Are Squares Our Mutant Super-Powers?

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Are Squares Our Mutant Super-Powers

Dear Mystic,
I feel like squares must be our mutant powers. My superpower is Neptune square Venus. I can spin anything into a love affair out of nothing. So far this has only caused me endless heartbreak in every arena of my life – from misinterpreted casual encounters to outsized loyalty to employers to of course romantic relationships of all shapes and sizes. I can turn on the faucet of gooey XXL-love and live all day in a dreamlike state of this fantasized reality.

Problem is harnessing it for “good”. I search the internet all the time but people only ever talk about the dire consequences of this aspect. I’d love a whole site dedicated to its awesomeness. Nay, a whole site dedicated to squares and their role in the arcs of our lives! In the meantime I will settle for a post in response to this letter. I love you so much. Your squares must be the peak of Mount Amazing.

12th-house-Venus-square- Neptune-in-the-3rd Woman

Lady, please. See The Upside Of Being A Love Zombie already. This HAS been covered. And Venus Square Neptune is the classic Love Zombie indicator. You may also be happy to know that i am doing a book – like Bitchcraft – about Love Zombies. I mean a genuinely ground-breaking Read of Awe. And Uranus is not even exact on my Mercury yet!

But yes – a thousand times – squares in your chart really ARE your mutant super-powers. Once conquered, they behave better than trines (the “easy” aspects in a chart) because (I guess) you are not taking them for granted? Or maybe it’s like some disgusting Game Of Thrones style syndrome, conquered squares are more loyal because you’ve shown them who is the boss bitch? I don’t know but it’s true that a difficult aspect can be transmuted, like lead to gold.

Ages ago we did a thing on here – in a D.I.Y. Astro post – where people found their top three closest aspects and acted like they were The Everything. It’s insightful. BTW the D.I.Y. Astro-Hacks Mp3 lessons will be back – i have to change the name though as there were people getting them and then complaining i did not provide any actual “hacking information.” I was thinking more in the vibe of Lifehacker lol. As in swift ways to understand or work with something.

Anyway, grab your top three square aspects – if you know your chart or you can get one off Astrodienst – and rather than looking at them as potential crap that could go down, see them as mutant super-powers. Venus-Neptune, once harnessed is a lover, friend, parent, carer – anything – of the most exquisite nuance and finesse.

And Ms 12th House Venus, thank you for the compliments! My main square is a funky Mars-Pluto-Uranus square the Nodes – i need to think on this. If it were a super-power, it would probably be a really distinct sense when eras were over or a swift smack-down if off-life-track.

So Astro-Fiends & Astro-Newbies alike, what is your main square and if it were to be turned into a mutant super-power, what would it look like?  You can also find your strongest square and then look for examples of people who have that same energy (eg: Venus and Neptune) in a really harmonious aspect, see what that looks like.


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157 thoughts on “Are Squares Our Mutant Super-Powers?

  1. I don’t have any!! A loose one or two to my MC but no interplanetary ones, just a whole lot of conjuncting, a bit of opposing, one trine and some boring sextiles. I end up hunting out the squares in synastry with others and then acting like a wuss when I can’t handle the energy. I think they give people drive and oomph, the kind I long for, like a well aspected Mars in Capricorn (I wish).

    • As well as the obvious inner tension and frustration, of course but that can be useful, never met a really successful person who didn’t have some serious squares going on.

    • You forget that people and transits (and places) can form squares with you (Kim Falconer taught me this) . The hardest and most rewarding relationships in my life square me. The space between two people becomes greater than the sum of the individuals.

      And conjuncting gives you lots of magnetic charm/sexual charisma!

    • im curious, as a triney person, do you usually take the path of least resistance in life? do you have little willpower? have things come easy to you?

      • Everyone forms hard aspects to me, other than my ASC my chart is made entirely of 3 signs so I always oppose, square or conjunct people and the most dynamic of those are usually the ones with the most square action. I absolutely seek them out. I have Mars-Neptune conjunct and Venus-Pluto, not sure about charisma, people are certainly never on the fence about me, kind of an instant love/hate reaction that goes with being very Plutonic, also makes me a raging love zombie. I only have a couple of trines, one that really counts to my ASC so no that doesn’t really apply to me, I have extreme amounts of willpower in some areas (stubborn Scorpio) and zero in others.

      • As a triney person, yes to the first question.

        ASC-Venus-Mars-Pluto Libra trine Gem Moon 9th (stellium sextile Neptune+Leo)
        Leo Merc 11th trine Neptune Sagg 3rd
        Scorp Uranus trine Kataka MC
        Virgo Sun-Saturn trine Chiron Toro (sextile MC)
        Jupiter in Kataka 10th trine SN Pisces 6th (sextile NN Virgo 12th).

        Libra doesn’t do struggle as it is, so trines are probably our cosmic crack. I’m all for battle in love, war + conviction (for a while) but in $$$ career, daily drudgery and anything that doesn’t come naturally, I prefer to take it easy. I’m not proud of this at all. I consider myself pretty lucky, good people + opportunities seem to find me and I’m fortunate that everything else in my life falls into place. Thankfully I’m energetic and like Charley fairly Plutonic, so the willpower (and Zombie-ism) is much strong with me otherwise I might resemble LOTR’s Galladriel.

        Oddly enough I find my squares reinforce my trine behhaviors.
        Merc sq Uranus
        Venus sq Jupiter
        Pluto-Mars sq MC

  2. Mars in Scorpio (2nd house) square Moon in Aquarius (5th). Futuristic scheming? Perhaps I’d be a good Bond villain, with a moon base or something else appropriately near the edge of science.

    • Go to, Extended Charts, Pullen/Astrolog, then pick Simple Chart Delineation by Walter Pullen.
      If you go near the bottom there will be a section that weights each aspect of your chart. So the heaviest weighted square for me is this one: Saturn (Can) Squ (Lib) Pluto – sep 7:14′ – power: 24.21

      I don’t know if MM approves or not but she recommends this website, so happy square hunting!

      • Wow, thanks for this info, Sphinx! Fascinating stuff.

        Who’da thunk Jupiter conj Uranus (with SN sandwiched between) would be aspect with most power… I thought that was Venus conj Saturn.

      • looks valid to me, I did both and they mostly agree, but they are conflicted on my 2nd strongest square.
        pullen says mars sq Jupiter
        but tight nodes say MC sq Saturn. If i go by everyday life, MC sq Saturn is more obvious. of course im not sure how mars sq. saturn manifests.

    • I would say pick the ones that have the closest degree and are applying (indicated by the A) rather than S which means separating.
      The closer the degree the more the powerful connection .

    • Thanks guys! Wow. Interesting reading re Pullen…so I have a Grand Cross & 4 x T- Squares.
      Moon sq Uranus & Chiron, Merc sq Jupiter, Uranus, Chiron
      Think I’m in the right spot near the bottom where have
      Jupiter (Ari) Squ [Can] Saturn – app 6:14′ – power: 19.78
      Venus (Cap) Squ (Ari) Jupiter – sep 1:49′ – power: 11.05
      Moon (Leo) Squ [Sco] Uranus – app 3:27′ – power: 5.24

      Loads more obviously but guess these are my top 3.
      Thanks for your input!

