What Transit Equals Firemen?

Hot topless fireman New York

Hi Mystic,

Firstly, thank you! Your blog, horoscopes and insight into life have helped me through a pretty hectic time; I’m surprised I didn’t break the Oracle function to be honest.

I’ve recently, in the last few months, started dating again after a 5 year relationship which resulted in two beautiful tiny humans.
I haven’t found much of a link in men I am attracted to, other than maybe Virgo suns.

More recently though, as in the past week, I have “met” online, three men who are firefighters and one who has applied for the fire services..
None of these men listed their occupations on their profiles.

Is there some kind of weirding happening whereby I’m attracting these fire fighting gents? Or is it just coincidence? (I don’t really believe in coincidence..)

I’ve attached my chart if it helps!

With love,
Bianca xxx 

Hi Bianca,

Hey thank you!  But it was a country music singer who broke the Oracle lol.  But these days i have way more reliable hosting, who can handle surges in traffic and so forth.

As for what transit = firemen (?) i don’t know but i think we should make it dead-set legit – as in compulsory. We will identify it and we will get alerts texted when it is about to begin.

I did peek at your chart and you have Mars Rising – so a natural affinity with the more archetypal Mars characters – fireman is probably Mars to the max, if you think about it. And Haute Mars to boot.

As in low Mars is out there picking fights out the back of bars – Haute Mars uses strength and bravery to save and protect people. Kittens even! Sorry, i “had” to browse Google Image search for firemen to illustrate this post, finally just short-circuited and picked this one at random.

Anyway, Neptune is squaring your Mars so as long as you’re not going bats on Blue Devil Hoochie Juice or other Neptunian substances, you’re bound to experience a higher level of synchronicity and magic in everyday life, especially to do with men (Mars) and firemen even.

I also think Jupiter in Leo is a generally more over the top vibe. I got legs waxed yesterday by a Piscean Fijian who alternated surreal insider gossip with channelling.  Things are weird and about to get weirder.

Have fun!   Maybe we should do a combination Moon Calendar and Firemen one?

Image: New York City Fireman Calendar

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Yes. Firemen. Yes.


Hilariously, last night I was then invited to the Perth Firefighters Calendar Launch..I think I’ll go 😉 😉

Three of the four have disappeared into cyber space as is often the case with online dating..but the best looking of the bunch has hung around and is in regular contact..I’ll confirm ASAP his stats so we can test the theories 😛


I can see firemen as some kind of mars/cancer combo – as in the fire element, and also protector of houses, saving people with an onslaught of H20! Makes sense

Kataka on Fire

Yep I know two mars/cancer firemen!


When things get weird the weird feel comfortable?
Like when the going gets tough the tough get going?


What sign are they? Are they steady, or do they have a high burnout rate (puns unintentional)? Maybe Toro cause they seem to stay with it for life despite the toll, or maybe Aries bc they strike me as the race-to-orgasm type. They seem too conservative and homogenous for Sagg, but deeply emotional, so maybe Cancer?

I’m sticking with the Mars theme most everyone else has for transits, and the same for their occupational chart influence.

Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot

DAYMN!!! Posts like this make me weep with joy.

As did that pic.

This is sooo brilliant.

I totally believe it’s all about the Mars. Hottest planer, red and firey….helloo

FIRE-ies = Mars



That’s hysterical MM re: waxing experience!

I have Mars conjunct Saturn in Virgo 6th & I seem to attract law or health types 🙂



I have Mars conj Pluto-Venus-Asc and seem to attract driven, alpha, conservative, type-A suits repulsed by and weirdly attracted to my far-left, vintage closet, purple hair, ‘at ease’ way of life. I blame an empty 7th house.


There’s a big fire here (fire season in the pacific NW). Tons of gorgeous helicopter pilots 😉

Come take a vacation.


Just spent the evening downstairs at the pub with two AMAZING female helicopter pilots…. One of whom runs the helibase!!!! I guess the whole helibase has been run by women lately. They were telling me about how no such thing would have happened fifteen twenty years ago. Such an incredible experience. Especially since I started by evening by telling my girlfriend “I hate men and children!” (I have a wonderful husband and two year old but very much need some alone time).

Curious about how old your twins are??



I dated a Virgo fireman for a bit. Disappointingly boring. Jupiter was in Leo. Conservative fire?
Also had a fire-wife (ugh, what a title) friend for a while so met lots at her parties. Mostly hot (though mustaches! Ew!), all conservative. Final answer: Leo.


Brawn with mustaches? Very calendar porn of yesteryear.


the performance! the attention! the heroism! the costumes! I mean, the uniforms! the fire! the fainting women!


Thanks Mystic 🙂

Great choice with the photo – it took me a while to get to the content of the blog post..xx

Liberating Venus

What’s your vital stats? Sun/Moon/Rising?

5th House/Sun/Leo are dating prospects as opposed to partners – Solar energy is what we turn to when we’re just looking to have some fun.

Jupiter in Leo is already expanding dating prospects for many – and it sounds like this is the case for you, too – yay! But I would like to see how Mars ties in here because firemen are totes Martian and I suspect he has a finger in this pie somehow.

Also? I’m *so* jealous, LOL! Go git sum, guuuurl! xo


Hey LV 🙂
Pisces Sun, Virgo Moon, Gem Rising – a mutable little lady I am 😉 x

Liberating Venus

Thanks for elaborating, Bianca. Not sure when you originally wrote the email to Mystic, but that sounds pretty consistent with transiting Mars thru your 5th House to me. Obviously, this would depend on 1) what degree Gemini Rising you are 2) what house system you’re working with. In a non-equal house system like Placidus for example, it’s possible for a house to span more than 30 degrees, which may have put Mars in your 5th when you wrote in to her. Check your transits for the approximate date(s) when all these fiery men were popping out of the woodwork –… Read more »


Mutable? You’re practically a shape-shifter!


Heh- fingers… pies…

Sorry. My libido right now is out of control, and my brain now that of a 12 year old boy.


A grocery store I stop by at work has a few firemen shopping there in the morning. (Their station is nearby.) I run into them from time to time. Some of them are nice to look at…

Lo and behold, I have Mars rising too. However, I’m already taken by a sweet, nerdy guy who considers Superman and the Hulk his patrons gods, er, superheroes.


it’s the online dating transit….

*based on own online experience and insider knowledge gleaned from firey BiL: “they talk about sex a lot” ps. check if they’re married!*


freaky Prince Stolas! had to check after reading your post above – said BiL is a Katakan!!

Prince Stolas

weird right? I thought i would see more Aries or Leo or Sagg firemen, but NOOOOO
mostly Cancer followed by Scorpio! surprise!! but that’s just peeps i know. Your town could be different!

and yes check for secret wedding ring tan!!!


those water signs secretly want to use their powers to extinguish fire 😉

Kataka on Fire

Mine was a Scorpio with cancer moon and mars!
Always thought it was Uranus conjunct his sun. But yes they want to use their hoses to quench the heat!


“their hoses”, lol 😉


Definitely weirding going on on this end, and I suspect yes, about to get weirder.

Can’t say more as I don’t want to jinx it. Jupiter in Leo- feeling the internal combustion.


Maybe she’s just attracted to hot guys

Sorry :/



Prince Stolas (formerly EEL)

Def Mars transits would bring up fireman. totes agree!

The only fireman i know are all Cancerians strangely and only buddies, not romance material.

weird and weirder? haven’t seen it yet, Just boring and more boring. The ennui is thick enough to cut with a knife.

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