Between Eclipses

CatWoman From Outer Space

I got a “w.t.f. is going on?”text from a Muggle this morning. It was a bit irking as (a) this person would not stoop to read my Horoscopes, that sort of thing being “medieval” for the Muggle’s advanced intellect and (b) i am mopping up floodwaters after the most epic storm, up all night, wailing winds, trees falling, the whole deal.

Besides the question has SO many answers. Like when a freelance-evil-person gets assassinated in a movie and there are just too many culprits to even begin to question.

We are between two Eclipses. The most recent one triggered the ongoing Zap Zone. The next one is at Zero Scorpio.

The Zap Zone is set to intensify and be non-stop on for six months before a Grand Finale in March. See the tip sheet on the Weekly Horoscopes page.

Saturn is on Ceres – nice for self-nourishment in a really suave and adult way but also quite likely to bring up any mother or abandonment issues.

Cat Goddess Bast, Pluto and Eros are conjunct in Capricorn – very, VERY pragmatic and worldly. Sexy but in a way that means you might just surrender the chance of some “action” to go compulsively groom, stretch, nap or do spreadsheets.

Psyche and Sappho in Aquarius – SO psychic and empowered if you write. Seriously most rad astro for journalling in ages.

Uranus is approaching the South Node & asteroid Pandora – that’s your go-to for sudden expunging-the-past or starting over urges. It feels so damned primal.   Action planet Mars conjunct the Original Witch Circe? In freedom-loving Sagittarius?

It’s all ultra weird but like i keep saying in the Daily Mystic emails, definitely with potential and certainly so if you pace schizz, keep some distance and score some space.

I am going to be doing storm management & Astro-Passages 2015 all day but the Weekly Horoscopes will be posted shortly and the Daily Horoscopes roll along on schedule – i guarantee you guys that between those two, there are plenty of answers to “w.t.f is going on?”


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On an emotional rollercoaster…:( really feeling everything deeply.

12th house virgo

I feel completely mental. Can’t stop thinking. Its tense and exhausting.

Capricorn Tiger Woman

Is this why I got a random text from my first ever love(Libran) on his birthday?? So very, very WTF


Dude no kidding…. ive been sleeping all day, flat tire on my bike, very weird vibes due to circumstances from a person I FEEL like it’s so important to get closer to (platonicly) right now. In the same breath I’ve gotten so much praise, encouragement and a sort of promotion at work. My neighbor has been constantly pacing down the sidewalk in and out of his apartment all morning. … one day last week he actually walked into my apartment by accident which I do not understand. Big old cluster fuq, i need just a bit of a break from… Read more »

Triple Air Gem

As someone who doesn’t drink caffeine, I’ve instead been making my own raw choc. And eating that stuff (potent!) with uni deadlines and lots of work has left me wired! Can’t wait til assignments are done and can have a bit of a breather.. Love to all, hope you’re all ok xx

Triple Air Gem

I feel you 🙂

catfish moon

Having a rough go of it here. Experiencing anxiety and weird health symptoms.


It’s def kind of a strung-out vibe. Xxx

Prince Stolas

hurry up stupid carb moon, go into Leo. I want to henna my hair so badly.


Carb moon
That is it exactly
The urge to nom on endless fistfuls of hot chips is overwhelming.
Does not bode well for a summer of short denim cutoffs and tanned thighs
Must…not…. Devour… Delicious… Fried… Things


You can devour delicious fried things. I make pork tallow, then salt chicken and fry it. My husband’s cholesterol went down since I started cooking with tallow. My chicken is famous round my way.

His doctor nearly cried and said she was going to bury the food pyramid personally.


Hi Sphinx. Have you actually looked into the whole of the cholesterol thing? If you have, then ignore this. I researched it after i was diagnosed with v v high levels about 12 yrs ago and was pressured so hard by my doctor to take medication. Obviously i did a lot of research on it myself before taking anything. I found that it is all one big myth. There are many books written by doctors and health professionals who outline the whole miserable history and huge con. Research actually points out that older people with high levels of Chl live… Read more »


Mate if someone was cooking that for me I would be devouring it. 🙂 Am def not a “low fat” freak… Just ask the empty bottles of ev olive oil littering my recycling bin … But in general I am eating too many empty kilojoules. Der a fan of low-intervention food in general .. 🙂 thanks for the motivation to cook


“Def” not “Der”!


