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Hey People, i am back and thank you for your awesome emails and comments – they totally make a difference.  I felt supported and my Mars in Virgo did not guilt out (as can happen, lol) over being unwell.

Okay so more soon – i have some epic posts ready to go when i have caught up on emails – but two things: The Monthly Horoscopes for September are up and if you have not read them yet, please do. They’re more nuanced than usual because, well, there IS nuance in this here astro-scape. And Eclipse Season is coming.

Secondly, Mercury has just gone into Libra and Venus is soon to go into Virgo. This is a shift of vibe that sets us up brilliantly for the more crazy bats of Mars in Saggo from mid-month. Venus analyzes romance, prospects, art, fashion and so forth – Venus in Virgo is actually a brilliant bit of astro in which to purchase new clothes etc.  Super discriminating and suave. Mercury in Libra balances. If something has gotten out of whack within a relationship, pay attention because it’s about to get back “in whack.”

More on the Mercury in Libra versus the Zap Zone vibe in the Daily Mystic emails but hands up who can feel the shift? And it’s a good one because who the hell wants to greet the more free-wheeling, fast moving and radically candid Mars in Saggo from mid-month with an unclear mind or cluttered priorities?

Assess and seek balance to be perfectly prepped for the brave new Mars vibe, Eclipse Season and Mercury Retro.


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101 thoughts on “Venus Number Crunches – Mercury Balances

  1. Hey Mystic so glad you are feeling better. The world feels put back to rights with your return to the people, but very glad to hear you didn’t suffer the guilt pangs of being away from work (well done you, but take the recovery slowly). I think it’s worth reporting that lots of people I know had this cold (or ‘flu?) that JUST won’t GO… you think it’s gone and then it’s back again. In the last month or so, for at least three whole days I’ve been vanquished by the virus (or whatever) and I’ve taken to my sickbed like a Bronte heroine (kind sister bringing me soup and all). It really makes me value full health while I’ve got it, and consider people who deal with illness all the time.

    Anyway, I’m putting up my hand here as a Cap-Lib-Cap shift-feeler. There has been an profound change in my personal cosmos in just the last few days. Seemingly small external events but a major re-allignment within. The vibe is a new one with a grand water trine cranking the wheel (can feel it in me waters).

    Areas such as paid work and creative work that were causing me much concern now moving forward. AND even in the romance department (which has been stalled for years) there is an internal shift: coaxed by other friends in the 50s, I took up the reigns and joined an online dating service, but as I was scrolling through, it dawned on me: Fuq it. I actually like being single.

  2. August sucked like i thought it would. Nothing but family fighting and stress.
    Hopefully Sept. will be better. Fall is normally better for me.

    I’m so glad Mystic is doing better! Yay! Mystic really is the most consistent and best, REAL astrologer out there on the net. You get what you pay for.

    those of you who are into Susan Miller, I was reading an interesting Reddit on her, and how her astro forecasts may have actually been her mother and how she has been possibly faking stuff. Looks like fakers might get busted under current astro. interesting. I stopped reading her back in 08 when the quality started going down.

    • Wow!!! I hate to say that your comment makes sense. I was baffled by the illnesses she is dealing with and now I wonder about her authencity.

    • Yeah, as much as it feels wrong to criticize someone who puts up free, super detailed monthly horoscopes… something’s definitely hincky there.

  3. Early Sag with Virgo/Libra ruling my 7th, with natal Saturn conj. Jupiter and Venus conj. Pluto up in the Libra part of it.

    My relationship style for most of my life has been to micromanage a really intense fantasy involving another person and then furiously try to live up to it (not to mention become furious when the other person inevitably doesn’t live up to it). Then when I got close to getting the real thing, It’s turned me into a miserable, withholding ball of guilt and shame who really feels she doesn’t deserve what’s on offer — and assumes it wouldn’t be on offer if the other person wasn’t somehow deluded or sketchy. Not a nice thing at all.

    I’ve gotten so much hard-won clarity about this pattern over the past two years or so, and worked so hard to go over my relationship history with a fine-toothed comb, really seeing and feeling all the ways this has screwed me (and others) over. Spent most of the past year completely man-free, just doing some heavy thinking and getting to know myself.

    I’m honestly a little scared to have my 7th house lit up like this. My life is so peaceful and simple right now. I want a live-in partner and a baby and more pets and a little house for all of us to live in, and I also want the time and energy and freedom to do my own work and move in the world as a free human. So much of me working this out for myself feels contingent on threading the needle presented to me by my 7th. And I can’t do that alone and I have no idea what opportunities will present themselves.