      • I have a moon/uranus square also–I can’t keep a routine–I am very honest, and I do and say what I feel in the moment. Also, the present moment tends to be almost all encompassing to me–ie. when I am upset it is like my whole existence is upset, when I am happy I am all joy–my moon is in Aries though, so that is part of it. Also, lots of creativity in bursts.

  3. My main square is a doozie- Gem Mars retro in 7th square Virgo Pluto in 10th. It’s about one degree apart. The Mars is also on my son’s Gem Moon. We squabble but laugh a lot.

    That square brought me horrid OCD/fear/paralysis/guilt/fear of failure bonsaing self and fear of success. To say nothing of the obligatory power hungry parent and spouse who dukes it out for a living- in courtrooms. My bragging rights: enduring and fighting for the underdogs of the social/educational/medical and legal systems.

    Also fighting for myself- literally in martial arts with my kids. Just now discovering that my awesome lies in matching synergistic energies.

    My other square-9th Leo Uranus square Scorpi Asc. See under fights for…,And big astro-love. Constant transforming of beliefs due to shocking experiences. Just keep shedding those skins! LOL!!

    Love the life hacks I am learning! Thank you amazing MM!!!

  4. Ah! Awesome! You posted this right after I just b*tchd in the last thread about my Saturn/Venus square getting revved by the ZZ. That is my toughest square, I think, and I would like to find a way to make it into a super power! Thanks for this food for thought MM!

    I also have Mercury square Neptune, which I guess could lend itself to fantasies and deceptions, but that could go for me, too, like I could be the one trying to pull off a deception…..I hope I’m not too bad that way!

  5. Mercury in Taurus 5th house square Mars in Leo 8th (>1 orb). Superpower for debate in creativity matters? But I need a Taurus amount of time to work out my points in writing (also square Saturn in Leo 8th with 1+ orb).

    ASC in Cap square Nodes/Moon in Aries 3rd (>1 orb). This is so fuqed up, I don’t know what the superpower could be. Maybe being able to tell the future and figure out mysteries of the past? I studied history and sort of loved the challenge of research and writing.

  6. Dam..wish I understood more of this..I have my chart, but how the hell do u work out your square??
    I just recently met a man on the last dark moon, and he’s fucked up will go absolute no further..but I have the LZ bug, hits me to easy, and fantasise continually..the last man I fell madly in love with was total LZ sickness..That’s why I don’t hold stock to the law of attraction.. My vision board was huge.. My mind and thoughts even huger..and jack shit ever happens..this fella I met last dark moon has really shook me up about the way he views life..he believes in no God or devil, astrology he thinks is very is crap, he got me to watch these docos of Richard Dawson..who explains that everything must have logic and reason..and that there is nothing at all to prove any fact that astrology is went on to film random Leo’s, Virgo’s ect..and giving them all there daily star sign.. It really did look and sound yeah, he’s rocked my beliefs really bad.. I love mystics site “and wish for a mystic App”. But I am wondering if there really is any truth in it all..maybe as humans we just need to believe in something..always looking for hope..hmmm I just don’t know anymore. Lol sorry to go totally of skelter..yeah the squares..I’ve no idea wot mine r..

    • I think how much you believe in it depends on WHAT you want from it. If you expect astrology to give you all the answers or to use it as some kind of prediction tool then that’s complicated and likely disappointing. As a tool for self understanding and understanding relationships with others I think it can be truly amazing and very helpful. There is no ‘proof’ other than what you can find for yourself and if it’s useful for you personally then that should be all you need.

      As for squares, put your details into, go to the free horoscope section, choose the ‘Personal Portrait’ and it’ll give you a list of your major aspects, e.g. ‘Sun square Uranus’ or whatever.

  7. Sun square moon, exact, between pisces and gemini, its as confusing as it sounds. Oof.
    Also got neptune uranus exact conjuct square venus, that’s probably a doozy, I think it gives me awesome taste in movies/tv at least.

    • I have same square David. My sun Gem square moon Pisces. Don’t have many answers re superpowers yet (and I’ve been on the planet with this chart for a lot longer than you’ve been here with yours!) I’m guessing it’s something to do with mutability and duality. My current approach is to work with the commonalities and hold them in place by uniting the elemental differences. Eg a commonality of Gem/Pisces is story making, story loving etc. This can be done the air way (conceptually) or the water way (emotionally) and/ or both. It seems to me that when it comes together as and/ or both it really is a form of magic. Sometimes it heals, sometimes it amuses – is there any difference?

      • i have it flipped, pisc sun gem moon, for me the difference is between this need to be multiple things and the need to just be all things and chill the fuck out, so on one end I want to do it all and learn tons of things, and on the other I have this thing that just makes me zone out and need a lot of rest and in-between time

    • also got a pretty close saturn pluto square, that and the venus one already mentioned are both just 2 degrees off, this one I consider a superpower, I got tons and tons of inner work done of sheer grit

      • I think I see what you mean – is interesting to hear your take from the flipped side. I relate to the be multiple vs be all issue and the outcomes you describe. Seems to me the society we live in adds to the problem by making it a vs issue or maybe I see it that way because of the square. Maybe the superpower could emerge from being multiple and one/all at the same time. Like the ancient metaphor that we are all droplets forming an ocean and that we can be aware of both states. One super power I just thought of is that I’m able to give and take info across all kinds of things that other people see as barriers (eg time, distance, demographics). Best wishes with your superpowers – I think that the way you’re working your Saturn-Pluto square will be a wonderful complement to your Sun-Moon one!

  8. Pluto in Virgo 7th square Sun in Gem 3rd and MC in Sag. Self-undoing Pisces rising is cooked to the perfection.

    When harnessed, I roll down with every punch; like a cat, I fall, land on my feet and lick my paws.

    ps: How is kitty Mystic?

      • I have mars square pluto aspect in my chart and mars in cancer. As a mutant power mars square pluto would be a ninja or have powers in fighting.It seems to be a powerful aspect in my chart. I have a pisces moon which helps. Hard aspects of mars square pluto is wrathful when angry. Can be transformed when channelled into healing. In relationships men sometimes try to dominate me and then end up humilated or in submissive role towards the end.
        I have attracted violence with this aspect and seem to be scorpionic in relationships. I have venus and mercury in virgo. Uranus in my seventh house. I attract unsual friends the more exotic the better.

  9. damnit, haha. I literally have no trines in my chart. Just a buncha squares and conjunctions (no oppositions either). Got Moon/Uranus/Jupiter in Aqua square my Sun/Chiron in Scorp. Not sure what that would mean. ??? Power of insanity??? Also got Saturn sq. Ascendant, Venus/Mars sq. MC. Also have a lot of semisquares + inconjuncts. Not sure if they’re similar to squares in that energy.

