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Brigitte Bardor

Libra Charmers

I’m riding out the dark moon and (just) bringing in the new in the most Libran city of all, Paris. It’s not just the famous coupling, which ranges from monogamous to extra marital, that makes Paris Libran, or its indecision between the two, but its light-hearted charm. This quality extends to Parisians, who it must be said, are some of the most beautiful and stylish on the planet.

The Paris style, for both men and women is Libran because it strives for a sense of harmony and balance, not in that old- fashioned matchy-matchy way, but because the different elements in the wearer’s look complement, rather than compete with one another.

Generally Parisiennes, play up one feature, be it their Bambi eyelashes or Bordeaux-red lips, and leave the rest groomed but natural. It’s as though the lips tell the eyes: ‘tonight’s your night, I’ll let you shine, and tomorrow we’ll swap.’ Tres fair! The hair, whether in a chignon or loose, is in good condition, but not obnoxiously shiny, and definitely plays second fiddle to the Parisienne’s chief honey-trap, her face. Outfits are sleek and balance masculine tailoring with feminine nuances like sheer fabric, lace and delicate heels.

Brigitte Bardot is a classic ambassador of Libra a la francaise, with some added feist. Famously pronouncing that couture was for grannies, the French actress with the bee-stung lips and feline kohl-rimmed eyes, never wanted to look like she’d made too much of an effort. Ruled by Venus, the languid goddess of beauty-become-habit, Libras hate to look try-hard. Bardot was notorious for her nudity on-screen, but when she did decide to wear clothes, she chose Capri pants, gingham shirts tied at the waist, and bandeau bikinis.

A trained ballet dancer, she wanted people to notice her quality of movement and sex-appeal rather than how expensive her clothes were. Just look at the dance scene from And God Created Woman (1956) – no one’s looking at the black stretch top or barely-there green mini. In this week of Indian summer, Parisiennes were still sporting black and white gingham and feline eyes, and like Bardot, the most charming, stood out not for their labels, but for themselves.

One Libra who is actually English, but shares the Parisiennes’ light touch, is my friend and beautician Charlotte. With her petite frame, speckled green eyes and pale, chiffon tops and dresses teamed with black leggings, Charlotte is feminine to the core without being girly. Her style is fairly consistent, but flexible enough to stretch to a quirky shoe or a lashing of red now and then. Harmony is beyond skin-deep with Charlotte, who not only beautifies her clients, but relaxes and restores them.

Amazingly, Charlotte is able to create an atmosphere wherever she works: with her candles, rose quartz crystals and sheer presence, she has turned everywhere, from her bedroom, to the backroom of an antique gallery into a sanctuary. What’s more, her insight and positivity over the years have been indispenaible. Magic!

Libran charm, whether that of a city, classic film star or beautician-friend is elusive, and can’t be easily copied. That’s because at their most powerful, Libra charm-aids, whether mascara or ballerina-like poise merely accentuate their possessor’s unique beauty.

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42 thoughts on “The Libra Dress Historian: Paris Is A Libra

  1. After being there two years, I can tell you it’s a Virgo (with strong Sun and Lilith placements in something like Leo). Judgmental Virgo.

  2. I loved this post, Mystic, I long to get to Paris someday; studied French lit, sent two daughters there, etc. etc. Maybe someday, but I really like what you had to say about the Libra vibe for Parisiennes. Merci.

  3. Whatever the hardcore astro books say, Paris just
    feels like a Libra. It’s far too amorously inclined to be a Virgo. Do you know that there are posters for extra marital introduction agencies in the metro with the caption ‘ variez vos plaisirs ‘ and guys just waiting by the Seine for someone to woo? I’ll accept that it has a darker Scorpio side though…

    And, I don’t care whether it’s postmodern, I think beautiful is a compliment – spoken like a true Libra 😉

    • This is interesting tho (also LDH I love your writing and perspective about this city, in spite of my comments I spent a lot of my awake-time there scrutinizing the styles and adoring the peeps there)
      I realised have “issues” with the notion of beauty , in some contexts. Will have to analyse my brain now, again…. Sigh

      • committed couples? LOL. I don’t think so.

        LIbrans are in love with the ‘idea’ of love, it’s not like they’re known for their loyalty. That trait belongs to the other venus ruled sign – Taurus. Librans are fickle

  4. I like the idea someone mentioned that we should visit cities that are same sign as our North Nodes. My NN is Libra! 1st house.

    A little closer to home, Melbourne, city of my dreams plus sorta-kinda geographic love of my life, is VIRGO.

    Next year, on 31 August (Melbourne Day), Melbourne will be 180 years old (young).

    BTW: Did you know Melbourne has a solar system walking trail from St Kilda to Port Melbourne: You start at the Sun, and walk to Pluto. I do this walk most weekends in reverse (retrograde?), and back (ending on a direct note).

    Planning that trip to Paris now.

    • Melbs is virgo? No wonder it’s so cool and erudite and is the city of literature and loves little things and lane ways that I get Librans I don’t. Diplomatic or slippery and two faced?

      • Are you saying you don’t ‘get’ (understand) Libra(ns)?

