President Clooney?

Esquire George Clooney

The odds of George Clooney running for president of the United States just doubled, according to Time magazine. 

This is presumably off the back of his marriage to the supremely eligible-for-first-lady Amal Alamudding.

So well, okay, why not? In the past, it’s been mostly (only?) Republican actors/celebrities with presidential ambitions – Arnie Schwarzenegger, Ronald Reagan. There is a precedent here. When asked “how could an actor become the president?”, Reagan famously responded “how could the president not be an actor?”

Clooney has been blazingly open about his political leanings in recent years – he’s telegenic and his causes seem real.

Astrologically, he’s got it ALL going on – Neptune is nearing his Pisces Ascendant, Pluto is trining his Taurus Sun and Saturn is heading for his Sagittarius Midheaven. It’s all coming together in 2016.  These are idealistic and visionary transits – if you’ve GOT ideals, Neptune can make you nigh messianic about manifesting them BUT Saturn-Midheaven is a moment of uber-pragmatism.

He’s also got the classic leaves-his-mark signature of astrology: Pluto on the North Node.  So next July-August would be the logical moment for some sort of announcement re any political ambitions – that’s Jupiter ON that Pluto-Node.

Or am i WAY out of touch with the American presidential system – does he first have to breed and then his children go to Yale/Harvard and join the Skull & Bones club?  Would 2016 just be the beginning of a lengthy process to garner $$$ & support? Or does celebrity status of his magnitude bypass a lot of schizz?

He’s got Moon-Saturn in late Capricorn – having Pluto on those two in the early 2020s would seem like super-hyped responsibility and gravitas.




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Agreed with others here who said that he would do better to run for Gov of California first, that was my first thought after reading the blog. I don’t think his ‘past’ would faze most Californians, really, I don’t think that would be a problem. I mean, we’ve got hippydippy Jerry Brown right now (and I’m not complaining at all here, he’s better than Arno) and he’s alright….I’m sure I voted for him….. And, speaking of Arno, we have a past of voting in Hollywood….Reagan, too…. ‘Past’ might be a problem for Clooney for a Presidency run later on, though..… Read more »


unless he’s had a change of heart from this interview in 2011, he won’t be running.


Oh wow and I flashed on this just the other day and thought he’s probably heading towards being president!


If Clooney is serious about this sort of thing, he needs to do a couple of terms in Congress or serve as Governor in California. He has to show first what he can do and also learn how to handle politics as his job on a daily basis. I think he knows this and would not attempt the Presidency until he had done some time in other offices.


clooney would be more inept than the gimp you have now. a taurus can only read text books.


Just looked up Amal’s bday for the first time now, of course she is Aqua! Her eccentric street style choices and slightly-goofy smile = super Aqua. 😀 Also she is everything I wanted to be when I was 8 years old minus the GC bonus — that was irrelevant.

She’s born two days before me and has the same birthday as Simone Weil who also had a humanitatian calling. Read “Gravity and Grace” last week, just fantastic.




If he doesn’t have blood lines back to the British crown and/or other royal blood lines in Europe, then no, he will not be President of the United States.


He has not only ‘inhaled’, but has admitted to drinking the bong water..


If he really wants to be president it proves he just wants attention I guess.
It’s not like you will survive an assassination attempt if you don’t bow down to big biz. It’s a puppet’s role.




Who wants to be President?

Especially of the US?

Everyone knows the real power is behind the scenes.


He hasn’t lived in the states in forever. I don’t see this as a thing at all, he’s too private.


Dang, he looks handsome in that pic!


My favourite Clooney movie role.
The character he plays here is how I fantasise George to be in real life.
He’s perfect for the presidency.


Which reminded me of this much loved tune from Neptune !

Crisis? What Crisis

Neptunian bender that one! “Dreamweaver” similar ilk, same era. All Mariannes are beautiful bcos of that song. Stare at Goats a great underrated movie.


Just scanned the article on her.
The world is incredibly sexist.
And he is a very lucky man indeed.
I’d marry her in heartbeat.
She’s perfection personified.
Still think she’s out of his league.
Lime green right now and have suddenly gone off Clooney.
Smarmy bugger.
Ugh, he just looks so smug with her on his arm.
I want to punch him! lol
I clearly need a work out 😀
Great post Mystic. x


I agree, he seems irrelevant next to her. Even if he is relatively smart, I still think of him as that party guy who lived on all his friend’s couches for 30 years before he made it in Hollywood.


