses to use the highly ornamented chair, and clothing. Is using plain robes, and a wooden chair.

He seems oddly out of place, in some ways. More like the suggestions that Jesus spoke of, love, charity, and concern for all fellow human beings.

Maybe there’s hope yet.

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