I gotta say, worst. mercury rx. ever. All money owed to me which was going to finance me through October has yet to appear. I have nothing in my bank account. Phone has now been cut off. (It’s retrograding through my 8th house.) The synchronicity is everywhere. Dreamed my dog had abscesses on all four paws and she died. The next day, three of my friend’s had to have their dogs put down due to illness. On a related, but slightly more frivolous note, Operation Hot Bod continues with a few setbacks, I did a cardio ballet bar workout Upon… Read more »


Muggles are acting IN-sane. Very happy to live without any humans right now and out of town, lots of the best kind of solitude but stuff leaks in via the internet.

Personally I’m feeling amazing, like the best in long, long time, enjoying it with utter gratitude while it lasts. I’m a walking ZZ of personal transit madness so things have been tough recently, feel like I deserve whatever it is that’s making me feel good.




Not to mention this DAMN merc retro fuquery… Oyyyoyoy.


I would love to know how ebola outbreak is factored into the astros.


yes!!! I wonder…


Last week was tough (dog problems, technology issues, family stuff) but now that I’ve gotten through it I feel pretty amazing. I didn’t lose my temper or my faith once. Proud of myself, feeling very empowered and almost serene. Now I’m about to go out on a bunch of internet-site dates and then take off for a more scenic location during the second half of this week. Screw the rules, this is my way. It’ll shake out the way I want it to eventually. This next eclipse is right on my Venus, which is 29-something Libra, conjunct Pluto. That ought… Read more »

Scorporation, Inc.

Omg you just reminded me of my 29* Libra placement: Mercury-Uranus. How did I forget that as I’ve contemplated this upcoming eclipse?! Too much stress, probably.

So thanks for that lol & rock out on your next adventures, MMable!

Triple Air Gem

excellent question!


Fuq you I won’t do what you tell me.

Been on a Rage Against The Machine kick, but I’m actually quite happy. My Uranus (on my ascendant!) is kickin hard.


Haha. This leo kitty likes the vid.


Where are the weekly horoscopes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *exploding head face* I need them. I need them!!.

Runa Hauk

Wow. I just realized there’s no “edit” button on here. I can’t go back and edit any typos, or rewrite things i regretted saying (well, it is Merc Retro so what do I expect? LOL) So I guess that last post was my official “introductory” post here in Mystic Medusa land…. *Waves* …”Hi everyone my name is Runa and I’m a MM subscriber who has been reading your stuff for a while now, and I realize that perhaps I just wrote way too much about myself in my first “personal reveal” post here. But, oh well, what’s done is done… Read more »


Hi Runa

Loss of purpose and sense of direction sounds like a Neptune influence and can also be a hard Saturn or Mars aspect. Check out how these planets are currently influencing your 1st house, 10th house, 12th house and MC.


Thank you prowinCrab,
in my birthchart
my Neptune is in Scorpio
my Saturn is in Pisces
my Mars is in Libra

I guess I need to learn more about the houses, and how to figure out where my stuff is “currently” rather than just in my birthchart when I was born…sorry, am a newbie at all this…

but thanks again…do appreciate it muchly


You could try Acupuncture – if you haven’t tried it – can help enormously too with what you have described …unblocks, releases, moves, dries heat, balances, tonifies qi, etc.

and as a small but potent step, you could also try taking the remedy Walnut – from the Bach Flower remedies. Helps one adjust to major changes.

hang on in there… and better out than in, i say :-).

Runa Hauk

Hi, skarab,

I love acupuncture. It’s been very helpful for a lot of things in the past, like Sciatica, and getting through Menopause.

I totally agree, better out than in!!!

I will consider/investigate trying the Walnut remedy you suggest.

Thanks so much for your ideas! 🙂


You’re welcome.
And Hi! 🙂


Welcome Runa! To find where the current astro is in relation to your chart on Astrodienst: Free Horoscopes (top menu) > Extended chart selection > under methods, “please select the type of chart you want”, select “natal chart and transits” from the drop-down menu. You will see your chart, with the transiting planets in green around the circle. If you want more details about what’s aspecting what, select “Additional tables (PDF). It will give you info at the bottom about what transits are aspecting your chart. It gives you your transits as of now. If you want transits for another… Read more »

Runa Hauk

Thank you for the Welcome DP!

Also thank you for the help with Astrodienst. I can see I need to spend some time exploring the site in more detail to educate myself further. but your pointers are a great help in starting that process!

Thanks again and I hope you rock your day!


