Zap Zone Preppers

Zeke Tucker

We are all Zap Zone preppers now. Or we should be. I don’t mind “prepper” like we’re holed up in our secret compound, counting the canned chickpeas and awaiting the Zombie Apocalypse. Not at all. But it would be slightly astrologically lunatic to not note that the Zap Zone (Uranus square Pluto) is more or less exact from November right through until April. It’s like a grand finale of this most cathartic of aspects between the Change Gods.

So what to do?  Here are some suggestions/thoughts.

* Remember the basic Zap Zone mantra – stay stuck and you are r fuqed. Everyday is ideally (or could be) evolutionary.

* Read or re-read the untold Zap Zone posts on this site –  the search engine and tags menu work people!  I had someone email to ask me to please cut, paste and collate them all into a pdf, print them out and post them to her the other day. Seriously, what did her last Zap Zone slave die of?

* Eradicate zombie relationships from your life. From now on, there is no room for anything but the most viable, real and nourishing relationships. This means zero tolerance for your own Love Zombie tendencies but also zombie business relationships (for when you can’t be bothered with the confrontation it would take to fix them or fuq them off) and “clutter” people who sort of stay in your life because they make you feel more popular or desired.

* Think pragmatically and with extreme clarity re work, jobs, business models, study etc. An old order is crumbling and the pace of change accelerates very soon. Investment and career strategies that may have made a lot of sense a few years ago could be disasters now. Inform yourself. No cant. Total lucidity.  Better to have a slightly edge, hip-hop, brash and defensive posture than to ooze about being naive or easily soothed by marketing platitudes. Your most original, raw-feeling and authentic vibe is likely the most financially sustainable.

* Think how you have evolved since May 2012 – when the Zap Zone first got a zapping. Seriously, not just the obvious surface changes but inwardly.  The creature of your mind-soul-psyche birthed in this time is the entity to nourish. The exact dates are in many of my Zap Zone posts (again, the search engine on the site works) but also here. That’s for if you want to plot out  the history of your Z.Z. evolution. But basically May 2012 until April 2015 is the Everything.

So hopefully this should help a bit – obviously the Horoscopes take the Zap Zone into account every day, week and month – that consciousness is always permeating them, even if it does not spell out “Uranus is still square Pluto” all the time. So no zombie apocalypse and no need to hide in the hills without wi-fi or single origin BUT definitely get real about the likely intensity of Nov to April. Tacked together flimsy solutions for failing relationships and economies won’t hold. Delusional or insanely leveraged up business plans or expectations will look different in the indigo floodlight of the Zap Zone.



Image: Zeke Tucker

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It looks like April 2015 is when i will have either moved or have had the DVN removed. An interesting situation for the guardians of a legacy of sustainable housing for those who didn’t buy their own homes for some reason or other nothing to do with money and need permanent homes to call their own’ coop housing association. The fuse was lit in April 2012 when i said ‘my neck is stiff from turning the other cheek 300 times’ or was that from doing ‘forgiveness 300 times’, dunno, my attempt at being a good catholic and not commit murder… Read more »


May 2012…that was the beginning of a series of events that led to somewhat of a mental breakdown slash super creative manic episode that peaked then abruptly crashed December 2012. I’d picked myself up off the ground before but this time was different; I did it knowing what I could not go back to and faced the really, really ugly truth for the first time without being afraid and turning my head when it got too uncomfortable. Masochism can actually be a good trait to have when it comes to personal growth! But you have to transcend that trait as… Read more »


Excellent wording Mystic. Seriously got shivers. I am leaving the country to hit Europe come October. Authenticity and heart healing mission to clean the way towards my rejuvenation, zombie feeder death and everything else. But first, there is fashion week..


Spain? Lucky you!