    The Jupiter conj. Saturn in 7th house Libra usually means that I have ample opportunity to get involved with the wrong person, while Gem Moon opp. Sag Neptune means that I will be philosophically confused about what constitutes “the wrong person,” or attracted to the exact person I know is wrong. But Venus conj. Pluto in the 7th makes me think that transforming myself through these experiences is exactly what I’m meant to do. I’m trying to find a way to see it as worthwhile, or even beautiful. Mars in Cap hates that sentiment. Rolling its eyes so hard.

    So I’m trying not to let my apprehension cause me to miss out on anything. And my god, am I ever tired of thinking about this stuff.

    • MMabel, where are you getting your astro info from?
      Forget wrongs or right. It’s what is right FOR YOU.
      Yes and my first thought over your first few lines was ‘she’s over thinking this’.
      Fear just may put the ‘difficult’ (instead of ‘wrong’) person in your sphere.
      7th is relationship you have with yourself and you have done the work so let go and trust.
      (Written with the best intentions for your welling).

  4. My little Cappy Bunny tried to kidnap his grandfather from hospital tonight. He pulled the wheel chair over, directed/pulledSaggi Papi into it, then rolled him down a corridor to the lifts and presses the button and attempted to have him enter it. When we asked what he wanted he pointed at Gem & I and said, “aeroplane!”. We are going on a trip tomorrow & weren’t sure he understood it all.
    Apparently he understands we are going very well!
    We all cried when he cried that Saggi Papi couldn’t come. “Broken!!”, he said sadly pointing at the aged centaur’s leg.

  5. I’m feeling out of sorts, up and down, this whole past month because I was laid off my job starting the last day of July. August was difficult, emotionally. I have my private practice, but don’t make ‘a living’ at it, at the moment. Taking all this time, now, to try to build that in, but so much is precarious. I have unemployment benefits, but nothing else to rely on.

    I have felt a little better since after the last new moon and since the sun went into Virgo. I’m more focused and a little more positive thinking and motivated. Still easy to worry and crash into depression, too.
    Venus going into Virgo will eventually transit opposing my Mars in Pisces, wonder what that will bring, as Venus will also transit conjunct my Pluto at that time….wandering into my gnarly natal Mars/Pluto opposition.

    Anyway…….Last weekend I actually went to the beach and got in the ocean. Hadn’t done that in a very long time. It helped my mental health a lot. I’m not a city girl but have been living the city life for the past four years. I need to be in the natural world much more….

    • totally feels re the never get in the ocean thing – why on earth dont i do this more often – i feel new again – aagh city calm down etc. yes. it’s one of my new resolutions. more waves. of the marine variety. x

    • (And yes, when I moved to the bricks in my 20s I totally took frequent, routine trips out to the country. Had to or I would’ve lost my mind.)

      • Been sitting in salt baths every night lately.
        When the sun goes down, it just soft music, candles and salty water. The fire and water combo really helps. That awesome astrologer MM mentioned Steve told me I needed chromium as I was literally burned out. Ordered some on amazon, liquid as have not been able to eat or digest for a few weeks – I swear that dude is psychic. I’ve been on the liquid chromium and magnesium as well as trace elements, some mineral concoction I sort of intuited for my self…aloe vera juice, that sort of thing. Today I actually shed some tears – just tears, nothing behind them specifically except maybe relief. The project I was working on is finished. Not perfect but done and keeping it going will just be like any other part of my regimen. My body just needs rest lately – so that’s what I’ve been doing. Trying to anyway… Blessedly the internet shut down for the entire day today and there was no way to obsessively spell check and tinker with it online …finally I got my kitchen mojo back 🙂
        I am baking with frieze dried raspberries, cacao nibs, macca powder, stevia and oats, getting myself all dirty again and feeling relieved and happy.
        Steve said that ML’s Saturn was right on my north node and that we had a yod and very similar life purposes which is why we met, even the exact date we met. Although I don’t have a birth time for him so can’t be sure but astrology is a wonderful system. A really interesting way of seeing the patterns and the myths and of drawing out the essence of things and events.

