Aquarius No More?

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Dear Mystic,

I have been reading your blog for a bit and am now a recent subscriber. I have gotten an astrology reading and I also input my birth information to get a chart from Both have revealed facts that have me questioning my allegiance to Aquarius. I always thought I was one of those born on a cusp. My husband profusely believes that I am a typical Aquarius. However, my chart revealed that by birth that my sun is 0 degrees and 16 minutes into Pisces. My moon is 11 degrees in Pisces. My rising sign is Virgo. No one who knows me would dispute that Virgo influence but Pisces, not ever a thought. I am having a hard time accepting that I am not really an Aquarius. Must I get rid of all my Aquarius charms?

Aquarius No More?

Dear Aquarius No More,

Well, okay you know i think “born on a cusp” is a vulgar affectation. An instant Muggle indicator. No offense intended but the Sun was either in one sign or another. Never trust someone sidling up to you in a bar and simpering about cusps.

But seriously, Pisces and Aquarius are both ultra-weird-turned-pro, alt-dimensional signs of the Zodiac.  They CAN be difficult to tell apart. Both flip the bird to convention. Both disdain formality. Both have evasion and spy skills that the N.S.A. would do well to study.

Uranus (the ruler of Aquarius) in Pisces from 2003 until 2010 did a LOT to turn Pisceans more Uranian-Aquarian. Neptune (the ruler of Pisces) in Aquarius from 1998 to 2012 made Aquarians more Neptunian/Piscean.

Basically, there is a strong argument for the theory that these two signs basically MERGED – like a cosmic corporate buy-out – in the first decade of the 21st Century.

Besides, what’s wrong with being Pisces? You have Neptune onside until 2027. You have goo goo eyes but powered by Virgo Rising super-strength analysis lens.   I think you up your game a bit here and instead of saying “I was born on the cusp” – you say “I’m Pisces but i have Kaali (or Transylvania) in Aquarius.


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This exact same thing happened to me, albeit a few years ago! Birthday Feb 18, so believed I was on the “cusp” in my Muggle days, but most newspaper horoscope things and even sun sign books actually put the outside day for Aqua at 2/19, so basically believed I was pretty solidly Aqua up until the Internet became a “thing” and I found the first free chart site I could find (which took some doing back then — everyone wanted money to make a chart for you!) and armed with my birth certificate and place of birth, voila! Turns out… Read more »


Aside from the 7 year long mutual reception between Neptune & Uranus that Mystic mentioned above, do you perhaps have other planets in Aquarius, say Mercury, Venus, or Mars? Especially if you happened to have a stellium in Aqua, you would tend to align with the Aqua energy more than the Pisces. Also, how possible is it that your Time Of Birth is inaccurate, either for lack of accounting for things like Daylight Savings Time or if the birth was not an easy one that it was recorded a good 15-20 minutes later than the actual delivery? I would say… Read more »

Anonny Noo

So if Leo is awesome hair then Aqua being opposite is… Hat hair?


ANM, You might want to check into your progressed chart as well. At birth, I’m Aqua Sun, Mars and Saturn, Venus in Pisces. Now looking at my progressed chart I’m riding as Pisces Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars and Chiron, all trine Neptune. Depending on the degree of the Aqua planets int the Natal chart and one’s age, Aqua peeps naturally morph into Mermaids at some point, while the Mermaids morph into the Red Huntress. “I must be a mermaid, Rango. I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living.” ~Anais Nin The Uranus and Neptune transits… Read more »

bull with sting in tail

Basically, there is a strong argument for the theory that these two signs basically MERGED – like a cosmic corporate buy-out – in the first decade of the 21st Century.

The funniest line i have heard or read this year, i love MM

bull with sting in tail

And yes, this financial year is what i meant

Gotta leave room……


Sounds to me you’re a Pisces! I agree that there is a certain fluidity between Aqua and Pisces, less of a cut off between signs and more of a merge than between other signs. I’d enjoy embracing a flavour of each but know that ultimately it’s Pisces. Can I just take this Aquarian themed opportunity to ask why the hell Aqua gets such a rep for being all detached and cool as a cucumber when ALL of the Aquas I know are so ridiculously intense?? I have a family full of them and thanks to an Aqua 11th house a… Read more »


It’s Aquarius No More again. I do have Mercury and Mars in Aquarius.