Runa Hauk

Oh wow DP. I’m following your astrodienst directions right now. It’s awesome!!! Thank you so much for pointing me in the right direction!!! Woo Hoo!


Glad to help! 🙂

Runa Hauk

Space. Distance. Freedom. Reconsidering. Reevaluating. Re-everything…(and I can see the same patterns and issues at work that were at work back in March’s Eclipses this year too). I almost moved in with my (now-ex) boyfriend this past month. We tried a two week “trial” period to get a taste of what it might be like. The very night/day before the Full Moon Eclipse I knew it wasn’t going to work, and I had to get out of there “NOW” ,and get back to my own space, my own room, in a house I rent with 2 other roommates. He drops… Read more »


Hi saggi runa 🙂 Hey you’re a sadge, tmi is the MO yo 😉 Yeah the Libra eclipse might have caught you in its net a bit. There are squillions of astro sites and over time you will find those you enjoy the most. I have gathered some detailed insights from this site in the comments, cafeastrology and Bob marks astrologer seem comprehensive and easy to track specific info you are after. Mystic’s astro brethren include Kim falconer and north bay astrology. I’m not sure if it’s uncool that I plug other sites here but there are a lot of… Read more »

Runa Hauk

Hi Pi! 🙂 * Waves cheerfully* Hey you’re a sadge, tmi is the MO yo 😉 Oh. Ok. 🙂 Yes. Sometimes I just can’t seem to help myself. I’m so “Earthy” and “Rustic” at times, only stuffing all four hooves in my mouth at the samet time might stop me… I’m not sure if it’s uncool that I plug other sites here but there are a lot of aggregatorish sites etc I.e. craps, so, def hit the Googles, feed the scorp mercury … I’m learning that a lot of the other astro sites out there all offer different pov’s, interpretations,… Read more »

Runa Hauk

Oh crappy crappola. I will have to remember in future to carefully put quote marks around other people’s words. It doesn’t happen automatically here when we reply and copy and paste etc…Right…Saggy-sun-self note to Virgo-moon-self…remember to insert quote marks…check…


lol that’s ok :), i figured it out i was writing from phone so laden with typos too, but hey love the reference to Hercules and the Aegean… interesting idea.. maybe sometimes it is the only way? the thing is with sadge/s (one of my favourite women friends in the world is a sadge) that everything is communicated so joyously and freely that whatever you guys convey never seems wierd, or attached to wierdness, it just is what it is. so no worries x wishing you (and anyone else who needs one) a psychic Aegean to help with the letting… Read more »


whoops I mean psychic *river* to hose down the Horse Poo In The Heavens

Runa Hauk

Hi again Pi, So glad you grok the joyfully free spirited Sadgy way of communicating TMI. 🙂 Re: reference to Hercules and the Aegean… I just realized that I also messed up: It’s “Augean” Stables, not Aegean. Silly me. 🙂 (Feeling a bit like Hermione Granger here…”It’s LevioSA…not…) “whoops I mean psychic *river* to hose down the Horse Poo In The Heavens bahaha” Yeahhhhhh! I LOVE this! I think I’m going to meditate on this whilst I go about my endless (also seemingly Sisyphian) decluttering activities…and it’s so frakking appropriate…all this meta-physical (and physical) hosing down of over 20 years… Read more »

A Midusmmer Night's Virgo

Maybe that explains the journaling. I swear between retrograde and this last eclipse I have been writing a hell of a lot more than usual. Must be the crazy dark moon energy and being the shadow of the next eclipse. Wooo!


I think after so much immense personal turmoil and identity work, i just can’t feel stress. I mean, I do, obviously, but it tends to be quickly superseded by “nothing matters” , as far as thought processes go. Not to dissolve into a fit of apathy.. as such… but tension and gritted teeth, and the rest? I just can’t. won’t. i refuse. Having said that, these ostensibly intense eclipse things I realised I become ultra vagued out, i do slip into Neptune land. I think it’s all I have to work with against anxiety or stress about life right now.… Read more »


I think cap moon does help here. most sources of stress can be attacked in practical ways [start reading the papers for the essay, smile and dial for the uncomfortable phone call, just book the blah appointment already].
there’s more to it of course there always is.


Jeez pi, you could’ve been describing exactly how i’ve been feeling word for word. Absolutely word for word. I think that i’ve been underrating the power of my Scorp Neptune in 1st conjunct Libra Asc.
I can slip into fantasia so very easily and cruise through – but still very much in aware mode. i refuse for any not self -made-fuqery to get the better of me anymore.