  10. dear god, so many hardcore squares in my chart! with the upside in mind…

    top 3:

    sun square pluto: can’t be fuqed with because own worst enemy. high energy/drive. needs a larger than life stage or else will potentially self-destruct. master it and rule.

    moon square neptune & lilith: supercharged housewitchery; moon ritual, reiki and vibrational remedies do wonders. instant daydreaming powers. siren quality.

    saturn square ascendant: extremely professional, stoic and inscrutable in every day affairs. relieved of extended small talk because of apparent business-only vibe.

  11. I have leo sun in the ninth square tauro Chiron in the 7th. Um, recognizing and embracing others’ inner wounds? I am really drawn to interesting people with sometimes tragic back stories.

    I also have sun square my scorp uranus ascendant.

  12. Sun square Uranus – love hate relationship with my own uniqueness and individuality. Resistant to structure and authority imposed from the “outside”. Highly creative and intuitive when recognise the need to conform to some degree and at least some of the time in order to serve a higher purpose. Yep.

    Venus square Pluto – intense feelings, strong manipulative tendancies, desire to control the other (relationship wise) and very demanding of authenticity of feeling and interaction. Need to develop own sense of self worth independant of partner. Yep.

    Moon square Pluto – as above, intensity of feeling but with an outer surface of detachment and almost coldness. Aloof. Won’t let others get really close. Despise feeling vulnerable. Yep.


    • I would add that I have spent a lot of time in the past few years working on the first aspect – Sun square Uranus. Finding a higher purpose to serve in order to tame that rowdy noncomformist who won’t follow your goddam rules has been a challenge. It’s basically been an exercise in maturing the ego so that it is more balanced and able to function within a structure without causing me needless angst … has taken AGES. Now starting to bear fruit.

      The Pluto aspects?? Bahhhhhhhh … only really just started. Perhaps released a lot of resentment inherent in the Moon square Pluto … but still baulk at displaying vulnerability. The Venus square? Forget it. That’s why my romantic relationships all end … my extremes of intensity are too full on and unbalanced at the moment. Only reveals itself in intimate situations though. Am really good with letting friends and general others “just be”. And yes I have a massive healing energy that gets channelled through the Pluto configuration – freaked me out when I first encountered it.

      • What do you mean by healing energy “that gets channelled” through the Pluto energy? I also have a venus pluto square and can relate to what you said. Actually I have moon, venus and mercury closely conjunct in Gem square my Mars/Pluto conjunction. I attract controlling men and jealous women despite all my efforts to avoid these types of relationships.

        • Hey Linda

          With the last point you mentioned, are you familiar with the concept that we attract people into our orbit who act as mirrors for our own repressed and unconscious material? If so then you will understand the notion that to harmonise these aspects we have to work on the self. We can’t change the outer world – can’t stop men being controlling and women being jealous. We can’t stop being attracted to them if they mirror something within us. But we can work on the self to loosen up the attraction, come into balance and alter our patterns of attraction. Make sense?

          Re the Pluto thing. There’s all different types of healing energies out there. Some are into the whole neptunian or venusian peace, love and mung beans variety of healing. That ain’t me. I resonate with the Pluto form of healing which is hard edged, challenging and destructs that which is not useful in order to regenerate and rebuild. So in my work (crisis counselling), I have observed a capacity to cut through people’s bullshit and act as a challenger to their self limiting notions of themselves. There is a healing energy that comes with it – it flows through me or something – but it also comes with brute clarity that can be confronting, both to me and to others. Working on developing my empathy skills – I have Jupes conjunct Neptune. So there is a softness there too. I’ve only just started realising this stuff so if any of the above sounds nebulous and unclear, that’s because I’m still nebulous and unclear about it! 😉

          • That’s wonderful you can use your Pluto energy for something constructive to help others. I have Pluto square Venus in Kataka 7th house, and that was first triggered as a teenager — power and control, obsession, jealousy, intensity. It was too much for me to take and I disapproved of it. Now if it crops up, I try to smooth the feelings out by drawing on a Venus-Jupiter conjunction and Venus-Uranus trine (generosity and unconventionality). Although I avoid relationships, the square still affects me with self-hatred over my worth as a potential partner and the value of my creativity. What kind of thought patterns would change that energy into something constructive?

            • With Pluto you’re almost always looking at the unconscious mind so thought or behavioural based stuff doesn’t tend to work. Psychoanalytic approaches work better for that … making connections to and releasing unconscious beliefs, traumas etc.

              • I think I know what the origins are (in family triangle issues plus my mother had the same problems tenfold). But that’s just at an intellectual level — it doesn’t sink in emotionally.

              • I have Venus in cap square Pluto in libra as well as venus square Saturn in libra . Anyway I emailed mystic about it and she also has the Venus Pluto square . She said its kind of like having a Ferrari parked in your garage it’s not designed for a quick trip to the supermarket . It’s intense / special ..think Liz Taylor she had it . But to be honest it has caused me a lot of pain in my life / sexual issues etc …the last year I have been channelling it through my art .. Bondage dark moody but starting to express it in non relationship ways seems to be the only positive outlet

                • Yep I hear you – dark, intense, can be obsessive and the pain ooh the pain. Mine’s more like a Humvee than a Ferrari 😉

    • I have sun square uranus too and I completely relate. I think there needs to be people who can balance following certain standards while having an active inner life and social life. I believe we can teach others how to balance it successfully.

        • haha yeah the anti status quo shite is quite a wild and wilful energy. Has it’s place in the bigger picture for sure. Somebody’s gotta rock the boat from time to time. But I’ve always harboured fantasies of being a quiet sheeple. ho hum

          • Wild for sure. I was brought up in a strict religious household, so I like to keep face while being a total weirdo in my head and with my social life. I also have sun square chiron, so that’s where I think others come into it.

          • Oh Dear dear dear…I know this is supposed to be about adoring the challenge but I despise the perpetual test, the squares, the semi squares, the oppositions, quincunxes…Exhausting…I have the dreaded bucket / multi-kite chart thing, and my life is continuous chaos…Change, change and more change….

            Inherent in all of us, ultimately I do believe you can, and it is our right to change anything, any part of ourselves, situations, values, opinions, anytime, in a second, but this is not easy going – there are repercussions…

            Especially where there is so much uranus AND a gemini midheaven WITH jupiter conjunct ascendant…

    • Yeah, this is so interesting to hear you talk about the square energy with your Sun and Uranus! I have Uranus as part of a Grand Fire trine with my (Leo) Asc and my (Aries) Mars-Venus-Lilith, so I’ve always had no trouble with letting my freak flag fly and been totally in harmony with being a bit bold and sassy and a loudmouth, but I can naturally do it in a charming way. Where I have trouble is, with my (Aqua) moon opposing my Asc, it’s like sometimes I get down or agitated or annoyed when people don’t take me seriously because they’re so used to be me being fun and funny and down for the cause, that when I’m feeling more Saturnine, other people don’t seem to know how to react sometimes.

  13. My three closest squares are
    Sun in 4th Square Pluto in 8th
    Neptune in 10th Square Ascendant
    Ascendant square Jupiter in 4th

    Mutating this lot is a Life’s Work but the squares to the Ascendant have a theme of not believing in myself or my abilities. Changing this aspect of my personality so that I have a realistic view of my abilities would be profound. I do, however, have a deep sense of justice when I see injustice towards others, large and small. That can be harnessed.