        I’m ok today, feeling better was really really down for a few days post shipping. Low chromium and fatigue mainly but hormonal too. Health and getting my Jung on, finding and grounding my truth are my current priorities. Living my life as a creative person and owning my own home are two and three. But health first… so relieved to be finding balance and starting to relax a little again. All will be well now. I know it will. X
        Thank you to everyone here for your support these past two years. Really, your support has been invaluable and nourishing. Right. Back to the Kitchen!!!

        • be careful with chromium. i was on that to combat sugar issue related fatigue and it only caused a vague hypomania coupled with insomnia. I have heard that flushing type niacin can restore appetite as well as colostrum. good luck with the chromium though!

        • Gardening next Invicta?
          Then you will be a Sex Goddess
          a Kitchen Goddess
          and a Nature Goddess.
          Wishing you much moola for the house & english garden 🙂

          • Pegs either you are psychic or I am so dizzy I forgot that I already posted about my new garden! Yes. Actual trees and plants and flowers OH MY! Not just the odd money tree in SW corner or whatever. I’m taking like proper GARDENING GOING ON HERE. It started last weekend. My lovely little Kristina and her husband helped me (for a small fee but hey, they need the money and I need the help). While I poured over this year and last year’s bank statements finding payments to her majesty’s gangsters – they were off hunting down trees and shrubs and various plants to fill the space on my terrace. Now, even tho it’s getting colder I can sit outside with my lovely earth friends and breathe air and look into the river and sky. The difference is so profound. Before there were all these hideous plastic plants that came with the flat which I just dumped in the recycling bin. Being a rental it means I won’t get my deposit back but who cares? I live here and my next place is a purchase anyway. Now I am clearing out my closet (literally) and although I do still LOVE to wear black, white and grey with only occasional splashes of cream or red, I do feel a need for colour in the bedroom. New linen. Orange and turquoise. Curtains will be next. Neptune is in my fourth. I can’t help it. Even if I could I wouldn’t want to. I’m loving my home in a way I’ve never done before. Prog moon may have something to do with that too. Loving my home space. Sage smudging – burning old letters from dodgy exes, alchemy baths and hot new accountant. Hey I figure if I’m gonna crush on anyone it might as well be my financial planner right? I met him when it was my Venus Return AND Jupiter was exact on my Venus. And when I showed him my site and told him my biz plans his eyes went wide and there was FIZZ. We will be meeting twice a month every month to talk MONEY.
            How’s that for a constructive crush? Lol

            • we must be going through something similar Victa. I’ve just been through a process of death to the old self, but am composting and getting lighter with colour – also just bought new orange and turquoise bed linen. It’s like reestablishing or rewiring the life connections x

  6. I’m Virgo Sun-Saturn conj in the 11th.
    Gem Moon trine Asc-Venus-Mars-Pluto conj in Libra.
    Venus is presently conj my natal Mercury in Leo.
    Neptune is opposing my natal Sun (natal Saggo Neptune is direct opposite my Moon, and sextile Libra everything).

    I don’t know, should I be side-eyeing this Merc-Venus energy swap? This transit seems like it should be against my religion or something.

    I guess all of this is a good thing…? All signs – chart and otherwise – are pointing to the end of my 4-year seclusion from financial and social responsibility (Libra + Moon trine juju is practically a disease, add to that Neptunian lunacy), and the beginning of….my new(est) career (read:lifestyle) and identity incarnation?

    Though I can’t imagine this transit making me any more indecisive, or any more possessed by late-night Eureka storms every.ten.minutes, or having any more space (physical or virtual) commandeered by a clusterfuq of abandoned ideas and projects.

    And I’m long separated from fiery Toro ex, rarely commit to dating and no longer have one-night stands. Real-life romance (re:obsessive compulsive passion) has been an afterthought. However, this recent solar return revealed that my relationship apathy wasn’t about sparing some poor guy from a woman who didn’t have enough to give, but instead my instinct SAVING me for someone intense and all-consuming. But all bets are off when smiling-hot-sex walks by, so extra Virgo protection welcome!

    I’m very glad you’re back up to snuff MM, the Future Virgo was super instructive and thorough as hell! I wish I had a plan to best channel this celestial action but……I’m probably a high/low functioning flake.

  7. NOOOOO I love Mars in Libra vibe so many things have gone right lately. I don’t want free wheeling Sagg. I love it all in balance and settled

  8. My house settles the day after Merc goes direct lol – no astro planning on my part, it was the longest I could negotiate with the vendors due to other financial situs in play. And yes I think Merc will be retro in my 4th 🙂 Not to worry, my Mars in Virgo is onto it. Have become a reader of the fine print and it is serving me well.