Ok, question for you then: so what wld my ruling planet be? Neptune or Venus? or both? Veptune ;-)…no but really?


are you Katakan Skarab? your ruler is the Moon, but your chart ruler is Venus, Neptune rising.


Yes i am katakan. i meant to ask *chart* ruler….thank you. x


Anyone feeling stressed – I suggest visiting youtube and doing a search on ‘Farting Preacher’. SO funny.


careful everyone, its a muggle jungle out there

Runa Hauk

Muggle jungle is right…I navigated my way downtown today through missed appointments with students who had anxiety attacks with no notice given to me, confusing misdirections from student information centers, and outright screaming, yelling, cursing, swearing and threatening bellows at full force from outraged tall male neanderthals into tiny cell phones gripped in their massive manly monkey hands so hard that the volume and timbre of voice and anger literally vibrated and shook things around them…me included as I passed by…whew…made it home safely just in time…It’s a muggle jungle for sure, and everyday folks are definitely losing their cool… Read more »

Leo on the rise

Am sick to the back teeth of this year!!!!

And i’m glad i’m not the only one who’s KNACKERED….

JEEZ ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh, just learned Lil’ Cap has Mercury/Pluto/Ubasti conjunct.

“Cat Goddess Bast, Pluto and Eros are conjunct in Capricorn – very, VERY pragmatic and worldly”.

This Mercury Rising (Gem) person is picking up the (Virgo) Mercury Rising kitty during a Mercury Retrograde. 😯
Better than eclipse tho. Right? 🙂


I was all excited to see what the eclipse would bring, as it hit my sun exactly (with Uranus). Well, two weeks ago, my landlord’s wife left him. Yesterday he told me he’s selling the house since he can’t afford it anymore. I am beyond devastated. I’ve been here 12 years. It’s the old chauffeur’s quarters over the garage, on the property of the most magnificent mansion in town. I am ensconced in giant trees, my three cats cavort on the property, the wood is old and gorgeous, and best of all, I pay far below market rents. The landlords… Read more »


Sorry to hear that, DP, that is a real bummer. Your place sounds like a dream so it makes it even worse.
You just never know what is round the corner as one door shuts….
Good luck with it all, don’t let it overwhelm you, deep breaths, clear mind and remember – one step at a time is good walking.(Chinese proverb)


Thank you, skarab. 🙂

Scorporation, Inc.

Cheezus, DP :/ I don’t know what the market is like where (ever) you are, but around here, there is a big chunk of time between stating an intent to sell a property & actually getting it sold. Can take months to years from start to finish. Same for divorces. So as jarring & overwhelming as this news is, probably you have some time. Little consolation, I know, but it’s something on your side. One day at a time… x

Scorporation, Inc.

Oh– and the “security” of a “real job” is a fuqing farce, so don’t even hear that noise. Show guilt & blame the door. Don’t need it.


Thanks ScorpInc. Calming words indeed.

This is true, it would take months anyway- but on top of that, this is a unique property and won’t be easy to sell. The annual property taxes alone are like half my income. So yeah… I imagine it’ll be awhile.

I will try to show guilt and blame the door, but when it’s mom… it just makes me feel so bad. But no- don’t need it! I think it’s time to get back to meditating…


Oh yeah – “security” my a*se – precisely what these past years have debunked.

And who’s daft enough to want a “real” job, when you can have an “unreal” one?


Oh yes! Unreal job!! I LOVE that skarab
Pi x


Sheeeeshkebab that sucks ass DP. Sorry to hear of this. Mega strength to you xxx


Thanks babe. xx

Scorporation, Inc.

So many shitstorms, so little time! I can’t believe the next eclipse is right around the corner. I can’t believe a lot of things these days… But those things I do believe in? 100% 😉

Endurance & peace to you, Mystic, after all the raging from above. Forces to be reckoned with x


And then my nemesis left my (day to day working) life.


*crowd roars*

Hathors Horns

Sounds like a game of Cluedo. Colonel Mustard in the drawing room with a scalpel lol. Totally feeling the WTF vibe. Have very little patience for fools and low qi people, newsfeeds or environments. Fighting the overwhelming dystopian vibe with bucketfuls of irony. Being between these eclipses is like being in a mirror maze and I have to find the right door out.


legging it out of the country turns out the best thing ever

I am having lots of adventures in between haute mourning and respectful solitude. Only interested in solid emotional self care and sustaining self to do so right now. Keeping a floating plan till end of October. The rest is yet to come.