  14. Jupiter in sag 6th square Pluto in Virgo 3rd. Exact.
    Superpower I’d like to turn it into would be some type of instant healing tool. Hypodermic like .
    “Hold still it will hurt less if you don’t jiggle around”

    • I have this too as my tightest and strongest square. I had no idea. Your idea is truer than you know for me, as it occurs in the 10th and 2nd houses.
      Some websites call it “false prophet” and seems very negative re: clash between destiny and guru side.

      • Hmmm, I read the article. Maybe they are wrong and we are right. Hehe. If I take what they are saying and twist it to my liking 🙂 , we have 2 choices, admit we are deluded and get down on ourselves, which risks destroying our inner core, or, start a global cult of faith and healing based solely on our delusion and be adored by millions of similarly deluded followers.
        With my sun in Aries 10th and Uranus Leo in the 2nd and your Jupiter and Pluto we may come up with an extremely plausible delusion.

  15. Saturn sq Uranus by 5, Saturn sq Venus Mars Chiron moon by 7-9. Eros sq Pluto by 5. Juno sq Saturn by 3. Karma sq nodes by 6. I’m stretching. Have superpowers but the squares aren’t it!

    • Fuck, that was me above being a butterfingers.

      10th house Sun-Mars in Libra square 7th house Jupiter in Cancer + 1st house Neptune in Capricorn

      10th house Mars in Libra square 1st house Saturn in Capricorn

      2nd house Moon in Aquarius square 11th house Pluto in Scorpio

      Any guidance on what my positive superpower would be? Because I already know I’m good at starting, but no finishing ambitious

        • And 10th house Mercury in Virgo square 1st house Uranus in Capricorn.

          I know I don’t have to list all the squares, but how do you interpret what would be a “Top 3” square?

          • In your astrodienst chart, the symbol grid at bottom right shows the aspects with a number telling the orb of influence (degrees away from exact). That’s the easiest way.

  16. I have an 8H Cap Mars squaring a 5H Jupe/Merc conjunction. I can think of lots of ways in which this could pose difficulties….bluntness in communication, not being able to express my desires, vision/intellect without the drive to implement, just to name a few!

    Besides the prospect of just recognising these and turning them around, which poses the question of how but I’m sure that would be worth some focused attention, I would love it if other astro minds looked at this and saw something great 🙂

    • Are Jupiter and Mercury in Libra? Mars square Mercury can be argumentative, but you can transform that into civilized debate with practice. Draw upon Libran diplomacy, Jupiter generosity/good will, and Cap discipline for guidance.

      • o yeah, sorry. Libra 5th house! I have been accused of argumentativeness in the past and that’s something I’ve really been working on the last few years. Thanks for your ideas 🙂

  17. I’ve got quite a few squares – Sun and Mercury are both square Neptune. To me, the lower form of those two is that my imagination can get in the way of logical thinking, I’m somewhat absentminded and a tendancy towards mental escapism. Also – big time inferiority complex, and the feeling I must constantly be defend my ideals and objectives.
    Funny, I had thought of squares in relationships as being something amazing once you’ve conquered it, but I hadn’t yet translated that into being also applicable internally.
    I think I’ve unconsciously mastered the inferiority complex – I channel it into productive energies to make sure I’m on top of and excel at everything I do. Sometimes I slip and have a massive internal hissy fit that I’m being taken advantage of, but more often than not I can recognise the symptoms and rein it in.
    I haven’t tackled my absentminded-ness or escapism… and I don’t know how. Tips from those who’ve been there before? This one is especially hard because I really like disappearing away into my imagination!

    • I like to disappear into imagination too, and I don’t want to stop ;-). From what I’ve read, you’re supposed to channel that imagination into creativity like storytelling, poetry, music, etc.

  18. My whole chart is like a big, fat T square. I think that’s what makes me so cool and uniquely beautiful. I’m also incredibly modest, clearly 🙂
    Ja but seriously (snickers) I DO think that struggling with any form of resistance makes you stronger. Forgive me yet another tedious weight lifting analogy but you know, The War Of Art, the Resistance, The Iron, squares in charts, they all kind of fall into the same category IMO. It’s like that beautiful Nick Cave quote about being a late developer or ugly ducklings (like me) who grow up to become gorgeous and strong wild swans. Not to diss those of you with charts full of trines and no squares (because I’m seething with envy on the other side of my face) but you know what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and all that. You gotta push against something to break yourself and make yourself. I will shut up soon :-D. I’m just so “it’s hip to be square” because I Am A Big Square and no round hole is ever gonna feel comfy. I dig my edges. They define me.

    • Lol, the square peg thing….

      Me too Malef, except that I am neither beautiful nor cool, and my whole chart (apart from my Moon, thank fuq) is caught up in TWO big T-squares in which my Sun and Venus are the respective meat in the two sandwiches:

      1st house Sun/Merc square Pluto/Uranus on MC opp Jup/Chiron on IC, and

      Venus-Nept on Asc square Mars opp Saturn.

      So I don’t fit anywhere, and can never quite manage the instrinsic conflicts. God – even if one T-square seems to be accomodating or blending the energies of its planets, the other one is going “this suxs!!! this is not me!!!”

      And round and round it goes.

      You gotta laugh: is this a gnarly merc retro opp Full moon eclipse (on my moon) ALREADY yet, or what? And merc isn’t even retro yet?!

        • Thanks hon. Mars on my Sun exact today, square natal pluto in 10th today, with Neptune in Pisces opposing MC.

          At an interview for a job I really want, and have been doing for months, I fell today, on the question that of all applicants, I should have been best able to answer with a ball and gag in my mouth, since I’ve just written a few thousand words about solutions to the particular issue I was asked about.

          Total brain snap. Low blood sugar I think, because i was too stressed to eat enough breakfast to last the distance, and then the interview was delayed.

          I can’t blame the T-square. But the support is much appreciated, since i SO don’t feel cool today xx

    • beautiful.

      my mother always told me the ugly duckling was my story.
      I was mortified at the time then I grew up and realised it was a metaphor for his homosexuality. I think squares are like a coming out or same level brutal teen stuck in a stupid redneck town transition before it takes its folio to new york kind of thing.

      • YES!
        Agree re squares being similar to the process of having to come on as gay in a world which rejects the different ones. I believe this is why I’m a fag hag.
        There is something about coming out that forces strength of character to develop in ways most heterosexuals simply never have to think about.
        For this reason most gay relationships I know put the heterosexual ones to shame re issues like jealousy and presenting a united front no matter what. There seems to be so much more compassion and tolerance. At least among my friends there is. Obviously all generalisations are fraught with danger but…generally speaking….they are more evolved as humans. I mean they might bicker behind closed doors but they will be walking the dogs and doing the team work that is being a couple regardless.
        I do think having the law and or “god” on your side is a somewhat detrimental to the development to character ^^^^^ runs and hides^^^^^

  19. Neptune (7th house) square MC which is in 12th house)
    Saturn square Neptune(Neptune’s in 7th)
    Mars square ascendant (Gemini )
    Jupiter square ascendant (Gemini)
    Jupiter sqauare Uranus.