        If yes, that makes two of us. I have Pluto and NN in Libra 1st house, but, as Pisces sun + Sagg moon, I somehow find Librans (sun signs) hard to relate to. I find them slippery, and the charm seems fake, or like a facade. I’m sure they could be lovely.

        As for Melbourne, YES, she is Virgo. Virgo is my Ascendant, so I feel right at home. City compatibility is CRUCIAL. 🙂

        • I think havn Libran NN is difficult because your Aries SN goes WTF? I get how that is. Its the hardest remedial trip on my chart. Having Sun in 1H adds to the resistance l feel in trying to access Libran NN

    • i’d debate this. (mars in aquarius sorry it’s a habit)
      parisian relationships are too complicated to be virgo.
      and the legendary parisian rudeness, could not possibly be virgo. also virgo cities would never have made Last Tango in Paris or les amants du pont neuf
      …would they…?
      BUT the wierd obsessions with health and doctors, well hmm.
      then again, the dinner party orgies, footsies with someone else’s partner under the table, pouting, brooding, looks-ism and attuning the ambience to ‘seduction’ mode most of the time plus bitchy clique thing, fuq i have no idea but i find it hard to think Libra. unless this is libra dark side omg lol you can run but you cant hide libra
      aagh i just don’t get it. I know one good libra. the rest are insane. sorry librans. it’s not personal. help me. i was cool about libra and was espousing their virtues in diplomacy conflict resolution etc until recently. the actual human element i still don’t get. ok shut up pi

    • I wasn’t quick to agree but after thinking it over and Parisian energy and attitudes (and I’m talking more than just style so maybe I’m missing the point but) just feel Virgo to me. So, I agree!

  5. Other Paris things:
    Going home in a panic because ones stockings have developed a ladder.
    All-consuming self consciousness.

    Here is an idea
    Only visit cities with the same sign as pur north node: evolution cities.

    I don’t get one thing though. Was the Paris astro here inferred from the culture? As opposed to a founding date. As the city is so old it was a fishing village BCE. So wiki tells me (shh pi you’ll ruin the libran romance )

    • Then again the art-beauty-romance thing, I get that this is what is being discussed.
      Here is my q. Now that we are in the (post-)postmodern era, maybe the extra-modern.. and to call a piece of contemporary art ‘beautiful’ is (I hear) akin to an insult , who gets to represent Art these days? Leo? Aqua? Cancer?

      • like assuming that to call an attractive woman ‘beautiful’ is the highest compliment one can give her. which, to any thinking woman would actually be an insult. yes? what about her wit, humour, individual take on work in the modern world, athleticism, etc. y’see.

        • because it is not about whether it is visually attractive, as such I guess. [tbh i also don’t really understand why it’s so bad to say someone’s work is beautiful when i truly think it is, to me at least, i guess as long as i am not naive about what else the work is expressing]
          also it is about certain ideas. to limit art work only to outputs that are deemed ‘beautiful’ by some arbitrary criteria then sort of cuts off all the other limbs available to a visual artist to work with challenging or less ‘appealing’ ideas that still demand attention for one reason or another. once we understand there is more to the work then we start to understand better what the artist is doing. sorry it’s late and i am probably not making sense..

  6. I always thought Paris was Virgo? Tho it does love its libra ladies as style icons so this makes sense.

    My grandmother once said that I needed to up my game. “How you look shows how much respect you have for those around you not just for yourself”. I think most Parisians are proud of who they are and their city and adhere to this motto.

      • Interesting, I found in an ancient astro book that ”libra is traditionally associated with the Orient”, it read. I would have thought japan for its Polite rules of etiquette and elegance perhaps? But I see the Virgo work ethic is also applicable.
        Difficult to match astro to culture without make cultural stereotypes though, unless there is a spiritual link eg a planetary map.

        • Naw, Pre-Maoist China is Libran; Peonies, 6-inch golden lotus feet, snobby social classes, etc.
          I think the Asian thing is also to do with that whole Western idea of “The Perfumed and Mysterious Orient”; alluring, but secretive (that’s where Scorpio starts to creep in, last third Librans), into social structure and order (first-third influence of Virgo, the whole Libran social stratosphere love).
          Also, that whole Western view of Asian art styles as being designed and feminine but “natural” (hah, oxymoron) as Mystic is describing here.

      • omg can we talk about Japanese art/design and astro?

        I don’t know if it’s right but there’s a chart online that puts Japan’s Sun in Aqua, Gem Moon. It’s Neptune is conjunct my Moon, which I have rising, and I love to wear Japanese prints. It’s Uranus is conjunct my Merc/Jupe conjunction, both in a tight trine to the Japanese Sun….and forming a Grand Air Trine with the Japanese Moon if you allow a widish orb.

  7. And Parisian women are striking at all ages! Seasoned or fresh faced, personal style is respected. I eagerly anticipated aging because I knew some styles were for post 40.

    Mille mercis! You revived some vivid memories. Especially touring Galeries Lafayette and reviewing the fresh fall offerings. It was a temple of perfect stitiching, pure fabrics and a riot of color.

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