      • Absolutely. My mantra at the mo is ‘foundations’ as Saturn is all over my IC/4th. Interestingly I am loving coming to grips with this stuff for the first time in my wafty Piscean life. Cap moon trine Mars in Virgo – using control freakery for good instead of evil 🙂 xx

    • Welcome Crista Sista, have a look at your chart at you will need your birth time for your rising /ascendant sign, and your first house etc. Get friendly with Mystics search bar !

    • I was in that exact stage a year ago, haha.

      What was a great introduction for me was a free book on called Mapping the Psych. It’s under “all about astrology”. (I’m not sure I can link it because of spam rules)

      Also, start digging into Mystic’s archives – there’s a great tag called “d.i.y. astro” and also “hi – low” astro off the top of my head are good to start.

      Then, start getting familiar with your birth chart, start observing the people around you, check out astro books from the library, etc. Have fun!!

    • The book i mentioned in the most recent Weekend Links as a good beginners resource and great way to learn astrology would be as good start.

      As Cosmic says below, there is also a LOT Of material (over a million words) in the site archives, DIY astro posts etc. For example, here is a Category on the Houses.

      You can use the drop down Categories menu on the right. There is also a search button on the top right of the site and you can also navigate though the tags for each post. Eg: there is a tag for 12th House.

  9. Happiness Myst is well again & guilt free to boot 🙂
    Monthly scopes are very informative & much appreciated at such
    an awkward time for me.
    Must do big huge space clearing before i lay hands on a body again.
    Wonder if pushing a large size entwined bunch of white sage down DVN’s throat would smudge him out completely? Done with love of course.
    My very first boyfriend with whom i am still touch i with said ‘you need a husband’ as if that would solve the situ. Yup men DO still say that to women. Now that’s too higher price to pay, is marriage, even to inherit a million. Or is it???

      • I paid a million to get divorced from a guy worth hundreds of millions and still figured I got off lightly. Buying my freedom was the best thing I ever did. The only difference for me, as a woman between being married and being in prison is that at least in prison you don’t have to cook. Some women were just born to run free. Or maybe find someone just as wild to run with but NEVER to be tamed.

        I’m biased because of my SN in Kataka in the 8th House. I’ve always had rich men trying to buy me and it hurt my soul (it’s a rental, not a purchase ” as Tom Waits sings) With my NN in the second house in Capricorn my vibe is #MATRONBOSS. #FEMINISTWHORE
        #SHAMELESS #BOLD & #BRAZEN. Oh god stop with the hash tags already.
        Like most things with me- it started off as a joke and I took it too far. But no. Pegs. Space clearing, sage smudging, visualising, alchemy baths rather than marriage. Unless it’s to yourself and your dreams or she/ he is one who can keep up with you…

  10. but you might know a thing about phoenixing?

    follow the tips: value discrimination, remain balanced.

    I think just look to the higher frequencies of both planets?

    and va va…voom! (not va va doom 😉 )

  11. Discriminating and suave relationship analysis and balance – good.
    Freaking out a bit here.
    UberAries is going to be a Thing. It’s so happening. Which is cool, except…
    Pluto-Saturn. Our respective plutos and saturns square each other’s by a degree. He’s got Pluto on his Saturn and Saturn on his Pluto. Our composite chart has Pluto-Saturn conjunct by less than a degree, opposing Venus, and sextiling (one degree) Neptune-NN-karma conjunct by less than half a degree.
    He asked me if I destroy my lovers BEFORE I told him my history (2/3 ain’t bad), then told me that if I am the harbinger of his doom, he welcomes it.
    This has got to be Phoenix energy and not mutual annihilation. But for the life of me, I don’t know how to “work” Pluto-Saturn.

      • Would it? I was thinking more true calling kind of thing vis a vis some variety of biz or academic partnership. But you know, I’m open lol 😛 x

        • BUT you know what, Pegs? What I was thinking would definitely go a long way where you were thinking, esp if I was financially compensated fairly in this new venture, you know, because no worries shit me more than my financial ones, which that stress is hard on my body, & so on & so on… So yeah: I hope so, babe!