    I have no idea what superhero I’d be.

  20. Saturn (Can) Square (Lib) Pluto
    Called the “Status Quo vs. Regeneration challenge”.

    I am all Pluto Persephone girl as my Moon is in Scorp.
    Deep cyclic regeneration is my thing – but it’s always been versus The Powers That Be (& want to remain Being) within. I
    rebelled for a loooong time, until I realised my rebellion was a way of avoiding myself, just like those others who didn’t believe in me did.

    My efforts externally mightn’t show it (yet) but I am certain my mutant superpower will flower and it will be this:

    The ability to mould Reality via Pure Willpower.
    (with a touch of dry Cappy humour as I do so)

    Venus (Can) Squ (Lib) Pluto:

    Lovers Land is AWEsome & with NN in the 7th, that is where my heart is and has always been.
    Yes to passion, yes to having learned some lessons, my mutant superpower here is Conscious Unconditional Love.

    Mars (Vir) Squ [Sag] Neptune
    Well duh, super mutant powers of dreaming, imagination and creativity! (Downside might be needing to experience life a bit first 😉 )

  21. I have an almost exact Mars-Venus square (Leo-Scorp, respectively).

    In my experience, this has led me to perform really inappropriate romantic/sexual gestures, i.e., “too much, too soon.”

    I’ve heard the Mars-Venus square described as “all vibe, no action.”

    I unintentionally suck (unwanted) men into my orbit and they tend to … obsess over me. Not to the point of stalking, but it has made me uncomfortable in the past.

    (Both Jodie Foster and Hillary Clinton have the same square, in the same signs.)

    The potential superpower of the Mars-Venus square is (imo) MAGNETISM. This is is awesome for those of us in the creative & performing arts!! This square has a way of “hypnotizing” people (for example: stage presence).

    • My best friend has venus square mars (Aqua to scorp) and she definitely does a “too much too soon” thing…like gets super motivated and energized about someone and it often gets too intense for one person or the other. Her Mars being in the 7th doesn’t help. But I think venus square mars can make someone a true master of their allure, as my bff tends to get hotter every year!

    • I was going to say that would be a very powerful and magnetic combo given the signs the square is in as well. I find Mars needs to be, um, walked with certain aspects to not get pent up and give it something cool to play with. Like a big dog in a small flat. Stage is good yes.

  22. Like MM, I have the Mars Pluto Uranus square the nodes as they are tightly conjunct.

    14 Pluto Virgo in 12th house exact square NN in 14 Gemini in 9th
    Also that Pluto exact opposition to 13 Saturn in 6th house.
    So Saturn exact square my NN too.
    (A bit confused, an opposition is different in quality from a square, isn’t it? Even though they are all mutables in this case)

    Seeing as they are in the 12th/9th/6th…I dunno really. Feel like my square superpowers are derived from the plutonic unconscious as a lot of energy coming from my 12th house. Certainly they are powers I have grown into, as they have turned my life into a lovely garden, symbolically and literally (6th house) out of chaos and many years of darkness. And I have a few higher education qualifications that I never really planned on having but the opportunies came up (9th). I do plan on spending the next phase of my life travelling again though, I want to use the square superpowers for that!

  23. Hell yeah … my chart reads like a square cluster-fuq

    Pluto, Mars, Jupiter, sun, moon, venus, neptune, merc. – on a full moon eclipse with Saturn rising in leo

    My fave is Nep square Mercury – it pretty much manifests as being late and random for everything – always getting busted by friends, employers and lovers – I used to make a million little excuses about why I was late.

    BUT about 5 years ago I stared being really straight up, honest and owing my own shiz eg. ” I’m late because I took heaps of time getting ready and messing around at home” “Thats not done because I’m procrastinating and I’m waiting till something kicks in/clicks”

    The super-power aspect is that I now work with Indig communities who, like me, end up doing what feels right at the time. My colleagues get fried out by this – but I have a zen matrix like ability to read it. I make sense of what looks like chaos (but its actually just hyper intuitive, unconventional and, yes, unpopular)

    I too have the classic Venus square Neptune but planning to nail that in the next couple years while having a neptune opp venus transit.

    I have no choice but to face that sucker, anyone I date who is remotely in my age demographic has their neptune square my venus.

    HOMIES – It is possible to transform your squares – about 6 years ago I kicked my ikeey passive aggressive streak (mars in cancer sq. moon in aries) through one argument with my overtly aggressive sister. She busted me with “why are you talking in that pathetic whinney patronizing voice” so I started yelling back!

    Peace out xx

    • I have neptune exact conjunct venus and I have the same thing with my generations neptune to conjunct my venus synastry. Any later it exacts my DSC and earlier conjuncts my moon. Born dealing neptune hearts. But fuck does it woo people, usually nut cases chasing impossible manifestations of love (I have major saturn grounding thank god but that is the ticket/gateway to neptune, saturn) its all in my 6th so its gotta be for work (not sure if I’d give neptune my admin…) but work a saturn plan around it. Neptune square mercury? you should try being a magician or mentalist? 🙂

  24. Neptune-Vesta-True Node in Sagg/9th square Jupiter-AC in Pisces.

    Chiron in Aries/1st square Saturn in Kataka/5th.

    Persephone in Virgo/6th square Sagg biz above.

    Mutant super power: can hardboil eggs with my mind.

  25. I was going to crap on about Venus sq Neptune but NO. It is only my 3rd strongest aspect:

    if we go by tight orb AND pullen: jupiter sq pluto is my strongest. Guru god cockblocked by God of regeneration & destiny. jupiter is supposed to be my chart ruler. Maybe that’s why i get no blessings from him.

    if we go by tight orb, my next tightest is MC sq Saturn in 7th. and wow is this ever true. I get humiliated for my job by boyfriends. Or there is a conflict between my job and my partner in some shitty way.

    if we go by pullen, next tightest is Mars sq jupiter. which idk? my will vs. planet regeneration and destiny?

    going by both, Venus sq Neptune is a distant third. but despite being so distant makes a huge impact.

  26. Amazing post. I have no time to proper research this but I love it.
    My chart is almost a small piece of pie so I have mainly conjunctions, squares and sextiles.

    I heard this (square powers) from an astrologer years ago who did my chart that said my Mars squares would become assets post 30 and a bitch before then. Hopefully the rest as well. Haven’t done a square check of late so its a great post topic and I agree with Ms 12th house venus-neptune, lets turn the shit to gold alchemy style no?

    Top 3 (4 given conjunction siamese twin sun.mercury)

    1. Saturn Virgo 3rd house square Gemini Asc (exact)

    2. Jupiter Virgo 3rd house square Moon Sagittarius 6th house (1 degree)

    3. Sun Scorpio 5th house (and mercury) square Mars in Virgo 2nd house (2 degrees)

    • Saturn square Ascendant… The power to sober a situation with your mere presence?? (Actually, that sounds kinda bad, how about…) The power to inspire people to better themselves?