Eclipse is 4th house and its all very 4th house/10th right now with pluto churning away in the 7th but saturn on my stellium uranus, sun/mercury is keeping my knickers on for all the right reasons.


there’s nothing like fuqing off out of the country to deal with one’s life. something about distance, perspective x


totally. space from drama, new experiences, meditation and sunshine. rinse, repeat.


Always the best thing.


yeah I saw that storm on line and it looked crazy. good luck with the floods Mystic x

Virgo Ellie

Well, Mystic, I have to ask “do you give out your cell phone number to subscribers?”… Don’t do it!! LOL!! But I was impressed and appreciative to see that you are available to people when you can be. So nice to see! But, since last Friday I have been dealing with a female Aquarius HS friend who has been interrogating me offline from Facebook. I made a very scary decision to pick myself up and leave my home state to work several miles away for 6 months. Very intense but exciting time for me. So, this gal, has been on… Read more »


Thanks Mystic – your advice has been an absolute life saver during these crazy times – plus you make me smile and giggle with your rad sense of humour xx


I’ve been paying attention to you for ages Mystic and I feel the best in years. I’m so in tune with the Zap Zone my 17 y o son asked me the other day why I keep getting zapped from my car and parking machines. My answer? Magic. Bring on the eclipse. Something awesome is brewing after 6 tumultuous years.


yes! I’m coming off the back of 6 tumultuous years as well! I don;t know your astro sig but i have a Libra stellium 🙂


Sun, Merc and Lilith in Libra, Cap rising


Me too. Finally shifting up!!

Virgo Ellie

Libra9, that is so great that you son can pick up those things for his Mom. Maybe not knowing truly what being zapped means for you but how appropriate considering the Zap Zone.

I also glared at your comment “Something awesome is brewing after 6 tumultuous years.” It made me realize that it has been 6 years since my life started changing. And WOW is right.. something is brewing. I can’t wait!

Good Luck!! xo!


You too! Xox getting zapped is actually a shock from the static electricity. My son says he has never seen anything like it. Really strong lately. My arm is involuntarily thrown backwards when the zapping is at its best. I am totally projecting whim of steel. Close friends are going “Uh-oh”. Haha. Loving it.

Virgo Ellie

I consider that good luck!! The muggles will stay away from you!! 🙂

Crisis? What Crisis

My newfound femme is ScorpSun cjunct Ven/Mars+TaurusAsc pinging my KatSun/Asc & Virgo cjunct Ven/Mars. I’m goin slow & fast all at the same time!

Wow, wow and wow. All in da scopez.
She is haute Scorp without knowing it!!!
We makin mud….


Congrats on finding femme fatale Crisis/Katman 🙂

Love in the Time of Crisis

That’s just fab C?WC. Enjoy the mud. 🙂


Ta guys


There is actually a v cool film/doco called Love in the Time of Crisis. You got it in Oz?

Very pertinent. Deals with Greece and it’s economic nightmare, the huge social upheaval and the way that people cope. As the title suggests, it looks at Love in such times – and the different ways people live and experience it.


I’m not feeling too good, emotionally, and feeling tired, physically. Sun, Mercury, Venus, NN are all transiting right on my SN. Weird vibe… I feel sad… I know SN stuff dredges up very old stuff, right?, like even past life stuff…. Also, it’s a void moon in Kataka, right? It’s right on my ascendant…. I’ve been really up and down with my moods for awhile, now, since I’m unemployed at the moment, trying to get traction with my private practice…..very slow going… savings, so very concerned about finances. Kind of in existential crisis about career, not that motivated, yet have… Read more »


I’m flipping exhausted. Fuq mercury retro. this eclipse zap zone vibe has got me all DUCK and covered out. I want rest. Its been 3 years of non stop grinding. Pluto squaring uranus on top of my natal venus in the 4th at the height of the damn thing… Coupled with saturn return. Hands in the air. If i survive this shit ill be like super woman. Fuck me. No comfort


Amendment: WHEN I survive, i will be like superwoman. When.

Scorporation, Inc.