Portugal then Spain. Still finalising. xx

virgo kathleen

What’s amazing is that I feel that the zap zone is charting my complete change of direction career wise. Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised with uranus lurking near my MC all this time. During the zap zone I’ve evolved to become more confident and sure of myself – two things I just wasn’t before. Like I finally figured out what I’m good at, what I love, what I like. I’m learning graphic design, and slowly but surely growing as a designer, and learning what I want to specialize in, where my strengths are. I’m working really hard, but I just… Read more »


Thanks, I needed the reminder (seriously) <3


‘What did her last Zap Zone slave die of ?’ Hah !

I don’t make lists anymore, too boring linear and I resent them.
I mind map on paper. A big circle in the middle where I write the most vital thing of the day and then offshoot little satellite circles with more stuff.
I like it it works.

I hope the zap zone enhances Jupiter in Leo and not dampen it.
(I suppose it’s how you work it !!)

the Klaw

I love the symbolism of a pyramid/triangle. It is thought to transfer spiritual energy into grounding energy. Head in the clouds, feet on the ground.


AC, Sun and Moon, all Cardinal, all in orb of the next Zap Zone. Pluto has been in my 12th house for this whole time and won’t cross my AC until Feb….the changes in my life have been dramatic but not obvious, like seismic shifts in my personality. Nothing has been visible… yet. I’m excited but scared. I’ve been prepping for this recently through a tool I’ve found extremely helpful called the morning pages from a book called The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. I’ve got an Aries 3rd house Mercury (rabbit brain) and so meditation has never worked, sitting… Read more »

Year of the Phoenix

Aaaahhhh the Zap Zone has been such a wild ride! Left my bullyboy Capricorn husband (haven’t even bothered to check his chart but sure he must be bang on) Had 3 new full time jobs and 2 casual ones – each really broadening my skills and forcing growth, and experiencing the dark sides of small business in Oz where work loads are huge and bosses are bullies ( another Capricorn ) or just exploitive. Am launching own business with twin sister – with a focus on less waste and Eco fabrics fully made in Oz – this is what is… Read more »


Congrats and good luck on the new biz, sounds fab!

Year of the Phoenix

Thanks : )


Glad the bully is out. X


Is it ok to be tired of this zap zone thing already? It’s a bit much. :/

Tales from the Crypt

I’d like it shifted 50metres to the North.


And just a jump to the left.


I prob gotta go thru it. Lessons. Carthasis. Renewal. Hauteness. New ground. No hurt n exert, no growth spurt. Play as you practise, practise as you play. Like a trip to the dentist.

I can’t think of anything else


Just think. in 3 months, everything could look completely different. what kind of different do you want it to be? Vision. 🙂


No prizes for guessn my vision. I’m a simple bloke and a hopeless romantic with a teutonic outlook.






Tales from the Crypt

Somethn like that.

Its all accordin 15 mth plan from Jup, Kismt & Fenix stuff. I’m fightn myself to do it.

Tales from the Crypt

And l sometimes need a nudge.


Look back on where things were at in 2012… Wow! So much has changed. But it’s hard to discern whether it’s because of the Zap Zone or because I started coming of age at the end of 2012. I think I’ve grown up a tonne over the last 18 months, and that’s a huge relief in itself! Since April has been the big noticeable shift in my life – my work paradigm has done a 180. I started contracting, and moved to a new company about a month ago – everything has fallen into place since then. Working with nice… Read more »


Thank goodness for your heads up on all this. I’ve definitely felt the sting of the ZZ..but knowing now has an advantage. Especially with now seeing others who aren’t aware and how they are handling it. Like WOAH! So I have said before, and I say again..THANK YOU! GRACIAS! GRAZIE! ARIGATO! MERCI!


Its been a crazy ride.

I’d love a post on how good post 2015 is going to be. Need something to look forward to.