      Jupiter square Sag Moon – the power to create a comfortable inviting home environment anywhere in the world, at any time, in the blink of an eye?
      The power to nurture from afar?

      Sun square Mars (in Virgo!!) – the power to self correct at warp speed…? The self-correction is so swift it is unnoticeable to the naked eye. An inner guilt database is maintained to ensure such a mistake will never happen again.

      • LEX! darling, its been too long xx

        Yes, I have the killer saturn square asc, exact no less… Its like being born auto asphyxiated and every now and then they slack the rope a touch.
        My asc is in a grand trine with pluto and eros, (pan rising) saturn in the 3rd.
        I imagine its super power to be something of a mistress or homage to exacting expression and communication. Do not blink in a crisis. Take a sober view

        Jupe and moon, well yes, the suitcase is my home
        and the road is nurturing and something of a mother for sure. I am testing this power tomorrow 😉

        mars square sun is the discontented seeker and its super power is drive. Drive for more, better sex, better experiences, to demand to grow and never stay stuck for too long. The power to fight.

        Hope you well beautiful xx

        • Ah ha! I love these interps!
          Do… Not… Blink…
          That is soooo the logline for the Saturn-sq-Asc feature film. Which is part road trip part time travel saga, i reckon.
          Hope the seeking tomorrow goes wonderfully well, be brave, brazen and a bit bats. Oh, and yeah, never ever settle for less than your demands… and then demand some more…! xx

          • you totally get it Lex. This is all about shaking off the shit and not settling. I’m no ones bitch but my own. I just want my balls back but I gotta do some weeding first. Saturn has the larger game plan on watch while I make way for the future.

            Best to you too babes xxx

            • Are you sure you don’t have that Venus-Uranus square too?? I always put it down to that… I will never be wedded to anything more than my endless distraction with WHAT’S NEXT?!
              Maybe it is all Saturn and Pluto on our arses…?
              Thinking of you, sending amazing vibe. Enjoy Paris my dear, if the Chagall exhibition is still going – go see it!! xx

  27. Never realized till this post that my tightest square is my Taurus true node (H7) square my Leo MC at zero degrees.

    Right off hand that might be why I’ve always believed that I won’t find true love until I find a career. And why all of my attempts at partnership seem to fail because we aren’t headed in the same direction. We’ll have to stay tuned to how that may turn into a super power…perhaps I will find the most epic business partner/lover in the future.

    After that is my moon (libra H11) square neptune (sagg H2).

    This I have always considered the worst thing in my chart. Not being able to trust your own feelings. Feeling other people’s feelings when you rather wouldn’t. Too much empathy. Too much caring about pathetic people (christ complex). But I can see how it’s become a strength for me. I have become better able to help people and steer them away from delusional behavior. I can spot it like a wildfire in my front yard.

    After that Jupiter (Cap H2) square moon (Libra H11).

    WEIGHT PROBLEMS! But I have now seized upon what it means to be insatiable. Knowing is half the battle. I have really kicked some of my bad habit’s asses.

    And knowing that I tend to be too generous with people, I can actively tone it down so I still have that wonderful gregarious Jupiter thing without putting out for people who don’t deserve me. Super power: I’m funny and people like me! And I’m a damn good friend.

  28. Natal squares: True Node (2nd house, Sag) is square with Mars (10th house, Virgo) and Jupiter (4th house, Pisces). “Battle of Wills” and attachment issues are the first things that came to mind. ;-/

  29. Hi
    Pisces Sun & mercury square Gemini ascendant, sadge desc, exact:
    reconciling Identity vs how I seem to others..I think. Ensuring I am seen clearly or convey who I am clearly?

    Capricorn moon square Aries Venus, 4degrees off:
    Cap moon would let me be a stripper if it was discreet, anonymous and no sleazebags lol oh also paid a lot
    So I guess marrying the exhibitionist/try anything once Venus with “only if it benefits you in the long run” cap..

    Aquarius mars sq Taurus Jupiter/lilith , exact:
    Still haven’t figured this one out. Other writers say it can make one a bit fundamentalist about getting what they want. I do get pretty obsessed/determined about goals or outcomes if I need to.

    • Aquarius mars = innovative original unconventional actions, regarding resources, creation, art, music, sensual abundance = Taurus Jupiter. Perhaps a challenge to balance or do to be edgy, group minded, egalitarian and experience or aquire traditional means of comfort, beauty, material wealth…But would be contingent to rest of aspects, transits, house?

      • Hello lovely sunbird!
        Some interesting words to think about.. thank you.
        Yes it would be related to resources and Other People, 11th house toro

        • I meant to add, that if you use the square positively you take any perverse, unusual edgy or eccentric ways of doing things to actually gain abundance, expansiveness from arts, material endeavours…

          To remove odd blocks, make them part of the aesthetic scheme!

          So any contrary whims (group inspired with social principle) need not preclude comfort, financial security, instead it IS what will help triumph or bankroll a successful investment, venture…Critically you have to look at saturn…To know how the long term implementation is likely.

          Speaking from super sun vesta conjunct aquarius 6th house perspective…Uranus conjunct pluto 1st quincunx that…

          Oh and I have taurus lillith squaring this too, 9th, hence I was mostly employed in fashion houses owned by wealthy irate arty travelling outspoken familial women…

          Venus in capricorn saved the day coolly, saturn in aries mean lots of grit…But impulsive aquarius always wants to break free from a square…Survive it by re-visualising the terms of taurus…So solidity is not a weight, but hopefully replenishment.

          • Loathing surreptitious retrograde neptune…Incidentally anyone else who cares to deplore the retrospective insights yielding miserable truths…

            Denial, escapism is hard when the ascendant is mirrored backwards, back to front, upside down and inside out…opposite the conjunct virgo jupiter 12th to asc…conjunct natal pisces mercury & fixed star formalhaut, but grand trine to scorpio ceres 2nd, cancer moon, 10th…Wishes, dreams, do they ever deliver us from our physical condition?

            Too much time attending hospitals, doctors, jupiter leo lillith 12th, square saturn scorpio 3rd (is a T-square to square to my vesta & sun, but moving away now thank goodness)…Miserly saturn, heading towards natal neptune 3rd….Pluto uranus virgo 1st should be sextile so hoping for revelations that are positively transformative…to trine pisces mars trine 7th…

            Jupiter is about to hit my child’s ascendant then trine the sun (while squaring mine), trine my partner’s mercury / sun, and is almost trine to current mars uranus, maybe hope for recovery of underlying health issue…Exhausting, but worth every hope…

  30. I have Moon conjunct Pluto (Libra, 5th house) square Saturn (Cancer, 1st house). This has been a very difficult aspect to live with because I’m emotionally intense but then suppress it to not drive others batty with my rants and antics. Then, people wonder if I have any emotions because I have such a cap on them. The mutant superpower I have for this? It’s hard to say. Maybe an emotional hardiness that when most people blanch, I keep pulling through. If anyone else has a similar aspect, I’d love to hear any comments!