  12. So glad to hear you’re feeling better Mystic.

    My mars is at 7 virgo, sun is at 10 so I’m currently having a Neptune in opposition transit…I think that explains my weird desire to watch pirate and Peter Pan movies this weekend, huh? (I watched Hook, and the live action version, and now I want to be a mermaid). Since I was a kid, the ‘going to Neverland and never growing up’ fantasy really appealed to me. So it’s not a surprise I’m drawn to that now — my birthday is tomorrow.

    I’m turning 27. It’s not a ‘big’ birthday like 30 but 27 sounds like…a legit adult right? Like I should maybe have my shit together by now. Yet here I am, currently a full time student again, and living at home, having changed directions after a failed first career (teaching – I realized it wasn’t what I wanted to do long term). Uranus has been on or near my MC for quite some time now so I’m very focused on career lately (and I think that’s what set into motion the career change to begin with). I finish school next May and hope to start my new career + move out soon after. My Saturn return will be in a few short years as I’ve got Saturn in mid Sagittarius. Lucky me, by then Jupiter will be helping me out in Virgo, so maybe it won’t be that bad. Still, I can’t help but feel very Neptunian so close to my birthday…deep, melancholy moods, and wanting to escape. Can’t shake this heavy mood even as I smile and celebrate.

    I’m just going to take it a day at a time. There’s no use worrying. September sounds like it will be a good month. I’m looking forward to Venus in Virgo – it’s where mine is natally. Mars in Sagg sounds good too.

    • 27! Maybe not a “big” birthday… unless you’re a rock star. 😉
      May the beauty of neverland ground itself in your everyday life! Happy birthday. 🙂

      • Thank you!
        lol – yes, very good thing I’m not a rock star as they all seem to have tragic deaths at 27. Whew, dodged that bullet.

    • Happiness for your B-Day, Kathleen.
      Don’t think there is any particular age to become an adult
      unless perhaps it’s 42?
      Best of Luck.

      • Thanks. Yeah, I guess there is no official age unless you want to say 18 or 21 (but they’re babies).

        Why 42? Because it’s the answer to life, the universe, and everything?

        Good thing I intend on staying young at heart forever. Not jaded or cynical. Maybe my nostalgia bender was meant to remind me of that.

            • Yes he did. Didn’t go into it much as l left work early for a birthday for a mechanic who happens to specialise all things horizontally opposed. And l mentioned it was Ferdy’s bday and guy was amazed. Its also my son’s bday and he is also a designer. Virgo attention to thought and expansion. Thanks anon for that post. Havn’t seen any posts to riff on lately. But as you’d know l like most things Teutonic as my Venus Mars line Xsses in der Vaterland.

    • Allow me to bust the “shit together by age XX ” myth. I decided that it’s a fiction concocted by the change-averse.. Life is a work in progress, especially for career-changing mutable signs. Guessing with that astro you might have a Gemini asc as well? So more mutables in the mix.
      Anyway, high five for retraining , congrats on imminent graduation, and happy birthday!

      • Also if it helps. define ‘shit’, define ‘together’. for yourself.
        I see that you’re not all eaten up about this, but i’ll philosophise anyway. I know some who have the job, the house, the guy or girl, one or more of these things, but inside themselves? raw, brittle, green, fearful, whatever.
        Not to mention, we can be on the spectrum of shit-together-ness. There are no absolutes in this world 🙂 (absolute zero maybe)

      • Oh my god, yes, I have a ton of mutables, a few cardinals and only one fixed. I’m a Cancer ascendent and only have Chiron in Gemini. Also four planets in virgo, 2 in Sagg.

        I think career changing is very normal these days and often it takes a lot of time, $$$, and energy to do that so I won’t feel too hard on myself. I’m positive that I’m going into the right career field now (graphic design). And it’s way better than devoting MORE years of my life to the wrong career.

        Thanks for the comment. Definitely made me feel better.

        • Career changing its not that hard VK. If youve got a good intent and willpower its easy really.
          I became too “old” for marketing jobs so morphed and took a 3 month sprint to finish the quals into a trainer – a job I did 9 years ago and love.d. Bit of a natural being a Leo too and thst makes it easy as well. Go for it.i say.

          • But I am ‘going for it’. And it’s taking me more than 3 months but I am learning at a fast pace. I am learning graphic design – all aspects of it, from print to advertising to logos to web and apps. I’m getting a 2 year degree at the community college and putting together a good portfolio. that’s good that career changing was faster for you but not every career is that quick to get into as some naturally require a lot of training. like I said I am very career focused right now.

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