I’ve just had the same thing! I’ve always identified as a Gemini, but I’ve just had my chart done (via astrodienst) and it says I’m a Taurus. Apparently being born one hour later I would’ve been a Gemini. These signs seem super different to me! Can’t I just pretend to be a Gemini? I feel like Taurus doesn’t fit me very well.


A few years ago I discovered the same, always thought I was Taurus till got the hospital record and found I was born 45min too early, making me an Aries!
Felt weird at first but always knew Taurus never felt right. For a while I thought I was neither, just somewhere in between in an astro limbo. SInce reading more have realised how Aries I am ! Although my rising scopes seem to resonate more for me, don’t know why.

Enjoy the insights from your new sun sign!


I think the rising scopes might resonate more a lot of the time, because they speak more to transits of the houses, i.e. when they talk about a planet pinging a certain “sector,” it’s calculated with the sign being in the first house, if I’m not mistaken!


I am drawn to Acquas and Pisceans in ways that last forever.


me too


Cosmic merger is that now Aquisces or Pisquarius?

Crisis? What Crisis

I’ll Aquiesicess to that


Just found out my real birth time and I’m a Virgo rising as well):


Another Pisces sun, Virgo rising here! We can start a club. 🙂

Where’s yr moon? Mine is Sagg.

My Pisces influence was very strong when little. These days, my moon has taken over to great extent. Asc. always lurking, which I don’t mind as I need to be super-analytical in the work I do.

Mars in Aquarius in same (6th) house as my Pisces sun – THANK YOU Mystic for highlighting the disdain-for-formality, flip-the-bird-to-convention TRUTH! Nailed it.

Venus Cazimi

I’m an Aquarian – GIANT stellium in Aquarius, with Pisces rising & Neptune trine the ASC, very difficult to tease the two signs apart, though I do “feel” more of a Piscean (planets occupying 12th hs) while identifying with my Aquarian-ness; having the traits of both that are complimentary to one another (in the main..) From my understanding 16 minutes is not even half a degree; 1 degree = 60 mins 0 degree is sub-ruled by Neptune by DECANTE 0 degree is sub-sub ruled by Neptune by DUANTE I’m wondering if you might break down the minutes in the same… Read more »

Libra autonomy

I am not great with Aquarius – I always feel like there is a disconnect. Some are disconnected and kind of stepfordish.


As the Aquarius now possibly Pisces I can tell you that I once had horrid attractions to Libras. I literally drooled when I saw them. Unfortunately, over time I could not stand them. I always felt they were fickle and wanted to be a martyr. I wanted them to take a side. Oh, the males were also liars.

Libra autonomy

Fair enough. 🙂 I was a bit mean here. Libras can be flakey.


Reminds me of when I posted about Seal and his song “My Vision”. He is 0.16 degrees Pisces too (or something very close…but still 0 Pisces).

I referred to him as an Aqua but nobody caught it…or didn’t call me on it..

In any case I felt that both are visionary so what the heck…


Do you have any planets in Aquarius? Is Uranus prominent in your chart? Maybe that’s where the Aqua part of your identity comes from.

Crisis? What Crisis?

My Aqua Moon and Uranus co-dewelling with my Sun in the 1H makes me feel very Aquarius at times. A number of my friends have also said I don’t seem very Cancer; more Aqua. But I know I’m Kataka core.


I have Mercury in Aquarius and Mars in Aquarius.

virgo kathleen

I love Pisces people. Some of my closest friends have been Pisces, as well as my awesome sister (we’re sister signs naturally). I am actually kind of jealous of Pisces because as they say Pisces has a bit of every other sign in them. They’ve gone through all of them, they’ve been every sign in past lives. So I feel like they’re more fully evolved. Like they’re super wise. You know what I mean? Also remember that Virgo and Pisces is on a spectrum meaning they’re sort of one and the same. Seriously, embrace being a Pisces, it’s an awesome… Read more »


LOL only a Pisces could not know she’s a Pisces, and then when shown the hard, cold facts, still doesn’t want to believe she’s a Pisces.