There was a headline at some point: “Clooney marries up”

The sleeping on couches for 30 yrs vibe, that’s just the Pisces rising at work I bet

Good on him.
She sounds like one of the versions of me I want to me.
So does he


I want to *be* obviously, hah

I think it’s great that two people with such diverse careers do this.
His politics is clear, based on his various roles and statements over the years. Understanding politics and understanding ones art, not so different sometimes, investigating motivations, drives, blind spots, theories, histories .

Sphinz this isn’t all in response to you, am thinking ‘out loud’

Nice to see two such yummy people together.


I actually think they look like siblings and totes the version of themselves they each want to be. He dreams of being a stunning brilliant politically astute person with style. She apparently wanted the ‘perfect guy’ or nothing. If nothing else Clooney is a charming box-ticked kind of a guy.

And Pi it would not be you if there was not a glorious flight into a bubbling free stream of consciousness.

Prince Stolas

at least i wasn’t the only person thinking this. But i guess when you are someone like her, who is left to marry? Gotta marry down or not marry at all.


Not marry at all!
Please Goddesss!!!!
What is this obsession with the institution of marriage anyway. It’s like you are just a dangerous loose cannon unless you are hitched. God I hate that married women are taken more seriously than single or divorced women but they ARE! Hello 2014. ??


I think married men are taken more into account also. Perhaps it is just because there is power in numbers generally.

Prince Stolas

I agree with you, men do benefit from marriage as well. When was the last single or divorced in office u.s. Prez? For a man, it shows he is a team player.


perhaps in the eyes of society but feels so discriminatory against single people. Single people often are more committed to their work why is WHY they choose not to marry. I think marriage can be a wonderful source of mutual support and love but it just bugs me…maybe because I’ve seen too much behind the scenes action with men who had and still have seemingly perfect marriages and know how much hypocrisy and duplicity exists in many so called power couples. All is so not as it appears in the media. I know we know this and I’m incredibly jaded… Read more »


Clooney is Republican? I thought he was more left of centre than that. If so he might actually do a pretty good job. As in, he appears more left wing in his ideology and beliefs and is clearly a deep thinker so having someone like that in a party that is more right wing might strike the right type of balance. I LOVED that he refused to comment on whether he was gay or straight on the grounds that it wasn’t relevant, was discriminatory toward gay people to have deny rumours that he was. I just love when people have… Read more »


No wonder ML hates him.
ML is republican. Don’t hate me pls – he’s great in bed. But yes that makes sense. Hmmmm


Ha just read the heading that he ‘Married UP’, YES, that’s what i was saying in my own round the block way.


A formidable team that beautiful smart women and GC. Her white pants, crop top with large sun hat dipping in all the right places and a simple black band over high waisted flowing but tailored pants made me drool. If i had that outfili would go on tour :-), so why not the president’s wife. I do believe it is going to be a Partnership. Curious as to her astro but of course.Not so much in the presidential style, but as a Negotiator, a Mr. Fix IT, they WILL be a power couple, but their mission will be Europe not… Read more »

Crisis? What Crisis

That, and those legs


Stunning, like a fawn, gazelle, thoroughbred.
Yup! Girl Crush Alert.


So there Pegs. So with you on that!

bull with sting in tail

I dont believe that George would seek the presidency.

Life is too good.

Cruise would love to think it, but fail at every important requirement.

Hanks could don the guernsey, but lets face it … would you if you had a life ? Really ?


lol @ Cruise assessment 🙂

I tend to agree – wtf would you?


hahah my avatar ! l so feel like this at the moment!lol




l read that their synastry is not all that good so l wonder how why…?


Yes, I thought their compatibility was a bit on the weak side, maybe it was just them being at the right time in the right place for each other, and that being the more powerfull bonding factor. :/


Overlays? I know some seriously in it to win it couples with weak synastry who have it all going on in the house overlays and composite.


Most strong political marriages are more intellect based, Saturn style team work combos I’d imagine rather than madly passionate or hot star crossed lovers. Not quite “marriage of conveniences” but you know? Not Burton & Taylor – they’d never get any work done if they were. Oh god speaking of which.


Both Arnie and Ronnie were governors of California, I think neither of them had ever held a public office before. I like the idea of President Clooney but nobody will ever get a presidency without previous experience in national politics. You pretty much have to be a senator or a governor. The only exception is five-star generals and even then you have to win a world war.


Yes, this! Think Mystic may be getting a bit over-excited here at the thought of Prez Swoony Clooney, though no doubt political aspirations are definitely there.