Yes, When you survive. Love it 😉

Loquacious Air with a Scorpio Moon

You too? I have been heard to say I reckon the past two or three years have been trying to kill me, what with partner losing job when unemployed, being homeless with a baby boy for two months, being diagnosed with PTSD, getting bloodclots in both lungs at a freakish early age, having nervous breakdown after job from hell bullying… I thought Saturn return was meant to start a few years before 30, but my shit all started a few months post and has continued from there? This astro bites the big one, is all I can say. Solidarity to… Read more »

catfish moon

SO TIRED….been sick. Went to doctor and he asked if I had been tested for diabetes! NO. So went in for lab test.
OF course it is my PEAK time of work and here I am, AGAIN too sick to work my ass off. I need to though. Took last two days off completely to see doctor, but have been working about 3 hours at least a day.
I need to be working more.
Oh well.
Not the first time.

tired and want to be alone.

Scorporation, Inc.

Hope you hear something soon on your lab work, catfish moon. Sending rejuvie vibes x

Lux interior is My Co-Pilot



Have devised ZZ plan and will write it out tonight and stick it on the fridge.

I found the saturn tips on the weekly page very helpful. I have Saturn in 9th in Gemini so I am including self study in the esoteric field on the list (I have just read a brilliant book on western shamanism which I will be using). Plus more Chi Gung. And journal dreams.

Also included:- Keep savings plan going, don’t look at buying a home til after April, Keep doing 5:2 diet (have lost 10kgs already this year) Get on top of paperwork.


What is your book called?


The Temple of Shamanic Witchcraft by Christopher Penczak.

I bought it a while ago but wasn’t ready for it. But I have done a couple of workshops in the last year on Traditional Witchcraft and aspecting the divine which tie in perfectly. So ready for this now. 🙂


ja, i got to say, I’m loving the astro, but it is amped. Maybe lucky I got something to channel it into so I’m getting heaps done. still overhauling daily structures yes I am, Sat-daddy. NN, Sun, Venus, Merc – piling up over my Merc/Jupe in Libra. sextiling Jupes and Mars and fuelling my writing. Mars on Circe, and I have Circe conjunct Sun natally. Can I hear a CATALYST? calypso circe catalyst conjunctions, woah, give me a ‘C’ people. next eclipse will be a few degrees off my Sun and I am so ready for it. solidarity in intensity… Read more »

Scorporation, Inc.

Great celestial cacophony of creativity & cathartic combustion, calypso– you are looking fab in this astro! Solidarity x


Aw, you’ve wanted to sign her up as PA like forever! Was it just Mercury retro?


Ah. Perfect example of how Merc retro forces us to review, re-examine, etc.


ch-ch-changes 🙂


“Sorry to have been quiet”


nah… the quiet has been lovely


Well I don’t know about Anon, but I know that *I* really love you, Malevolent honeybabe. :-).


An xxx


Intense. That’s the only word for it. Exhausted from translation efforts.

Watching the movie adaptation of “The Witches” w my family.


Multiple electrical blow ups ( literally and meta), burst water tank, unruly children , tedious bank shizz, injured left hand, comms block with partner, luscious fantasy at point blank range, everywhere potential frazzledom but for our superb cats (4), dogs on high alert and barking at the moon, yet incredibly difficult shizz now pops like a rainbow bubble. Bubble , bubble, toil and trouble hand in hand with Warrior Queen quest . Phew. ?

Year of the Phoenix

Sorry to hear bout the deluge, there is a El Nino brewing so guess we got to make the most of it – hope you have rain water tanks 🙂

re the vibes…..kind of enjoying them as the beginning of the year was a shit storm so things are now flowing in MY direction… atm….

Year of the Phoenix

Scrap that – my day job just got weirder/pressured

boss # 2 has long chat about how bad business is, how boss #1 wants her to start cold calling people but it makes feel sick and anyway she is sales “relashionship” manager ie old business and boss #2 is new business and so I should start doing it on top of doing my own job ….

Am torn between wishing I had left after horror first month / finding new job quick smart / sticking with this no matter what for 12 months


Just read about the storms a second ago & thought of you. Sending posi vibes ++++++


I had that kind of Muggle-Madness day yesterday when all of this unfair and unreasonable bullshiz rained on down around me – none if it within my control, none of it sensible and none of it ordinary. I was a bit of a wreck by the end of he day and thank gawd for my gorgie earth mother Cap goddess for being a validating sound board…. Over night it rained, I slept, and today I am here in my shiny white suit of light to slay the dragon. In hindsight I just had I express that emotion and move straight… Read more »

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