  31. Hi, I have mars square pluto in my chart. Mutant super power would be a ninja or fighting as a super power. I have a libra sun and moon in pisces. Mars and Jupiter in cancer and virgo in venus and mercury. Mars square pluto is a powerful aspect in my chart. I seem to attract violence and had some very destructive relationships with men with a scorpio moon and aries sun he was Sicilian and died of cancer (life and death) pluto. Mars square pluto gives me a scorpionic approach towards relationships. I am transforming this mars square pluto square by channelling the energy into healing. I have Uranus in my seventh house and attract exotic friends and can shake things up with the Uranus in my chart.

  32. 12H Leo Sun conj ASC square my loverly 4th Scorpio neptune conj moon….hmm super power : Woman Power….I think i’ve idealized the men in my life….as I get older though i realize women are the powerful ones in relationships, holding families together, nurturing, intuitively ‘knowing’ and strong!

    my parents divorced when i was 11…my mom somehow held it all together, moved us north, took care of her parents…raised us …..she did it

  33. My moon is exact square the Nodes — definitely need to think on this. Other than that, my next closest square (a 2, so still plenty tight) is Saturn squaring my Sun and Merc. I think old school astro seems to think this indicates like trouble with a father figure (the Saturn square Sun), but that doesn’t apply — super chill, go with the flow Virgo dad. I’d say this translates into a mutant power of being able to really advocate for myself and not be afraid to do it when I have to. I worked through a lot of insecurity ever since my teen years. Things always seemed to come easily to me in terms of being the best at a lot of things, but even then, I see, I was making a lot of my own opportunities. Once I got out of my tiny high school though and went to a huge top university, it felt like no matter how much I worked, I wasn’t the best anymore and couldn’t figure out how to be ‘the best” when I wasn’t just generally The Best. What was I best at? Any one particular thing? What would it mean to not be the best? What the hell does “the best” even mean anyway? Isn’t it different depending on the context? Anyway, I had to sort a lot of that, but now I’m at a place where I feel like I’m super amazing at seeing through to the operational core of things and identifying solutions and problem solving. I have a much better sense of my own worth now, and I’ve been able to separate it (with a decent amount of success) from vanity, so that when I’m getting passed over for something or someone’s trying to be condescending, I can pretty swiftly and soundly put them in their place. It’s a level of self-mastery, I guess? At least in some areas. I don’t know — I’m writing as I think!

  34. Ooooh. Super Powers!
    With a bunch of friends one particularly dull night out, we decided to assign each of us a super power… Mine was the ability to control the elements and conjure a maxi-taxi when required… Anyway, that aside…

    I love this as a way of looking at squares. I’m mostly trines and sextiles, so tis good to put the squares in a slightly sexier light… I have…

    Venus-square-Uranus… The power to bust gender conventions and relationship norms with a single glance?

    Mars-square-Neptune… Well, we all know I have the power to drink anyone under the table, still stand up and still make sense… But… Let’s call this the power to turn any mundane moment into a piece of poetry. Yes?

    Pluto-square-Sun… They call him “The Catalyst”… His power to burn bridges and cut-ties is only matched by his power to change lives… forever…

  35. Oh this sounds fun! I’ve got:
    Saturn square Mars (1* orb)
    Saturn square Sun (4* orb)
    Uranus square Mercury (VERY tight – 0* orb)

    AC square Jupiter (1* orb)

    My Mars and Sun are conjunct in Virgo, and Saturn is in Sagg. I’m trying to see an upside to having Saturn squaring my Sun and Mars but I’m not really seeing it. I feel these are my most difficult aspects. I think it has made me a late bloomer, full of self-doubt, often feeling ‘stuck’, etc. It’s like I have to work twice as hard to figure out who I am and I’ve had to ‘grow into’ myself. Sun conjunct Mars is like this huge amount of energy but then there’s Saturn making it difficult. Anyone else have one of these difficult aspects?

    Uranus is also in Sagg and square my Mercury also in Virgo. Uranus and Mercury sound like they COULD be a superpower if linked. Maybe like…unique ideas, viewpoint, stuff like that. Huh. I like this one.

    I don’t have a clue about Jupiter square Ascendent, but it’s something to think about.

  36. I’m a heavy Neptune type too (Neptune conjunct moon) and I love your perspective on it. You’re right that vulnerability is strength.

  37. My most exact square is Uranus (6th house Capricorn) and Moon (10th house Aries). Famous examples of the Uranus/Moon Square apparently include Oscar Wilde, Salvador Dali, Carl Jung, Deepak Chopra, and Robert De Niro. I always seem to avoid routine, and schedules are pretty much always subject to (often sudden) change. Even schedules I make myself. I always like the concept of being on “Indian time” when I took Native American Studies classes (ie. you are never late, always on time, where you are supposed to be, when you are supposed to be there–respect for all things as they are kind of idea)
    I have bursts of creative output also–if I have an idea, I pretty much have to act on it while I am motivated. I find I just can’t summon up the will to do things unless I am feeling it. (And when I am feeling it–get out of my way!) Unfortunately this goes for cleaning and organizing my space–only when I really am inspired to do so do I ever really make progress with those tasks in my life.
    I was a theater major in college–obviously requiring some discipline, a very ever changing course of study though–always working on something new and different. I also do marketing/PR, tarot card reading, and I play violin, guitar, piano, accordion and ukulele.

  38. Yes, so eloquent, squares ARE our superpowers and it’s so good to see them that way.
    I’ve got Pluto/Jupiter conjunct in 12 th square Saturn which for a long time I thought was a configuration sent to wreck my life, until I saw somewhere, that Pluto square Saturn especially (which seemed to send astrologers reaching for their lucky stars thanking the heavens they haven’t got THAT!) is like the furnace that turns your experience to gold. Bring on the alchemy I say!

  39. Fascinating! Hubby has 12 squares! (explains a lot!) This is me:

    Sun in Gemini (10th house) and
    Moon in Sagittarius (4th house)

    both square
    Mars in Pisces (7th house)

    Um. I’m seeing something about my parents in there? Ugh I don’t know.

    But this one I think I can understand:

    Pluto in Scorp (3rd house)
    ascendant in Leo (1st house)
    Superpower = Ability to somehow transform deep-seated self-loathing into the ability to stun audiences through spoken word confessional poetry whilst simultaneously coming off as slightly narcissistic / fabulous.

  40. I am sorry I am still a novice at this astrology placement gift.. but when we pull our chart for is there an easy way of knowing the squares in our chart? At the bottom I see grid for all of the planets with symbols of squares and triangles… Is this where I will look to now what squares are for me?

    I feel very similar to 12th House Venus Square Neptune in the 3rd with relationships. Hook, line and sunk I can be!! LOL!!

    Thank you!!

    • yes, that’s where it is, The squares are indicated by an actual square in red, trines in blue etc.

      Look down and across to see what planets intersect and form an aspect (square, trine, opposition etc)

      • Yes what Anonymous said, and also in the chart itself you can see it in the red lines that are three signs apart (as opposed to the red lines that are all the way across, those are oppositions).