MMs rant on Après the Zap Zone was great! I’ve had massive changes since having gorgeous baby in July 2012…well obviously things change w baby I guess! But also big changes again this yr around June/ July when finally felt the need to relinquish old lifestyle patterns ( I’d been a real pot head and finally just didn’t want to anymore). Am LOVING the clarity and absence of thought patterns that were really kinda paranoid even tho I had not been able to realise it before. More changes coming but great ones. Working on a really big long term project… Read more »


I’m not stuck in a rut. I just got a brand new job. It is completely different than my old job. But it is in the same room as the old job, at the same computers with the same login and password, at exactly the same wages. I’m processing the same old scanned forms, but these forms have WORDS on them instead of NUMBERS. Wow this is completely different. Next month, I’m switching back to my old job, the same old job in the same old place, doing the same old math as usual, but I might change things around… Read more »


Charles you are hilarious!! 😀


Charles, all this change. Its a bit much for most taureans. Are you sure you’re ok with this? 😛


I love that you have to apply for new jobs in the same room. Even le toro is bored of this routine. heads.


I have to constantly re-apply to do the SAME job in the same room too. I have been doing that for three years now. A month ago, my same old job was on hiatus, so I signed up with a temp agency. They immediately tried to hire me for the same old job. I told them I already had that same old job. I need a new job to do when I’m not doing the same old job. Today our manager came into the room and announced that we could now apply for the same old job, it was just… Read more »


LOL. Sounds like a Monty Python skit 🙂


i so agree. Charles is as dry as driftwood.

Tales of the Crypt

Sounds like the NSW education dept.


USofA education system!


bureaucracy at its most tedious.

I hope that is the file name where you just re-send the same application..


2nd point LOL.
Indigo floodlights, awesome.
Is that differn and from the uv lights they use to detect skin damage, crime scene residue etc? 😉


Hahaha! Yes – I was reading this out to my husband (Libra Sun and Asc – so i keep him up to date) and the only thing he said when i finished reading it is “Wow, indigo floodlights!”

catfish moon

May 2012…..Torro lover and his Leo daughter moved in. That was a very obvious surface change! No zombie relationships here. I interact with few, don’t allow to get sucked into the me, me, me friends I have. Happy love relationship. I freelance and one person who hires me I heard got upset with another who hires me, acting like I was stolen. She definately wouldn’t say that to me as I don’t have to work for her at all and she needs me as much as she can get me. LOL….They are both my friends too. Anyways….More worried about money… Read more »

catfish moon

Torro and I are on the fence about an our baby. Both working, expanded yard, working on homestead, kids stable. BUT???


I love your profile pict. Where is if from?

catfish moon

A Japanese wood cut print by Bakufu Ohno….Untitled circa 1938.


Yep, the ‘tests’ started in April 2012 and it has been relentless, though most of 2013 and the first quarter of 2014 were quite nice and a little respite, but has been pretty intense in a difficult way again since this May and ever since……..with work, home and love life. Right now I’m feeling vulnerable because I’m unemployed and it’s only been a little over a month, but I’m pretty depressed and panicked about it. I’m not sure the best way to go from here…. I’m working on my fledgling private practice, and seeing a handful of patients one day… Read more »


My first thought was that you really need to move away from where you are…somewhere different with the skills you have, where your skills are needed?
You might be able to try professional house sitting, if you have reduced income? I knew someone who did it for years to save up a house deposit. It did actually work

Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot

Thankyou for this timely reminder! Since first reading about the ZZ on your site I have evolved beyond all my greatest hopes and expectations. It’s been hellish and difficult at times, but amazing and rewarding. Biggest evolution of my life.

Stay stuck and you are fuqed is the ULTIMATE ZZ mantra for me!

Libra takeover in the zap zone

Excellent – this is a needed zap zone refresher. I am a libra sun in 12 degrees so this transit has been killing me. But I have completely changed. I say what I think, I take matters head on. I look great too. The best in my life.

I think love zombie situations are from past lives.


hey, I’ve got my AC there, & it feels more like the Making of, rather than the breaking of me. Does that pov work for you… maybe?


SunPluto at 9 Libra. I’ve been on a rail. Tonight’s moon has me feeling the puppeteer of my own projections. Might take a walk in the NYC dronelight and see what comes.

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