The Balance Of The Zodiac

Luis Ricardo Falero

This late 1800sĀ  image – by Luis Ricardo Falero – is called The Balance Of The Zodiac,Ā  and so clearly is meant to have some astrological theme. But i’m not getting it – yes “balance” says Libra and there are scales + a dove in there. Totally Libra. And the ladies are kind of Venusian – but all Falero’s paintings depicted witches, fairies, enchantresses and nymphs with boobage and bums. That was just his thing. So what is that on the right hand side of the scales?Ā  An arrow for Sagg?Ā  Thoughts please?!!

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This is a good symbolism for me now:

peace, love, unity outweighs singular, divided rule or control. Themes of libra, sago, gemini in the picture.


Two swords are traditionally granted with a crown: the long one represents military force; this could be the short one, a “curtana” which represents Spiritual Justice and Mercy. Together the short sword and crown represent your conduct on the earthly plane, your dominion over your world, and how you apply your will and power. They are balanced against the soul (feathers). Libra is Cardinal, intellectual and sensual all in one – that lovely balance.


Yes I think it’s a sceptre/mitre thingie representing the war and peace theme or else earthly vs. spiritual power. And the naked ladies represent, well, naked ladies, since every Libra man must have at least two naked ladies in his life to find a balance. Jk, kind of, but not really.


I see all the signs of the Zodiac.
The funniest is the pouting Bull šŸ™‚

Prince Stolas

on the right is sceptre and crown which could represent war and the doves peace, but also rational mind vs. emotions.


a riding crop?


I also think trident


Classical horoscopic allegory, a wonderful opportunity to respectably paint (and display in a conservative buttoned-up salon) nubile T &A.


so transparent I mean rly
Teh mens


Redhead sky nymph: “By the hairs of Uranus and Gaia, sis! Your pubes – they’re gone! Why did you do it?!”

Blonde sky nymph: “Pluto made me do it. He said i’d be lighter and sexier”.

Hence the creation of a false imbalance in favour of rampant materialism till the pubes grow back on the sky nymph.

Prince Stolas

i do find it strange that she has no pubes but they let her keep her armpit hair.


Nice bum!


Heady desire unravels control


Mmmm likes this..

Venus Cazimi

That part of the sky deals with justice, death, final judgement; the stars that make the sign of the scales where originally the claws of the scorpion, they are (top left) Zuben eschamall (mid right) Zuben elgenubi (the brightest of the inner 3) Zuben Hakrabi Birds represent the human soul, it is long believed that the soul transmigrates to the next world in the shape of a bird; the crown, scepter & jewels I think represent the riches of earthly life, ie: spirit vs matter interesting that the figure on the left has her arm (the one supporting the scale)… Read more »


Me again. Anyone notice how the human subjects appear to be supporting one another, entwined & turning, spiral-fashion; I can almost imagine them riding high, suspended in the heavens, ceaselessly turning, the scales tipping up & down like horses on a carousel, it’s like some celestial mechanism or timepiece, fantastic.


2nd bird is black with red eyes, supernatural, otherworldly element, could be death? Crow or raven perhaps, providing balance with the white.

Maybe a play on yin-yang; sabian for the 25 degree libra is ‘an eagle and a dove turning into each other’ so they are opposing forces resembling the yin-yang symbol; ‘a crow and a dove turning into each other’


Very well said.


excellent analysis


I love the analysis! Totally love the pic!


Very nice analysis. It’s interesting too that the birds appear to be light and dark. Reminds me of the Buddhist parable of the man chased by a tiger who ends up hanging from a rope gnawed at by 2 mice – one black, one white, or night and day. In any case it has a yin yang balance that I find more pleasing than a single white dove.

Scorporation, Inc.

Looks like a crown, & a matching poker for your fireplace, and… rhinestones? Cubic zirconia? Where’s the pubic hair? My first question. Pubes come with boobs, right, or was I “different”?

Is this my 7th house? Where is my large automobile? And you may ask yourself, well how did I get here?


I agree – where is the pubic hair?

No balance without pubic hair.

Madam M

Maybe they’re Virgo and waxed

Scorporation, Inc.

Right: I was seeing Virgo too! My 7th goes from early degrees Virgo to late degrees Libra.

Scorporation, Inc.

Maybe she’s not a natural blonde? I guess we’ll never know.


My fave Talking Heads song šŸ™‚

Scorporation, Inc.


The perfect tune for the astro stack up in my solar 12th house.

Scorporation, Inc.

— and hips: def boobs & hips in this pic. Very womanly shapes. Not shapeless, prepubescent bodies. So there’s this virgin thing going on re hairlessness in women biologically capable of pregnancy… Is Mary Mother of God a (venus ruled) Libra? Have always considered her the Catholic St Virgo, but maybe she’s not a Virgo after all.

Is this painting a subtle spit wad in the Church’s mane?

More solar 12th musings…

Scorporation, Inc.

The items in the scales representing heaven & earth? Rulership of. Like astro does. That balance?


This is not my beautiful house. This is not my beautiful wife.


War or peace – it’s in the hands of the nymphs and gods of the zodiac.

I think it’s a sword?


Or Neptune’s trident?

Bliss witch

Looks like a toasting fork.


A golden wand to spread Venusian love perhaps

libran dreamchild

Balance of war and peace?


Sounds about right to me. Looks like a crown and scepter on the right, which seems like some sort of holy trinity symbolism.


Splendid news ….. heavy on the peace


I think you are exactly right about that symbolism. The doves that can fly as if they are lighter than air, have more weight than a crown made of gold metal.

Hey this looks like the perfect spot for one of my favorite riddles.

Q: Which weighs more, a pound of feathers, or a pound of gold.

A: A pound of feathers. Feathers are weighed in Avoirdupois while metals are weighed in Troy. The Avoirdupois pound is about 22% heavier than the Troy pound.


460g each šŸ˜›


Troy pound is 373.24g, avdp pound is 453.59g.

Jen Scorpio

I think it’s a crown and staff. The pigeons represent nature, the natural state of man etc, the crown and staff represent man-made institutions etc, and all the corresponding symbolism that goes with those two images?

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