Scorps are a very close second on that


I disagree. I like being a Scorpio. 🙂

Crisis? What Crisis?

Nothing wrong with being a water sign.

gemini cat

If you’re using an approximate birth time from your mother, you may want to order a copy of your official birth certificate (although apparently they can be wrong too).


Let’s astro-geek out here. 0’16” is about one minute past the cusp. At this point, you need a very accurate birth time AND location. But if this is the data you have, go with it and stick with it. Or you could do it the hard way, with Chart Rectification. You have to match up major life events with specific transits, and if they all line up maybe 20 minutes off, then your birth time is 20 minutes off. I’m not sure that astrology really works that way, and even if it does, I’m not sure that peoples’ records of… Read more »

virgo kathleen

Also I wanted to point out that birth times on birth certificates tend to be a few minutes late rather than early because in the chaos of a child being born someone might not get to recording the time for a few minutes. Something to think about…hmm, you might really be Aquarius then.


Zero degrees 16′ in Pisces is about 6 hours into Pisces rather than one minute. You may have been referring to movement of the ascendant rather than the Sun which moves approximately one degree a day.

Aquarius no more is lucky to be a Piscean! I like Aqua girls – they are bright, friendly and can connect. Aqua men on the other hand only connect if the planets align AND only on their own terms.



Just realised you put 0’16” – 16 seconds. ANM said degrees and minutes!


Oops did I get that wrong? Let me recalculate.. Yes you’re right, I calculated the Earth’s rotation which is the Ascendant’s motion. So one minute difference could affect the Ascendant, but it would not affect the Sun sign unless it was ~6 hours off.

Sorry about that, I was thinking in the wrong frame of reference. But my conclusion is the same: if you have birth time data that you believe is accurate, use it and stick with it. Own it.


Hi there! It’s Aquarius No More and I am happy to share the details. I have a chart according to hospital details. I was a C section baby. I was born on February 18 in Atlanta, Georgia. I have a chart by astrodienst.


Yeah, 0’16” is sooo close to the cusp, I’d say it’s entirely possible that the birth time recorded was wrong, even by a few minutes. If you feel that you identify more strongly with Aquarius, then it probably *is* wrong. (The birthtime, that is)


I was a C Section baby born at 7:48pm on February 18th. Also, my mother had been in the hospital for two days. When the gave up on natural birth and went for the C section. On a side note, I told my husband I may be Pisces he said I should give it up. He refuses to believe I could be a Pisces.


Ain’t nothing wrong with being a Pisces! Seriously, many people/signs consider us catnip…or kryptonite in some cases, lol. But either way, people seem to find us generally lovable, even those who find us irritating! 🙂


Thank you ANM for asking this and Thank you MM for clearing this up!

I have a hot bevy of beautiful smart dynamic Aquachick friends and for soooo long have a been charged with also being an Aquachick cusparian and a fake fish and I protested, PROTESTED, I tells you!

So read above and take that Aqua chicks!! I am fish. But no wonder we have been hanging out so much, I totes love youse xxxx

Buckle (Aries Sun + Grand Water Trine)

“Never trust someone sidling up to you in a bar and simpering about cusps.”

Love it. Sensible advice for a happier generation!

catfish moon


The Crazy Crone

Yes, I loved that phrase too, plus “vulgar affectation”. Stuff to light your laughter lines.


Hahaha … I love the idea that Pisces and Aqua have merged in a cosmic corporate buy out.

But in terms of telling the diff between the water bearer and the fish. Aqua – leans more toward tech, science, computer coding and very stubbornly fixated on their ideas. Pisces – more open to the ideas of other, less inclined to violently argue than Aqua, less fixated, leans toward creative and spiritual pursuits.

The Crazy Crone

I have my moon in Aquarius, Fifth House, prowlncrab, and yes you’re right – I can be stubborn, dogmatic, love techie stuff, but also creative through computer technology – digital art. And yes, I can be very detached but with huge ideas on humanitarian grounds. I do find watery signs a bit hard to deal with, but as I’ve got older I’ve got more tolerant, no longer yell: “Oh, for god’s sake, pull yourself together!”, just roll my eyes..

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