Yes! His directorial film choices were my first thought too.
My politico connection in the US said to me a few months back that Clooney was getting into the political scene and then rolled his eyes, saying that he saw him as as too liberal to be taken seriously by the Republicans … But that was like five months ago. So maybe he has other backers. Besides he has plenty money of his own and shitloads of charisma. He could totally pull it off. I think that’s what my connection was afraid of. ^^^^^^ runs for cover^^^^^^


YoHo Charles, i so agree, it’s a crap job the Presidency, i have seen all the movies, House of Cards etc.
I like Aaron Eckhardt for President. (his sign is)?.
The Leo is bringing some glamour or shall i say Charisma
after the Georges.
It was said The leo only reads 42% of his daily Secret Services notifications and had played golf 192 times.
Funny that coz i used to say Bush is playing gulf while he’s playing golf.
‘Graffitti Man’ by John Trudell has a couple of amazing songs written in ’90 about Baghdad, Oil & Blood.


Just started watch house of cards!
I said this already here!
Only seen the first episode of the first series.
Loved it.
Same with Lost Girl.
I just never find time for watching a series, even if I love it. It feels like the mental equivalent of committing to having a gigantic box of chocolates delivered every night for a year.

Scorporation, Inc.

I watched the entire series of Breaking Bad, start to finish, over a month & it was sooo delicious! I’m jones-ing for another fix but fear no other tv show could give me the same endorphin rush. God that was good… euphoric recall.


I did that with House. He is the splitting image of an ex who will kind of always be “the one” even tho the sex was lousy. He was such an ass burger but so fuqin hilarious I couldn’t help loving him. But yeah, I fear the addiction of a TV series. It’s such an emo investment and a compulsive time suck. Kevin Spacey reminds me of ML except obis ML is WAY HOTTER but when he is old and shrivelled he will look like KS in HOC…dreamy…. sighs no! snap out of it! I have SO MUCH WORK TO… Read more »


Hey Charles, those are some very solid points.
I love Arnie 🙂

Crisis? What Crisis

He aint no PJK or Angela Merkel. He’d would occupy same position as Obama. He’d be much better than Rudd, Gillard or Dubya B!


The French Press were saying it was a possibility he would run for Governor of California … I guess the political rumours are everywhere.


I don’t see it. He’s said many times before that there are too many drugs and women from his past, and I think the Republican party would FREAK over his running. Additionally, his father ran for Congress, and according to George, the episode turned him off of running for office. I think he’s very idealistic (Neptune), and he’s said thought of having to make deals and compromises turns his stomach. I can see him and Amal (who I adore) making a concerted effort to do more good in the world, and take on more social issues. I could be wrong.… Read more »

gemini cat

For the time being, anyone with visionary ideals won’t be able to accomplish much with US politics in its current ridiculous state. I think a savvy political brawler would be a better choice right now. Anyway, it seems to me that Amal Alamuddin has great credentials for public office, and I read they plan to live in the UK.

gemini cat

or I guess a schemer rather than a brawler


I totally believe that Presidents will be Neptunian for quite some time. The American political landscape is an ocean of surreality, a clearinghouse for this culture’s most pervasive deceptions. It is of no use debating whether or not a president a source of or simply a conduit to deception, it is important to understand the difference between personal salvation versus alignment with a groupthought phantom belief focal point.


I’m not sure what you said, but I like the way you said it!


I grow weary of the contamination of individual minds by false idols projected upon them. The mind is pure and glorious. No image surpasses the power of one illuminated soul. George Clooney ought to be looking at pictures of ME, in adoration, is my point.


Maybe he could be Prime Minister here instead, that would be nice 😉

Libra takeover in the zap zone

No I think you are on to something. I am an American and I agree with your analysis. Plus she has sun Venus in Aquarius and Americans like Aquarius leaders. I would compare with Hillary clintons astro – I tend to think her time has passed.


UhHUH, an Aqua, the Water Bearer, humanitist with an antenna picking up everything.
She intrigued him by being his equal in talent and not being overwhelmed and impressed as i have found Aqua to be.

Hilary? I thought she would be a Contender, but no, although hopefully some ‘power behind the throne’.

Libra in the zz

I just think Americans are kind of over her – but I may be wrong. She is a Scorpio with Pisces moon right?

Libra in the zz

Also Venus sun Aquarius – this combo always seems icy to me.


He wouldn’t make a bad president, as long as he is careful with picking his advisers.


SHE advises him in my scenario, yes?


Personal adviser, yes. Politically it is tricky – her native nationality may be a target. And, the US domestic politics is another ball game.

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