    • Go to ‘Free Horoscopes’ and select ‘Personal Portrait’, scroll down to where it says ‘major aspects’ that will give you all your aspects under an 8 degree orb – e.g. the ones that are most important.

      • Charley, I could not find a site for “Free Horoscopes”.. I found “Free Horoscopes Astrology” but it didn’t have a Personal Portrait option. What do I do wrong?

        Interested in this site now…


  41. I only have two: moon square saturn & venus square mars

    moon sq. saturn: ooooh. v. prominent in my life (taking care of sick/elderly parents, etc.) & current challenge. patient, stoic af. faithfull. help with this one?

    venus sq. mars: crazy-Love(is everything). passionate desire (love//hate) powering creativity. intense bedroom eyes w/ whoever I want, hyper-attuned to flavors of eros. I go full-force toward that sweet center & use the friction to grow.
    on an evolutionary level, akashic records reading has informed me (SO highly recommended!) that I’m learning how to be on my own in the world this lifetime, so I think the high stakes between independence & connection here gives me a real motive for being my own woman.

    thank yu for highlighting this & challenging me to see my superpowers!! I learn so much here.

  42. Moon+Chiron in Taurus (7th house) square Venus+NN in Leo: The power to own, feed, and shine for the object of my adoration.

    Venus+NN in Leo(9th house) square Mars+Uranus in Scorpio(1st house)= The power to know, create, and rebel against the established order.

  43. I have no squares or oppositions (unless you count the Nodes). There is a 9 degree square between Mars and Pluto, but that is way out of orb for an effective aspect from what I have read.

    I still have superpowers, though: Moon in Scorpio sextile Pluto and conjunct Neptune. For better or for worse. 😉

  44. Whoa! My Jupiter (Aquarius) square Neptune (Scorpio) has a power of 45.45!
    The next squares are
    Sun (Aquarius) square Neptune (Scorpio) at 9.26
    Venus (Aquarius) square Neptune (Scorpio) 8.57

    Hadn’t ever explored that section of before, thanks! 🙂

  45. Thanks you for this: “That’s what squares are to me – the bits where you get hurt without being right or wrong, where you live with both the have and have not bit of existing. ”

    I was the author of the letter to mystic above and comments like this (of which I see so many) are like responses straight from the center of the universe. I’m saving every bit of genius for repeated readings.

  46. I’ve got Venus(8thH) Square Mars(12thH), Uranus(6thH), Chiron(11thH); Mercury(6thH) Square Jupiter(9thH); Saturn(2ndH) Square Pluto(5thH). Any thoughts?

  47. my leo sun sq taurus mars is definitely the strongest, along with the sun sq pluto in scorp that makes it a t-square. it’s fuqing tough but it makes me a badass when i manage to conquer it.

  48. Under the angles reading my Sun is square my Neptune. By sign however it is trine. I read both descriptions under Cafeastrology interps. The trine one was more correct tho some aspects of both were relevant.
    My other major square Merc/Jup is square in angle and sign and descriptor very clear.
    My Mars in Virgo has been workn 12 hr days- its how we use time off

    • What confuses me there, l suppose, is my Asc is trine my Neptune. My KatSun almost 28° & Neptune a@ 5°(4H) so that is square on angle and trine in sign but my KatAsc is 8° which is trine both angle n sign to ScorpNep.
      When your Sun n Asc are the same it can be blurry how this bcomes manifest.
      Why do angles seemingly trump signs?

      • It’s because it’s calculated according to the orb of conjunction. So with your KatSun at 28º, it’s probably calculating the next sign – Aries to be square your Neptune.

        Planets are always in motion – either moving together (indicated by the ‘A’ – next to the degree) or moving apart (indicated by ‘S’ which means, separating).

        For example my Neptune in Scorp 17º is in opposition to my Taurus 22º but that opposition won’t be exact until Neptune moves another 5º. So in the chart it reads: -5 A.

        And my moon in 7º Sadge is ‘7S’ square to my Mars in Virgo. Separating by 7º. So that’s not really a strong aspect. But my signature astro – moon square Uranus is!!! because it’s ‘applying’ – moon 7º Sadge squares Uranus 14º Virgo: 7ºA . Applying is stronger than a separation

        I would stick with the angles not the signs. Of course the closer the orb – within 5º is a stronger aspect.

        Does that make sense?

        • Yes (me being v much a novice at this level.)
          I knew what the various descriptors said of natal Sun trine Nep and it fitted perfectly to me (esp music) and finding that it is actually a square was confounding.
          Bcos my Sun and Asc are both Kat it is the reason l have confused myself. As l said my Asc IS trine my Nep.

          Frankly the descriptors of Sun and Asc are a bit confounding. Also having Sun1H and partly in Leo add Fire stuff to me. Ppl who know me not to cross me. I suppose l am a bit Arien and Leonine; more than l usually am prepared to admit. And my make up is mor Fixed than Cardinal with 6 (inc Chiron) in Leo, Scorp n Aqua.

          Thanx Scorpbot.

  49. Mercury square Mars in Virgo. Wouldn’t ya know. Mars square Jupiter.
    Mercury square Saturn.
    Shall try and figure this out somehow sometime 🙂 It is certainly worth a look at.

  50. This is interesting. I have always battled my Neptune-Venus-Jupiter T-square thing and struggled to understand how I can work with it. Neptune opp Jupe, then Venus in a 6/7-degree square to both. Venus is also opp my Asc by 1 degree – so that makes a big giant square, doesn’t it? *Pauses to look at chart w aspects to Asc/MC included* Holy fuq, yes it does! A thick red square Asc/Dsc, MC/IC.
    When I was a kid my ability to invent completely different realities got me through years of abusive and scary situations. As a grown-up it’s made me the classic LZ more times than I can count but again looking back, those episodes were about transporting me out of bad situations – I just didn’t understand it at the time.
    Ohh – thinking as I type – does this mean Saturn is currently squaring all my squares?? (*consults chart, freaks out*) Why yes, it does!
    Consulting my astrodienst table, tho’, it seems I have other, tighter squares! Mars and Pluto sq my NN (and I guess my SN?) and the tightest square, Chiron sq the nodes (2 degrees).
    I have no idea what to make of this, although it seems there is a lot of tension between past/future, good/bad, all the extremes. I’ve never really been any good at moderation, I am either all good or all bad, and I live that tension in all my choices, most days.

  51. moon in leo in 12th exact square to mars in taurus in 9th…..ugh, sigh, weird.
    saturn in cancer in 11th square jupiter in aries in 8th
    sun in cancer in 11th square jupiter in aries in 8th.

  52. My closest square (it’s exact 0º) is the dreaded Venus-Saturn square. Aries Venus, Leo Saturn. If you know, you know. It ain’t easy.

    Anyway, this aspect, Venus-Saturn, apparently is also a mutant super-power, here it’s called the “Tycoon Aspect.” Most of the top 10 richest people in the world have a close Venus-Saturn aspect, although only one of them has the square, as I do. And Yikes, he’s a jerk.

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